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Microsoft Just KILLED Zuck's Metaverse


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  • John Coogan
    John Coogan  10 months ago +285

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    •  Thunder Catch Liars
      Thunder Catch Liars  2 months ago


    • bondservant4jesus
      bondservant4jesus 2 months ago

      They is actually Farmville 2, which is better than first one.

    • Charles Pancamo
      Charles Pancamo 2 months ago +1

      you failed to explain how this was any different than what we already have. Also, calling minecraft a 'mini metaverse' was utterly laughable.

    • Jan PhD
      Jan PhD 2 months ago

      I've never played ANY video games, because... I'm intelligent.

    • Red Harrison
      Red Harrison 3 months ago +1

      After meta connect event this xbot made video has aged really bad 🤣

  • oliver monks
    oliver monks 11 months ago +2317

    Problem is that Facebook has messed up too many times, the leaks, the intrusive hidden programs watching us even when not on facebook, the censorship, no one wants them to have control. I hope meta dies off.

    • Nekayla Smith
      Nekayla Smith Month ago

      A lot of pain and psychological warfare, enabling of sexuality. I still feel Facebook can make a comeback from what truly happened to us in childhood. Being programmed unconsciously to doomscroll was warfare on the mind. Life still is never miserable.

    • Justin
      Justin 2 months ago

      Exactly. Google has everyone’s emails and people still trust them. Microsoft has all businesses information with office 365, Azure, Amazon has AWS and businesses and governments still trust them.
      But Facebook has a bad reputation on governance and privacy.

    • Mihir Raj
      Mihir Raj 2 months ago

      @Arch Thousand Pull Thousand Well I dont see the problem. You created that in your mind.

    • Mihir Raj
      Mihir Raj 2 months ago

      @Arch Thousand Pull Thousand Remember Apple iCloud blunder?

    • Wasn't Me
      Wasn't Me 2 months ago

      Because like Bill Epstein gates, suck a turd is a pe do file

  • tiggz R
    tiggz R Month ago

    Yeah they're ahead I feel like the next generation they should sell this dream to but right it's my sons generation and one above that is into VR. I feel they need to cater to kids for 5 or 10 years then get into this dream. My generation and the two above mine they're out of touch with electronics. Heck they can barely run Facebook lol they're also out of touch with their kids.

  • Arc
    Arc 5 months ago +130

    I've never understood what a metaverse does that various other apps and sites don't already do. If I want to buy something, I go to that site. Centralizing literally everything into one digital service just adds a middleman. Some people talk about metaverses as if they're the future, but the way it's described honestly sounds like how someone from the 1980s would envision the future, not a modern tech user.

    • Mo Afwaz
      Mo Afwaz 14 hours ago

      @AsdfXYZ_RandomName 95% of your ideas are trash

    • K H
      K H Day ago

      @JordantheDOGE Cool! Sink all your savings into it, go nuts dude. Buy some virtual reality next to Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton while you're at it. It's gonna be the next big thing maaaan.
      Funny that people who think this will be the shit are usually non-gamers who doesn't realize that virtual worlds have been around for decades already and that Metaverse is DOG SHIT compared to the others.

    • JordantheDOGE
      JordantheDOGE 2 days ago

      @prum chhangsreng I wanted this slump to even be protracted so I can amass more. It's just a matter of time. FYI I am investing 10% of my entire portfolio. If this thing shoot up like in the 2021... your kids will serve me fries.

    • prum chhangsreng
      prum chhangsreng 3 days ago

      @JordantheDOGEhow does it feel now lololol

    • Derek K.
      Derek K. Month ago

      Zucc is just a huge fan of Snowcrash and Ready Player 1 and thinks that is how the future will be.

  • J M
    J M 5 months ago +43

    I remember when I was getting really scared of how much VR is being pushed onto people when I was looking for a job and was going to an employment center. They had a program you could sign up for to get training and extra tips before getting a job where you'd go there like it's a classroom. One day we went in and they had VR headsets for us to practice jobs in the trades, like I did a simulation for being an electrician. It was really cool don't get me wrong, I just never saw a government owned employment center going to VR anytime soon.

    • CelestiRalice
      CelestiRalice 2 months ago

      Good luck with that when majority get motion sickness from those things and no matter how you look at it its not good for your health. Kills your braincells and impairs your vision, balance and everything.

    • Brian Millar
      Brian Millar 2 months ago

      Job simulators are a must have, it's only a matter of time before they are created for most positions.

    • Theresa Chung
      Theresa Chung 2 months ago

      Wow. This must be in Sweden or Something

  • Wackzingo
    Wackzingo 2 months ago +15

    I'm a software engineer and love new technology. I also work with teens and over the last year I've been asking my coworkers and the teens I work with what they think of the Metaverse and if they're interested and I have yet to meet a single person that is even remotely interested. This is something everyone wants and doesn't know it or this will go down as the most expensive mistake in history.

    • rolly unicorn
      rolly unicorn 2 months ago

      Hopefully it will go down like the Titanic, taking Captain Zuckerjuice with it.

    • Grove of Darkness
      Grove of Darkness 2 months ago

      Trust me it will go down as the most expensive mistake in tech history.

    • Kimchi Shawarma 777
      Kimchi Shawarma 777 2 months ago +1

      Working with teens 😏 How pleasurable

    • DandM
      DandM 2 months ago +2

      It's a mistake.

    • George Lupenza
      George Lupenza 2 months ago

      How can I reach you for further discussion!!

  • David Washington
    David Washington 11 months ago +4960

    This metaverse discussion is like listening to people in the 90s telling us what will be internet.

    • K H
      K H Day ago

      Listening to people being overly confident that the Metaverse will be "the next big thing" are mostly non-gamers that didn't know that virtual worlds have existed for decades already and that Metaverse is DOG SHIT compared to the already existing ones.

    • Nayak Rasmiranjan
      Nayak Rasmiranjan 2 months ago


    • DryBizcuit 1
      DryBizcuit 1 2 months ago

      @Grey Pawx Ttv They played vrchat then said "I made this."

    • Mike H
      Mike H 2 months ago

      True but if you can pick the winners you'll have a very comfortable early retirement.

    • TheDancingRomeo
      TheDancingRomeo 2 months ago

      umm no. Not the same, VR is a gimmick. It will never take off unless its plugged directly into someones brain or eyes.

  • Hooked On Fishing.
    Hooked On Fishing. Month ago

    How would people use the Metaverse when not gaming ? I don't get it at all

  • Akbhar Nücsgübt
    Akbhar Nücsgübt Month ago

    Metaverse is not gaming ... it is like 2nd life but more immersive ... most ppl dont like 2nd life ... and the ppl who do like it aint got the ressource to obtain a VR setup because their are kinda disabled and need to be lucky to have enough cash and the rights to do such purchases ...
    Metaverse ... the next step towards idiocracy

  • Brandolorian
    Brandolorian 5 months ago +13

    I think it’s important to remember that they are not just competing with each other but also collaborating to push the idea of the meta verse forward and get it here asap

  • George c. Panos
    George c. Panos Month ago

    Takeaway is that I can’t decide which childish sss I want to fail more. Both would be great.

  • Linix
    Linix 11 months ago +1908

    Zuck's sights aren't set on gaming. He wants EVERYTHING to exist in the metaverse: government, banking, every business, every private life. When you create the platform that controls everything, you control everything.

    • Daniel Bec
      Daniel Bec 2 months ago

      Mark is a demon

    • AoNeko-chan
      AoNeko-chan 2 months ago

      He's Dr Robotnik/Eggman. He want everything to be a machine and suck life away from anything.

    • M D
      M D 2 months ago +1

      @basedinstinct every rich pathetic jew thinks that

    • Zack
      Zack 2 months ago

      @Kamike Serpentail What this “Metaverse” Zuck is telling everyone about is controlled by his company though.

