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$9 MoYu 3x3 vs. $50 Gan 3x3 - Surprising Results!

  • Published on Apr 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • I check out two great new 3x3 releases from popular brands, but at very different price points.
    Buy the MoYu RS3 M 2020 here ($9): www.thecubicle.com/products/m...
    Buy the Gan 356 Air M here ($47): www.thecubicle.com/products/g...
    Use discount code "z3cubing" for 5% off everything at TheCubicle.com! www.thecubicle.com/?p=HJMGVPebP (Affiliate Link/Code)
    Intro Music: "Forces" by Jim Yosef [NCS Release]
    • Jim Yosef - Force...
    Outro Music: "Ruby" by Jim Yosef and Alex Skrindo [NCS Release]
    • Jim Yosef & Alex ...
    Merch: teespring.com/stores/Z3Cubing
    0:00 - Introduction
    2:50 - Unboxing
    5:27 - Turning
    8:10 - Tensions & Elasticity
    10:54 - Magnets
    12:47 - Solves & Conclusion
    #RubiksCube #cubing #Z3Cubing
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Comments • 975

  • C & W Trick Shots
    C & W Trick Shots 2 years ago +224

    The time and effort into his videos and intro is so respectable, great job dude

    • Travis Machado
      Travis Machado Year ago

      It’s actually really low effort compared to cube head or jr cuber and he reused the same into so…😐

    • Epicpianomaster
      Epicpianomaster 2 years ago +3

      Non cuber alert. Its not a cube. The colour scheme is wrong. Duh

    • Mirnim
      Mirnim 2 years ago +3


    • Anthony
      Anthony 2 years ago +2

      The fact he actually made a rubix cube with his logo for an intro

  • Dark
    Dark 2 years ago +40

    MoYu really is improving their cubes recently and they just made cubing history

  • SqRt
    SqRt 2 years ago +64

    I loosened my MoYu RS3 M screws a bit and lubed it with Cubicle Silk. It has now become my main and replaced my Gan 356 X (although I will occasionally switch them around). It takes a few solves to get used to the weaker magnets and I had to change my X magnets from strong to medium because I got used to weaker magnets.

  • Rapier Rapier
    Rapier Rapier 2 years ago +306

    Gan: our box opens like an apple box
    Also gan: our other cubes are the gan air x and the gan air xs

    • Daniel and psx
      Daniel and psx 6 months ago

      @Cubing Noob ye i ordered it and its coming in 2-6 buisness days

    • Bvcghh1 68
      Bvcghh1 68 7 months ago

      They're not even called the air x or air xs, they're called the 355 x and 356 xs

    • 1actose
      1actose Year ago +1

      @JEREMY BARCEMO dude. That was a year ago. Besides, I believe I was woosh baiting.

      JEREMY BARCEMO Year ago

      @1actose Thats the joke ! Better luck next time!

    • BeedrillKing
      BeedrillKing Year ago

      while i read this comment i was at 7:14

  • M3ko2
    M3ko2 2 years ago +41

    As good as GAN's 3x3s "might" be getting, I might as well not spend as much if I were a new cuber nowadays, this is a great blessing 🙏

  • Athulyaa A
    Athulyaa A 2 years ago +40

    Great video! I am really excited for the impact the rs3m2020 is going make in the cubing community!! Newer speedcubers can just get the rs3m2020 but still have all the potential features and ideal cube should have! I hope the cubing community grows! Btw, I have been a subscriber of yours for 5 years now( today I complete my fifth year )! Loving you and your content! #z3cubing300K!

    • Dan
      Dan Year ago

      @Adair ooh i see now

    • Adair
      Adair Year ago

      @Dan he said he has been a subscriber of his for 5 year but his account is less than 5 years old

    • Dan
      Dan Year ago

      @Adair whats wrong with that

    • Mommai Lim
      Mommai Lim Year ago

      @Athulyaa A
      Did you mean you made an account 3 years ago?

