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Kyrie Irving Traded To Mavericks | Emergency Pod 🚨

  • Published on Feb 4, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Another emergency pod to discuss the Brooklyn Nets trading Kyrie Irving and Markieff Morris to the Dallas Mavericks for Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney-Smith, and future draft pick compensation.
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Comments • 153

  • AyeYo YoYO
    AyeYo YoYO 3 months ago +4

    If Maxi Kleber & Christian Wood are healthy come playoff time, this Mavs team is gonna be a very difficult series for any team out west.

  • Dadsass
    Dadsass 3 months ago +17

    Wow. Hard to imagine anything working out for Kyrie at this point, anywhere, but this will certainly be interesting. Could be really fun to watch, from an offensive POV, or a train-wreck POV if that's your thing.

  • Marc Concepcion
    Marc Concepcion 3 months ago +1

    Kyrie has been cooking this stew for the entire season. The heat got turned up when he was suspended for that social media debacle. Since he came back from that, the really kept emotions to himself in front of the media. You heard his short "just business" responses. He was just biding his time before he was ultimately leaving. Thanks for that fantastic weekend with the Nets, KAI, but I knew he was playing to make the statement, "I'm still hot. Look what I can still do. I'm open for negotiations." In the end, I hope he's happy to be in another place, because this season with the Nets did nothing to make him happy.

  • Charles Johnson
    Charles Johnson 3 months ago +25


  • Alfredo Rodriguez
    Alfredo Rodriguez 3 months ago +12

    Can't wait for Thursday's No Dunks. Will there be a usual podcast that day, or will there be like a "livecast" due to the impending deadline?

    • No Dunks
      No Dunks  3 months ago +7

      Doing a regular show plus reacting to each new big trade with a video.

  • Eric Altanochir
    Eric Altanochir 3 months ago +2

    Kylie the basketball player is amazing, he can play off ball, and he can give great effort defensively. On court the Mavs will be great imo

  • Marc Concepcion
    Marc Concepcion 3 months ago +1

    As for how this will impact the Nets this season, as long as the remaining players stay hungry (and as long as coach JV gives them the minutes to WANT to stay hungry), they will stay on track for being a strong playoff contender as long as they don't face Boston. Despite their recent performances, I think Cam and Clax still need more time for their numbers to set. Sumner and Sharpe need more minutes to build confidence. I think the Nets can stay strong without Kyrie with the right mindset and the right coaching decisions. They didn't get anywhere in the last two post-season opportunities due to terrible coaching decisions; they didn't make full use of the entire bench that got them to the playoffs in the first place. That burned out their starters and made the team more predictable for their opponents to read. Win or lose, as long as JV uses the whole bench during the playoffs, we can say they made a genuine effort to win a championship.

  • Jay_Mac
    Jay_Mac 3 months ago +3

    Dallas had to do something.. do I think this will work out well? Hell no, but it will certainly be interesting to watch

  • Stevo123
    Stevo123 3 months ago +1

    Maxi and Josh Green and Bullock are solid defenders. I think the Mavs will make another move yet. Perhaps trading Wood and/or THJ and a pick?

  • JoeEagle
    JoeEagle 3 months ago +4

    KD could make a 2012-Dirk like title run this year, IF they can get something for or out of Simmons. Very deep roster with a lot of 3 & D guys. Dinwiddie could be his Jason Terry. East of loaded tho but who knows who will be healthy come April onward.

    • 77
      77 3 months ago +1

      Durant doesn't and never had that in him. He doesn't have what Dirk had. Durant can score. He can't will a team to a title. His rings are backseat rings.

  • N
    N 3 months ago +1

    Best NBA pod out there! Awesome response to a fire sale trade.

  • Blitz Sg
    Blitz Sg 3 months ago +3

    This is a reach man. Hope we get kyrie without the issues because he's damn good. But history suggests, no. So we're screwed. But still hoping for the best.

  • YoreTiller
    YoreTiller 3 months ago +3

    This feels like a Harden and Kyrie situation... Without the drama, they are pretty darn good. When Kyrie baggage comes in, it becomes unbearable

  • Stefano Roberti
    Stefano Roberti 3 months ago +3

    You'll see this a lot with Luka and the Mavs. You'll see a revolving door of co-stars. Kyrie is just the beginning.