    • Zack
      Zack 2 months ago +1

      How does he get ppl addicted to his “Metaverse” though? Definitely not by some farming games.

  • Pol Itico
    Pol Itico Month ago

    "We are creating an entirely new platform layer, which is the Metwurst" . Thanks but I prefer a real actual salami.

  • Jen Picolo
    Jen Picolo 3 months ago +13

    Meta and Microsoft together, who knew. Technology moves fast and things age very differently than the expected 😊

  • Shih Tzucorgi
    Shih Tzucorgi Month ago +1

    I want to make a Movie.. where Mark Zuckerburg in the future has succeed about Metaverse because COVID pandemic didnt stop and people where force to interact with Meta.. Because there is no Facebook or Any Social Media platform besides it.. Because we cannot go out since the world got worst. lol. but it will not happen.. So it wont succeed.

  • Mr Sexy
    Mr Sexy 4 months ago +2

    Im a playstation guy myself, but microsoft killing meta sounds awesome, and it has my full support 👍

  • Mr. Oppenthunder
    Mr. Oppenthunder 11 months ago +6590

    When everyone switches to studio apartments so they can afford mansions and farms in the metaverse I'm going to buy all the real life mansions and farms.

    • Kevin
      Kevin Month ago

      pfft...how yu gonna get tha virtual poon with a real life mansion!?..stupid

    • Josh Nex
      Josh Nex 2 months ago +1

      they are already purchased numbnuts

    • fuyoutube
      fuyoutube 2 months ago

      I'll sell you my mansion

    • Martin Major
      Martin Major 2 months ago


    • SeaJay Oceans
      SeaJay Oceans 2 months ago

      Bill Gates is buying up all the USA farm land... Um... that's concerning !

  • SonOfTheStars
    SonOfTheStars 2 months ago +5

    I find your excitement about the "Metaverse" very adorable. The disconnect from reality is dazzling.
    In no way, shape or form will theree EVER be a hyper-connected platform which supports a majority of applications and allows you to seamlessly transfer them from one application to the other. Thats because applications are self contained, and there is no universal standard as to how things like items, cosmetics, avatars and so on are handled.
    Creating such a platform would be an absolute gong-show of incompatibilities, overhead and disputes over things like item properties.
    Its the age old problem of Standards:
    *There are 14 different and competing standards for X*
    Some Dev Team: "WHAT! Ridiculous! We need to develop a unified standard for X that everyone will use!"
    *There are now 15 different and competing standards for X*

    • SonOfTheStars
      SonOfTheStars Month ago

      @Luke Potts Except that isnt a reality in tech spaces or we'd all be writing code in a single set of highly specialised languages, using one specific set of libraries and there were no different in-use patterns that achieve the same overall thing (E.g. MVC and MVVM).
      Why is there 10+ different programming languages for scripting if one would suffice? Why are there Several Linux distros if one would suffice?

    • Luke Potts
      Luke Potts Month ago +1

      but everything condenses, its akums razor, the simplest standard for x will be the one everyone uses.

  • Sook Wilson
    Sook Wilson 3 months ago +31

    While everyone is in the FOMO mode on metaverse, I continue to check off my world travel bucket list.i can actually smell the air, eat tasty local food, feel ancient temples near my arm distance

    • Davie Dood
      Davie Dood 10 days ago +1

      Alot of folks DONT CARE about getting 50 million injections just to travel to a 3rd world country. And that's ok. More power to them.

    • Savageman
      Savageman 17 days ago

      My friend nobody cares about the metaverse, while you're doing that the rest of us are joining you with actually enjoying the real world you will never find 1000 people who gives a fuck about this, all this is is an advanced way to play a game

    • Clara Cross
      Clara Cross Month ago

      Spoken like a true fatcat who either doesn't understand that not everyone is filthy rich like they are or otherwise looks down upon those of us who aren't as though they think being rich, poor, or anywhere in between is just simply a life choice. That is truly lovely for you, though.

  • Gildarts Strife
    Gildarts Strife 3 months ago +2

    You know who else is adept at building virtual worlds? The 9000+ employees Microsoft just acquired.

  • Fact checking your mum, thoroughly

    I really think the biggest virtual reality will come from gamers.
    Facebook is gonna aim it at absolutely everyone, old women, men, kids, and businesses. Making it simple to use and appealing to everyone who isn't that knowledgeable with electronics.
    Also he's an evil lizard that's trying to make us all live online so they can take over the world 😅
    Hes at least a robot or something.

  • Flyboy
    Flyboy 11 months ago +465

    I wish that I could be excited for all this, but I am not. Having been a computer user for 25 years, I find myself trying to distance from technology more and more these days. Everything relies on being connected to the internet the whole time and having social media, and I honestly hate it. I want more disconnection from technology, not more connection.

    • Bens Coffee Rants
      Bens Coffee Rants 2 months ago

      I think the problem is, people want REAL connections, not virtual stuff... not until the virtual steak tastes as good as the stuff in the Matrix movie :D

    • L Austin Speiss
      L Austin Speiss 8 months ago

      I love technology in all its forms, but the greed that chases innovation is a real buzzkill.

      SANJAR PRODUCTIONS 10 months ago

      Don't watch this clip-share.net/video/BaNJ3QfZ4Oc/video.html

    • Nelson Lopez
      Nelson Lopez 10 months ago


    • Flyboy
      Flyboy 11 months ago

      @Ecceptor Clip-Share is nothing like I'm talking about. Besides, I've been using it for over 10 years... before it turned into a more social media-oriented platform.

  • Railer505
    Railer505 4 months ago +2

    If only Zuck had announced these plans two years ago when we were fully locked down no one was hoping to go back to anything resembling normality for 5+ years he could have sold a lot of people, onboarded partnerships with companies actually with the experience needed to effect his vision and investor money would have flown freely. Sadly he missed the boat on this; right now there's something much cooler than VR right now, it's simply called, R.

  • The Potato God
    The Potato God 2 months ago +1

    I just cant see the "metaverse" really being more than a gimmick. I just see it as just the internet with extra steps and it cannot be a true metaverse if one company controls everything. I love VR but I don't think Meta is truly taking advantage of the unique possibilities VR has.

  • xaver pan
    xaver pan 2 months ago

    Beautiful, strong presentation and excellent points made.
    One thing was left out though - if 3D worlds would be (one) path to the future - why did they already fail several times?
    The VR prediction of the 80ies, 3D picture technology (with vast standards for cameras and monitors), and recently oculus etc - they all FAILED - why?

  • chi11estpanda
    chi11estpanda 2 months ago +1

    It's an interesting viewpoint you have on this as it would seem as if maybe you're holding the two companies to a singular goal of dominance and what that dominance translates to in the metaverse. It's just my opinion and varying perspective that would venture to say, Meta is more focused on dominating delivery and adoption of AR in the sense of devices and how we consume content of the future. While Microsoft might have a gaming marketing approach and it still remains to be seen how the Metaverse will evolve and eventually gain mass adoption, the difference that needs to be noted and addressed, at least from my point of view, is that the two aren't actually competing per se. Whereas in an oversimplified explanation, Facebook is an ads-based company, where its greatest source of revenue is their ad network which gets its value from the social network platform and user data it collects to appeal to advertisers; while Microsoft, might also have its hands in it's own search engine and ad company or whatnot, but with it's Xbox line and acquisition of gaming studios, it's goal for revenue might be arguably about software sales, which shouldn't be surprising. You have a software company trying to dominate the metaverse in gaming sales while Facebook might be trying to dominate the metaverse by being the go to device provider for entry into the metaverse so that similar to how Google collects user date from it's use as a search engine, the use of Meta's devices to access the Metaverse will provide user data for Facebook to, in the future, retake its position in the advertising space by being able to 'control the billboard' everyone is driving by, sort of speak. So while Microsoft might outsell its gaming services or game downloads, Meta will be the one learning user preference and pushing the sales of games it learns that the users enjoys most in trying to keep users plugged into the Metaverse. So they're not going to be killing each other, if anything they'll be like 2 developing countries that will eventually get involved in global trade with one another where one is a nation of gamers and enterprise users while the other is a nation of common people that might use AR/VR casually and adopting AR/VR as a result of the growing popularity lead by the gamer/enterprise "nation".

