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This Minecraft Villager Is Uhh...

  • Published on Feb 3, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Mod is Villager Brute by TeamTechnicMC
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  • Skip the Tutorial
    Skip the Tutorial  Month ago +4303

    Mod is Villager Brute by TeamTechnicMC!

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 13 days ago

      @Anthony Andrasco Jesus loves you !! :)

    • Anthony Andrasco
      Anthony Andrasco 13 days ago

      How do I get the app

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago

      Jesus loves you!

    • {.}Wafflez{.}
      {.}Wafflez{.} Month ago

      @Fatyfat Gaming2 Whaf does technoblade have to do with this?

    • An obvious good guy
      An obvious good guy Month ago +1

      ​@Bypass the Classu got skip the tutorial?
      Nah we got Bypass the class 💀

  • Asahi 🫶
    Asahi 🫶 Month ago +10497

    The Villagers have found their new Defender.

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago

      Jesus loves you!

    • Mythix
      Mythix Month ago

      Where have I heard a line similar to this

    • BV83X
      BV83X Month ago

      not at night

    • lithi
      lithi Month ago

      *The waffle ho-*

    • ZeroTick09
      ZeroTick09 Month ago

      @Josh Payne according to you

  • DarkOwll
    DarkOwll Month ago +7328

    “Do not let this brute near this bed”
    *Dirty mind: Activated*

  • Jack Jeffers
    Jack Jeffers Month ago +2374

    Bro wakes up on both sides of the bed💀

  • Newgate - Zero Hour
    Newgate - Zero Hour Month ago +2014

    It would become a huge problem if you were able to zombify it like normal villagers

    • Christian Ephrem
      Christian Ephrem 8 days ago

      @Rudrodeep Chatterjee yes we need more mini bosses!!

    • Christian Ephrem
      Christian Ephrem 8 days ago

      @E_S.0 amen

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago

      Jesus loves you!

    • Макс Цырков
      Макс Цырков 24 days ago +2

      ​@Mr Stone Oh, cool. Is he going to wield any weapon or will he just swing his hands like regular brute?

  • RedWolf
    RedWolf Month ago +445

    Speedrunners: Oh no

  • Lilman
    Lilman Month ago +229

    I think an annoying feature would be cool. So if the Brute is ever low on health his eyes will start getting eye bugs and the only way to heal him is to make him sleep... At night...

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago

      Jesus loves you!

    • Torontoian_007
      Torontoian_007 24 days ago +1

      "eye bags"

    • Bernardo Ferreira Fernandes
      Bernardo Ferreira Fernandes Month ago +4

      @L3gend57 i know but eye bugs lol

    • L3gend57
      L3gend57 Month ago +4

      @MixedDoubt I was trying to rationalize it too I was like I mean yea if I see a bug in his eye I’m going to assume he’s seen some better days and needs some healing for sure but why was that the first thing you thought of like maybe make him limp or something first😭 but then I reread it and I was like ahh autocorrect strikes again

    • L3gend57
      L3gend57 Month ago +11

      @Bernardo Ferreira Fernandes he means eye bags like when you stay up super late and have dark circles under your eyes the next day some people call them eye bags

  • Unnamed Visitor
    Unnamed Visitor Month ago +981

    Iron Golems for night shifts, Brutes for day shift! Problem solved!
    Oh yeah, and maybe get that lad a double bed, for the sake of his shoulders.

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago

      Jesus loves you!

    • Officially Allie
      Officially Allie 24 days ago

      Nah we need a triple bed

    • gurmeet singh
      gurmeet singh Month ago

      Sadly, iron golems don't sleep in morning
      (They don't sleep in night as well)

    • Vinnu
      Vinnu Month ago +1

      ​@Jim probably

    • Jim
      Jim Month ago +2

      If it a raid will both of them help the villagers?

  • Angela White
    Angela White Month ago +151

    Bro got rid of iron farms

  • qualitycommentary🍷🗿

    Mojang should actually consider adding this in-game.

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago

      Jesus loves you!

    • Brad Leon
      Brad Leon 23 days ago

      He'll no!

