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Middle school "fashion"

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019 veröffentlicht
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  • mia
    mia 3 years ago +8193

    “All you middle schoolers have it easy.”
    *that didn’t age well.*

  • Cable Waffel
    Cable Waffel 2 years ago +7408

    If you're anxious about how you look in middle school, just remember, everyone will forget about it in highschool.

    • dragonchips
      dragonchips 2 years ago +78

      lmaoo time to cosplay as Ness then

      ISKRA ACID 2 years ago +80

      Or just skip middle school altogether. Trust me, it's a lot better.

    • Triple A’s Llahi
      Triple A’s Llahi 2 years ago +42

      @ISKRA ACID you did ? don't you have to pass 8th grades to get to high school?

      ISKRA ACID 2 years ago +23

      @Triple A’s Llahi I don't know, I don't go to school

    • Triple A’s Llahi
      Triple A’s Llahi 2 years ago +31

      @ISKRA ACID ah ok middle school is pretty useful tbh but that's just my opinion

  • Ur local Dude
    Ur local Dude 2 years ago +4655

    Also illy: “after an inspirational google search...”

    • Octosax15
      Octosax15 2 years ago +86

      Yeah I think google was well available in the 2000s

    • Linda Landrum
      Linda Landrum 2 years ago +130

      We had Google in 2000, 2001, it just wasn't popular then. Everyone was using Yahoo, Ask Jeeves and Dog Pile, as well as a few others. I still remember Google having the" I'm Felling Lucky" button. I'm pretty sure it was actually launched in the late 90s, though not necessarily as Google.

    • Artemis
      Artemis 2 years ago +32

      @Linda Landrum she said she was in middle school in 2008, by then I'm pretty sure google was used. I was in middle school from 2013 to 2015 and Google was the norm

    • Linda Landrum
      Linda Landrum 2 years ago +16

      @Artemis I was in Middle School 1999-2002. Since she was not in Middle School until 2008, it makes sense that she thought Google came out later than it did. I used Google for the 1st time in 7th grade when it was just an all-purpose search engine. It wasn't always available and popular. By 2004-2006ish, it was the dominant search engine.

    • Vaibhav
      Vaibhav 2 years ago +7

      Even if they did had Google it would have taken like an hour for a simple search

  • exactly
    exactly Year ago +374

    i just ended my middle school years and i realized that nobody really cared what anyone else was wearing. sure, there was this one particular group of boys that all wore the exact same plain white hoodie every day, but it's not like that was what was "trendy" or something. everyone just did their own thing, and i liked that

    • Rylee Wheeler
      Rylee Wheeler Year ago +9

      this is random but...have fun in high school :)

    • CharlieAndHisAntics
      CharlieAndHisAntics 5 months ago +5

      In my middle school it's like that too (unless you're a furry. One of my friends is and she's gotten physically confronted over it). A bunch of us wear the same outfit constantly, some kids figured out how to make the highlighter outfits look good, and most kids just wear hoodies and jeans 24/7 (we're from Wisconsin, it's cold up here). We're just having fun with it. Personally, I'm going for the 2007 emo look.

    • ScrunklyLittleMan!
      ScrunklyLittleMan! 20 days ago +2

      I'd say it's more about if you're already an outlier or your fashion is somehow an outlier to the norm, like goth, lolita, etc, at least at my middle school, the bullies pretty much always just wore casual clothes but I wore actually nice outfits for a middle schooler and got bullied, basically if you defy the norm you get bullied.

    • Wateretah🐟
      Wateretah🐟 2 days ago

      Oo I’m in year 6! (Last year mr middle school for those Americans im British)

  • DABE
    DABE Year ago +1828

    "the clothes you wear and the things you try should make you feel comfortable and express who you are and what you enjoy"
    school uniforms: allow us to introduce ourselves

    • AbulaSuloot
      AbulaSuloot Year ago +15

      The fact when I found this comment I read that

    • aerwyna
      aerwyna Year ago +31

      but i much rather prefer uniforms because the clothes I do wear to school arent my style but i wear them because im used to them and changing to clothes I enjoy way more is a big change for me and not to mention choosing outfits is a big pain and with uniforms people cant really judge each other, they're all wearing the same clothes!

    • Venus._owo
      Venus._owo Year ago +19

      I’ve been wearing uniforms since I was in preschool 😭

    • Plant Boy
      Plant Boy Year ago +11

      Uniforms fix all the problems, I don't mind em

    • Halloween Cat
      Halloween Cat Year ago +10

      I've been wearing uniforms since Kindergarten. 😟

  • MelBell 0865
    MelBell 0865 Year ago +94

    As an early bloomer in middle school, who also happened to be chunky and wanted to fit in, it was a nightmare trying to look somewhat decent in middle school. There was a time where I thought “I don’t want my bra strap showing, but long sleeves are too hot and my t-shirts are too thin” so I ended up wearing those cheap undershirt tank tops *over* my t-shirts. Yeah, that was bad, but not as bad as wanting to fit in, to the point of buying one of those “shirts with the bird on it”, and not only have it entirely see through and can see my bra, but was also tight enough to the point of being a girdle. Word of advice to everyone on the thicker side (such as myself): that brand is *not* friendly towards people of our shape and size.

