How to Deal with Brown People (PART 2)

  • Because one video wasn’t enough! Your favorite brown family is back to teach you how to deal with your coloured friends. The Brown Bar, we’re still here to help.
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Comments • 80

  • Lilly Singh
    Lilly Singh  2 months ago +5032

    I love these people so much. And I love you so much. And I love being brown so much even if it means my parents never let me talk to boys and I had to save my boyfriend as "Rebecca" in my phone. BLESS UP! Life is beautiful. Thanks for watching my loves. Have a great day. Comment below your favourite part x

    • Amber Naqvi
      Amber Naqvi 13 hours ago

      Is it just or guy in glasses is Aladdin ?!!😂😍😍

    • Scarlet Beautiful
      Scarlet Beautiful Day ago

      ILYSM LILLY🥳🥳🥰🥰👑👑

    • Scarlet Beautiful
      Scarlet Beautiful Day ago

      Oh my lord LILLY🤩🤩

    • rcoco23
      rcoco23 6 days ago

      Lilly Singh please talk about different types of yawns again

    • Clubber Lang
      Clubber Lang 13 days ago

      Why Ugh and you’re what’s wrong with the world

  • MartinWaves
    MartinWaves 17 hours ago +1

    *Aladdin has a beard and Kumar has had too many munchies 😂*

  • indyra Sanchez
    indyra Sanchez 19 hours ago

    Ceecer from new girl?!?! Yaaasssss ilh

  • jeo 4life
    jeo 4life Day ago

    It said Brown i thought it was talking bout us Mexicans cuz none of the ppl in blue look brown us Mexicans now were brown 🇮🇹💯💯

  • mostafa mj
    mostafa mj Day ago


  • f2n41cd
    f2n41cd Day ago

    I'm white and I'm with the guy at 2:33 I can't stand people with tattoos on their face either. It's nice to see we have something in common to unite around.

  • Sasha Shariff
    Sasha Shariff Day ago

    it keeps glihink

  • Alpha Rebel
    Alpha Rebel Day ago

    How to deal with brown people:

  • Charles Wall
    Charles Wall 2 days ago


  • Sasha Shariff
    Sasha Shariff 2 days ago

    2:43 that unibrow

  • Alpha C
    Alpha C 2 days ago

    😂 that last one tho (I'm brown, and I thought it was funny) 🤷‍♀️

  • Alex Chepi
    Alex Chepi 2 days ago

    Iam happy to be Brown

  • Diego Umana
    Diego Umana 2 days ago

    So it's "How to deal with Indians" 😑

  • Sír Knëukel
    Sír Knëukel 2 days ago

    Just send them to the plantation.

  • anika bhattacharyya
    anika bhattacharyya 3 days ago

    you should make a part 3!!!

  • Ishaq Lawal
    Ishaq Lawal 3 days ago

    "Security" 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • Christopher Roe
    Christopher Roe 3 days ago +1

    Ngl but none of this is funny

  • LazyLemons 72
    LazyLemons 72 3 days ago

    Ah remember when she was Punjabi

  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez 3 days ago +1

    Apu was never problematic

  • Lyricaltomboy18 !
    Lyricaltomboy18 ! 4 days ago +1

    Is that Mena Massoud? I love the Aladdin movie and he is one of the best parts!

  • sofia baber
    sofia baber 4 days ago

    Photosynthesis engineer.
    I'm dead 😂😂😂😂

  • Swati Praba
    Swati Praba 4 days ago +2

    4:14 the way that guy said "ma" though like I was like "omg, its my brother."

  • Jean Paul
    Jean Paul 4 days ago


  • Brittany Whitehead
    Brittany Whitehead 4 days ago


  • Brittany Whitehead
    Brittany Whitehead 4 days ago


  • Madie08*
    Madie08* 5 days ago +4

    Seriously, does anyone else know the guy in the beginning with glasses from Aladdin?

  • 『Ƥʋяρlɛ ƆÆтн Ψ 』

    There’s a boy in my class named jerom lol

  • Aswah Rathod
    Aswah Rathod 5 days ago


  • Anna Mirae
    Anna Mirae 5 days ago +1

    Mena Massoud is HOT AF 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Bri-Z Ari K
    Bri-Z Ari K 6 days ago

    finance engineer... sanitation engineer... PHOTOSYNTHESIS engineer! XD dead!

  • Cruz Hd
    Cruz Hd 6 days ago

    The guy who always says engineer is Aladdin(I think)

  • Wyna Tse
    Wyna Tse 6 days ago +10

    "My parents really want me to be a vegetarian but I really like KFC"
    "That's Okay KFC is not real meat anyway"

  • Lalisa Manoban
    Lalisa Manoban 6 days ago

    3:23 family guy voice actor?

  • Lalisa Manoban
    Lalisa Manoban 6 days ago

    2:02 ayyyy this was one of lilly's older videos that she created 😂😂😂👌🏿 one of the best advice ever given.

  • Lalisa Manoban
    Lalisa Manoban 6 days ago

    Love your videos Lilly. I can tell you put in so much hard work and thought into your content, which is why I love it 🥰🔥❤

  • jattz4lyfe
    jattz4lyfe 7 days ago

    Kinda stereotypical and not funny

  • kiran Poojary
    kiran Poojary 7 days ago

    only topic u got is skin color. Don't mention yourself as Indian. We r better than u

  • bhavani ainaparthi
    bhavani ainaparthi 7 days ago

    I want more of "Brown Bar". !!

  • A F
    A F 8 days ago

    " Haye Neeee !"
    That certainly solves everything.

