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Nobel Minds 2017

  • Published on Jan 18, 2018 veröffentlicht

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  • Nobel Prize
    Nobel Prize  Month ago +20

    Don't miss Nobel Minds 2022 with this year's class of laureates. See it here: clip-share.net/video/LutI8YqJkqM/video.html

  • andresemilfer
    andresemilfer 4 years ago +16663

    Guinness world record for IQ per square meter

    • Pinkuro
      Pinkuro Month ago


    • StylexTV
      StylexTV Month ago

      not even true tho

    • Chowdhury Zubair
      Chowdhury Zubair Month ago

      So well said..

    • XYZ
      XYZ Month ago

      @აბი გლუკოზა what a racist comment!

    • Naeem Bakht
      Naeem Bakht Month ago

      Why do you assume a high IQ corresponds to a noble prize? There are a lot of preliminary factors which constitute to being a recipient of the award. Your focus should not be on IQ, yet you came in with those preconceived notions before watching the video and left with nothing. Tell me what you learned from this video that you didn’t already know? You get a bigger kick from watching a TED talk

  • Alexander
    Alexander 2 months ago +18

    It was sort of gratifying to hear how the one Nobel laureate went after love, flunked MIT, and still achieved this great thing…

    • Play Google
      Play Google Month ago

      That was his entertaining anecdote. Not how he won his Nobel prize.

  • Adetayo Adeboyejo
    Adetayo Adeboyejo Month ago +4

    Great minds! Refreshing and educating to hear from some of the brilliant minds of our time.

  • Dark Matter Home
    Dark Matter Home Month ago +6

    Quality education, Ethnic Business Model, Accurate Storytelling, Acceptance of failure rate and loving your craftsmanship. Wonderful takeaway from the dedicated well seasoned certified learners.

  • Maàmar Mssm
    Maàmar Mssm Year ago +2241

    The amount of respect that every scientist is giving to each other while speaking is amazing we don't see that often.

    • Josue Garcia
      Josue Garcia Month ago

      Well 2 things, It's called the Nobel prize, a prize for those that have contributed to society, so they should be "nice". Second of all, many scientist work to disprove and discredit other scientists. Hook and Newton were bitter rivals, Einstein had many opposition that wanted to prove him wrong. Sometimes out of pettiness.

    • parimtm
      parimtm Year ago

      @Ja Elon Musk 🔥

    • Matías Sella
      Matías Sella Year ago

      That's what a decent human being is, nothing to do with being a scientist.

    • the name idk
      the name idk Year ago +1

      I think its less about respect and more about high iq they stop listen an think about what is being said and what they are going to say thats the reason for the pause

    • Hampeblixt
      Hampeblixt Year ago

      @joel arnold ngassa are you saying people didnt use to interupt eachother?

  • Ayo Pacheco
    Ayo Pacheco Month ago +6

    I find it really interesting and encouraging that much of their work is built on the products of work from some of the others at the table. The power of supportive community.

  • Moali
    Moali Month ago +1

    I really enjoyed every minute of this video ❤

  • Sophie: C
    Sophie: C Month ago

    This needs to be more popular, generation inspiration.

  • CamRebires
    CamRebires Year ago +307

    22:33 the fact that this is such a common, profound narrative, even in the realms of scientists (as rational and objective as it gets) is nothing less than beautiful. Granting people the opportunity to follow what they love and support them in that is invaluable

    • hehsuess
      hehsuess Month ago

      Despite the host trying to interrupt every 5 seconds

    • Filburt Cioglu
      Filburt Cioglu Month ago

      Wow, amazing line right there!

  • Ferdinand Luskel
    Ferdinand Luskel 2 years ago +2133

    Its so satisfying to see, how they don't interrupt each other. Its such harmonious conversation.
    That shows, how smart people have a conversation. Compare this to politics.

    • Ramazon Kushakov
      Ramazon Kushakov Month ago

      I compared it to US presidential debate )

    • Juan SHE
      Juan SHE Month ago

      They are rational.

