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Fujifilm X100V - Should You Buy One? (vs Ricoh GR III)

  • Published on Mar 15, 2020 veröffentlicht
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    Fujifilm X100V geni.us/MB4h7
    Ricoh GR III geni.us/xI1ohFC
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    BRASKO - Queen of Hearts
    Oboy - Omen
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Comments • 674

  • Nellie's World
    Nellie's World 2 years ago +44

    The Fuji is beautiful, but I have a GRii and can’t imagine a better camera. I use or for everything - even astrophotography! It’s a brilliant camera that easily fits in a pocket. If I could only keep one of my several cameras, it would be the GRii.

  • Jason Row Photography
    Jason Row Photography 3 years ago +14

    The 100S was my first foray into the Fuji world. Now the Fuji X series are my go to cameras for work. Very tempted by the 100V but really cannot justify it.

  • Jonathan Weinraub
    Jonathan Weinraub 3 years ago +27

    I really am loving these videos and the way Kai narrates and how the videos are produced, long with the humour, reminds me if Top Gear did a show on cameras.

    • Simon Eaves
      Simon Eaves 4 months ago

      @Audio Upgrades the intonation

    • Audio Upgrades
      Audio Upgrades 3 years ago +1

      Noo... you ruined it. You made me realise he's just been ripping off Top Gear all these years.

  • Yingjun Yan
    Yingjun Yan 3 years ago +83

    For me personally,
    Fuji X100V:
    1 Built-in Flashlight
    2 Appearance
    3 Viewfinder
    4 Color - Film Filter
    Ricoh GR3
    1 Pocketable Size
    2 Built-in Stabilization
    3 I already have it for a while so I cannot return.

  • The Essential Light
    The Essential Light 3 years ago +9

    I have both. Although I carry the GRiii in my pocket daily, I use the X100V more. I prefer the 35mm over the 28mm field of view. The X100V is an overall better shooting experience. I did shoot some test video yesterday with it in 4K and F-Log. It is not a camera I would use for video often but it is nice to know it is cable of doing so if needed.

    • The Essential Light
      The Essential Light Year ago +7

      @Dos Tacos Motos i love the GR3 but I reach for the X100V more when I’m going out. The flip up screen comes in handy for street photography. I also like the user interface better.

    • Dos Tacos Motos
      Dos Tacos Motos Year ago +1

      A year later, do you still use and prefer the x100v more? I have a GR3, and love it, but I have to admit I have been eying the x100v lol. The 35mm equivalent lens, flippy screen, and EVF are quite enticing. But, the simple fact that my GR3 easily fits in my pocket and produces amazing quality images, makes me wonder if eventually the larger form factor of the x100v will become a hinderance after the honeymoon phase is over lol.

  • z.browning
    z.browning Year ago +2

    I think the Ricoh's smaller size is a big bonus for its intended use. If the goal is to be compact and fast, then the Ricoh is the obvious winner.

  • Andreas Buder
    Andreas Buder 3 years ago +7

    I adore the sexiness of the Fuji immensely, but the practicality of the GR III has won me over. It is so darn small, sharpest of lenses and stabilized for night photography (where it simply excels).

  • Corot Images
    Corot Images 3 years ago +16

    Thanks for the video. I have come from the x100f which I love and it was a great camera. Purchased x100v and this is a 10 out of 10. Best camera I have ever owned. Easy to use want to take everywhere great camera. I came from the leica iiif and m3 and now have the me 240 which I love, however this is the best street camera ever made hands down

  • Rambo j
    Rambo j Year ago +5

    i like the x100v's hybrid viewfinder and less wide focal length, plus its probably overall the better camera but the ricoh has the size advantage and is maybe more fun as you will take it with you more often

  • Bart Ros
    Bart Ros 2 years ago +6

    I owned the X100V and the Ricoh GR3 side by side. The GR takes better images. Has nicer colors. To me at least. The V has a nice body. But I still don’t get the budget cuts on the EVF and the sensor a 1500 bucks camera has. I sold it. Kept the GR. Supplemented it with a ZV-1. Still money left.

  • Optidorf
    Optidorf 3 years ago +6

    If I had to choose between these two I would go for the Ricoh. The small size makes it easier to carry when you do street photography and that's something I really appreciate.

    • Street X
      Street X 3 years ago +1

      Ricoh needs a viewfinder and a flippy screen for candid shots, and then will be the perfect street camera. Until then it's perfect for snapshots in the street.

  • Scott's Photography Banzai

    Nice video as usual! I had the X100F. A great camera for sure, but large enough that I usually still needed a bag to carry it around. Now I'd probably go with the GR III just based on size. Maybe once it drops in price a decent amount I'll check that one out.