    • Willard
      Willard Month ago

      ​@Zombot9000 so why they are weaponsmith and fletcher🤔

    • Hockey Player
      Hockey Player Month ago

      @StaleBreadAnimations bro who tf said they didn’t want that

    • Gavin
      Gavin Month ago

      i don’t want to manually mine iron like a peasant

  • Mr Square
    Mr Square Month ago +246

    why does this deeply remind me of that one cursed minecraft image

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago

      Jesus loves you!

    • Mr Stone
      Mr Stone Month ago

      That what I had in mind lol, I was like "hey lets make minecraft vanilla but cursed" (I am the owner lol)

    • Rakla
      Rakla Month ago

      whoch one?

    • BreadThatVibes
      BreadThatVibes Month ago +1

      ​@Rudrodeep Chatterjee oh darn!

    • Rudrodeep Chatterjee
      Rudrodeep Chatterjee Month ago +13

      _You may not sleep now, there are hot singles nearby_

  • Edward Strife
    Edward Strife Month ago +43

    Imagine if the Village Brute instead of launching it's foes upward he started doing rapid front punches and saying:
    Emerald Emerald Emerald Emerald Emerald Emerald Emerald Emerald!
    (Yes, JoJo style)

    • Cheese Master
      Cheese Master 14 days ago

      ​@E_S.0 but he doesn't love you.

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago

      Jesus loves you!

  • ShadowOfTheNight
    ShadowOfTheNight Month ago +46

    i need this guy for my world my dogs posted around the village keep getting blown up by creepers and it's sad

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago

      Jesus loves you!

    • ShadowOfTheNight
      ShadowOfTheNight Month ago +4

      @Zeeth Kyrah I usually do, but it was in a Pocket world, where cats are really hard to tame because it's really laggy and they're really fast and your FOV has to be at the perfect angle so the 'Tame' button appears

    • YourLocalDeveloper
      YourLocalDeveloper Month ago +7

      the next day: impenetrable minecraft base with villager brutes cats dogs snowman snipers and traps

    • Zeeth Kyrah
      Zeeth Kyrah Month ago +8

      Post cats, they'll keep creepers away.

  • Mr Moose 65
    Mr Moose 65 20 hours ago +1

    Its like an amazon employee daring to sleep in the presence of jeff bezos

  • average amogus sussy balls fan

    Iron golems: attacks anything hostile to villagers
    Villager brute: attacks anything hostile to players

  • ItzMiro
    ItzMiro Month ago +7

    Man deserves some rest, he gotta maintain his physique

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago

      Jesus loves you!

  • Spiderhater 420
    Spiderhater 420 Month ago +10

    he will sleep on his job and thats how the town becomes a ghost town.

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago +1

      Jesus loves you!

  • Pepi jimenez farfan
    Pepi jimenez farfan Month ago +14

    The perfect loop doesnt exi***

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago

      Jesus loves you!

  • Nblaster
    Nblaster Month ago +15

    Everyone: YAY! It looks so funny that’d be so neat!
    Speed runners: No Iron…

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago

      Jesus loves you!

  • TheRealGGP - ggpsalt
    TheRealGGP - ggpsalt Month ago +1

    Funny how you gotta keep the brute sleep deprived to not let the villagers be sleep deprived

  • Autumn
    Autumn Month ago

    Bros out here making better updates than mojang

  • Skybr328
    Skybr328 Month ago +12

    Imagine if this was in Vanilla

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago

      Jesus loves you!

  • Bufflingo
    Bufflingo Month ago +2

    Brute: I'm sleepy
    Door: You have to fit your head in me first

  • YaBoiTyler
    YaBoiTyler Month ago +1

    It makes more sense then an iron dude walking around and the villagers will be sleeping at night anyway

  • Tiff Tiff
    Tiff Tiff Month ago +11

    On a scale from 1 to 10, you're an 11.

  • Henry The Mechanic
    Henry The Mechanic Month ago

    I love this massive huge man giving an apple to a guy. It’s just “Here’s a snack for u”

  • Anum Firdose
    Anum Firdose Month ago

    The perfect loop doesn't exi-

  • Swag monkey
    Swag monkey Month ago +5

    Bro was the high school bully💀

  • Mr cat
    Mr cat Month ago +33

    Be honest.
    Dirty activated when skipda2torial said "dont let this guy near a bed"

    • Mr cat
      Mr cat Month ago

      @ricefarmer 2077 😳

    • ricefarmer 2077
      ricefarmer 2077 Month ago +5

      I though he will crush the bed or he got crushed tbh and i only got it activated when scrolling on comment section

    NITE CALEB Month ago +1

    They say the perfect loop dosent exi-

  • TheUpgradedGamer
    TheUpgradedGamer Month ago +2

    All fun and games until he turns into an infected zombie

  • Iban Headhunter
    Iban Headhunter Month ago +6

    Yet if they don't get enough sleep, they die.

