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  • Published on Sep 12, 2018 veröffentlicht
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  • ROCKaholic
    ROCKaholic 3 years ago +3748

    He gets in their heads with his incredible reading ability. He's a masterful mind magician. I would be honored to lose my child's college fund against him.

    • Ross Robertson
      Ross Robertson 5 days ago

      @Jurgen Cuypers if seen college kids, they're less than intelligent, you don't sound that smart either considering you think things are doing better under the command of someone who clearly has dementia

    • ROCKaholic
      ROCKaholic 5 days ago

      @Jurgen Cuypers oh you're one of those people...

    • Jurgen Cuypers
      Jurgen Cuypers 5 days ago

      Then ur child will be another uneducated American voting for shits like Trump.

    • Ross Robertson
      Ross Robertson Month ago

      He thought Daniel had a 2 pair or a set

    • ROCKaholic
      ROCKaholic Month ago

      @Hank Kingsleyexcept this watch has made millions from doing this, so obviously it's real and he's not just "guessing," which is what you seem to be implying.

  • truepokerdealer
    truepokerdealer 2 years ago +1807

    As a poker dealer, I enjoy trying to read the players without risking any money. It's one of the cool things about the job.

    • ROCKaholic
      ROCKaholic Month ago

      Not gonna lie, I'm a bit envious. Always thought that'd be a cool gig, but now after you said that, it makes it even more appealing.

    • Him007
      Him007 8 months ago +1

      THAT WOULD BE SICK what’s ur highest streak of guessing right 😆

    • DeanAnderz
      DeanAnderz 9 months ago

      How well do you do? I can imagine you learn a lot watching so much, do you ever play when not dealing too?

    • Stark
      Stark 10 months ago +1

      Out of curiosity, how does one become a poker dealer? Is there a poker school lol? Where are you trained, for how long etc. ?

    • JuN Lethal Poet
      JuN Lethal Poet 10 months ago

      @Ivan B I think it's possible if you know how many decks are being used. Each deck has the same number of j, k A,Q and so on.

  • Ridhwaan Abrahams
    Ridhwaan Abrahams 2 years ago +3616

    "I'm not even sure McClean has aces and we can see his cards" - This is top notch commentary holy fuck I died laughing at this!!

    • Thunder Chunky
      Thunder Chunky Month ago


    • Travis Daniel
      Travis Daniel 6 months ago

      @Antoine Mathieu clip-share.net/video/FmKgNkN5Kv8/video.html
      Found it Holy shit 😂

    • Marijn Heitbrink
      Marijn Heitbrink Year ago

      @Antoine Mathieu clip-share.net/video/FmKgNkN5Kv8/video.html

    • Rachel Korff
      Rachel Korff Year ago +2

      @Antoine Mathieu this is the best thing I have read today 😂😂

    • Mario Lisa
      Mario Lisa Year ago +4

      Wow you are easily impressed…

  • oneyeseesin3D
    oneyeseesin3D 2 years ago +6980

    Negreanu: Of course you'd get pocket queens with a queen on the river
    Dealer: Sir, I haven't dealt the cards yet.

    • Ash Chaya
      Ash Chaya 8 months ago +1

      Negreanu: Sure, go ahead and deal then. I guess some people like formalities.

    • Ash Chaya
      Ash Chaya 8 months ago

      @Gamers Reactions Hey, anything to pretend it's all about nationality and riding coat tails :)

    • Gamers Reactions
      Gamers Reactions Year ago +1

      @Ella M he is canadian though, just romanian roots

    • Ella M
      Ella M Year ago +3

      Romanians have a magic intuition 😃 .... I'm referring to Daniel he is Romanian

    • TheLuozhixiang
      TheLuozhixiang Year ago +5

      I just sat down bro

  • Sean Montemayor
    Sean Montemayor 2 years ago +3297

    Negreanu: you've got pocket aces.
    Me: can i at least look at my cards first?

    • Mel
      Mel 2 months ago

      How he gets in your head. By calling it before you see it.

