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Donkey Kong Begins

  • Published on Dec 3, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Mr. Ahmed Gaming
    Mr. Ahmed Gaming Month ago +4944

    Another Donkey Kong December and another video with no dislikes. Dunkey does it again!

  • Robert Bass
    Robert Bass Month ago +668

    I read a book about this, and from what I remember, the reason Miyamoto was put in charge of the project was basically that Nintendo of America needed a new game by last week and Nintendo of Japan had no one else to spare. They were basically like "well, everyone who actually has experience is super busy, and we can't take them off of their projects. But we have an intern who has some good ideas, and hey, better than nothing, right?"

    • Severinsen
      Severinsen Month ago +8

      @Mike There is no such thing as staying home in Japan.

    • Mike
      Mike Month ago +19

      @duckqueak If Miyamoto stayed home sick that day the world would’ve ended.

    • Unfortunate Fall
      Unfortunate Fall Month ago +5

      @SSid07 Games best one and most complete is "how nintendo conquered america"

    • duckqueak
      duckqueak Month ago +51

      Some real butterfly effect shit.

    • SSid07 Games
      SSid07 Games Month ago +1

      Video game creators?

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    I remember beating it on both difficulties in Donkey Kong 64 and it was one of the hardest things I've ever done in a video game

    • Kabir Kumar
      Kabir Kumar Month ago +4

      bruh. why this channel dunkey

    • Chau Ngoc
      Chau Ngoc Month ago

      @Phox Mold completely

    • Roddy Dykes
      Roddy Dykes Month ago +2

      Those countless hours spent in frustration in DK64 gave me the skills to get one of the high scores in the West Edmonton Mall’s cabinet… guess it was worth it lol

    • AlicyJinx
      AlicyJinx Month ago +2

      Thats not even the original arcade ROM
      The real legit arcade game is even harder

    • GND
      GND Month ago +27

      Damn dunkey got tricked by bots

  • TinyZ
    TinyZ Month ago +560

    I fell into a trance and forgot the video length. I thought he was about to give the entire history in an hour long retrospective.

    • Xapheus
      Xapheus Month ago +2

      @Roddy Dykes @TinyZ
      The Donkey Kong video he just uploaded made the dream real.

    • Roddy Dykes
      Roddy Dykes Month ago +13

      I’d watch it if he did

  • SSJ4Lunchbox
    SSJ4Lunchbox Month ago +111

    No joke, Donkey Kong on the Game Boy is an absolute masterpiece.

    • drunyon214
      drunyon214 Month ago

      @NyQuil Donut I found the level design so much worse. There was SO much waiting.

    • NyQuil Donut
      NyQuil Donut Month ago +1

      @drunyon214 What is this blasphemy? Mario vs Donkey Kong is one of the best video game sequels I've ever played.

    • [REATRDOS] Benkron
      [REATRDOS] Benkron Month ago +1

      But can it beat knack tho?

    • Bully_Hunter_420
      Bully_Hunter_420 Month ago +1

      Fuckin called it

    • drunyon214
      drunyon214 Month ago +2

      It really is amazing. But the Donkey Kong sequel for the GBA was so disappointingly bad to me :(

  • Jordan Guy
    Jordan Guy Month ago +1826

    I was so immersed in this that I felt genuinely upset when it ended

    • Alienrun
      Alienrun Month ago +2

      @Jordan Guy Do this in the morning when you first wake up and your body heat will rise giving your more energy throughout the day.
      Also take up meditation...your welcome! ;)

    • Jeff Hathaway
      Jeff Hathaway Month ago

      It really made me FEEL like a Donkey Kong.

    • Aaron Wolfenbarger
      Aaron Wolfenbarger Month ago

      ya me too the end was especially funny "it was called( drum roll) doneky kong!