  • sypindert ch.
    sypindert ch. Month ago +1

    Just don't make this big guy bitten by a zombie, or else...

  • 🪻𝒜𝒩𝒰🪻

    Perfect loop doesn't exis-

  • Josiah Mitchell
    Josiah Mitchell Month ago +3

    Bro made a villager bouncer 🤣

  • X MEN
    X MEN Month ago

    The village has found its new protector

  • BreadThatVibes
    BreadThatVibes Month ago +2

    When Villagers start treading steroids

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago

      Jesus loves you!

  • NotHeeyaw
    NotHeeyaw Month ago +5

    “Sleep? No how!”
    - Villager Brute

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago

      Jesus loves you!

  • Germans_Lol
    Germans_Lol Month ago +1

    They should sleep in the day but are awake at night. Also they should be able to take nearby armor from armor stands or from the floor if they are dropped. Weapons too.

  • C/Sgt. Blackburn
    C/Sgt. Blackburn 24 days ago

    Speed runners: abuses iron golems for speed runs.
    The devs: “Lets make this even harder to speed run.”

  • Exoticslayer_16
    Exoticslayer_16 Month ago +3

    Guess big noses run in the family

  • frajola
    frajola 7 days ago

    "There are hot villagers in your area"

  • SCP Foundation
    SCP Foundation Month ago +1

    Bro speedruns would be crazy if this was to be a thing

  • Farogh Azizneshan
    Farogh Azizneshan Month ago +5

    It would be great if he slept at days cuz he works hard at night defending the village and then he gets tierd and when night comes out he wakes up to do it again

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago

      Jesus loves you!

  • DragonKing
    DragonKing Month ago +1

    Camman18 is now devastated.

  • Anonymous _ Shibe
    Anonymous _ Shibe Month ago

    “A small price to pay for salvation.”

  • Jo anne Puno
    Jo anne Puno Month ago +3

    "the perfect loop doesn't exi--"

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago

      Jesus loves you!

  • boughtthiskidoffebay

    The village has found its new host

  • TotallyNot _Robo
    TotallyNot _Robo Month ago +16

    Perfect loop doesnt exis-

  • Red Blade
    Red Blade Month ago

    Seems Hung Gar has found its way into Minecraft.

  • Mr. BlobBERRY
    Mr. BlobBERRY Month ago

    Damn, that villager is JUICY. I wish I was a creeper, wouldn't mind him smashing me up. 💀

  • Henna Sippo
    Henna Sippo Month ago +6

    "this brute can also heal the nearby villagers"
    the brute and the apple: "MY NAME IS HARRY POTTER"

    TOWO GEMOK AWUWUWU Month ago +1

    "do not let this brute in your bed"
    *Checks comments*

  • Jadrien Hanson-Chisolm

    Man, he must be tired if he can sleep through all the screaming and mauling, poor guy.

  • Coolcoggot24
    Coolcoggot24 Month ago +7

    He perfect loop doesn't exi-

  • Noa Touw
    Noa Touw Month ago +2

    You need villager meat block and a raw porkchop block to make villager bruten, instead of iron and pumpkin

  • dude with a hat
    dude with a hat Month ago

    "Don't let this brute near your bed"
    *Neuron activated*

  • LowGameplays
    LowGameplays Month ago +4

    Meanwhile speedrunners: WORST UPDATE *EVER*

    • BTS is sht
      BTS is sht Month ago

      Basically iron golems so nah

  • DeathTheReaperCat
    DeathTheReaperCat Month ago +1

    Oh my god, why does the minecraft brute remind me of the muscular Gus Fring? 😂🤣

  • Gaming Devil
    Gaming Devil Month ago

    Bro is the juggernaut of villagers 💀

  • Ernest Isenhower
    Ernest Isenhower Month ago +4

    the perfect loop doesn't exi-

  • Phoenix Maxximus
    Phoenix Maxximus Month ago +1

    The guy she tells you not to worry about

  • Duolingo
    Duolingo Month ago +1

    "it's not a camel, its a giraffe" -pheonix sc

  • Banana Boi
    Banana Boi Month ago +1

    “Dont let em go near a bed”
    Heck that, dont let em go near your bed

  • Klee the falling cat
    Klee the falling cat Month ago +2

    you know when i heared “dont let the villager brute near your bed” i thought it was something else

