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João Cancelo ● Welcome to Bayern Munich 🔴⚪ Skills, Goals, Tackles & Passes

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • João Cancelo Bayern Munich, Joao Cancelo 2022/2023, João Cancelo 2022/23, João Cancelo Bayern München, João Cancelo Bayern Munich 2023
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Comments • 168

  • Bikash Acharya
    Bikash Acharya Month ago +219

    Brazzo, what a fucking GOAT

    • Kosaki
      Kosaki  Month ago +2

      he has done it again with his PowerPoint presentation

  • Christian V
    Christian V Month ago +96

    Great Player !! Welcome to FC Bayern !

  • Nekfeu 97
    Nekfeu 97 Month ago +180

    What a transfer

    • ibrahim kabir
      ibrahim kabir Month ago

      @2cool4u bro Wdym?

    • 2cool4u
      2cool4u Month ago +1

      @TJ Whisenhunt If I were the Coach I would put him on LWF 🥳

    • 2cool4u
      2cool4u Month ago +3

      @ibrahim kabir Cãncelo can play where ever you want 💀

    • TJ Whisenhunt
      TJ Whisenhunt Month ago +8

      @ibrahim kabir Cancelo is naturally a rb. Davies has nothing to fear in terms of competition

    • TJ Whisenhunt
      TJ Whisenhunt Month ago +25

      @Neko with an option to buy at the end of the season. With Pavard leaving, it’s likely Bayern will still buy Cancelo

  • Marcelo Alves
    Marcelo Alves Month ago +134

    my god Davies on the left side, Cancelo on the other Bayern is a club that hardly makes mistakes in signings incredible, Cancelo plays a lot.
    they still have Mazraoui HOLY SHIT...

    • MJ mason
      MJ mason Month ago

      @Sammy Beutlin idk wtf you talking about bro like what

    • All Around Me
      All Around Me Month ago

      @Sammy Beutlin Also dass Nagelsmann ein Fehler war, stimmt auf jeden Fall 😂

    • Sakhele Ndlotyeni
      Sakhele Ndlotyeni Month ago

      @Sammy Beutlin Spot on

    • Baby 00
      Baby 00 Month ago

      @Sammy Beutlin what Bayern hater

  • TARAS19
    TARAS19 Month ago +23

    Amazing transfer 🔥

  • N
    N Month ago +3

    Bayern are so fortunate this opportunity landed at their feet, what a player he is

  • Israel Davi Neris Alves

    Titular dos bávaros,ótimo lateral.

  • hello bro
    hello bro Month ago +7

    dribbling, crossing, curling, speed, power shot all of them LEVEL 90+

  • mutalib dahir
    mutalib dahir Month ago +84

    Watching this as a city fan is heartbreaking

    • Hanser Zuber
      Hanser Zuber Month ago

      @Ryan Bayern will play better. They have played recently with teams that play on the defensive. Just need to adapt again and use more midfielders.

    • Ryan
      Ryan Month ago

      @Hanser Zuber also last February it was reported that Cancelo was a “dream player” for Nagelsmann to have, so I’m happy we get a chance to see how he performs in JN’s system.

    • Ryan
      Ryan Month ago +1

      @Hanser Zuber well we did get him, he did his medical in Munich today. He’s already planned to start against Mainz on Wednesday. I hope it pans out. I’m worried about his defensive abilities but he’s a great addition with Nous out for the time being. To be honest I have no issue with Pavard’s time here, it’s time for him to go but he was integral in our UCL winning season before his injury.

    • Hanser Zuber
      Hanser Zuber Month ago

      @Ryan I hope they get him. The problem is that for that money he would had to be a starter. It would be Pavard all over again.

    • Ryan
      Ryan Month ago

      @Hanser Zuber tons of sources are saying that 70 million is a placeholder value and that Bayern can negotiate for much less at the end of the season if we want to keep him. We also have a very good relationship with City.

  • ガッツ
    ガッツ Month ago +7

    Now his play is related to my play so I remember he is one of the best players in Manchester City.
    Good bye and Welcome to Bavaria.

  • Just Класик
    Just Класик Month ago +5

    One of the most surprising transfers ever

  • Mark Forman
    Mark Forman Month ago +3

    Machine! Now we will get a new fire shot in our Team! Yes well done

  • Luís F T d C G Cá
    Luís F T d C G Cá Month ago +7

    Welcome João Cancelo !

