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When You Move ALL IN Against Daniel Negreanu And Regret It!

  • Published on Oct 12, 2018 veröffentlicht
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  • @footballfan8989
    @footballfan8989 3 years ago +10

    You need to understand that everything you do at the poker table conveys information. You can't be all loosey goosey.

  • @edwinrdz
    @edwinrdz 3 years ago +1

    gotta love how negreanu was like "good luck buddy" as a very good sportmanship. WE need more players like him instead of being enemies.

  • @abevigodastoilet
    @abevigodastoilet 3 years ago +294

    I love Daniel. He draws them in with his chit chat and is just an absolute master at reading body language.

  • @user-os3gv8hz2y
    @user-os3gv8hz2y 3 years ago +163

    Those folds by Daniel were so spot on it's almost as if he knew what cards Dario had

  • @andreidragostin
    @andreidragostin 4 years ago +7

    Negreanu: let's have a no bluff rule

  • @bakersmileyface
    @bakersmileyface 2 years ago +135

    I love how the two of them have completely different ways of playing the game.

  • @user-js2zf4vv9w
    @user-js2zf4vv9w Year ago +70

    Daniel is my favorite because he both wins and loses very gracefully and is always friendly and funny. He can needle people in a jokey way, but the difference between being a mean asshole vs a funnyman is the ability to take it as well as you dish it out, and Daniel can take it well. I love his personality, and I love his personality always coming through when he plays. Some people are just stoic, joyless dickbags, Daniel is so refreshing.

  • @imasmackya

    What they didn't show in this video was the interview with each player before the match. Daniel had the perfect strategy. He mentioned that Dario has made millions online being hyper-aggressive, and Daniel mentioned using Dario's aggressiveness against him to trap him.

  • @imasmackya

    Daniel is such a savant when it comes to reading other players. A true master of his tradecraft. Seriously, if you haven't seen him in action, look it up. He's amazing.

  • @edsvallafoodreview2592
    @edsvallafoodreview2592 3 years ago +6

    Why am i watching poker at 3 am? I dont even know how it works

  • @arbourtown4692
    @arbourtown4692 3 years ago +41

    I always enjoy watching Daniel play he's always having fun whether he wins or not.

  • @davidstock2713
    @davidstock2713 Year ago +7

    Danny can read 8 out of 10 hands, no prevelence towards who hes playing against. Not only can call both hole cards, but also can call the suit within each card. Telepathic, also very good instincts. Danny puts on the puzzled look, but actually knows much more than he exhibits. Viewed him call 4 consecutive hands, 2 hole cards, including the suit within each hole card. One particular hand an opposing player had 7-spades, 8-spades suited hole cards. Danny initially mentions i feel you have 7-8, short pause, then mentions 7-spades, 8-spades. Opposing player had exact hole cards danny predicted. Not a one hit just lucky call, due to dannys extreme consistency within this trait.

  • @Bosscarnage4
    @Bosscarnage4 Year ago +57

    Dario is the first guy I've seen to be able to keep up with Daniel conversationally

  • @onebuffalo5402
    @onebuffalo5402 Year ago

    The thing Daniel does better than any other player is reading the flow of the game. Hes obviously good at the %'s game and putting people on certain hands but where he excels is his ability to smell blood in the water and know how to perfectly execute someone who's accidentally flinched. He also isnt afraid to trust his gut every once in a while and it pays off for him quite a bit. Something that someone like Phil Helmuth doesnt do bc hes a strict %'s player who only ever goes with a bad hand if hes in an all out bluff.

  • @matth9788

    The first time I ever watched Daniel play I thought he was annoying with all his comments and quirks but after a few minutes I realized he's a really cool guy and seems like a genuinely nice guy. What a legend.

  • @user-ye1dq8fw1b
    @user-ye1dq8fw1b 3 years ago +9

    who's here because of the first negreanu video that Clip-Share recommend to you

  • @user-sd1ux3oc5e
    @user-sd1ux3oc5e 4 years ago +1

    Dario uses a coin, one side says raise one side says fold. If it falls off the table then it's a check

  • @NothingMaster
    @NothingMaster 2 years ago +5

    Negreanu is not only a natural born player, with amazing insights and intuitions, but his table talk and presence are quite entertaining, too. His trash talk is designed to psychologically probe the opponents, like abducting ET’s probing the unsuspecting humans. 😂

  • @shump7202
    @shump7202 2 years ago +305

    me a week ago: I don't even know how to play hold 'em

  • @tonyram1054
    @tonyram1054 Year ago +2

    Daniel gets better hands heads up than I do at a full table