    • Brian Yun
      Brian Yun 2 months ago

      Unlike the presidential election of 2020

    • Kiprop Kigz
      Kiprop Kigz 2 months ago

      context... politicians are smart too.. their jobs require that they become loud, dirty ,conniving and very violent if need be... your comparison is outright unfair

    • Damian Zepeda
      Damian Zepeda Year ago +1

      @Ludwig Vonn "it's not about them being smart, its them just being old" uhhh have you seen our politicians

  • David Kepler
    David Kepler 2 months ago +1

    I think having too many people on a table is a bad idea. IMO, the ideal number would be 4 people. Because
    1. All of them can be interviewed properly and individually
    2. All of them can interact with eachother
    3. If it is a podcast type theme, then they can talk for as long as they want without worrying about the time.
    4. Given the 3rd point, it will be appropriate to do that only in case if there was no live audience. Live audience really messes up the relaxing talk that everybody wanted to have and see. It's so messy, that even confident professionals like actors get nervous, like in theatres.
    5. And finally, the host won't look bad at all for interrupting and can ask as many insightful questions as they like.

  • Decent Exposure
    Decent Exposure Month ago +11

    There’s so much respect towards writer Kazuo Ishiguro from the scientists that you rarely see in the real world. I hope one day liberal-fine arts can co-exist peacefully with STEM, instead of people arguing about which one’s more difficult or which one’s more profound. It’s clear that fine-arts has a gift of “nudging” society that through films and music, and vice versa. Interstellar is a great example of that. Kip Thorne and Ishiguro should work on a film together. Would love to see that.

  • MOON
    MOON Month ago

    I need more of this

    OKEZIE OKOYE Year ago +271

    "We are the beneficiaries of also a lot of luck, as well as hard work and perhaps a tiny bit of talent." That humility hit me differently.

    • Aqua Mina
      Aqua Mina Year ago +7

      Yes and it is true, in my opinion.

  • Nicolas AKA
    Nicolas AKA Month ago

    Learning others language as adult remains one of the most challenging thing of all time

  • Ollie BJones
    Ollie BJones 2 years ago +2146

    Can’t help but feel sorry for the host. The format of this was basically attempting to individually interview the 15 or so Nobel winners with a very harsh time constraint that left no room for the interaction between them that everyone wanted to see. It meant she constantly had to cut off and interrupt them, making her look like a terrible interviewer.

    • Mental
      Mental Year ago +3

      Thank you for this perspective. I hadn’t considered this, and figured it was a fault of her own that she was constantly interrupting

    • Liga
      Liga Year ago +6

      Why she even there anyway. I just want to listen to these geniuses

    • Ennebosio
      Ennebosio Year ago +11

      I think these type of people don’t need a moderator to create a super interesting conversation.
      Every single bright spot of natural conversation was cut by her giving to the public a very unpleasant feeling.

    • z
      z Year ago +27

      they organized this very poorly, 15 great minds squished into a 45 minute video. doesn’t make sense

    • Ernesto Sanchez
      Ernesto Sanchez Year ago +10

      Yeah, you can tell that they wanted to dive into certain topics but this table would be having conversations for hours on certain topics

  • Jay Smooyay
    Jay Smooyay Year ago +92

    The world needs more round tables like this, for inspiration and insight alone. Thank you!!

  • ArikCard
    ArikCard 2 years ago +4

    Any one commenting on the necessity of the host is missing a great gift. She is a wonderful bridge for people who have the same thoughts and question. If she wasn't present I doubt much of the viewership, myself included, would be able to follow a discussion between these incredibly intelligent beings. She makes it much or accessible to me. Also when she was correct - how many people do you think had the same thought about teaching through gambling? Not only was she corrected - so were all the people with the same thought. Also when they focused on failure and were corrected, or rather, nudged to focus on having fun - everyone who glorifies failure were nudged at the same time. She played an important roll.

  • Alejandro Maron
    Alejandro Maron Year ago +9

    I like the importance they give to their own work. They don’t wave it around the room as the greatest thing to ever happen to mankind, yet they are proud of it, and treat it with the respect. It must be such a great feeling to be in that room with great minds exchanging their knowledge.

  • Luis Loret de Mola
    Luis Loret de Mola Year ago +10

    Whole video is wonderful. The insights and Q&As are absolutely amazing. Minute 22 stood out to me. Rosbash and Weiss passionately present the key to it all; love for the work itself, independent of awards and recognition... Hell Yes

  • Addo-Ajjalani
    Addo-Ajjalani Year ago +15

    This should have been longer

  • Aqua Mina
    Aqua Mina Year ago +151

    17:43 “we are physicists, we worked in biology and we get the Nobel Prize in Chemistry” 😅👏🏿

  • Dhruva Veldi
    Dhruva Veldi Year ago +9

    Amazing host, to be able to hold an audience with people of such tremendous IQ while respecting the time given to each individual in such a short time. Hat's off to her. And to all these gentlemen! We should conduct such meetings more often so that society can progress!