    • Scott's Photography Banzai
      Scott's Photography Banzai 3 years ago

      @Doeunsama Oh? That's too bad. I haven't looked at prices.

    • Doeunsama
      Doeunsama 3 years ago

      Scott Waldron i dont see that happening the gr2 went back ip in price for some reason maybe because of the fanbase

  • Skvora Limited Media
    Skvora Limited Media 3 years ago +1

    X100 is VERY pocketable into any sort of hoodie/jacket/etc, and a much more robust of a tool IF you need to do some work while out and about. Plus proper flash system support. I'm anything but complaining about XT3+18/2 size, so anything even smaller like the X100 would fit the bill for me aside from 35mm equiv. FoV - that is way, way too tight for a fixed lens.

  • neil piper
    neil piper Year ago +5

    I have a Fujifilm x10 and a Ricoh 8.1 megapixel GR digital cameras.
    I love them. Got both for £200.
    I love the zoom on the Fuji and the little pop up flash on the Ricoh.

  • Arne Marco Kirsebom
    Arne Marco Kirsebom 3 years ago +1

    Hi Kai. I think the Fujifilm XF10 is the camera to compare to the Ricoh GR III. The XF10 has also a 18,5mm (28mm in 35mm terms) lens. They would be closer. I am waiting for a X100V, but I really like the little XF10.

  • ianssight
    ianssight 3 years ago +1

    I would have preferred interchangeable lenses to a flippy screen and video capabilities. Nothing crazy just an option for something a little wider or touch longer, but no not the tcl & wcl, or how about a film option. People fixate that the chosen path is the only path. The V is better than the F (and I don't doubt Kai's judgement) but how about a V which is different to the F.

  • Strangely Ironic
    Strangely Ironic 3 years ago

    I still carry around a Pentax Q7 in my bag along with a couple fun cinelenses for my quick shots. I've grown to appreciate these types of cameras (I know my Q7 isn't the same, it's a SLR mirrorless but the concept is similar) I just can't eat the cost for one despite this or the Ricoh's being perfect outside of not being able to all my old vintage glass for fun (although I also do that with my Olympus e-m1 mark ii). For anything "serious" I use either a Pentax 67 or Mamiya RB67, since it's more a hobby anymore than a business (I went from taking photos and doing post work to repairing old stuff using my experience from my main job machining/fabricating parts) I don't mind the extra time it takes and actually enjoy the process.

  • marcusliu166
    marcusliu166 3 years ago +1

    If the X100V have the d-pad I would buy it with no question. I would rather not having the weather resistant or the flip up screen to exchange for the d-pad. Because I feel very useful to setting film profile, white balance and etc on my X-Pro2. What do you think about it.

  • Ron Scibilia
    Ron Scibilia 3 years ago

    The price differential is a killer; the 100V is twice the price of the GRIII, and, in my opinion, too expensive for a camera that doesn't offer lens interchangeability (yes, I know, the Leica Q...whatever). I don't have the V, but I do have both the GRII and GRIII and both are superb for street photography and everyday carry.

  • rokko
    rokko 2 years ago +5

    The leaf shutter + ND filter + built-in flash is incredible. I wouldn't give that up for a ricoh or any other camera!
    I want X100V but already have x100T so cannot justify the purchase.

    • rokko
      rokko 5 months ago

      @João de Medeiros Pamela Leite I didn't know that. But there is also the issue of focal length, which is subjective. For me personally I rarely shoot so wide as 28mm

    • João de Medeiros Pamela Leite
      João de Medeiros Pamela Leite 5 months ago +1

      You realize the GR shutter is a leaf one and you also get in camera ND filter. The other versions of the GR also had in built flash.

  • Jay Barclay
    Jay Barclay 3 years ago +9

    Kai, you are spot on. I love Fuji. I have several Fuji cameras. I want the X100V so bad, but it doesn't allow me to do anything new. It is too big to carry all the time. That is why I considered and bought the GRIII. It is the camera I have with me. And it's features and quality don't appoint.

  • Mike W
    Mike W 3 years ago +6

    After seeing all the reviews, I finally purchased one to use it as my daily pocket camera to take pictures of my two kids. I have been using Sony a6300 series for quite sometime, but I wanted something smaller. First of all this is not a small camera, and the "improved" autofocus is very clunky, noisy, and hunts a lot (compared to my a6300). It wasn't quick enough to focus my kids running around. Just did not work for me. But its film simulation and jpegs are far better than what you get out of Sony. The optical viewfinder is something to try and may use for a couple of days before switching to the amazing evf. Returned it and got a Sony RX100 VA. Cheers.

