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I Used AI to Create New Paradox Pokemon

  • Published on Jan 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • I used a website to create a bunch of brand new Paradox Pokemon!
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    Edited by NicholasJSiler1
    Thumbnail by guyrodwell_
    Website Used: replicate.com/lambdal/text-to...
    #Pokemon #PM7 #AI
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Comments • 999

  • Lavinia Bone
    Lavinia Bone Month ago +562

    If Nidoking and Nidoqueen were to get a future fusion paradox form, like 'Iron Valiant', I think it should be called either 'Iron Tyrant' or 'Iron Monarch'.

    • John Brown
      John Brown 5 days ago

      Ooh I like that alot

    • Leafyer 7
      Leafyer 7 12 days ago

      How about Steel Emperor

    • Duck
      Duck 23 days ago

      power move: nidoking past form, nidoqueen future form
      edit: names for them are “ Rock ruler “ and “ Iron queen “

      SEAN SANTOS Month ago

      Iron Monarch!!

    • Yael's Reli Go Go Show
      Yael's Reli Go Go Show Month ago +1

      Guys drednaw and chewtle were not the first snapping turtle pokemon search up what is bulbasaur is based on and you get snapping turtle

  • KnightofDarkSorrow
    KnightofDarkSorrow Month ago +147

    Maybe for an upcoming video, you and Mike could prompt more of these types of "what if" Pokemon without the other knowing what you're trying to make, then you each try to guess one another's Ancient/Future Pokemon name, with a selection of 4 different possibilities per Pokemon if they turn out really bizarre and unlike the Pokemon they're supposed to be based upon. Then whomever correctly guesses the most wins.

    • Just Call Me Luka
      Just Call Me Luka Month ago

      I was about to comment this! This would be a really fun challenge!

    • Ami Aronovitch
      Ami Aronovitch Month ago

      thats a good idea!

    • MewtwoMaster88
      MewtwoMaster88 Month ago +1

      Or they can do what they’ve been doing
      Have their fans do a poll and whoever gets the bigger vote wins

  • AnotherMadell
    AnotherMadell Month ago +31

    I not only gave them a name, but also Pokedex entries and types.
    I hope you enjoy.
    Iron Blast, a Fire/Steel Pokemon.
    People say that Iron Blast came from the center of the Earth and that it’s able to fly using the thrusters in his arms and legs going at the speed of an rocket.
    Petro Dead, a Rock/Poison Pokemon.
    In ancient scrolls there is talk of a disease that turns people into stone, in modern times it was discovered that everything was the work of the Petro Dead and his poison.
    Iron Stella, a Water/Electric Pokemon.
    It is said that this pokemon is of alien origin and that the shooting stars are really groups of this pokemon traveling through the cosmos.
    Heaven Idol, a Grass/Psychic Pokemon.
    In some cave paintings an ancient artifact used by the Neanderthals to locate themselves with the stars is shown, this was called the Heaven Idol, because it had fallen from the skies.
    Iron Carcass, a Water/Bug Pokemon.
    Said to have come from the future via a brilliant explosion, scientists at Area Zero believe it is possible that Iron Carcass is inspired by ancient blueprints of a Mythical Pokemon from the Unova region.
    Primal Monarch, a Ground/Rock Pokemon.
    In some old statues taken from the first pokemon gyms, a mysterious pokemon with a gross appearance and described of great strength with the name of Primal Monarch is shown.
    Iron Atlas, a Fighting/Steel Pokemon.
    It is said that he has enough strength to carry the weight of the entire world and break mountains with a single blow, it is believed that he came out of a volcano when it erupted.
    Iron Savior, a Grass/Electric Pokemon.
    Iron Savior is believed to have come from the future as humanity's last hope of avoiding climate change. Lives in the atmosphere absorbing solar energy trapped in the ozone layer reducing global warming.
    Boulder Brain, a Normal/Psychic Pokemon.
    In old engravings, a mysterious creature made of stone is represented, capable of solving mathematical problems and keeping the accounts of a primitive civilization.
    Burning Blaze, a Fire/Dragon Pokemon.
    In the burned remains of an ancient civilization, information was found about a ferocious Pokémon, whose wings covered the sun and its fire burned everything around it, it was named The Burning Blaze.
    Iron Vortex, a Water/Electric Pokemon.
    Believed to come from a secret base in the depths of the sea, he can make his whip whip so fast as to create whirlpools that sink entire ships.
    Miracle Wyrm, a Normal/Dragon Pokemon.
    In ancient hieroglyphics a miraculous Pokemon is described that guided travelers through dangerous paths until they reached their destinations, even in a legend it had the ability to fulfill your most cherished wish.
    Iron Chill, a Ice/Fire Pokemon.
    It is said to have been created by accident in an experiment trying to reach absolute zero. Iron Chill's icy breath is so cold that it burns anyone who touches it.
    Iron Barbs, a Grass/Ground Pokemon.
    It is rumored that it was made as an attempt to protect travelers crossing the desert, unfortunately something went wrong turning it into an extremely hostile Pokemon.
    Molten Demon, a Steel/Fire Pokemon.
    In the ancient caves of the Hoenn region, the story is told of a cave-dwelling monster melting everything around it and feeding on the charred minerals left behind.
    Draconic Fin, a Water/Dragon Pokemon.
    The legend tells of the existence of a waterfall where all the Pokemon gathered, one day a brave Pokemon decided to climb the waterfall, day and night he never gave up, from jump to jump he went up until he reached the top, it is said that this Pokemon was rewarded for its courage and patience by evolving into Draconic Fin.

