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When Mickey Rourke was still handsome, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man 1991

  • Published on Mar 6, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man is a 1991 American neo-Western biker film starring Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson, with a supporting cast including Chelsea Field, Tom Sizemore, Daniel Baldwin, Giancarlo Esposito, and Vanessa Williams who also contributes to the film's soundtrack. It is directed by Simon Wincer from a screenplay by Don Michael Paul.
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  • This is really cool!
    This is really cool!  Month ago +126

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    • Patrick Johnlewis
      Patrick Johnlewis Month ago


    • Thresa Greeno
      Thresa Greeno Month ago +3

      Hello Mikey Rourke you are the coolest guy ever I have seen any all movies that you have ever played in so far big huge fan of yours have been for the longest time ever you're the coolest of them all ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Gurung Bishnuram
      Gurung Bishnuram Month ago

      wwhat is the movie nama?...pls

    • Dianne Carol Ordean
      Dianne Carol Ordean Month ago +1

      From day one...❤

    • Sven Langner
      Sven Langner Month ago

      It not transgender

  • Graeme Hampton
    Graeme Hampton 2 months ago +1998

    Mickey doing his best Bruce Willis impersonation.

      RHINOSAUR 2 months ago +90

      You got that backwards, pal.

    • SMM
      SMM 2 months ago +61

      @RHINOSAUR They started acting at roughly the same time. They had a lot of similarities but I don't think either was copying the other.

    • Gary Wemmer
      Gary Wemmer 2 months ago +42

      Seems like it was before Bruce....

    • SMM
      SMM 2 months ago +48

      @Gary Wemmer This movie came out in 1991 Die Hard was in 1988. Both had earlier roles going back to the early 80s at least.

    • Will Uland
      Will Uland 2 months ago +62

      Always wanted to see him and Bruce Willis play brothers

  • Marketing Business!
    Marketing Business! Month ago +174

    Only a few Actors can say the word "Scumbags" with such authenticity!

  • Brian L.
    Brian L. Month ago +34

    Freaking loved this guy. Pope of Greenwich Village is a classic.

    • Carlito
      Carlito Month ago +5

      "Charlie, he took my thumb"...Great movie..

    • Robert Salmen
      Robert Salmen Month ago +1

      Also , Johnny Handsome.
      Lance Henriksen ... Forest Whitaker ... Morgan Freeman
      Pretty decent flik

    • James A Murphy
      James A Murphy 20 days ago

      @Carlito you got no job to go to.

  • RossWrock
    RossWrock 2 months ago +1543

    WTF cares about Mickey? Look how young and good looking Kelly Hu is in this scene!

    • Douggie Toidy
      Douggie Toidy 2 months ago +27


    • Q'anon Don
      Q'anon Don 2 months ago +57

      Too bad he looks like Marjorie TrailerTrashGreene now 😂

    • BBB
      BBB 2 months ago +67

      She's a beautiful girl

    • Team Wood MERICA
      Team Wood MERICA 2 months ago +59

      Kelly Who?

  • Blake Meche
    Blake Meche Month ago +58

    If Bruce Willis and Kiefer Sutherland had a son 😂😂

  • BlakeKP
    BlakeKP Month ago +4

    I miss that face!!! I hate he felt like it wasn’t good enough. He’s a brilliant actor .

  • TalklikeAPirate
    TalklikeAPirate Month ago +237

    Saw this at the time and he finally did what I always needed the hero to do. He kept the gun...lol.

    • Jeff Baker
      Jeff Baker Month ago +9

      Have you seen Falling Down with Michael Douglas? He keeps everybody's weapon haha!!!

    • Fcrate
      Fcrate Month ago +5

      Right? I mean he did the work. Might as well take the wallet too; even if it's empty it'll be an extra punishment making him replace any papers he's got there.

    • j p
      j p Month ago

      @Jeff Baker that’s completely different.

    • Ann Hopkins
      Ann Hopkins Month ago +2

      Too bad he ruined his looks.

    • Brett Lawton
      Brett Lawton Month ago


  • M S
    M S Month ago +12

    one of the best movie intros

  • BEENawake
    BEENawake Month ago +4

    "Because my dad gave me these boots!" It was the only thing he ever gave me.

  • Gwyn  Maverick James
    Gwyn Maverick James 2 months ago +348

    Haven’t seen it in ages,one of mickey rourkes best roles great to watch and I love his bike,the partnership between Marlboro and Harley is so well casted they were brilliant together 😊👍

    • Billy
      Billy 2 months ago +9

      That was a gorgeous bike, wasn’t it?