  • Tiega
    Tiega Month ago


  • Jonas Holeksa
    Jonas Holeksa Month ago +1

    It‘s insane how healthy they all look

  • shobana maharaj
    shobana maharaj 2 months ago +8

    Wow. Such profound insights with experiential foundation. Each person has shared something of great great importance. Thank you for arranging. I really wish they were not so rushed, but even being rushed, for such great gems to be given. So precious. I really hope we can each explore these in our own lives.🌹🙏🌼

  • melchor modales
    melchor modales Month ago +1

    I enjoyed a lot and learned so much on their round-table discussion. Both noble and Nobel minds in their respective sphere of science and arts and each one is representative of mankind's vast and excellent potentialities and communicating a universal common theme: focusing the mind with the passion to discover, to learn, to use new or old knowledge to improve human life. That's an attempt on my part to articulate their collective passion and energy as they share their thoughts and ideas. Thank you.

  • Ren karanur
    Ren karanur 2 years ago +4

    So many great things to take away from this talk. Absolutely Brilliant! 👏

  • Monica Rao
    Monica Rao Month ago +3

    I’ve watched every year’s nobel minds but most people agree the 2017 conversation is the most interesting authentic, insightful.

  • One Person
    One Person Year ago +58

    just observe the amount of humbleness in these giants. It's insane man!!

  • Liana Akobian
    Liana Akobian 3 years ago +2205

    "If you write a novel and it´s read by a hundred readers, you´re really writing a hundred novels" - beautifully put! 27:28

    • Azz
      Azz Year ago

      @Devenche Frett nah you’re clearly not bright enough to understand what he means...

    • Hampeblixt
      Hampeblixt Year ago

      Except writing 100 novels takes a 100 times more time and effort. You still just wrote 1 novel. Whoever said that must be so dumb.

    • Goran Lazarevski
      Goran Lazarevski Year ago

      @majoman yeah but we are talking about the writing not the reading ... beacuse if we quantify the diferent readers perception on a same book, than by that logic does it means that if he wrote 100 book but they are read by only one person, it means that he wrote only one book? Or does it means that if he writes one book and is read only by one person but three times and every time he percived the book diferently, does this means that he wrote three books? (Sorry about my english i hope that is clear enough what i try to say🙂)

    • VHSesh Productions
      VHSesh Productions Year ago

      Wwwwweeeeeeeelllllll are you? You wrote 1 but they could be reading 100 different novels, but you only wrote the 1

    • Jamil
      Jamil Year ago

      @second account Yes, but it's one novel interpreted differently by hundreds of people which will make it different and unique to each different person. I don't think the quote is supposed to be taken literally.

  • ABM
    ABM Month ago +3

    Certainly Zainab has done her homework. Amazing discussions accompanied by huge respect for each other. A great lesson for our politicians!

  • Tim Chapman
    Tim Chapman Year ago +8

    This in a long form discussion would be some of the most influential material ever produced, such a shame they limit the conversation so much

  • Bozro Beral
    Bozro Beral Year ago +7

    If it could go for forever and forever. This conversation is like symphony to me.

  • Miloo
    Miloo Year ago +7

    Gotta say as someone with a PhD I would've been tongue tight hosting a panel of Nobel winners so kudos to the host for doing a brilliant job!

    • Edward Jr Kpaka
      Edward Jr Kpaka Month ago

      Reasons been she’s not a science geek 😂 and science is not her field

  • Sealed Wings
    Sealed Wings 4 years ago +2817

    I once met a Nobel, Albert Fert. He asked me what I studied, I said: "Aerospace Engineering", he was not impressed. A charmful experience.

    • tiago moraes
      tiago moraes Month ago

      Why he would?

    • Amel Merhoum
      Amel Merhoum Year ago +1

      @kleinbogen omg ! Well said

    • Amel Merhoum
      Amel Merhoum Year ago

      @Evett Walsh surely not us Muslims cause it was Us who invented all pillars of modern sciences in time when Europe burned people of other faith than them in public places ... If u r a learned person u'll understand if not ,too bad !

    • Jane Wick
      Jane Wick Year ago

      @HobbyPsychologist agree!

    • Non serviam
      Non serviam Year ago +3

      I talked to Nobel laureate of Physics (online) Brian Josephson once, about Whitehead, Bergson, and Process Metaphysics.
      Interesting chap; independence of thought.
      He takes seriously parapsychological phenomena, and it is interesting. Sometimes he's on Closer to Truth.
      He said "I've not made a great study of it, but I heard a lot to be said in its favour"-- he said to me. I'm sure by now he's made a greater study of them.