  • Karl Rock
    Karl Rock 11 months ago +72

    Great analysis John. Expansive games like Skyrim and Fallout are as close to the metaverse as I’m interested in exploring. But like you said, maybe if they can ditch the bulky headset and controllers I’ll be more interested.

    • Joel Miller, no, yo soy Joel Rodríguez
      Joel Miller, no, yo soy Joel Rodríguez 11 months ago +2

      Minecraft, sea of thives and erder scrolls online are the most sercano to a stable and applicable meta verse than what Zuck has

    • callingbell
      callingbell 11 months ago +2

      Hey Karl, if you get a visa again stay out of protests

    • Xan Neverlost
      Xan Neverlost 11 months ago +2

      Hey Karl. India misses you

    • unknownprofiler
      unknownprofiler 11 months ago +3

      The headset makes it all more immersive I suggest they ditch the dual controllers and just allow us to get immerse view with the headset while able to use console controllers

  • Stuart Fox
    Stuart Fox 3 months ago +16

    John, Your Clip-Share videos are not only interesting but your delivery is a sweet mixture of enthusiasm and urgency. This makes them compelling!! May you prosper in spite of the recession and inflation.

    • Bobby Axel
      Bobby Axel 2 months ago

      John is a brand and brands don't get hurt by inflation. A lot of them thrive under inflation cuz the competition withers away.

  • chronicreader
    chronicreader 2 months ago +1

    This was from 8 months ago and I thought it was very recent because it feels so true. Interestingly, Sheryl Sandberg left Meta (jumped ship?) and Meta's stock has done so poorly that Jim Cramer of Mad Money was practically crying for having been so wrong.

  • sal esp
    sal esp 5 months ago

    We must factor in AI for the future we could see insane interactive modes with ai. I’m sure vr is just the next big thing unless something else comes along.

  • James
    James 2 months ago

    Great video and you are spot on. Microsoft as a company have been way ahead of others in alot of industrys. Look at slates which are now tablets. Phones as an example even when Windows mobile dropped to iPhone, the Windows phone 77/8/10 was way ahead of ios and android but just could not get a foot in. Even Cortana was ahead of Google now and Seri but again could not get a foot in the market.
    I definitely see a shift in Microsoft under its new leader and I do think Microsoft will lead in alot of this ga going forward especially business wide.
    It's interesting to see each company doing different things at the moment and personally I feel Apple could be the next big player to drop in value as I feel they are standing still I. Terms of the market apart from its own chips.
    We are definitely entertaining the new Tech age and I'm excited to see what is next.

  • The Hammer Speaks
    The Hammer Speaks 11 months ago +2425

    I just can’t wait to immerse myself in the metaverse and have Meta and Microsoft harvest all my data.

    • Jozef Mak
      Jozef Mak 2 months ago

      @Jaideep Shekhar not like they dont have it 😂😂

    • M D
      M D 2 months ago

      @BlinkOnceifyougay dumb naive people like you are the death of an intelligent society

    • Kevin McGuinness
      Kevin McGuinness 4 months ago

      I laughed out loud at this!

    • Stamina
      Stamina 5 months ago

      just read up the terms and condition for using a meta vr headset, that shit is scary

    • sal esp
      sal esp 5 months ago

      I guess you haven’t read your favorite apps terms , tik tok already has your passwords and keystrokes sir.

  • DaddyDawg
    DaddyDawg Month ago

    The fact is if they suceed doing a great metaverse with millions of players there will be ingame jobs, this could be the next step to a new area of social interaction like in player ready one

  • beepbop
    beepbop 3 months ago

    In the beginning there was Unix "talk" - a simple easy text interface to let you talk to someone else in real time.
    Then along came IRC and USENET. Then came along pagers and then SMS (cellphone text messaging). Then along came slack and zoom and webex and teams and a multitude of other platforms to allow both real time text messaging and audio/video conferencing.
    Now comes "meta" -- which seems to miss the entire point.
    All the previous systems allowed person-A to communicate with person-B, easily - in real time.
    How is the "metaverse" an improvement over what already exists? Who wants to run around in virtual "worlds" trying to find the person you need to talk to?!? LOL

  • Michael Ross
    Michael Ross 4 months ago

    Wow... this is so incisive. Microsoft really is positioned well to have an actual metaverse. The problem is, there needs to be a raison d'etre, besides the proposed idea by Facebook of simple socializing, to make it work. That's what made a 'fortnite metaverse' as envisioned by Epic possible - people showed up for the game first, and the other economic and social opportunities of a metaverse were enabled by that. The thing is Zuck basically tried to recreate VR chat, something that's been around for a while. But Microsoft can possibly tie some of its gaming and professional audiences together in a unified online metaverse... On the one side, it sounds like a privacy nightmare and depending on the implementation could be clunky and terrible. On the other hand, it also sounds like an inevitable convergence of platforms, functions, and social networks as these huge companies conglomerate and assimilate more and more online markets.

  • Oliveira Luis
    Oliveira Luis 4 months ago +3

    To have something like what we see in Ready POne they will need massive effort and motivation beyond just money to develop the tech. They will need something new that can integrate new things at runtime, fast pace without breaking, in a way never before seen.

    • Derek K.
      Derek K. Month ago

      Ready Player 1 will never be reality. There will never be a platform like that that everyone is interested in. Most people are going to still prefer other hobbies.

  • Yakku
    Yakku 11 months ago +1087

    I really don’t look forward to this. For gaming sure but for having everything running through the metaverse and if you get banned you lose all of your money because your bank is inside of the metaverse it’s weird.

    • raaspider
      raaspider 3 months ago

      sounds like 1984 and they bann you for having a different opinion no thank you

    • Synopsis Snake
      Synopsis Snake 8 months ago

      @Eneco Laws are made up by human to maintain the peace in the society by properly apply it, yes?
      If it is so, then the people at large should have their say about it, in prior to the establishment for these "laws", yes?
      But, I know it may not be the same as how things should be in the reality, so I shall yield to your reasoning as well.
      My only hope, was to not see this Metaverse turning into "The Global Fascist VR" during its operation.
      That was a joke, by the way.

    • Box in a box
      Box in a box 8 months ago

      Imagine the crimes commited in real life

    • Eneco
      Eneco 8 months ago +1

      @Synopsis Snake >Having rules invented by others to be imposed on you
      What are you talking about, this is what laws are

    • FBI
      FBI 10 months ago

      @Consensus it requires a court order with this a senator or even a Mayor of San Francisco or New York could just simply ask Facebook freeze your bank account and take the money it doesn’t matter where you are in the country

  • Paul T Sjordal
    Paul T Sjordal 5 months ago +1

    The problem with the metaverse is that you have to take extra steps to participate in the community. You need a VR headset, special software, etc., etc., whereas Facebook and Twitter can be accessed from any device with a web browser, and it takes comparably little time to do anything on Facebook or Twitter. Liking or sharing a post is literally a fraction of a second.
    As someone who was once addicted to MMORPGs, I understand how incredibly addicting online communities can get, but as huge as World of Warcraft was in its heyday, it never reached the levels of Facebook or Twitter because you needed a computer capable of running the WoW client software, had to install said client software, etc. If the WoW community was as easy to access as Facebook and Twitter, and if WoW allowed significant actions to be made in far less time, then perhaps WoW would have produced numbers like Facebook and Twitter.
    Even if Facebook doesn't charge for the software (and they would be fools to do so), I don't believe it will be as popular as they think. Are they testing this with actual people to see how they respond?