    • Athulyaa A
      Athulyaa A 2 years ago

      @Adair I joined Clip-Share 3 years ago

  • Ponky
    Ponky 2 years ago +10

    I bought both a few weeks ago. The RS3M was better out of the box, but with a bit of setup, the Gan Air M quickly became my main

  • RatedAnimates
    RatedAnimates 2 years ago +36

    I use an extremely old standard cube thats rusty and really sandy and hard af to turn so a 9 buck amazing speedcube is right up my alley

    • LuuNguyenPhong618
      LuuNguyenPhong618 8 months ago

      @Xreamac rusty in cubing means slow turning I think

    • Xreamac
      Xreamac 11 months ago

      How can a cube be rusty I thought cubes were made of plastic. Unless you meant magnet which can rust or the screws which can also rust or the springs which can also rust or you mean in a metaphorical sense.

  • Toan Luong
    Toan Luong 7 months ago +1

    I have both and the fact that the RS3M is so close in terms of performance after some proper setup is just insane. The RS3m singlehandedly makes the price of the Gan ridiculous.

  • Ishan SpeedCuber
    Ishan SpeedCuber 2 years ago +18

    Woah, I simply love the editing and effort you make to bring us an awesome video... Keep it up. Great job👍👍🙂🙂

  • DylanGamer9001
    DylanGamer9001 2 years ago +58

    I just recently got into speedcubing. I'm trying to learn different methods like F2L and my time is a little less than a minute. Not all that fast, so I looked into getting a better cube. I got the MoYu RS3M because it was getting recommended as the best budget cube on the market. And I gotta say, no regrets at all. I don't want to spend $60 on a perfect GAN cube, so a $9 cube is a great price. And though the magnets aren't all that strong on the MoYu, it's still such an upgrade from my old cube for such a cheap price.

    • Bigzthegreat
      Bigzthegreat 6 months ago

      I'm in the same situation you are now. I have this pretty cheap, stickered cube and i'm looking to learn F2L. Stickerless cubes also are just so much more visually pleasing then stickered ones

    • Exelo
      Exelo 7 months ago

      @ignDart yeh f2l takes up the most amount of time in your solve so u wanna practice that

    • Bvcghh1 68
      Bvcghh1 68 7 months ago

      Gan cubes are absolutely not perfect, there's no perfect cube, gan cubes are just more expensive for very similar performance

    • ignDart
      ignDart 8 months ago

      @LuuNguyenPhong618 yea and it’s a year old comment lol

    • LuuNguyenPhong618
      LuuNguyenPhong618 8 months ago +1

      @ignDart ok well we don't know how this guy practices so let's just end this

  • the unfamous youtuber
    the unfamous youtuber 5 months ago

    Ive had the rs3m for about 3 to 4 months now and its amazing
    A few of my friends have bought the gan xs and 356m but when i tried i really preferred my rs3m over the gan cubes
    So personally i like the moyu rs3m better than gan cubes

  • Pao de Pota
    Pao de Pota Year ago +3

    My RS3M is coming and I'm so excited to upgrade from a non-magnetic cube, although I still use the beginner method and still practicing beginner F2L. I'm way too conscious because I'm not that good at it yet and here I am, ordering a fancy magnetic cube.

    • Robert
      Robert 7 months ago

      How's your experience with it?

    • Humzah
      Humzah Year ago +1

      I know how that feels, but it's okay. Getting better is just as fun and doing it on a better cube will only amplify that excitement! gl

  • xjwigluszx
    xjwigluszx 11 months ago +1

    I love the RS3M… with the added magnet kit and the maglev upgrade kit from the cubicle… it’s awesome. Don’t have much reference and the only GAN I’ve used is the iCarry. Much prefer the moyu. Wish there was a smart version in that price point.

  • watermelon
    watermelon 6 months ago

    How does the magnet strength on the 356 Air M compare to the 2017 356 Air SM? Is it a good replacement or should I get the RS3M (or another cube)?

  • A14 Reindee Roodee
    A14 Reindee Roodee Year ago +9

    we can all agree that these 2 brands really had the competition like apple vs samsung right 😂

    • Lightning Reed
      Lightning Reed 5 months ago +1

      Samsung? We need at least wr m or gts3m

  • Hex0
    Hex0 2 years ago +4

    After adding magnets, properly lubricating, and tensioning I bet the RS3M would be a lot closer to the performance of the GAN cube

    • cos
      cos 2 years ago +2

      Hex0 i see, good point. I own a gan rs and it acts quite similar to my tengyun v2 so i can imagine both cubes performing marvellously!