  • Just PJ
    Just PJ Year ago +5

    Anyone catch Kip Thorne as one of the minds that helped give us the spectacular images from Interstellar. A great man indeed!

  • ACLP
    ACLP 2 years ago +6

    Kip Thorne was one of the executive producer of Interstellar, no way!! That's my favorite movie. Mathew McConaughey great actor, Hans Zimmer a brilliant composer and Christopher Nolan an amazing movie producer. Beautiful! 4 Amazing people working in harmony to produce a movie about love that transcends time and space.

  • Sunny borah
    Sunny borah Year ago +3

    This should be a series ❤️ such great insights into what humanity is doing apart from wasting time partying.

  • Maharshi
    Maharshi Year ago +6

    Truly inspirational, One such moment I want to share.
    When this chemistry teacher mr walter white won a nobal price he put it beautifully, he said and I quote "I liked it I was good at it, I felt alive" ❤️

  • AariolisEffect
    AariolisEffect 4 years ago +726

    22:39 - 23:38 -- This statement said by Rainer Weiss got me at the heart.
    His small speech on dedicating your life to something shouldn't be for an award or recognition, but for the sheer pleasure of working on it or better yet "having fun with it". Although not important, the recognition follows later for others that see your vision as you saw it when you first started working on your pursuit.
    It's almost as if it came out of a movie script about brilliant intellectuals coinciding their ideas. EXCEPT IT'S REAL!

    • Chelo \
      Chelo \ Month ago

      I think its funny he referred to having fun and loving what you do as a “profound” statement. It’s really trite.

    • The Mandalorian
      The Mandalorian Year ago

      @dad you know these people almost dedicated their whole lives to their pursuit. Not even passion. Weiss is 84 in 2017. And the host talks about success and failures, talks about the idea of comparing some people to other people...it already pissed a normal guy like me a lot. You don't have to be a Nobel prize winner scientist to understand that your life's meaning doesn't have anything to do with the "external", let alone talking to these guys...

    • Ada De Asis
      Ada De Asis Year ago


    • dad
      dad Year ago +1

      @4am Curiosity exactly, although I have defended the host but that occasion looked really bad on her...you don't cut any of them off!! Nevertheless he destroyed her😂

    • Dushen Nagesur
      Dushen Nagesur Year ago

      Ever read the bhagavad gita? This was said thousands of years ago by Krishna to Arjuna.

  • Pierre Anisimov
    Pierre Anisimov 2 years ago +371

    22:25 absolutely golden. Rainer Weiss basically trying to say: "You, stop twisting words and listen"

    • Chelo \
      Chelo \ Month ago

      Also the point he made was so cliche 😂, have fun and love what you do!

    • Emiliano Palma
      Emiliano Palma Year ago +4

      @Aidan Barrera III yeah but the problem is that she wasn’t listen, she was just waiting her turn to speak and talk about the problems they had, so Rainer had to intervine and remember what he said was really beautiful and not just to throw it away through the the air like that

    • Aidan Barrera III
      Aidan Barrera III Year ago +3

      @Suirp fr bro i was waiting to hear what she was going to finish up with, the guys approach was wrong he tells her to shush but when she says something he says be quiet listen hes doing the same thing back to her..

    • Senkkella
      Senkkella Year ago +6

      @JR 22 We do not care, she had a good message and wasn't twisting anything.

    • Senkkella
      Senkkella Year ago +2

      @Suirp True

  • EthanZ
    EthanZ Month ago

    Best interviewer ive seen. Like BBC question time

  • Selim Reza
    Selim Reza Year ago +3

    It was great. Together many talents, who are the winners of the world's most talked about and demanded Nobel Prize. Which almost many aspire to. May the Creator accept all the prayers.

  • Ersin Ölmez
    Ersin Ölmez Year ago +1

    Damn, whenever I see kip Thorne I just feel that lucky I am to live at the same time with Kip Thorne. One of the greatest scientists ever.

  • Indus Anon
    Indus Anon Year ago +13

    Not surprisingly, while all are certainly knowledgeable and geniuses in their respective field, the Literature laureate stands out as the most insightful and enlightened. The power of the arts.


    Jeffrey Hall's demeanor is like a poker player in WSOP, so chill and laid back, really curious on his perspective in life after all of his accomplishments.