    • Mike W
      Mike W 3 years ago

      Mcnuggets X100 V

    • Mcnuggets
      Mcnuggets 3 years ago

      Mike Winifred which camera are you talking about though?

  • Sam Griggs
    Sam Griggs 2 years ago +4

    Great camera. I still have the first x100. Loved it but have since moved on to other cameras. Nowadays, I appreciate IBIS. So, when Fuji put stabilization system in future x100 iteration, I will have a serious look at it.

    • Apollo OMD
      Apollo OMD 6 months ago

      @Johnny Nighthawk how is it not possible when the GR is smaller and has IBIS? Also, Olympus cameras are smaller and have 5 axis IBIS.

    • Johnny Nighthawk
      Johnny Nighthawk 11 months ago

      Not possible in that form factor.

  • Reclusive Eagle
    Reclusive Eagle 3 years ago +256

    Kai: "Camera a bit too wobbly without stabilization"
    Also Kai: *Holds camera 1 handed while trying to film with another camera*

  • Vitor Almeida
    Vitor Almeida Year ago

    Nice video, about the stabilization i think that a camera for street photography dont need it for several reasons. Ergonomics, pocket size, weather resistence or even flash is something more valuable.

  • Mia M
    Mia M 3 years ago +1

    I really like that X100V. I Think I need to trade in my X100F, I was never in love with the softness of that lens. On the other hand, I really like the D-pad on it... Also, AF looks much improved!

    • Mia M
      Mia M 3 years ago +1

      @LokkieF I use the x100f a lot at f2 and at short distance when doing portraits. I also like background separation, so would prefer to use f2 when available.

    • LokkieF
      LokkieF 3 years ago

      Softness of the lens!? Do you really have a X100F..? Its lens is razor sharp. (Only, and really only at f2 at short distance. But who will use the camera at that distance and only at that aperture)

  • Joe Allam
    Joe Allam 3 years ago +181

    Well done for salvaging some of the footage - Glad those ridiculous outfits didn't go to waste! 😏 I know the X100 isn't a big camera, but whenever I see it next to the Ricoh, I'm reminded just how incredibly small the GR is!

    • Peti Kemény
      Peti Kemény Year ago

      @Kai W Hi Kai! Have you benn to Hungary? If so, do you have a footage of that?

    • Chris
      Chris Year ago

      @Marcus Aurelius no mirror. Mirrorless

    • Chris
      Chris Year ago

      I got the Ricoh gr ii. I thought the Fuji looked like a toy camera yet i bought a way smaller camera. Lol

    • gout from fried okra
      gout from fried okra 2 years ago

      nice outfits...WOuld u upgrade from pen f to x100?

    • jeff yeah
      jeff yeah 2 years ago

      @Kai W x100v much better, worth upgrade from pen f?

  • The Rolling Troll
    The Rolling Troll 3 years ago

    Other than the OVF, is there a reason to get this one if you have an X-T2?
    Love my X-T2, still battling audio issues though. High sound levels, even with an external microphone, just don't work. I wonder what Fuji were thinking with the super limited control over the levels. Using it for concerts with a Rode Videomic Go is just impossible

  • Anti Habitus
    Anti Habitus 3 years ago +7

    You were the first photography channel I subbed to back in the early DR days. I love that you’re heading back in that direction with your content. A good mix of out there practical shooting, you just need to show us some files again a and keep up your signature humour 👌

  • Joel Pederson
    Joel Pederson 3 years ago +3

    Great video Kai, I bought the X100V after trying it in London last month. A big difference from my A7II. Love both.

    • Cristian
      Cristian 2 years ago +1

      Can i get more details on pros and cons between the cameras that you have. Im actually considering between the two if you could believe that!

  • Andria
    Andria 2 years ago

    Love your sense of humour.
    I really need advice. I have tried the Pen E-PL10 and the 14-150mm lens. While the quality and clarity of the photos was brilliant (for me), I realised I would rather a camera you dont have to change the lens. I found them awkward. Loved the camera otherwise. But my main worry was that i would not have support from Olympus next year as they are selling on. So i now am looking for a camera again with the same specs, (good stabilisation as i have a bit of a tremor in my hands, close up photos, good zoom but with good quality when using zoom, but good night shots too, 4K Video, tiltable touchscreen etc etc. I also liked the fun things that the PEN E-PL10 did ie. like ART, SCENE, PANARAMA, FIREWORKS etc etc. I do not understand all the jargon. Only owned point and shoot before but wanted to do better photos day and night and video. That's why the PEN was good. Worried about Sony as i read may also sell out but dont know if true. I would spend say up to about £900. I may be asking the impossible for this, but do you have any suggestions please? I really do need advise.

