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I Moved In With My Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend | The Night Shift

  • Published on Oct 19, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    on today's episode, we embark on a treacherous journey to relocate an og night shift employee to her new maternity housing, plus we check in with the boys at lyrical lemonade, taste a windy city burger, and reconsider ever buying real estate in los angeles.
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    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  • Mike Majlak Vlogs
    Mike Majlak Vlogs  Year ago +1418

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    • Ronald Evans
      Ronald Evans 2 months ago +1

      @Zo EL.

    • GY G
      GY G 7 months ago

      This is nasty bruh. This girl been passed around more than Kim k, Paris h, and a young girl in a maximum state prison full of men.

    • apapz3245
      apapz3245 7 months ago

      @Lightning Squad literally no one gives a shit

    • Knowledge Untamed
      Knowledge Untamed 10 months ago

      @Harrison GOD Bless brother.

    • sartt
      sartt 10 months ago

      @Harrison Jesus was a excellent scarecrow

  • JakeQwi
    JakeQwi Year ago +3194

    Helping a friend is never a bad thing. Good man Mike.

    • GMG Rib
      GMG Rib 10 months ago

      @Larry Monske bro wtf are you talking about lmaoooo

    • GMG Rib
      GMG Rib 10 months ago

      @Blain Sonnier lmfaooooooo

    • GMG Rib
      GMG Rib 10 months ago

      @Momo nobody knows lmao

    • taylor
      taylor 10 months ago

      @Larry Monske ?

    • Rvxnge
      Rvxnge 11 months ago

      @26 Mic no no one will laugh

  • Diablo Ajax
    Diablo Ajax Year ago +1952

    The chemistry between those 2, it’s unreal. They are made for each other and they both know it…

    • Puniawa vedder
      Puniawa vedder 9 months ago

      @juck1 stay off the weed lmao

    • juck1
      juck1 9 months ago +1

      @Larry Monske broski is off the meds

    • Omu’
      Omu’ 10 months ago

      @GMG Rib It's more likely some bad weed. Who the heck smokes crack and decides to watch the Night Shift? 🤣🤣

    • Laura Vittadini
      Laura Vittadini 10 months ago +1

      @Larry Monske Her son, Milo, has already been born. I hope this helps.

    • Laura Vittadini
      Laura Vittadini 10 months ago +2

      @GMG Rib Johnny Sins

  • Marissa Young
    Marissa Young Year ago +640

    This just proves how much Mike loves Amara. Definitely soul mates I hope they end up realizing this so they can be together and happy like we all know they can be.

    • NotUnderMyWatch
      NotUnderMyWatch 7 months ago +1

      Oh she's Amara now huh?

    • dane
      dane 10 months ago +1

      @Parabellum wtf

    • Parabellum
      Parabellum 10 months ago +1

      @Zarz Her name is Lana Rhoades and she got fu. Cked by half USA population.

    • Parabellum
      Parabellum 10 months ago

      All single mothers belong to the streets let alone an ex pornstar , lmfao only a mangina or a beta male with low self-esteem will want that kind of woman.

    • La Cerveza Del Pacifico
      La Cerveza Del Pacifico 10 months ago +3

      @GMG Rib yeah man that is actually really pathetic behavior when you commit to a girl who's had half the man on the west coast inside of her body. Especially when there's videos of her getting peed and pood on and eating vomit.

  • hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 10 months ago +65

    My takeaway from this episode is that you're a good person and a great man for supporting your friend like that Mike! For sure you can be friends with someone you once were romantic with.

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom Year ago +75

    Lots of nostalgic vibes from this episode. You guys helping her move was really cool and the whole episode just seemed very wholesome. Your a good dude Mike

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Year ago +4096

    Amara actually seems like a nice person

    • habibbi alikafe
      habibbi alikafe 7 months ago

      wdym "actually" as if the assumption is she is not nice? weird...

    • Mazubamanji
      Mazubamanji Year ago

      You can't tell by looking!!!!

    • LongBoarding4Peace
      LongBoarding4Peace Year ago

      she is but loses ground sometimes, remember she tried to roast one of her friends forgetting about the hot realied by black dudes and those vids have million views 🤣

    • iris
      iris Year ago

      It’s crazy how negative the comments are about her most of the time. If I never knew of her involvement in porn, I’d have no clue where the intense misogynistic hatred was coming from. She comes across super sweet and sincere.