    • That White Gold
      That White Gold Month ago

      i forgot it wasnt gonna be a 20min video at the LEAST

    • Jordan Guy
      Jordan Guy Month ago

      @JC MCgee ok I gotchu, probably won’t take long in this weather

  • Shardstapo Rotmg
    Shardstapo Rotmg Month ago +61

    I was working the register at a store near where I live and a few times I thought I had just sold some stuff to Reggie, but I didn't think it could be true. One day I saw him come in and as he was walking up to the register I finally worked up enough courage to ask him: "are you... Reggie?" And he smiled and responded: "that's me." It was surreal.

    • Odin Angie
      Odin Angie Month ago +13

      I met him one time when he was speaking at Cornell since I live near by. He's just as nice in person as in Nintendo directs!

  • ancient Sumerian sorcerer

    fun fact: Shigeru Miyamoto was presented with the opportunity to put a patent on jumping in video games since Donkey Kong was the first game which featured the player being able to jump. Miyamoto thankfully decided against patenting it because he knew that would be horrible for other video game developers.

  • Pinnacle Express
    Pinnacle Express Month ago +232

    5:23 Dunkey has never been more adorable. What a goddamn wholesome ass video. He told that story as if he had been growing up at the same time.

  • MilesRubi
    MilesRubi Month ago +32

    dunkey ending the video with "more donkey" really shows how he's passionate about the fact that he grew up in new donk city

  • ElderWest
    ElderWest Month ago +5633

    It's seriously hard to tell what are fake facts, jokes or real stories. Dunkey does amazing with these retrospectives

    • Hello Neighbour
      Hello Neighbour Month ago +1

      @Choas_Lord_512 idk why people were so upset at this comment lol.

    • Ryan Sulak
      Ryan Sulak Month ago

      nintendo miyamoto is a real guy look it up

    • artttard
      artttard Month ago

      @Del GATO! And King Shark is a shark.

    • Joey Mury
      Joey Mury Month ago +1

      @Dovydas S. Mainly from Game Over by David Sheff. Probably the best book of Nintendo history you'll ever read. Written in the early 90's and has lots of anecdotes from the early days of Nintendo when memories were still fresh
      It's out of print, but absolutely worth reading anyway you can.

    • Dovydas S.
      Dovydas S. Month ago

      @Joey Murywhere are you getting this info from? Books, wiki, magazines? Very curious.

  • Hikari
    Hikari Month ago +10

    The way dunkey says "Donkey Kong" at the end is pure bliss.

  • Edwin Omar Garcia Mendez

    Damn it didn't feel like 5 minutes video, I want more of this

  • koko6504
    koko6504 Month ago +20

    this is the greatest story I ever heard. I think I cried tears at how beautiful it was.

  • Никита Кужель

    we need more retrospective videos like this

  • MonkeyMan SpunkyMan
    MonkeyMan SpunkyMan Month ago +2875

    Man thank god he’s still consistently uploading Donkey Kong every single day this month

    • Cole Bernhardt
      Cole Bernhardt Month ago +1

      Say he do it

    • Mike Nelson
      Mike Nelson Month ago +1

      You got his good grace

    • probium
      probium Month ago +1


    • MT Lino
      MT Lino Month ago +1

      @Satellaview 64 i don't even know who tf Justin Trudeau is

    • Satellaview 64
      Satellaview 64 Month ago

      @MT Lino it is funny that Justin Trudeau is gay

  • SUPER Plays
    SUPER Plays Month ago +16

    Donkey Kong December is back! Dunkey never disappoints!

  • TheFatestPat
    TheFatestPat Month ago +2

    There's one more fun thing to this story.
    After the game became a success the other programmers wanted some of that sweet money. But Miyamoto grabbed it all, ran up to the roof, yelled "I am the Donkey CEO now!" and summoned fireballs that burned down the building.

  • Aleksandar Ljubenovic
    Aleksandar Ljubenovic Month ago +8

    This is a certified Dunkey classic

  • Cody Animation
    Cody Animation Month ago +3

    The map, the graphics, the new weapons, the bikes, the battle pass!! I'm loving this season so far!

  • greenstatic 92
    greenstatic 92 Month ago +986

    Finally it's the most wonderful time of the year.
    Donkey Kong December

    • Lemuel Delvalle
      Lemuel Delvalle Month ago +3

      Cranky did start all the Donkey Kong Craze,man.