  • MoonyButt
    MoonyButt 4 months ago

    Microsoft all the way! I will always support them and will never consider another company! Thank you Microsoft for all the fun years of software/hardware programs and gaming!

  • Kam Wallis
    Kam Wallis 3 months ago +2

    This makes me laugh now that Microsoft is partnered with Meta's vision for the Metaverse

  • So Much for Privacy Just to Play a Game

    "Some of the design elements are the same. . ." Microsoft is a fast follower, not an innovator. Their strategy is to get in interest in bits that they do not own.

  • Nathan
    Nathan 11 months ago +1688

    Zuck is so obsessed with claiming the metaverse as his own that everyone wants to beat him to it.
    No one wants to follow one person's grand scheme for what the metaverse should be. Especially not
    a slimey weasel like him.

    • zvxcvxcz
      zvxcvxcz 3 months ago

      Finance articles are already calling Roblox stuff part of the metaverse... so while a less ambitious definition is in use it seems that "Meta" has already failed their bid for mindshare, LMAO.

    • Sharan M
      Sharan M 11 months ago

      right on target

      SYAM KUMAR KATURI 11 months ago

      This is all rubbish sell gold buy platinum.hydrogen industry needs platinum as CATALYZERS.platinum is white gold...gold is not rare metal.There are so many metal every metal has their own uses..///..

    • John Constantine
      John Constantine 11 months ago

      this "tech" is ahrimanic...and rudolf steiner has been warning mankind about being too engaged in the material, replacing the spiritual with false and empty "virtual" material

    • Aquilesv
      Aquilesv 11 months ago

      The first time I plan Nintendo Wii I experiment in me "Metaverse" from ∞Meta" clip-share.net/video/DfixJWG8mtg/video.html

  • Rick Hobson
    Rick Hobson 4 months ago +2

    Second Life isn't a "game." Indeed, it has all the earmarks you've mentioned for some future virtual reality. It's always floored me that the screenshots I was seeing of "Meta" looked worse than SL at its best.

  • Garrett Viewegh
    Garrett Viewegh 3 months ago

    I feel, ever since VR technology was revolutionized, and the popularity of Ready Player One occurred, some companies are trying to create they’re own version of Oasis. VRChat so far, is the best representation of this. There are already big gaming and entertainment companies invested in VR gaming and there are plenty of headsets to choose from. Facebook was just late to the game, encountered a market already taken and staked by others, and Metaverse was executed poorly. Zuckerberg doesn’t deserve his fame and fortune, and it looks like his hubris is coming home to roost finally.

  • Paul I Kendrick
    Paul I Kendrick 4 months ago

    When any of these ‘metaverse’ keeps my future dementia self in my home, and not a more expensive setting, that will win - health and wellbeing has vastly bigger budgets - and needs to solve ‘aging populations’ - a metaverse with a Tesla robot will bring nirvana to the masses.

  • The Gentleman Phantom
    The Gentleman Phantom 3 months ago

    I knew this video was bogus since Microsoft isn't even involved with the metaverse. MS has only talked about their video games being metaverses already but it was misunderstood. Now MS is working with Zuck to build Meta into a business solution, which is probably the right direction since there's very little interest in the metaverse from a majority of consumers, esp younger people who generally dictated what is popular in tech. This was a bad take. Only people who don't really follow gaming kept thinking that the Activision deal somehow meant they were making a metaverse. It made no sense, you guys were so caught up in the metaverse hype you thought everything revolved around it.

  • Masked Avenger
    Masked Avenger 11 months ago +1270

    Here’s a thought, each generation tries to be different from the last. What if the next generation decides that the real world is better than a fake meta verse and they just shun the whole idea?

    • Michael B
      Michael B 8 months ago

      Considering how dependent we are becoming on digital everything; I doubt this will be the case. Most likely, WE'd hate it but the new generation would embrace it and soon enough they'd prefer it THAN the Real-world.
      As a kid, I used to love going out and playing with the neighbors in the streets. Now that's the REAL world, and nowadays kids prefer to stay in their bed and play a game with their digital device vs. going out.

    • MadAgs
      MadAgs 8 months ago

      You are assuming we have a future where walking around outside is going to be the norm. Ask India atm how they view that future?

    • Tom Bryant
      Tom Bryant 8 months ago

      That would be fucking awful. The real world sucks

    • Miłosz Skowroński
      Miłosz Skowroński 8 months ago

      Here's a radical idea: Metaverses are just a stupid idea and they're all going to die withing the next 3-5 years. I have nothing to base this on other than historical precedence: Most recently it was the NFTs in games - how well did that "revolution" go? But there's been plenty of other examples of grand ideas that were supposed to revolutionize the world, but ended up as a gimmick at best. Remember AR? Remember Google Glass? Remember 3D cinema? I remember Gabe saying about half of all games produced by now would be VR games. What happened to that? Hell, anyone remember IPv6? Does anything apart from torrent clients use that? It seems to me every couple of years or so some company or another tries to manufacture a "revolution", but it doesn't matter how much money you pour into it, if it sounds stupid, it most likely is stupid. And Metaverses of all kind just sound really stupid.

    • Dominik Jörs
      Dominik Jörs 8 months ago

      How do you know that our world is not "fake"

  • Victor Paredes
    Victor Paredes 2 months ago +5

    Not all adults want to live in a video game. I worked at a company that tried to do metaverse style meetings and it was awful for everyone who wasn’t an overgrown child.

  • Heywood Jabuzoff
    Heywood Jabuzoff Month ago

    2:49 FTC says "hold my beer"

  • Inspiring Morning
    Inspiring Morning 2 months ago +1

    Around 15 -20 years ago it was something similar that started around the same time with facebook.That virtual world didnt took off and facebook worth billions.You could build everything and create your own character meeting any person in real world .Will be just a hype like crypto😊

  • Happy SpaceInvader
    Happy SpaceInvader 2 months ago

    Factory production lines already have more automated monitoring and testing than you could possibly imagine (unless you work in heavy industry), using technology that’s been around for at least a decade and with a waste cost (in components/products physically tested in ways they can no longer be sold) that is near negligible compared to the overall cost of production. And I’m not sure whether human customers would ever trust, for example, a fire suppression system that had only ever gone through virtual simulated testing.

  • San Yasi
    San Yasi 8 months ago +637

    I'm glad it's failing. If there's going to be something like the 'Metaverse' then Facebook is one of the last companies that I want controlling it.

    • BumLug
      BumLug 3 months ago

      Meta made it possible to use the quest 2 completely without linking it to a facebook profile. So they are definitely trying to separate their metaverse from facebook.
      I know, they gather data anyway and that they can share or use our data. I use Vr my self and I understand the appeal and the potential of the technology. So I thing its great that they are willing to spend that amount of money to push it forward. I don’t even care if they go bankrupt, they are the pioneers of a very important part of the tech world. Lets talk about it in 10 years.

    • bumpsy2358
      bumpsy2358 4 months ago

      @Riverr No he isn't stop drinking the koolaid. He was photographed on the island with Jeffrey E. and suddenly after his wife divorces him.

    • W Klemmer
      W Klemmer 4 months ago +1

      @Arot naw, valve will make 2 versions and leave it there for the rest of time

    • Supertyp
      Supertyp 4 months ago

      @Madinogi Yeah but the worst things Microsoft did was when Gates was their CEO. Bribing, lying, cheating, calling Linux a "cancer that needs to be erased", bundling their crappy Internet Explorer tightly with Windows so other alternatives would have a hard time, so badly that states had to run lawsuits against them to make them support other products on their platforms, suing competitors if they could not buy them... And all that while their platform was actually a huge pile of crap until Windows 2000. Bill Gates certainly is not a saint.

