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Level 100 FAST with EASY EXP Farm in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

  • Published on Nov 18, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Level up fast with this easy exp farm in pokemon scarlet & violet. There is a spot where you fight chansey and blissey for tons of experience. In this fast level up guide in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet you will learn how to spawn in a bunch of Chansey and fight them to gain exp and level up your pokemon to Level 100 FAST! This is the fastest way to level your pokemon in the early game of pokemon scarlet & violet. This is for new players and beginners to help them level up quick! Share this and tell everyone that this is the best leveling guide for Pokémon scarlet & violet and that PhillyBeatzU found the best spot to level up in pokemon scarlet.
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Comments • 650

  • Michael McClain
    Michael McClain 4 months ago +449

    Primape's new evolution (Annihilape) seems really well cut out for this. It's Ghost/Fighting.

    • Douglas Ebert
      Douglas Ebert 3 months ago

      He's really good with low kick since he has 20 PP for that move

    • Luca Marsiglia
      Luca Marsiglia 3 months ago

      just a fighting physic pokemon its enogh

    • Kingninjame
      Kingninjame 4 months ago

      im using my shiny annihape for this im tryna get to the elite four

    • StrikerHeadshot
      StrikerHeadshot 4 months ago +3

      @mv named my flamigo "Lawn Decor." Lawn Decor carried me through the first 4 gyms til I got Lucario 💀

    • Infktious Venom
      Infktious Venom 4 months ago

      It is very OP. Never have to heal it lol, just eats those Chansey for breakfast

  • Daniel Cummings
    Daniel Cummings 4 months ago +994

    Just a heads up, once you have access to Area Zero, near area 3, there is a tunnel (your rare paradox spawn tunnel, Roaring Moon and Iron Valiant). You can't eat in area zero, but you can eat, and then go into the zone, and the buff still works. In this tunnel, level 55 chansey spawn, which award more xp

    • Toutoudles
      Toutoudles 12 days ago

      Told myself the same thing, that I’ll come back to this 🤣

    • bazz2k_
      bazz2k_ Month ago

      chanseys only rewards me 410 exp points :/

    • Jacob Rowe
      Jacob Rowe Month ago

      I saw u in another vid

    • Nino Waltuh
      Nino Waltuh 2 months ago

      Bro this wrong video☠️

    • Noe Solorio
      Noe Solorio 2 months ago


  • Poucho3578
    Poucho3578 4 months ago +177

    For anyone trying to teleport the gap between Area 1 and Area 4 as mentioned at 1:45 in the video, you don't actually have to do the Pokemon lock on trick. You can make the jump if you (1) hug the wall and (2) time the jump so that Miraidon/Koraidon jumps from that little edge spot at the right time. Yes, this can be done with no powerups/base vehicle and yes you need to have a little running momentum to get across. Thumbs this up so everyone can see or hopefully he can pin this.

    • Craig's Q&A Channel
      Craig's Q&A Channel Month ago

      Psh, I've done this without even GOING to Mesagoza. So I can't terastalize, make sandwiches, or ride Koraidon yet. But I've already explored the majority of the map accessible by foot/lock on glitch, pulled all but a few of the black stakes, and damn near caught most of the base Pokémon, including wild terastalized ones and 9 shiny forms. School is for fools.

    • Zer0 2199
      Zer0 2199 2 months ago

      Actually fighting the chansey gives you more xp then fighting it in lets go mode

    • Neon Clouds
      Neon Clouds 4 months ago

      You literally dont even need to Do that. You can simply lock on from the other side and teleport over from starting a battle. Don't even need to have timing or stand on a tiny ledge

    • RacingGinger
      RacingGinger 4 months ago

      This is useful info for me! I would still rather do the telport method if i was younger or had worse motor skills though.

    • Plasmafox
      Plasmafox 4 months ago +4

      jumping backwards also seems to ignore slope physics if done properly, allowing ridiculous sequence breaks

  • Null Null
    Null Null 3 months ago +87

    I love how lucario went from this amazing and mystical pokemon in its first appearance in a movie to now its like just a simple pokemon to get

    • Memer Wooper
      Memer Wooper 2 months ago +6

      Kidnap it from its family and feed it friendship juice

  • CelestialWish
    CelestialWish 4 months ago +197

    Once you’re leveled up enough, I’d recommend actually getting into battle with the Chansey. It gives like 10x more experience to your entire party, and its still pretty fast as long as you’re one-shotting them.

