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  • Published on May 12, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Techno Craj
    Techno Craj  3 months ago +310

    PRODUCT LINK - amzn.to/3PqL7qP

    • Rajesh Shetty
      Rajesh Shetty 3 months ago +89

      This link is not for the same product

    • Gian Carlo Carmagnani
      Gian Carlo Carmagnani 3 months ago +12

      the REAL link ??????

    • Илья Калищук
      Илья Калищук 3 months ago +2

      Можно обои как на видео плиз

    • abhinav ratan
      abhinav ratan 3 months ago +11

      Kuch bhi. These Clip-Sharers will do anything for views. Will copy original content creator and will take it

  • Ridwan Alamgir
    Ridwan Alamgir 4 months ago +10676

    Bro just called us poor, in 69 different ways💀

    • DeathWish Gaming
      DeathWish Gaming 4 months ago +79


    • parikshit sharma
      parikshit sharma 4 months ago +87

      You mean he said bhag gareeb to us. 😁

    • Byte Brigade
      Byte Brigade 4 months ago +18


    • Areyem
      Areyem 4 months ago +88

      Don’t lump me in with you. Dafaq. I’m not poor.
      I’m worst than poor. I’m burried in debt ☠️ being back to poor status is luxury to me.

    • parikshit sharma
      parikshit sharma 4 months ago +6


  • ツBavan
    ツBavan 2 months ago +526

    1 year later: Your iPhone is at 69% charge.

    • Richard Spitia
      Richard Spitia Month ago +2

      Eso es mentira

      GANGULY NARESH Month ago +3

      Battery life😂

    • NickN
      NickN 23 days ago +3

      What are you even barking about 😂 I have a 13 pro max for almost 2 years and the battery life is like 97% 😂

    • ツBavan
      ツBavan 22 days ago +5

      It's called a "joke." 😊

    • Pedro Vetorazzi
      Pedro Vetorazzi 22 days ago +3

      It's fine he's probably getting the next one at launch

  • Stormrider
    Stormrider 2 months ago +31

    I didn’t choose the virgin life, the virgin life chose me.

    DEVRAJ 3 months ago +1371

    Welcome to the new episode off can't afford but still watching 💀

  • innerchild
    innerchild 7 days ago +10

    He is living the year 2050 and I'm still in 2023💀

  • احب يحيئ هاشم

    الله يهنيك بهن وعقبالنا

  • parikshit sharma
    parikshit sharma 4 months ago +2237

    The clicking sound is so satisfying.

    DMD PES 2 months ago +20

    Imagine if you drop that all together 💀

  • B.O.T
    B.O.T 2 months ago +3

    His entire net worth in a video

  • Seven
    Seven 4 months ago +1097

    I’ll definitely lose each parts one by one under 1week 😂

    • Nikolas Iskandar
      Nikolas Iskandar 4 months ago +6

      Why are those detachable? As though you can plug it elsewhere? Lol

    • ItsInfinity
      ItsInfinity 3 months ago +1

      ​@Nikolas Iskandar probably so you can carry it

    • Nylotic
      Nylotic 3 months ago +3

      @Nikolas Iskandarone is a battery pack and the watch one allows you to plug elsewhere

    • Nikolas Iskandar
      Nikolas Iskandar 3 months ago +3

      @Nylotic such as a laptop/pc/tablet? What possibly would it be attached to though? Serious question to satisfy my curiosity.

  • Samran Mayo
    Samran Mayo 4 days ago

    Muito bom! Bonito pratico, útil, e custa 1 apartamento😂😂😂😂

  • Dylan Carroll
    Dylan Carroll 4 months ago +368

    I bet your wall outlet is screaming for more power😂

    • Dark_Knight
      Dark_Knight 4 months ago +17

      My laptop with a 270w charger plugged into the wall outlet with no problem, why would this have any problem?

    • Blitz Blaze
      Blitz Blaze 4 months ago +1

      It's almost like laptop charging so no worries.