    • Supertyp
      Supertyp 4 months ago

      @Riverr Gates also sued the people he grew up with. That was before Microsoft even had more than 10 employees. They implemented kill switches in their software so it won't run on alternative DOS versions that were not MS-DOS (even the DOS that MS-DOS was a rip of). They used their power to push out other marketing competitors.
      So he has donated money? One of the richest people on the planet? Everyone who's a load of money donates to "humanitarian" and "charity" causes, because it makes them look so decent - and also allows them to evade taxes.

  • Marshall Mykietyshyn
    Marshall Mykietyshyn 2 months ago

    I really liked that this video doesn't make outrageous claims or appear particularly biased to one side or the other. It felt informative without being cocky. Well done.

  • Nahua K
    Nahua K 5 months ago +1

    I like the reality we have. It's imperfect and there's plenty of darkness. But I don't need metaverse. One reality is enough for me to handle.

  • saulo borges
    saulo borges 2 months ago +5

    Metaverse is just like flying cars...always a few years away from becoming a reality. All the trends we had towards a digitalization happened because the digital form factor had clear advantages over the physical/analogic counterpart were metaverse is just a video call with extra steps. VR itself has a lot of potential to media consumption, training (like welding or other techinical and dangerous stuff) and other specific tasks where a 3D enviroment can help. But even so is not going to be the big next step but ratter one more tool you can use.

  • Gargoyled
    Gargoyled 7 days ago

    "microsoft isnt interested in locking you in to a single hardware" i'll believe that when they actually make their products work on other systems than windows and when their webpages works flawlessly on other browsers than their own. You might be right, that it's a shift they plan to make, but they haven't made that shift at all yet, and TEAMS is probably the worst example of microsoft opening up to other systems.
    a lot of microsoft products can be forced to work on a linux system, but it's not thanks to microsoft, but the linux community, let's hold our enthusiamsgasm over microsoft and wait and see if they actually do something that is even slightly close to what you explain, cause this i hear in the video is OVER glorification of a company that is build around locked in systems and law suits.
    EDIT: yeah, i had to get back to edit in some extra thoughts here, as i continued watching and saw more glorification, this time on bill gates and his "vision" of the future in 1995, these werent bill gates visions, if i remember correct it's been made public that bill gates literally stole the idea of "windows" the operating system and same with the vision of a future where people would carry devices around with them with these features.
    i mean, he isnt a bad business man, but remember he wasnt the one with these visions, he was the man that made a business out of someone elses visions.

  • De LaMar
    De LaMar 11 months ago +2034

    We don't need a Metaverse, we don't need Meta. We need humanity and altruism. Not another place of exile, anonymity and showmanship.

    • Jesushatesbible
      Jesushatesbible Month ago

      Yes then do something for this Planet and stop destroying it kid

    • Pete S.
      Pete S. Month ago

      Meta verse isn’t bad, even social media isn’t but because we live in a mentally unhealthy society we start to use tech for escapism instead of like a tool so I think you are right

    • Clara Cross
      Clara Cross Month ago

      @OP: Imagine implying that the metaverse is somehow devoid of or separate from humanity-that the metaverse could even exist without humanity in the first place. Do you think that everyone in the metaverse are all bots? You know 100% of everyone in there are all humans, right? And that humans are humanity? And I've seen more altruism in three months on VR Chat than I typically see in three years in the real world. This notion that virtual spaces are somehow devoid of humanity or life is egregiously ignorant.

    • Eva Kalutanthri
      Eva Kalutanthri Month ago

      @Gunny1971 Yes

    • SoMalicious
      SoMalicious 2 months ago

      This is the typical phobic response to any emerging/revolutionary technological advancement; that has only considered the negatives as opposed to the positives. *Yawn*

  • CJ sweep
    CJ sweep 5 months ago

    what if you took each game and combined them like puzzle peaces, slowly expanding on the VR world a piece at a time

  • Narc0
    Narc0 3 months ago +6

    I think the biggest step in the adoption of metaverse will be a completely stable Neural link allowing anyone to hop into it at any time - the building blocks will keep happening in the meantime, but more and more people are going to want to access it instantly without a bulky ( or possibly in the future not bulky at all ) headset / glasses.

    • Luke Potts
      Luke Potts Month ago

      @DataLog its only a matter of if there are more people like you or like @Narc0 , if people want it it will happen and they will want it as soon as they see someone else want it. if the average person say the president neurally connected to whatever tf, theyd want to be neurally connected to whatever tf

    • red herring
      red herring 2 months ago

      yes , Elon Musk was left out here ,

    • M D
      M D 2 months ago +1

      you really think anyone will care about some virtual reality bullshit in a world where most people won’t be able to eat anything anymore 😂😂 y’all are so damn naive

    • DataLog
      DataLog 2 months ago +3

      Your word salad means nothing.

  • Fredrik Dunge
    Fredrik Dunge 5 months ago +1

    6:30 Yes but as we saw with tablets if we want to see a device used in a professional setting privacy is paramount and that's what Meta can't deliver.

  • shane52478
    shane52478 2 months ago

    The whole idea of the metaverse is based on an apocalyptic view of the future where climate change and the ever present threat of a new pandemic are the driving factors. It doesn't go anywhere without these conditions being present. It sees a future so bleak, that the only way to socialize will be virtually.

  • Ty Lane
    Ty Lane 11 months ago +767

    A true metaverse has to be decentralized, like the internet. The metaverse will be a substrate that companies, and individuals can build on freely.

    • igvc1876
      igvc1876 8 months ago

      @PythonPlusPlus why would a group of people participating in a virtual world that's decentralized be fundamentally slower than in a centralized system? It's fundamentally no different than early multilayer games where one of the participants acted as a server and all the communication is between those participants. For many other applications such as cloud data storage, video streaming, etc, decentralization can actually be significantly faster since there could be more hosts in geographically closer regions and download bandwidth can be distributed across multiple hosts to download chunks of data in parallel. This is basically no different than torrent

    • PythonPlusPlus
      PythonPlusPlus 8 months ago

      @igvc1876 You’re making a poor argument here. Dynamic webpages wouldn’t work in the 90s because computers weren’t fast enough, and the internet wasn’t mature enough. Decentralisation, however, is limited by the laws of the universe. Unless you can make light speed faster, it will always be slower than centralised systems.

    • igvc1876
      igvc1876 8 months ago

      @PythonPlusPlus I find it hilarious when people make an argument about something not working in the future because today "it's slow". Using that logic, in the 90s no one in their right mind would think dynamic of webpages of today would be possible. Of course it will be decentralized, that's inevitable.

    • Angel G
      Angel G 11 months ago

      But if it's free, how Zuck will get richer?

    • palori
      palori 11 months ago

      i hate meta and sucker i hope microsoft wins

  • kulgan18
    kulgan18 2 months ago

    Very interesting stuff. I too agree that Zuck predictions about the metaverse may become true but facebook's version of the metaverse just looks too lame. Neither Gamers or companies will want it.
    But i have to tell you, VR will never stop being a niche thing until they can fix stuff like motion sickness.

  • adm
    adm 4 months ago

    This is an infinite spiral.
    We create a metaverse. Sent our consciousness completely into it, one glitch comes to the metaverse, and everyone forgot what happened.
    Oh boy, we are in a new universe, matrix.