  • julian beira
    julian beira Month ago +3

    best full back today not even a close comparison

  • Charles Swann Jr
    Charles Swann Jr Month ago

    Crazy they let him go. Must've been something going on behind the scenes

  • The Bel
    The Bel Month ago +2

    I’m going to miss the outside of the boot assist from him

    • NDG
      NDG Month ago

      He used to use it while playing on the left where Davis plays he's going to play as a right back now but he has one of the most accurate passion for a full back currently, don't let the dip in form at city fool you. With a team like Bayern it might end up being a partnership made in heaven

  • kaiser kaiserbubu
    kaiser kaiserbubu Month ago +1

    Amazing Yep great Transfer Sali

  • coach manando
    coach manando Month ago

    He plays like a South American 🔥

  • Matius Albert
    Matius Albert Month ago +4

    as a city fan i wanna cry watching this😭. all the best cancelo

  • 西川哲也
    西川哲也 Month ago +2

    He is so good

  • Kimmich Wayne
    Kimmich Wayne Month ago +7

    Thanks Bayern fro bringing him🤯🥵🥵

  • Vise Versa
    Vise Versa Month ago

    I think Bayern always do good well these transfer joining.. what a another big brining!

    LLG SUPERTIPS Month ago +30

    ✌️ Good deal for Bayern

  • hello bro
    hello bro Month ago +1

    Much better than 90% of all wingers

  • Josue Carballeira
    Josue Carballeira Month ago +2

    BEST 🔥🔥

  • lron maiden stoinev
    lron maiden stoinev Month ago +1

    Brilliant buisnes for Bayern!

  • Kimmich Wayne
    Kimmich Wayne Month ago +3


  • Akil
    Akil Month ago +6

    Thnx to Pep your heart is still in Munich😆😉

  • Chiba Indison
    Chiba Indison Month ago +1

    delighted as a FCB fan

  • Mia San Mia
    Mia San Mia Month ago +9

    Welcome to Bayern Munich 🤍❤️

  • Rizqi Ramadhan
    Rizqi Ramadhan Month ago

    He's just great dribble & pass, not at defence

  • FlameWTB
    FlameWTB Month ago +2

    Pep threw away a world class player

  • High Five Entertainment

    Seriously, how have we lost cancelo!

  • mikael
    mikael Month ago +2

    I've said this months ago. Once again, Mikael was proven right 😩😩
    Now the next phase can be started, A. Davies to Man city in the summer ✅
    👆👆 Screenshot this 👆👆
    Bonus: Remember Maximo Perrone? The 19 yo Argentinian? Pep might use him as a left back, just like Alex and Fabian 🤕🤒

    • Lisa Ruhm
      Lisa Ruhm Month ago +3

      Cancelo comes as a RB not as a LB, Bayern wont let Davies go.

    • a b
      a b Month ago +3

      Bayern wont let davies go
      They dont need money

  • Raul Orlando Villalon Vargas

    Servus Cancelo ⚪️🔴

  • Morgan Carvalho
    Morgan Carvalho Month ago

    Pep always has outburts with big players eventually. I mean it's zlatan, Yaya toure, etoo, sterling, and now cancelo. Even Jesus and zinchenko left on apparent good terms, but preferred to move on from him. Imagine cancelo wins the champions league with Bayern, this mistake from pep will not be forgotten easily.

  • 7 1–o
    7 1–o Month ago +3

    He's a bad player if it wasn't for Pep it would be unknown.

    • João Antunes
      João Antunes Month ago

      😂😂😂😂 this guy played 3 moths in inter and impressed a lot , juventus bought him he played 1 year , and was amazing thats why city bought him, he had already name fan boy

    • Donald_Duck
      Donald_Duck Month ago

      @MATA FAKA I know lol that's not in their philosophy. Unless they are enamored with a player like Hernandez and De Ligt

      MATA FAKA Month ago

      @Donald_Duck it all depends. Bayern hates spending tons of money

    • Donald_Duck
      Donald_Duck Month ago

      @MATA FAKA they are not buying him for 70 mil 😂 Hernandez and De Ligt were the exception. It'll be like Alvaro Odriozola when we signed him on a loan from Madrid. When we won the UCL

      MATA FAKA Month ago

      @Donald_Duck they are trying yo loan him to bayern and bayern has a chance to buy cancel for 70mil. But knowing bayern, they will not spend 70m on cancelo. I think Rico Lewis is Guardiola's new favourite which is very sad. Apparently Cancelo is upset that his spot is taken all of a sudden

  • Real Sports fan
    Real Sports fan Month ago +3

    Omg nooo!! He’s one of the important players 😞

    • Jale
      Jale Month ago

      rico lewis lol

  • Delano Blanco
    Delano Blanco Month ago +2

    He is the most overrated left fullback because he isn't playing there, just an utility player used as an extra midfielder.

      MATA FAKA Month ago

      @P K I think it might be because cancelo is taking too many shots at angles easy for opposition keepers to save. Guardiola loves efficiency and does not tolerate wasted chances

    • Jean Lundi
      Jean Lundi Month ago

      @P K I don't like Pep as a person. He's shown many times he is a snake. Of course most people who paint him as the second coming are averse to any criticism towards him. That being said, I prefer to reserve judgement on these scenarios...we don't know what happened. But I'm sure as hell not going to default to the idea that Cancelo did something bad. Specially knowing Pep.

