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Can’t believe I guessed his job 💪 (very unlikely)

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • #shorts #careers #jobs

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  • AccurateMemin
    AccurateMemin 27 days ago +37125

    "That's what the girls say" mans never lost his touch 💀

    • Cosmic_Ghost
      Cosmic_Ghost 2 hours ago

      ​@Someone's Opinions the guy in the video is literally implying something dirty lmao what else

    • Tasya Pretty
      Tasya Pretty 2 hours ago

      @Someone's Opinions its or it's? and honesty or honestly?

    • zxerxtylol
      zxerxtylol 5 hours ago

      @Someone's Opinions bro the guy in the video said it first we js playing dont take everything to heart 😹

    • Im an idiot
      Im an idiot 12 hours ago

      Bros still at his prime

  • Sleepy
    Sleepy 7 days ago +19363

    A weird thing I noticed, not only did he speak Japanese, but the inflection seemed proper too. This man has spent some time in Japan.

    • Sleepy
      Sleepy Hour ago

      @Shane Taylor Japanese inflection is completely different from English inflection. Spanish is nearly identical to English in inflection, not a great example.

    • Sleepy
      Sleepy Hour ago

      @sierra may as someone learning Japanese, I can say that's technically true, but inflection and pronunciation are different

    • Sammie
      Sammie 3 hours ago

      @Shane Taylor but you wouldn't accidentally respond to someone in Spanish.

    • Sammie
      Sammie 3 hours ago

      @Kevin Athe point of a language isn't to be cool... Huh 😭

    • Shane Taylor
      Shane Taylor 9 hours ago

      His inflection of one super common word. I'm pretty sure with semi regular familiarity I could say Hola pretty authentic but that wouldn't make me fluent in Spanish.

  • spitonash
    spitonash 6 days ago +9715

    bro maxed out his charisma stats

    • Tymeier
      Tymeier Day ago +6

      Just need him to break the game and get NCR/Legion peace

    • Chickenblade
      Chickenblade 4 days ago +9


  • Victor Pham
    Victor Pham Month ago +238965

    “That’s what the girls say” 💀

  • A Bowl Of Xpired Milk
    A Bowl Of Xpired Milk 11 days ago +9210

    "oh, i'm speaking japanese now"
    Why did he say it so calmly bahahha 😭

    • J4ck
      J4ck 16 hours ago +1

      @Omnihilo same with me with learning Spanish 😂

    • jim
      jim 17 hours ago

      ​@Omnihilomany bilinguals swap language on accident. i have a greek friend who just swaps to greek mid sentence sometimes before she stops herself and realizes

    • Victoria Faustino
      Victoria Faustino Day ago +1

      ​@Pablo Maidana I speak 4 languages, learning my fifth and I can say I randomly switch because I can't remember the word, the fact that I'm forgetful doesn't help at all.
      I'll be like "and then I walked through the... I forgot the word but it's the equivalent of (word in another language)" I usually say that to people that know that language as well, sad thing is when it happens to french or even Japanese I have to think really hard and control myself not to say it because I know my pronunciation is off and most of my friends can't understand it, when it happens in english or Spanish then I can get a little bit of leeway at least; for context I speak english, spanish, french and portuguese, I'm learning japanese.
      Also there's this thing you should do when learning a language and that is integrating it into your day-to-day life, it helps a lot when learning how to live with it and get to the fluent level but when it comes to talking without using it sometimes your brain gives up on stoping it and you just blurt it out.

    • aleksi k
      aleksi k Day ago +2

      @Saoirse yeah that's true! I've never really thought about that before haha. Also if you've learned about a topic mainly in one language /talked about something specific in that language you often subconsiously tie them together.

  • Arnav Gautam
    Arnav Gautam 26 days ago +2406

    Bro casually met Richard Barbieri and didn't recognise him either!

    • Arnav Gautam
      Arnav Gautam 4 hours ago +1

      @Podomus bro I didn't make this comment to sound "smart", I don't need to "sound" anything bro...
      I did this to indirectly help people...