    • Doc
      Doc 2 months ago +3

      Yeah, it was very well done but not a bike I'd want to take on a long trip. Only suspension is two springs on the seat. Horribly uncomfortable.

    • Loyd Ingle
      Loyd Ingle 2 months ago +1

      Go watch , johnny handsome

    • david r
      david r Month ago +1

      When was this? 88-92???? Of course there is a scumbag with a Desert Eagle that he probably could never have afforded or been smart enough to use.

    • Adrian Pena
      Adrian Pena Month ago +2

      Funny how he's not afraid having a gun pointed at his head lol only in the movies!

  • Deanna Gilchrist
    Deanna Gilchrist 4 days ago +1

    Gotta love him💕💖

  • longshank drills
    longshank drills Month ago +3

    It's been years, I need to watch it again. Mickey is always entertaining.

  • Bowman Brent 419
    Bowman Brent 419 Month ago +275

    Back when the bad guy would tell you what he was about to do 😂

    • Aurel Marine
      Aurel Marine Month ago +1

      .......and he did it too!!! Pow Wow......Bang......

    • Siyabonga Cebekhulu
      Siyabonga Cebekhulu Month ago +2


    • Hugh Jass
      Hugh Jass Month ago +2

      And took forever explaining it to the point they get overpowered by the person their threatening...

    • Skip ads
      Skip ads Month ago

      ....and politely let each other finish verbally threatening without yelling over each other. That would be so inexcusably rude before killing someone.

    • Charlie E
      Charlie E Month ago

      The infamous monologue

  • Andrew Mckeown
    Andrew Mckeown Month ago

    Loved Mickey back in the day👍❤️🇨🇦

  • Алексей Шевченко

    Да, в то время Микки был реально красавчик!)

  • Jeff Gregory
    Jeff Gregory 2 months ago +88

    The world needs more citizens like that.

  • Ronnie Huber
    Ronnie Huber Month ago +1

    Great scene! Love the movie and really love that bike!

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson 18 hours ago

    He was awesome in Rumble Fish

  • Yissnakk Lives!
    Yissnakk Lives! 2 months ago +78

    Odd thing is that for a short time he was nearly interchangeable with Bruce Willis

  • John
    John Month ago

    Harley Davidson and the Marlboro man! Miss you my brother You were a real piece of work Ole boy! RIP M.S. If you can save me a bar stool up there man. And we can pick up where we left off.

  • Derek Morgan
    Derek Morgan Day ago

    This guy was a sex symbol back in the 90’s

  • MadKingMe
    MadKingMe Month ago +59

    1991 and Kelly Hu still looks as fine today as she does in this movie a true ageless Beauty

    • Luiz Fernando
      Luiz Fernando Month ago

      Essa mulher é linda ❤❤❤ ela fes a feiticeira do filme ESCORPIAO REI top demais

    • adamson talabucon
      adamson talabucon Month ago

      From the movie The Scorpion King Kelly Hu

    • Arthur Brumagem
      Arthur Brumagem Month ago

      Absolutely. Loved her on Nash Bridges

    • Chris Kayman
      Chris Kayman 28 days ago +2

      Damn my yellow fever.

  • Robert Pace
    Robert Pace Month ago +1

    Oh Mickey - love your vibe

  • Rocky Diner
    Rocky Diner Month ago

    #1 rule: NEVER mess with someone tougher than leather.

  • Manny S
    Manny S 2 months ago +135

    That last knee to the head was Choreographed and filmed flawlessly. Incredible work

    • mark s
      mark s 2 months ago +6

      Everything looked like it made contact.... ouch.

    • H Tenny
      H Tenny Month ago +4

      The bad guy forgot to drop the knife

    • Steve Raia
      Steve Raia Month ago +2

      Awesome sound effect of crushing facial bones. So well in-sink with visual.

    • Kevin klien
      Kevin klien Month ago +2

      Doesn't make sense to realse control of the knife to grab his head with both hands.

    • jollygamerguy
      jollygamerguy Month ago

      Actually i think it was real. That dude wasnt conscious

  • Samuel Hunt
    Samuel Hunt Month ago

    One of my favorite movies gotta buy it on DVD just to watch 10000 times

  • Opie Taylor
    Opie Taylor Month ago

    One of my favorite movies.

  • Jedi Knight Jairin Aiki
    Jedi Knight Jairin Aiki 2 months ago +53

    He had a Bruce Willis vibe about him.

    • Edward Valivonis
      Edward Valivonis Month ago +5

      He is Bruce Willis

    • Jedi Knight Jairin Aiki
      Jedi Knight Jairin Aiki Month ago +1

      @Hokahey I know. Maybe I should have phrased it differently so certain people would understand what I was getting at.