    • David Hinton
      David Hinton Year ago


    • Aj Untalan
      Aj Untalan Year ago +1

      Dying rn lmao

    • Polite gopnik
      Polite gopnik Year ago +22

      You don't need to, Daniel's got you

    • Tj Zmjgb
      Tj Zmjgb 2 years ago +3


  • C Weave
    C Weave 2 years ago +22148

    "You have to understand that everything you do at a poker table conveys information"
    Player: Does nothing
    Player: Continues to do nothing
    Player: Breathes
    Daniel: You have two aces

    • UMG Melons
      UMG Melons Month ago +1

      You could also guess if you know their range or the size of the bet might indicate how strong they are.

    • John Paul D Leones
      John Paul D Leones 3 months ago

      Even blinking gives away info

    • PhatSummer88
      PhatSummer88 6 months ago

      Everything you do conveys information whether you like it or not. It just takes an expert to figure it out.

    • ThatShitsCrazy
      ThatShitsCrazy 6 months ago

      @the great pineapple its not its mainly about betting and playstyle

    • ThatShitsCrazy
      ThatShitsCrazy 6 months ago

      Well he has probably played very tight through out the hands before this and very rarely 3-Bet. And becouse Aces is the best you can have he didnt even think twice 3- betting. If negreanu manages to say that he has Aces or kings that will be top pair, if negreanu say that he has aces and still plays he is hinting on having 3 queens or two pair on the flop or maybe even spades.

  • PokerJunkie83
    PokerJunkie83 2 years ago +127

    RIP Mike Sexton.. what a guy.. props to his opponent, wins with humility and praises why they’re player of the year. This is why he was loved by every poker player that knew him

  • LJ
    LJ Year ago +193

    "That's why the man was player of the year"
    Absolute class from Mike Sexton, even when he won the hand, showing the highest level of respect. You're dearly missed my friend, rest in peace.

    • JayDDT
      JayDDT 4 months ago +5

      @REDPILLEDCOVFEFE sadly died from Prostate Cancer in Sep 2020. Always loved how classy he was towards both fellow professionals and fans. True gentleman and a wonderful commentator

      REDPILLEDCOVFEFE 6 months ago +3

      I didn't know Mike had passed away. What happened? I loved his commentary

    • The Never Ending Show
      The Never Ending Show 10 months ago +5


    • WesWesY'all
      WesWesY'all Year ago +5


  • Taylor Diamond
    Taylor Diamond 2 years ago +529

    He calls the cards but still bets, what a gentleman!

    • Taylor Diamond
      Taylor Diamond Year ago +2

      @A Larson Thanks! I did not know this :)

    • A Larson
      A Larson Year ago +9

      Yeah, it's also because the opponent doesn't have to show you his hand if you fold but does if you call in order to prove he won. If Daniel calls, he gets to see if he was right.

    • Cyber Juggernaut
      Cyber Juggernaut Year ago +4

      It's more like exposing your opponent to your advantage.

    • Skeetch Vids
      Skeetch Vids Year ago +8

      In another video someone said he's the best player when it comes to reads but he also can't help himself and still calls often to see if he was right then loses lol

    • M J
      M J Year ago +7

      It was about confidence, boosting your level in front of everyone and scaring the sh!t out of his opponent 😎🕺

  • Marlex00
    Marlex00 2 years ago +4861

    Player: "You have two aces"
    me not knowing nothing of poker: "He got you fr"

    • Cesar Veas
      Cesar Veas Year ago

      @Nefarious RIG idk man, I wasn't talking to you, so idk wtf are u talking about... Hahahah but there's a guy above my comment who's name is also César, something.

    • Nefarious RIG
      Nefarious RIG Year ago

      @Cesar Veas how so?