  • robert riteman
    robert riteman 3 months ago +2

    t really speaks far more about how little interest there was in Kyrie because no one wanted to offer a quality starter for him. At the same time, it also speaks to how badly the Nets wanted him gone for locker room purposes with the approval of KD. My own view is that unless the Nets manage to package a few players and draft picks for some real quality pieces in the next few days then they will likely trade KD in the off season. The type of trade that they could seek is draft picks, Dinwiddie, Claxton for something like Conley, Beasley and Clarkson from the Jazz ( just an example) . If they cannot pull something similar to that type of deal then I think they and KD will realize that they are not winning a Championship before 26 so time to separate. Also if they cannot achieve something substantive in the next few days then I would suspect that once the season is over then Seam Marks is gone or "elevated" and a new GM is tasked with the KD trade and rebuild. I note that actually the teams that could likely give the best package of draft picks in rebuild for KD would be either OKC or the Knicks which for obvious reasons will never happen. i figure the Mavs did not see a real downside to the deal because (a) it allows them to show Luka they are prepared to try to get real talent ( albeit a total flake) and (b) SD was a starter by default. At the same time, given the difference in State taxes their financial offer to extend has an advantage over other teams especially since virtually every other team will only offer him a 2 year deal with performance conditions with team options for year 3 &4. All that said , while Kyrie will pretend to be content for the next few months I do not see it lasting into a second season with the Mavs- One has to consider the parable of the Scorpion and the Frog.

  • Warrentertainment
    Warrentertainment 3 months ago +13

    We got Cam Thomas scoring 44 off the bench!
    Plus we got Dinwiddie back!
    We'll be fine!

    • ashrafc
      ashrafc 3 months ago +3

      You really think KD gonna stick around? 😂

    • Warrentertainment
      Warrentertainment 3 months ago

      @ashrafc under contract for the next 3 years baby!!!!

  • midnite_in_november
    midnite_in_november 3 months ago +3

    Kyrie in Texas is probably exactly where he wants to be

  • BigPoppa
    BigPoppa 3 months ago +60

    So Sean Marks traded two hall of famers -mvp type players for Dinwiddie & Finney Smith and Seth Curry & Ben Simmons. No disrespect, they're decent players but ayo 👀👀👀

    • Austin Smart
      Austin Smart 3 months ago +18

      Yeah sounds terrible but in the circumstances that both of them left Sean had not much leverage to get good return…

    • Ralph Laigo
      Ralph Laigo 3 months ago +7

      Mans had 6 days or less to craft these deals

    • NYGiants4Life
      NYGiants4Life 3 months ago +4

      I would have at least gone for Westbrook who actually wants to play and puts effort. Nets have no idea what they doing.

    • Manton
      Manton 3 months ago +12

      @NYGiants4LifeWestbrook is trash… are you saying Dinwiddie and DFS won’t put in any effort? You made a clown statement

    • Ben Bengaly Kaba
      Ben Bengaly Kaba 3 months ago +2

      What was he suppose to do if they don't want to stay. These situations don't make him a bad GM.

  • DocRaunchy
    DocRaunchy 3 months ago +2

    I really love Tas` optimism at the end of the Pod, but I can´t get my head around Kyre and Luka working . Only if they both are willing to share the ball.

  • Scott Larock
    Scott Larock 3 months ago +6

    This is for Monday's podcast!
    Luka and Kyrie:
    Name a backcourt in history with a better handle and a deeper bag.

  • El
    El 3 months ago +1

    I’m just here to say I’m happy the Lakers didn’t overpay.

  • Imdb Truth
    Imdb Truth 3 months ago +2

    For the Nets, Spencer is a downgrade from Kyrie, but he's still a nice player. DFS combined with Simmons, Durant, and Claxton should be extremely formidable on defense.