    • Simão Pacheco
      Simão Pacheco 22 days ago

      @SuperDuper Issa noob question, isnt chanseys giving hp, so you put offensive atk or sp atk belts in all 6 pokemons and then complete the rest needed in hp or other stat

    • Bloodyidit
      Bloodyidit 27 days ago

      Autobattling resolves each encounter faster then a regular battle, meaning you'll get more exp faster by autobattling despite it being 10 times less.

    • kyree standifer
      kyree standifer 2 months ago

      @SuperDuper Issa No this is just objectively better. The EVs aren't a problem. A lot of people EV train before level training and even if you are the type of person who doesn't. Just run around the huge field before the Elec Gym. All shinies have a high chance to be EV dropping berries so you'll be stacked if you grind them.

    • Gunumn
      Gunumn 3 months ago

      Dude that's exactly what i did. Lucario is the GOAT in this game.

    • helpfulDeathgod
      helpfulDeathgod 4 months ago

      @SuperDuper Issa I mean, it would all be HP EVs. Some builds need it. But yes.

  • Patrick Cumming
    Patrick Cumming 4 months ago +12

    i have been following your vids off and on since the later side of Sword and Shield. Just wanted to throw a shout out to you for how well you've grown your platform and quality of your videos. You're entertainingly informative, without taking away from the nature of each video. Really happy to see your coverage on S/V and look forward to your content in the future bud!

  • Aldo Rivas
    Aldo Rivas 4 months ago +53

    You are becoming my favorite Pokémon streamer 🤩 Love the content. Keep it up!

  • Merz0r
    Merz0r 3 months ago +13

    Something to keep in mind in case you accidentally encounter high leveled Pokémon.. you can buy a few Poké Dolls as a fail-safe or simply have a Ghost type in the lead slot of your team. Having a Ghost in battle guarantees escape.

  • Joshua Chin
    Joshua Chin 4 months ago +7

    Exactly what I was looking for. Thx for the vid! Straight to the point

  • Nintenno Collector
    Nintenno Collector 4 months ago +12

    This right here i really needed. Thanks again for all these guides!

  • SamuelHRZ
    SamuelHRZ 4 months ago +2

    If you want to take it one step further, just fight the Chansey regularly and you'll be getting up to 8k exp

  • Momma Matrix
    Momma Matrix 4 months ago +7

    Thanks for the awesome info! This is so great look forward to trying this

  • Backbonedray
    Backbonedray Month ago

    Thank you, I was struggling a lot until I came across this video, thank you so much man

  • Martin Arias
    Martin Arias 4 months ago +7

    I'm actually enjoying the grind of leveling through and auto battles, wish there was hidden dungeons tho

  • Ali3n
    Ali3n 4 months ago +15

    Thank you for making this video, my plan was to level up my Pokémon to smash my way through 😂🎉

  • Alfred Manzano
    Alfred Manzano 4 months ago +8

    Appreciate you man! This is a dope strategy. I’m gonna go do this

  • Michael Angelo
    Michael Angelo 4 months ago +4

    Long Post Alert: I took your advice, but once my Lucario was high enough leveled, it wasn’t that much exp. gained using the Lets Go option. So, I taught him and Primape "Low Kick" (since Chansey are heavy it ko's them in one hit but they have 20 PP). Now, I crouch and aim and then throw my ball from afar (sometimes that helps to not scare off the other Chansey). I make Low Kick the top move (quicker access), the battle is over, and I tap the "B" button instead of "A" so after all the dialogue about leveling up and stuff (except when learning new moves) is over - I can be right back in crouching position not scaring off the other Chansey. More exp that way, with a bit more time. You'll need some elixir and/or ethers after Lucario and Primeape run out of Low Kick. By the time you KO 40 Chansey (20 PP for each Low Kick more from Lucario and Primeape) you'd have gained significantly more levels than you would using the Let's Go option. Hope this helps someone else. Hope I didn't over explain or under explain. Have a great day.