    • William Hudon
      William Hudon Year ago

      Funny how you say ‘actually’ cause she was a pornstar

  • Will Reese
    Will Reese 11 months ago +86

    That really hit when Mike said "I just wish you weren't crazy." That's what I always thought too, Amara seems like a really good girl at heart but you can tell she has some serious emotional issues. It makes since given her life and all she's been through. Going from growing up poor and getting bullied, to be indoctrinated into a cult, then going to jail, then become rich and infamous from being used sexually, all at a young age. Idk how anyone wouldn't have problems after living through all that.

    • HallowMusic
      HallowMusic 6 months ago

      He’s an a hole tho. I really think he is gaslighting her.. he’s bein an a hole. & calling her crazy lol

    • Carlos Coombs
      Carlos Coombs 6 months ago


    • Will Reese
      Will Reese 7 months ago

      @habibbi alikafe Probably true lol. She really does seem like a good person just clearly been through a lot.

    • habibbi alikafe
      habibbi alikafe 7 months ago

      she actually is very well balanced considering what she has been through

    • Will Reese
      Will Reese 10 months ago

      @𝕋𝕩𝕚𝕧 𝕢𝕒𝕦𝕓 I am chill lol, be nicer dude good things will come.

    TELANO Year ago +43

    this is a really good episode Mike, the monologue at the end was one of the greatest of all time.

    • niv sade
      niv sade Year ago

      כלב עושה דוגי - Dog Doing Doggy

  • Seth Gilbee
    Seth Gilbee Year ago +10

    I know it has to be hard, love the connection between you too. . I respect you being the man you are and how respectful. . Hopefully you both will colab more soon. Stay strong my guy 🤙 much respect.

  • sami
    sami 7 months ago +3

    amara seems to be in good spirits and excited about her pregnancy. i’m happy for her! i’m sure she’ll be a great mother, and she seems to be taking it seriously. i know she’s given birth since this video was posted, so she’ll probably be reclusive for at least the next few years, but i hope she knows that so many people still support her!
    and i’m glad that mike is mature enough to understand that it’s okay to be friends with exes!!

  • Unpredictable
    Unpredictable Year ago +2057

    These videos with Lana are the best, he’s just so natural and himself - it’s brilliant!

  • Tony Torres
    Tony Torres Year ago +2

    Thank you for this mike, keep inspiring and grinding keep it up !!!

  • CyberPeachh
    CyberPeachh Year ago +179

    He cares so much for her it’s so obvious. Even if they aren’t together he’s always gonna be there for her.

    • Erick Mares
      Erick Mares 11 months ago

      @Afrox Fairyxxx nigga Lana Rhoades is fucking ran through no nigga is gonna commit to a whole like her

    • niv sade
      niv sade Year ago

      כלב עושה דוגי - Dog Doing Doggy

    • niv sade
      niv sade Year ago

      כלב עושה דוגי - Dog Doing Doggy

    • Don Corleone
      Don Corleone Year ago +1

      @Leon Michell nah that was the time when mike and logan were not in the best terms so I doubt they were for logan. If u can't get girls don't get in here projecting your insecurities bud

    • Leon Michell
      Leon Michell Year ago

      @Don Corleone I bet he doesn't home with them and it's probably not for him it's for logan let's be honest 😂

  • Cristian Mestre
    Cristian Mestre Year ago +37

    Mike… literally the coolest guy on Clip-Share. Down to earth, kinda douchey, funny, good taste in food, great style, and still has love for Amara. Respect!! 💯

  • Sarah Morley
    Sarah Morley 11 months ago +3

    Amara is the sweetest human. I hope she is happy and settling in in her new home 💗

  • Mithun Nair
    Mithun Nair Year ago +634

    This was so good. Mike literally is the dawg man, respects his ex, respects his fans and still after the breakup does things for her❤️. Real men💪✨

    • Mercenary 1
      Mercenary 1 10 months ago

      @Mithun Nair chucking his self respect under a bus to get a g/f ? LOL

    • Mithun Nair
      Mithun Nair 11 months ago

      @Pol Nicolazzi that's y u will never have a gf bro

    • King Pig
      King Pig Year ago

      Amd still managed to talk crap about the person who made him successful in mom's basement.
      And then the kind man still forgave him. Bruhhj

    • Greg Mast
      Greg Mast Year ago

      @Terry Dowd LMAO!