  • Eihab Mously
    Eihab Mously 2 months ago +3

    I really think that the key is not to go into the meta verse but its to make the meta verse come to the real world. I mean you should not have to wear a head set to make you see stuff. I want the world around me to change and manifest into a reality or holograms

    • Luke Potts
      Luke Potts Month ago

      i think the seperation it provides is key, plus the whole point is that its astronically cheaper to produce things digitally than physically and if access is on your own the company isnt even paying for it. more holograms would be cool tho

  • RustyShackleford556
    RustyShackleford556 4 months ago +2

    Metaverse is already here lol, Fortnite is literally everything they're trying to make the metaverse. People gather, old and young, to compete in a universal combat sport. They also gather to hang out, watch movies, etc. and companies rent out spaces in the game to advertise their products. Fortnite is the proto-metaverse.

  • Scott Gust
    Scott Gust 11 months ago +382

    its hilarious to even hear about the "metaverse" people dont want it at all...the world is already physically disconnected enough and people are realizing it

      SYAM KUMAR KATURI 11 months ago

      This is all rubbish sell gold buy platinum.hydrogen industry needs platinum as CATALYZERS.platinum is white gold...gold is not rare metal.There are so many metal every metal has their own uses..////.

    • Zid96
      Zid96 11 months ago

      @Lawrence Lopez or just because a pornhub like 2ndlife did

    • Drunkmexican
      Drunkmexican 11 months ago

      @Falcon Windblade you don't seem to realize, he's here to poop because he's invested in Facebook.

    • Falcon Windblade
      Falcon Windblade 11 months ago

      @Counting Stars It's NOT. you now know what computers can do becuz it has been around AND INDISPENSABLE for more than 2 decades. Now position yourself as one of those average dudes back in the 80s, & you'd find yourself NOT knowing shit! Saying that you know stuff & you don't want it BEFORE it actually exists, is just like how people in the 80s say that they don't want computers because they know what 'computers', aka calculators, are like.

    • Counting Stars
      Counting Stars 11 months ago

      @Falcon Windblade it's different because now we know what computers and VR can do.

  • KindWorld
    KindWorld 4 months ago

    I truly pray with all my heart Metaverse and anything like it gets banned. People need to understand it’s one man’s greed to get unbelievably rich. Why would we want to live or do anything in a simulated world people are lazy enough. We need to interact with each other

  • Alien God
    Alien God 3 months ago

    I'm going on 47 and to me the Metaverse is just second life with cumbersome vr goggles, doesn't peak my interest like the internet did 20 years ago. Only way I would be interested is if it was fully immersive and as real as reality

  • Tim Manto
    Tim Manto 4 months ago

    Microsoft is also used in workplaces so it might be more easily adaptably to both a professional and recreational virtual economy.

  • axeofdeth
    axeofdeth 2 months ago

    I will never participate in any variation of the so called "metaverse". I will never use a new version of windows. I will never give these people more of the power they never deserved and grossly abused. For the fate of humanity, I suggest everyone else do the same. We don't need any of these people, and we don't need any of their things. Cast them into the oblivion of history and move forward without them. You'll love yourself, you'll love life, you'll love the world more for it.

  • Eric Spencer
    Eric Spencer 8 months ago +850

    I was there at the dawn of the internet. At the optimum age for it in my early 20s, when my grandparents rejected it outright without ever even knowing what it was, and my parents dismissed it as a passing fad, and still only have a fumbling, cursory understanding, and for me it involves nearly every aspect of life. And now here I am, confronted by this metaverse and thinking, no thanks. Life has come full circle.

    • B ᄂ Λ П K
      B ᄂ Λ П K 3 months ago

      @Ferus you’d be surprised

    • Justin Bennett
      Justin Bennett 3 months ago

      The internet and I were both released to the public on the same day. Within the same hour in fact.

    • WeiYinChan
      WeiYinChan 3 months ago

      @Eric Spencer internet made things that were impossible possible, we don’t have any real problems that metaverse can solve that regular internet didn’t already solved. The only value for VR is gaming, and maybe some niche application in creative industry, but there are better execution of than that metaverse that existed before. The things they tried to market to us are just over-engineered versions of experience we already hated being made worse, like those avatar work meetings. From how 3D cinema failed, it proves that people prefer something on a flat screen

    • Miłosz Skowroński
      Miłosz Skowroński 4 months ago

      @Laszer271 I am willing to play along as the devil's advocate. AR/VR does have a future and legitimate uses as you suggest. Even the US Army thinks there's something to it, because they signed a multi-million dollar deal with Microsoft to supply the Army with AR headsets. As you say, VR/AR does make your work easier in some circumstances. Now, back to my argument: First, this is a niche. It's not like McDonalds will suddenly buy VR headsets for its employees because it makes locating a patty in the fridge faster. It's much cheaper to just train your employees on where to find patties. Secondly, this has nothing to do with metaverses. Improving the workflow of your employees does not necessitate them spending their every waking hour hooked up to a VR headset, even outside working hours. This is a consumer product we're talking about. And I really don't think it makes anyone's life significantly easier or better for the price it is offered at. And I'm talking not just the monetary price, but the investment if time, effort and sacrifice from not being aware of your surroundings, among other things. While I do believe these costs can be overcome, it will take decades before general public will accept that VR and metaverse are at a state where they are willing to dedicate a significant portion of their lives to it, and actually feel the benefit when compared to using traditional PCs and smartphones. As for Brain-Computer Interfaces, we're talking waaaay more than the next few decades. You'd be hard pressed to find enough people who'd be willing to have a hole drilled in their skull, just so they can control the light switch, or order pizza without reaching for their phone. Not to mention this tech isn't even in its infancy yet. The closest one: Neuralink, is barely a prototype, and all it does is it helps control the onset of some conditions, by zapping your brain. We've known zapping the brain helps control those conditions for decades now. Right now, Neuralink is just a portable version of an electric shock therapy. The thing about paralysis patients being able to control artificial limbs is in trial stages and it works with SOME patients, but even that is unreliable. It'll be many, many years before it is accepted for clinical purposes, and many more years before people even start considering having a piece of silicon replace a part of their brain to be a viable way to open their garage doors, as opposed to pressing one button on their remote.
      Look, I like to dream too, but jesus christ on a stick, let's be a little bit realistic here.

    • Laszer271
      Laszer271 4 months ago

      @Miłosz Skowroński I generally do agree with you but let's just play a devil's advocate for a second. Like it was stated in the video, the AR/VR may increase productivity for various tasks. Imagine you want to find a faulty machine in a warehouse. It would be much easier if the machine could let you know where it is. It could be also easier to inspect some processes in a factory where you not only see the machines working but also see its live statistics like temperature, tasks done per minute, daily downtime, etc.
      Such possibilities still requires huge developments not only in VR/AR technology but also IoT but it might be where such technology becomes really beneficial. From there might come more applications for users such as answering messages with your mind or checking estimated calories intake of the food you are eating. In the end this technology is likely to develop but it may take a lot of time as it may become attractive only when computer implants and brain-machine interfaces becomes commonplace.

  • mrdewilliams
    mrdewilliams 2 months ago

    Various companies have come and gone for years that have been trying to create their "virtual worlds" for doing business. It is older than the public internet. There were even attempts during the dial-up BBS days. Each new iteration calls themselves new, and focuses on the promise of meeting and collaboration spaces. The problem is, that these VR worlds are not practical, nor desirable. It is a neat tech, that can be used for fun. That is why it succeeds for gaming.
    It worked, for a short time in the trade show business. With travel expenses being cut for a number of companies, attendance at trade shows was dropping. To combat this, a virtual trade show, complete with virtual vendor booths were brought into play. This should have been the ideal avenue for bringing VR into the business arena. But, these dropped VR tradeshows disappeared after a short time, because companies did not see enough benefit to the expense involved. Even during the COVID-19 shutdowns, when there should have been great opportunity for a resurgence, Virtual trade-shows and expos just followed a simple website scheme.
    The reality here is that the "metaverse" just isn't new. This is a model that has tried and failed many times over. The tech improves. Access speeds improve. Graphics improve. But it is still not a winning business model. AR has far more practical usage in business, but only in limited areas. VR is not a winning strategy for the office. Even Meta's own employees hate using it.
    Sorry Meta. I just can't get on board.