    • helpfulDeathgod
      helpfulDeathgod 3 months ago +1

      @Michael Angelo To put it very simply, your pokemon has it's stats, and if there are no EVs or IVs, then the base stats will always been the same (like uh, Talonflame will have 70 Attack, every Talonflame will have 70 Attack.)
      EVs you get from battling a pokemon. Each pokemon gives a set number from 1 to 3, and it's always their best stat (so yes, it can be different or tied, Flutter Mane gives 3 different EV stats). The most EVs you can have in a single stat is 252, with the most EVs you can have over all the stats adding up to 510. So, 252 in two stats, with the 6 remaining in a 3rd stat is considered "max EV trained."
      IVs are set on a pokemon and cannot actually be changed, only that breeding pokemon can let you combine pokemon with good IVs to eventually get Best IVs, OR you can Hyper-Train (that's what Bottle Caps are for). Hyper-training does not go on kids though.
      So by EV training, and having an appropriate nature, you can reach your pokemon's maximum potential. Chansey isn't just great for EXP, but also gives 2 HP EVs every time you beat one. Blissey would even give you 3!
      If you ever want to get rid of the EVs and go back to train on purpose though, that's what the berries that "Reduce a Stat but make them happy" are for, like a Kelpsi berry, or Hondew or Grepa (and that's what I remember off my head).
      Happy training! -and yes, that's as simple as it gets.-
      Advanced: You can use the power bracelets/lens/weights to make sure the pokemon always get +8 in the appropriate stat no matter what pokemon you fight, but they ALSO get the pokemon EVs. So Chansey would get +2 HP and a Power Lens would add +8 Sp. Atk.

    • Michael Angelo
      Michael Angelo 4 months ago

      @helpfulDeathgod nvm. I see what you mean. No wonder my Vaporeon has 250 Hp. I was wondering how it got so high. I don't really know much about EVs. 😬 So, I didn't consider that.

    • Michael Angelo
      Michael Angelo 4 months ago

      @helpfulDeathgod for doing which method?

    • helpfulDeathgod
      helpfulDeathgod 4 months ago +1

      You also gain 80 HP EVs in all your pokemon, lol

  • Wotchagot
    Wotchagot 4 months ago +8

    This is my first time playing Pokémon in 5 years (and for what it’s worth i find it pretty good) and while I like that you need to put work into the game and can respect that, I’m not here for it. I’m here to run around and collect things and stuff and will definitely try to use this tonight

  • Michael Standfest
    Michael Standfest 4 months ago +3

    THANKS SO MUCH! I got my first Riolu thanks to you!! Now to work on xp

  • Joker NOC
    Joker NOC 2 months ago

    Love doing this and running into shiny chansey on my last 30 seconds of buff

  • Dark Zoleo Malic
    Dark Zoleo Malic 4 months ago +4

    Thanks for the tips! This will help me a lot, the grind is loooooong

  • Memer Wooper
    Memer Wooper 2 months ago +1

    If you put a lucky egg on Lucario and have it battle in the full battle screen, you can easily kill the Chanceys by using swords dance twice and then using a strong physical attack (due to light screen or whatever the move is) and you will get around 6,000 per chancey.

  • Roulant
    Roulant 4 months ago

    Thank you so much, the game is much more enjoyable now that I can get stronger!

  • Batlas
    Batlas 4 months ago +1

    I found out about the Pokemon fight tp accidentally trying to glitch out the starting area to avoid all the story stuff. Didn't realize you can fly from the beginning so I kept having to do it to get back out every time I needed to heal. Level 40ish mons today and still playing hookie. Now I know how to get my ttar before my first day of class. lol

  • AyoNizzy
    AyoNizzy 4 months ago +21

    It's cool to see you used a method I ended up finding on my own to travel to the other side of that mountain. I spent a solid 4 hours there lol

    • AyoNizzy
      AyoNizzy 4 months ago +1

      @Obi Braxton face your character across the gap and wait for a Pokémon to get in range. Use ZL to aim and once you lock on to a Pokémon on the other side, use ZR to throw your ball to battle

    • Obi Braxton
      Obi Braxton 4 months ago +1

      Ayy how did you do it ?

  • NoFunnySh1
    NoFunnySh1 4 months ago +6

    I got a shiny chansey doing this method lol thanks for the xp & beautiful shiny ✨️

  • David Chan
    David Chan 4 months ago +2

    Love this guide! Thnx!!!