    • Fernando Coelho
      Fernando Coelho 8 hours ago

      😂😂😂 Good to see some Porcupine Tree characters around here! 😅 LoL

    • Molly Anderson
      Molly Anderson 12 hours ago

      One must first know who someone is before being able to recognize them

    • phlip kickz
      phlip kickz 13 hours ago

      @Podomus Fraaagooouuuttt

    • Bean
      Bean 16 hours ago +1

      That's what I'm saying man

  • Disco Inferno
    Disco Inferno Month ago +66520

    That's a charismatic ass fella

  • Clara Nadine
    Clara Nadine 5 days ago +2002

    That man is the most delightful person I've ever seen 😂😭

  • •Arunaoi-Chan•
    •Arunaoi-Chan• 3 days ago +446

    This man is the grandpa everyone wants.

  • blah
    blah Month ago +56316

    "that's what the girls say" granddad's got some rizz 💀

  • Ace Faz
    Ace Faz 12 days ago +745

    He spoke Japanese and he instantly knew he was good on a piano

    • Sahil P
      Sahil P 3 days ago +15

      Cause a lot of music in Japan is Violin or Piano in classical category

  • TsundereYoongi
    TsundereYoongi 5 days ago +286

    The fact he spoke Japanese, and it took him saying he spoke Japanese to realise that he'd spoken Japanese. It's just normal to me at this point and I don't even speak Japanese 😭

    • Moothu
      Moothu 34 minutes ago

      ​@Cxarhom’ell Kpop is Korean isn't it? Jpop is japanese

    • Crusty
      Crusty 14 hours ago

      kpop L

    • TsundereYoongi
      TsundereYoongi 2 days ago +9

      @Cxarhom’ell hmm, maturity at its finest.
      That doesn't even make sense.

    • Cxarhom’ell
      Cxarhom’ell 2 days ago +2

      Common kpoop L.

  • Leche 【Kaigainiki】
    Leche 【Kaigainiki】 Month ago +27747

    Bro only took a minute to make me like him. Cool ass voice, so chill, speaks Japanese, AND a musician.

    • Delta
      Delta 2 days ago

      ​@RoosterInMyRariwell, you could apply to pretty much anyone on this world. Doesn't matter whether he knows or not, it doesn't really change anything.

    • Kayhan Almir
      Kayhan Almir 2 days ago

      Love this.

    • bruh
      bruh 2 days ago

      ur name milk?

      HIROSHI ARUTO 3 days ago

      @Reki_Rock what am I saying: はたしは すずめです

    • Reki_Rock
      Reki_Rock 3 days ago +2

      Oh bruv you’d like me for sure then, I play 5 instruments, speak a little bit of japanese, chill and I’m very chill

    BLANK 28 days ago +278

    Bro accidentally turned on the Japanese keyboard 💀💀

    • Ally Fin
      Ally Fin 20 hours ago

      I do that sometings

    • Wixy
      Wixy Day ago +3


  • Kiana Marrie
    Kiana Marrie  Day ago +7

    Each time he said yes, it gave a sense of humbleness and content. ❤

  • C
    C Month ago +54869

    How did bro just accidentally start speaking Japanese 😭💀

    • martin landin
      martin landin 5 hours ago

      sometimes i forget a word in my first language but others who I'm with know's english so i just ask them what the english word is in my first language but i like never say something in english, but i do like to speak different sometimes in chat, like Spanish, French, Arabic, Finnish and so on

    • mon
      mon 2 days ago

      it’s pretty damn common for bilingual and trilingual etc. people to accidentally speak a different language mid conversation, especially if they’re pretty much fluent in the languages they speak

    • Lucifer [Don't read my Description]
      Lucifer [Don't read my Description] 3 days ago

      ​@pengu being multi-lingual?(whats the 3 version of billingual) i also do the same by mistake.
      But the fun part is if i do so my other friends know what i mean since they know the same language+2 more 😂
      Its like changing channels but the other person has more channel options.

    • Mumachan
      Mumachan 3 days ago

      When you’re an old ass weeb it happens from doing with friends, for fun and from hearing it constantly

    • caden
      caden 3 days ago

      @Nguyễn Việt Lâm Anh yes exactly x'D

  • multifandom
    multifandom 20 days ago +169

    dude just randomly met richard barbieri and had no idea...