    • arwen
      arwen 21 day ago +1

      i too was an early bloomer and am struggling with fashion because of my weight. nothing i wanna wear looks good on me and they really dont sell fashionable clothes for fat people

  • cloudii day
    cloudii day 3 years ago +35075

    Schools that have uniform: *laughs silently in the corner*

    • Happy Life
      Happy Life 3 years ago +816

      cloudii day ....yeah ...Asian schools ...I know what it's like

    • cloudii day
      cloudii day 3 years ago +665

      Werewolfie oop I’m pretty sure like 95% of the uk have uniform lol

    • olivia brown
      olivia brown 3 years ago +330

      My school has uniform unfortunately

    • Keisha Jenner
      Keisha Jenner 3 years ago +230

      Hehehe British schools

    • Jasmin Tea
      Jasmin Tea 3 years ago +177

      I wish my school would have uniforms

  • *-_ddemoon_-*
    *-_ddemoon_-* Year ago +4503

    "Being not heterosexual in the south is hard."
    *I felt that.*

    • Courtney Scheffler
      Courtney Scheffler Year ago +173

      Not just the south it’s just tough in general 😪😟☹️

    • Maxmellow
      Maxmellow Year ago +175

      The pain of being a raging homosexual in the terrifying south

    • Kautsar
      Kautsar Year ago +21


    • Steamboat Will3.
      Steamboat Will3. Year ago +26


    • Kautsar
      Kautsar Year ago +15

      @Steamboat Will3. Thank you

  • phlarbus
    phlarbus 2 years ago +646

    As a goth kid who has ginger hair, I felt that part where she said “my mom wouldn’t let me dye my hair” why do parents think we completely ruin our hair by dying it once IT GROWS 😩

    • ZvFi
      ZvFi Year ago +24

      Well when you dye it once you tend to dye it again ang again until it dyes. Especially when ur not 57

    • Bean Dip
      Bean Dip Year ago +9

      Hello fellow goth kid with ginger hair 👋

    • -HalsB-
      -HalsB- Year ago +11

      @ZvFi I dyed my hair three times as a kid, Purple, blue, and red. It looked so ugly in photos so I never dyed my hair again.

    • michelle
      michelle Year ago +2


    • WisteriaWinds
      WisteriaWinds Year ago +11

      Im not goth but I am a natural red head who dreams of having blue hair and I cant bc my parents wont let me

  • the_vine_queen
    the_vine_queen Year ago +56

    to anyone in middle/early high school right now, wear what YOU think looks good. the "trends" are going to change in like a week, and it's much better to wear what you want to instead of wearing what others are without liking it yourself. once i realized (junior year) that i was happy with my own friends and that the popular kids weren't the people to take as examples, i was a lot happier.

    • VoltComet
      VoltComet  5 months ago +3

      im in middle school rn and who cares what people think i only do what makes me happy and thats not illegal.

  • Whitney Westra
    Whitney Westra 2 years ago +299

    In Middle school I had this really cool layered scene haircut and my mom died to to look like flames when I walked. And I mean fire fire with the reds oranges and yellows, my classmates loved it so I felt good while the dye lasted. Though most of the time I wore a black and grey striped hoodie with headphones attached and kept my hood on to hide because I was extremely self conscious when I wasn't around my friends. I loved all the girly outfits but because I was so ashamed of my body, and had a toxic friend who'd put me down when I'd try to look pretty, I was to scared to ever even think to try them on. So often times I was wearing jeans and the baggiest shirts I could find ( often in men's). Social media was also just starting to be a thing when I started Middle school back in 2012 and let's be honest there was no such thing as plus sized representation at all at the time so all I saw beauty was tall, skinny, giant boobs and a waist the size of a princess. I remember scouring my moms room for her elastic belts so I could strap them around my stomach to make my stomach and my waist smaller like a coreset which led to me going to a doctor because I was cutting off circulation and dealt with god awful cramps. The worst part is I was being fat shamed when I wasn't even that fat! I was only 20lbs over the weight I'm supposed to be at and I could easily take it off, and I never knew that until high school where I finally found me. Long story short I'm very happy now, and I would do it all again with some minor tweaks.

    • Rainbow Angel
      Rainbow Angel 2 years ago +14

      God that's awful! I'm glad that you are better now. Believe me, being skinny is almost the same, just opposite reactions. Everyone should be able to apriciate what we look like without criticism from others!

    • Who's Asking?
      Who's Asking? Year ago +8

      I know this is old but I just wanted to share. I’m slightly underweight and get told I have a ‘beautiful body’ plenty of times but it really makes me uncomfortable. Though my experience isn’t as bad as yours, it was still sad. The fact that I was called ‘pretty’ because I don’t eat enough just says a lot.

    • naylene hess
      naylene hess Year ago +1

      Anyone else remember the jackets with built in headphones

    • Peppermint spice
      Peppermint spice Year ago +1

      Aw :( I’m glad ur happy now

    • Sara :D
      Sara :D 10 months ago

      oh well I'm happy that you're fine now but your past seems deppresing

  • Shea Gaier
    Shea Gaier 3 months ago +6

    Omgggg I finished middle school and started high school in 2008 and high schoolers looked exactly as you described! 2008 was one of those fashion transition years. I remember all the scene trends, the quirky trends, and the mainstream trends. The Abercrombie polis and plaid and denim Bermuda shorts were everywhere too!

  • Anja Strnad
    Anja Strnad 4 years ago +2952

    2009: some shorts, a random shirt, socks, some converse shoes
    2019: *9yr olds looking like 20yr olds*

    • Ardent Lines
      Ardent Lines 4 years ago +168

      Anja Strnad I’m 13 and look like a 49 year old aristocrat

    • aHeM.
      aHeM. 4 years ago +44

      @Ardent Lines Why do I relate so much to this 😫

    • kayla
      kayla 4 years ago +20

      im 12 and in my spring pic i frEAkIn look 25. I dont weaR any makeup or wear “cool” clothes. wHaT is THIS sOrcery

    • Peachy Muffin
      Peachy Muffin 4 years ago +9

      I dress like the 2009 one and I’m 12 lol

    • The booty pirates
      The booty pirates 4 years ago +9

      2019:Emery Bingham

  • That Nonbinary Gnome
    That Nonbinary Gnome Year ago +505

    "Being not heterosexual in the south is hard" OMG THE ACCURACY! Coming from a lesbian who lives in North Carolina, she's frickin right. Like, she's speaking the truth here, and I don't know how depressing that sounds to someone else lol

    • Ipsi Karnam
      Ipsi Karnam Year ago +33

      I live in North Carolina right now, and I'm in seventh grade. I know SO MANY homosexual people and EVERYON treats them the same, and is completely supportive. I have a friend and being homosexual goes against her religion, but she still supports people from the LGBTQ+ community and says that it really isn't any of her business, since it's not bothering her.
      Maybe we live in different places, or maybe it's just that Gen Z is actually learning things, but I'm glad that things have changed.

