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14 LEG Bike Wheel Concept

  • Published on Dec 22, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • 14 shoes instead of tyres.........
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  • colinfurze

    Its Secret Santa Time so enjoy the trail of 12 videos you can go on. See you all in the new year when first on the list is connect that tunnel to the house hahahaha.

  • Laird Cummings

    This would leave hilarious 'footprints' as a trail bike.

  • The Engineering Mindset

    Fun project. I think you should make another version where each foot print stamps a message in the mud or snow. Perhaps a long romantic poem through the town or just a subtle yet shameless "subscribe to colinfurze" on every step. You can put Engineering Mindset if you like, I'll sponsor that.

  • Naxmor Vigatore

    I love how Collin puts so much thought into what he gives, really does his best to get inside the head of the person he's giving to, couldn't possibly be a better friend if he tried, such a sweet man

  • Katherine
    Katherine  +380

    Of course it works, this guy is a genius 😆

  • Andy Reid
    Andy Reid  +174

    The original Edwardian footed wheel invention was patented as "The Pedrail". It was the alternative competitor to the Holt "Caterpillar Track" method of moving heavy machinery over rough terrain. Guess which invention won the competition & became globally successful, in the end.


    The kid shoes make it so much more creepy haha love it:D

  • carlstedtmattias

    Other creator:

  • Kids Invent Stuff

    Love this! So many bearings. The hot dog machine looked so much fun.

  • Richard Vasquez

    This is amazing!

  • hoiy vinosa

    This man is literally living, what I thought I'd grow up to work as. Just tearing and building random stuff. I wonder how hard is it, to learn to build stuff like this as a hobby.

  • Jessie Ward

    As a professional bicycle mechanic I am both appalled and inspired

  • TheUpstateIdiots

    Travis pastrana once did a motorcycle tire made of shoes. It was pretty neat. And the anticipation of waiting til next year for another tunnel video is killing me here. 😂

  • lollercannon

    Amazing as always, does worry me about any failure leading to being kicked in the testicles at 2500 rpm.

  • HVariety

    Colin you are a real inspiration to the younger generation of engineers. And you are one of the main reasons why I want to pursue engineering in my later life

  • ARockRaider

    reminds me of a game called "scrap mechanic" where some players have tried using feet-wheels instead of the wheels the game provides because of how the game calculates friction.

  • F

    I can't believe this guy comes up with and builds all this by himself. It's insane. Love watching these projects.

  • enoZ.J

    That bike wheel was a real feet of engineering Colin,bet it cost a lot to make,who foots the bill? Toetally brill,you nailed it.Your lucky to have a 3d printer, i would of used an ankle grinder for most of those parts.OK enough foot puns.Take care lad,Happy Christmas Colin.

  • Reason

    All of your creations are straight out of children's fantasies mate. Fantastic imagination. So fun to watch.

  • Raptango_NA

    This guy is living the dream I didn't know I had