    • P K
      P K Month ago +2

      @Jean Lundi what u expect from glory hunters...I was sad when Thiago left for Liverpool or Kroos for real Madrid or Alaba or Lewandowski... but i never mocked any of em ...I think he left because of Guardiola...I don't know the exact reason but Guardiola is well known for his ego so this is shocking...I would understand if this happens in the summer but not in January before the ucl knock out stages...its weird very weird

    • Jean Lundi
      Jean Lundi Month ago +9

      @P K Right? Thesse "fans" are disgusting. My lord, there is absolutely no gratefulness or appreciation.....this is what big money does to clubs and fanbases. Extremely entitled. Nevermind if the guy was always respectful and kind to fans or the club and was a greaet servant to the club...all of that is suddenly forgotten. Without even knowing the full story!

  • Octoplian
    Octoplian Month ago +1

    I cried he left us :(

  • davide lo piccolo
    davide lo piccolo Month ago +1

    What a trasfer⚪🔴#miasanmia

  • Katakuri
    Katakuri Month ago +13

    Davies. De Ligt Upa. Cancelo 🤩🤩🤩

  • 벨트마이스터
    벨트마이스터 Month ago


  • Buba Beatz
    Buba Beatz Month ago

    What a Beat

  • Thomas Thomas
    Thomas Thomas Month ago +5

    Super Bayern München.

  • Luiz Eduardo
    Luiz Eduardo Month ago +6

    Boa sorte melhor rateral

  • قناة فيديو ماستر القديمة

    Big W for bayern

  • k.fikrie
    k.fikrie Month ago +1

    Wow good luck cancelo

  • El Gawal Radio Laghouat

    watching my club fall apart is sad

  • khotsa
    khotsa Month ago

    I'm surprised why man City let him go

  • blade010579
    blade010579 Month ago

    He is not bad.

  • Chicho
    Chicho Month ago +1

    Wow welcome

  • Nicholas Mack
    Nicholas Mack 27 days ago +1

    I did not know he was this good well I am not suprised just like Samuel Eto Zlantan Yaya Toure once your talent is above average you never get the appreciation of Pep Guardiola.

  • Joseph Wong
    Joseph Wong Month ago +2

    New Yaya Toure and Zlatan Ibrahimovic if you know what I mean.


    ❤️ San mia San 🤍

  • Aimlock
    Aimlock Month ago +1

    Ooooh I see that champions league!

  • Ulrike Borchert
    Ulrike Borchert Month ago +2

    Candela herzlich willkommen bei bayern

  • S. Schwarz
    S. Schwarz Month ago

    ... Rückennummer 7 - sauber!!!

  • Its Flo Shawty
    Its Flo Shawty Month ago

    Welcome ❤🤍

  • Muhamad Agung
    Muhamad Agung Month ago

    chuppo motting will get more goal to come with this kind of passing 🤪

  • Nexis 1
    Nexis 1 Month ago +2

    How the hell did this happen

  • Bulgarian хаха
    Bulgarian хаха Month ago

    Noooo, i want him back

  • steve
    steve Month ago +2

    brazzo i love you!

  • Crna dvojka
    Crna dvojka 17 days ago


  • der eine
    der eine Month ago +2

    Der nächste „ Königstransfer “ 😆😆😆

  • Sakhele Ndlotyeni
    Sakhele Ndlotyeni Month ago

    Still can't believe

  • Alex D
    Alex D Month ago +2

    2:46 haaland 😂

    INDIAN FIDDLER 22 days ago

    Mazraoui is crying😥

  • Rekordmeister FCB
    Rekordmeister FCB Month ago

    Random transfer but i take it i guess

    BAYERN MUNICH Month ago +1


  • Mert Pektaş
    Mert Pektaş Month ago +1

    2:20 wtf?

  • Sebastián Higuera LLantén

    is better than Mazraoui? Mazraoui is really good. Wellcome to Bayern!!

    • Dreamtracks
      Dreamtracks Month ago +1

      tf is even this question. HAHAHA

  • Ousainou Camara
    Ousainou Camara Month ago +1

    Man City will regret this decision

  • Huron Hui
    Huron Hui Month ago

    Chelsea gonna hijack this loan


    finito paris

  • محمد رمضان🤍


  • Lukas Kubik
    Lukas Kubik 9 days ago

    Bayern Defender
    Cancelo, Davies,Mazroui, de ligt, hernandez, upamecano,pavard,stanisic

  • bens11 Kleij
    bens11 Kleij Month ago +1

    Blind macht auch ein transfer. Nach die tribuene!!!!

  • luca bellardita
    luca bellardita Month ago

    For price??

  • u lay
    u lay Month ago

    manchester city manager was fool

  • nirmou du 93
    nirmou du 93 Month ago +2


  • Hope Rizky
    Hope Rizky Month ago +4


  • Gaetano.
    Gaetano. Month ago