  • MFFL_77
    MFFL_77 3 months ago +1

    Mavs fan here but I really think Kyrie has a good relationship with Jason Kidd and nico Harrison. Mavs will give him every dollar he can possibly get that’s all he wanted from Brooklyn anyways, now hopefully he signs.
    Btw I think they would probably start
    Uncle drew
    Josh Green
    Kleber or bullock
    Not amazing defense but everyone can shoot and luka will get everyone open.

  • Kyo Graham
    Kyo Graham 3 months ago +9

    Man i feel so bad for K.D in hignsight its easy to bash him for his decision to go Golden State, but I promise if he could have looked into his future he probably would have said something like this." Russell Westbrook James Harden Ben Simmons Kyrie Iriving, I gave these guys the best of me and what has it gotten me." I'm truly now routing for you K.D and I hope you get your flowers.

    • Dadsass
      Dadsass 3 months ago +2

      I was and am glad KD left GS, just for the competitive balance it brought back to the NBA, but totally dude. I was looking forward to watching him compete in high-stakes playoffs games w/out the super team, and it's just been a constant headache for him. Such a unique, all-time talent. Would be nice to see things change and see him in important games, again.

    • Frank Castle
      Frank Castle 3 months ago +2

      Everything he’s done, he’s done himself. It’s unfortunate to see the one of the greats make so many missteps

    • SweetChariotOfFire
      SweetChariotOfFire 3 months ago

      I don’t feel sorry for KD or Lebron in this era. Everything they’ve done, they’ve done themselves.

  • Carson Kahla
    Carson Kahla 3 months ago +2

    Starting 5 of
    Reggie Bullock/Josh Green
    Maxi Kleber
    Christian Wood
    Little light down low but I feel like national media has completely overlooked Luka turning himself into at the very least an above average defender who gets a lot of steals

    • CHRISM
      CHRISM 3 months ago

      i love luka, but besides those steals he is absolutely terrible on d 😢

  • HartHeimer
    HartHeimer 3 months ago +2

    How many players have scored 50 points this season and is Kyrie one of them ?? Almost any team would want him even with his issues. Brooklyn made mistake here by not extending him a contract. Important to have two players on your team who can take a last shot clutch. Cam Thomas can benefit from this removal of the Irving. Harden isn't that guy now, he's good but not quite. so Brooklyn is left with Durant and no more superstars.... Shame on Sean.

  • honestharry
    honestharry 3 months ago +4

    the Starters gotta make a comeback in tandem with a pod, or at least emergency pods

    • PickleJJ&Late4DNR
      PickleJJ&Late4DNR 3 months ago +1

      They have an entire podcast now every weekday. What are you talking about?

    • honestharry
      honestharry 3 months ago +1

      @PickleJJ&Late4DNR that The Starters should make a comeback and they should keep doing th epod as well in some way

    • PickleJJ&Late4DNR
      PickleJJ&Late4DNR 3 months ago

      @honestharry honestly they’re better off doing yt and the podcast. Nobody watches NBA TV. Like I don’t know a single person currently that has NBATV or watches it if they have it.

  • Randi Goldberg
    Randi Goldberg 3 months ago +2

    In the tank, cubes always tells people they have to accept his offer then and there - no listening to anyone else. Maybe he got confused and thought Rob pelinka was Mr. Wonderful and was going to swoop in and steal the deal!

  • Alex Hamilton
    Alex Hamilton 3 months ago +1

    The Mavs don't make this trade if they aren't confident he resigns. Nico Harrison and Kyrie have a great relationship and the Mavs were on Kyries list of teams he wanted to go to

    • Ender Lain
      Ender Lain 3 months ago

      But it is Kyrie. How much can you trust what says.

    • Alex Hamilton
      Alex Hamilton 3 months ago

      @Ender Lain why would Kyrie lie about the teams he wanted to be traded to? That would just be dumb on all levels

  • Robert Rodarte
    Robert Rodarte 3 months ago +3

    So now mavs have two ball dominant guards that won’t defend?