    • Liam McCombs
      Liam McCombs 3 days ago

      ​@Anime enjoyer yes, but I don't think it would matter

    • Anime enjoyer
      Anime enjoyer 10 days ago

      Isn't iron barbs an ability?

    • AnotherMadell
      AnotherMadell 10 days ago

      @AJM261 Isn’t Iron Thorns? I already check it and there’s no Iron Barbs in Pokemon Violet, but I like the new name.

    • AJM261
      AJM261 16 days ago

      We already have an iron barbs in violet so maybe call it iron caltrops instead

  • Lord Respect
    Lord Respect Month ago +29

    Past Dunsparce is called Sparce since when it evolves it gets an extra "Dun", so it loses one instead

    • Doctor Wiggler 1231
      Doctor Wiggler 1231 11 days ago

      I'd say donsparce fits more.

    • Lord Respect
      Lord Respect 25 days ago +1

      @Chellé McSimpson Ah yes, a time traveller from 20232135

    • Chellé McSimpson
      Chellé McSimpson 26 days ago +1

      Youngster Joey wants to battle!
      Youngster Joey sent out Rattata!
      Go, Dundundundundundundundundunsparce!

    • Lord Respect
      Lord Respect Month ago +3

      @Zeno Knightwing Thank you.

    • Zeno Knightwing
      Zeno Knightwing Month ago +4

      That's hilarious and makes complete sense. 🤣

  • foxincrocs
    foxincrocs Month ago +9

    I actually think the first "Ancient Charizard" having flame wings is a cool design tie-in to its Gigantamax form

  • Z’s Clefairy
    Z’s Clefairy Month ago +22

    The past form nidoking/nidoqueen looks like the statues inside the gyms in earlier generations. I think I’d call them something like ancient majesty and they’d be considered guardians or symbols of great strength, hence their presence in places where people do battle

  • Cosmic Potato
    Cosmic Potato Month ago +13

    The paradox heracross should be called “iron friend” because it looks like that trope of gigantic derpy looking things just being the nicest things in their universe

  • Lady Starmie
    Lady Starmie Month ago +23

    The Starmie designs were so good!! For names, I like Iron Cosmos for its future form and Shining Oak for its past form.

  • ArinInQuotes
    ArinInQuotes Month ago +39

    The future Cryogonal reminds me of certain so-called Sacred Geometry design, it's just so rad.