    • Anti Matter
      Anti Matter 4 months ago

      Maybe he lives in the poor country

    • Certified Balls Examiner 
      Certified Balls Examiner  4 months ago

      so funny

  • Huzi SSG
    Huzi SSG Day ago +1

    Bro just called us poor

  • Wixl Automation
    Wixl Automation 4 months ago +806

    Bro called me poor in 91818 languages

    • xGARIDx
      xGARIDx 3 months ago +4

      U mean 404 languages

    • holy water
      holy water 3 months ago


    • Wixl Automation
      Wixl Automation 3 months ago +1

      @holy water xd

    • af2828
      af2828 3 months ago

      It’s about 30 bucks…

    • M T
      M T 3 months ago +2

      522 likes and 4 replies let me fix that

  • Yao Hong
    Yao Hong 3 days ago

    Bro just called us poor in ASMR

  • Bruna Carvalho
    Bruna Carvalho 20 days ago

    Meu erro foi entrar no site pra ver o preço 😂

  • Flusic
    Flusic 4 months ago +181

    I thought my life was already complete enough 💀

  • WhoDaManMe
    WhoDaManMe 5 days ago

    A day later.... Still charging.

  • Cyfrín
    Cyfrín 2 months ago +1

    Bro made it look like a wheelchair

  • Jack Maslov
    Jack Maslov 3 months ago +611

    Do that again. The phone has to end up facing slightly left after done spinning.

    • Arv!nd
      Arv!nd 2 months ago +6

      Bruh 🗿💀

    • leader janan
      leader janan 2 months ago +5

      "I have symmetric OCD"

    • Gursimar Miglani
      Gursimar Miglani 2 months ago +2

      Ok ocd boy

    • yaya
      yaya 2 months ago

      @leader jananwhat it is ?

    • leader janan
      leader janan 2 months ago

      @yaya it's a disorder ig , I mean I suffer from it too but not to this guy's extent 😂

  • Jhonny Freitas
    Jhonny Freitas 2 months ago +17

    15 horas depois ele carrega. Enquanto isso, meu Xiaomi de 120w carregando em 15 minutos. 😌🤩

    • Michael Myers
      Michael Myers 2 months ago +6

      Apple and Samsung, the biggest phone companies not these chinese brands, charge the phone at 25-45w because slower charging means slower battery degradation, fast charging ruins electrons with negative charge by doing way to fast of a transfer up and down in lithium ion baterries .

    • mdpereira43
      mdpereira43 13 days ago +1

      Comprei um redmi e estou muito satisfeita, carrega e 40 minutos, 👍

    • Jhonny Freitas
      Jhonny Freitas 13 days ago

      @Michael Myers não entendo gringo. Aqui é o Brasil

    СЕРГЕЙ 20 hours ago +1


  • Syed Amjad
    Syed Amjad 4 months ago +210

    I think I need to spend my entire 2 year salary to just show this one time for my friends.

    • Tersiyer
      Tersiyer  4 months ago +1

      where do you live

    • Raja
      Raja  4 months ago +15

      @Tersiyer why do you want to know where he lives? To take advantage of his situation and cheat him more so he’ll become beggar? 😂😂😂

    • Syed Amjad
      Syed Amjad 4 months ago


    • Fajar kurniawan
      Fajar kurniawan 4 months ago +1

      Relate 😂

    • Romella Karmey
      Romella Karmey 4 months ago

      Just how much was all these wireless chargers??

  • Philips live
    Philips live 2 months ago

    When your rich friends call you rich

  • Lucas Alves
    Lucas Alves Day ago

    Meu sonho possuir todo o sistema IOS.

  • Two Ways
    Two Ways 3 months ago +132

    "hey bro nice charger"
    " Yh i got it from-"
    *Proceeds to aggressively snatch the charger and run for my life*

  • Aditya Pareek
    Aditya Pareek Month ago

    1,60,000 + 27,000 + 83,000 = 2,70,000
    He simply want to call us poor💀💀

  • Gusttavo Pereira
    Gusttavo Pereira Month ago

    Essa internet adora comer meu dinheiro com essas ideias, puta que pariu kk

  • Flavio Caracas
    Flavio Caracas Month ago

    agora imaginem a radiaçao que isso emana kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • abcdefg123
    abcdefg123 9 days ago

    Sonuç : 30 yaşında (radyosun yüzünden) 4.seviye kanser

  • Anil B
    Anil B 4 months ago +138

    Use full product for apple products

  • Mr LeGend
    Mr LeGend Month ago

    Bro called me poor in 100 different languages :V

  • mw1953
    mw1953 2 months ago

    and still loading as fast as a Nokia 3310

  • Raul Martínez Mota
    Raul Martínez Mota 3 months ago +31

    Esa sensación de satisfacción que genera solo al ver imagínanacion al tocar extremadamente maravillosa

  • Broken Heart
    Broken Heart 2 months ago

    Welcome to the new episode of self-beizzati

    AKASH 2 months ago

    Tell me that I'm poor without telling me.