    • YoreTiller
      YoreTiller 3 months ago +1

      The Nets did have Harden and Kyrie killing it before all the Kyrie drama took over

  • Caleb Crawford
    Caleb Crawford 3 months ago +1

    1st of all thj was only starting due to injuries and is 100% the 6th man 2nd the starting lineup will be luka,kyrie,green,wood,kleber so thats 3/5 players that play good defense

  • XK Hours
    XK Hours 3 months ago +1

    Kyrie gonn teach Luka how to be Bron in the playoffs and he can be the ultimate closer like always

  • DC
    DC 3 months ago +2

    I'm sure LeBron will draft Kyrie I'm the ASG draft, but would be hilarious if KD was forced to draft him like what almost happened last year with Harden

    • Frank Castle
      Frank Castle 3 months ago

      KDs not captain

    • DC
      DC 3 months ago

      @Frank Castle Ah that's right, hope Giannis drafts Kyrie and KD to troll KD then :p

    • Frank Castle
      Frank Castle 3 months ago

      @DC Would be funny but Lebron def taking KD with the first pick

  • R3DD-Ash
    R3DD-Ash 3 months ago +1

    Nets won the trade. Spencer was a baller during his nets with D.Lo days. I am not so sure with Luka and Kyrie Tandem knowing they are two ball dominant players.

  • BreezeRitebyu
    BreezeRitebyu 3 months ago +2

    Apparently Luka signed off on the trade.

  • Smido83
    Smido83 3 months ago +1

    I am not sure you guys really know the Mavs defensive problems. We are a really good Perimeter defense team. We give up the viewest 3PA of all teams and an average Opp 3P% (13th). By far our biggest defensive problem is protecting the paint. Yes, Dorian was most likely our best defender, but he wasnt a rim protector. Green should be able to fit in his role. We still need a really good rim protector, thats for sure.
    This wasnt a stand alone trade that will make us an instant contender. But I am sure Dallas did not trade for Kyrie without knowing if he wants to resign. So we have to asume that he will. And that makes us way more interesting for Veterans. For example a Crowder next Summer, or a Porter, Craig, Winslow... there are options out there for the MLE.
    More important right now is the Wood situation. Does he sign the extension, or can Dallas find a 2nd trade to bring in Big Man defense for his Big Man offense? Either way, Dallas had to take the risk, cause this team was going nowhere with all all our role players on big contracts surrounding Luka and no Cap room for the forseable future.

  • BWalker9313
    BWalker9313 3 months ago +1

    Hate the trade for Dallas.
    You guys said it, he’s a rental. Giving up a scorer, one of your top defenders and picks for a guy that’s not going to win you a title is a really bad deal.

  • MrAlanjan
    MrAlanjan 3 months ago +1

    crazy cuz the clippers traded SGA for Paul George, Danilo gallonari, and 5 first round picks, even though SGA was a bigger rookie fan favorite than anyone we had drafted since BG/DeAndre.... Terrance Mann better have been offered in that convo, cuz I doubt he is breaking out into an all-star any time soon. I love his game, but he's not as liked nor as skilled as SGA was for the team. craazzy stuff.

  • Fallout DC
    Fallout DC 3 months ago +1

    Can't wait for Kyrie to Javale connection 😅

  • Jacco van Goor
    Jacco van Goor 3 months ago +1

    Man did I wish KD was still ASG captain....

  • Joe Sutherland
    Joe Sutherland 3 months ago +1

    Imagine saying oh no defense and in the same sentence they just throwing Josh Green out there like he is some bum. Maybe watch a few Mavs games because that kid is ridiculously good just wait and see he will be Andre Iguodala who can legitimately shoot 3’s at a high efficiency. Mavs still have plenty of assets to improve the team defensively and y’all just don’t mention Maxi Kleber who is the defensive anchor on this team and was last year and he’s been out for like 2 months now. Also last season Mavs were 6th in nba in defense with Luka and Brunson starting, Kyrie is a much better defender then Brunson was last year.

  • Chuck Hauser
    Chuck Hauser 3 months ago +1

    Can’t wait for the drama to begin in Big D it’s gonna be hilarious 😆

  • d3v p
    d3v p 3 months ago +1

    No way Kyrie is not on Lakers as a FA next season. His team has been trying to get him there since before he opted in. Lakers just had nothing the Nets wanted. Now he can just sign there. Kyrie has proven over the last 7 years that NO relationship means anything to him. Ask KD.

