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Im sorry 🥹 im failed again to 1000 wave 😭 why….?

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Stumble Guy Video Uzb
    Stumble Guy Video Uzb 4 months ago +1087

    The Legend MangYellow ❤❤❤
    Thank you so much 1k likes❤

  • ItzDisastrous
    ItzDisastrous 3 months ago +461

    He’s a legend, he doesn’t want to win games he just wants fun and to let others to feel the joy of winning❤️

    • TREE
      TREE 3 months ago +15

      no it is because he was doing a challenge to get to wave 1000 and his friend died

    • akshhkakshhsk
      akshhkakshhsk 3 months ago +8

      Lmao he just wanted 1000 and he wants others to be not dead

    • Throw
      Throw 3 months ago +2

      It’s for a competition for. I think 1k dollars by baby yoda

    • Cllox41
      Cllox41 3 months ago +1

      Green Screen be like: what th3 fu3k your talking about bro? having fun punching me? even killed my brother..😭😭

    • Doubleblade
      Doubleblade 3 months ago +2

      They are trying to get the world record, whenever all of the people but 1 die, the game ends and they have to try again

  • lindaaac
    lindaaac 3 months ago +17

    Love how mangyellow is in tears while his character is doing a jigy

  • Noni Adi
    Noni Adi 4 months ago +218

    never give up trying to get to 1k wave mangyellow we all love and believe in u u can do it ❤

  • I am just your average homie

    if you play warzone and your last ally use a rpg to blow himself with the last enemy just for you to win just hits different than being happy

  • Stumble guys live
    Stumble guys live 4 months ago +9

    OMG I'm sorry Mang Yellow next time you get 1m sub❤

    PLS-SUBSCRIBE-ME 4 months ago +115

    U legend mang u don't need to be sad because ur very legend 😢👊🤜🤛

    M+H=GAMING 4 months ago +73

    Never give up bro😢❤

  • I am a egg
    I am a egg 4 months ago +3

    How is he so good at StumbleGuys?

  • KingSKworldFN
    KingSKworldFN 4 months ago +60

    Don’t give up on 1k you can do it

  • Patatescik
    Patatescik 4 months ago +6

    When you realize this guy making videos for us not for money what a legend❤

  •  ⭕️Free Gems On My Profile

    Never give up❤

  • Abdulrehman Hassan
    Abdulrehman Hassan 4 months ago +4

    Aint no way bro made it to 220 waves big W

  • Sussy69
    Sussy69 4 months ago +49

    God bless u

  • 💗RaheelMaulidia💖
    💗RaheelMaulidia💖 4 months ago +8

    Semangat terus bang

  • Deucemoney
    Deucemoney 4 months ago +13

    Wave 220 is insane

  • Faysal
    Faysal 4 months ago +23

    Bang you Are legend

  • Zakikaki
    Zakikaki 4 months ago +3

    never GIvE UP ILOVE YOUU

  • 𓆩★hamster_ally★𓆪
    𓆩★hamster_ally★𓆪 4 months ago +15

    Jangan menyerah bang 💖😊

  • Steventwin13
    Steventwin13 4 months ago +24


  • samurai edits
    samurai edits 4 months ago +5

    mang always trying to get to wave 1000 but he cant but he will do it one day❤

    • Cherry Blossom V2
      Cherry Blossom V2 4 months ago +2

      He cant if his teammates keep dying mang yellow needs an expert teammate also he cang understand us his Indonesia

  • Dylan Lucas
    Dylan Lucas 4 months ago +5

    Never give up

  • banana😏
    banana😏 4 months ago +2

    never give up sigma😢😢

    MONKE 2 months ago +1

    He is the definition of "get good bro"

  • Spritecranberry_Vr
    Spritecranberry_Vr 4 months ago +1

    MangYellow Is The G.O.A.T, This Was Really Sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Omega Hover
    Omega Hover 2 months ago +1