    • Anonymous Cat
      Anonymous Cat Year ago +12

      @Ipsi Karnam me too, for some reason about 40% our school’s population is LGBTQ+ and everyone is so nice

    • Angry Durian
      Angry Durian Year ago +10

      I'm bi, sometimes I forget that people can also not be supportive, and every time that happens I get shocked

    • That Nonbinary Gnome
      That Nonbinary Gnome Year ago +4

      @Ipsitha Karnam maybe... My school’s near the Winterville area and I have a lot of gay friends. Even my teachers were supportive and nice when I told them I use they/them pronouns. So I really don’t know. I’m in 7th grade also

    • Maris Tiller
      Maris Tiller Year ago +2

      lesbian from Virginia here (specifically the town w/ Liberty University so rip me) and yep she's right

  • amie
    amie 2 years ago +464

    “drenching himself in axe body spray instead of showering” GOD THE MEMORIES THE MEMORIESSSSS

    • DrawciaGleam02
      DrawciaGleam02 2 years ago +2

      I think that's because they're trying to ATTRACT THE LADIES....

    • Bowen Zhou
      Bowen Zhou 2 years ago +11


    • Gigachad
      Gigachad Year ago +1

      @Bowen Zhou i was just depressed tbh

    • Vanessa Harkins
      Vanessa Harkins Year ago +4

      That stuff is sooooo nasty! Also most of the guys really wouldn't shower so every time a guy walked past you got bombarded with nose tingling BO mixed with overpowering nose burning chemicals!

    • Love Loki
      Love Loki 4 months ago +1

      My brother rn. 😑 I know when he’s home before seeing him… (although he does at least shower)

  • Zifflezoovop
    Zifflezoovop 11 months ago +8

    Ah yes, my middle school days (also in 2007/2008) I wore the most bland things I could find so I wouldn't stand out in ANY way possible. No fancy little bird shirts, I refused to wear anything with any words on it, and I wore flare jeans because I was toothpick skinny and I looked like a damn skeleton in skinny jeans. I deeply admired emo and gothic fashion but was too nervous to actually ever try it out. I tried parting my hair further to the side to get a sort of swoopy bangs look without actually having bangs. I did wear the different colored tank tops that would show out from under the shirt I was wearing and I wore the same beloved blank gray hoodie every day to hide in. I also had no idea where to get the no show socks. I think silly bands were a thing? That might have been 2006. I hated them cause all they did was rip and pull out your arm hairs.

  • Chris_The_Potato
    Chris_The_Potato 2 years ago +180

    2:58 “Not being heterosexual in the south is tough”
    That line hit me in my core

  • Imakestuffathome
    Imakestuffathome 9 months ago +35

    Guys have you noticed that her emo fashion was actually pretty good I liked it ( that doesn’t mean if you don’t like it you have to have it)

  • uncreative vegetarian
    uncreative vegetarian 3 years ago +5609

    I’m not like other girls, I like other girls

    • annaj
      annaj 3 years ago +124


    • broidk
      broidk 3 years ago +132

      Same! I’m DiFfErEnt

    • Mercury
      Mercury 3 years ago +44


    • Ajax
      Ajax 3 years ago +30


    • Eye of Zai
      Eye of Zai 3 years ago +51

      i’ve found my people

  • FaeryB0mb
    FaeryB0mb 2 years ago +275

    I remember trying the emo thing my sophmore year. You wear a spiked choker to school ONCE and you get "petsmart" jokes until your a senior.

    • dragonchips
      dragonchips 2 years ago +9

      ANGELGORE …this is weird but whats wrong with that? i sound like a furry but wear whatever you want

    • Alexandra Eagle
      Alexandra Eagle 2 years ago +4

      yeahhh i don't miss american highschool

    • dragonchips
      dragonchips 2 years ago +7

      okay this is random but im probably a furry. if i am im gonna go all out and be a dragon

    • Odd Furbs
      Odd Furbs 2 years ago +1

      mashroomized XD

    • Jay
      Jay Year ago +5

      Yeah I wore a choker to school and everyone thought it was a dog collar

  • Lin
    Lin 2 years ago +754

    When my parents dont allow me to buy my comfortable clothes i want to wear my 'fashion' is: a tshirt or a hoodie and a jeans and socks

    • Jp
      Jp 2 years ago

      Why jeans

    • Sweetfern
      Sweetfern 2 years ago +19

      @Jp whats wrong whit jeans?

    • Camp
      Camp 2 years ago +13

      I had a stroke reading that

    • Chizzle Bizzle11
      Chizzle Bizzle11 2 years ago +2

      @Jp I like jeans

    • Velvet Per
      Velvet Per 2 years ago +3

      Thats so freaking sad :( especially jeans. I *H A T E* jeans i always wear sweatpants

  • ghost
    ghost 6 months ago +10

    Well. Let's just say the latest "fashion" in our school is.. ✨ pajamas ✨ ...and everyone started wearing them because I wear them to school on a regular basis. And now the principals don't even try to dress code us any more lmao. It's great seeing everyone in onsies and pj's

    • Talashazu
      Talashazu 5 months ago +3

      Although it’s not my place to tell people what to wear at all, I would really love if people put some class into what they’re wearing. A good outfit really boosts confidence!

    • joey :)
      joey :) 2 months ago

      right? i mean its cool but i find the plaid pajama pants trend is a little odd

  • ItsPungpond98
    ItsPungpond98 Year ago +97

    When people that wear glasses take them off, they look like another person. This applies for the real world and the animation

    • sheep demon
      sheep demon Year ago +8

      It's actually because the lens of the glasses tend to make your eyes look smaller, but when you take it off it looks bigger, coming from a person with glasses who discovered this in the bathroom

    • doomedhime
      doomedhime Year ago +1

      Finally, someone who UNDERSTANDS

  • Meadow Sides
    Meadow Sides 8 months ago +3

    I still do think even in this generation, fashion and middle school really does not get along..