  • D B
    D B 3 days ago +27

    He went from a cute bubbly grandpa to full savageness. AND he's brittish

    AISHIK Month ago +16553

    Officially the chillest dude in japan

    • bobo(ko)
      bobo(ko) 4 days ago

      Ay pfp twin

    • Briton
      Briton 5 days ago

      @Milo Tek “just”? The best of the best

    • Scythe
      Scythe Month ago

      @MrBennimax dude you’re so far, good try though

    • Jimmy O
      Jimmy O Month ago

      Agree to disagree on this one hahaha.

  • ColorMaticYT
    ColorMaticYT 5 days ago +57

    He sounds like every charismatic badass old man in every action film.

  • Alexia Chen
    Alexia Chen 2 days ago +4

    Bro can speak multiple language, has a huge yearly income and still has that rizz damn

  • Небылицы
    Небылицы Month ago +28085

    Bro didn’t deliver, but the man is truly a character

    • qSyx
      qSyx 19 days ago +1


    • Gabriel
      Gabriel Month ago

      ​@Goodrich white lmao

    • $Coup$
      $Coup$ Month ago +1

      @Goodrich tough and tuff r two different things

    • Goodrich
      Goodrich Month ago +6

      @Cody Riot how is that tough 😂 you’re goofy

    • hachi
      hachi Month ago +2

      @Louper ur jealous

  • Al Kaushik
    Al Kaushik 2 days ago +17

    He's that typical anime grandpa who knows when to flex the muscles

  • Annie Is Okay
    Annie Is Okay Day ago +3

    “That’s what the girls say”, I love this man.

  • Justin Walker
    Justin Walker Month ago +23464

    Bro just scammed him out of his security questions 💀

    • Rafael C. C.
      Rafael C. C. 2 days ago +1

      Bro literally said he ONLY had to rank five categories and proceeded to ask him his whole life. "Did you know how I guessed it?" My brother, the only thing you forgot to ask him was about his bank account password.

    • Mio ♡
      Mio ♡ 5 days ago

      @bolson42 why are you so offended bro go back to eating baby food and watching Coco melon if you can't handle a joke 🤣 it doesnf hurt or effect you in any way

    • bolson42
      bolson42 5 days ago

      @Mio ♡It’s not funny because it’s nowhere near true. Jokes like this rely on some truth to be funny, it’s just dumb and ignorant.

    • Stonks
      Stonks 10 days ago +3

      “On a scale of 1-5, what’s your mothers maiden name?”

  • SwiftBlade4
    SwiftBlade4 Day ago +1

    This looks like the chilliest dude you can meet on the street.

  • Doodle guy
    Doodle guy 20 hours ago +1

    That man aged like fine wine. He still got it

  • KATTO the cat
    KATTO the cat Month ago +4767

    - *speaks Japanese
    - "That's what the girls say"
    Hol' up 💀

    • Yuri
      Yuri 14 hours ago

      @KREEKRAFT IS SUSY BAKA wait the band that makes synthpop? duran duran kinda copied them?

    • Кактусино Генриэтто
      Кактусино Генриэтто Day ago

      ​@KREEKRAFT IS SUSY BAKA Rather in 80's. They disbanded in 1991.

    • Zaxguts249
      Zaxguts249 5 days ago

      @Yuri Nator it is lol

    • Bhuvanesh D
      Bhuvanesh D 6 days ago

      That's what the waifus say

  • TheJadedDragonArts
    TheJadedDragonArts 2 days ago +5

    Man has the cool elderly mentor for the main character Iroh-esque energy

  • anica
    anica Day ago +2

    bro casually bumped into Richard barbieri and had a whole ass convo with him T^T

  • Thompo 🫠💀
    Thompo 🫠💀 Month ago +45711

    That’s what the girls say- flexes his hands suspiciously

    • Burgo
      Burgo 9 days ago

      @Joseph Pyes he obviously did…

    • To The Horror
      To The Horror Month ago

      Looks like something from Konosuba.
      Its Pianist not Penis.

    • Angel Prado
      Angel Prado Month ago +1

      Ka- Kasuma??