    • Terry Dowd
      Terry Dowd Year ago

      @Greg Mast oh man that scam thing again it is such BS - Wizza federally and locally regulated promotions. The online gambling 18 years or older, not licensed in the us, one week before the streams gave fair warning. Start of all streams gave warning that online gambling site don’t bet what you can’t afford to loose and personal responsibility shall be adhere to. All this scam crap is untrue BS!

  • — kαciee
    — kαciee 10 months ago +5

    The way Amara looks at Mike is actually really sweet…you could see the love is still there.

  • Kruger BREAKS & RIPS
    Kruger BREAKS & RIPS 7 months ago +1

    You and Amara are made for each other , you guys vibe so well together !!!

  • MostlyGains
    MostlyGains Year ago +19

    Mike is a nice human being and is genuinely being a nice person to amarah, tough times.

  • arcdanner
    arcdanner 9 months ago

    Love this one. Mike you’re a sweetheart baddie and I couldn’t relate to Lana and your relationship more. Keep up the content xo

  • Ben
    Ben Year ago +985

    Cannot deny that chemistry they have when they gaze at eachother right in the eyes! Whatever it is, it's cute and they should just do them.

    • João P
      João P Year ago +8

      Simps gonna simp around

    • U r
      U r Year ago +11

      Fr then she turns around and films a vid real fast

  • Celina Bond- Dating Coach

    The difficult thing about the friend-zone (before or after a relationship) is that one person may feel or will feel feelings. Rarely ever is it mutually platonic unless it’s a close family friend or co-worker that you see as a brother/sister

    • Terry Dowd
      Terry Dowd Year ago

      😂 oh man give me a break 🙄

  • Shane Crawford
    Shane Crawford 11 months ago +1

    Man Mike, i fucking love u. Sending positive messages and vibes throughout this episode.

  • Benjamin Jiménez
    Benjamin Jiménez 10 months ago

    u guys love eachother so much, i hope things can work in the future and u both can be together again :,)

  • Kayla
    Kayla Year ago +11

    I really love that y’all have come back together! Amara is a good person. She deserves the most!

  • Joe D
    Joe D Year ago +3594

    Mike thinking he doesn’t have feelings for Amara is like any opponent thinking they could win against a young Mike Tyson.

    • edgar diaz
      edgar diaz 5 months ago

      @your mum's ( • Y • ) tyson from 88(spinks fight version) would destroy douglas, holyfield and lewis in the same night

    • Parabellum
      Parabellum 10 months ago

      @Fernando 07 BANG BROS

    • Parabellum
      Parabellum 10 months ago

      All single mothers belong to the streets let alone an ex pornstar , lmfao only a mangina or a beta male with low self-esteem will want that kind of woman.

    • niv sade
      niv sade Year ago

      כלב עושה דוגי - Dog Doing Doggy

    • Andrew Tate
      Andrew Tate Year ago

      Red bar exposed Mike! Your a fraud Mikeal

  • Hannah Green
    Hannah Green 10 months ago +1

    I love that you guys are still close and chill with each other

  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams Year ago +108

    I've never wanted a couple back together more than Mike and Lana!

    • niv sade
      niv sade Year ago

      כלב עושה דוגי - Dog Doing Doggy

    • Ben Ravenwood
      Ben Ravenwood Year ago +1

      @Charlemagne u mean netflicks and chill?

    • Charlemagne
      Charlemagne Year ago +4

      Mike just got his life rejuvenated and lana has a kid bro mike just wants to have fun and chill

  • ari turner
    ari turner Year ago +3

    This video shows how nice of a person mike is

  • Spare-Key Media
    Spare-Key Media 11 months ago

    As a former addict myself, it's good to see u makin it bro. Shits motivational

  • Alex Maurer
    Alex Maurer Year ago +7733

    Ladies and gentleman his channel is saved. Lana is back

    • Oh yeah
      Oh yeah 2 months ago +1

      Lana ❤️

    • Roani Whent
      Roani Whent 4 months ago

      “My girlfriend is back and she’s cooler than ever.”

