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Offensive illegal use of arms - on the ball - FIBA referee education

  • Published on Jul 20, 2009 ver枚ffentlicht
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    GOLVELLIUS 4 years ago +9

    They do this SO often in the NBA, that I really I was missing this still being a foul.

  • Mark L.earns
    Mark L.earns 3 years ago +4

    Ok the last one was really sketchy ... 13W was merely shielding the ball while 12B was moving with his body into the cylinder of 13W and his momentum took him past 13W when 13W tried to go past him. There was no extending of the forearm, no elbow swing, 13W just used the contact and 12B's momentum to help propel himself past 12B. This sort of call would suggest 13W to just stand in his cylinder straight up and let 12B's momentum knock him back like a log to get the blocking foul ...

    • Kan Ho
      Kan Ho 3 years ago +1

      Mark L.earns agree, wtf can the player do? Step back to avoid the guy jumping on him?

  • Timothy Cheng
    Timothy Cheng 7 years ago +20

    interesting... i thought the last two moves are allowed. People I play with use them all the time...

      FREE FOODSSS 6 months ago

      Yes. I agree. I feel like they should be fouls.

    • LunarySSF2
      LunarySSF2 2 years ago +1

      @Simon Patterson basketball rules aren't absolute, they are guidelines
      referees can decide to not call it and just let players get physical

    • Simon Patterson
      Simon Patterson 5 years ago +5

      In reality, the refs in each game determine the rules for that game. If they consistently don't call something, then do it, no matter what the rule book says. If they invent a new rule that's not in the rule book, then follow that rule...for that game only.

  • Andrew Degenhardt
    Andrew Degenhardt 4 years ago +3

    play #6 I would no-call that one. Blue made contact first and had not established any position. white just turned in his own space. calling it would penalize white unfairly. blue should have just established a position fairly

  • doogyjay1
    doogyjay1 5 years ago +8

    Unless your name is Lebron James. Then you can do it on every drive.

  • augusta megusta
    augusta megusta 6 years ago +6

    way too much offensive fouls exactly like this in the NBA

  • Wisudawan Firdaus Mujahidin Empo

    thanks this is very usefull :)

  • Marcelo Tellez
    Marcelo Tellez 3 years ago +5

    Clearly this is not an official referee youtube channel

  • Mat J
    Mat J 2 years ago +3

    i don't think any ref would call that last one nowadays

    • Tomato Tomato
      Tomato Tomato Year ago +1

      Well the ref did call but it was dumb the defender entered the shooter's cylinder.

  • Winston Churchil
    Winston Churchil 5 years ago +14

    last video is foul?people still using it playing low post..馃

    • Tomato Tomato
      Tomato Tomato Year ago +1

      No foul here since the defender infringed the shooters cylinder he just trying to get a shot.

  • Topalovi膰 BiH
    Topalovi膰 BiH Year ago +1

    5th call was way to harsh

  • Heron de Souza
    Heron de Souza 4 years ago

    This is push . . .no right to call it illegal of arms!

  • wballz
    wballz Year ago +3

    The game has indeed changed. Growing up, any push off with the hands is a foul. Now, it seems to be acceptable.
    At the same time, any shoulder checking when driving or posting up back in the day was ok. But, you do that now, you have opponents complaining that it is a foul.

  • tybo mylle
    tybo mylle 4 years ago +3

    Half of these are flops by now haha

  • chocymachado
    chocymachado 6 years ago +21

    strongly disagree with play 3 white milked that charge by throwing herself look at her upward movement. and reds arm does not extend

  • weward
    weward 13 years ago

    lol @ 2:19 u'll see the intention of peter john ramos to grab the ball..i mean balls. lol :)))

    RIFQI AUFAN 2 years ago +1

    the last one is clear. thats not an offensive foul. as he didn't illegally use his arms while preparing for shooting

  • skeetajohnson
    skeetajohnson 4 years ago +15

    All I see is a bunch of flopping.

  • Alpine3d33
    Alpine3d33 5 years ago +1

    Play 4 was a flop

  • tybo mylle
    tybo mylle 5 years ago

    half of this is calles a fake now :p

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  • Heron de Souza
    Heron de Souza 4 years ago

    On 3, legal guarding position is not stabilished . . .that's why she looses balance!

    • Jude The Man
      Jude The Man 2 years ago

      That鈥檚 legal below the foul line it鈥檚 ok to put a forearm to protect your chest from a drive.

  • Rahe
    Rahe Year ago

    Yeah, I heard use of arms was a leading cause for injuries

  • Stephen Graber
    Stephen Graber 2 years ago

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  • Aloha Thon
    Aloha Thon 4 years ago

    Play 3 that's a flop offensive player doesn't extend her arms probably the refs have not seen that

  • Aloha Thon
    Aloha Thon 4 years ago +3

    Who thinks FIBA rules are trash?

    • Ragzbag 420
      Ragzbag 420 Year ago

      everyone thinks they better than nba rules in 2021 mate