  • blueixia
    blueixia 2 years ago +4298

    her: middle school was so hard to look cute in
    me: *laughs in uniform*

    • liz
      liz 2 years ago +74

      LOL SAME to add some sTyLe
      I put on some jewelry lol

    • I like pomegranates Lol
      I like pomegranates Lol 2 years ago +36

      *laughs in disgusting fricking sKoRtS*

    • Sophia
      Sophia 2 years ago +9

      Sameee and the middle school I went to was an all grade school and the uniforms weren’t bad (although the shirts were too thick for summer) but we weren’t allowed any jewelry not even earrings and on thursdays we could wear jeans but no ripped or too bleached ones

    • Lenzo
      Lenzo 2 years ago +3

      Same I live in Australia

    • Brynn the coolest
      Brynn the coolest 2 years ago


  • yippee!
    yippee! 2 years ago +545


    • TheOrangeJuiceDemon
      TheOrangeJuiceDemon 2 years ago +24

      All might body pillow, All might body pillow, All might body pillow, All might body pillow, All might body pillow, All might body pillow, All might body pillow.

    • yippee!
      yippee! 2 years ago +3

      @TheOrangeJuiceDemon oh nooooo

    • Isabella
      Isabella 2 years ago +1

      its not always mha

    • Turtle face
      Turtle face 2 years ago +2

      What's mha

    • Sunset Lover
      Sunset Lover 2 years ago +2

      @Turtle face The best anime ever. The real name is My Hero Academia

  • Alana 🩷🩷
    Alana 🩷🩷 2 years ago +570

    im in the 6th grade, and have almost completely transformed my wardrobe into- KAWAII FASHION!!! and im excited :3

    • Alexandra Eagle
      Alexandra Eagle 2 years ago +97

      at least it'll be funny to look back on in the future ahaha

    • Dumber Doodles
      Dumber Doodles 2 years ago +76

      As someone in 7th grade all I can say is if you like it YOU GO FOR IT 😊✨

      ISKRA ACID 2 years ago +11

      Now I'm starting to miss going to school

    • Balz_hd
      Balz_hd 2 years ago +54

      My wardrobe has clothes

      ISKRA ACID 2 years ago +26

      @Balz_hd Same

    DRACOLINA Year ago +44

    4:50 got me rolling-😂😂😂💀

  • Darth Xerxes
    Darth Xerxes 2 years ago +13

    Im 16 and i actually went through a bunch of different styles. When I was 11 i wanted to go emo, and my mom was on board. I got elbow high fingerless wool gloves, died my hair bright blue and went on. And i stayed like that for 2 years, but i realized I didn't like it. So i experimentsd with the way I look, and know I've settled on a punk style. Will jeans, vans/doc martens, a band shirt and a heavily customized denim vest. Completed with gloves and a studded bracelet. And I'm happy with the way I look now.

    • Carded Master
      Carded Master Year ago

      I wore the same thing until i decided I wanted to change my style because people kept telling me I was just bland so I grow my hair and went a somewhat hipster look

  • froglet dragons
    froglet dragons 3 months ago +1

    5:24 are we just not going to talk about how smooth that animation was??

  • Tabbes
    Tabbes 4 years ago +23660

    What is this a personal attack

  • RimaSolos
    RimaSolos 2 years ago +26

    I am a middle schooler.
    As a middle schooler I thank you for the good advice. I always think I look like a ugly rat, but after this video, I think I have more confidence in myself.
    Thank you
    - Me

    • naylene hess
      naylene hess Year ago +1

      Hahaha I felt that way too it's normal! Just hormones being super strong and difficult but you can do it just try not to be to hard on yourself when times get rough and you'll be just fine!

    • TalonsAndTails
      TalonsAndTails Year ago

      Everyone feels that way around this time. Just try not to get to your head too much and please take care of yourself. I’m a junior in high school and that mindset of “I’m ugly and worthless” was just kinda so deeply ingrained and I still struggle with it.
      Some advice, dont talk bad about yourself. Cliche I know but that’s really what drags you down that rabbit hole

  • Kenya Santos
    Kenya Santos Year ago +10

    I’m actually kinda glad that she said about being in middle school, going through puberty, and trying to look ur “best”, made me happy Because I’m actually in middle school 6th grade and looking your best is kinda hard but I realize that it’s not that important ,but for my hair yes it is 💀, other than that I’m happy that I came across her channel she makes me really happy. :)

  • Dashybabe
    Dashybabe 3 months ago +2

    As of this summer I have just finished 8th grade, and where I come from, there is sadly lots of stigma around us scene and emo kids. I have been constantly harassed and heckled for how I express myself and everybody was a stereotypical Latina or an "Edgar." I tried to be normal at some point, but that's kind of when I realized that I'd rather be a hated somebody than a peaceful nobody. So you do you, it got me through middle school, and whether you wanna be left alone or not is totally up to you.

  • ulka alcachofa jorquera
    ulka alcachofa jorquera 2 years ago +8

    Im so glad i went through a 'i wanna dye my hair' phase in Middle school and my parents allowed it because 'if you give your Best in school and behave, we dont have to love your fashion choices, you do you kiddo', because now im honestly proud at how good i am in cutting, bleaching, and dying my Own hair, it looks pretty Damn sick! Also it gave me the oportunity to express myself in a uniformed school.

    • Ness
      Ness 6 months ago

      Man I wish I could dye my hair!! My uniformed school doesn’t allow it

  • Allium
    Allium Year ago +7

    I'm in middle school and I had my friends write on my converse.
    And you are right about the fashion, I don't know what i would do without Pinterest!

  • Abraxas
    Abraxas 4 years ago +34981

    “Middle school” and “Fashion” are words that just don’t go together...

    • Jeremy Wadsley
      Jeremy Wadsley 4 years ago +1341

      No, "Middle School" and "Cringe" go nicely together.

    • Goro Majima
      Goro Majima 4 years ago +142

      @Jeremy Wadsley your right! 😂

    • Sydney
      Sydney 4 years ago +299

      As a middle schooler. This is 100% true

    • mitchell e
      mitchell e 4 years ago +244

      naw a bunch of ppl at my middle school dress nicely and do makeup pretty well lol

    • ★ via ★
      ★ via ★ 4 years ago +179

      sure they do, plenty of middle school kids know how to dress nowadays

  • cum
    cum 2 years ago +44

    I literally just stuck with my emo phase. I still have snakebites, lots of earrings and black hair, and listen to the music, it was not a phase, mum.