    • E
      E Month ago


    • Condor
      Condor Month ago +1

      Finger banging pro

  • stranger
    stranger 2 days ago +1

    man really cracked the "that's what she said" joke

  • Chicken?
    Chicken? 3 days ago +2

    I could tell he's rich by the 1500 dollar jacket he's wearing.

  • No Vanity
    No Vanity Month ago +21411

    In what kind of japanese rock band does he play piano to get 100k a year

    • Taterds
      Taterds 3 days ago

      he said he plays piano, he didnt say he plays the piano for a living

    • J.K. Moerkved
      J.K. Moerkved 9 days ago

      He was in glam rock/synth pop band “Japan”, they were huge in the 70’s and 80’s.

    • Misha B Abernathy
      Misha B Abernathy 15 days ago

      @Cassette Walkman he’s not Richard…

    • Misha B Abernathy
      Misha B Abernathy 15 days ago

      @mcbill no, he’s not Richard Barbieri… Richard has longer hair and he doesn’t look like this…

    • beirch
      beirch 19 days ago +1

      He's been part of Pocupine Tree for many years and has writing credits with them. Much of his income will likely come from those royalties.

  • djo lo
    djo lo 2 days ago

    no wonder hes so happy and chill

  • TheCoolCat
    TheCoolCat Day ago

    We need more ppl like that guy xd

  • hazeyaart
    hazeyaart Month ago +44768

    “I guarantee that I will be able the guess it”
    “That’s a statement” 💀💀
    Edit one: You know, people can start a fight over anything these days..CHILL OUT!!!

    • Muffin-Mary Dairy
      Muffin-Mary Dairy 4 days ago

      How did you guys possibly think they were talking about the guys in the video? That's where I'm confused. The edits are always because of the replies or to fix a spelling or grammatical mistake..

    • hazeyaart
      hazeyaart Month ago

      @Turxe don’t worry about it

    • Turxe
      Turxe Month ago

      @hazeyaart oh sorry I misunderstood

    • Brittenelle and Orion
      Brittenelle and Orion Month ago +2

      @hazeyaart Oh my bad my bad I thought you thought they were fighting in the vid. Also side note, I think it would be better for your own mental health to stop responding to the people from this comment :) Have a blessed day!

    • hazeyaart
      hazeyaart Month ago +1

      @esotericvv same to you

  • Skye Island
    Skye Island 6 days ago +22

    Me and that guy have one thing in common...
    We both accidentally slip into a different language during an English conversation

  • Valentina
    Valentina Day ago

    he just gave out the "that's what she said" without even thinking about it lmao

  • Abigail Ball
    Abigail Ball Month ago +24306

    Piano man has that sass 💀

    • E
      E Month ago


    • MrAnimA
      MrAnimA Month ago

      @MarsBlut53 piano has has that sas

    • That guy
      That guy Month ago

      What girls he talkin about 12?

    • uri
      uri Month ago

      ​@MarsBlut53 piano man ha that a

    • Fordi Wega Gaze
      Fordi Wega Gaze Month ago

      ​@MarsBlut53 Piano man has that a

  • Cian
    Cian 2 days ago

    his random japanese is so like me. except I do it with spanish, japanese, korean, and german out of nowhere. not fluent in any of these but I tried to learn them all simultaneously and now they’re all in my head floating and waiting to come out😭

  • NiG
    NiG Month ago +8413

    ”So it’s a creative sector”
    ”Hai…. Yes” 😂

    • Wary
      Wary Month ago

      @Liam Giessen 72 goated game

    • E
      E Month ago


    • twothreeoneoneseventwoonefourfive
      twothreeoneoneseventwoonefourfive Month ago

      actually happens when you are very good can confirm
      and a lot of others things like un, aizuchi, bowing to people etc

    • D C
      D C Month ago +1

      @Beck🎭 💀

    • Beck🎭
      Beck🎭 Month ago

      @D C go outside

  • Metal-Up- My-Bass
    Metal-Up- My-Bass 2 days ago

    One look at him and I could tell he was a musician right away

  • RocketShadesTv
    RocketShadesTv Day ago

    Bruh wish this man had his own yt channel, and if he does, someone tell me, he seems like a wonderful person 👍