  • Fuzz Nutzz
    Fuzz Nutzz 3 years ago

    The x100v for me is almost perfect. My only complaint is the removal of the D-pad. I like to be able to program my buttons the way I prefer them. No D-pad means less programable buttons. They say it's better battery life if you use the evf. Well they removed the D-pad. Forcing you to use the LCD to change settings. For me that's the only negative.

    • Doeunsama
      Doeunsama 3 years ago

      Same reason im looking into the older model of fuji camera

  • Erin Thor
    Erin Thor Year ago

    I have an older Fuji digital camera, and a newer Sony with about 4x the resolution rating. What I found interesting, and I was very shocked, was that when I compared the fine details of a picture of a house blown up to the maximum resolution, the old low res Fuji had better resolution and clarity than the Sony! If you zoomed into the grass, door, or roof, you could see the details much more clearly than the Sony camera. If I remember correctly the older Fuji advertised 6.7 million pixels, and the Sony 24 or 23.9 million pixels.

    • Fred Bloggs
      Fred Bloggs Year ago +1

      @Erin Thor
      It is definitely you and not the sensor.

    • Erin Thor
      Erin Thor Year ago

      @Fred Bloggs “SHOULD” be more pixels, and I assure you I have gone through every setting on the Sony and it is set up correctly. I think either Sony lied, or it has something to do with the smaller APS-C sensor they use.

    • Fred Bloggs
      Fred Bloggs Year ago

      You are doing something wrong then, there is WAY more resolution in the 24mpix sensor.

  • Audio Upgrades
    Audio Upgrades 3 years ago

    I have a question. Did Fuji change the colours on this one? I've been looking at samples and think the colours, particularly skin tones, look less like the clean X100F and more like blotchy Sony A6x00. I'm a Sony user, so I'm used to redoing colours but the whole point of Fuji is to get usable colours straight from camera.

  • Aras Aslan
    Aras Aslan 3 months ago

    Thanks for the review! Ricoh is a more focused design in my opinion, focused on being absolutely pocketable. On another note, can you share where you got your backback? Really cool design.

  • Thomas Geist
    Thomas Geist 2 years ago +1

    I’ve owned the T and F. For what I use the x100’s for I really don’t care if they have the sharpest lens in the world. Makes me remember, “okay, technically it’s not going to be the absolute best, so better make #$%* sure the composition and subject are the main focus.”
    That said, the style of the camera is important to me. I would rather shoot with a beautiful camera than a technically superior one that looks like crap. The entire process is all about art or at least athetics so why not start with the tool? I enjoy and get inspired by the process itself. I play electric bass. There are some great “foreign” made bass guitars, but I would no more go on stage with anything less than an American made Fender than go to Sturgess on a Vespa scooter.
    The design of the F was nearly perfect. Everything matched. I spent FOUR TIMES as much than a well made third party lens hood because it matched. Shallow? No, I prefer thinking of it as attention to detail. When for the first time in their history I saw the Fuji had actually provided a matching hot shoe cover (not even provided on the upgraded $2000 version of the X-Pro3 - although you can drive nails and sharpen knives with it...handy,) my impression was that Fuji finally got it.
    When it arrived I wasn’t quite sure of the new flat color, but when I attached the FUJIFILM, $70, dedicated lens hood I had to laugh. It doesn’t freakin’ match! The lens hood looks silver to be sure but now the camera looks...I don’t...”blue ice.” “WHAT DA???” They had it right. Why did they change it? Who actually buys a camera because of some new shade of silver? “Oh, I don’t have one that looks like an iceberg off the coast of Alaska yet. I’d better pick this one up?”
    The design theory behind the X100 series was to make them look like range-finders from the 60’s even though they are not rangefinders and obviously not from the 60’s. I liked the viewfinder lever looking like an old self timer and placed where they used to be placed - against the black leatherette of the body. Now it’s a tiny thing that looks more like some kind of lever thing. On the F they made the window for the illuminator that almost no one ever uses square to look exactly like the focus window of a real rangefinder. BRILLIANT way to finish off the illusion. So what did they do with the new one.? Went back to the little round focus illuminator that again that no one uses.
    FUJI: you don’t have to change things just to change them. It has to cost money with NO return on investment. The improvement of the lens, the more pixels in the EVF, the tilt screen, new sensor and processor IN A F BODY, would have been all you had to do.
    I’d be okay with the iceberg blue if they then also made a FOUR TIMES OVERPRICED lens hood that was also, ice blue, but I’m not holding my breath for that. I once owned a Contax G1. It was a “champaign” sort of color which was risky because ANY mismatch in color would really stand out. The Zeiss lenses, the hoods, the clear filters, the flash and yes, the hot shoe cover matched PERFECTLY like they were all painted out of the same magic can of spray paint. These are the sorts of attention to detail that turn a garage band into a real stage act.
    Great cameras. Great concept. Great designs. Great in-camera film sims. But that VP in charge of silver who’s the nephew of someone on the Board of Directors? Promote him to executive VP of the the box design and packaging division.
    Fuji: come up with a silver you like and stick with it. Seems to do okay for Leica and in fact everyone else.