    • cgqn43
      cgqn43 Month ago +15

      Ok guys bring yours walnuts🎵Deasnuts🎵Pineapple Smells🎶
      Grapes🎵Melons🎵Oranges and Coconut Shells Aww Yeah🎵🎶 It's Dunkey Kong December 🎶

  • Be Kuma
    Be Kuma Month ago +4

    videogamedunkey, you are such a brilliant artist and creator. Thank you for your funny and honest videos.

  • austin oehring
    austin oehring Month ago +2

    Love to see the Dunkey Kong series during this tough Christmas!

  • Jay Thomas
    Jay Thomas Month ago +1

    Looking at Nintendo’s history with some of the toys and products they used to put out, it’s no wonder they’re always breaking the mold by doing some weird stuff in the realm of gaming.

  • BlasianButler
    BlasianButler Month ago +4

    For the respect towards Gunpei Yokoi (Father of Samus Aran & Wario) and love for the massively underrated Donkey Kong 94’ (the first instance of 3D Mario’s jump mechanics) this is sincerely my favorite video of yours ever.

  • DaveDaDino
    DaveDaDino Month ago +870

    I never thought I would see the return of Donkey Kong December. Dunkey has really done it again, bravo

  • Nikolaj Bech
    Nikolaj Bech Month ago +2

    Dunkey, this is some of your best work yet. Dam, you are a genious.

  • Cloud99VII
    Cloud99VII Month ago

    Really good docu-video, I'm a big Nintendo fan I didn' t know they produced such toys and a freaking love tester, seriously nintendo? Instantly videogamedunkey classic

  • Usman Tariq
    Usman Tariq Month ago

    Incredible that how Nintendo went from making toys to making arcade and console games throughout the years,and they started with a simple plumber and a ape.
    Thanks Genpei and Miyamoto for creating these iconic video game characters.

  • Bryan Jensen
    Bryan Jensen Month ago

    I remember playing this game in the arcade I actually felt like I was a donkey.

  • Willi Hansen
    Willi Hansen Month ago +1199

    DK is a marvel of programming. So many little details that make it look nice, for example how the barrels falls, how they bounce when they land falling from a girder. And then the extremely challenging, frustrating and yet satisfying gameplay.

    • Willi Hansen
      Willi Hansen Month ago

      @Jatoxo I asked you to tell me if you consider ANYTHING impressive from that time! Can you not read? And why do you have to be rude now?

    • Amey Raj
      Amey Raj Month ago +2

      @Jatoxo ok kid with a weeb pfp, you surely know how to make a funny joke that made everyone laugh. Imagine saying that programming in Fortran is same as today programming in c++ or c#. Like were you actually born yesterday

    • Jatoxo
      Jatoxo Month ago

      @Willi Hansen I'm not gonna copy paste what I already said again lmao. Was my point to say Donkey Kong wasn't impressive for it's time? No, it was not. Learn2read noob

    • Tom jack jack
      Tom jack jack Month ago

      @JatoxoSure, Let's compare 80s games programming to the modern games and call it basic.
      There's no public internet and stackoverflow backthen m8.

    • Willi Hansen
      Willi Hansen Month ago

      @Jatoxo Which 1981 game would you consider superior programming then? Or was everything from that period mediocre rubbish?

  • Origin
    Origin Month ago

    one of my favorite things about donkey kong’s development history is when lead designer john nintendo was showing his friend hideo kojima one of their earlier builds which would be his inspiration for making elephant stranding 2 (box set commentaries featuring john travolta)

  • mcslob the third
    mcslob the third Month ago

    I remember beating it on both difficulties in Donkey Kong 64 and it was one of the hardest things I've ever done in a video game

  • Rolphy R.
    Rolphy R. Month ago

    Donkey Kong for the GB is absolutely legendary, subversive and innovative beyond it's years. Is kind of like MGS 2 before MGS 2 the way it pulls the rug beneath the player. I hope it gets reviewed next!