    • Cesar Veas
      Cesar Veas Year ago

      @Nefarious RIG wrong tag man

    • Nefarious RIG
      Nefarious RIG Year ago

      @Cesar Veas that's easy for you to say

    • Marlex00
      Marlex00 Year ago

      @Cesar Veas hola :p

  • CWatkins
    CWatkins 2 years ago +17540

    No wonder Negreanu’s so rich, he’s been living rent free in these guys’ heads for years

    • Jason Jones
      Jason Jones 9 months ago

      Negan said the same comment about Maggie in TWD

    • TheLightIsDarkness
      TheLightIsDarkness 9 months ago +1

      Just like me in my moms basement

    • gino portugal
      gino portugal 10 months ago

      that guy has some xmen powers like profesor charles or something damn he is good

    • Sean
      Sean 10 months ago


    • Again Banglue
      Again Banglue 10 months ago

      I hate him

  • Sai Namuduri
    Sai Namuduri 2 years ago +465

    The man is a MASTER of calling probabilities. I actually use some of his clips to teach my geometry students complicated probability scenarios.

    • Allen Lamb
      Allen Lamb 7 months ago

      @Victor S Ivey a fish lol, of course he would say that. That's how you know he feels threatened by Ivey. That's a clear tell in and of itself 🤫

    • How hugs
      How hugs Year ago

      @gemini rox bro, it was obvious the amatuer was holding a monster pair preflop either Aces or Kings which beats top pair average kicker. EASY LAYDOWN.

    • gemini rox
      gemini rox Year ago +1

      @How hugs there are so many hands that beat a pair of queens... yet he only named aces.

    • How hugs
      How hugs Year ago

      @gemini rox yes he is... he is listing all the hands he cannot beat which is 'tell city' among professionals.

    • How hugs
      How hugs Year ago

      @A V yes, overrated by amatuers.... easy money for professionals

  • Hanna Atiyeh
    Hanna Atiyeh Year ago +187

    I know nothing about poker, but you can bet I'm going to go down a rabbit hole of Daniel Negreanu content now

    • Caleb Verdu
      Caleb Verdu 6 months ago

      @Loveless Garden Aren't we all though

    • Loveless Garden
      Loveless Garden 7 months ago

      Because you are running from reality

    • dalkhal
      dalkhal 10 months ago


    • Connection Lost
      Connection Lost Year ago

      Tom Dwan is the god of bluffs, check him out. He got Daniel several times.

    • Robert S.
      Robert S. Year ago

      Checkout Phil Ivey , legend

  • FrameRage
    FrameRage 2 years ago +59

    The thing about Daniel is he's ok with losing the hand because he values checking if his reads are accurate for the long term

  • BrockPlaysFortnite
    BrockPlaysFortnite Year ago +720

    Some people just have that intuition and watching it at work is so awesome

    • Levon Lyova
      Levon Lyova Year ago

      @Sammus 9474 aaaàaaaàaaaaaaaaaaa

    • joseph mak
      joseph mak Year ago

      @Sammus 9474 dude, not to be offensive, but i tink ur not a software dev, anyway, on daniel, no he doesn't do all that math, that would require a prodigal ability, and the guy didn't show any signs of it, here have a look on this from his wiki page :
      When he was several credits short of graduation, he dropped out of high school and began his life as a rounder playing at local charity casinos
      So it is trivial that he knew that his opponent had aces from his experience, hell the guy learnt to play on 15.
      Pls stop 007 casino scene bs.

    • Florea Ciprian
      Florea Ciprian Year ago

      @Sammus 9474 it may very well fall into that, but its just a simple particular case of that branch. you always have the same 52 cards each single hand. As long as you know a few formulas its piss easy to calculate your odds and probabilities.

    • Sammus 9474
      Sammus 9474 Year ago

      @Florea Ciprian except this isint basic probability this falls under CLT which is extremely complicated probability theorem a basic understanding of math isint complicated but this is like calling earth science and astrophysics the same thing

    • Florea Ciprian
      Florea Ciprian Year ago

      @Sammus 9474 but probabilities are actually really easy to calculate. Its high school level math at best and im being generous

  • Marco Rojas
    Marco Rojas 4 years ago +29788

    Well obviously it’s easy to read when you can clearly see the opponents cards at the bottom of the screen

    • Shawn McDonald
      Shawn McDonald 8 days ago

      GOT EM!!!🤣💯
      Next time I will make sure to look low left for the hands😆💯

    • OldSchool MARINE
      OldSchool MARINE 18 days ago

      DANIEL would beat me, even if I had the bottom screen as a handicap ♿️.