  • Rian Segarra
    Rian Segarra 4 months ago +14

    Feels like a kiddie meal you have to purchase each part. Haha 😅

  • BigAnt
    BigAnt 10 days ago

    "Unnecessary gadgets you probably don't need and is overpriced but looks cool Part 19"

  • Tohid Bagani
    Tohid Bagani 8 days ago

    Bro called me poor in every frame of this video

  • Tech ARG
    Tech ARG 4 months ago +32

    what is your wallpaper? its very beutiful!

  • Pierre Woodman
    Pierre Woodman 2 months ago

    Когда уже придумают зарядное ведро: вечером пришел, все гаджеты в него скидал, а утром достал заряженными.

  • TheMonsterHuggers
    TheMonsterHuggers 4 days ago

    Now the only product you don't have to add is a good phone 😂

  • Daniel Effiong
    Daniel Effiong 3 months ago +12

    Would have been nice if it also doubled as a dock 😊

  • iriana kellywaine
    iriana kellywaine 3 days ago

    This is the coolest thing I saw today 09/29/23

  • Mohd Kashif
    Mohd Kashif 2 months ago

    He has everything but only has one hand 😢

  • motivation
    motivation 4 months ago +18


  • Younus Khan
    Younus Khan 2 months ago

    Iphone : Chalo ab sab log niklo Yaha say Mujhe sleep 😴💤 karna hai

  • D Nyima
    D Nyima Month ago

    We not rich.
    We broke!

  • Catching Orca
    Catching Orca 3 months ago +3

    اللهم هداية لمن لا يصلي ، وقوة لمن يقطع صلاته ، والثبات لمن يصلي

  • 𝚂𝚒𝚗𝚒𝚜𝚝𝚎_RÅ

    PITTAKA MAG EZ SLIDER for anyone who's wondering

  • Zas Arcilla
    Zas Arcilla Month ago

    I feel like this is the wireless equivalent of octupus charging

    K SAI KIRAN 4 months ago +44

    Apple eco system ❤

  • dkkd
    dkkd Month ago +1

    My man has the apple starterpack

  • im sorry
    im sorry 21 day ago +1

    Max 5-7-15Watt 😂😂😂 Xiaomi 55W Wirelles Charging

  • ゆうたろう!!!
    ゆうたろう!!! 3 months ago +19


    • no name
      no name 3 months ago


  • ErG
    ErG Month ago

    Living in Turkey is not stressful at all.

  • Debashis Halder
    Debashis Halder 3 days ago

    Don't tell me poor...... I am already poor😆😂

  • أفجي
    أفجي 4 months ago +3

    Electricity bill be like - 😏😏

    • spidermon
      spidermon 4 months ago +2

      He is rich he can pay

    • أفجي
      أفجي 4 months ago +1

      @spidermon lol

  • Ravikant pathak
    Ravikant pathak Month ago

    He called us Greeb 😂😂

  • たばっち
    たばっち Month ago


  • GOW fan
    GOW fan 3 months ago +3

    Pitaka knows what we need.

  • Елена Радыгина

    That’s what they call “super mega charge”😅

  • yakubu hassan
    yakubu hassan Month ago +2

    Best gadget seen in a while. Cause of this, I'm gonna get the iPhone, iWatch, ear pods & Tab.

  • Никита Шмаков
    Никита Шмаков 4 months ago +13

    Samsung one love ❤️

  • usman noor
    usman noor 4 days ago


  • Prince Sharma
    Prince Sharma 11 days ago

    That sound thou.

  • Иван М.
    Иван М. 4 months ago +14

    Стоимость напишите. У Pitaka такая цена, что можно ещё один iphone купить 😂

    • Ну просто
      Ну просто 4 months ago

      Могу отправить по России. Такой набор обойдётся не дорого, в Америке будет наверное прилично. Мы продаём весь этот набор будет 20 тысяч)

    • Иван М.
      Иван М. 4 months ago

      @Ну просто спасибо, но я в данный момент разочаровался в айфонах и собираюсь продав свою 13ю модель перейти на асус рог 7.
      Я просто знаю, что Питака - это один из самых дорогих брендов в РФ. У меня когда-то был бампер от них на iPhone X.