    • Hex0
      Hex0 2 years ago +4

      @cos I mean extra magnets, they sell them for $1 at cube stores since the RS3M has weak magnets.
      But yeah, after proper set up the GAN would still be ahead

    • cos
      cos 2 years ago +2

      It’s already magnetic but otherwise you’re right. But then why not set up the Gan?

  • Brody Karl
    Brody Karl 2 years ago +17

    I got the rs3m a few days ago, not even knowing anything about it, now I’m seeing all these reviews from pretty good cubers on it😂.

  • Tavish Bawa
    Tavish Bawa 2 years ago +6

    if you get the plus version of the rs3m than you are basically getting a cube with adjustable magnets for one extra dollar
    the adjustable magnet system won't be the best though

  • a random villager
    a random villager 7 months ago

    Moyu has really improved over the lastt few years

  • Drewdrewisdabest1
    Drewdrewisdabest1 8 months ago

    It would be crazy if the cubicle and scs had a collaboration

  • The Puzzle Turner
    The Puzzle Turner 2 years ago

    Nice video! I’m so glad there’s s really good affordable cube

  • Acrat-O75
    Acrat-O75 6 months ago +2

    the rs3m maglev (mfjs mf3rs3m 2021) is a cube that you should buy and another budget pack to make your cube "GANy" is the cuber's home pack for 10$. this is also comparable to the weilong wr m 2021. the rs3m was my main until i lost a spring.

    • Acrat-O75
      Acrat-O75 3 months ago

      I bought a spare rs3 and it was amazing and sooooooo crunchy

    • Acrat-O75
      Acrat-O75 4 months ago

      the rs3m’s magnet strength is very light so the cubicle sells a magnet upgrade kit for very cheap. just drop a magnet in an edge part and repeat that twenty-three more times.

    • Acrat-O75
      Acrat-O75 4 months ago

      luckily I bought the maglev kit for 5$ and made the rs3m 2021 my main until wear&tear broke one of the spring strength thingamadoodles

  • DyingIightz
    DyingIightz 2 years ago

    If you have a spring noise In the rs3m, then put lubicle black or vortex lube in the side or sides that have the spring noise in the core.

  • IswdFn
    IswdFn 2 years ago +30

    2:50 unboxing
    5:30 first turns
    8:09 tensions/elasticity
    10:54 magnets
    12:44 solve and conclusion
    Thank me later

    • JanitorRio
      JanitorRio 11 months ago

      Why tf would we need this. He already gave us video chapters

      SHIVANSH Year ago

      @Aksh Devlapalli ya lol I wanna get back to cubing so I was thinking of buying rs3m

      SHIVANSH Year ago +1

      Thx ☺️

  • wehearttrains
    wehearttrains Year ago +1

    Just got the RS3 M and I can confirm it is well worth the 9 bucks.

    • 1raed Bf
      1raed Bf 8 months ago

      I got the maglev but iddnt try it its in the shipping bcz im in Algeria

  • ꧁RadicalRick꧂
    ꧁RadicalRick꧂ 2 years ago +4

    Bought 2 of the budget Cube from the Cubicle. I hope I'm happy with them.
    I have some Moyu magnetic Cubes that I'm pretty happy with. Can I love them even more? I'll see when I get the new Moyu RS3M.
    I also have a GoCube and a few (4)Gan356i & Gan Robot for online competitions. But Moyu has been my fav.

  • Abeltensor
    Abeltensor 2 years ago +19

    Here's one thing you won't hear about in these reviews... Had a gan xs and I had it in my pocket, dropped out and dropped 4 feet onto carpet. The core slightly bent as a result of this incident. Fun fact, most gan cubes have a plastic core which makes the cube lighter but much less durable. I replaced the xs with a moyu wrm 2020 and I haven't looked back since. Don't think I'd ever buy another gan product unless it was just light years ahead of the pack. They may be expensive cubes but they are cheap in materials... And yeah as an side note the rs3m is very similar to the wrm.