    • Mujushin Kenjutsu
      Mujushin Kenjutsu Month ago

      Wish I could tag Charles Karl again lmfao

    • El Bruce
      El Bruce 2 months ago

      You'd think some other player would have figured that trick out by now.

    • rivahkillah
      rivahkillah 8 months ago

      Mike Postle enters

  • NatsuMichi
    NatsuMichi 2 years ago +3

    Guy is amazing, also very enjoyable to watch his games, he's always having a blast and it shows.

  • Kevin Corbin
    Kevin Corbin Year ago +10

    The legend Mike Sexton , thank you for making poker fun to watch, RIP

  • enilenis
    enilenis Year ago +15

    Daniel is good at guessing pairs. He can tell when the person gets a pair, and then needs community cards to guess which pair specifically. In the last bit he's asking: "Pair of 4's or pair of 6's. He knows the card is in the flop section, but the flop contained both, a 6 and a 4, so he can't differentiate which one. Just knows there was a pair and that the person looked excited, when they saw the flop. He's less successful with random cards, but also gets them sometimes, if there is a clear match on the last 2 community cards. Daniel's great at pretending he's not watching people. I wish they had a camera on him constantly, to follow his eyeline. They cut so frequently, it's impossible to see everything. I'd even settle for a splitscreen. One thing I love about Daniel is how respectful and humble he is for his rank category. Pleasure to watch him win or lose. He can take defeat like a gentleman. He commands attention.

  • Gutsy!!
    Gutsy!! 2 years ago +9

    Props to the opponents to holding a poker face through that. I would have started to cry

  • Tijhe vella-verney
    Tijhe vella-verney 2 years ago +39

    Daniel just has super hearing abilities and can hear the commentators

    • william nebe
      william nebe 2 years ago

      Most likely ,
      He acgually just flexes

  • Darrel Wilson
    Darrel Wilson 11 months ago +119

    Back when me and all my friends dreamed to be poker stars.

  • Kieth Mergard
    Kieth Mergard 2 years ago +3

    I had the opportunity to meet Daniel. Whoever says don't meet your heroes, is a fool. Very very nice guy and extremely skilled.

  • Dany Hocine
    Dany Hocine 2 years ago +4

    Never watched anything related to this, but the respect they have to each other is just amazing

  • Tony England
    Tony England Year ago +2

    That pocket 5's call against Persson was superb.

  • Rémi Oz
    Rémi Oz Year ago

    Negreanu est vraiment très fort, il arrive très facilement à analyser les ranges et mains adverses

  • CG
    CG 2 years ago +56

    I had pocket aces at my home game last year. Daniel called and told the whole table what I had. He still owes me $300.

  • George Goff
    George Goff Year ago +3

    Dan is a class act. All away around. Enjoy watching him play cards.

  • J.D. Matthias
    J.D. Matthias 3 years ago +967

    What makes him different from other players is that he plays like he's having fun with everyone.
    When he starts talking, the others walls are broken down.

  • Boss Killa
    Boss Killa 2 years ago

    It's pretty difficult to read let alone reading pairs. What a Legend

  • Ponda Baba
    Ponda Baba Year ago +1

    I never get tired of this stuff. Incrrdible to be so good at something.

  • Chris Sennfelder
    Chris Sennfelder 2 years ago +8

    He's so good at getting into their heads. And ofc he's an amazing analytical player as well.

  • Private Name
    Private Name 2 years ago +2

    These are the times he was right... Babe Ruth struck out far, far more than he hit home runs. The difference is that he actually says it out loud and so people can hear. Too, he's got A LOT more information he can use to inform his estimation of his player's hands. Lots. It's no accident he speaks or moves up suddenly like he's going all in. He's just exploiting every aspect of the game is all. Lots of practice :)

  • Medhansh P
    Medhansh P 2 years ago +13270

    Somebody: *Breathes*
    Daniel Negreanu: "You grew up in a small town in Illinois. As a child you always had issues because your parents couldn't make ends meet. As a result, you started making money off the local kids by playing poker against them. That's where you discovered your love for the game. You're at this tournament hoping to win big for your 2 year old son and the daughter that you have on the way. You're gonna name her Charlotte but I think Avery would be better. Anyway you have pocket rockets, lemme see em."
    Them: What the *fuck*

  • NefariousOne
    NefariousOne 2 years ago +14

    I once shook Daniel’s hand. Then he told me my life story. It still keeps me up at night.