  • LiterallyNo
    LiterallyNo 2 years ago +1398

    “Being not heterosexual in the south is hard.” Oh boy do I know where you’re coming from- as an omniromantic, demisexual, trans dude who grew up in Texas? With Sensory Processing Disorder? Nightmare.
    Edit: to everyone expressing their identities in the replies, you are valid and beautiful and if your parents aren’t accepting I’m your dad now. To everyone who is just here to be a jerk, get lost. If you are genuinely confused and gave a genuine question I’m happy to answer, but being rude and inconsiderate is definitely not appreciated.

    • awhjoy!!
      awhjoy!! 2 years ago +44

      bianca bisexual demigirl from georgia 🤩

    • rainn W
      rainn W 2 years ago +43

      being a lesbian that struggles with my gender in South Carolina is hard 🙃

    • Strawberry Keith
      Strawberry Keith 2 years ago +50

      As a trans, pansexual boy not out yet in Mississippi i can tell you that i have over heard so many "tHe RaInBoW iS a GiFt FrOm God AnD tHe QuEeRs RuInEd It" all over the place and I hate it my mom even says it and I am TIERED (spell check please) of it. I have to hide the fact that my Clip-Share channel is called Strawberry Keith reason why it has my real name.
      P.S. the channel name will change so don't be alarmed when it does cause at the time of this post I just haven't got around to changing it
      Edit: I have changed the channel name back to what it was originally

      ISKRA ACID 2 years ago +12

      I'm never moving to the south

    • rainn W
      rainn W 2 years ago +15

      @ISKRA ACID I don't blame you

  • fried rat
    fried rat 9 months ago +27

    The issue with growing up with the internet to guide you through your awkward phase… is that you have to have a certain amount of intelligence in your hormone stricken brain to utilize it properly. Unfortunately, I did not have that. And even more unfortunately, the people around me DID. I was so confused as to why things appearance-wise weren’t working out for me as well as it did for my peers, who were all very professional and fashionable looking. 12-14 were some rough years😂 every year that distances me from then is a cause for celebration. A word of advice: DO NOT try to be *TOO* different and special no matter what the internet tells you lmao

  • Gee Boyd
    Gee Boyd 2 years ago +1

    I also went through the classic emo phase in middle school, but tried to get out of it because of all the jokes and stereotypes about it. I didn't feel like myself, though, so I stuck with it through ridicule. I never really grew out of it, but I feel like I evolved. Now I'm in university, and I love being goth as I have been for the last 6-7 years! Maybe someday I'll do a complete 180, but considering this has been my style since I knew how to have a style, who knows...

  • Latifx3
    Latifx3 8 months ago +2

    Lol, I remember growing my bangs long, but spiking it in the back similar to your picture. Difference was my hair was thick and black. I spent two years dealing with people constantly fondling my porcupine spikes in awe.
    Most of what we thought of as "fashionable" was just ripped out of magazines, our favorite music artists or our friends.
    I single handedly sparked a short local trend of wearing the Slinky as a bracelet.XD

  • Morpeko_Morpe
    Morpeko_Morpe 2 years ago +2506

    My fashion sense as a chubby person
    1. Whatever Confidence I can barely gather
    2. A hoodie
    3. Sweatpants or leggings

  • Warrior'ƨ Ɯιиɢƨ
    Warrior'ƨ Ɯιиɢƨ 2 years ago +47

    When you said you had "a shirt with one of those dumb food puns", I felt that in my soul. (My favorite shirt from middle school said "you're so hardcore" with a cartoon apple core on it 😁)

  • NJ
    NJ 2 years ago +10

    I feel like us younger kids are going through the "middle school" phase earlier. Mine was the 4th-6th grade. I started to care what I looked like in 4th grade and sorta figured out my overgrown hair in 5th grade. In 6th grade, I started to actually get clothes for myself and not wearing anything my mom bought me. And this year in 7th grade I fully figured out my hair, finally have a decent amount of clothes that i actually like, did my own makeup for the first time and surprisingly was decent at it (i only do eye makeup and never face makeup), figured out what i want from school, and fully drifted from my friends that were doing some bad things like vaping, and strengthened my friendships with people that weren't putting on a whole new persona and doing those bad things. I was always confident but now I'm more confident in who i am and my identity and though my mental health is shit, I am satisfied with my life and know what I want in it. I'm going into 8th grade and in a year's time, I'll be going into highschool which is a weird thought. Anyway that was a long ass tangent but yea.

    • Lovely Doll Time
      Lovely Doll Time 2 years ago +1

      I started to care about the way I look back in 9th grade, and I will never forget the first time I flat ironed my hair and how I instantly looked a lot better then how I did with unruly wavy hair. I still straighten my hair a lot a year later.

    • Leahbeah
      Leahbeah 2 years ago +2

      I've just started caring about my appearance going into 9th grade because up until now I was a closeted trans gal, and goddamn does it feel good actually liking how you look and putting effort into my appearance. The amount of confidence I gain wearing something I actually feel good in is so great.

    • NJ
      NJ 2 years ago +2

      @Leahbeah Oh my god that's awesome! I'm so glad you feel so good :))

    • STRD Akx
      STRD Akx 2 years ago +1

      I started caring in 5th grade

    • Watermelon_sugar
      Watermelon_sugar Year ago

      I kinda started to care about how I looked like around 5th and 6th grade but it was mainly just my hair cause I thought that if it didn’t look a certain way I would look ugly

  • Emma Roberts
    Emma Roberts Year ago +1

    Im going through middle school right now, so im happy I saw this. I was so scared before i saw this that i was 'not keeping up with the trends', or 'looked too weird'. Im happy i saw this cause now I feel better wearing crop tops, and flair jeans! 😁

  • Fennec Frenzi
    Fennec Frenzi Year ago +45

    the moment you brought up yhe emo phase I just died of laughter, i still have sort of that dark grunge style but middle school emo phase was sO bad for the popular girls. They went from softie visco girls to complete "emo" in like a month at one point in middle school and it was hilarious

  • felixelcat2007
    felixelcat2007 10 months ago

    I switched from thin/metal glasses to large plastic spongeboby glasses. Turns out, not only does it look better, I can physically see when I'm starting to look over my frames. I did that a lot and never realized it

  • Socially awkward potato
    Socially awkward potato 4 years ago +487

    "Because growing up not heterosexual in the south is hard"
    ...I've never heard more true words spoken in my life

  • Tyler Landreth
    Tyler Landreth 2 years ago +1

    Being beautiful isn't define by your over-beauty. Is about your own human & how they do it. That's why you are AWESOME for being how you are.