    • ROWAN
      ROWAN 5 months ago

      @Mike Majlak Vlogs really really 🤣 you've uploaded about 5..6 after this🤣🤣

    • Nidge Clancy
      Nidge Clancy 6 months ago


    • Harrison
      Harrison 10 months ago

      @Crazy Good Jesus Christ loves you

  • Luis Gomez Moran
    Luis Gomez Moran 6 months ago

    Kudos on your las speech mike!! And kudos to David just for being David!!

  • E. Pontiki
    E. Pontiki Year ago +1

    Happy for you Amara! You look amazing!

  • John Merrill
    John Merrill Year ago +52

    You can definitely tell Mike was the one who ended things based on her body language, and it's super sad since he isn't the dad which was probably the only way he would still want to be in her life.

    • \f_a/
      \f_a/ Year ago

      @WatermelonLove Not really, he seems like someone that would be exited to be a step dad if the father actually pays plus she has money so it won't matter

    • \f_a/
      \f_a/ Year ago +1

      @Cris P True and I can respect that. He is probably concerned that his son would inherit some for of addiction and other emotional issues that maybe led to such vices so he doesn't want to father, plus maybe the fact that not everyone should really be a dad

    • WatermelonLove
      WatermelonLove Year ago +6

      From my point of view, it looks like Lana ended it but misses him and maybe wants him back, but the fact that she’s preg with someone else’s child has complicated their relationship. If you ask me, I think they’re waiting for the baby to be born to do a paternity test. No doubt they both still have feelings, but I think mike is trying to keep his distance. Lana just reminds me of a lot of girls. They break it off with boys but act like this because they still want the guy to be in love with them. That is until the girl moves on.

    • Sanyukta Chapagain
      Sanyukta Chapagain Year ago +1

      @Cris P so true.

    • Cris P
      Cris P Year ago +17

      I think it’s better he’s not the father since babies can absolutely destroy relationships. He didn’t want to be a father so him being forced to would have bred major resentment in that relationship. They’re in different stages of life, She already had her fame and fortune whereas his fame and fortune is still new. He lost his 20s to drug addiction to this is essentially his “20s”. I could see him wanting to settle with her in 8-10 years if she’s not already taken by some other millionaire dude. It just seems like one of those “right person, wrong timing” situations.

  • Wise Mystical Tree
    Wise Mystical Tree Year ago +7

    let's not forget that this guy made an entire pros and cons list of dating this girl

  • ian de la pena
    ian de la pena Year ago +357

    mad respect to you and amara! this is actually a really healthy friendship between you guys. all love!!

    • 𝕋𝕩𝕚𝕧 𝕢𝕒𝕦𝕓
      𝕋𝕩𝕚𝕧 𝕢𝕒𝕦𝕓  10 months ago

      @Josh Lockie ikr its all just for clout

    • Josh Lockie
      Josh Lockie 11 months ago +1

      It’s completely insane to me that people think any of this is real

    • Yiing Jenn
      Yiing Jenn Year ago

      --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❣️ LOVEME.UNO/catleya? ❣️
      ライブストリームの再編成に感謝します!その日の生放送はばかげていました! 1万人以上が見ました(笑)やっぱりにんじんは最高です!カメラの電源を切るのを忘れてしまったのでとても嬉しいです!今後は気をつけないといけない5。
      !❤️#ライブストリームの再編成に感謝します! #今日ライブ#それはばかげている! #1万人以上が見ています (#笑)#にんじんは最高です! #カメラの電源を切るのを忘れてよかった
      #ライブストリームの再編成に感謝します! #今日ライブ#ばかげている! #1万人以上が見ています (#笑)#にんじんは最高です! #カメラの電源を切るのを忘れてよかったです。.

    • Jose Vasquez
      Jose Vasquez Year ago +1

      @Andyopolis definitely bro Mike is a player and hit on a pregnant girl was on his bucket list

    • Andyopolis
      Andyopolis Year ago +2

      he better have hit my man flew out to chicago and bought her a bed

  • Sergeant Yakazy
    Sergeant Yakazy 7 months ago

    The idea of being friends after a relationship sounds nice, and I guess it is as much realizable as it isn't, depends on the person's involved

    KING HENRY 10 months ago

    Mike you're a nice guy I hope you know what your doing

  • GNEsmond
    GNEsmond Year ago +67

    I want to see Mike move in with his baby mama, I hope they raise the baby together and live happy ever after!

