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Some Technicians Just DGAF.......

  • Published on Jan 17, 2022 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 508

  • nota frogg
    nota frogg 4 months ago +3000

    The "Geniuses" at Apple would probably say it's "Motherboard related" and tells you to just buy a new iphone lol. These shorts is always fun to watch :D

    • Dimejammy
      Dimejammy Month ago

      that's how apple company got rich

    • DarkFoxiguess
      DarkFoxiguess Month ago

      Surprised to see you hear lmao

    • Sonia F
      Sonia F Month ago

      @Rebeca Ettedgui exactly. Same for things like the lightning port

    • I’m dying Inside
      I’m dying Inside 3 months ago +1

      Goodthing you can replace sim reader in xr otherwise it would indeed a motherboard isshe

  • Canny 1913
    Canny 1913 4 months ago +1605

    at least the logic board isn't separated because fixing that is a nightmare

    • Muhammad Farhan Suhaime
      Muhammad Farhan Suhaime 4 months ago +1

      + can swap with China's one if you want 2 physical sim slot

    • animeminians
      animeminians 4 months ago +10

      @Domi middle aged Facebook users

    • animeminians
      animeminians 4 months ago +5

      @Clara I couldn't care less

    • Domi
      Domi 4 months ago +25

      @Clara who do you actually think you’re tricking with your bot comments lol?

  • InfinitePower
    InfinitePower 4 months ago +550

    I'm willing to bet that the customer tried to fix the phone their self and stripped the screws in the process.
    It'd be incredibly hard for a qualified technician to strip screws if they had the right screwdriver.

    • Andrew
      Andrew 4 months ago +2

      To further add if you have to do the charging base removal method you'll need to push the screw hole clips on the screen off the screws to get the screen off. Can cause damage but usually it's fine to do.

    • Andrew
      Andrew 4 months ago +3

      @Aynur Kaliki You can use an air gun to heat up the screws, I usually do 350c for about 10/15seconds, and use a Philips driver to unscrew them. You can also just remove the charging base and unscrew them from inside the phone with some pliers if they're long enough.

    • Aynur Kaliki
      Aynur Kaliki 4 months ago +3

      @Andrew I’ve had the same problems. Do you know a way to take the screws out when they are stripped?

    • IljasCustoms
      IljasCustoms 4 months ago +14

      usually there is dust and grease inside the screwheads which can actually cause this. If you don‘t remove all the dirt beforehand, there‘s a probability that the screw will get stripped, even if using a brand new Wiha screwdriver. I‘ve stripped some myself in my first days, ever since I‘ve been cleaning out dirt before attempting to unscrew the pentalobes.

    • Andrew
      Andrew 4 months ago +40

      Nah I have been working with phones for years and the newer models, X and upwards, all have issues with screw heads stripping as the phone ages.

  • Lucas Fraser
    Lucas Fraser 4 months ago +42

    I still remember my brothers iPhone 6 getting repaired with a new display and the display they put was really poor quality, kept ghost touching and also wasn’t even screwed down 😂

  • Vladislavs Furgins
    Vladislavs Furgins 4 months ago +49

    Man I love this content so much. Been a while since I saw the “Easy” button being used.

  • dankie
    dankie 4 months ago +156

    the charger looks a little more bigger and it isn't the same

  • Charles in charge.
    Charles in charge. 4 months ago

    It's great to watch somebody who knows their work good job son. 📡👽🇺🇸 RUN!!! Knowledge is power.

  • Taze
    Taze 4 months ago +49

    Great job here like always PRG! been here since day one

  • Creative Name Goes Here

    I’ve owned an iPhone 6 that had never had any work done with that screen separation issue, so I would say that someone just dropped it but the screws tell another story.