  • geordiemik72
    geordiemik72 5 months ago

    I think a major reason why Microsoft has consistently failed in the mobile space and one or two others is because millions of us spent decades watching Windows crash on our desktops. Who wants to risk taking the blue screen of death everywhere with you? I've lost count of how many mobile phones I've owned but can be absolutely positive that none of them came from Microsoft.

  • Estevan Hetherington
    Estevan Hetherington 2 months ago +1

    It needs to be cheaper to get people in. Starting high is a big mistake. Other companies will come in cheaper and take the customers.
    Tesla made the same mistake

  • Beth Standring
    Beth Standring 3 months ago

    It's good to get this perspective...i had just always assumed Meta would rule the roost.

  • north
    north 11 months ago +320

    I find it scary how interlaced our personal lives are with massive companies these days. Like, I DON'T want a massive company to use my information for profits. And I certainly don't like how it's steering in the way of basically being monitored daily 24/7 just so that this dumb company will advertize some chips or a game to me.

    • Jeremy Carneal
      Jeremy Carneal 11 months ago

      So just some of the time while your on youtube then.

    • Verigone
      Verigone 11 months ago

      @Kelly Christus TLDR: Sorry, I often use the language from the Federalist papers and conflate that with the Constitution itself. You are correct they are referred to a Jurisdictions, Artificial Persons, and Contractual Entities if I remember correctly.
      Full post: The Sovereign Citizen language has been oft misused by crazies living in the woods, but was originally the phrase meant to refer only to your inalienable rights as a human born of the earth. Jefferson quite liked the idea that each person was a sovereign state unto themselves and that the function of local Govt was to coordinate the wills in their area for like minded means to an end, and this structure could compound upward without requiring the direct intervention of the people...however, as we have seen demonstrated, greed and power know no honor or bounds and the will of the "Sovereign Individual" is ignored in favor of the will of the fictitious entity. I understand your apprehension to that language and the association it gets with the nutters who try to challenge Legal Jurisdiction on these basis...truth is, their non-sense starts from the very real arguments about Individual Sovereignty as evidenced in the dissentions of the Supreme Court in the time around the Founding of the Federal Reserve and again at each step where Corporations and Wealthy individuals are given in-equitable voice in government through campaign finance. The Constitution does not grant us Rights, it grants the Government power to protect and act on behalf of the people and frames the absolute hard boundaries that all subsequent law cannot infringe upon as well as the framework to enact/enforce laws and representatively tax the population. There is also a checks and balance system developed so that the hard boundaries can be examined and altered over time. The problem is many government decisions have negatively impacted the lives of regular everyday citizens and benefited the massively wealthy or corporations directly, and left us a broken 2 party system where the voice of the people is drowned out by beer commercials and cancel culture.

    • coolcat
      coolcat 11 months ago

      @DangBro they crave social interaction.

    • Zachary
      Zachary 11 months ago +1

      People thought the same thing about Social Security Numbers and Tax-IDs... A generation later it was accepted as commonplace. It is likely that your grandkids will live in a world where they do not really truly exist unless they are plugged in.

    • v8matey
      v8matey 11 months ago

      What scares me if facebook wants people to use its own currency.
      So if you invest. And you get banned. They just lock your account an keep your money?
      Imagine your bank account being closed because some clerk, didn't agree with some drunk status you wrote last Tuesday?

  • Nibbles D. Biscuits

    @0:56 if you pay attention they didn't promise a metaverse they said metaworse.

  • Artefis Software
    Artefis Software 3 months ago

    Sims can be very useful or fun and so on, but (and yeah, I’m an old guy, but with plenty of imagination) I’ve never quite caught onto Zuckerberg’s manic enthusiasm for his meta verse. Man does not live with pixels alone, and if Facebook is a huge waste of time, just imagine…

  • Bobby M
    Bobby M 2 months ago

    A key requirement for this metaverse is identity. That hasn't even been solved for the general internet. Proposing that a VR platform will be rolled out across multiple content platforms with unified identity and financials is ludicrous. It's so unrealistic that, like NFTs, only make sense to people who don't understand how the real world works.

  • Robert Platt
    Robert Platt 3 months ago

    Very few people want to give up their vision of their surroundings, even temporarily, even in a safe environment. Vision is too essential to our being. Nobody will voluntarily put these on, which means businesses would have to incentivize people (too expensive) or compel people (which defeats the idea of innovation.)
    As for factory use, people trip and disable themselves in factories every day, with complete and perfect vision. Insurance companies are going to go bananas if they are asked to cover a hazardous activity and workers' vision isn't utterly perfect at all times.
    Using Teams as an example of technological success shows how off this guy is.

  • dude Lange
    dude Lange 11 months ago +4686

    This guy is actually smart. Not just a curator of news and events. He actually understands business strategy.

    • Katy Seam
      Katy Seam 11 months ago

      @juicy carrot 88 facebook is not really his own creation, twins came up with the idea to connect students. he was cowardly enough to run with the concept. and yes VR is fun for a while, but everything has been tested here with friends nothing beats freedom without internet, the pandemic has taught us that. for you he is smart i look for intelligence in a person , with new fun and fresh ideas. #meta is a joke. real people fly into the facebook jail for a month and fake accounts are supported. and reporting them has little effect

    • Mark dove
      Mark dove 11 months ago

      Taller slightly more ugly Spiderman

    • Mark dove
      Mark dove 11 months ago

      Ah yes except he is 100% wrong on everything.
      The next generation of kids is functionally retarded.
      We are on a decline nothing will advance.

    • Antonio Silva
      Antonio Silva 11 months ago

      I disagree. Respect your point of view that metaverse is not arrive yet. To me metaverse discourse is a way to open creatives, designers, engineers to go further and don't limit themselves. That's all is a vision tha enhances and push people to move and the ideas that they believe impossible. Is not about video games and less about been first in that I think for him and the boys developing is technology in growth stage. Xbox and video games are diferrent a completely different thing. Is about managment and motivation and changes through time. Metaverse is me and you pushing forward the limits of our imagination. Love his work and the way he motivates people is so wide open and free that makes on feel anything is posibble. What is the metaverse for you?

    • DKnow
      DKnow 11 months ago

      @juicy carrot 88 he STOLE FACEBOOK... Check your facts

  • Bens Coffee Rants
    Bens Coffee Rants 2 months ago +1

    I don't think people really want to live in a VR world, where we interact with others there. For gaming sure, it's cool, but not something you want to do for long periods, the problem with VR is it takes you OUT of reality, blocking your sight/sound I think the future is going to be more in augmented reality, where you can have real life with extra info on your HUD.

  • Ved Arovski
    Ved Arovski 4 months ago +1

    Only big tech companies who are also good at video game industry are Sony and Microsoft. And that's for a reason. Meta, Amazon and Google can't be that big yet because they don't have enough experience. Microsoft and Sony started so early and they get rewards of that experience now.

  • Notcosteffective
    Notcosteffective 4 months ago

    It seems like VR is going to move towards a social experience of content creators vs gaming.

  • J M
    J M 5 months ago +1

    It has stifled our social media, gaming and VR progress for years. All the while destroying our self images, politics and privacy.
    We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
    Time to log out and stay that way. Let’s all watch it die together.

  • Fr0stw0lf
    Fr0stw0lf 11 months ago +506

    Basically it's a race for who can make hell better and faster. Metaverse represents a disconnection from reality. Perception is manipulated beyond belief.