  • PussiGodzilla
    PussiGodzilla 4 months ago

    Thanks alot, this is very helpful!

  • Orochimaru's ♀ Rebirth

    thanks for this, ive got a fourth badge but its slowing down trying to get other types of pokemon caught up. This should make that easier for me. Will try this soon

  • farley
    farley 4 months ago +3

    Philly is a beast thanks for the constant,amazing , and interesting news!

    GR1MLAKE 4 months ago

    HEADS UP, If you sneak and throw the ball catching the chansey off guard and use low kick (one hit move) you get 3,381 XP wich is much much more even though you have to watch some animation it's still much more beneficial and time saving :) happy pokemon team :)

  • Kent Han
    Kent Han 3 months ago

    thank you so much. this is exactly the detailed leveling advice i've been looking for for a couple days now. so many of the "tips" out there are so general and unhelpful. and the normal grind in this game is so boring. i just want to catch pokemon and fight w/o sloggin through the level grind.

  • Anna Luiza Ferrugini
    Anna Luiza Ferrugini 4 months ago +2

    Thanks for the content!
    I stumbled upon this area yesterday when I when to activate the snow area fast point. There was a Floette outbreak and my 20ish level Varoom got bulked on them.
    I’m going to make a sandwich and got for it!

  • Tom from eddsworld
    Tom from eddsworld 2 months ago

    I usually wouldn’t like to grind XP this way since it would make it unfair and too easy, but since I already basically beat the game and moved on to shiny hunting, I’m gonna give it a shot

  • Marshal Petersen
    Marshal Petersen 4 months ago +1

    Found a Shiny Chansey while doing this method. Thanks for the tip

  • Jeffrey the Krookodile
    Jeffrey the Krookodile 4 months ago +2

    I'm definitely going to do this when I start a second file. This will be to farm the game for the legendaries for trade. This is great. I'm gonna beat this game in a couple hours!

  • Dallas Dodge
    Dallas Dodge 4 months ago

    This guy put my hawlucha farm to shame! Will be doing this on my next grind 👊 lvl. 100 Annihilape here I come

  • Tweezy
    Tweezy 4 months ago +1

    Recommend going into battle once you can one shot, gives like 5x the amount of XP to whole party, also anywhere you can get more lucky eggs.

  • Geo Mermans
    Geo Mermans 4 months ago

    Noticed that Happiny Dust which u get when grinding is worth 150LP so this is a nice little extra :)

  • Lesus
    Lesus 4 months ago +2

    Great video. One small thing tho, it is possible to make the jump with your ride Pokemon, which I found easier than the teleport trick as there wasn't any Pokemon in range.

    • Lesus
      Lesus 4 months ago

      @repulseooo Not that early. You still need to get Lucario up to a good enough level to take on the Chanseys.
      I did it this morning. I'm on my second playthru for the other version and it made the run so much easier. But I still had to get my initial Rilou to evolve and the level up to around 40.
      Best to get the mount, jump to the spot, catch Rilou the spawn lower level Chansey's (Think I was in West Province Area 3). Once he was lvl 40 he could take the higher level Chansey's easily.

    • repulseooo
      repulseooo 4 months ago

      It’s an early game method before you have your mount

  • My Neighbor Totoro
    My Neighbor Totoro 4 months ago +163

    Flamigo is easier to find early on, and with the right nature, he is a beast.

    • StarLIGHTS
      StarLIGHTS 4 months ago +1

      @My Neighbor Totoro Nice

    • My Neighbor Totoro
      My Neighbor Totoro 4 months ago

      ​@Joe Recently finished the Champion storyline. He swept each of the elite 4, using 1 X-attack in the first turn, the Top Champion, and Nemona.

    • Joe
      Joe 4 months ago +1

      i seriously thought i was fighting a boss because of how strong that sucker is

    • Lemonè
      Lemonè 4 months ago +2

      @Lirleith For an early grass encounter, it’s godly

  • Jean Luc Bertumen
    Jean Luc Bertumen 4 months ago +1

    What I do is there's a waterfall in the same area that you just showed and I go there and just sit there and farm the golducks there with a jolteon or leafeon. No need for sandwiches, a lot of them just spawn immediately and you don't even need to move around much and chase since a lot of them just spawn.