  • Cristian Buiucli
    Cristian Buiucli Month ago

    One thing I noticed with these newer iPhones the reason the pentalope screws get stuck so easy is because people press down on the display too hard when holding the phone and unscrewing it at the same time, bending the screws and making it difficult to remove

  • Pedro Sereno
    Pedro Sereno 4 months ago

    If all technicians were like you, we would deliberately wreck our phones just to witness the fruit of your labor. 👌

  • Xeon Prototype
    Xeon Prototype 4 months ago

    Absolutely love these shorts and your work my mans

  • TheFalseKingslayer
    TheFalseKingslayer 4 months ago

    Always check and make sure the date and time are correct if you are having connectivity issues

  • 3mpty5kull
    3mpty5kull 4 months ago

    What is your favorite tool kit to use when fixing electronics?

  • Hunter Looyen
    Hunter Looyen 4 months ago

    Do you have to pay for repairs when we mail stuff in?

  • Haneka Katsu Ch.
    Haneka Katsu Ch. 4 months ago +5

    I like how the easy button when PRG pressed the button and it's says "That was easy".

  • QuarterLizzy
    QuarterLizzy 2 months ago

    I have a question, I recently got into iPhone repairing. But dealing with stripped screws is impossible, which has cost me a few costumers. Any tips?

  • Nikishia Dixon
    Nikishia Dixon 4 months ago

    And this is why I am so afraid to send my phone anywhere to get repaired. I try my utmost to take care of my phone.

  • Josh Nufer
    Josh Nufer 4 months ago

    Would plastic be a bad replacement for the back glass on an iPhone XR?

  • Kyanite
    Kyanite 4 months ago

    Have you ever had a phone brought in that WAS stolen? If so, what did you do?

  • funni stuff
    funni stuff 2 months ago

    apple will just tell you to get a new phone
    this guy knows his stuff!

  • 𝘾𝙤𝙨𝙢𝙤𝙨 [ ♪ ]

    The fact that it's 3g tho~

    • funni stuff
      funni stuff 10 days ago

      @Ember's Melody that's just sad

    • Ember's Melody
      Ember's Melody 10 days ago +1

      @funni stuff me

    • funni stuff
      funni stuff Month ago

      @Rebecca Hetrick who

    • Rebecca Hetrick
      Rebecca Hetrick Month ago +1

      @funni stuff no one's opinion is ever invalid. That's a really rude thing to say to someone....

    • Rebecca Hetrick
      Rebecca Hetrick Month ago

      @Khoa Dang yeah. We all know that. Even 5G phones and SIM cards can connect to 3G. It's just weird because there basically are no 3G towers anymore. Everything is at least 4G now. Even in the middle of nowhere....

  • Topias Salakka
    Topias Salakka 4 months ago

    My old Oneplus started doing that thing with the screen too. In a different way tho, the digitizer layer was delaminating from the screen frame or something.
    Had to get a new phone before it breaks and i lose all my data...

  • Samuel Carlin
    Samuel Carlin 4 months ago +15

    If your screen comes off it's just a foldable iPhone. 😉

    • carlos lopez
      carlos lopez 3 months ago

      He said foldable, not dual screen

    • ~ Share ~
      ~ Share ~ 4 months ago

      no because you see the internals on the inside, not another screen also i dont under stand like the person above me

    • Shadowsan
      Shadowsan 4 months ago +2


  • ZaSeaDog
    ZaSeaDog 3 months ago

    Have you ever had a phone come in that was stolen? What do you do in that situation?

  • Braydon Blanchette
    Braydon Blanchette 4 months ago +1

    I never knew you can report your phone stolen! Can you please make a video explaining how you could do this?

    • Andrew
      Andrew 4 months ago

      You contact the police and give them the phones IMEI, you'll need proof of purchase also.

  • Jesse only
    Jesse only 4 months ago

    Lol don't call them technicians. I was an automotive technician and yeah some people would do the same to vehicles. Either they weren't experienced enough ( or they just didn't want to ask for help for whatever reason) or they just wanted the vehicle out of their bay. Shame people are like that in almost every profession

  • Svartzify
    Svartzify 4 months ago +19

    At least it still works even with all that damage

    • Dinh Tuan
      Dinh Tuan 3 months ago

      thanks for the 18+ spam. 3 months earlier I have a new Spambots Content User is "JT Smith", and thanks for the report.