  • Liloush Jean Baptiste

    Photosynthesis engineer 😭😭😭

  • VIRONICA sinha
    VIRONICA sinha 8 days ago

    Hey the last part was totally real

  • John Cool
    John Cool 8 days ago +2

    you are not funny.

  • lovley alexah unicorn
    lovley alexah unicorn 9 days ago +1

    The boy in the first wearing glasses is in Aladdin

  • Makiya Thomas
    Makiya Thomas 9 days ago +3

    Is anyone gonna talk about how that’s the guy from Aladdin 😳

    • HIIIPOWER 000
      HIIIPOWER 000 Day ago +1

      Makiya Thomas yes don’t why he’s in these video is middle eastern not Indian which are completely different

  • Rajeev Domble
    Rajeev Domble 9 days ago

    Russel Peter

  • Broly
    Broly 10 days ago

    Hey thanks for making Indians look bad!

  • Stephanie Rosado
    Stephanie Rosado 10 days ago

    Ok Hank Azaria🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dilesh palecha
    Dilesh palecha 10 days ago

    1.55 mena massoud of Aladdin

  • mahi vid
    mahi vid 10 days ago +1

    Aladdin is here

  • Sandesh Bholanauth
    Sandesh Bholanauth 11 days ago

    Who remembers the video reference at 02:05??

  • khaoula tube
    khaoula tube 11 days ago +1


  • Misa
    Misa 11 days ago

    Lol look all these guest stars... sending love from Haïti ❤

  • Zakira Shaikh
    Zakira Shaikh 11 days ago


  • Sreeja Thomas
    Sreeja Thomas 11 days ago

    Meena Massod is in this series!?

  • Sanjana Singh
    Sanjana Singh 11 days ago +1

    Is anyone going to talk about the fact that is Mena Massound from Alladin

  • Claire Philpott
    Claire Philpott 11 days ago

    Or just treat them normally and can't you just call them by their national heritage rather than brown

  • iiSunsetSavannaii
    iiSunsetSavannaii 11 days ago

    When he said my son is making TikToks I got a TikTok Notification.

  • Jwan Khalid
    Jwan Khalid 11 days ago

    I’m brown and I’m proud of it it’s a rare pretty color.I used to get bullied when I was younger But now they if I was walking in the hall and they see me they walk the other way

  • Aamna Pirzada
    Aamna Pirzada 11 days ago

    I love these! Please make more

  • SingingWithLily
    SingingWithLily 12 days ago


  • T Carls
    T Carls 12 days ago

    Part 3!!

  • bamaWebDev
    bamaWebDev 12 days ago +1

    Is it cool to say "colored people" again? Have we come full circle? Christ, you people are insane.

    • Neil Mo
      Neil Mo 6 days ago

      full circular firing squad...

  • Oumaya Lemhamdi
    Oumaya Lemhamdi 12 days ago +1

    Dear God the offended whites in the comments.. we love to see it.
    Also acting like lilly speaking up her mind about literal facts is "racism against yt people" hahh comedy gold.
    *Reverse racism doesn't exist*

    • Oumaya Lemhamdi
      Oumaya Lemhamdi 10 days ago

      @mattmattmatt131313 reverse racism doesnt exist. Its funny how opressed white people wanna act.

    • mattmattmatt131313
      mattmattmatt131313 10 days ago

      Of course it doesn't ... it's just racism.

  • Bailee Harding
    Bailee Harding 12 days ago

    Mena's face when he said it's not real meat anyways. I choked on my drink just now because I started laughing.

  • just a human
    just a human 12 days ago

    umm.... first, im brown and everyone treats me like everyone next, its not even about brown people and other thing, i dont like the word brown i like African lastly, this is my first time watching you and i never want to look at your channel again sorry not sorry

  • Michael Te Kahuhiwa Te Rore

    That title needs to be "How to deal with Indians" not how to deal with brown people.

  • Captain Smoke
    Captain Smoke 13 days ago

    Seems like brown is the whole definition of your being. That's how racists are born.

  • Gacha Zara Girl
    Gacha Zara Girl 13 days ago

    My parents would so come here to complain about me

  • Rakshita Sinha
    Rakshita Sinha 13 days ago

  • Insha Nizamani
    Insha Nizamani 13 days ago

    Part 3 please ♀️

  • Amrita Sr
    Amrita Sr 13 days ago

    I lost it at the last one omfg, so true !!!

  • Madinah Ahmed
    Madinah Ahmed 13 days ago


  • Anna Boodram
    Anna Boodram 13 days ago

    OMG!!!!!! Lilly were an actor in bad moms???? I am watching the movie right now and one of the moms look like you check it out 1:10:43 the lady in the middle

  • Bryant Nelson
    Bryant Nelson 13 days ago

    My "coloured" friends are no different than any other friends I have so I'll treat them the same

  • Shatakshi Mishra
    Shatakshi Mishra 13 days ago +21

    "You ever seen an Indian person doing Yoga?
    Not too much."
    Dangg!!! 😂😂😂

  • Shatakshi Mishra
    Shatakshi Mishra 13 days ago

    I'm so Desi that if I hear one word against cricket, and we're done buddy! I judged you. 😂😂😂

  • Glowstick Goddess
    Glowstick Goddess 13 days ago

    My wife is probably calling me😂😂😂💔

  • Glowstick Goddess
    Glowstick Goddess 13 days ago

    Photosynthesis engineer 😂😂💔

  • Almond Pillow
    Almond Pillow 13 days ago

    Part Threeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  • Kawaii Otaku
    Kawaii Otaku 13 days ago

    I honestly preferred her previous weekly videos not to mention they were way more entertaining than Lilly Singh