      FLO'S EATYARD 6 months ago

      @umbrella 💀 moment

    • umbrella
      umbrella 6 months ago

      @FLO'S EATYARD 💀

      FLO'S EATYARD 8 months ago

      @Abeltensor oh ok I thought you were referring to it as if you thought was some many years or something. Thanks for telling me though, probably saved me from a bunch of awkward conversations

    • Abeltensor
      Abeltensor 8 months ago

      @FLO'S EATYARD that term, light years ahead, is just a saying and it doesn't imply time nor distance, just that something is better or more featureful. And yeah I am aware that a light year is a measurement of distance. It doesn't matter though since it makes sense in both contexts. When something is better you could say it's far ahead of the other thing or far in the future etc.

      FLO'S EATYARD 8 months ago

      Light years aren't a measurement of time bro, it's a measurement of distance. 1 light year 9.5T km so it takes light 1 year to complete that distance, therefore the name light year

  • incyne
    incyne 2 years ago

    I got the moyu and after 3 months the orange side started to jiggle from it being loosened as it was very tight I am getting a new cube tho so that’s cool

  • the landon gang
    the landon gang Year ago

    nice review, i might get a cheaper cube myself to test it out.
    btw if ypu know any algorithms to do really fast you could do those for first turns

  • 1000 subscribers with no videos!

    who thinks that z3 is incredible! His editing and commentating is amazing. He puts in so much work. Best youcuber!

    • Rikulolx
      Rikulolx Year ago

      @Bowtie Cubes did you not pay attention to the video ;;

    • Arhan Pasupuleti
      Arhan Pasupuleti 2 years ago

      youtube cuber right

    • Aditya Purohit
      Aditya Purohit 2 years ago

      Have you seen Jperm?

    • Anish Bhethanabotla
      Anish Bhethanabotla 2 years ago

      hes pretty good but his face is really hard to look at it and his voice is weird he is akward as hell

  • UncivilizedApricot
    UncivilizedApricot 8 months ago

    Dose anyone have any idea why my rs3am can't corner cut at 90 degrees? I've losned the screws but the maglev versions corner cutting is way better then the non maglves.

  • Fadhil
    Fadhil 2 years ago

    I like how you describe gan that it's not 5 times better than rs3m 2020 lol

  • Devansh Bhargava
    Devansh Bhargava 2 years ago

    Thanks because of you I saw a good magnetic 3by3 for beginners and I ordered it from cubelelo the moyo m

  • HappyMode
    HappyMode Year ago

    To make the magnets stronger in the moyu , buy some additional rubik's cube magnets. Then, remove the pieces of it and open the pieces. After that,put ta magnet in each peice and put the pieces back together. And Done!

  • Alfred - Speedcuber
    Alfred - Speedcuber 2 years ago +1

    Nice very in-depth comparison

  • Tyler O
    Tyler O 2 years ago +52

    Moyu: not even a millimeter of extra space in box

    • a369
      a369 Year ago


    • Ryan kafi
      Ryan kafi Year ago

      Guys what are you talking about this actually relates

    • Baraka Obama
      Baraka Obama Year ago +1

      At least nothing goes to waste

    • Lunar LK
      Lunar LK 2 years ago +4

      @sachith jaikumar true idk what this guy is talking about

    • sachith jaikumar
      sachith jaikumar 2 years ago +8

      It is better for the world

  • Mr Melon
    Mr Melon 2 years ago +2

    Cheaper cubes now come much more premium,ig we will see more like the Moyu being premium.