  • crcoghill
    crcoghill Month ago +9

    I figure an Ancient Starmie would possibly be a Water/Rock or maybe pure Water and be more Starfish looking than "star falling from the sky". Not to mention it looking more like it was a living creature like maybe the jewel "eye" is gone or very small and it crawls around on it's back.

  • BluJay547
    BluJay547 Month ago +40

    0:40 Iron Pulsar
    2:05 Marble Croak
    3:25 Iron Radius
    4:34 Teak Spindle
    5:03 Iron Aquanaut
    5:56 Venom Barbs
    6:38 Iron Heracles
    7:32 Iron Spruce
    8:03 Psi Rubble
    8:30 Shadow Drake
    9:47 Iron Amphid
    10:31 Elusive Wyrm
    11:23 Iron Symmetry

  • Branded Director
    Branded Director Month ago +6

    “Iron Wyrm” for future Charizard would be kinda cool. Plus “Royal Claw” for ancient Toxicroak would be dope

  • Alex Heldman
    Alex Heldman Month ago +10

    6:40 Literally Golurk tho...
    7:35 Iron Thorns but quadruped
    11:10 don't want it to look to close to anything from the Klinklang line...
    13:20 fire Zoroark
    14:42 Magikarp + Dragonite fusion

  • salami
    salami Month ago +13

    What about "Virulent Stone" for past Toxicroak? Maybe it could be a Poison/Rock type

  • defcro
    defcro Month ago +4

    I added names and types to the paradox forms in this video
    future charizard : iron blaze steel dragon
    past toxicroak : armoured amphibian poison steel
    future starmie : iron laser psychic dark
    past starmie : wooden wheel psychic grass
    future kabutops : iron protector fighting steel
    past nidoqueen/nidoking : fallen crown poison dragon
    future heracross : iron horn rock bug
    future tropius : iron vine grass dragon
    past porygon : quaking boulders rock psychic
    past charizard : flaming drake fire dragon
    future politoed : iron croak fighting water
    past dunsparce : soaring wyvern dragon flying
    future cryogonal : iron shield steel ice
    future cacturne : iron spike grass poison
    past aggron : molten stones fire rock
    past feesh : winged karp dragon water

  • MewtwoMaster88
    MewtwoMaster88 Month ago +6

    The “future Heracross” looks too much like a Regi form

  • Treska
    Treska Month ago +4

    I really like the Paradox forms for Cryogonal, Aggron, Porygon, and Starmie (both of them, although I slightly prefer the Ancient/Past/"Scarlet" Forme... but then I do tend to favor the official Ancient/Past/"Scarlet" Formes, so it might just be that I'm biased towards those, lol - to be honest it's kind of a wonder to me that I like Future/"Violet" Cryogonal so much).
    I noticed that some of your paradox forms look maybe a bit too much like a Pokémon that they shouldn't (as well as looking like the Pokémon it's actually supposed to look like... so they end up looking like fusions, almost). For example, Paradox Toxicroak looks to me like it accidentally got fused with a Golurk/Golett, if I'll be completely honest... Paradox Dunsparce somehow has a face that's eerily similar to Miraidon specifically... and also, Paradox Kabutops(/Genesect) looks like it could be related to Scizor somehow? Or maybe I'm just looking too hard for similarities, I don't really know... (but looking was quite fun for me!)

  • Pink Wing
    Pink Wing Month ago +1

    I would love to see a challenge run of scarlet/violet but all story battles are honor battles

  • Bandersnatch Beauty
    Bandersnatch Beauty Month ago +16

    Really on top of these video releases. Don't overdo it, but I love it! Great job!

  • Slapnutz_XD
    Slapnutz_XD Month ago +1

    The future meganium that someone made looks sick I hope they make it in the dlc

  • Caleb O’Neil
    Caleb O’Neil Month ago +2

    That aggron definitely reminds me of a future typhlosion!

  • Faith Monhollen
    Faith Monhollen Month ago +1

    I like the idea that starmie started on land and went in to the water for it’s ancient form!