      SYAM KUMAR KATURI 11 months ago

      This is all rubbish sell gold buy platinum.hydrogen industry needs platinum as CATALYZERS.platinum is white gold...gold is not rare metal.There are so many metal every metal has their own uses..////...

    • Marshall Williams
      Marshall Williams 11 months ago

      @Hybriid Its more of Spiritual Thing if you use that and get disconnect from the outside world. Jesus is coming soon i wouldnt wanna be caught in a capsule hotel and miss him. Or rather would hate to be gone and and someone i loved didnt believe and got left and didnt realize because they were in the capsule hotel.

    • Hybriid
      Hybriid 11 months ago

      @Abram Carroll You talk for others or based in your experience? Maybe you want to everyone has the same limits, or what is the point of throw this toxicity? You have so many contradictions in only two sentences than my mind is blowing, 4 real.

    • Hybriid
      Hybriid 11 months ago

      @Marshall Williams I don't understand your point. What changes for example with capsule hotels?

    • Hybriid
      Hybriid 11 months ago

      @David Harvey Isn't that what Corps do?

  • Subspace
    Subspace 2 months ago +1

    Wow. I truly tried to make it through that whole video, but you have so much wrong, on such a fundamental level, there's no point seeing your conclusions. Let's start with the basics. What is the Metaverse? I'll tell you what it's not. A 3D world. It's not Oasis. That's a piece of the Metaverse, but so is IRC. So is Discord. So is Facebook. The Metaverse is us projecting ourselves into the digital spaces as residents, instead of visitors. And some of us have been doing this since the mid 90s. Sure, it's cool to see this in 3D, but that medium itself, is not the Metaverse. Your account in here, your videos, you are ALREADY IN THE METAVERSE. You just don't realize it. So Microsoft owning all these games companies is sort of irrelevant, when it comes to the metaverse, but not for the reasons I just specified. The REAL reason Microsoft is irrelevant, is that it has zero presence in Web3.0. Blockchain is the next evolution of the Metaverse, through digital asset ownership, and the LAST thing MS or Meta wants, is ownership they do not control. That makes them BOTH irrelevant. But what really made me chuckle, was your Teams enthusiasm. Teams? Seriously? You realize it's just Sharepoint, right? Ancient sharepoint, with an extensible GUI on top of it. I use it every day, and it's cute, but it is nowhere near the future. You also said Microsoft was favoring 'cloud' over desktop OS's, and frankly, that doesn't even make sense. If your compute and storage are elsewhere, you STILL NEED A GUI TO INTERACT WITH IT. And hmmm, what GUI does Microsoft control? Windows. No offense, but you sound like someone WAY too young to be making these kinds of predictions.

  • Bens Coffee Rants
    Bens Coffee Rants 2 months ago

    From the Description of MetaVerse, I thought it sounded like another VRChat, which is just a weird game where you can create an avatar to represent yourself with and make crude gestures at random strangers.

  • Randy Reid
    Randy Reid 4 months ago

    Some good points. But, the Xbox box chat experience is extremely poor when playing Microsoft Windows PC games with friends on the Xbox console. Not sure how they compete with Meta in the metaverse when they can't even deliver a decent chat experience. Maybe one day Microsoft will integrate their console with Discord. Guess they could always buy Discord.

  • Oeukhang Vannak
    Oeukhang Vannak Month ago

    I think zuck so amazing founders

  • facio1000
    facio1000 11 months ago +851

    I think one of the quirks of being a good futurist can be expressed like this: Seeing the top of Mount Everest before everyone else, doesn't mean its easy for you to personally get there.

      SYAM KUMAR KATURI 11 months ago

      This is all rubbish sell gold buy platinum.hydrogen industry needs platinum as CATALYZERS.platinum is white gold...gold is not rare metal.There are so many metal every metal has their own uses..////

    • John Constantine
      John Constantine 11 months ago

      this "tech" is ahrimanic...and rudolf steiner has been warning mankind about being too engaged in the material, replacing the spiritual with false and empty "virtual" material

    • Aquilesv
      Aquilesv 11 months ago

      AVATAR film

    • JM P
      JM P 11 months ago

      Except no one needs the metaverse. We have literal problems in the world.

    • 𝐙𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐚𝐥・
      𝐙𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐚𝐥・ 11 months ago

      @Aaaa Like that one library that probably contains mostly important information on all of human history but got burnt for some reason.

  • Asae Japan
    Asae Japan 3 months ago

    You made a confusion between coining the term 'metaverse' and figuring out what virtual reality will evolve in the future, which is what millions of people have done since the eighties with great accuracy. So, Mr. Zuck's talking about what it should be and coining the term does not give him any technological or marketing head-start. Ideas don't start to come to life when you notice them, they use an army of obscure geniuses to lay foundation, then the guy with a bigger wallet and a bigger voice enters the scene.

  • Marika's Daughter
    Marika's Daughter 2 months ago

    "They've been a massive player in the video game industry for decades now. First with pc games like Doom in the 90's" They had nothing to do with Doom.... iD Software developed Doom.

  • Wendy Gram US
    Wendy Gram US 4 months ago

    Ok, so I'm biased, but I have to mention NVIDIA's contribution to the Metaverse, Omniverse. It is an actual, tangible metaverse instead of a concept. If anyone is "killing it", it's NVIDIA.

  • Chuck Reynolds
    Chuck Reynolds 2 months ago

    If you want to see value in VR, there are head sets which understand blueprints and will mark the locations of holes to be drilled and fasteners to be installed, which is awesome for productivity. Facebook always sucked.

  • guydreamr
    guydreamr 11 months ago +784

    He's awful enough in real time, the thought of encountering Zuck in virtual reality terrifies me to no end.

    • Mr Kitty 🔧
      Mr Kitty 🔧 6 months ago +1

      There is a virtual reality video at youtube of marck Zuckerberg, it's really scary and is 360bdegrees in the video zuck is walking around and you have to turn your phone to find him when he sneeks in , i won't add the spoiler 🤓

    • Alex
      Alex 8 months ago

      @Jin Bun bro he will make SAO in real life, he is absolutely horrible

    • Eduardo Cao
      Eduardo Cao 9 months ago

      You actually think he uses his platform. LOL I doubt it.

      MOAAATEKITA 9 months ago


    • Bryan Seas
      Bryan Seas 9 months ago

      @Nick Smith cuz he looks ugly and i dont needa giv any other reason besides that

  • Zachary Howard Azeez
    Zachary Howard Azeez 2 months ago

    Biological effects of non ionising radiation need to be solved in order for the meta verse to not have significant negative effects on human health. Most aren’t aware of this issue but the science is there for anyone willing to look. Probably a solvable problem and huge ip opportunity.

  • Caracal
    Caracal 3 months ago +1

    In 1903 a bank refused to lend to Henry Ford saying "The horse is here to stay, but the automobile is only a novelty-a fad."
    What I find amazing is we are living in the most innovative time in human existence, people over 35-40 can remember having o cell phones, no internet, and then dial-up when it came out where you were limited to how long you could be online each day! Set TV schedules, video cassettes and having to go to cinema or video store to see a film you wanted instead of immediate availability, driverless cars, digital cameras instead of having to send photos away to be developed, etc etc and yet so many seem to still be skeptical about this Metaverse.
    One point I'd make is that it's not M'soft vs F'book, it's M'soft AND F'book, and many other companies all working on the same idea.
    Think of other industries online like social media sites, games makers, game console makers, cell phone makers, PC makers, operating systems. It's almost never one company owning all the pie so if you think of it that way, it's pretty risky betting against the Meaverse.

  • John Butterfield
    John Butterfield 2 months ago

    I love the irony of the DOOM reference to name the first key point about games, given that it's creator is, y'know, John Carmack is working at Meta on Oculus.