    UNDEFINED127 6 months ago

    I really needed this because my schools has a Rubik's cube club and everyone had a speed cube so my friend told me if I'm asking my mom, I shouldn't get a GAN and I should get moyu cube, and it helped me decide that the moyu cube is more worth the money

  • Xela Olapid
    Xela Olapid 2 years ago +327

    Fun fact: you wanted the rs3m to win

    • Doggler
      Doggler  8 months ago


    • idk
      idk Year ago

      @ThatDecentGamer btw it took 2 weeks to come to my country and now my package has been sitting in a nearby place of the courier for a whole week( my english is bad). Im 13 years old and we dont have a car and my mum is like : No u can wait. No need to go there since they will bring it! Bruh she dont understand

    • idk
      idk Year ago

      @ThatDecentGamer thanks

    • ThatDecentGamer
      ThatDecentGamer Year ago

      @idk also I will sub

    • ThatDecentGamer
      ThatDecentGamer Year ago

      @idk oh hope it comes in good condition I wish you best of luck

  • Aryann Tiwaarri
    Aryann Tiwaarri 2 years ago +4

    You took so much time for this video... Great job Alex👍. Btw, when are you planning to do your next QnA and what about your sponsorship.

  • The Rafer
    The Rafer 2 years ago +479

    When Z3cubing reviews the cube with only R U R’ move...

  • Ethan Bryant
    Ethan Bryant 2 years ago +95

    everyone: Tests with plls
    Z3 cubing: rUr’ RUR’

    • Pixels_
      Pixels_ Year ago

      I test with Y Perm. (I think it's Y Perm)

    • Dhar man’s Girl
      Dhar man’s Girl Year ago +1

      @CheeseBurger lol

    • CheeseBurger
      CheeseBurger Year ago +3

      @Dhar man’s Girl I got a gear ball the other day, scrambled it and at that moment I realized: I couldn’t solve it

    • Dhar man’s Girl
      Dhar man’s Girl Year ago +1

      @CheeseBurger 😂

    • CheeseBurger
      CheeseBurger Year ago +1

      @Dhar man’s Girl lol same 😂

  • Brian said it so it Must be true

    Great video ... For a budget cube, I would recommend a QiYi Warrior.

  • Jacob merch
    Jacob merch Year ago +1

    Do you need to open it perfectly because the cube is expensive?

  • Kristy Pillinger
    Kristy Pillinger 10 months ago

    me: can understand a word becuase its to fast. everyone else: the effort and stuff that he put in omg this new mike is amazing lol me: how can you hear him

  • You
    You 2 years ago +1

    Thx for the review on those cubes bro!now i know which one to buy:)

  • Jojo Hendo
    Jojo Hendo Year ago +1

    I convinced my mom to buy me a gan 356 M. This will be my first top of the line speed cube

  • Timelapse - A418A
    Timelapse - A418A 2 years ago +6

    I have tried the:
    1.rs3m 2020 (with the extra magnets for 1$)
    2.wr m 2020
    3.gts 3 m
    4.gan x
    this is the ranking.
    I am very biased to moyu though, my first speed cube was the aolong v2 back in 2014.

  • Santiago Fuentes
    Santiago Fuentes 2 years ago

    can you make a video on solving the windmill please? you taught me how to do a 3x3 and now i want to do a windmill.

  • Sarah Shan
    Sarah Shan 2 years ago +1

    Thanks for inspiring me to get some puzzles

  • Nguyễn Dương Nick

    Its the gan 356 x and gan 356 xs. Gan discontinued the air series years ago. The only magnetic air cubes are the gan air m, air sm, and air um

  • Alfredo Jarvio
    Alfredo Jarvio 2 years ago

    You can switch out the magnets on the moyu you just take out a piece and open it by pulling it apart and you can adjust it

    • UkPkFireMkk
      UkPkFireMkk Year ago +3

      That's not a feature that's literally just taking the cube apart.

  • Dude
    Dude 2 years ago +1

    How does the magnet strength of the RS3M compare to the weak setting of the gan XS? Which one is weaker?

  • CholsreaMMOS
    CholsreaMMOS 2 years ago +5

    i used moyu since before i knew this channel existed, and like 2 years ago lmao
    i got the gift box with the 2x2 3x3 4x4 and 5x5

  • Gryesc
    Gryesc 9 months ago

    Gan is the Apple of cubes, and MoYu is just like Xiaomi

  • macheezm0
    macheezm0 Year ago

    How does the MF3RS2 compare to the RSM 2020?

  • Fusion
    Fusion Year ago

    The $9 moyu is my main, the cubes i have are, Gear cube, Rubix original 4x4 (rip lol), The Moyu in this video, And the Rubix Tilt device!