    • Alexey Vyazovichenko
      Alexey Vyazovichenko Month ago +1

      скорее наоборот 🤪😄

    • Edward Valivonis
      Edward Valivonis Month ago +3

      @Alexey Vyazovichenko спасибо Путину

    • Neil Singh
      Neil Singh Month ago +1

      Rourke and Willis would both go on to appear in "Sin City" (2005) and "The Expendables" (2010)!!

  • Matthew Salomone
    Matthew Salomone Month ago

    I think this was the last movie. He looked recognizably human

  • Kenneth Smith
    Kenneth Smith 3 days ago

    One of my all time favourite movie's.

  • Rob Brimson
    Rob Brimson 2 months ago +41

    This movie needs to be on Netflix again

    • Artsby's_30
      Artsby's_30 Month ago

      But there's a little momment when the nervous one holds the knife. If you look at it carefully, you'll realize he had some seconds to use it. He should have had a tea.

  • Эдуард Лыткин

    Микки тут просто КОРОЛЬ!!!

  • Todd McIntosh
    Todd McIntosh Month ago

    Coolest bad ass scene of his career!😎😉👍

  • shanke300
    shanke300 2 months ago +505

    It's such a classic movie. Mickey is just too cool.

    • General Yellor
      General Yellor 2 months ago +5

      That deservedly totally bombed when it was released.

    • Anthony Reddy
      Anthony Reddy 2 months ago +4

      ​@General Yellor alot of movies of this era did😂

    • Wilfred Mullin
      Wilfred Mullin 2 months ago +2

      ​@Anthony Reddy 111

    • Josey Wales
      Josey Wales 2 months ago +3

      You are impressed watching the grass grow. Those lines were sooooo weak!

    HATTULKAVEL Month ago +1

    He be HANDSOME !!

  • Jose Ramirez
    Jose Ramirez  Month ago

    I remember that series one of the best when I saw that series I started to like motorcycles a beautiful memory of the 90s

  • Clark Polinski
    Clark Polinski 2 months ago +221

    One of the best biker movies ever

    • Billy
      Billy 2 months ago +2


    • mszoomy
      mszoomy 2 months ago +6

      Biker movie? Really? 😆

    • Ann Jenkins
      Ann Jenkins 2 months ago +3

      Yeah I wouldn't call it a biker movie. Lol but hey if that makes you happy call it what you want.

    • Ann Jenkins
      Ann Jenkins 2 months ago +3

      ​@mszoomy no it's not a biker movie. L

    • Brian Gaul
      Brian Gaul 2 months ago +4

      Biker movie? Tell us you don't know shit without saying it. 😂.
      Maybe actually watch the whole move, and not comment on a characters name.

  • patsy heart
    patsy heart 12 days ago

    Thank God I was born in the same time-line as Mickey Rourke. ❤❤❤

  • Dwars Lopers
    Dwars Lopers Month ago

    The moment every Kung-Fu figther dreams of...

  • Bobby Hill
    Bobby Hill 2 months ago +32

    When Mickey looked like Mickey!

    • Q'anon Don
      Q'anon Don 2 months ago +3

      Too bad he looks like Marjorie TrailerTrashGreene now 😂

    • Celia Rodrigues
      Celia Rodrigues Month ago


  • David Mancini
    David Mancini 25 days ago

    Just seeing this clip has made me want to watch this awesome movie so I'm going to watch Harley Davidson and the Marlbori Man right now.

  • Billy Kebi
    Billy Kebi Month ago +1

    이형 참 멋졌었는데..

  • King Achuris
    King Achuris Month ago +10

    I lost count of how many times I've seen this movie. Never gets old.

  • David Mathes
    David Mathes Month ago +1

    If I had a nickel for every BAM! The End😂

  • Андрей Котин

    one of my favorite movies!

  • Cesar Alamillo
    Cesar Alamillo 2 months ago +26

    I have been in hundreds of convenience stores and never seen an attendant that gorgeous in any of them

  • Yoda
    Yoda 2 months ago +54

    He just wanted that sweet Desert Eagle…

  • Jerry Sullivan
    Jerry Sullivan Month ago +1

    Great movie I need to watch it again. Motor head bad ass

  • Aurel Marine
    Aurel Marine Month ago

    The hero of my younger years! ♥️ He made a good pair with

  • razzledingle
    razzledingle 2 months ago +19

    Is that Steve Urkel on the floor?