  • gothard5
    gothard5 4 months ago

    yeah, regular battles give way more exp than auto battles. I found a chansey mass encounter up in the far NE corner of the map and I spammed brick break or close combat and my whole team gained a ton of levels.

  • riskywings
    riskywings 4 months ago

    I was hesitant on doing this because my pokemon were under levelled and I didn't want to have to get that blue pokemon. but I managed to do it with lvl 25 amarouge and now he's almost level 40 and my quaxwell evolved to quaquaval (yay) and I'm managing to easily beat them with my quaquavel

  • Laura Golka
    Laura Golka 4 months ago +60

    Here are the level 2 recipes btw! I had to go to Levincia for the Horseradish, Wasabi, Curry Powder, and Tofu because I didn't see them in Mesagoza, but my guess is that other cities may have them too!
    Great Tofu Sandwich Tofu x2, Rice, Lettuce, Avocado, Horseradish, Wasabi, Salt, Horseradish Encounter Power: Normal (Lv. 2), Raid Power: Fighting (Lv. 1), Catching Power: Grass (Lv. 1)
    Ultra Curry-and-Rice-Style Sandwich Rice, Jalapeño, Tomato, Curry Powder, Mayonnaise Humungo Power: Grass (Lv. 2), Encounter Power: Normal (Lv. 2), Item Drop Power: Fairy (Lv. 1)

  • Strife
    Strife 4 months ago +52

    So I’m just casually watching this and I swear on my life when you mentioned catching Riolu I find a shiny one. Currently shaking right now

  • Belzika
    Belzika 4 months ago +79

    After you unlock the Zero Gate area, you can find Chansey at an even higher level. Go to Research Station No. 1. Climb up the dirt hill in front of you and run to the left until you approach a reasonably sized rock, or just hug the mountain in front of you when you ascend the dirt hill. There will be a giant pit, jump into this pit and there will be Chansey that spawn at lvl 55. Use the sandwich method mentioned in this video and have fun!
    You won't be able to make a picnic in the farming area. When you fly to the Zero Gate, walk off the ramp and onto the crater area and then set up a picnic beforehand and you'll be set!

    • Max You
      Max You 4 months ago

      I was able to find this spot. Thanks a lot!

    • RacingGinger
      RacingGinger 4 months ago +9

      @Cam OP edited the comment. Probably for the sake of clarity after reading his response. Its the people who insult others intellegence that seem to understand the least.

    • Cam
      Cam 4 months ago +5

      @R6 Liam looks like u cant read ash main

    • R6 Liam
      R6 Liam 4 months ago

      You can't set up picnic inside the zero area it wouldn't let me do it when iv tried and I was doing the chansey exp all last night where your on about

  • Dialga_483
    Dialga_483 4 months ago

    Thanks so much I had to level up my Pokémon for the elite force because they were very under leveled now I’m over leveled😅

  • Chris Durocher
    Chris Durocher 4 months ago

    If you use Gholdengo to battle the chansey it is soooo easy. he goes really far and really fast and the chanseys basically never get away

  • Zepsun
    Zepsun 4 months ago

    I have been doing this, but I have been using a flamigo instead, around the same level.

  • Cooper Baldwin
    Cooper Baldwin 2 months ago

    A nice thing I found out is that if you get them to run away and then throw your pokemon at them, you’ll catch them off guard and get an extra turn

  • Filipino V1nce
    Filipino V1nce 3 months ago

    I accidentally got a shiny Chansey while doing this😂

  • checotaso
    checotaso 4 months ago

    Clearly underrated. With your videos, i defeated all of the Titans in the first hour, got a lvl 100 lucario in the second, and i beat the game the next day. (scarlet)

  • Mikael Ângelo
    Mikael Ângelo 4 months ago +1

    I'm sickened, but curious. Definitely gonna do it in my next run of the game to speed up the early game

  • Death Blow Ringo
    Death Blow Ringo 4 months ago

    We KNOW that Chansey and Blissey have a lot of experience yield in the Core Series, but auto battling them, will halve experience than the pokemon would have gained normally battling them.

    • Death Blow Ringo
      Death Blow Ringo 3 months ago

      It's like you need a Fighting type pokemon with a Adamant / Jolly nature, 252 Atk EVs and 31 Attack IVs to auto battle them.
      If the pokemon is an special attacker, use Psychic type pokemon that have Psyshock with Modest / Timid nature, 252 SpA EVs and 31 Special Attack IVs.