  • Marvelous Ducks
    Marvelous Ducks Month ago +11

    I made my own paradox forms, a past one for electabuzz known as “Primal Thunder” and a future for magmar known as “Iron Magma”

  • Joe Black
    Joe Black Month ago +2

    Paradox charizard could be called Iron Crusher. It crushes boulders for convenient excavations or carries heavy objects for construction. Fighting and steel could be the type. Paradox starmie could be called Iron Gleam. It lights up dark areas with very bright light by absorbing light with reflections or something. It could be steel and ice type.

  • shadowsaber
    shadowsaber Month ago +19

    These look pretty sick! I'd go with Iron Blaze for Charizard.

    • ZionityExtra
      ZionityExtra Month ago

      Literally thought of that while watching the video, and was about to comment until I saw yours. Great minds think alike I guess

  • Melvin Dekkers
    Melvin Dekkers Month ago +1

    A bit like how Iron valliant is a combination of both Gardevoir and Gallade. I would really like if we would get a combination of both Nidoking and Nidoqueen, let's call it "Iron Royal".

  • HunterZero000
    HunterZero000 Month ago

    Paradox starmie or clefable based on a dyson sphere would be so cool.

  • Tiff Ciottoli
    Tiff Ciottoli Month ago +1

    A starmie that turns into a shield water/ steel with 170 defense is a cool concept to me

  • theonlypokenoob
    theonlypokenoob Month ago

    If you ever done another one of these videos, please do a past and future paradox of ditto

  • Angle
    Angle Month ago +4

    For the charizard Iron core (Beacuse Iron man) , toxicroak Corrosive guardian(Toxic and has an armor),Starmie Iron spy (The Eye) and wooden forecast(It kinda looks like a sun dial and the sun is a star), Kabutops Iron Exterminator( looks like terminator and maybe it hunts pokemon like genesect did before resurrection), Nidos Ruthless monarch ( Self explanatory + like Iron valiant I think it is better if the name is gender neutral), heracross Iron antena (It has an antena), Tropius Iron deception (It looks like a tree but it is fake something like sudowoodo or lurantis but with a flying-steel type),porygon Mineral Automat (a rock robot),charizard 2 electric bogaloo Draconic blaze (Self explanatory) , politoed Iron hopper (It hops cause frog), Dunsparce 2 names
    A) Marvel Wings
    B) Dunsparcerce
    (Both self explanatory), criogonal Iron Edges (looks sharp maybe attacks by cutting), Cacturne Iron Leafage ( more fancy way of saying iron grass)
    , aggron Volcanic Hunter( self explanatory) magikarp 2 names
    A) Fierce Fillet
    B) Original Dragon
    ( A:It sounds both intimidating and goofy B: It is the true kyurem)

  • Alita Kazami
    Alita Kazami Month ago +16

    Iron Amulet for future Starmie, Wooden Pearl for past

  • Aiden K.
    Aiden K. Month ago +1

    I think a good name for the Porygon is dubious carving, or polygonal stones

  • Nishaad Rajagopal
    Nishaad Rajagopal Month ago +2

    13:40 I feel like that design better fits haxorus than aggron, maybe a fire/dragon type past haxorus without armor and volcanic rock instead?

  • ilovetosing2008
    ilovetosing2008 Month ago +1

    The future Starmie looks like it was designed after the Beast Ball.

  • zxmbi3_ za
    zxmbi3_ za Month ago +1

    If the Nido evolutions had a combined paradox form from the past i would have called it something like toxic royalty

  • Ema Manfred
    Ema Manfred Month ago

    Tried to make an opposing type pokemon image on Bluewillow. Still needs some work. Any recommendations on what prompts I can use?

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez Month ago +3

    Paradox Toxicroak should be called Stone Frog or Golem Frog because it looks like a golem.