    • JT Smith
      JT Smith 3 months ago

      @Clara Oh look who we got here. It’s Clara the bot

    • Michaela Leyh
      Michaela Leyh 4 months ago

      Thathts right behause it Couleur be all Borken

  • Χρύσα
    Χρύσα 4 months ago +1

    Where do you get your parts like batteries?

  • GreenPeasAreGreen
    GreenPeasAreGreen 4 months ago +1

    hey what tools do i need for my starter to repair phone bc i got inspire by you to repair phones

  • arvink21
    arvink21 4 months ago

    This happened yo my Samsung a21s once when I got a screen replacement done. I wasn't able to connect to any network. and when I went back to them, they told me my phone was blacklisted, I went to another store and they fixed it for about 2 dollars, safe to say I won't be going back to that store again!

  • alishahid292
    alishahid292 4 months ago

    How do fix the striped screws? Love to see a detailed video on that

    • printHallo
      printHallo 4 months ago

      @Andrew Oh lol

    • Andrew
      Andrew 4 months ago

      @printHallo I'm not sure which screw in an iPhone would be big enough for the drill method to work on. I must admit though I completely read your reply wrong this morning and got the wrong idea of what you meant 😂

    • printHallo
      printHallo 4 months ago

      @Andrew yes its not for like small screws

    • Andrew
      Andrew 4 months ago

      @printHallo Yeah that can also work but it can often lead to extra stripping of the screw so I tend to avoid it myself

    • printHallo
      printHallo 4 months ago

      @Andrew or just use a driller for bigger screws.

  • LeoCervidae
    LeoCervidae 4 months ago

    I once had a screen replaced on a Sony that was so bad it literally cracked in my pocket the next day… Then I noticed the corner was a little lifted so I ran my thumb over it gently and it crack under my thumb. The glass was paper fucking thin and not even installed properly.

  • Maku_komori
    Maku_komori 4 months ago

    Yep same shit happen to me but the SIM card reader. I cracked my screen and went to get it fixed. After a few and a ok price the phone seemed fine until after a few days the screen started to pop off and now the touch sens will stop working or it starts thinking I’m tapping my screen when I’m not. (It just did it when typing) so be careful where you get your phone fixed

  • thomi100
    thomi100 Month ago

    How did you remove the screws?

  • Suhayl Siddique
    Suhayl Siddique 4 months ago

    Do you take repairs via mail?

  • Chris Rafferty
    Chris Rafferty 4 months ago

    How do you deal with stripped screws?

  • XxN9NEsxX
    XxN9NEsxX 9 days ago

    What scared me the most is that it connected to a 3G network

  • LilSkipper
    LilSkipper 2 months ago

    Me: looking to see if the screen is popping out.
    Also me: panics suddenly thinking it is
    Also also me: realizes it's the screen protector 👁👄👁

  • Whispery Squash
    Whispery Squash 10 days ago

    So much for opening a business that “repairs” people’s stuff.

  • Yaminogame
    Yaminogame 3 months ago

    My iphone screen comes off as well even though i changed the battery 3 times this year i always find it gotten bigger so i changed the last one with an original used battery from another never opened iphone but the screen came off as well after couple of weeks

  • Gavin Downey
    Gavin Downey 3 months ago

    What happens if the screws don't twist?

  • Adrian Petrea
    Adrian Petrea 4 months ago

    it’s magical when your phone (iph11) is stuck on a provider and after you change that piece of shmit it’s working on any provider 😂

  • Chirag Yadav
    Chirag Yadav 2 months ago

    Hey PRG, where did you get the *easy* button from? Please tell me. I want to buy it.

  • Liam Capili
    Liam Capili 4 months ago

    Some technicians are even stealing screws from the logic board. and some are not even bothering to replace the water resistant adhesive.