    • andi45
      andi45 Year ago

      @GNEsmond wich guy

    • GNEsmond
      GNEsmond Year ago

      @andi45 If you ever feel stupid, just look at this guy's grammar!

    • andi45
      andi45 Year ago +5

      If u ever feel stupid just remember that this guy mike exist

    • hannah
      hannah Year ago +1

      He’s not the baby daddy

    • niv sade
      niv sade Year ago

      כלב עושה דוגי - Dog Doing Doggy

  • Hayden m
    Hayden m Year ago +5

    these videos definitely are all over the place but it’s what makes them great

    LG3 GHOST Year ago

    Man i wish i had more friends like mike ur a good guy man

  • Deliberate Creator

    Hi Mike I saw the impaulsive episode where the tables turned and you was interviewed and il never forget this what you said i truly felt it you said something along the lines of " If You Have Had Mental Illness Or Drug Addiction And Are Still Alive And Kicking Today! You Have Something! Because Alot Of People Didn't Get Up Today Because They Couldn't Cut It! YOU HAVE SOMETHING! I relate on all levels as I was a heroin addict for nearly 8 years now im 3 years clean mental illness is better but still get anxious anyway bro that Quote we will call it really made realise that God/Source Didn't let me go through all that then free me from it without having a plan or purpose for me im now pursuing that words are powerful bro thank you 😊

  • Elijah Abayaa
    Elijah Abayaa Year ago +2

    I can watch y'all for days
    Love ur content

  • major Sheldon
    major Sheldon Year ago +22

    Okay is it just me who is actually crying after this :( .... Love them together and their bond .....

  • atamagashock
    atamagashock Year ago +809

    She looks amazing pregnant, not sure why she’s so self conscious about it. Women have a glow about them when pregnant and personally I love it

    • EACM17
      EACM17 Year ago

      @Krystal Rice That's still a generalization.

    • Krystal Rice
      Krystal Rice Year ago +1

      @Coop most women are self conscious **** good for you.

      WILBRODA NAKENI Year ago


    • Coop
      Coop Year ago

      @Kc Banks how bad is that shit

    • Kc Banks
      Kc Banks Year ago

      @Coop clip-share.net/video/TGHeTZBHtq0/video.html

  • Melissa Macha
    Melissa Macha Year ago +15

    The eye contact you two make is on another level 🥺

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller 11 months ago

    You're a solid dude. Humans don't have to understand a personal relationship.

  • Ghost99143
    Ghost99143 Year ago +55

    You can tell they have alot of feelings toward eachother still. They could end up into being a nice beautiful couple in the future it seems

  • Samantha Scheer
    Samantha Scheer Year ago +4

    You two are so adorable together 😊❤️

  • Lon Don
    Lon Don Year ago +624

    Yo, it’s clear you are still super attached, it’s all good. Just don’t worry about what anyone thinks and do whatever makes you happy. You don’t want to look back and regret not doing what you need to

    • Spidey
      Spidey Year ago

      @Jay nah bruh tell me tell me pls bro i wanna see it

    • idk
      idk Year ago

      @Mike Kirwan no shit she’s pregnant 💀

    • Mike Kirwan
      Mike Kirwan Year ago +1

      It seems more like she’s attached than him

    • Jay
      Jay Year ago +2

      @Spidey lmaooo you’re better off not finding out

    • Spidey
      Spidey Year ago

      @audacityx whats that bro? Did they do a gangbang tell me fam

  • Brandon Stephens
    Brandon Stephens Year ago +1

    Very rare to see two exes get along so well and be so cordial. And to break up to watch her get pregnant by somebody else so fast is crazy. I’d for sure have trouble with getting past that without holding a grudge. I guess if your ex is one of the hottest ex-pornstars on the planet, it might be different 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith Year ago +2

    Great video Mike keep up the good work

  • Anthony Morata
    Anthony Morata 11 months ago

    Yes!!! Thank you Mike ❤️❤️❤️
    For having Lana again in your content...