  • Philippe STRICKLER
    Philippe STRICKLER Month ago +3

    He was truly Great in this scene.

  • lolbored801
    lolbored801 Month ago

    This was one hell of a movie.

  • Maximum Axiom
    Maximum Axiom Month ago +43

    I used to think, as a kid, younger Mickey Rourke kind of looked like Bruce Willis.

    • Wind of change
      Wind of change Month ago +1

      He does haha

    • Haji Rizayev
      Haji Rizayev Month ago +1

      Rourke was unique

    • MrJokkoma
      MrJokkoma Month ago +2

      But the years seems to have been treating Willis better.

    • TTFerdinand
      TTFerdinand Month ago +2

      ​@MrJokkoma Appearance wise, yes. Willis is a true legend, it's a tragedy he has that condition that no money in the world can fix.

    • MrJokkoma
      MrJokkoma Month ago

      @TTFerdinand what condition?

  • ian thomas
    ian thomas Month ago

    Loved this film.

  • Khemt291223
    Khemt291223 Month ago

    Mickey and Don Johnson together !
    One of the Best Team

  • Malcolm Adams
    Malcolm Adams Month ago +13

    You know growing up I knew
    Mickey Rourke’s brother Joey and Mickey had given his brother a Harley as a gift along with a hotrod truck both were dope!!” Rip Joey. Such a kind spirit.

  • Wyat Turner
    Wyat Turner Month ago

    Sad how many people have never seen this movie. I'm 28 and this one of my top 10 favorites.

  • Robert Busin
    Robert Busin Month ago

    It was a great 👍 movie and 2 great actors 👏

  • owen sweetland
    owen sweetland 2 months ago +34

    "The Pope of Greenwich Village" was the best!

    • Carol Ogiwan
      Carol Ogiwan Month ago

      Great movie. Angel Heart was mind blowing. So Neo-Noir. Alan Parker was dark in this. Mickey was amazing in this role.

  • zuhair vazir
    zuhair vazir 21 day ago

    Watched this and White Sands when they were released. Good ol'days.

  • cro cop cowboy
    cro cop cowboy Month ago

    the attempt mad with that knife was just priceless

  • Steven Phelps
    Steven Phelps 2 months ago +6

    Mickey was a cool ass dude in movies.

  • Caroline Hobson
    Caroline Hobson Month ago

    He’s a great actor.

  • Igor Borisov
    Igor Borisov Month ago +5

    Should be reviewed. Maybe this movie too, but surely Angel Heart.

    • BlueBurro922
      BlueBurro922 Month ago

      Rumble fish by Francis Ford Coppola is my fav. I have an older brother...

  • Bear
    Bear 2 months ago +17

    This was and still is a great movie . I've always enjoyed watching Mickey . He has been in some really good movies .

    • Noel Harris
      Noel Harris 2 months ago

      The Pope of Greenwich Village.His best for my $$ with Barfly at 1A

  • songman1231
    songman1231 Month ago

    This was a great movie.

  • Ирина Кобзева

    Какой же Рурк хорошенький был

  • KT
    KT 2 months ago +19

    Not just handsome, he was very handsome.

  • fodle1
    fodle1 Month ago +1

    That guy let him say a lot without getting shot

  • Mike Garza
    Mike Garza Month ago

    I like when the knife wielder held the knife safely out of the way while he got his head grabbed for a knee.

  • Plague
    Plague 2 months ago +36

    That bike he rides is sick!

  • CryptoAce Wolf™
    CryptoAce Wolf™ Month ago +1

    Such a great flick

  • Alan MacPherson
    Alan MacPherson Month ago

    "I can't believe you shot me Harley!!"

  • Bobby Torres
    Bobby Torres 2 months ago +8

    One of those cool movies that resurfaces and is still cool to see 🎥🎬

  • Douglas Retzer
    Douglas Retzer Month ago

    Loved that movie!!!

  • Derek Stocker
    Derek Stocker Month ago

    Looks like a really great movie!

  • Marvin Johnson
    Marvin Johnson Month ago +57

    I remember seeing this in the theater. Was awesome

  • Martin Luther Bling

    When she asked what his name was he should've said: "my name is: I love you long time."

  • Larry Koroush
    Larry Koroush 13 days ago

    great movie. I sure miss my Desert Eagle

  • 鏡一流
    鏡一流 Month ago +24


  • Derek Collins
    Derek Collins Month ago

    Love this movie. I miss you McNally. I remember when we watched this movie together in Mannheim, Germany!! Love you mac

  • dennis jarrell
    dennis jarrell Month ago

    Loved that movie

  • James Dutchman
    James Dutchman 2 months ago +3

    Back when Mickey looked normal.