  • The MAZZTer
    The MAZZTer Month ago

    Donkey Kong for Gameboy is an amazing game that I didn't expect to be good. I recognized the name so I asked for it. I remember my mom got it for me while I was recovering from surgery one time. We don't really do gifts outside of birthdays and Christmas so it stuck out to me. I wasn't expecting such an amazing puzzle platformer title. If you've played the Mini Mario games that is basically the first game in the series with similar gameplay.

  • Marian Paddock
    Marian Paddock Month ago +8612

    this 5 minute video feels like an immersive and gripping 2 hour documentary. how does Dunkey do it

    • Rodelero
      Rodelero Month ago

      This was only 5 minutes?
      WOAH I had to check.. that's crazy it doesn't feel like it

      CLAVIN ZKL Month ago

      Probably cause you experienced some of this yourself

    • Superlightwater
      Superlightwater Month ago


    • Nigel McKenzie
      Nigel McKenzie Month ago

      Literally could watch these all day

    • Player 2
      Player 2 Month ago

      gorilla grip

  • ZooHair
    ZooHair Month ago +1

    I remade this very game in 3d. It was a blast!

  • Julia Cora
    Julia Cora Month ago +10

    I remember beating it on both difficulties in Donkey Kong 64 and it was one of the hardest things I've ever done in a video game

  • SonySlyer
    SonySlyer Month ago +1

    I finally learned the donkey lore, thank you Dunkey 🙏🏽

  • comments64
    comments64 Month ago +1

    I think ”Donkey Kong” at it’s core is all about the important question the player faces right from the start, namely, how high can you get?

  • Collin Yates
    Collin Yates Month ago +467

    I’m craving a 90 minute Dunkey Documentary just discussing video game history. I would pay to see it in a theater.

    • Peter K.
      Peter K. Month ago +1

      @J-Beezy have my children please

    • Classic80sStuff
      Classic80sStuff Month ago +3

      Wow! The creator of My Movie 123! Now that is something people would pay to see in a theater!

    • Jasperion
      Jasperion Month ago +1

      Imagine Dunkey getting a biopic in the very far future

    • fartface8918
      fartface8918 Month ago

      Action button pacman review

    • J-Beezy
      J-Beezy Month ago +6

      A Dunkumentary, if you will.

  • Bondy Rabbit
    Bondy Rabbit Month ago

    Ah, Donkey Kong December. My favorite time of year!

  • Jhost90
    Jhost90 Month ago

    It was Christmas and my parents gifted me this on the Game Boy, thinking it was Super Mario.
    I never revealed to them my utter disappointment and played the game with a smile on my face (yes, THIS game as a child)
    After all these years however, I'm happy I played a historical videogame masterpiece out of randomness

  • Clint0x
    Clint0x Month ago

    this was one of the best documentaries ever made
    and it came out 2 days ago lol dunkey is a legend

  • Aleksandr Strizhevskiy

    I really liked this and wish he kept going. I would watch a long form doc narrated by Donkey about Nintendo's rise. Or even just a Miyamoto doc.

  • Da Aco Boys
    Da Aco Boys Month ago +1

    Finally a large enough project where they can afford to bring donkey Kong in the game 😁

  • Spider Panda
    Spider Panda Month ago +3

    I was in the mindset that I was about to watch a 1 hour long documentary and then it just ended. Dunkey I strongly recommend you make a 1 hour long documentary of game history like this. I speak for everyone (you don't have a say in this Dunkey fan-base) when I say we will all watch it.

  • Francesco Cavaleri
    Francesco Cavaleri Month ago

    I love Donkey Kong December, it's my favourite Christmas tradition

  • Christopher Townsend
    Christopher Townsend Month ago +2

    we knew dunkey could never forget nor forsake dunkey kong december

  • Zkull
    Zkull Month ago +212

    Just in time for Donkey Kong December, Dunkey never dissapoints.

    • 8BitNESLife
      8BitNESLife Month ago +1

      It's a Christmas season tradition.