  • Bradley Liggett
    Bradley Liggett Year ago +5

    I want them to get back together so much

  • Kelsie Snyder
    Kelsie Snyder Year ago +2352

    Its the way yall look at each other - Mike, you shine around her.

    • Mountain Nomad VFX
      Mountain Nomad VFX Year ago +6

      @Omani CC " too late though. shes having someone elses baby "
      He wasn't there though, tells you all you need to know about that guy.

    • Mountain Nomad VFX
      Mountain Nomad VFX Year ago +2

      tbf hard not to, she instantly stands out even on YT with god knows how many women trying to catch the attention of the audience.

    • Cristian
      Cristian Year ago +3

      So who’s the baby daddy

    • 1216jimmyz
      1216jimmyz Year ago

      @Bob Cruz And? So what...

    • lil dishsoap
      lil dishsoap Year ago +18

      Bro she pregnant w another dudes baby 😭

  • jai jorgensen
    jai jorgensen Year ago +2

    You guys should get back together. Too good to let it go to waste!!

  • Dimitar Vasilev
    Dimitar Vasilev 10 months ago +1

    I am amazed at how well Mike handles Lana :O

  • DMELplays
    DMELplays Year ago +1

    I hope you guys get back together 🥲 I love ya

  • bob dole
    bob dole Year ago

    There’s nothing wrong with staying cool with an ex.

  • Big Hovie
    Big Hovie Year ago +95

    Mike continues to Show how big his heart is. It takes a lot of maturity to handle things the way you both have. Much love and respect to you both

  • H Roz
    H Roz Year ago +1

    …. It’s crazy… I avoid her videos out of respect now 😂
    But I see a spark with these two again. Wether they are friends or lovers, I’m happy for them both 🙌🏼🔥💥

  • Kerwin Aniñon
    Kerwin Aniñon Year ago


  • Anthony Morata
    Anthony Morata 11 months ago

    Yesss!!!! Thank you Mike ❤️❤️❤️
    For having Lana again...

  • Wierzba
    Wierzba Year ago +1

    They should get back together. I just subed yesterday, but damn took me few hours to catch up with last year content. Love it Mike

  • Kristina K
    Kristina K Year ago +568

    The fact that you two arent together anymore does not change the fact that you two love eachother. If anything, it just proves that you actually DID love one another. Cuz true love NEVER dies!!

    • Pow...RightInTheKisser
      Pow...RightInTheKisser 11 months ago

      They can love each other and not be in a serious romantic relationships. That just might be the ceiling of their relationship. Honestly if more people understood and accepted that and went into relationships with this in mind. people would be less bitter.

    • kngbryan p
      kngbryan p Year ago +1

      @D-Ros Roisero🎙 phhhsss

    • kngbryan p
      kngbryan p Year ago

      @D-Ros Roisero🎙 phhsss

    • D-Ros Roisero🎙
      D-Ros Roisero🎙 Year ago

      @❣️___Sacha______💘 clip-share.net/video/NKr2vRQppQw/video.html

    • D-Ros Roisero🎙
      D-Ros Roisero🎙 Year ago


  • Princess Rondina
    Princess Rondina Year ago +2

    your good mike hope you come back even though lana has a child yes your relationship is weird or awkward but the nice thing is you really look together ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Hannah Renee
    Hannah Renee Year ago +1

    I’m so proud of amara. ❤️

  • Eaglegp
    Eaglegp 11 months ago

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    naeco1602 Year ago +3446

    Lana called Mike instead of her close friends to help her relocate. Mad respect to you Mike for being there for her when no one else could I guess...

    • TOXIC
      TOXIC 3 months ago

      @naeco1602 she dont know bc she sleeps with men all the time she for the streets

    • C R
      C R 5 months ago

      @Gio Breaks it its definitely not. the baby looks exactly like the dad

    • Will Smith.
      Will Smith. 7 months ago

      @naeco1602 isn't Mike his boyfriend or they break up?

