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This little boy spoiled the gender reveal 😂😂

  • Published on Sep 23, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Dylan Anderson

    (🎥 Chanelle Mendoza/FB)


    "Honey, we are having a girl."

  • Remm
    Remm  +267

    And that’s how the least favorite child was made in there family

  • hsu swu
    hsu swu  +549

    Plot Twist: his father send him so they can stay home

  • Lahiriiiee

    "Brother who's this boy in our old family photo?"

  • Jasmine Davis

    I remember this one and you can see the older brother wisely staying still like a statue. He knew his mom was pissed AF 🤣

  • Fati Mah
    Fati Mah  +105

    Older brother is wise beyond his age. He keeps his distance. Smart boy.

  • Josh
    Josh  +11

    The way the brother just froze in shock is sending me😂😭

  • Tori Sweat
    Tori Sweat  +198

    I’m betting she’s jsut thankful for a girl at this very moment 😂

  • Milly Moody

    Love how the other brother just stands in disbelief know damn well what’s bout to happen to his bro

  • Oxfopee
    Oxfopee  +6

    I know she’s not just telling her husband about what happened, she’s going in there and grabbing the belt too 💀

  • eXoz
    eXoz  +33

    in a few years that kid is gonna wonder why his parent doesnt do surprise birthday party like his other siblings

  • Toni Brooks

    She’s thinking, “I would spank his butt if this wasn’t recording!”😂

  • Like Literally

    "I love you, but I don't like you anymore"

  • @Driftman7-2ndalt
    @Driftman7-2ndalt 9 hours ago +1

    "Honey were having a girl."

  • Jay

    He is very sweet. We talk about everything 💜

  • KillerQuinn180

    Husband: So what do we Name The Child

  • Clark Alarcon

    That kid's gonna wake up in a cold sweat 15 years later thinking about this moment

  • aoq
    aoq  +7

    "Bro whos that guy?"

  • The Siffer

    "Congratulations so that makes three children right?"