    • Mikael Ângelo
      Mikael Ângelo 4 months ago

      Once you can KO them with one hit, it's worth switching to normal battle. Before, quick battle will be much better

    • Gabriel Gomes
      Gabriel Gomes 4 months ago +8

      But it's like, 10 times faster, so it's better to auto battle

  • Nazo
    Nazo 4 months ago +1

    Philly back with the premium pokemon content, feels like its BDSP and PLA's release again!
    With the sandwich ingredient system being as open as it is I'll give it a week before someone comes up with a sandwich recipe that gives Encounter Power & EXP Power for maximum grinding.

  • TheNightfrog
    TheNightfrog 4 months ago +4

    I just want to start out by saying this is a very good tutorial, thanks for sharing it and that I hope I don't offend you on this concern of mine.
    Did they nerf this already or is that Lucario that is in the vid holding the lucky egg because I am only getting around 500 exp. If it is holding the egg then I thought you were showing this method for the beginning stages of the game and not showing items that can't be obtained from the 6th gym badge. Still a really fast method and I appreciate it a lot.
    Also do you know if pokemon spawn with items in this game?
    Thanks for the vid

    • Patrick M
      Patrick M 3 months ago

      The higher the level of your Pokémon is, the less exp it gets.

  • Dill
    Dill 4 months ago +2

    Thanks for this! Found a shiny chancey but struggling to catch it even with hypnosis and ultra balls...

    • Thomas Folk
      Thomas Folk 4 months ago

      I have like 6 shiny chancey from let’s go 😂

  • Mabibs
    Mabibs 3 months ago

    I did this by accident. I didn’t know or read anything about the sandwich. When I finish up picnic and about to go other area, it was shocking to see bunch of chanseys across the field 😂

  • Abyss Angel
    Abyss Angel 4 months ago +29

    I think this got nerfed my ham sandwich gives me ground encounter
    Edit: apparently if you mess up the ham placement it gives you the ground encounter and normal effect for the raid

    • Ransley
      Ransley 4 months ago +2

      Ah no wonderr

  • gboybig
    gboybig 4 months ago

    As of Nov 20th at 7:47am this is no longer as lucrative. The method still works its just that it seems the spawn rates have been adjusted overnight (I was doing this until 12:48am). There used to be droves of chansey, now its more like an occasional one here and there.

    • gboybig
      gboybig 4 months ago

      @Isegard that did it. Musta not realized my buff went away thanks!

    • Isegard
      Isegard 4 months ago

      still a lot of chansey spawn for me as I write this message. Someone mention if you place the sandwiche ingredients off it may change the effect of the sandwich or maybe recheck it instead ?

  • Zeithea
    Zeithea 4 months ago +7

    This method worked great! I had trouble getting over the mountain with my pokemon, so I went to Porto Marinada and drove there on the water. My level 29 Gyarados worked great taking down the Chansey. Meowscarada also is very good. Also, at the picnic, if you talk to your pokemon, they'll display hearts above their heads. My Riolu evolved after he displayed 3 hearts. Thanks for the guide!

    • Finn Edwards
      Finn Edwards 4 months ago

      @Zeithea ah ok thanks, was wondering as the guy in the video had a lucario at 24 but mine was level 40 and still hadn’t evolved, but the method still works fine with riolu anyway

    • Zeithea
      Zeithea 4 months ago

      @Finn Edwards i caught mine at 16 and it evolved at 44. I didn't have him as the primary pokemon until he was 35. Then I just battled Chansey with him. Rock Smash was able to defeat them well and he gained a level per battle. I also fed him 3 times (I messed up a ham sandwich, dropped my pickle wrong). It took less than an hour because I didn't use up my 2nd buff. Also I caught mine with the Luxury Ball!

    • Finn Edwards
      Finn Edwards 4 months ago

      how long did it take until your riolu got to 3 hearts?

  • MotleyScoops
    MotleyScoops 2 months ago

    I did this after I got the shiny charm and ended up catching TWO shiny Chansey!! EV training could be worth it yall!