  • ec0
    ec0 Month ago +6017

    We will never know who the rich pianist in the Japanese band is

    • luasin
      luasin 3 days ago

      He is Richard Barbieri

    • Nurul Aqilah
      Nurul Aqilah 20 days ago +2

      I mean, technically his band's name is Japan. A somewhat popular new wave band back in the 80s. Dude was giving a real big hint right there

    • Hannah
      Hannah 26 days ago +2

      He’s definitely not Richard Barbieri. Sorry y’all. I’m a big fan of Japan and that’s not him. Still wanna find out who this guy is tho

    • mazeppa1231
      mazeppa1231 Month ago

      100K a year is not rich, lol. But he does make more than the average pianist though.

    • Greg Kovacs
      Greg Kovacs Month ago

      Rich Piana

  • Sucur S.
    Sucur S. 5 hours ago

    I love the musician's voice. I could listen to it all day.

  • Layan Al-kooheji
    Layan Al-kooheji 4 days ago +25

    bro just had a conversation with Hans Zimmer

  • Cktime ThirtyTwo
    Cktime ThirtyTwo Month ago +2371

    Dude asked like 50 extra questions and is surprised he got it with just his 5 1-5 questions 😂

    • oscarnovember
      oscarnovember Day ago

      He says he is gonna ask questions in five categories.

    • My You
      My You 5 days ago

      ​@Yoshi24 it's called probing questions. Gotta ask the right questions tho.

    • Yoshi24
      Yoshi24 5 days ago

      Did he really though? I mean he kinda had to lead into it. He got it quite easily

    • Ahmad Daffa
      Ahmad Daffa 17 days ago +9

      because he rarely got the answer right

    • David C
      David C 26 days ago +9

      Try it on me if you think it’s so easy 😂

    VAIBHAV BHATT 2 days ago

    Grandpa got a high level of Rizz

  • Ashrelita
    Ashrelita 2 days ago

    How is he smooth af and extremely humble 🤯 that’s a rare one

  • Matěj Kmec
    Matěj Kmec Month ago +13408

    Bro casually met Hans Zimmer lmao

    • Lellos
      Lellos 14 days ago +2

      ​@JohnB3G it's not him lol

    • lamp007
      lamp007 14 days ago

      Still don’t know who he is after reading this chain of comments…

    • JohnB3G
      JohnB3G 15 days ago +1

      ​@Liam Sweeney i think so, he's pretty weird in this video

  • KingArcherTheGrey
    KingArcherTheGrey 3 days ago

    Bro, I wanna be a music composer when I grow up.

  • John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

    He makes $100,000 playing the piano? Wow. Now that guy is living the life for sure.

  • Lucas Kincanyon
    Lucas Kincanyon Month ago +4385

    This dude had rizz back then. We’re seeing an old legend.

    • Nathaniel Howlett
      Nathaniel Howlett 13 days ago +1

      ​@Egay ....
      Just because i have my hair turning white at 16 don't mean I'm old c'mon....

    • qSyx
      qSyx 19 days ago +1


    • Egay
      Egay 19 days ago

      ​@bulletproof tiger Nah you gotta be old if you don't know what rizz means

    • Lucas Kincanyon
      Lucas Kincanyon 27 days ago

      @ɅRCANA oh that’s cool I didn’t know that.

    • Lucas Kincanyon
      Lucas Kincanyon 27 days ago

      @Jannik Martin nah facts though.

  • Raptor RSR
    Raptor RSR 6 days ago +4

    “Do you play an instrument?” Bro just said he’s a musician 💀

  • GwenTheGoober
    GwenTheGoober 8 hours ago

    That guy's got a lot of rizz going with that last line LMAOOO

  • boop
    boop Month ago +1024

    He's the Japanese Snape that chose a different path in life and ended up with banks amount of money

    • Open My Rice
      Open My Rice 28 days ago +2

      Your comment made my dayyyyy😭🤣🤣

    • FrogBrah
      FrogBrah Month ago +4

      For I was going to say he looks exactly like snape

  • Rashid Ibrahim
    Rashid Ibrahim 3 days ago +2

    I know what he does, this man is The Rizzler!