  • ryan2stix
    ryan2stix 3 years ago

    Both cameras are rad, I just sold my 100f..while I decide what route to take next my pentax q7 with the standard prime is my go to! :)

  • FilmFrucht
    FilmFrucht 2 years ago +1

    2 wishes for firmware: Digital Image Stabilization for VIDEO. so I don´t mind an add. 1.2 crop but please clean up the micro jitters. and add the ND filter feature to video too. it can´t be that hard... the rest of the camera is amazing!

  • Zenodotus Of Athens
    Zenodotus Of Athens 2 years ago +1

    The new Fuji XS1 10 is very close in size to the gr III.....very close. Fuji also has IS to compete with Ricoh. A pancake lens on the Fuji would make it slightly. But the difference is still minimal

    • wreford07
      wreford07 7 months ago

      Did you mean the Fuji XS-10? if so, that is much bigger than a Ricoh GRiii.
      The Fuji is (W) 126mm × (H) 85mm × (D) 65mm
      compared to the Ricoh (W) 109 x (H) 62 x (D) 33.

  • Ben Smukler
    Ben Smukler 3 years ago

    Gee, you demonstrated the flippy screen's flippiness with no prior warning. I had conniptions! And then there is that horrible gap on the side. A dollop of Shoe Goo, finished with a bit of black Sharpie ink, would make short work of that. It was great that this video came out today. Quite a relief from watching all the terrible news. Stay safe and keep the videos coming!

  • Simon Tokumine
    Simon Tokumine 2 years ago

    I figured the flip up screen is designed for discreet street photography with camera hanging around waist. So the flip up is good, and the tab at the bottom makes total sense.

  • Thomas Geist
    Thomas Geist 3 days ago

    I’ve a T, 2 F’s and now a V. Love them all and used the built in ND filter all the time. Here’s something I’ve discovered but heard no one mention: the 3stop ND was perfect.
    Shooting in bright afternoon light wide open at ISO 160, I get the red, 2000+ SS warning, but when I turn on the 4stop ND the SS drops to between 160 and 250.
    That’s much too slow and NOT a versatile range. Have that at only f2.8. As I said, at 3stops this would have been a SS around 360-500. Does anyone else wonder why Fuji upped the ND filter to 4stops? Every talks like this is an improvement. What am l missing?

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith 2 years ago +1

    I spent last year traveling and realized my a7iii setup sucked for long term (and ultralight) travel, especially annoying when shooting in rural parts of southeast asia... nobody wants to point a bazooka 24-105 f/4 at someone there. So, in preparation for resuming travels next year or whenever the plague lifts, I have been looking into this camera and the rxr1 ii (preferably iii but no news on that front). I think this works better for me- lower profile and the VF is integrated instead of a wonky popup. Also almost 1/3 the price so if I lose it or it gets damaged its not as much of a pucker factor.Thanks for the review, the GR III is interesting and Daido is great but I'm certainly not him.

  • iain c photography

    The X100V is just a beauty to use and doesn't look like a plastic box.

    PATRICK CAZER 2 years ago +1

    the ovf looked pretty sick, i wish there were more videos revolving around the OVF.. but a lot of people are shooting with the EVF

    • Flx
      Flx 2 years ago +1

      Yes me too ! If actually they could make a version without a evf, that would might come cheaper! Who knows

  • Deb Gutierrez
    Deb Gutierrez Year ago

    I love your honest reviews! Thank-you!

  • Relative Vie
    Relative Vie 3 years ago +15

    What I like about GRIII is you don’t even have to look at the screen for a shot.
    Just get your settings right

  • Sasha S
    Sasha S 3 years ago +2

    Always posting great videos Kai, I have been a great fan of your work for a long time. You have a great way of presenting things, because you have great personality and charisma. Keep up the good work man! I have a youtube channel but I need to do more with it. If you are ever in Louisville Kentucky, they have some decent parks here to photograph!

  • nyc mubi photography

    I had the original X100 and it broke, then I got the X100S and it broke, then I went to get the X100F and it broke, after spending over 4K US dollars and disposing off 3 amazing lenses and 3 bodies, I decided to get the X-E3 paired with a lens I can use again if the body fails on me.