    JUST A GIGA Month ago +1

    Speedrunners be like: I wish this will not happen

  • Maarten de Wilde
    Maarten de Wilde Month ago

    The wafflehouse has found its new host

  • glitched addams
    glitched addams Month ago

    Bro looked like he works out 48 hours straight

  • sock man
    sock man Month ago

    If this became an official thing
    I want it so there's 2-4 iron blocks near each other with a new item called decayed pumpkin next to it

  • NoBrainer53 Replacement#7

    Don't worry, I master the art of Minecraft Villager Labour Camp.

  • Mr-Bird
    Mr-Bird Month ago +1

    The iron farm is one of the bast farms in the game and this is taking it away.

  • Super_omnia
    Super_omnia 24 days ago

    Speedrunners about to reconsider their life choices after this

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago

      Jesus loves you!

  • Rizzoli
    Rizzoli Month ago

    So this is what sleep deprived villagers evolve to

  • I disagree with people

    Dear God, he can smell fear

  • FurFreak
    FurFreak Month ago

    Don't let Iron Golems near minecarts.

  • Die__Gurke
    Die__Gurke 19 days ago

    Looks like the speedrunners need another way to get iron as fast as possible

  • ×Itlurks×
    ×Itlurks× Month ago +1

    Villager after doing the gym:

  • Noobus king
    Noobus king Month ago +2

    i find having noses in minecraft is core and that brutes nose is epik :]

  • minu ki
    minu ki Month ago +1

    love how he named that mob "big guy"

  • King jaxsonator303 aka King Squeakers

    Villager on steroids be like:

  • Banana GAMING B
    Banana GAMING B Month ago

    Perfect loops don't exi-

    • E_S.0
      E_S.0 18 days ago

      Jesus loves you!

  • Starbucks cat
    Starbucks cat Month ago +1

    I hear the cries of speedrunners

  • Akel 3000
    Akel 3000 Month ago

    This loop was insane

  • Jorm de Worm
    Jorm de Worm Month ago +1

    bro mastered the worst possible loops

  • Zkeletonz
    Zkeletonz Month ago

    Taco Bell has found its new janitor

  • Kit Amber
    Kit Amber 22 days ago

    I would still make these guys a home still

  • trap
    trap 23 days ago

    I feel like after the job is done like there’s no mobs left he should be able to sleep or sleep during the day.

    ANGRY_MUNCI Month ago

    The villager brute took the size of the nose to a whole new level

  • Senbai racoon
    Senbai racoon Month ago

    *iron farms left the chat*

  • Efrain Velazquez
    Efrain Velazquez Month ago

    Iron farmers losing their mind rn

  • Trey_3
    Trey_3 Month ago

    Just had a thought: if a villager is attacked and low on health and a farmer has extra harvested crops in its inventory it should be able to heal the hurt one

    BILL CIPHER Month ago +1

    Bro is mixed with Hulk and a villager 💀

  • A.Z
    A.Z Month ago +2

    If this is added there will be no more iron farms😢

  • Alex Berube
    Alex Berube 20 days ago

    Bro ate a Castle Crashers sandwich

  • Bryce Stuepfert
    Bryce Stuepfert Month ago +2

    Why is no one talking about how iron farms would be messed up-?

  • Baller
    Baller Month ago +1

    It’s like a cursed Minecraft image with the Buff villager

  • SIR. Jone Tremendous Niggling The 3rd

    Why he is so adorable 🥺

  • giga-hecker
    giga-hecker Month ago +1

    now thats actually big guy

  • CriminaL
    CriminaL Month ago

    Villagers discovering steroids

  • plutoroblox
    plutoroblox Month ago

    Never let them know your next move: DOOR