  • RCE
    RCE Year ago +1

    I could watch these same highlights of Daniel a million times

  • The Creature from the Seventh Chamber

    One of the best readers in the game. I've seen him do this stuff so many times now.

  • DeanAnderz
    DeanAnderz 9 months ago

    I’ve seen many of Daniels’ reads, however, I read AA and KK very often as you can tell when someone is strong and not with anything on the board. The only time someone is hard to read with AA or KK is when they limp and check it all down but even then it’s quite obvious. Not lacking Daniels’ ability but think he’s got much better reads and calls than these clips.

  • stellar wind
    stellar wind Year ago

    The first hand is probably the best read ever caught on camera where the player correctly predicts his opponent’s hand.

  • Brandon Poirier-Blair
    Brandon Poirier-Blair 2 years ago

    I remember watching a random Poker tournament replay on a channel that isn't about sports/gambling back in the day and I saw this man win. I had never watched poker and I was routing for him the whole time. And today i'm recommended this. Weird how life works.

  • 25 Sumedh Kadam
    25 Sumedh Kadam Year ago +71

    The guy who loses a round just to prove he was right.

  • Dontvote ForAnybody
    Dontvote ForAnybody Year ago +1

    3:41 - Same trick. He calls his opponent's best possible hand, and then bets anyway. This gets the other guy thinking, "If he thinks I have kings, and he still thinks he can beat me, I had better fold." Daniel is not reading the other player's hand, he is doing a sophisticated bluff. Good players don't fall for it, as in this case.

  • cyro
    cyro 3 years ago +41118

    Good job youtube algorithms. I have literally never watched a single video remotely related to this yet here I am.

  • Brin Bone
    Brin Bone 2 years ago

    Poker is so fun I don’t think I would’ve ever learned if it wasn’t for this quarantine

  • Izem ti vic Dule
    Izem ti vic Dule 2 years ago

    Years ago at High Stakes Poker series, after Daniel incredible read of his hand, godfather of poker (Doyle Brunson):
    -You're good.
    -And now it's official! (Gabe Kaplan added as commentator.)

  • Andrew Gundy
    Andrew Gundy 6 months ago

    I’ve watched this like 6 times haha the guy is a legend

  • Ben Mortimer
    Ben Mortimer 2 years ago +1

    Ah yes, I know exactly what is going on as I do the cards every Thursday with the boys, we get the touchdowns and the table tappers, it's a hoot and a half.

  • david stock
    david stock Year ago +1

    Danny can transition a q/2 offsuit into a pot collection like no tomowrow. Its not all within ones hand, its what you do with the hand, also the timing within doing so. Danny can read any player as easily as a dr suess book.

  • Henry
    Henry 10 months ago

    I dont play poker but I love watching Daniel play.

  • Andrew Tambling
    Andrew Tambling Year ago

    I love Daniel negreanu. Awesome reader of people

  • Brian Potter
    Brian Potter 2 years ago +1

    Negreanu is my all time favorite player. A class act, skilled at poker, and one HELL of a people reader. I'm surprised he wasn't hired to be a mole hunter for the FBI lol

  • Totalavulsion
    Totalavulsion 2 years ago +2280

    If ever they make a film about this guy, Edward Norton’s your man

    • Robert Li
      Robert Li Month ago

      Joe Pantoliano from Memento

    • Jamie Todd
      Jamie Todd 7 months ago +1

      He looks so much like a younger Fisher Stevens.

    • Steven Arvizu
      Steven Arvizu 10 months ago

      I would watch tf out of that

    • Rowland
      Rowland Year ago

      @R3D 5IVE well if he’s playing a character, he won’t be himself…

    • J D
      J D Year ago +1

      A younger Gary Oldman woulda been a good casting choice as well

  • ChicagoMadeShow71

    The first read is good but the other guy did re-raise from the small blind so Negreanu definitely knew he had a great hand. Not many people are gonna try and bluff Daniel Negreanu from that spot.