  • Dawn Hankins
    Dawn Hankins 2 years ago +3

    My mom had to tell a 60yr old woman that she has natural curls, and helped her reclaim them! She thought since she got a perm at 12yr it's messed up her hair for life. Nope, just needed some help understanding her own hair, and how to style it. It was 10 years ago, she still goes to my mom every 3m. Has way more confidence

  • Humna
    Humna Year ago

    As a middle schooler who has a sister in university, im glad that I have someone who will honestly let me know that my clothes make me look like a clown who has no sense of fashion and will actually help me fix it before I go anywhere.

  • 《•☆Alicorn_Vic☆•》

    “You pre-teens have it SOO good right now”
    Me, going into 8th grade and only has 3 friends and is a shy freak: *:’)*

      ISKRA ACID 2 years ago +1

      Skip middle school
      it's a lot easier
      Edit: I just realized how dumb I was

    • Vintageb
      Vintageb 2 years ago +3

      @ISKRA ACID how you might not be able to graduate if u do that ⁉️

      ISKRA ACID 2 years ago +4

      @Vintageb skip school
      it's a lot easier

    • Vintageb
      Vintageb 2 years ago +2

      @ISKRA ACID I thought they send a letter to you about court or someone coming to your house if you don’t attend. Idk if you live in the states tho

      ISKRA ACID 2 years ago

      @Vintageb I do. That just didn't happen when I got pulled out of school.

  • Citrine and Melody

    I'm in middle school, and I see your point with the social media thing, but you gotta remember that with social media there comes the added disadvantage of cyberbullying. Also, uniforms.

  • anika edwards
    anika edwards 3 years ago +1806

    all the dislikes are from middle schoolers who are "feeling attacked right now"

    • Abigail Amador
      Abigail Amador 3 years ago +14

      no one has said that lmao

    • 「 mxchii 」
      「 mxchii 」 3 years ago +32

      Not really, middle schoolers don’t even dress like these lmao. In my school, 8th graders used to wear high waisted jeans, tucked in t-shirt, crop top, or tank top. I don’t know what they used to wear back then lmao.

    • Saiful Islam
      Saiful Islam 3 years ago


    • kianny
      kianny 3 years ago +3

      Bro as a middle schooler I enjoy “attacking” other snowflakes

    • Genji
      Genji 3 years ago +1


  • The Tempest
    The Tempest 2 years ago

    I was in the process of coming out as trans in middle school so my style was all over the place for some time. I was looking like an androgynous Pyrocynical until October 2018. Now I look like an e-boy with my middle part and dangly cross earring without the Tik Tok account, douchey personality, and obvious neurotypicality. But despite whatever I do to improve my sense of fashion, I will always look back on it a year later and question what went through my mind to justify ever looking the way I once did. The cycle only continues but I try to think of it as merely evolution.

  • Nathan iel
    Nathan iel 2 years ago +1

    Your animations are perspectives and inspirational so i hope to see your progress to a big youtuber

  • LightNight
    LightNight 5 months ago +1

    A nice easy make-up start for people interested is
    1: Foundation, find a foundation color that matches your skin, or it being a bit more tan. It doesn’t have to be in specific spots on your face, I mainly just use it all over my face.
    2: Blush. Grab a blush that it, and I repeat, NOT TOO LIGHT, NOT TO DARK/RED. Too light, can’t notice it or you look paler in some spots, to dark/red, congrats, your a lobster. Or burnt. Follow your cheekbones and put a bit of blush on them, and blend it.
    And that was it
    It was what I wore during middle school and helped me feel better. (For reference, I was pale as white, look awfully tired, and looked like I’ve lived under a rock. Make up just kinda made me more alive, even if it was just two things.)

  • bray
    bray 2 years ago +1

    We have way to strict dress codes, or else I’d dress alternative but in 2021 I’d like to say that most middle schoolers have really nice fashion

  • Joey Van Haperen
    Joey Van Haperen 9 months ago

    When I was 15 I adopted the gothic/punk look. My parents thought it was a fase, it wasn't. Currently I'm 25 and I'm still wearing all black clothes with skull motives, ripped black jeans, black leather jackeds, a heavy thick neckles and wide leather bracelets. I rock this look though and you don't f*ck with perfection. Also I have like a very wierd type of beard and body hair. It's like spoted with blond, brown and ginger patches and I was born with bassicly witte hair on my head that slowely coloured to a very dark brown. Yep I don't get it either.

  • Laura O
    Laura O 3 years ago +2364

    "Not being heterosexual in the south is... tough"

  • grace h.
    grace h. 2 years ago

    Ah yes, middle school. It hasn’t been that long since since middle school but my fashion sense was...interesting I guess. I wasn’t very popular and I felt like an outcast but somehow everyone enjoyed my style when we had free dress days (I had to wear a uniform most of the time).
    Some of my fashion staples were:
    -off brand doc martens cause I didn’t have a enough money to buy real ones
    -flannels (I pretty much bought them in bulk at the thrift store)
    -the same tattoo choker at all times like I didn’t even take it off to shower
    -winged eyeliner using eyeliner I got at big lots
    -some janky denim jacket/shirt thingy that I wore until I tore holes in the elbows

  • MsTheCommentator
    MsTheCommentator 2 years ago +1

    I had such a phase in middle school, I swapped out entire friend groups. I was trying to fit in with a crowd who I didn't gel with anymore, took a while to realize that I was having more fun on my own than with them. We had a school picnic at the local amusement park, and no one wanted to ride anything fun, so I bailed to ride coasters with my parents. They claimed that I "ditched" them, even though I'd been very vocal about leaving since I wasn't having any fun. I eventually rolled in with the anime dorks the next year, and stayed there comfortably throughout high school.