    Bro just flipped the UNO card 💀

  • monica suwardi
    monica suwardi 4 months ago +8

    Jangan nyerah bang tetep semangat

  • Elias Miguel
    Elias Miguel 2 months ago +1

    Bro dedicates his whole life to stumble/fall guys

    THE EDITOR EDITS 4 months ago +18

    The goat

  • Siedlik59 Familly
    Siedlik59 Familly 4 months ago +2

    Tu a fait de ton mieux 😢😢

  • Ichiro X
    Ichiro X 4 months ago

    Mang really said "please don't die jerry" then cries

  • hA
    hA 3 months ago +1

    You will be the best legend 😣

  • FreshBananAlvasmart | F B A

    R.I.P Terry😢

  • R.I.P Kobe
    R.I.P Kobe 3 months ago +2

    Win:Sad ✅️

  • Joshua Shawn
    Joshua Shawn 4 months ago +1

    Everyone ~ never give up
    Me > never give ur heart to others 😞

  • Micka
    Micka 2 months ago

    This man loves this song omg 💀

  • Mateo Samardzic
    Mateo Samardzic 4 months ago +2

    Today if its night im driving with my family to france and the bad thing is im sick since 4 days🤒

  • Pando Warrior Plays
    Pando Warrior Plays 2 months ago

    What we learnt here is that winning isn’t an achievement all the time

  • sami
    sami 4 months ago +1

    I-am sow sorry broo😭😭😭❤

  • Gravy
    Gravy 4 months ago +1

    Fokus sama mangyellow main:❌
    Fokus sama jejak mangyellow:✅

  • PRO Kassem
    PRO Kassem 4 months ago +3


  • Yosuel Gonzalez
    Yosuel Gonzalez 3 months ago

    Clip-Share: how many times do you wanna use this sound?
    Him: yes

  • Adrewplayz YT
    Adrewplayz YT 4 months ago +1

    200 waves ✅1000 waves❌

  • Anasxdayan
    Anasxdayan 4 months ago +8

    Never give up keep going man😢

    ARANG 3 months ago +1


  • Leslie Quiroga
    Leslie Quiroga 3 months ago

    Be Happy❌️
    Be Sad✅️
    Say Sorry Mang Yellow😢❤😢❤

  • Not ScooBY Playz
    Not ScooBY Playz 4 months ago +1

    Itna Dhyan Padhai me laga leta 😅

  • Carlo🤠
    Carlo🤠 3 months ago

    Let’s think of how long it took him to get to the 220th wave😢 I hope you get to 1k waves❤️

  • Timmy
    Timmy 4 months ago +2

    My brother you will go to one thousand I hope❤

  • msm huzahh
    msm huzahh 4 months ago +1

    Dont give up
    You can do it🥲🥹

  • Its_not-easy
    Its_not-easy 2 months ago

    "Dont die terry"

  • TrippxGTag
    TrippxGTag 3 months ago

    For those who don’t know a famous stumble guys Clip-Sharer named BabyYoda was hold a competition to see who could record themselves getting to wave 1000 first to get the prize of 1000 dollars

  • Gwagon
    Gwagon 3 months ago

    for the people who don't know he felt so bad after winning cause the other guy really wanted to win and he lost and he got upset give some respect for mangyelllow

    • daniel
      daniel 2 months ago

      Nah it’s bc he was doing a challenge of doing wave 1000 But since the guy who died he didn’t get to 1000

  • ranegadegade_rader
    ranegadegade_rader 2 months ago

    Mang yellow dont just wanna win he wants hea friend to win❤️

  • xxJayxx
    xxJayxx 3 months ago

    why is this all over my yt shorts now?