  • Blue Neuville
    Blue Neuville Year ago +53

    This conversation is way too short. Love to hear these people talk. There's so much potential for great discussion and dumbed down insight for all of us but no time to go there. Imagine if you could let these people talk for a couple of hours. Would be priceless.

    • Patrik pass
      Patrik pass Year ago +2

      There is a reason for that. Our political leaders can't let smart people talk about anything.

  • Patrice Mbaya
    Patrice Mbaya 2 years ago +1

    8 min through , and I still don't see how mind blowing this session is gonna be

  • Nome Cult Joe
    Nome Cult Joe 4 years ago +430

    The Hollywood Reporter has the roundtable full with actors, directors, etc. Those were entertaining. But Nobel Prize has a roundtable with Nobel Laureates? Beyond amazing. I hope this continues in perpetuity.

    • David Kepler
      David Kepler 2 months ago +2

      @Zaki Bougdim I think she was fine.

    • Michael Polites
      Michael Polites 3 years ago +5

      Perpetuity? Wow - you should be on the table with these guys with a vocabulary like that.

    • Zaki Bougdim
      Zaki Bougdim 4 years ago +19

      I don't understand why they can't get hosts that match the level of the people gathered around the table .

  • The_solandge
    The_solandge Year ago +41

    I have a feeling they all had the actual round table after this event wrapped up, where no one would interrupt them.

  • Daniel Ospina
    Daniel Ospina Month ago

    The control over their mouth having so much to say is impressive

  • Salah 70
    Salah 70 Year ago

    it nice to see cheerfulness and joy in the faces and speech of all these highly intellectual people inspite their age

  • Lucy Stephanie: Properties & More

    Wow this is great. This should be done more often.

  • YesReneau
    YesReneau 4 years ago +520


    • MyWorld
      MyWorld Year ago


    • i m a g i n a t i v e s
      i m a g i n a t i v e s Year ago

      @Syed Saleem you're cool for finding him cool for finding him cool for finding her cool for finding this cool

    • Masi Property
      Masi Property Year ago

      @Syed Saleem you’re cool for finding @anthony cool and him finding @KGuiste1 cool who found her cool

    • Syed Saleem
      Syed Saleem Year ago

      @Anthony you're cool for finding @KGuiste1 cool for finding her Cool for Finding this Cool

    • Anthony
      Anthony Year ago +1

      @Asad Shaykh You're cool for finding her cool for finding this cool!

  • W Ghost
    W Ghost Year ago +6

    It is true indeed ''Knowledge is power , Wisdom is priceless and Simplicity is greatness''
    nations do make their own choicess and they have no right to put the blame on anyone else

  • ELIZ
    ELIZ Year ago +3

    21:25-23:40 was so inspiring 👏🏼🌍

  • Andre Giles The Artist

    The host knows enough about each individual that she knew who to invite into each discussion.
    She controlled the conversation.
    What bothers me and I think the majority of viewers is that we would be interested more to see naturally unprompted interactions between the minds of this panel.
    Intelligent people hardly stay silent on a topic. In fact they may have decided the topic if left alone long enough and we just need to sit down and learn from how they reason even the simplest issues.
    I didn't see her raise matters so pressing that we needed a host. I more saw her trying to narrate the conversation and in doing so she sometimes cut off and insulted the speakers.
    Cudos to her on how educated she was on each of them. I must say. However this conversation was not to be moderated.

  • Lemi Lomuro
    Lemi Lomuro Year ago +1

    I can’t believe that THESE MINDS weren’t giver the freedom to have an open conversation.
    Having such great minds together on a table and openly conversing should be open to the public more often!

    • Matías Sella
      Matías Sella Year ago

      I have the same opinion about the open conversation format.

  • Travis Walker
    Travis Walker 4 years ago +141

    All so calm and soft spoken. You can just hear the wisdom when they speak.

  • Stephen j
    Stephen j Year ago +1

    She did a great job hosting and i could just listen to what everyone have to say for hours on end

  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones Year ago

    It’s good to have this sort of forum, but the prize doesn’t often go to the ones who truly deserve it

  • S Gcayiya
    S Gcayiya Year ago +11

    Please make these conversations longer perhaps 3 hours, tackle societal issues in context with the present and the future. Let's hear sector recommendations from the great minds with reference to their specific fields.