  • rosemilk
    rosemilk 4 days ago +1

    well now i wanna know who this charming lad is

  • Chaos Arrives
    Chaos Arrives Month ago +4139

    "That's what the Girls Say"
    *Moves his hand... suspiciously*

  • 라니
    라니 Day ago

    That's ACTUAL Japanese... like, PROPER Japanese!! I thought he was joking around until that!👀

  • NightySpidey
    NightySpidey 17 hours ago

    This the type of guy to find in a Park and have the most chill conversation you ever had in your life

    itzIMMORTAL Month ago +2079

    People taking about his fingers
    Me: i want his voice , he is giving such a calm and warm but an impactful voice.... Such a deep voice 😭

    • Agie Kae
      Agie Kae Month ago +1

      Fr fr

    • Mason Horton
      Mason Horton Month ago +13

      For real, it sounds like he could be a Narrator!

  • luvliv
    luvliv 3 days ago

    it took me less than a minute to love this man

  • ᑭᗩᗰᒪOOᖴ
    ᑭᗩᗰᒪOOᖴ 23 hours ago

    I am now aspiring to have this dude‘s chill.

  • Copycat
    Copycat Month ago +1881

    Never ask men about their salary
    Woman about their weight
    Pianists what do they do with their fingers

  • RoseyRoses
    RoseyRoses 3 days ago

    Anyone who literally sounds like Austin Powers is an automatic yes in my book

  • Eriii
    Eriii 3 days ago

    Bro randomly started speaking Japanese 😂

  • Mrallgaming
    Mrallgaming Month ago +1968

    “That’s what the girls say” 😂

  • theo
    theo 2 days ago

    Speaks japanese.
    "That's what the girls say."
    Plays piano.
    Is he..... an anime protagonist?

  • Sloth
    Sloth 3 days ago


  • Th3_Kryptik
    Th3_Kryptik Month ago +5039

    If that’s “huge” then we’re doomed💀
    Sorry guys I’m talking 30,000 a year, basically 25,000 below U.S average lol
    Edit: GUYS! Someone here has 119k likes. I personally think we can beat it as a TEAM. COME ON GUYS

    • S0RAR0XAS
      S0RAR0XAS 5 days ago

      @HA Nope. Most people I know have a decent salary though.

    • HA
      HA 5 days ago

      @S0RAR0XAS 2 reasons. 1) a lot of people earn 15-20 but there are also people making 100-500 numbing up the average. 2) most people you know don’t have a high salary

    • S0RAR0XAS
      S0RAR0XAS 6 days ago

      @HA 25k is national average? I know maybe two people who earn that or over.

    • HA
      HA 6 days ago

      @S0RAR0XAS no it’s not. It’s good but it’s only 5k over national average. Definitely not considered “huge”

    • HA
      HA 6 days ago

      @Deli still not a lot that’s only 5k above national average

  • ThirdyRaptor25
    ThirdyRaptor25 Day ago

    His voice is the most calmest and best voice i have ever heard

  • Blade on Blitz
    Blade on Blitz 6 days ago

    this man doesn't have rizz he has charisma

  • improve3386
    improve3386 Month ago +726

    I have no idea how old this grandpa is but he definitely got that kind of humor.

    • Vosovio
      Vosovio 4 days ago +2

      ​@Cassette Walkman except he looks nothing like Richard barbieri

    • Cassette Walkman
      Cassette Walkman 20 days ago +8

      65yo (if my maths is right) Richard Barbieri, born 1957.

  • Blue Plumbob
    Blue Plumbob 4 days ago

    Didn't know Jerry was chill like that 😂 the ending

  • Lucifer ZHIEND
    Lucifer ZHIEND 2 days ago +1

    I got shook by that はい 💀💀💀

  • Fresh Danny
    Fresh Danny Month ago +521

    The coolest old man I’ve ever seen

  • Emanthegman
    Emanthegman 6 days ago

    "That's what the girls say" ..then he wiggles his fingers like an evil villain 🤣
    He's a player in more ways than one 💀

  • Lillian Bahena
    Lillian Bahena 15 hours ago

    I keep watching it just to see his reaction to him speaking Japanese. Idk why it’s so funny to me😭

  • toadlst
    toadlst Month ago +446

    “alright. 30k?”