  • CheeseFactory42
    CheeseFactory42 29 days ago

    He disarmed everyone in the store, including the cashier!

  • Clayton Prescott
    Clayton Prescott Month ago

    A lot more of that needs to be done in society today

  • GFDE
    GFDE Month ago +24

    this really is a great movie! need to watch it again

    • Rj Lucky
      Rj Lucky Month ago

      Movie name

    • Wesley Bentz
      Wesley Bentz Month ago

      @Rj Lucky Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

    • Rj Lucky
      Rj Lucky Month ago

      @Wesley Bentz thanks 👍


    Ностальгия, классный фильм. Была кассета в 90х.

  • Raymond Martin
    Raymond Martin Month ago

    Yep this is was one of my favorite movies Harley-Davidson and the Marlboro Man

  • Michael Marburger
    Michael Marburger 2 months ago +82

    This is a totally bad ass scene. I loved the movie also. I wish this movie was showed more. It’s totally underrated.

    • Clayton Allison
      Clayton Allison 2 months ago +1

      Well said

    • Phil Repass
      Phil Repass 2 months ago

      Great Show

    • Antonio Quesada
      Antonio Quesada 2 months ago

      It's about Harley Davidson story?

    • Cindy Wilson
      Cindy Wilson Month ago +1

      And it's one of the best movies that I own.. Don Johnson and Mickey roark made one hell of a team in this movie! Actually everyone is fantastic in this movie!

  • Tomas Grigley
    Tomas Grigley Month ago +6

    That's my guy right there! ❤🔥🔥🔥

  • Jonathan Terry
    Jonathan Terry Month ago +2

    That's crazy. I have never seen his younger movies, but if you didn't know it was him, there's no way you could tell, lol.

  • Phillip Hicks
    Phillip Hicks 2 months ago +27

    He's so good in rumble fish too. Now that's a classic.

    • Billy Was Here
      Billy Was Here Month ago +1

      He was perfect in that... but I really didn't like that movie at all.

    • Paul Carfantan
      Paul Carfantan Month ago +1

      Dont forget "Year of the dragon". What a movie! The last scene of the confrontation on the bridge. Epic !

    • Finn McGinn
      Finn McGinn Month ago

      Thanks for thr reminder, I haven't watched that in decades.

    • Billy Was Here
      Billy Was Here Month ago

      @Paul Carfantan I really need to rewatch that film.

    • Paul Carfantan
      Paul Carfantan Month ago

      ​@Billy Was Here Yes he plays a Polish-American police detective who decides to take on the Chinese mafia in ,I believe, San Francisco. One of the best movies of the 80s.
      Another great movie from 1985, this one without Rourke, is "At Close Range". Sean Penn, Christopher Walken and again an explosive confrontation at the end. That scene between them is so great , I still remember the dialogue by heart. lol.

  • Maureen Praschunus
    Maureen Praschunus Month ago

    He was gorgeous

  • WannabeWRX
    WannabeWRX Month ago

    If the bad guy pulls a knife, they ALWAYS lose.

  • Mario sirois
    Mario sirois Month ago +1

    This is an excellent movie to watch, big John stud, fuckin huge

  • J GoTTi
    J GoTTi 2 months ago +36

    Hey now, Mickey is still good stuff. Look at him from Sin City. I think he did amazing.

    • The Shitty Bowman
      The Shitty Bowman Month ago +2

      Amazing performance!!!

    • txgunguy
      txgunguy Month ago +3

      "Modern cars. They all look like electric shavers."

    • Scott Mcintire
      Scott Mcintire Month ago

      My favorite of his is definitely Year of the Dragon,with Mickey playing a bad ass NYC detective opposite the gorgeous Ariane (Koizumi) as investigative TV reporter Tracy Hsu and John Lone as up and coming Chinese gangster Joey Tai, who wants the organization to take over the heroine trade from the Italian mafia. Great action and dramatic acting, good footage of NYC’s Chinatown, a few scenes shot on location in Bangkok and in an Akha hill-tribe village in northern Thailand, some gratuitous nudity from Ariane, a good soundtrack and Mickey again relying on the Desert Eagle.

  • HollywoodSaint 57
    HollywoodSaint 57 Month ago

    I used to get Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke mixed up, LOL back in the 80s

  • 이용철
    이용철 Month ago

    한참 젊은 모습보니 참 좋군요.할리 데이비슨씨

  • John Rumschik
    John Rumschik 2 months ago +19

    One of my favorites. Love the opening scene. I even built a bike based on Black Death....❤