    • Greg T
      Greg T Month ago +3

      I knew he wouldn't let us down

  • InfinitySpiritD
    InfinitySpiritD Month ago

    The history of Donkey Kong. Amazing. What a way to start Donkey Kong December.

  • Jokx
    Jokx Month ago

    tbh it's obvious the "story" Dunkey presents isn't at all intended (especially with Miyamoto) but he somehow makes it believable as fuck. Really cut deep.

  • K&E
    K&E Month ago

    Donkey Kong on the Gameboy was my first and favorite childhood game. I've beaten it so many times.

  • chris johnson
    chris johnson Month ago

    Gottal love how dunkey trolls us so, yet we keep coming back

  • Austin Wakeman
    Austin Wakeman Month ago +1

    The best part about this video is I can't tell if these are real things that happened or not

  • WillieD
    WillieD Month ago

    Dunkey we need more of this thanks

  • Dan-The-Man
    Dan-The-Man Month ago +5

    Dunkey is very corageous finally giving a biographic documentary series of his origin story.

  • Zachary Wong
    Zachary Wong Month ago

    You always have such great scripts for your vids, Dunk

  • PixelLord23
    PixelLord23 Month ago +915

    Ah yes, the first "Barrel" type game.
    A masterclass of innovation.

    • Miles Ledger
      Miles Ledger Month ago +1

      The original barrel roll!

    • Kawa Shinimon カワ死に門
      Kawa Shinimon カワ死に門 Month ago

      You can even call it.. the first Barrel Strand game...

    • twfaucet
      twfaucet Month ago

      52 dislieks

    • Darko807
      Darko807 Month ago +3

      We have to rename it from "Rogue-Like" to "Barrel-Like"
      Well because..
      That's that

    • Agent Man #42
      Agent Man #42 Month ago +9

      It is just a shyame we had to wait nearly 30 years for the second Barrel type game: Donkey Kong Barrel Blast

  • Connor Frarey
    Connor Frarey Month ago

    I love you so much it’s indescribable Dunkey, you’re a beautiful human being and your take on life will be timeless eternally 🫶🫶p.s.i’m indescribably inebriated atm

  • Edward Ota
    Edward Ota Month ago

    Donkey Kong for the gameboy was an entire game built around the same mechanics presented in the arcade version. I didn't realize this until I grew up. It still holds well to this day and is one of the best out there.

  • l
    l Month ago

    This was the first Donkey-type game. Incredible.

  • Illia Firsov
    Illia Firsov Month ago

    Hope we'll see another traditional muffin tier list soon as it's 17th anniversary approaches. It's donkey Kong december, after all

  • Pouya MG
    Pouya MG Month ago +2

    @4:47 "this game is about life"
    Facts. That hit me hard.

  • Tiara Azmalan
    Tiara Azmalan Month ago

    This game is ALMOST the best, completely factual overview of the history and development of Donkey Kong I've ever seen, and I'm not making that up.

    WETRIX Month ago

    the funny thing about the ending is that it seems like a joke, but gameboy donkey kong is actually an insanely good game & still probably one of the best 2d platformers nintendo has ever made.

  • Drew Willson
    Drew Willson Month ago

    when he said "this game is about life" i felt that

  • A_ enigma
    A_ enigma Month ago +507

    Would love a series about early Nintendo games like this

    • Generic Name
      Generic Name Month ago

      My favourite Nintendo game is Hanafuda Playing Cards

    • lain iwakura
      lain iwakura Month ago +2

      History Channel has the Toys that Made America and this season did an episode on early video games. They have one coming up that is going to focus on video games after the crash in '83 that I'm fairly certain is going to focus on Nintendo, Sega, and Sony and is probably going to be the season finale. I know it's not Dunkey, but it's something and is a really interesting.

    • Mary Kelly
      Mary Kelly Month ago +1

      Zelda please!