    • Alexandra Eagle
      Alexandra Eagle 2 years ago

      i had the same experience in middle school, but instead of swapping friend groups i moved to england junior year. It's so much better here

  • lemonism
    lemonism Year ago

    I go to my city's third best private middle school, and its a pretty cool school compared to other schools. We have clubs dedicated to equality, lgbtq+, student wellness etc. And what i love the most is our school's fashion trends, which to other people may sound weird. We like wearing a few strips of duck/washi tape on our pants, many pins/safety pins on our jacket sleeves and pockets, a colorful burst of all sorts of bracelets all over our arms (some even old and worn out!), necklaces made of corks, pocket chains made of soda tabs, painting/scratching our converses, stickers on our palms and forehead, and basically anything "weird" that isn't against our dress codes. Sounds crazy, right? Not everyone likes these ofc, the basic students wear... basic stuff.

  • Brandi Brooks
    Brandi Brooks 2 years ago +1

    I grew up really really long hair and bangs, and for middle school, I decided to both cut my hair to my shoulders and grow out my bangs at the same time (which was NOT a good look), all while wearing homemade bellbottoms (which I actually did like).

  • confused child
    confused child Year ago +9

    oh girl- when she said “my mom wouldn’t let me dye my hair”, I felt that. Although, I am glad she didn't let me do it. I freaking love my red hair, and honestly, it's worth all the mean comments from peers.

  • lillyyy y
    lillyyy y 4 years ago +42

    okay but no one is going to talk about 5:23 ? the animation looks so good!

    • Bloop
      Bloop 8 months ago +1

      I heard it

  • capang9555
    capang9555 2 years ago

    25 years old now. It's good to reminisce on the days of middle school. Crazy to think how much has changed over the years.

  • Hastur La Vista
    Hastur La Vista 2 years ago +3

    Everytime I see this video I'm reminded of the one time my Mom brought me to such a make-up counter for some old lady to beat my face. I swear, it was exactly the same experience with the exception of me not having red hair naturally :'D

  • _.toastedbaguette._

    So I actually was fashionable thanks to the fact that legit every girl I would see would be wearing black leggings. Like, the entire hallway would be a sea (or a swarm) of them, and if you include nike air forces then yes that would also be the only think you'd see when you look at a slight downward angle. But yeah, in general middle school was full of terrible wearers.

  • Ocariko
    Ocariko 2 years ago +15

    Illy: encourages us to try our own styles in school
    My school: alright so u all gonna wear uncomfortable black trousers from the fifties, a plain white polo shirt from the sixties, a black jumper from the thirties, and don't forget your tie that 'represents' our school

  • ScrunklyLittleMan!
    ScrunklyLittleMan! 4 months ago +1

    For me as a 13 year old about to get into 8th grade, my closet has two complete opposites and a sprinkling of stuff in the middle. Formal clothing that often makes it look like I have a bigger bust unintentionally that makes me feel incredibly confident, and comfy clothes that fit my other aesthetics and are good for days when I’m too tired to care.

  • FroyoHead Animation
    FroyoHead Animation 4 years ago +3629

    _Fashion is how I show who I am without speaking. Broke_

    • Aidan Heaney
      Aidan Heaney 4 years ago +10

      Second reply.
      Ha I'm immature

    • Aimee Guberman
      Aimee Guberman 4 years ago +2

      hmmmm.....U seem more popular on Actually Happeneed....

    • Mai K.
      Mai K. 4 years ago +4

      Why dont u post

    • Aimee Guberman
      Aimee Guberman 4 years ago

      I wasnt tryibg to be rude but this can be c9medic to other poeple but to me it was meh but he did get 291 likes so case closed nina nah

    • Mai K.
      Mai K. 4 years ago +1

      @Aimee Guberman im confused sorry please exsplain

  • julianna salasek
    julianna salasek 2 years ago

    You really inspire me! I can’t wait to make my own animations.

  • The witch of rubys and roses

    “Being not heterosexual in the south is tough” I have never agreed with something more

  • Mikayla Jennel
    Mikayla Jennel 2 years ago

    I think the biggest lesson that middle schoolers can take to heart regarding “fashion” which really means “looking good in a way that makes people like you more” is PERSONAL HYGIENE. Regardless of What youre wearing, nobody will like it if you havent done your laundry in half a month and your clothes smell like feet. Hygiene is one of the BIGGEST deals, especially at the age when your body is doing weird hormone things! Shower, wash your clothes, brush your teeth, brush your hair!

  • Meganomore
    Meganomore Year ago

    it’s a given to look awkward in middle school let’s be honest here 😂 i def went through my “emo” phase of parting my hair WAY too far on the side, my make up (just mascara), a beanie, and classic Bring Me The Horizon shirt

  • akkorosie
    akkorosie 2 years ago +2322

    I hate how kids wear fake glasses and tell EVERYONE that their real. I’ve had glasses my whole life and I used to hate them, so watching kids wear them for funsies just kinda made me mad tbh

    • Veve
      Veve 2 years ago +18


    • z a i n a b ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
      z a i n a b ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 2 years ago +31

      Same i got em in like 1st grade smh

    • Name
      Name 2 years ago +80

      Why? You should feel better cuz they r copying u

    • akkorosie
      akkorosie 2 years ago +29

      @Name well yeah but still 👀

    • Name
      Name 2 years ago +11

      @akkorosie I understand

  • Kestrel Shepherd
    Kestrel Shepherd Year ago

    I’m honest I’ve come to a conclusion in high school. Wear what you want wear any style you think you may like even if you end up not likening it. It’s best to try and not like it then give up before you gave it thought. As a highschooler now I wish I knew this in middle school. Style just like a lot of things is fluid. If you like a specific style stick with it but you don’t have to :)

  • J.M. Mencias
    J.M. Mencias 2 years ago

    From elementary until high school, we wore uniforms. There wasn't a lot when it came to self expression, except maybe bracelets, or a necklace, or a watch.