  • BluePotato_Gaming

    The fact he’s using my gan main makes me happy

  • hansungbias
    hansungbias 9 months ago

    You guys are lucky because I don’t have a magnetic cube😅 mine costed only 3$ because it’s from the swami but it’s okay

  • Elias
    Elias 2 years ago +4

    You can open the rs3m box way easier by just sliding it open like you did on the gan box

    • Elias
      Elias 2 years ago

      @Was ? Versteh ich nicht Danke! Guck ich mir mal an

    • Was ? Versteh ich nicht
      Was ? Versteh ich nicht 2 years ago

      @Elias In diesem sehr informativen Video wird das erklärt:

    • Elias
      Elias 2 years ago

      @Was ? Versteh ich nicht 😂okay

    • Was ? Versteh ich nicht
      Was ? Versteh ich nicht 2 years ago +1

      @Elias OMG jetzt begreif es doch endlich: MoYu hat 2 verschiedene Arten von Boxen für diesen Cube produziert. zuerst eine zum sliden und dann haben sie umgestellt auf eine billigere. Das heisst einige haben die zum sliden und die anderen haben die wie sie Z3Cubing hier im Video hat.

    • Elias
      Elias 2 years ago

      @Was ? Versteh ich nicht und wenn du mal andere rs3m unboxing anschaust wirst du es merken

  • Saturniun YT Tech

    the GAN X was actually called GAN 356 X not GAN Air X. same with the XS

  • TheBeastofthem
    TheBeastofthem Year ago

    Me after getting a gan and having the other cube as my main.. I wonder the difference

  • Energizer Bro’s
    Energizer Bro’s 2 years ago

    I have the rs3m 2020.its really good

  • Cubing Tube
    Cubing Tube 2 years ago +1

    The rs3m 2020 is pretty much my main over the Valk Elite

    • Cubing Tube
      Cubing Tube 2 years ago

      @Mark Annuel Cabingao now i use the wrm 2020

    • Mark Annuel Cabingao
      Mark Annuel Cabingao 2 years ago

      @Cubing Tube did you upgraded your rs3m?

    • Cubing Tube
      Cubing Tube 2 years ago +1

      @Serkoid im almost averaging sub 12 so i think you could main it still but if you feel like getting a new cube i would get a new one :)

    • Serkoid
      Serkoid 2 years ago +1

      I main the rs2 M, when I get better and want to buy a better cube, would you recommend the rs3 M 2020? or should I buy more expensive flagship cubes?

  • SkmKaranYT
    SkmKaranYT 6 months ago

    Mine current cube is 1.47$ but whenever i go a bit too fast it breaks apart

  • I hate N-perms
    I hate N-perms 2 years ago +34

    Yup. I mained the rs3m 2020 over my gan xs

    • Serkoid
      Serkoid 2 years ago

      Rayyan Humayun I already have it lol

    • Ferenc
      Ferenc 2 years ago

      I also recommend qiyi ms mag etic 3x3 2020. My best with it is 30 second. I know its not good time, but i improved 5 7 second woth this cube.

    • I hate N-perms
      I hate N-perms 2 years ago +1

      @Serkoid im not sure, but the rs3m basically performs the same as more expensive cubes, its just feels a bit cheaper, anf weirdly, thats the reason why i like it. But the RS2 m is also a really good cube. I recommend watching some reviews from jperm, but if you dont feel like you would need an expensive flagship, the rs3 m 2020 is a really solid option. In my opinion it could totally cost like 30 dollars

    • Serkoid
      Serkoid 2 years ago

      I main the rs2 M, when I get better and want to buy a better cube, would you recommend the rs3 M 2020? or should I buy more expensive flagship cubes?