  • JBKing
    JBKing 4 months ago

    This helps so much thanks

  • TwistedZephyr
    TwistedZephyr 4 months ago +2

    If you are coming back here in the lvl 40-60s, battling them seems to be a bit better than just auto battling them. They give about 1,500 exp instead of the two hundred, and can be one-hit KOd if you have are using a fighting type

    • ProfessorLeets
      ProfessorLeets 4 months ago

      ^^ same, I don’t get it

    • Serkan Göçer
      Serkan Göçer 4 months ago +1

      Hey! My lucario cant ko them.. is it about picnic or? Couldnt figure it out..

  • Haha_Funny#
    Haha_Funny# 4 months ago

    I tried this method out and it works very well. I found that it works a lot faster if you don’t auto battle and just oh-ko the chanseys. 😅

  • sbif
    sbif 4 months ago +9

    If anybody is wondering how to get a lvl 2 encounter sandwich, here are the ingredients:
    - Tomato
    - Mayo
    - Rice
    - Jalapeno
    - Curry Powder

  • DEXBOT.ÆTH (令芽)
    DEXBOT.ÆTH (令芽) 4 months ago +2

    Great guide Philly! Dragons work well too. I've been using a Dreepy.

    • DEXBOT.ÆTH (令芽)
      DEXBOT.ÆTH (令芽) 4 months ago

      @OWTGamingYes Dreepy is a dragon/ghost. But in general, dragon's extra resistances help it be a great auto battler friend. A pure dragon like Bagon would work as well.

    • OWTGaming
      OWTGaming 4 months ago

      Dreepy is a ghost you fool 😂

  • Euphorica
    Euphorica 4 months ago

    Thank you for this !

  • SW15H
    SW15H 4 months ago +43

    As of 11/19/2022 at 2:10 PM.. YES! this WORKS...my lvl 21 Riolu is now a lvl 40 Lucario. I did this method for only like 8 minutes still goin now lol.
    Thank You again brodie for the time you put in these awesome and helpful vids.
    💯*Sub'd from Me*

    • Drizzt Peen
      Drizzt Peen 4 months ago

      where did u train ur riolu to 40 lucario before going to chanseys?

    • Franjo Febau
      Franjo Febau 4 months ago

      @Adolfo Guevara what did you need 3 hearts or more?
      and how to get more friendship with him?

    • devon
      devon 4 months ago +5

      @Queen Gunawan literally tells u how to find one in this video….

    • Queen Gunawan
      Queen Gunawan 4 months ago

      Excuse me, but where do you find a riolu again?

    • Orlando Alvarado
      Orlando Alvarado 4 months ago

      I get no type of exp with riolu

  • Iron Wolf Gaming
    Iron Wolf Gaming 4 months ago +1

    You don't need to buy a sooth bell, you can find one right in the town on the east side in a sitting area near some stairs.

  • Denver Coder
    Denver Coder 4 months ago

    I haven’t verified this but be careful if it’s raining. I did this once and I fought about 15 Chanssey in the 30 minutes.
    The second time I tried it when I ended my picnic it was raining. I ran around for 23 minutes and didn’t find a single Chanssey. At the 7 minute left mark it stopped raining and I fought about 5-6 more Chanssey.

  • Icky Snot Bubble
    Icky Snot Bubble 4 months ago +4

    I found a shiny chansey doing this and caught it with timer ball

  • Stevie J
    Stevie J 4 months ago

    It's more beneficial to get the lucky egg for this method once youre able to. More exp and then normal battle for more exp than auto battles

  • Dave Wu
    Dave Wu 4 months ago

    I just made my way to the Fairy starfall minutes before I saw this video… MAN it would be nice if i seen this earlier!

  • Theoth Erguy
    Theoth Erguy 3 months ago

    Is it faster to do this or to do 5/6 star raids overall?

  • ryo steve x
    ryo steve x 4 months ago +7

    This man deserves more subs.

  • Chained_Paladin
    Chained_Paladin 4 months ago

    Definitely doing this with primapes evolution

  • Jason Francis
    Jason Francis 4 months ago +1

    Isn’t it better to full battle instead of auto battle? Your team gets exp as well that way

    • Atte
      Atte 4 months ago

      It takes a bit longer but if you really need to level your whole team at once sure

  • helpfulDeathgod
    helpfulDeathgod 4 months ago

    I've found that the grind isn't as bad if you're just knocking out pokemon to get EXP for pokemon whose evolutions you need for Pokedex anyway.