  • Carlos Moreno
    Carlos Moreno 2 years ago +370

    *Guy doesnt show up to play*
    Daniel: "He was going to have 2 kings and 2 aces this match."

  • BlaZeD
    BlaZeD Year ago +2

    so glad i grew up as a teen when poker was at its height

  • Lukas Cook
    Lukas Cook 6 months ago

    Probably my fifth time coming across this same video.. I just have to click on this amazing video of Poker Kid make absolutely sick reads!

  • Theodor Capitani von Kurnatowski

    Its funny, I don't even play poker myself but the videos of poker here on youtube are just too good.

  • Nikhil Patil
    Nikhil Patil 2 years ago

    Everything you do at poker table conveys information

  • Josh L
    Josh L 3 months ago +1

    I played poker pretty seriously for a couple of years and was able to read someone's hand (exact hand) exactly one time. Lost the hand, but ended up huge because the rest of the table was so freaked out that they thought I was able to do it regularly and were chucking winning hands because they thought I got a read on them. Have had it done to me maybe twice. Feels like a bucket of icewater dumped on your head, really is kinda freaky. Insane that Negreanu is able to do it with such consistency.

  • Catalinul
    Catalinul 2 years ago +4

    My guess on how he does it, is this: He looks at those 5 cards that are on the table and he calculates the variations that these 5 cards can make with a player's hand and so it's "easy" for him to see the best hand, so first game, he saw AA and now in the second game he sees kings.

  • Tee_Toux
    Tee_Toux Year ago +21

    I don’t even know how this game works, but I’m enjoying every second of it

  • Ryan Wolfinger
    Ryan Wolfinger Year ago +1

    I've never seen anyone call opponents cards, then still pay them off as much as Daniel. Seriously though, he is my favorite player.

    DUNKPOWER 2 years ago

    I will say it again he is the best poker player ever

  • Aldo Alili
    Aldo Alili 2 years ago

    Actually the first guy played right into Negreanu's hands. He simply assumed he has pocket A's and then the guy gives him the information he's looking for by checking thinking he'll make Negreanu think otherwise. If he would have continued raising I am sure 100% Negreanu would have changed his mind.

  • Joe M
    Joe M Year ago

    God bless ya Mike Sexton. Gentleman and legend of the game

  • Jack Casey
    Jack Casey 4 months ago

    As Mike Matusow once said.. There is no one better at reading exactly what a player has just to pay them off anyways 😂

  • Misu Lee
    Misu Lee Year ago

    I really love daniel plays
    He know how to plays other players
    NiCe move nice strategy ❤❤❤❤ #1fan

  • Caveman Sam
    Caveman Sam 10 months ago +1

    4:34 - The respect from his opponent here.. wow.

  • Rizzerio1
    Rizzerio1 Month ago

    He's played so many hands in his years to understand pacing. Most of these reads are players being to eager with having a good hand that they don't slow things down to confuse their opponent. The body language and pacing says it all, and negreanu was quick to pick theirs up.

  • Josswag De Pimpdaddy
    Josswag De Pimpdaddy 2 years ago +177

    This dude is using The World to check everyone's cards.

  • Element Trill
    Element Trill 2 years ago

    Haven't watched poker in a while, yet here I am in quarantine making the rounds lol

  • Aces
    Aces 2 years ago

    Negreanu and Ivey the Kings of poker ♦️ ♠️ ♥️♣️

  • R.a.t.t.y
    R.a.t.t.y 4 years ago +5448

    Daniel followed the first rule of poker:
    Always look at what's in the bottom corner of the screen before you bet.

    • TABBY
      TABBY 2 years ago

      XD djinngame funny reddit moment.

    • XD djinngame
      XD djinngame 3 years ago

      @Rezheen10 r/whooosh lmfao

    • Dan Niton
      Dan Niton 3 years ago +1

      Stolen unoriginal comment.