    • I hate N-perms
      I hate N-perms 2 years ago +2

      @I have Infinite accounts welp, i can still use the gan 356 xs as a backup and its my sisters main now

  • Andrew Cajigan
    Andrew Cajigan 6 months ago

    Guess my cube, MoYu or GAN
    The answer is Moyu, also it came from a clear plastic box and doesn't turn that well, all cubers have good cubes except me (MoYu and a sticker with white outlines, it turns pretty fast tho, but it has a missing corner and is kinda noisy) My MoYu did NOT come with that screwdriver, you cubers are lucky you get GAN cubes

  • TS_BLadeZzX
    TS_BLadeZzX Year ago +1

    Gan is like the apple of cubing

  • Mr person
    Mr person Year ago

    GAN is the apple of Rubik’s cubes

  • Calculator
    Calculator 11 months ago

    Moyu = Samsung
    GAN = Apple
    They’re just battling eachother

  • Moe Nopolist
    Moe Nopolist Year ago

    Gan is like the apple of cubes

  • Ben Zhang
    Ben Zhang 2 years ago +5

    Z3Cubing and JRcuber: a MoYu stand! pretty cool!
    J Perm: YEET

  • fatsquirrel75
    fatsquirrel75 2 years ago +1

    So screws adjust tension, and blue turning thing elasticity? Can someone explain what each does?
    My main is MoYu GTS3M. Got the same without the ridges. It's terrible. Just realised I might need to adjust the screws, turning the blue thing just makes it unstable (but hardly any faster).
    If so, thanks.

    • Cubyx
      Cubyx 2 years ago +1

      U R giving me a vibe u are not really a speed cuber who spends so much to buy the gts3m even though u dont need it. If u don't know how to set up yr cube from cubing experiences I don't think u should be having the gts3m in the first place. But trust me the gts3m is great.

    • fatsquirrel75
      fatsquirrel75 2 years ago

      @Crazy For Cubes wow, how did I miss that video. Thank you so much for pointing me to it.

    • Crazy For Cubes
      Crazy For Cubes 2 years ago +5

      Watch jperms gts3m video. He explains it really well

  • Minty
    Minty 2 years ago

    Z3 what would you recommend for a good 3x3 and 4x4. I’m trying to get into cubing but don’t know what to get and I don’t want to waist money

    • Where Am I
      Where Am I 2 years ago

      GS5 South *Rebooted* you should spend a bit more money for MGC 4x4 becuz it’s $20 and it’s def best 4x4 on the market rn

    • Minty
      Minty 2 years ago

      Cubing Musician How much is it

    • Danish Adam
      Danish Adam 2 years ago

      I really like Yuxin Little Magic magnetic 4×4

    • Fregley
      Fregley 2 years ago

      Get the meilong m 4×4 and the RS3M 2020 3×3

  • MC_Cubing
    MC_Cubing 7 months ago

    Z3Cubing: Alright imma open up the accessories box.
    2 years later with like every cubing youtuber: ok we all know whats in here so lets move on

  • BABS
    BABS 2 years ago

    Can you do a gan 251m setup tutorial?

  • Harrison Scheidt
    Harrison Scheidt 2 years ago +2

    The MoYu RS3 M is my main 3x3

  • Roshni Chandran
    Roshni Chandran 2 years ago +4

    ive been waiting for the discount code for AGES... Ive asked that the last 3 qna's

  • Risue
    Risue 2 years ago

    Why are some boxes different from each other? Other one's with 2 boxes and open from the top, others are with flips on the side

    • Cubyx
      Cubyx 2 years ago +1

      The new batches are opened from the sides. The ones that opens fron the top are the older batches, but the cubes are completely the same.

  • medicwine
    medicwine 2 years ago

    How do you tell cubes apart when they look identical?

  • davidbird764
    davidbird764 2 years ago +3

    we've seen comparisons of $40 cubes to $40 cubes, but not $9 to $50 lol 😲

  • ab i.
    ab i. 8 months ago

    can’t wait for gan to be more like apple and not give any accessories

  • Alphatrion Edits
    Alphatrion Edits 9 months ago

    9$ is 1800 pkr and I bought the same thing, it cost me 860 pkr which is around 4$, the reason for this is that I live in Pakistan next to China so where the product is manufactured it will be the most affordable there and it is not shipped through entire Pacific ocean.