  • Alvin Magalona
    Alvin Magalona 3 months ago +1

    All-star player count doesn’t add up anymore.
    Also, does Luka still have beef with a Morris twin?

  • chochoma420
    chochoma420 3 months ago +5

    RIP to the mavs lol hope it works though. And glad to see Spencer back in Brooklyn......now if they could get Jared Allen back lolol

  • Tony Herrera
    Tony Herrera 3 months ago +1

    The nets organization were once viewed a scrappy bunch of upcoming talent

  • bijoux doum
    bijoux doum 3 months ago +2

    Die Hard Luka fan here. I fantasize a all star defensive big with Luka. Adding Kyrie does nothing to win a championship. BEN SIMMONS in the pick and roll with Luka would be unstoppable. Imagine Ben as Defensive PoY. He was top 3 in DPoY in his last healthy season. I feel I'm a better GM then this crap. DFS was a key perimeter defender and huge loss.

  • smashin
    smashin 3 months ago +1

    Mavs going to have some of the worst defense.

  • PickleJJ&Late4DNR
    PickleJJ&Late4DNR 3 months ago +1

    Kyrie is 100 percent signing that extension this week. I’d bet money on it.

  • E McB
    E McB 3 months ago +1

    The mavs should trade for Jae Crowder

  • Arsenio Sp
    Arsenio Sp 3 months ago +1

    Nkitima and bullock are good defender

  • johnlinks
    johnlinks 3 months ago +1

    Will be hilarious if Kyrie just decides to sit out the remainder of the season. He'd be such a loser if he did that

  • Fabio Sequeira
    Fabio Sequeira 3 months ago +2

    Luka is never winning a title is he? :(

  • Marv
    Marv 3 months ago +2

    minus the year Lebron and Love gave Kyrie an opportunity, Kyrie doesnt contribute to winning that matters.

    • grifterx76
      grifterx76 3 months ago +2

      THANK YOU! I’ve said this since his rookie season. I call them “empty stats” he has never been an improvement to any team in his whole career. If not for LeBron he would never have won a ring.

  • Rayzajw
    Rayzajw 3 months ago +1

    Kyrie won't re-sign 💀

  • 4 Stars Out Of 50
    4 Stars Out Of 50 3 months ago +1

    If this doesn't work out I don't think Luka retires a mav

  • Adolph Cyril Adolfo
    Adolph Cyril Adolfo 3 months ago +1

    Lol. The west is wide open. Anyone from 2-13 could beat each other on any given night. So, it’s not crazy to think the mavs could make a conference finals run

  • Matthew VanZandt
    Matthew VanZandt 3 months ago +1

    I hate this trade as a Mavericks fan :/

  • Sin
    Sin 3 months ago +1

    KD + Luka would be over for the league ngl. hahahaha

  • Vinny Rex
    Vinny Rex 3 months ago +2

    WEEWOOO we got ourselves a pod

  • Adam Stewart
    Adam Stewart 3 months ago +2

    As a Mavs fan this is exciting but also defensively it's concerning since neither Luka or Kyrie play much defense. One thing that would fix it....Kevin Durant to the Mavs next ;) fingers crossed 🥳🥳🥳

    • bijoux doum
      bijoux doum 3 months ago

      I wanted Ben Simmons. Imagine Ben in pick and roll with Luka. Catching alleys all day and top 3 DPoY. Ben take a role player type approach. We need a Defense type big to be champions

  • Imdb Truth
    Imdb Truth 3 months ago +2

    For the Mavs, this a great move! A "hell of a risk"? How so? DFS is a good defender, but he's averaging less than 9 ppg with a FG% of 41%. Watch, Kyrie will re-sign with Dallas.

  • Alan Peterson
    Alan Peterson 3 months ago +7

    Ky-risk, Ky-reward.