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      Don Beltran 8 months ago

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      Woodsaras 8 months ago

      Ultimatr simp

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    BURN Year ago +2

    If I were Mike i won't let amara go yeah she's doing weird things but that was her profession She deserve love and respect to someone and I'm still hoping yow Mike just win her back She's one of a kind! Amara ❤️

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    joey r Year ago +1

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    Rhadzx Neri Year ago +4

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    Myke B Year ago +277

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      --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❣️ LOVEME.UNO/catleya? ❣️
      ライブストリームの再編成に感謝します!その日の生放送はばかげていました! 1万人以上が見ました(笑)やっぱりにんじんは最高です!カメラの電源を切るのを忘れてしまったのでとても嬉しいです!今後は気をつけないといけない5。
      !❤️#ライブストリームの再編成に感謝します! #今日ライブ#それはばかげている! #1万人以上が見ています (#笑)#にんじんは最高です! #カメラの電源を切るのを忘れてよかった
      #ライブストリームの再編成に感謝します! #今日ライブ#ばかげている! #1万人以上が見ています (#笑)#にんじんは最高です! #カメラの電源を切るのを忘れてよかったです。.

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      26 Mic Year ago

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      --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❣️ LOVEME.UNO/catleya? ❣️
      ライブストリームの再編成に感謝します!その日の生放送はばかげていました! 1万人以上が見ました(笑)やっぱりにんじんは最高です!カメラの電源を切るのを忘れてしまったのでとても嬉しいです!今後は気をつけないといけない5。
      !❤️#ライブストリームの再編成に感謝します! #今日ライブ#それはばかげている! #1万人以上が見ています (#笑)#にんじんは最高です! #カメラの電源を切るのを忘れてよかった
      #ライブストリームの再編成に感謝します! #今日ライブ#ばかげている! #1万人以上が見ています (#笑)#にんじんは最高です! #カメラの電源を切るのを忘れてよかったです。.

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      Mindedchaos Year ago

      @Dean X if the guy got her pregnant and fucked off thats fucked up everyone deserves happiness

    • I won a Oscar
      I won a Oscar Year ago +8

      @Alexis Dennison imgaine saying lana rhoades ain’t a hoe. She is the meaning of the word hoe

    • Alexis Dennison
      Alexis Dennison Year ago +4

      @Dean X she’s not a hoe. She wanted way more than mike could give her and they both tried to compromise their needs to stay together Bc they loved each other so much, but amara finally decided to try to let go and happened to get pregnant and is choosing herself. It’s painful for both of them and I hope one day they make it work. I know this situation all too well Bc I’ve been in it myself

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      TONE Year ago +1

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    Agustin Landeros 11 months ago

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    David 11 months ago +1

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    • Yeezzy_ 1
      Yeezzy_ 1 Year ago

      @Jordan Linares lowkey brush probably just confused af & if he ain’t the bd it’s even more confusing for him I bet imo he should of just been moved on, both headed in different directions better to keep going than to come every once in awhile if you get what I’m saying

    • Brandon Ellerby
      Brandon Ellerby Year ago +1

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    • 陳心晨
      陳心晨 Year ago


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    • Bearden
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      You are a kid and have no idea what you are talking about

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    Jonathan Hagerty Year ago +239

    I love seeing the transformation Amara is making, good on her for trying to become the classiest mother around.
    Edit: After watching the whole video seeing how Amara looks at you when you are leaving Chicago is the look we all search for in life in a partner, Marry that woman while she is still willing to put up with you.

    • Kim Jong Un
      Kim Jong Un Year ago +10

      Huh? Whilst she pregnant with somenbody else s child, y all crazy

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    • Tristan Ellis Gaming
      Tristan Ellis Gaming 11 months ago

      @Jrush her real name is Amara

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      כלב עושה דוגי - Dog Doing Doggy

    • Tristan Ellis Gaming
      Tristan Ellis Gaming Year ago

      @Jrush his ex girlfriend maybe you should watch the video.

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      gorka elguea Year ago +1

      I knew Mike when we were in high school. He was awesome then. He was and is a fantastic person.

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    Mike Hunter Year ago +5

    We act like we know Lana's intentions or what she thinks or feels, but I think she's smarter and more crafty than we all realize.

    • The Duke
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      @Ar Za0 she’s richer than him

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      @Ar Za0 she's got more than him, and plenty of avenues to make it too.

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      Am I the only one that can see this guy is being used for his $$ ?!?! That Lana chick seems like a good manipulator. Can see right through her😂