  • Kaylee Kolka
    Kaylee Kolka Year ago +1

    as a person in middle school, we honestly get most inspo from insta or tik tok like everyone is rlly basic but its because we are rlly self-conscious of what we look like and how we dress. but I think in this day and age younger people are dressing more and more like highschoolers lmaoo so our fashion isn't that bad because we just copy off of other people.

  • aeikai
    aeikai 2 years ago

    i live in the south and i can agree that it’s not easy to be a pansexual trans boy. people who know nothing about other sexualities besides hetero try to tell me about my sexuality. it frustrates me so much, they keep on calling me bisexual or mistake pansexual with demisexual, even after i properly inform them.

  • ~takenbyacat~
    ~takenbyacat~ 10 months ago +1

    Drinking game: Take a shot every time that Illy says Video during the outro

  • { NotAn_Alien }
    { NotAn_Alien } 3 years ago +1533

    Now everyone is just bragging about how expensive or stylish their mask is..

    • -Solar-System-Gacha-
      -Solar-System-Gacha- 2 years ago +6

      Me: as long it looks ok and not cheapish and awful

    • Abc
      Abc 2 years ago +7

      Hopefully when my school opens it’s not like that bc that’s cringe

    • { NotAn_Alien }
      { NotAn_Alien } 2 years ago +1

      @Abc Well some people do, but the hard part is when people tell you to try to forget about what’s happening,while also talking about what’s happening 24/7

    • Abc
      Abc 2 years ago +1

      @{ NotAn_Alien } idrc whats going on its none of my business well it kind of is but i don't bring it into my life or exaggerate the points. Just do what's told and roll with it.

    • iiAxstheticalFlower
      iiAxstheticalFlower 2 years ago +3

      I saw someone w/ a Louis Vitton mask & a gas station the other day-

  • John McCrossan
    John McCrossan 2 years ago +2

    Just throwing this out there from someone who recently got comfortable with how I look and my life overall, if youre aged 12-14 just do it. Yes it'l be embarrassing, no it won't work, yes it'l probably get you rejected by that girl you like but that's ok. Everyone goes through some bad times, your life was probably going to suck at this age anyway but only you are going to remember these years and it's better to get it out of your system now than to wait until life could realistically be going good to skrew it up. So make your hair look like Goku, go on that obnoxious anti alcohol one man crusade, buy that cheap plastic fur suit and throw it away after wearing it once it's ok. This isn't who you are and unless you kill someone it's not how anyone is going to see you, believe me the older kids hate you all anyway for cluttering up the school, the younger kids will think you're super cool regardless because you're older and they're stupid and the adults know you change so fast at this age that forming an opinion of you either way is stupid.

  • Caroline Keen
    Caroline Keen 2 years ago

    the part about your mom bringing you to the mall to get your makeup done horribly is painfully true

  • •𝙍𝙮𝙡𝙚𝙚 𝙅•

    My "middle school fashion" is, jeans that make me look skinny, a baggy yet fashionable shirt, short socks, shoes & a flannel around my waist. With an emergency hoodie in my locker bc my confidence can skyrocket then drop like a dang rock.

  • Abigail_izaqueen
    Abigail_izaqueen 2 years ago +4

    Im about to go to middle school myself and this really helped me thank you so much!

  • Ruka Star
    Ruka Star Year ago

    For myself back in middle school, my mom taught me when I was in the 6th grade so that as I got older I would understand and learn more on how to properly do my makeup. The best, and I mean the BEST way to learn is using nude color eyeshadow, mascara, and chapstick. It's quick, it's simple, and can easily be cleaned off and not stain your eyelids blue or red 😂

  • 🌸ilysm.🌸
    🌸ilysm.🌸 3 years ago +238

    Society: Be yourself!
    Society: No..Not like that
    illymation: Yes! Exactly how you want!

  • 1123581321 34
    1123581321 34 2 years ago

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who’s mom managed to make them think that if you dyed your hair it would somehow grow back differently

  • Megan Lewis
    Megan Lewis 2 years ago

    As a redhead whose mother told her the same thing about dying my hair I dye my hair often with unnatural colors and the only difference I have seen is my red is slightly lighter. That is because to get the color to pop you have to bleach it. Pro tip, never do it at home. Make an appointment with a local beauty school to do it. It's cheap and professionally done.

  • huezart
    huezart 10 months ago

    honestly im glad my school has uniforms so no one get’s judged for their outfit

  • Sav !!!
    Sav !!! Year ago

    To any highschoolers that are insecure: Don't be insecure of yourself because you feel people are judging you. Almost everyone and I mean EVERYONE is going through of the thought of being judged too. And don't care about what other people think because in the end, it honestly doesn't matter! BE YOURSELF! 😊

  • Moe
    Moe 8 months ago +1

    My middle school fashion was hot topic for a year then just going to cheap stores bc I realized that no one really goes to hot topic and I didn’t really like going there and I felt goofy wearing the outfits

  • Anjali Crichlow
    Anjali Crichlow 4 years ago +2318

    "What do I think? I think my mom told me not to curse in public." 😂😂😂

  • R0xanneW0lf
    R0xanneW0lf 2 years ago +3

    Honestly being a senior in high school, I didn’t care about how I looked in middle school. I was one of the zany crazy kids that no one paid attention to.

  • AndyBot88
    AndyBot88 2 years ago +1

    I like how I never went through any fashion faze. Comfortable clothing = 10/10

  • Maezie Mations
    Maezie Mations Year ago

    Illy, I just wanted to say that, I love your videos and you're such an amazing animator, and that you've inspired to become an animation storytime Clip-Sharer too! I hope that one day I can be as amazing as you

  • Zuzanna
    Zuzanna 2 years ago

    yknow, i went through the same "i want to look like a scene kid" phase. in 2014. that was also the beginning of my weeb phase, and the phase of me hyper straightening my hair every morning.
    7 years later i'm a rainbow sparkly princess who is good at eye shadow and has lots of fun fashionable clothes, no more boring t shirts and leggings combo. it's what 12 year old me would have wanted.