    • BMW УтоПия
      BMW УтоПия 4 months ago

      @Иван М. чувак тоже как ты думал и сделал с 14 про перешел на s23 ultra и через месяц продал его и снова купил айфон только 13, такая стабильность как у айфона не найдешь не в одном андройде и камеры и много, что по мелочи! Ну пробуй может тебе зайдет! 😊

    • Али Садаев
      Али Садаев 3 months ago

      ​@BMW УтоПия, продал 12 pro max и купил s22ultra на Snapdragon 2sim.
      Топовое решение для делового человека. Абсолютно топовое.
      А айфоны пока ничего не могут предложить интересного. В 2023 году яблочники с лайтнингами ходят , когда с 2018 уже был type-C.
      Камера тоже нюхает болт у s22 ultra.
      По детализации. Я молчу про зум.
      Единственное - в 13 pro max звук внешний мне понравился больше . Это единственное преимущество.
      И всё .

  • Aqsa💕
    Aqsa💕 Month ago +1


  • Michael Javier Placencio Rodríguez

    Te carga todo el 2 días grande Apple

  • yashvir
    yashvir 4 months ago +4

    Path to lazyness and failure

  • Neoxle
    Neoxle Day ago

    А вот теперь представьте как это всё будет очень долго заряжаться

  • WGC
    WGC 7 days ago

    Штука хорошая, сам пользуюсь. Но, последние Iphone, начиная с 13, заряжает прям медленно (

  • MrForge
    MrForge 4 months ago +5

    Charger sells after this short:

  • Sumit
    Sumit 2 months ago

    Bro be doing affiliate marketing in ohio

  • Aaaaaaaa
    Aaaaaaaa 4 months ago +38

    Bro, what's your asus monitor model?

    CLASSY GAMING YT Month ago

    Bro just said

  • Shailesh Yadav
    Shailesh Yadav 2 months ago

    Difficult to carry this big charger....better to keep reverse wireless charger phone as like Samsung S series ❤

  • SoulBot03
    SoulBot03 4 months ago +8

    Man i need that wallpaper

  • alle alle
    alle alle 2 months ago

    نحن الفقراء ننظر فقط .الحمدلله

    KEVXXO 26 days ago


  • fresh guru HC
    fresh guru HC 4 months ago +11

    Product link

  • MOND X
    MOND X 2 months ago

    Fun fact : buy Apple products first 🗿

  • Timothy Hinz
    Timothy Hinz 2 months ago

    This person ready for Cold War 2

  • Ara CareCentre
    Ara CareCentre 4 months ago +14

    Link please ! I really need this wallpaper

  • ___respekt0s___
    ___respekt0s___ Month ago

    Ну весь яблоками обмазался, а вещь прикольная)

  • Abdul Manan
    Abdul Manan 4 days ago

    Great work 👌
    You have talent to create amazing things.
    Excellent 😍

  • mundo love
    mundo love 4 months ago +3

    Vai carregar em quantos dias ?

  • Динар Галимов

    И всё сгорело к ебеням как вибратор на зарядку поставил

  • Yasin Arafat
    Yasin Arafat Month ago

    Keren bagettt

  • Manjunath K Y
    Manjunath K Y 4 months ago +5

    Link of the wallpaper please

  • Leandro Reis
    Leandro Reis Month ago

    Ainda bem que o Samsung tem carregamento reverso.

  • Umaynah Azeem
    Umaynah Azeem 2 days ago

    its very amazing phone nd watch seriously.

    ZINO YT 4 months ago +4

    والشاحن رح يصير ابطأ من وقت مدرستي 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Schinknormale Stinkenpizza

    I would spin this thing around the whole day 😅

  • Tech With Muja
    Tech With Muja Month ago

    Richers life looks like

  • F I R E   B L A D E  ⸙
    F I R E B L A D E ⸙ 4 months ago +12

    Wallpaper link please

    • games of francis
      games of francis 4 months ago +1


    • Yecloo
      Yecloo 4 months ago

      It’s one of the generic Apple Mac backgrounds

    • Wageh ahmed
      Wageh ahmed 3 months ago

      I want the link too someone send it to me

  • Ewelina
    Ewelina 19 hours ago

    Taka przyjemność będzie kosztowała mnie 1600 zł

  • NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe

    All the spyware gadgets plugged and recharging at the same time.. impressive

  • SF Himu
    SF Himu 4 months ago +14

    Product details and link please😢