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Aubrey Plaza Snorts Milk While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Aubrey Plaza is known for her cult roles in Funny People, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Parks and Recreation, and many more. You can catch her in FX's Legion, which returns for its third season on Monday, June 21 and she also stars in Child's Play, set to hit theaters June 21st. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the deadpan queen tries to keep her poker face intact while battling some of the hottest wings on the planet. Along the way, Plaza pulls back the curtain on Parks & Rec BTS, explains her iconic late-night performances, and attempts to drink milk through her nose.
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    Season 9
    Episode 4
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  4 years ago +4624

    We've been flooding Aubrey's inbox for years, and she finally came on the show. Legend!

  • Jean Beauchesne
    Jean Beauchesne 9 months ago +2739

    She's all that, quick witted, no ego and beautiful. Always brings a smile to our faces. Thank you for being you Aubrey

    • Richard Cooper
      Richard Cooper 9 months ago +12

      Yeah. I love her wicked sense of humor. She’s a nut, but I love her!

    • Palidor
      Palidor 9 months ago +5

      True, she is the best person in the world. Better than us who are not famous, don't you think?

    • FireCat2099
      FireCat2099 7 months ago +5

      @Palidor yes

    • 大ダイ
      大ダイ 4 months ago +6

      "Thank you for being you" HAHAHAHAHAHA
      What a lonely human being shouts out into the void where it will never reach the famous person is sometimes hilarious 😂😂

    • Dtune spec
      Dtune spec 4 months ago +3

      Simp much?

  • Selispeks
    Selispeks 9 months ago +6610

    We need Aubrey to be in season 2 of Wednesday as like her cousin or something lol

  • Victoria Guerra
    Victoria Guerra 8 months ago +1125

    Sean is such a gentleman to snort milk after Audrey. Such a man of class.

  • Dark Times at Rocky Mountain High

    I absolutely adore Aubrey - everything about her is simultaneously real & an act. She has taken authenticity & made it her schtick, and I'm convinced she knows how I think & feel about everything. It is all at once dizzying, satirical, and comforting.

  • L Lovly
    L Lovly 8 months ago +215

    She not only drank the water she spit into... she snorted the milk ☠️
    She is too funny, a comedy genius.

  • The Humphreys
    The Humphreys Year ago +3113

    Sean is the best host. He never pokes fun at his guests. He always shows them respect and consideration. If they feel pressured, he backs off. If they go weird, he goes weird with them. I'm pretty sure he's the best interviewer ever

    • Garpin Lithor
      Garpin Lithor 7 months ago +43

      I can't like this twice but I want to. That's why they get the good guests

    • Drake Swift
      Drake Swift 7 months ago +25

      Sean Evans and Conan

    • TheMeerbat
      TheMeerbat 7 months ago +4


    • Istinggar
      Istinggar 7 months ago +11

      Except with dj khaled. He destroyed him.

    • Peter Vanderhyde
      Peter Vanderhyde 7 months ago +25

      When he put the milk up his nose, I thought props. He's immediately made something that is really weird, and made it something funny and not as weird.

  • Brett Connolly
    Brett Connolly Year ago +904

    She's got a solid mix of being able to be vulnerable while being extremely confident in herself, which is a rare combination. Doesn't hurt that she's so sarcastic and dry. Seems like the kind of girl you could be totally silly and ridiculous around and she'd go along with it 100% of the time.

    • George Mavrides
      George Mavrides 7 months ago +3

      And all while being fire in the sack.

    • Leanne Nicole
      Leanne Nicole 2 months ago +2

      @George Mavrides literally..what?

    • Jon Witemen
      Jon Witemen 2 months ago +1

      @Leanne Nicoleik you don’t disagree man lol

  • Raa Pekrul
    Raa Pekrul Year ago +347

    I love that Sean consistently matches the energy of the guests lol

  • Peter Anderson
    Peter Anderson 7 months ago +119

    This woman is a gem! Don't ever change Aubrey. The milk up your nose had me dying 🤣

  • Busa rdr
    Busa rdr 9 months ago +321

    Aubrey is so great. She is one of the funniest people I have seen in the last 15 years. I wish her well with her therapy and self care. She is a unique and beautiful talent that will keep us all laughing and carrying a smile for so many years to come. Aubrey you are amazing! Thanks for the laughs!

  • Dietetics & Good Music
    Dietetics & Good Music Month ago +13

    She is so bratty, awkward, obnoxious, sarcastic, and seductive all at once and I love it. ❤❤❤❤

  • Michael Caligiuri
    Michael Caligiuri Year ago +10062

    Aubrey is terrifying. She's so quick witted and stone faced at the same time. She's a monster in the best way possible.

    • SiPollard
      SiPollard Year ago +90

      She's perfect

    • Cheese Wiz, the most intelligent of cheeses
      Cheese Wiz, the most intelligent of cheeses Year ago +55

      Terrifying? More like someone you're going to have a fun and memorable conversation with.

    • Stream Hype Boy by NewJeans
      Stream Hype Boy by NewJeans Year ago +7

      And a pretty woman to boot. What's not to like?