    • lorvaleo
      lorvaleo 3 years ago +1

      @Rezheen10 I agree.

    • max no mistakes
      max no mistakes 3 years ago +1

      @Rezheen10 Google Angle-shooting lol.

  • Christopher Gargaro
    Christopher Gargaro 4 months ago

    The pocket 4's guy couldn't have done any more to give away the strength of his hand. Flatting a raise on that dry flop into two other players then checking the turn behind on an unscary card is an absolute dead giveaway you have a monster. Daniel obviously made the read like the pro he is, but that's the stuff that 1/2 NL players do thinking they're so sneaky.

  • sambanjo
    sambanjo Year ago +1

    I just learned the basics of Texas Hold 'Em and I'm shaking like a leaf watching Negreanu reading McClean like an open book. This is why I'll be too scared to ever walk into a casino.

  • ZiG[E]
    ZiG[E] Year ago

    Can someone please genuinely explain how he is so good at this?

    • Rem Z
      Rem Z Year ago

      Incredible probability calculations

  • TheGerm
    TheGerm 2 years ago +1

    That "he's got aces" call has a dual purpose. Remember, the only hand that beats him in that moment is kings and aces. But Negreanu is REPPING pocket queens, giving him a set on the flop. "Give him an ace over there!", that is, give him the set of aces to beat his pretended set of queens. Of course, Negreanu is not betting his "set", it's just mind games, but wow, it's super spooky and effective.

  • Tanner Koch
    Tanner Koch 4 years ago +2250

    Edward Norton would play this guy in a movie

    • YouDid
      YouDid 2 years ago


    • Cain Adams
      Cain Adams 3 years ago

      @Scotty Van Reeth Oh no. Danny is one of the most entertaining and funny guys in poker, if not THE

    • slyjokerg
      slyjokerg 3 years ago +1

      I don't know. If I was going to make a poker movie and put Edward Norton in it, I would have him play a character named "Worm," or something like that.

    • Don’t Read My Profile Picture
      Don’t Read My Profile Picture 3 years ago

      Tanner Koch ikr 😂

    • BAM DAB
      BAM DAB 3 years ago

      Thought the same thing

  • shaolinskunks88
    shaolinskunks88 Year ago

    just getting into poker, learning what good hands are and value of the cards.

  • Raymond B. Crisp
    Raymond B. Crisp Year ago

    It's all about betting patterns. Guys like Negreanu write books about poker, specifically how much to bet in a given situation to min/max the risk/reward. It doesn't take too much guesswork if a player follows the formulaic betting responses to know what kind of hand an opposing player has.

  • Neil Gunns
    Neil Gunns 10 months ago

    I've watched a lot of poker where he's totally wrong about what someone has. You play enough televised poker and you're bound to be right sometimes.

  • Investing & The Like
    Investing & The Like 2 years ago

    wow he managed to have a highlight read reel after playing poker everyday, amazing.

  • John Gregg
    John Gregg 2 years ago +1

    Daniel was wrong only once in his life, and that just when he thought he was wrong!!!!!!!

  • MeesL
    MeesL 2 years ago +67

    I don’t like poker nor ever played it but I still watched the whole video.

  • Green Standoff 2
    Green Standoff 2 Year ago

    Lucky for those who played with Daniel at the same table!

  • Jean Fortin
    Jean Fortin 2 years ago +2

    The mike Sexton call was a respect call, he knew mike Sexton and he knew what mike wanted to win out of the that pot, he summed up mikes ambition in that read