  • Walqerz
    Walqerz Month ago +1

    The past aggron looks more like a past toxicitry, Maybe it could be called Rocking Lava, since it is made out of rock and lava and toxicitry is a rockstar pokemon

  • Bryant L
    Bryant L Month ago +2

    13:28 paradox zoroark? Or maybe haxourus? Also would’ve loved you making a paradox snorlax cause it could go a million ways or lucario just cause its cool

  • Piggyfan27
    Piggyfan27 Month ago +1

    For the fire paradox tropious I would say iron razor cause the leaves kinda look like a razor leaf

  • Aaron Avery
    Aaron Avery Month ago +2

    The past aggron looked more like a future typhlosion tbh

  • Preston garner
    Preston garner Month ago +1

    I looked up paradox Flareon and it looked amazing to me

  • Kevandre
    Kevandre Month ago +3

    That metallic cyber politoed that you saved, that was definitely future paradox Loudred right?

    • Kevandre
      Kevandre Month ago

      also the past Aggron looks like it's from Halo

  • Wilf Esmé
    Wilf Esmé Month ago

    awesome but weird looking pokemons you have there! LOL. Can you try to create images on Bluewillow and maybe combine opposing pokemon types like fire and water types?

  • IAintNobody
    IAintNobody 10 days ago

    The tropius one seriously looked like a quadruped sceptile from the face

  • ZoroarkOfIllusions332
    ZoroarkOfIllusions332 Month ago +1

    I like them all. Especially the fusion of nidoking and nidoqueen

  • GeaPeaSutcliff
    GeaPeaSutcliff Month ago +1

    The first Politoed one (with the big mouth) could be a good futuristic Exploud/Loudred

  • Erik Svensk
    Erik Svensk Month ago +2

    The Porygon (which I hope is a past version) should be Rocky Body or something

  • Liam Rocha
    Liam Rocha Month ago +4

    I love the design keep up the good work❤

  • Jaxzon Pfile-blakely
    Jaxzon Pfile-blakely 26 days ago

    You should do Koridon as Future and Miraidon as Past

  • Iwastaken
    Iwastaken 17 days ago

    Past Starmie would be called Blindagrim from Blind, Blindaje the Spanish word for shield and grim. Blindagrim would be pronounced b-lind-a-grim.

  • jordan Butler
    jordan Butler Month ago +2

    Anyone else seen the past tyranitar underneath the one he searched as “metallic cyber politoed”. Time stamp: 9:23. I can only see the head, but it looks like tyranitar without the dark type. Cool and kinda cute.

  • Sebastian Askew
    Sebastian Askew Month ago +2

    Another great video John! Keep up the hard work. Also, what website is this? Does anyone know?

  • Iwastaken
    Iwastaken 17 days ago

    For future charizard it should be Podafiluerza from alfilada the Spanish word for bladed, poderosa the Spanish word for powerful and fuerza the Spanish word for power. Podafiluerza is pronounced pOda- fil- ooeza.

    MG-STUDIOS Month ago +12

    These are nice designs. When I did this, I used Craiyon and the designs were a lot more...abstract. But really creative. I'll have to give it a try. Love tuning into these videos.

  • Autumn leaf
    Autumn leaf Month ago +2

    For the toxicroak I would do Poison Bulk or Maybe Toxic Brute. 😅

  • QuickSilverKitsune
    QuickSilverKitsune 11 days ago

    Feel like that could easily be a Paradox/regional variant of Maractus, more so then Cacturne

  • Sara Davies
    Sara Davies Month ago +1

    The future bug Pokémon, you did shouldn’t be called iron horn because of the horn and said well Pokédex and she would say this, Pokémon resembles an object described in the Violet book. It’s powerful horn is believed to be upgraded from that of her across and it can even break through the armour of iron thorns.

  • EmikaSandra
    EmikaSandra 2 days ago

    I love how Paradox Dunsparse looks more like it deserves the name Slither Wing more than Slither Wing.