  • olofmeister
    olofmeister 3 years ago +1

    kai and joe in one video with a fujifilm camera. this seems like all i ever wanted

  • Thomas Geist
    Thomas Geist 2 years ago

    What about the heating issues? I DO NOT want a camera that heats up during still photography. I don’t use X100’s for video but I’ve read many unbiased reviews by pedestrian owners that it heats up uncomfortably during normal use. 4K was definitely a bridge too far, which I believe is a Brit metaphor.

    LILYAUX 3 years ago

    Haha Joe. I love his channel. You guys should collaborate more often. Joe seems much more relaxed and hilarious in Kai's videos.

  • 1BigBucks1
    1BigBucks1 3 years ago +1

    The leaf shutter on the Fuji comes in very handy if you do flash

  • Brad S.
    Brad S. 3 years ago

    Very entertaining and informative. Thank you both

  • Brodan
    Brodan Year ago

    Your videos are the best, if you made more fujifilm videos you would be unbeatable.

  • olympus2OM
    olympus2OM Year ago

    The Olympus Pen F is the better choice. Much more features to create your own color and monochrom settings.

  • Achilleas Labrou
    Achilleas Labrou 3 years ago

    Size, weight and price undoubtedly restrict the optical quality of cameras and lenses. However for many consumers an affordable, lightweight, small and reasonably priced camera and lens is what they are searching for. Of course what is small, lightweights and affordable isn't specific. For example a Sony α7 camera is considered small, light and affordable but for many it may be heavy, very expensive and large.
    Compact cameras have been replaced by smartphones but this kind of camera will always exist because amateur photographers will always want something better and convenient than the tiny cameras of smartphones without a large size.

  • William Knight
    William Knight 3 years ago +2

    I have X100S and love it, I have GR3 and love it as well. The GR seems to have better colors

    • William Knight
      William Knight Year ago

      @Hans Castorp Hard choice, If it is your only camera X100 if second camera GR2 be great but either is good.

    • Hans Castorp
      Hans Castorp Year ago

      are they comparable? I'm torn between the grii and the x100s. which one do you like the most?

  • AugmentedGravity
    AugmentedGravity 3 years ago

    Glad to see GB still is going strong

  • Али Лензман
    Али Лензман 2 years ago +1

    X-t30 is much better in many ways, smaller, more compact, perfect for traveling and street photography has much better grip, bigger viewfinder, more practical because u can change lenses, not fixed lens! Yes it's not weather sealed but got same sensor and processor as 100v. X-t30 is cheaper even if you add two f2 prime lens to the price.

  • Ondřej K
    Ondřej K 2 years ago +3

    GR is a great camera in every aspect except one - low light AF, that's really frustrating - hunting, hunting, hunting... Also I think that it's not about GR III vs X100V, it's much more simple - I like 28mm EQ more, so the choice is obvious.

  • EEReLe
    EEReLe Year ago +1

    My GRIII just died with the "lens error" and again I am forced to consider alternative. But there is no going back to life without GR. As boring as it is, I just have to buy another GR III. Fuji X100V is tempting, but too big and too noticeable. GR is the stealth king.

    • Gianpa Kasa
      Gianpa Kasa Year ago

      What is lens error? Cause I had to change my Gr2 because the sensor got dirty... I bought a Fujii Xf10 instead, its very good but I miss the Gr2

  • Dabbling
    Dabbling 3 years ago +1

    Great, thank you. But what about the most important features as image quality, low light performance and dynamic range? I’d like to have you thought on how they compare 😉

    • RuyLopezQB6
      RuyLopezQB6 3 years ago +1

      @Anti Habitus I had a (used) GRDiv and loved it, but the distortion kind of annoyed me sometimes. In terms of ergonomics it was awesome.
      I have a GR1s now ;)
      I looked at the X100 in store when they first came out, and friend had one. I got a Hexar AF instead. Every time they bring out a new X100, I think it doesn't quite look right, or feel right. The whole "equivalent" lens thing just bugs me.
      If Ricoh would just make a decent optical VF for the GR hot shoe, and a flash that would screw on the side like a XA, I'd probably get one. I'd rather have flash than IBIS, but that's just me.
      I wish they'd update the GXR, too.
      Ricoh (or someone) finally gave Daido a GRIII... You would think they would of jumped on that marketing years ago.
      He was using a Nikon for a long time, and a Sony RXO before lol.