    • OpalHeart
      OpalHeart Month ago +2

      Check out jeremy parish's nes works or famicom works series, he does very in depth retrospectives on each game released for the nes with a focus on their history/creation and impact. Also has series for game boy, snes, virtual boy and a couple other shorter ones

    • Frédéric
      Frédéric Month ago +4

      Take a look at Strafefox channel. It's a superb youtube channel on the history of video games.

  • Anthony Gaines
    Anthony Gaines Month ago

    Donkey Kong December is back. Looking forward to a new Donkey Kong video every day per tradition!

  • buddy guy
    buddy guy Month ago

    I remember playing donkey Kong on gameboy in like grade 3. Good stuff.

    CYBJORG Month ago +1

    This made me feel like a Donkey Kong

  • Mr. N
    Mr. N Month ago

    Glad to see another installment in the Donkey Kong December franchise

  • Riccardo Rigamondi
    Riccardo Rigamondi Month ago +1695

    The range that Seth Rogen managed to bring to this arcade with just a few beeps is just amazing. I can remember as a kid in the arcade being taunted by Donkey Kong's famous laugh "ehuhehehehheh" as he took the princess and jumped up 20 stories. I still hear it in my nightmares

    • Andrew B
      Andrew B Month ago

      MK Ultra
      Will do

    • Andrew B
      Andrew B Month ago

      MK Ultra

    • Andrew B
      Andrew B Month ago

      MK Ultra

    • Andrew B
      Andrew B Month ago

      @MK Ultra
      I know how to tag people. Doesn't work on the mobile browser though which is where I predominantly watch/listen and comment from as I still get access to features locked behind premium now on the app like being able to turn the screen off while continuing playback. Thanks for the condescending concern though, means a lot.

    • 8BitNESLife
      8BitNESLife Month ago +2

      Smoke up, Bowser! Hurhurhurhur!

  • Nicolas Perez Perrone

    Grabbed my Switch. Put the NES games, Donkey Kong. Passed the 3 levels on 5 mins with one live. What a time to be alive.

  • pyrotechnick
    pyrotechnick Month ago

    Miyamoto's story sounds like my dream come true lol

  • CrystalDolphins
    CrystalDolphins Month ago

    I'd genuinely love to hear a documentary with his voice.

  • maxspecs
    maxspecs Month ago

    Donkey Kong '94 is an amazing game though, Mario takes all the athletics from Mario 64 and brings it back to the construction yard. Still dies to fall damage.

  • Tony Bomboozled
    Tony Bomboozled Month ago +2343

    I just realized that both Mario and Miyamoto debuted as unassuming everymen and eventually became heroes. That's actually beautiful.

    • Jeremy DeCaro
      Jeremy DeCaro Month ago

      Repent. Believe in Jesus. John 3:16 KJV - For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
      Luke 13:3 KJV - I tell you nay: but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
      2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

    • Claurio Silva Neves
      Claurio Silva Neves Month ago

      @Dr. Büni Matter of fact, the real hero was Satoru Iwata... NEVER FORGOTTEN!!!

    • Pit1993x
      Pit1993x Month ago

      @sixstringpsycho Other people managed to get old without taking a ton of stupid decisions, so no, I don't think it's age. Also, a bunch of crap he did and said in interviews is almost 20 years old. It's got nothing to do with age and his "fall" has been in the making for many years.

    • Peter K.
      Peter K. Month ago +1

      @Claurio Silva Neves then you become a star (star powerup)

    • Skadi
      Skadi Month ago +1

      @Jesserror I mean, Bobby Kottick still runs Activision-Blizzard even though he not only does nothing about all the bullying and sexual harrasment that happens there, but actively hides it and participates in it himself. He hired a woman (after media started talking about the mistreatment of women there) as a co-leader, who left after realizing she was paid less than her male co-leader. He gives himself so many millions in bonuses (on top of his salary) that even the investors started to be against it. Not to mention people like Harvey Weinstein. The idea that horrible people who keep making money get fired is pretty idealistic. That being said though Miyamoto does seems like a genuinly good person.