  • Wise Wolf Tony
    Wise Wolf Tony 3 months ago +1

    Don't really see this putting the Mavs into title contention or anywhere near making them that much better. As the two guys they traded are averaging 27ppg combined the same number as Irving. Not to mention both Irving and Luka have the ball in their hands all the time so don't even see them being a good fit together. Not to mention how awful Irving is on defense. While Luka is like an average defender so have a feeling teams will be able to attack their defense.

  • Mr. Williams
    Mr. Williams 3 months ago +1

    KD Is Out This Offseason

  • James Robinson
    James Robinson 3 months ago +3

    Damn you guys...Kyrie will sign a long term deal with Dallas in the near future!

    • Mike Vick
      Mike Vick 3 months ago


    • Imdb Truth
      Imdb Truth 3 months ago

      I think Kyrie will stay in Dallas. I think he'll value the fact that Dallas was the team willing to go all in on him. The reason he wanted to leave the Nets is because he felt like they never supported him.

    • Mike Vick
      Mike Vick 3 months ago

      @Imdb Truth Delusional

  • TJ Noob YT
    TJ Noob YT 3 months ago +1

    Luka and Lebron are 2 different players. I don't see Kyrie being the guy he was in Cleveland

  • tolstoyed
    tolstoyed 3 months ago +1

    mavs defense was trash with finney smith and dinwiddie both on the court though

  • Marv
    Marv 3 months ago +3

    Mavs traded their future for a headcase rental.
    Spence, Dodo, 1 1st rd pick, 2 2nd rd oicks, AND FUTURE LUKA, in exchange for Morris, 2 months Irving rental, and tons of headache.
    Nets fleeced the Mavs.

    • ashrafc
      ashrafc 3 months ago +1

      I don’t think you know what it takes to win a title. Take it from a Toronto guy, a rental can equal a title sometimes

    • Mike Vick
      Mike Vick 3 months ago

      @ashrafc 2 ball dominant guards on a team that just traded their best perimeter defender and 2nd scoring option. 2nd round exit is their ceiling. Mavs will hate Cuban for next decade for this move

  • Kendi
    Kendi 3 months ago +1

    Kyrie is gone after the season.

  • don't be a shmatke
    don't be a shmatke 3 months ago +1

    Luka just found out that the Mavs can't be trusted to build the future team he needs. Kyrie isn't staying. He's walking leaving Mavs with nothing for the value for him as well as what they traded away. Kyrie won't add chemistry. 2023 Playoffs will not be successful. Luka will start thinking about moving on.

    • XX2 Media
      XX2 Media 3 months ago

      Wrong on EVERY point you made. You have absolutely NO idea if any of that is true.

    • don't be a shmatke
      don't be a shmatke 3 months ago

      @XX2 Media If you listen to ALL the professional NBA analysts on ESPN and NBATV, no one dares to say that this move potentially won't be a bust and that's because of one player, Kyrie. This man will then dig the Lakers into the ground just as much as Westbrook has done, but Kyrie won't even try to be humble, like Russ has been. Kyrie isn't getting any long term contracts. One year deals or max two. You'll see.

  • Mike Vick
    Mike Vick 3 months ago +2

    Thanks Cuban. Mavs bounced out the first round, Kyrie signs with LAL in offseason, Luka eventually leaves Mavs for the Lakers due to their utter incompetence. Perfect

    • Chuck Hauser
      Chuck Hauser 3 months ago +1

      What did you expect the Mavs have a shoe salesman for a GM, that should explain it all

    • Mike Vick
      Mike Vick 3 months ago

      @Chuck Hauser That sorry franchise does not deserve Luka

    • Tommy Two Times
      Tommy Two Times 3 months ago +4

      Ah yes he'll go to the Lakers, a franchise that has shown extreme competence

    • Mike Vick
      Mike Vick 3 months ago

      @PickleJJ&Late4DNR Lmfao. The westbrick trade was stupid and sent us into dysfunction. We were first in the west before AD and Bron got hurt in 21 and we blew up the roster. Pelinka isnt going to around forever. Difference between the mavs and the lakers: the lakers are the lakers, the mavs are the mavs. One cant always remain sorry with dysfunctional leadership, the other most certainly will. If you are a mavs fan I would be devastated Luka is for sure gone now.