  • Shiny Hunter NoiR
    Shiny Hunter NoiR Month ago

    I think John's Future Paradox Charizard should be called "Titanium Blast" or "Iron Rage"

  • KevLar Da Don
    KevLar Da Don Month ago +4

    I am always super reluctant. But after over two years, PM7, you’re def one of my fav content creators. Keep it up dude ✌🏽

  • pokefan366
    pokefan366 Month ago +1

    At 11:26 that one reminded me more of Cryogonal (an Ice Pokémon) than a Starmie.

  • Oofington the Oofer gamer

    We could have gotten more prehistoric pokemon like if we had cacturne as like a man eating plant from the dinosaur times with spikes it'd work

  • 19FireDragon1996
    19FireDragon1996 Month ago +2

    Personally i would of said the 'Past Aggron' Jon chose would of been better to be a Future Typhlosion. But amazing video and choices either way. Much Love Jon

  • Tht1Phntm
    Tht1Phntm Month ago +1

    Past Charizard could be "Draconic Gemini" because of the two tails.

    LURKATHON Month ago +1

    Idea for a JMC challenge: You both MAKE UP DEX ENTRIES for each other to figure out the Pokémon in question.

  • Doge
    Doge Month ago +9

    These are the names I picked:
    Iron Wings - Charizard
    Croaking Knight - Toxicroak
    Iron Asteroid - Starmie
    Iron Shell - Kabutops
    Royal Claws - The Nidos
    Iron Horns - Heracross

    • Doge
      Doge Month ago +1

      @ToluTolX YES SIR

    • ToluTolX
      ToluTolX Month ago +1

      A fellow Pooper?!?

  • JakeofRage
    JakeofRage Month ago +1

    Past agron and magicarp are fantastic!

  • The Nitronite Dragon
    The Nitronite Dragon Month ago +1

    Can we all agree that he should've done Drowzee?

  • Jio D
    Jio D Month ago +1

    Instead of two tails it kinda looks like one long tail that wraps around it's body

  • The ghostly gengar
    The ghostly gengar Month ago +2

    For past Magikarp, I would call it furious flopper

  • Savy Flores
    Savy Flores Month ago +1

    Future Cacturn definitely wants to sit by my windowsill with my other plants and defend the heck out of my home if an intruder shows up

  • Jared Hill
    Jared Hill Month ago +3

    Not a fan of the AI aspect of the vid, but good video concept

  • Taran Udayabanu
    Taran Udayabanu Month ago +1

    I've always thought of Kabutops as an ancestor of Scyther

  • ExtinctGamer1217
    ExtinctGamer1217 Month ago +1

    The Pokémon that you got for the frog could be a Quagsire future form

  • fake noob prank
    fake noob prank 9 days ago

    Iron blaze the the fire iron type description: With its arms they transform into jet the heat of the jets it produces easily can melt through some of the most hardest metals and with its energy core being shown it gets into aggressive anything that come to close it the center of his body.

  • Axe2024
    Axe2024 Month ago +1

    If the charizard had that form I would name it Iron Jet. Because I imagine its arms and feet Close to make a missile or something.

  • Gina Hill
    Gina Hill Month ago +1

    I have a couple.first for both past and future charizard. For past I came up with "winged inferno" and for future I came up with "iron flame".for the future kabotops I have "iron insect". If they gave nidoking and nidoqueen the iron valiant treatment and combined the 2, I think a good name would be "iron ruler"for future heracross, I would name it "iron horn". And finally my own creation a past version of goodra I call"draconic poison".

  • Logan Granger
    Logan Granger Month ago +3

    Thanks for adding to a problem and taing more money from starving artists.

  • SlyterTube 2010
    SlyterTube 2010 3 days ago

    The paradox charizard could be named First Mecha on the count of charizard being one of the first starter pokemon

  • lapinamoric
    lapinamoric Month ago +1

    this concept could be so much more effective if you had a bunch of guest artists on and gave them the prompt instead! cool video regardless!

  • Fyn
    Fyn 11 days ago

    Past Toxicroak was definitely past Golurk before it became a ghost type.

  • Paneth
    Paneth 14 days ago

    Wouldn't past form Porygon just be a computer punch card?