  • Clan of Clams
    Clan of Clams Month ago

    So glad donkey kong december is still in full swing

  • B-Dawg
    B-Dawg Month ago

    The perfect video to kick off Donkey Kong December

  • CoyoteKun
    CoyoteKun Month ago

    Donkey Kong '96 for Game Boy was my go to for decades. I still have my original cart and it is the pinnacle of that OGDK feel.

  • Peepaw Jenkins
    Peepaw Jenkins Month ago +3

    dunkey history videos are always a welcome addition to his catalogue!

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago +341

    The rabbit coaster looks legitimately awesome, it reminds me of Mighty Beanz

  • Chinigan
    Chinigan Month ago

    When he said he'd do a Donkey Kong video for every day of December, he never stated he'd do it in the same year. The long (donkey) con....

  • Lurdiak
    Lurdiak Month ago

    Seeing all these weird toys nintendo used to make makes me understand why iwata and his predecessor were always trying to ruin video games with dumb gimmicks. Dumb gimmicks is what the company was built on, they were just trying to keep their business model alive.

  • KeanuChrist
    KeanuChrist Month ago

    I want more of these.

  • Oranj e
    Oranj e Month ago

    the gameboy game is actually the biggest game I have for the classic gameboy, it feels bigger than pokemon gold/silver. there are sooooo many levels and ways of interaction with the scenery.
    yeah I had 99 lives because I rock and never made it past the final level...

  • CircuitTH
    CircuitTH Month ago +107

    Glad to see Donkey Kong December is back again, truly the first monkey type season.

  • Albert Borràs Pons

    Yet another videogamedunkey video masterpiece 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

  • Weilii Charles
    Weilii Charles Month ago

    so glad he addressed the tie fighter thing. when it first flashed up in the video, i was like, is he really not gonna say anything about that?! but then he did, after a beat. thank goodness.

  • Supersmallchibiwolf

    I love Donkey Kong games. There are 2 different retro game stores I know that has many classic arcade games and that's were I play the arcade Donkey Kong games great games. Cool video. ^_^

  • Liam Greeson
    Liam Greeson Month ago

    Donkey Kong for Gameboy is honestly goated and still holds up

  • 8BitNESLife
    8BitNESLife Month ago +2096

    Donkey Kong December is back! Dunkey never disappoints!

    • 8BitNESLife
      8BitNESLife Month ago +1

      @Memelvin TT-PP TP must mean troll posting.

    • Memelvin TT-PP
      Memelvin TT-PP Month ago

      @Super Dude based

    • SpiffyTrousers
      SpiffyTrousers Month ago +1

      If he doesn't do it every day, I'm telling Reggie.

    • jloae
      jloae Month ago +1

      @UnowDValcon the only one brave enough to say what we're all thinking

    • 8BitNESLife
      8BitNESLife Month ago +1

      @Super Dude Are you trying to tell me that you don't love Dunkey? (Gasp!) Who are you, wait a minute... Are you JonTron? (AKA Timothy Brentwood). At least you remembered to like your own comment, troll.

  • Kieran Grant
    Kieran Grant Month ago

    Donkey Kong December 2, the moment we've all been waiting for!

  • Matthew McCloskey
    Matthew McCloskey Month ago +1

    I've heard they got the name Donkey because they wanted to say Mean, found the word Jackass/Donkey, and didn't know it was its own animal

  • Joe Somebody
    Joe Somebody Month ago

    It's pretty funny that after those interesting and well thought out toys, that they made a few rip off video games before eventually making their first good one (Donkey Kong).

  • wearsjorge55
    wearsjorge55 Month ago

    Bruh I had that bowling game. My cousins always collected junk off the street and they gave me that for Christmas. It was awesome

  • LJ or something
    LJ or something Month ago

    I like that they added a Donkey Kong to this game, very cool addition tbh

  • Mellotronster
    Mellotronster Month ago

    I like watching Dunkey documentaries because then I know for sure I'm being lied to.

  • CorweenieTheJedi
    CorweenieTheJedi Month ago

    Another video with zero dislikes - how does this man do it!?