  • Mauro Ilídio
    Mauro Ilídio 3 months ago

    I surely liked the "That was easy" button 😂

  • 4k Usa
    4k Usa 4 months ago

    We don't want short we want 20-30min 🥺

  • Falcondragonslayer
    Falcondragonslayer 4 months ago

    If I ever have a broken iPhone, I’ll take it to a repair shop like this if the apple people tell me to buy a new phone. Nothing is impossible to replace, especially since they designed the freaking phone

  • Adam Xiong
    Adam Xiong 4 months ago

    Bro this is why I just bought a LCD for my phone and repaired it myself

  • super cat
    super cat 4 months ago

    where do you check if your phone has been stolen or not?

  • Ace Trifolium
    Ace Trifolium 4 months ago

    I’m still waiting for the entertaining press coverage about the punitive damage lawsuit.

  • TearDaTaco
    TearDaTaco 2 months ago

    I am so interesting on what you would do if it was reported stolen, would you tell the customer
    "Am not giving it back you stole it"?

  • Worldpiece
    Worldpiece 4 months ago

    Man. Do you know any liquid that can make an oleophobic coating for any smartphone?

  • cynthea qaqish
    cynthea qaqish 4 months ago +6

    My iPhone 5s used to look like this, the screen looked like it would easily come off, just like this one 💀

    • FAT
      FAT 4 months ago

      @JT Smith it's a bot

    • JT Smith
      JT Smith 4 months ago +1

      @Clara Can you just STOP

  • GroveTNT
    GroveTNT 4 months ago

    Bro your videos are awesome but make videos about other phones like Samsung

  • zamie
    zamie 4 months ago

    hey, any tips how to get rid those striped screws?

  • Moonlit_Sky
    Moonlit_Sky Month ago

    my dad’s old office had that button, as a kid id hit it every time i walked in. insane nostalgia lol

  • Chris O'Reilly
    Chris O'Reilly 4 months ago

    What website did you use to check if it was stolen?

  • Thomas Esteppe
    Thomas Esteppe 4 months ago +3

    Imagine getting 3g💀

  • Nick Pednekar
    Nick Pednekar 2 months ago

    I'm having the exact same problem with my iphone x. I bought it used and it is not showing any network. How can I check whether is it stolen or not?

  • Nizar
    Nizar 4 months ago

    Something happened to me recently like this my phone wouldn’t read my sim and i still had the warranty going so i go to the shop I bought it from and they tell me to check if the phone is in the latest update blah blah blah then i go home and i forget about it suddenly I remember that I have to repair my phone and i have 1 day literally 1 day left of the warranty so i quickly go to the store and they tell me we suggest you back up your phone first and i don’t have enough iCloud space so i rush to my house back up my phone on my computer then rush back to the store then they took it from me and they said the will try to fix it in 2-14 days…..14 days go by then i get an email that my phone is ready i go there but they said we couldn’t fix your phone sooo we will give you a new one,and i got it….its the same phone but completely new new screen battery motherboard etc.

  • That one person
    That one person 2 months ago

    The "that was easy" button brung back all of my memories so my aunt Barb owned a resturaunt and she died a couple months ago and I really miss her.

  • GOKU
    GOKU 4 months ago

    Hi I have iPhone 7 Plus and this thing so hot malting on my hands what is the issue thanks for all your videos ✌️😊

  • Whats Sssup
    Whats Sssup 3 months ago

    My old iPhone 7 always had that screen thing and nothing happened… well until I dropped it and smashed it

  • Artan Morina
    Artan Morina 4 months ago

    00:40 - You can see 3 screwdrivers, 2 that seems to be the same and one other type. Could someone please tell what kind of screwdrivers they are? thank you!

  • Ethan DeJong
    Ethan DeJong 3 months ago

    That happened to my iPhone 7 and I was forced to get a new iPhone because my screen was broken! I hate my new iPhone with a passion

  • Brandon G Ray
    Brandon G Ray Month ago

    Wait how do you check to see if it was stolen 😅🤔

  • As2Bax
    As2Bax 4 months ago

    What web did you use to test it?