  • Daniel Proctor
    Daniel Proctor 4 months ago

    Does the overworld feature check typing or movesets for OHKOs? Like if I put low kick on my Floragato, will the game just read it has a fighting move and one shot the chanseys each time?

  • Printed Performances
    Printed Performances 4 months ago

    You can jump that gap with your mount and it’s about 100 times easier than doing the throw trick.

  • Smart Patrick
    Smart Patrick 4 months ago

    Quaxly gang is gonna love this. Also when you get to post game the Iron Valiant cave is even more effecient for this.

  • Patrick M
    Patrick M 3 months ago

    Can you also make an exp sandwich or does that erase the previous normal encounter boost effect?

  • alolanraichu
    alolanraichu 2 months ago +1

    thanks,I want to train right now and I was wondering a good way to level level 50's,this will help alot,thanks

  • Krizzmin
    Krizzmin 4 months ago

    Worth noting that if you actually fight the pokemon you get like double or more the experience

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf 4 months ago

    My problem is getting to the top part of the map. Seems impossible without being able to climb etc.

  • William Berry
    William Berry 4 months ago +1

    Thank you thank you thank you you have helped me at ton there and now I have a level 37 lucario I’m gonna smash some gyms thank you

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo 4 months ago

    Thank you so much🙏🏼

  • Louie
    Louie 3 months ago

    I used a level 35 tauros with double kick and you can actually have a chance at battle

  • U GotArbysVag
    U GotArbysVag 4 months ago

    Yup I found this out myself, caught every Pokémon there including the leafeon that hangs around there lol

  • Tyler Blake
    Tyler Blake 4 months ago

    Heads up: it’s WAY better to just battle them Vs doing quick battle and doesn’t take that much more time

  • Nail
    Nail 4 months ago

    do you have to progress further in the story for blissey to spawn? Ik its super are but I have KOd like 300 chanseys and not a single blissey

  • Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson 4 months ago

    Reminds me of farming the alpha blissey in Legends Arceus lol

  • Thariq Qobin
    Thariq Qobin 4 months ago

    Tysm bro when i first ate the ham sandwitch the first chansey i saw was a shiny and i caught it.
    Btw i use Garchomp for grinding chansey

  • freefire86
    freefire86 4 months ago

    Just a tip, pokemon won't evolve if they level like this, you have to go into a battle, have them level because of the exp from the battle, and THEN they'll evolve.
    Also not many Chansey's spawned for me but I was able to make due with the Floette's in the area, just make sure to have a steel move against them and a few health items in your inventory for when Lucario get's low.

  • Daniel Medina
    Daniel Medina 15 days ago

    Im getting only like 200 xp per battle. Any tips on why?

  • Suraj Shergill
    Suraj Shergill 4 months ago +1

    Gonna use this to get my team up to lvl 30 for the electric gym - shes beating my ass and its my third badge. The open world is great but i get so lost

    • Myself
      Myself 4 months ago

      @Suraj Shergill I have a list of the orders that are suggested to go in if you want it

    • Suraj Shergill
      Suraj Shergill 4 months ago

      I also think they should show the levels of the gyms/star bases/titan pokemon on the map and that way you can actually see whats what with the open worldness and still choose to go to whichever. Unless im mistaken and they already do that

    • Dont Trip
      Dont Trip 4 months ago

      @Rusty 🤣🤣🤣 Bruh you cant be serious

    • Jasco
      Jasco 4 months ago +1

      ​@Rusty when you open the map look at the bottom left you will see a north arrorow and if you click the right stick it will lock the map to having north always pointing up.

    • Rusty
      Rusty 4 months ago

      It doesn’t help that the map automatically rotates you based on where you’re standing. I suggest every time you open your map make sure you rotate so the north end of the compass is always facing north. It will help you get a better idea of the map layout and where things are.

  • Marilyn and aylin
    Marilyn and aylin 2 months ago

    I learned so much for real

  • Sky22Fairy
    Sky22Fairy 4 months ago

    I do got a question is your first starters(your first pokemon not by trade) the only pokemon the only one that'll listen to you no matter what. Regardless of gyms(I could be wrong)