    • Anti Habitus
      Anti Habitus 3 years ago +1

      RuyLopezQB6 I love my GR III for all of those reasons. It’s surprisingly good in low light (thanks to the IBIS you can hand hold in low light easily as long as your subject isn’t moving), has incredible DR and tonality, the lens is CRAZY sharp, and it’s the only camera I always have with me. Either in a pocket or in my bag.
      I agree that it’s super niche, but it shouldn’t be. It is inarguably the best camera there is at that size. Truly pocketable. Every photographer should have one 👌😬
      But I still kind of want an x100 V 😂🤪

    • RuyLopezQB6
      RuyLopezQB6 3 years ago

      Every APS-C camera is much of a muchness. They both have good enough image quality.
      The GR is pocketable and has a fixed 28 equiv.
      The X100 has a viewfinder and fixed 35 equiv.
      Both are customisable but it's easier to see the settings right away on the Fuji by looking at the dials. Oh and the GRIII has dropped the built in flash (but does have IBIS).
      The deal breaker for most people is focal length and form factor (and built in flash) . The X100 is niche, and the GR is super niche.

    • Anti Habitus
      Anti Habitus 3 years ago +1

      Valérie Dru yeah that was sorely missed. Please do more in depth reviews if you can Kai, as your a long time favourite presenter.

    • der Koekje
      der Koekje 3 years ago +1

      I can't tell you about the X100V as it's not out yet here but what I can tell you is that I've printed the Ricoh up to 35 x 25 inch and it looks great. That lens is sharp sharp sharp, and with the Positive Film setting I barely have to edit the photo. Just frame and shoot. Or don't frame, just shoot.

  • On Hold
    On Hold 3 years ago

    ☺️ small cameras are...... convenient indeed
    Im a XF10 user and I think it’s underestimated, love it.
    Thumbs up from sweden 🇸🇪

    • On Hold
      On Hold 3 years ago

      Doeunsama nah, it works. ☺️

    • Doeunsama
      Doeunsama 3 years ago

      Freddie Wardhoff was thinking about picking the xf10 up too, price point and no nonsense usability but ive heard complaints about autofocusing speed

  • bkspicture
    bkspicture 3 years ago +6

    Wished they did monochrome sensor versions of cameras like this.

  • problemat1que
    problemat1que 3 years ago

    If you actually pocket your Ricoh GR, you're gonna have pocket lint specks all over your sensor in no time, you can already see it creeping into the lens gaps at 11:18

  • Gordon Laing
    Gordon Laing 3 years ago +56

    Really good comparisons Kai, I enjoyed that!

  • Jakub Osuchowski
    Jakub Osuchowski 3 years ago +1

    I like the Look of the GR - looks really stealthy

  • David Sharpe
    David Sharpe 7 months ago

    you are still making me laugh years after first dicovering you Kai :]

  • Alfrem Bautista
    Alfrem Bautista 3 years ago +1

    It's nice to see kai has a taste on taking true street photography photographs

  • Andi Palmer
    Andi Palmer 3 years ago +1

    Kai and Joe! I’m so happy right now seeing two of my fave photographer youtubers together

  • Shang-Hsien Yang
    Shang-Hsien Yang 3 years ago +1023

    To comply with social distancing, I would recommend shooting street photography only with an 800mm f/5.6 prime.

    • Vandelay Industries
      Vandelay Industries Month ago

      Hope you masked the lense up as well.

    • halitic FPV Drohnenpilot
      halitic FPV Drohnenpilot 2 years ago

      I lol'ed to that

    • Vincent Chen
      Vincent Chen 2 years ago

      @orangorill I draw the line on a face covering for the viewfinder. Covid is taking this a bit far. Unless I guess we are dying for the shot.

    • jon09
      jon09 2 years ago

      Im actually doing drive by photography now

  • Thomas h
    Thomas h 3 years ago +5

    One good reason for why I won't buy this camera is that I am still loving my X100t.
    It is my go to camera these days

    • R H O V
      R H O V Year ago

      X100s here, awesome camera, Awful video but that’s not what these cameras are for right?

  • Mister Love
    Mister Love Year ago

    Is it possible to weather seal the x100v with a circular polarizer filter instead of a UV filter?

  • Jake Roberts
    Jake Roberts 2 years ago +2

    The GRIII is sublime. I want one.

  • Kiisseli
    Kiisseli Year ago

    No image stabilization makes it not an option, shame.
    Because it looks cool, and 35mm f/2 is nice.
    But Ricoh's 28mm f/2.8 doesn't interest me the slightest.
    I'm used to f/1.4 primes.

  • Electricity taster

    You need a GR with knobs. Plenty of knobs always improve the experience.

  • Instinct London
    Instinct London Year ago

    Very great camera. Should fit our new Tech & Trek Sling.

  • Sorcerer Stone
    Sorcerer Stone 3 years ago

    This guy is super hilarious & humorous!!! A rarity.