  • juiceDéLemon
    juiceDéLemon 2 years ago +15

    Me: Bought an $.3 speedcube and after tensioning and lubing it”s all good

    • Mommai Lim
      Mommai Lim Year ago

      Thats not how memes format works?

    • Xian
      Xian 2 years ago +1


  • Sava Gligorijević
    Sava Gligorijević 2 years ago

    The best youtuber. No words.

    • TechsyfiEdits
      TechsyfiEdits 2 years ago

      Yes your right jperm is in fact the best youtuber

    BILL CIPHER Month ago

    Ah yes, a video by Zed3 Cubing.

  • GrumpNext
    GrumpNext 11 months ago +1

    My dad orderd me the 50$ one I think it is good!

  • GaNzY_404
    GaNzY_404 2 years ago +1

    I just got the gan356 air m and I’ve gotten so many sub 20’s and didn’t even know it’s the newest cube from gan

    • Fregley
      Fregley 2 years ago

      I wouldn't really call the air m a new cube, just a new release, as it is meant to be a xs lite (it's just an xs without adjustable magnets)

  • jayden roblox
    jayden roblox 2 years ago

    I use a Gan 356R and wow.. the $9 cube is better than my 356R

  • Rhett the Cuber
    Rhett the Cuber 2 years ago +19

    Loved it
    Just kidding I’m not a comment bot but I still loved it!

    • T Cuber 8897
      T Cuber 8897 2 years ago

      @Yuxin Little Magic why are you everywhere XD

    • Yuxin Little Magic
      Yuxin Little Magic 2 years ago

      Brendyn Dunagan - Speedcuber {Team CFOP} they are

    • h
      h 2 years ago

      why does your pfp have 2 green-blue corners and 2 oranhe centers

    • Sam M
      Sam M 2 years ago

      Brendyn Dunagan - Speedcuber {Team CFOP} Yeah I think they are.

    • PHCuber
      PHCuber 2 years ago +2

      Rhett the Cuber lol

  • Zhardik
    Zhardik 2 years ago +20

    At about 10:00 I was definetly EXTREMELY triggered by him doing r u r' kind of moves again and again!

  • Vinit Kasture
    Vinit Kasture 2 years ago

    Hey bro can you tell us how to solve a 3 by 3 in a fastest way because it's so boring to learn algorithms💝💝

    • Where Am I
      Where Am I 2 years ago

      KloudMC there’s no math involved lmoa, and if you want no algs to use, try out roux, it’s mostly intuitive

    • It's Genti
      It's Genti 2 years ago

      The fastest way is learning algorithms lol

    • Zen -.
      Zen -. 2 years ago +2

      You solve a cube by... learning algorithms. There's no shortcuts. It's not that hard, just learn the basics and you can apply it to many situations

    MGAMES! 7 months ago

    I haven’t saw the video yet but moyu looks beautiful

  • Pavle Nikacevic
    Pavle Nikacevic Year ago

    Do these cubes come lubed right out of the box?

  • Nah
    Nah Year ago

    I have that rs3m and i think it better than a 100$ gan

  • Phoenyx
    Phoenyx 2 years ago +11

    Me: dollar store cube, take it or leave it.
    Edit: just bought the $9 cube

  • Qbing Champion
    Qbing Champion 2 years ago +2

    Z3 cubing, would you recommend the Moyu Meilong M 3x3, or the rs3m 2020 edition?

    • TheSalad
      TheSalad Year ago

      bro i have both, you need both. they are such different cubes with contrasting feels and they are both great

    • Pranav Tadepalli
      Pranav Tadepalli 2 years ago

      @Serkoid Rs3m 2020

    • Serkoid
      Serkoid 2 years ago

      I main the rs2 M, when I get better and want to buy a better cube, would you recommend the rs3 M 2020? or should I buy more expensive flagship cubes?

    • Fregley
      Fregley 2 years ago

      Get the RS3M 2020 for the spring compression system

  • Surabhi Palandi
    Surabhi Palandi 2 years ago +5

    Doing first moves
    J perm : does a j perm
    Cubing encoded : does oll algorithms
    Z3 cubing : RUR' RUR' RUR' RUR'

  • Boicu Budu Andrei

    wow the Gan Air is only $26 now