  • Horizon Live
    Horizon Live Month ago

    How much does it cost for a "checkup" and repair of the phone? Mine is in a bad condition rn and would need some repair

  • Rebecca Hetrick
    Rebecca Hetrick Month ago

    3g?! Didn't know 3g towers still exist!

  • Real PIE Gamer
    Real PIE Gamer Month ago

    How do you check if a phone is stolen?

  • oddCuban
    oddCuban 2 months ago

    How do you check if a device is stolen?

  • Anaya Rediron
    Anaya Rediron 4 months ago

    button: “that was easy”
    me: “that was delayed”

  • john Greene
    john Greene 2 months ago

    How do you check to see if the phone has been stolen!?!?!

  • Dean Alexiadis
    Dean Alexiadis 4 months ago

    How much would it be to fix a Samsung a50 screen

  • Henry Boone
    Henry Boone 3 months ago

    Please remember 3G is going offline forever so why is he putting a sim that takes 3G?

  • Alif Anke Bima
    Alif Anke Bima 4 months ago

    What should i do if i found out the phone i'm trying to repair is stolen?

  • Forrest O.
    Forrest O. 4 months ago

    I would have modded the phone so it was dual sim

  • Danny Fairburn
    Danny Fairburn 4 months ago

    My old iPhone 11 couldn’t read the SIM card, so I sent it to my phone store where I pay monthly they couldn’t fix it in 7 days so they sent me a refurbish one.

  • TheAlvarito99LoL
    TheAlvarito99LoL 4 months ago

    How do you repair that ripped screws :S i have the same problem on my iPhone XS Max, Thank you!

  • casemods
    casemods 2 months ago

    Can you put a new charge port on a v20?

  • 1989warning
    1989warning 4 months ago

    How to check if a phone is reported stolen? I bought a used one few days ago and I’m skeptical kinda

  • Iggy Gamboa
    Iggy Gamboa 4 months ago

    I actually broke my iphone 7+
    And its so expensive to have it repaired
    So i went back and used my old phone
    I have no choice lmao

  • RealBloxy
    RealBloxy 4 months ago

    man's phone hit us with the 3g connection.

  • migidid
    migidid 3 months ago

    Shame you can only replace sim slot on iphone 12. in 13 they looked at your video and was like NOPE. its soldered now.

  • Simon Gray
    Simon Gray Month ago

    I love how it said 3G on it.

  • galaxy
    galaxy Month ago

    How did you get into this and what would you recommend people to do to start

  • wyatt sargent
    wyatt sargent 4 months ago

    What tools do you use?

  • Sunny Suns
    Sunny Suns 4 months ago

    How does one fix stripped screws that are so small

  • Double Barreled Idiot
    Double Barreled Idiot 4 months ago

    I guess some technicians really DGAF

  • Ростислав Салабай

    How to remove screws that stripped?

  • Hamza Faraz
    Hamza Faraz 3 months ago

    How did you unscrew those striped screw's

  • Colin Yowell
    Colin Yowell 17 days ago

    @Phone Repair Guru My phone said that there was no sim card in it even though there was and I just took out the sim card and put the same one in. Is that bad?

  • Alli Mbundu
    Alli Mbundu 4 months ago

    How do you open it when screws are striped

  • xAr8x
    xAr8x Month ago

    I basically trashed my phone when I fell down the stairs twice but got it fixed and the only issue right now is slight problems with the SIM card and some random idiot keeps calling me

  • Colin Benson
    Colin Benson 3 months ago

    I love the " That was easy" button. 😂 😂

  • DeMoN CoUrAge
    DeMoN CoUrAge 4 months ago +1


  • Luca_1304
    Luca_1304 2 months ago

    Finally he used the easy button

  • Faizan Faizy
    Faizan Faizy 3 months ago

    Hey bro i cant remove my iphone screw can you please tell me how i can remove.

  • K93 GAMING
    K93 GAMING 4 months ago

    Lol my OnePlus 6 had some issues with simcard reader and sim wasn't working and after an update it simcard reader started working fine as if nothing had happened