  • Chris Mac Donald.
    Chris Mac Donald. 2 years ago

    The start up time of digital cameras has always mystified me. What’s the point of switch on to take shot time because by the time this has happened, you have missed “the decisive moment”. Just leave the camera switched on or standby.

  • capturedbyannamarie
    capturedbyannamarie 3 years ago

    I will definitely be owning both

  • Ufuk Sahin
    Ufuk Sahin 2 years ago +1

    I bought it last week and I’m in big dilemma about returning or keeping it.. I always liked X100 concept ever since from the original one and had all models unless the X100s, but have I have any Sony RX1R Mark 2 full frame camera with fast mounted 35mm F2 Zeiss lens which I unfortunately can not come even close to according to image quality.. I really really hoped to like this baby, because of amazing ergonomics and style, but Sony RX1R2 just blows this camera miles away..
    The 35mm Zeiss lens is so damn sharp already at F2 that Fuji X100V’s new lens at F2 look like de calibrated and cheap..
    Any thoughts? 💭

    • Ufuk Sahin
      Ufuk Sahin Month ago +1

      @dsego84 No, I sold it and I’m not gonna buying it. I still have my Sony RX1R2 and now supported with a Ricoh GR III 28mm

    • dsego84
      dsego84 Month ago

      Did you keep it?

  • Mark Stephan
    Mark Stephan 2 years ago +1

    The X100V would be perfect if it had IBIS which was demonstrated when you were doing video and that's the only reason I haven't bought one (yet).

    • Fred Bloggs
      Fred Bloggs 2 years ago

      IBIS needs space in the body, that space is likely to be used up by the viewfinder. I'd prefer the viewfinder.

    • Mike Likes
      Mike Likes 2 years ago

      Haven't seen a need for IBIS at 35mm... it wouldn't make or break the shot.

  • James Barcelona
    James Barcelona 11 months ago

    Currently in a city that's about to do a mask mandate again next week. Here for the pre-pandemic vibes... edit: GR III all the way. It fits in my jacket pocket or pants pocket.

  • Alexandros El
    Alexandros El 3 years ago +1

    Simple answer: NO! Very expensive for just one fixed lens. Many todays mirrorless - even full frame - is no much bigger than this with capability to put what lens you like.

  • Vincent Chen
    Vincent Chen 2 years ago

    The GR is a dead end street camera. The X100V has more for me. Only problem is costs. Fujifilm is wonderful but it is costs for me. The GR is nice but over priced for what it is. The X100V is great and I will pay but I feel a greater value there than the capable GR stills grabbing beast. Ricoh has their head up their film backs. Pentax is dead to me. I don't just do stills. I video too! The X100V does not penalize me for that. I would rather wait and get this one used when I really need it. The GR is a yawn. 5 years ago maybe a GR. Now? Nope. The X100V is it!

  • Drew
    Drew 2 years ago

    I bought the x100f. Because it's still ridiculous amazing. Also d-pad =)

  • GadgetsBoy
    GadgetsBoy 3 years ago

    You basically convinced me to get this camera. Nice to meet you

  • Glenn Palacio
    Glenn Palacio 3 years ago

    Kai, do you think the x100 (original version) can still perform well in this era?

  • K
    K 4 months ago

    What's that strap you use on the fuji? It looks awesome and probably comfortable?

  • James Parker
    James Parker 2 years ago

    could you do a video of night photography with this camera or if its even good for night photography? love the vids.

  • Kolap Yellow
    Kolap Yellow 2 years ago

    How long is the battery life on x100v??

  • Gbababi
    Gbababi 2 years ago

    My dream camera from now on for sure

  • Daniel Peterson
    Daniel Peterson Year ago

    Thank you for all your wonderful videos!!! Love them all!!!

  • Lars Anderson
    Lars Anderson 2 years ago

    OK, mine arrived one day late, but at least I have it now. Now I just need to learn how to use it. The variety of settings is amazing.

  • DRVN
    DRVN 3 years ago +2

    GR III is so under rated

  • Ziginox
    Ziginox 3 years ago

    "...420 versus 350, if you're using the OVF. And that's interesting, because the LCD and EVF are bigger and better than before."
    Think about what you said there, Kai. Lol.
    And man, that autofocus jittering. I can't look away from it!

  • jayfox1024
    jayfox1024 3 years ago

    No Ibis a no go for me. Its pretty much the best feature in modern cameras. I don't know why people, which are testing cameras don't mind it. 🤔

  • Fernando Alvarez
    Fernando Alvarez 3 years ago +2

    I would love a flip screen in the GRIII

  • glenn sebastian
    glenn sebastian 4 months ago

    Kai is the James Hoffman of Cameras