  • Hamza Ali
    Hamza Ali 2 years ago

    Legends on one table ✌️

  • C. M.
    C. M. 4 years ago +142

    What surprises me most was the amount of energy and comments by noticing the faults, and propelling on the idea of certain imperfection of this session over the profound topics and great minds exchanging within this short 45 mins talk. I would say, if you agree the topics heard are of significance and most of you agree, no doubt, then let's do something about it.
    In order to contribute constructively to the conversation, I'd like to encourage the following discussion:
    1. How might we teach maths in an interesting and applicable way? (10.33 to 11.18)
    2. Expect failure 99%, you can only pursue something if you are truly having fun. And with luck, that 1% you might succeed. In spite of its treacherous journey, the joy of doing, the joy of pushing further, the joy of exploration is what needs to be understood, for all fields and of life. (20.07- 23.32)
    3. The importance of writing (for scientist and beyond) even if you aren't in the Arts (29.25)
    4. With the new discovery, science breakthrough and thought-provoking work, how can our society benefits from it? (25.40)
    5. The necessary education of science, how to go about teaching these topics, how best to expose kids and the general public the importance of science and math, and having higher literacy and comprehension of the subject. (35.25 to 39.11, 40.19 to 41.14 )
    6. "We have forums but media chop everything in the piece, people are incapable of getting coherence stories". 39.48
    7. Journalism is broken. People care more about eyeballs and click rates over the accuracy of information - (41.33)
    No doubt there might be negative feedback or voices of opposition, we are all entitled to our own opinions, if we spent our time listening to this, over something else we could have done, then it would be a dis-service to ourselves not to talk about some of the ideas and thoughts within this video. Here or somewhere else, or even just a dialogue within yourself.

    • Briget Recososa
      Briget Recososa Year ago

      Love u to the moon

    • Freud Brahms
      Freud Brahms Year ago +1

      @Fun with CFS daym

    • Fun with CFS
      Fun with CFS Year ago +2

      My question is: if black holes are holes *in* space-time, and the collision between two black holes *created* space-time, what were the holes "in" before the existence of space-time itself?

    • Param Tripathi
      Param Tripathi 4 years ago +1

      Well put Cat. Thanks for your input.

    • Joseph Nyamariwata
      Joseph Nyamariwata 4 years ago +5

      1. I believe gamification can be a first step.
      4. I believe that entrepreneurs and governments will always benefit from the discoveries. Because at the end of the day, they create the products that end up reaching the broader society.
      5. Make it cool. This will take some work, but someone has to do it. There's a reason why topics like global warming and other related topics don't get "hype", for lack of a better word. The reason in my opinion is that; the scientists that present these discoveries and "warnings" fail to deliver the message in a fun, less monotonous way...

  • Bohirjon Akhmedov

    I just don't understand why people dislike such a great video.

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G Year ago

    Love discussion groups like this. I don't always understand what's being said but I feel twice as intelligent just soaking it in....lol.

  • Mynor Enrique Cifuentes Avila

    “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants,” Newton. Thank you Nobels Minds.

  • Household
    Household Year ago

    Love seeing the elderly sharing knowledge 👏

  • Exploring Together!

    This should be hosted by Joe Rogan. What an epic conversation we would have. Nobel Prize, please make it happen! We need to hear out these guys!!

  • Renee Shakara 🇳🇬

    32:33 I can imagine him having wanted to be a writer when young. Love all he utters.

  • Kula Ndifor
    Kula Ndifor Year ago +4

    "Better education is the bottom line". Well said.

  • Ladean Simpkins
    Ladean Simpkins Year ago

    So intelligent! Fantastic episode with insightful information

  • Goose Industria
    Goose Industria Year ago +5

    Imagine a live stream of this round table without a host and without a time limit.

  • Mimamsa
    Mimamsa Year ago +25

    OMG. Kazuo Ishiguro's face when she said, " I hope you all enjoyed it!" in the end. The irony!!! :-D when he's actually talking about media putting too much emphasis on entertainment. Man!!!....i cracked up so bad. Also That comment, "So you want kids to become gamblers?" The difference between a noble prize winner and a common person - jumping into conclusions.

  • Terrance Vries
    Terrance Vries 2 years ago

    Wow so many intellectual minds in one room. The feat of winning a Nobel in this time one is truly on the peak his field. I usually do not watch such videos, I guess after much Ted talks Clip-Share directed me here ( good job youtube). I like how the interviewer started of with asking about irrationality, brilliantly started, I believe the distinction rational and irrationality be the same side of a coin especially looking at all the scientific breakthroughs throughout the years. The discoveries of the microwaves from outer space for example by two students who were jockeying around with their computer.
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