    • HA
      HA 6 days ago

      @Tevi 30k annual isn’t “huge”

    • toadlst
      toadlst Month ago +1

      @Flavio Araujo germany bro

    • Greg Kovacs
      Greg Kovacs Month ago

      @Per Lundgren yearly atleast in Finland

    • jeremy
      jeremy Month ago

      p sure 30-40k is average in Europe, which still isn’t huge but it’s not like so far off to say it’s ridiculous.

    • Per Lundgren
      Per Lundgren Month ago +1

      @toadlst It's the normal thing to do in Sweden, and we're a part of Europe last time I checked.

  • Daniel T
    Daniel T 4 days ago

    sheeesssh still got that rizz at 85. throw it down gramps!

  • Jutado
    Jutado 5 days ago +1

    “That’s what the girls say” bro is on an entire different level

  • ♡Vespertine♡
    ♡Vespertine♡ Month ago +40

    Bro grandpa is 70+ and still got it- 💀

  • Bella
    Bella 4 days ago

    Bro is literally the main character 😂

  • youpickedthewronghousefool

    That guy is probably the best grandfather in the world

  • Kai Rousell
    Kai Rousell 3 days ago

    I love how happy the dude got when he guessed it 😆

  • Tenzin Gendun
    Tenzin Gendun 7 days ago +1

    “That’s what the girls say” DUDEEEEEE HE SLAYIN IT!!!!! 💀

  • Pitah
    Pitah Month ago +619

    Him:On these 5 categories
    Also him: Proceeds to ask hundred more questions

    • Honorbrother
      Honorbrother Month ago +1

      ​@lunazuiwell that makes it even less impressive

    • Just some Estarossa with a moustache
      Just some Estarossa with a moustache Month ago +2

      ​@Pana i feel offended

    • Pana
      Pana Month ago +1

      ​@Slebandogux ofc both of u have an anime pfp

    • Slebandogux
      Slebandogux Month ago +2

      ​@lunazui yeah i don't get what this comment is about

    • lunazui
      lunazui Month ago +6

      you can ask millions of questions from a single category..

  • Ayushi Ambarik
    Ayushi Ambarik 3 days ago +1

    bro- "thats what the girls say" I GASPED LIKE--

  • a channel name
    a channel name 2 days ago

    "30k?" 💀💀💀

  • Özdemir
    Özdemir Month ago +86

    mans "yeah" was so calming

  • Gwenpool
    Gwenpool 2 days ago

    I must learn more about this fine specimen

  • Miles only.
    Miles only. 2 days ago +1

    Bro basically said "that's what she said" lol

  • bboyog21
    bboyog21 Month ago +407

    Now i'm curious as to who this man is as I'd like to listen to his music

    • Herkko järvinen
      Herkko järvinen Month ago

      Richard barbieri. Plays in Porcupine Tree now

    • 51
      51 Month ago

      @mespeet I assume so yes.

    • mespeet
      mespeet Month ago +1

      @51 Facial features don't really match up but could be due to aging ig then? 🤷

    • 51
      51 Month ago +3

      His name is Richard Barbieri. He was originally part of a band called “Japan” which is likely why he spoke Japanese as a hint.

    • 51
      51 Month ago +4

      @Baier He is not Hans Zimmer. I believe he’s Richard Barbieri. He was originally apart of a band named Japan, which is why I believe he spoke Japanese as a hint.

  • Tobias wolf
    Tobias wolf 4 days ago

    “I’m gonna guess your job based on 5 rankings”
    Literally asks questions about the job

  • Damian Bribiesca
    Damian Bribiesca 4 days ago

    I want this man to be my grandpa

  • Clash Devil
    Clash Devil Month ago +92

    "That's what the girls say"
    Bro is the rizzard of OZ

  • Earl Ridlen IV
    Earl Ridlen IV 5 days ago

    "That's what the girls say" was smooth asf