  • yousuf.gaming
    yousuf.gaming 4 months ago +1

    Bro ur so pro I never won

  • didit indriani
    didit indriani 4 months ago

    Legends say don't be sad

  • melon straight
    melon straight 4 months ago

    This guys need world record

  • Unknown
    Unknown 3 months ago +1

    Some Video Use This Sound
    It Feel Sad From Beginning 😭😭

  • myself
    myself 4 months ago

    Never give up u can get all what you will when you never give up

  • Luthfi Gaming Roblox and geomentry dash

    Semangat Ya Bang 😢

  • FAM444
    FAM444 3 months ago +1

    He just want to make the record of the wave in the Block Dash Endless

  • Giannis Papazoglou Tzanakis

    I'm sorry the event ended😢

  • Everto Santizo
    Everto Santizo 4 months ago +1

    I'm sorry 😢😢 Mang 😔😔💔💔

  • Mr_BombasticBS
    Mr_BombasticBS 4 months ago +9

    U ar legend mang ❤️❤️💖

  • joan labrador
    joan labrador 4 months ago

    so sad but never give up

  • Tait Bamber
    Tait Bamber 4 months ago +5

    It's fine no need to cry

  • Real SadBall:(
    Real SadBall:( 4 months ago +2

    Mang🎉 kapan live BTw This is So Sad

    VIOLETA MONTIEL 3 months ago

    Eso si son verdaderos amigos no como los mios

  • Коста
    Коста 3 months ago

    These kids in the Comment Section man 💀

  • Yannis Manciu
    Yannis Manciu 4 months ago +2

    Win-_ Hih ❤❤

  • family farm
    family farm 3 months ago +1


  • FC gamers _
    FC gamers _ 4 months ago +1


  • PearlTheCreator
    PearlTheCreator 2 months ago

    Gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down

  • Gregory Channel
    Gregory Channel 4 months ago

    semangat supaya dapat skin legend dan mythic supaya gak dapat unlucky lagi🎉 Mangyellow god

  • Zaki NR
    Zaki NR 4 months ago +1

    Aku juga pernah aku sudah berusaha adil agar bisa sampai wave sebanyak banyaknya tapi sayangnya dia malah tinju aku saat aku bantu dia😢

  • DarijanVR
    DarijanVR 3 months ago

    I love when block dash is taking so long to finnish

    ABZA THE WOLF 4 months ago

    Akhirnya ada klan gas di video mang yellow

  • Гулбала Орымбаева

    This guy got skills dude

  • rqjlfm
    rqjlfm 3 months ago

    bro acting like his family died 💀

  • roblox is life
    roblox is life 3 months ago

    I still remember playing this game a decade ago when i first started a green samurai guy called mineboy punch me to the finish line and helped me❤

  • innesty pradita mulya
    innesty pradita mulya 4 months ago

    😢😢😢❤❤❤mang 🎉🎉🎉

  • cuba
    cuba 4 months ago +1

    This is so sad😢😢😢

  • Dryppy wiggles
    Dryppy wiggles 4 months ago

    The fact that I tried to get in one of those matches💀

  • Jati Pawenang
    Jati Pawenang 4 months ago +1

    Your channel growing so fast :) 👍
    Not like me......

  • kir pro
    kir pro 4 months ago +2

    kasian bg 😢

  • Doklamodpp green
    Doklamodpp green 4 months ago +1

    Love you like ♡we 😢😢❤

  • Kgaming
    Kgaming 4 months ago


  • Dos
    Dos Month ago

    He’s a legend

  • Revamp
    Revamp 3 months ago +1

    bro is crying over a baby game

  • Reinosaurus
    Reinosaurus 4 months ago

    Me being happy about wave 5:

  • iammeanduru
    iammeanduru 2 months ago

    a literal little bean person is jumping and he is acting like he just solved world hunger

  • Mb akbn
    Mb akbn 4 months ago +1

    😢 like=❤❤❤

  • HERBI Mc
    HERBI Mc 4 months ago +2

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤ OMG😮😮😊

  • Farida Soliman
    Farida Soliman 3 months ago

    He’s not happy bc he wanted a world record

  • Pablo Pintueles
    Pablo Pintueles 3 months ago

    I want to be just like him when I grow up

  • Omar Hamdan
    Omar Hamdan 4 months ago


  • Bunny
    Bunny 2 months ago

    He’s a legend of stumble guys

  • Lemoncak3 blue
    Lemoncak3 blue 3 months ago

    Lagu : viva la vida
    dari : Coldplay

  • colea gr
    colea gr 4 months ago +1