  • Orlando Cruz
    Orlando Cruz 3 months ago +1

    0:30 There’s only 3 No Dunkees and one Super Producer

  • NC Hawks Fan
    NC Hawks Fan 3 months ago +2

    Kyrie just went to the team with the biggest ball hog in the league.(don't @ me about his meaningless assist numbers and triple doubles).

  • James Jabbour
    James Jabbour 3 months ago +1

    Best show

  • MoneyMotives
    MoneyMotives 3 months ago +1

    nets lowkey fleeced

  • The Who
    The Who 3 months ago +2

    Kevin D and Kyrie are best friends. What's Luka going to do. To influence him

    • Christian S.
      Christian S. 3 months ago

      When you're immature sometimes being away from your friends is the best thing that can happen

  • Miguel Vidigal Rodrigues
    Miguel Vidigal Rodrigues 3 months ago +1

    Have you guys ever tried to find the Clipper bro?

  • James Robinson
    James Robinson 3 months ago +3

    Kyrie is not going to the Lakers! Shows how much you don't know about Kyrie! He doesn't want to play with Lebron again!

    • Ozz
      Ozz 3 months ago +3

      Remedial a** the team traded him, he doesn't have a say.

    • Imdb Truth
      Imdb Truth 3 months ago

      Kyrie left the Nets because they didn't support him. The Lakers wouldn't commit to trading for Kyrie to the same degree that Dallas did, so I don't think Kyrie is going to jump ship 6 months later and commit to the Lakers. I think this is where Kyrie wanted to be all along. Luka is a good dude, so is Kyrie.

  • lobokop69
    lobokop69 3 months ago +1

    Nets won the trade :)

  • R Teodoro
    R Teodoro 3 months ago +2


  • SweetChariotOfFire
    SweetChariotOfFire 3 months ago +1

    Dinwiddie/ DFS > Covington/R Jackson/T Mann.

    • No Dunks
      No Dunks  3 months ago

      Thanks for the comment. The offer was definitely Mann/Kennard and had to be a Batum in there as well. I think the Clippers pick will be better than the Mavs too but that's a looooong time from now. -Tas

  • Michael.D
    Michael.D 3 months ago +1

    Luka Doncic going to learn all about the flat earth anti vaccing from Kyrie also is Ktrie a Jinxx

  • Ben Bengaly Kaba
    Ben Bengaly Kaba 3 months ago +1

    TK my Guy.

  • joe G
    joe G 3 months ago +1

    God. Terrible trade

  • jerrycaidic08
    jerrycaidic08 3 months ago +1

    The Mavs traded for a nutcase and a thug. Fan-effing-tastic.😒

  • Mike B
    Mike B 3 months ago +1

    LeBrons pulling out the rest of his hair

    • Always Right
      Always Right 3 months ago

      He can still get Kyrie in the off season.

  • 𝔸-ℙ𝕒𝕣𝕥 ♫ ♪

    Bonkers lol 🤯

  • Psalm 121
    Psalm 121 3 months ago +1


  • G0AT
    G0AT 3 months ago +1

    Kyrie aka the worst teammate in NBA history. I used to defend him but glad the Nets got rid of that nuisance

  • Epic walrus
    Epic walrus 3 months ago +1

    No pod?

    • No Dunks
      No Dunks  3 months ago

      Check the live tab. Did one Sunday. Another coming Monday.

    • Epic walrus
      Epic walrus 3 months ago

      @No Dunks love ya work. Always at least run the video on the background and then listen to the pod. Melbourne time so I forget constantly the time difference

  • Homer Houser
    Homer Houser 3 months ago +1

    man tas is so bad. the guy cant weave two sentences together and just repeats everything said before him. sad

    • No Dunks
      No Dunks  3 months ago

      I'll get 'em next time. -Tas

  • Ben C.
    Ben C.  3 months ago +1


  • Sven7
    Sven7 3 months ago +1

    Why do do man

  • Xoxo
    Xoxo 3 months ago +1


  • Colorad
    Colorad 3 months ago +1

    Huge L for the NEts