  • UC-17 JM
    UC-17 JM 2 years ago +2569

    Person: Breathes
    Daniel: You have a 5 and King of clubs

    • Aditya Bhat
      Aditya Bhat 2 years ago +1

      super kid SWEATING PROFUSELY

    • bakersmileyface
      bakersmileyface 2 years ago +2

      Everything you do at the table conveys information. How you move and how your body reacts is a small part of it. But more information is given by how a person plays rather than his actions.
      The longer the hand goes on for, the more information you're conveying and that allows people to narrow down the possibilities of what cards you have.
      Generally you'd pay more attention to why a person called or why they raised in context to the situation.
      So on the second video for example. I'll take it as though I know Daniel's cards, but I don't know Sexton's cards.
      *Sexton raises pre-flow to 22,000. Negreanu calls.*
      So sexton is quite confident in his cards. But not overly so. It indicates that he's probably got a high card or two. The fact that negreanu called would give off the impression that Negreanu has cards he feels have a similar value. Meaning he has a high card or two.
      *Flop; 5, 7,6. *
      * Negreanu checks. Sexton checks*
      Now the flop was full of low numbers. Negreanu checked indicating he's not got a matchup.
      Sexton checks and this is where something feels wrong. Sexton raised pre-flop meaning he is confident in his cards. If he had a high card like a king or an Ace, he would have bet small here to feel for Negreanu's cards. If he had a pair, he would have bet small to try and ward off Negreanu. He doesn't have a straight otherwise he wouldn't have bet so much pre-flop with a small hand. So why would he check? Because he's hiding something. He probably had a pair in his hand. How big? Negreanu will have to determine.
      *Turn; 5,7,6,2.*
      *Negreanu's got a pair of 2s. He raises 30,000. Sexton calls.*
      Negreanu raised 30,000. Given that he's only called so far, 30,000 indicates that he's got something and it's good, but not quite the best hand possible. This is really just Negreanu's way of testing to see how good Sexton's pair is. Sexton called with no hesitation, showing to negreanu that he he doesn't care what Negreanu has, but he's still trying to hide it. In other words Sexton has a monster hand.
      *River; 5,7,6,2,5.*
      *Negreanu checks. Sexton bets 50,000*
      By this point Negreanu had already determined that Sexton has 2 pair and it's a bigger one than his own. But Sexton raising to 50,000 just confirmed it.
      How Negreanu pinned it down to KK is beyond me though.
      Of course this is my view from after the game. Negreanu probably had a completely different viewpoint.

    • Shiva Teja Chavali
      Shiva Teja Chavali 2 years ago +2


    • UC-17 JM
      UC-17 JM 2 years ago

      @Antonio Iniguez lol

    • Antonio Iniguez
      Antonio Iniguez 2 years ago +9

      NaturalGangster And you ate pancakes for breakfast

  • clayvision
    clayvision 3 months ago +1

    That KK vs Q2 hand is insane, to this day I gave no idea if it was just a lucky guess or what

  • christopher mercado

    "He's the only player at the table with access to the other players hands" 🤣🤣😂😂 that's pretty accurate

  • First Class House Music Radio

    Negreanu is the greatest of all time!

  • Mari
    Mari Year ago +2

    It's uncanny how much Daniel sounds and looks like Edward Norton, they even have the same laugh. If you close your eyes for a second and hear him talk you'd think that's Ed talking.

  • sword106
    sword106 2 years ago +1322

    Guy: doesnt move
    Daniel: you got a 3 and a jack

  • Green Standoff 2
    Green Standoff 2 Year ago

    Повезло тем, кто играл с Даниелем за одним столом!

  • QuinKrishna
    QuinKrishna 2 years ago

    he has a dominating presence at end game

  • Donnie Acarbro
    Donnie Acarbro Year ago

    “I didn’t have any clue what you had how about that!” Lmao mike is hilarious

  • Tedford's Drum World
    Tedford's Drum World 2 years ago +2

    The GOAT, in my opinion.

  • David Hinton
    David Hinton 2 years ago

    i will say the LAST clip .... when Daniel raised the turn, the guy with a set gave away what he had in his immediate reaction. even a noob like me would have picked up something being amiss.

  • Keen Nickolas
    Keen Nickolas Year ago

    I wouldn't wonder, if he had someone sitting in the audience giving him signs ... it was too smooth, how he "guessed" it.
    I mean seriously: none of those player is playing with their backs against the wall!

  • Neptvne
    Neptvne Year ago

    Phil Ivey and D. negra. My two favorite players to watch

  • Bottle Gang
    Bottle Gang 2 years ago

    I immediately got a poker masterclass ad from Daniel Negreanu after the first aces read.
    He's trying to get in my head