  • Mike T
    Mike T Month ago +1

    Keep doing more. Make a pokedex.

  • UoriMoon
    UoriMoon Month ago +7

    Really disliking the AI craze lately from content creators, as its working with unethically obtained data: Stolen artwork, private medical records, ect all built on the data sets used in these things (On top of the large legal lawsuits going on right now). I hope this craze dies.. I do hope this one only uses pokemon official artwork (which it looks like it might) but just overall, its been a horrid thing.
    Could have contacted some of the great fake-mon artists out there for custom commissioned pieces for this. I'm sure they'd of loved to work with you to create amazing pieces on your prompts.

    • Le Ra
      Le Ra Month ago +2

      Honestly. Like I know a lot of people don’t know the issues but that’s why I always think you need to put research into a program before you use it. Especially if it’s something “AI generated” because that stuff doesn’t get made from nothing

    • Arukea graves
      Arukea graves Month ago +1

      This, im sure he didn't mean any harm alot dont seem to know how bad ai art is unfortunately

    • Mike Leddy
      Mike Leddy Month ago +1


  • Johnny Pollack
    Johnny Pollack Month ago +1

    Love the video and keep up the great work pm7

  • Maria :D
    Maria :D Month ago

    Idk what it would be called but what about a past and/or future gengar?

  • Your local will
    Your local will Month ago +1

    Cacturne is my favourite Pokémon so it is good to know that someone else likes it

  • Ben Reilly
    Ben Reilly Month ago +1

    The ancient charazard @ 1:23 into the video is the best imo😂

  • Weeb101
    Weeb101 Month ago +1

    I kinda want a past snorlax he is my favorite Pokémon he needs some love every now and then

  • ArtByEeve
    ArtByEeve Month ago +7

    please don't do any more of these videos i know they get lots of views but AI art steals from real art

  • Mason
    Mason Month ago

    Next video I think you should make shinies for all of these new Pokémon

  • Anny Mat
    Anny Mat 4 days ago

    Dude,i went to the website and I could only think about the futuristic theme and my favourite starter which was Torterra so I typed in cyborg Torterra and ai generated an absolute abomination of a Pokemon and I took a picture of it just so I could see it again

  • Florian
    Florian 15 days ago

    For the future charizard, it should be called "Iron Drake". A drake is a dragon with no wings/cant fly.

  • bfeldz1023
    bfeldz1023 Month ago +1

    I would name future Charizard Iron Inferno. Future Starmie would be Iron Cosmos or Iron Specia (to complete the Ultraman reference). Past Toxicroak could be Toxic Avenger lol, or more seriously if they wanted to remove the poison type and go with Steel/Fighting it could be Noble Amphibian. Future Tropius could be Iron Banana or more seriously Iron Whirlwind. Those are at least the names that immediately came to me. Couldn't think of one for all of the ones in this video.

  • Akarsh Gupta
    Akarsh Gupta Month ago

    How about a triceratops nidoking? That would look cool

  • gargi tripathi
    gargi tripathi Month ago +3

    yeahhh.. ai art generators seem overrated... Do I "Drawing Pokemon from Memory challenge w/ Jack and Mickey"

    • gargi tripathi
      gargi tripathi Month ago +1

      @Kabor_4 that's a whole 'nother argument...
      + like Ai will be used for designing spaceships and machines and not making drawings

    • Kabor_4
      Kabor_4 Month ago +1

      And also it steals arts from original artists

  • Zedthejoker
    Zedthejoker Month ago

    I know they arent a trio but ive always mentally put cyroginal with solrock and lunatone no clue why probably because floating shape

  • Ginnderman
    Ginnderman Month ago

    Iron flames for the charizard maybe?
    And maybe for starlike Iron waves?

  • Joanne Rainbow
    Joanne Rainbow Month ago +1

    For charizard I thought maybe iron charge by the charge I mean like charging up fire in the chest and blasting it out he would be a steel fire type and if you could have three types I thought steel fire and flying the original types for charizard except the steel type