    • My2CΞnts
      My2CΞnts Year ago +21

      I was thinking that exact thing. The first 5 mins of the interview must have been terrifying for Sean because the episode could have gone either excrusiatingly awkward and cringe, or ... like this. One of the best in Hot Ones history. It all depends on what mood Aubrey is in. She can't be anybody but her exact self, and that's why I admire her so much.

    • joe smith
      joe smith 11 months ago +2


  • Julie Wick
    Julie Wick Year ago +214

    The first time I saw her was on Criminal Minds as Cat Adams. She doesn’t get enough credit for that role. She was utterly terrifying in the best way.

  • Jason Ross
    Jason Ross 17 days ago +6

    I always end up with a huge grin on my face at the end of all your interviews ! No snark, no
    “ gotcha moments “
    ( who new celebrities are just like the rest of us ) 👏🏻

  • smtxtv
    smtxtv 9 months ago +169

    Brilliant interview strategy. Break her down to brutal honesty with increasing pain and duress. She's great, and we get to see progressively her inner soul as she copes outwardly with the sauce. I don't mean this in any bad way. We've all had a brutal hot pepper encounter or three. PS...that was delicious ! 😎😎😎

  • Chris Davlin
    Chris Davlin 10 months ago +640

    I watched this near the end (I think...) of an Aubrey Plaza binge-fest, so I'm quite familiar with her interview behavior. This show is possibly my favorite, mainly because, the laws of physics being what they are, she's forced into reacting normally to the wing heat. The genius is that she does a great job of not breaking, never admitting that she's in pain. Her body ain't havin' it though, so she's tearing up and snuffling like any primate would, yet still being Aubrey, just slightly subdued, mildly less maniacal. First time watching this show and I liked it a lot. Host seems sincere and he listens, which helps. I'm sure I'll be watching more as the algorithm incorporates me...

    • Sara Kjeldsen
      Sara Kjeldsen 9 months ago

      Yes 😂

    • Wenn C
      Wenn C 8 months ago +5

      welcome to the hot ones side of youtube

    • Wenn C
      Wenn C 8 months ago +4

      it’s the best place to be

    • Aqua Kon
      Aqua Kon 8 months ago +5

      I think she admitted that she's in pain after tha latter part A LOT which is refreshing. If it wasn't an act, she got me. That looks so real so I would say it was real how she acted here.

  • Natasha Bugarin
    Natasha Bugarin 11 days ago +1

    Still hands down my favorite episode! I come and watch it whenever I am having a bad day to pick myself up. ❤

  • Benjamin Austnes Narum
    Benjamin Austnes Narum 4 years ago +28760

    The great thing about Aubrey is that no-one can tell whether she's joking or not.

    • ArachnoPhoebe
      ArachnoPhoebe 4 years ago +182

      This is like me.

    • elusive mg
      elusive mg 4 years ago +90

      same here i think opposite sex always likes that kind of stuff

    • ArachnoPhoebe
      ArachnoPhoebe 4 years ago +376

      People often can't tell if I'm joking or not and it's fun to me.....also sometimes I don't know if I'm joking or not....but I'm always aware of all possible interpretations.

    • elusive mg
      elusive mg 4 years ago +22

      @ArachnoPhoebe yep exactly...i do this all the time...if i can of course

    • ArachnoPhoebe
      ArachnoPhoebe 4 years ago +64

      @ elusive mg It's not even a matter of if I can or not; that's just how I am. I think it stems from being a super shy kid and then discovering that making other people feel uncomfortable was somehow fun. But also to all of that, I just have a super sarcastic/dark/odd sense of humour.

  • Ren DeFor
    Ren DeFor 11 months ago +122

    I love that he tried the milk up the nose with her. That’s a good host.

  • Livlong
    Livlong 8 months ago +48

    Best hot one’s interview ever! And kudos for Sean keeping up with Aubrey’s sense of humor.

  • FiftyShadesofEarlGrey
    FiftyShadesofEarlGrey 9 months ago +66

    She’s a gem! 😂😊 love her acting & humor.

  • TriforceTyff
    TriforceTyff 2 months ago +7

    I love her. Such a unique person. Truly one of a kind.

  • tennisfanB
    tennisfanB 3 years ago +4502

    She’s the only person I’ve personally seen who makes Sean laugh. Like, genuinely laugh. He was giggling.

    • greenteapeachtea
      greenteapeachtea 3 years ago +42

      U should watch Charlie and Scarlett's episodes too

    • Stefan Ristic
      Stefan Ristic 3 years ago +58

      you should watch eric andres one

    • Pitt-Nation
      Pitt-Nation 3 years ago +7

      Go check out Theo Von's episode then. Funny as fuck lol

    • Rrr Eee
      Rrr Eee 2 years ago +82

      He's simping hard

    • Tim Stephens
      Tim Stephens 2 years ago +138

      @Rrr Eee That word should be obliterated from this planet. Stop judging people. Geesh.

  • Michael Richardson
    Michael Richardson 6 months ago +37

    Aubrey is so funny, and doesn't appear to have to try. She can carry such a serious tone in the silliest circumstances... in much the same way Leslie Nielsen did in almost every role he played. 😀 She even gave a shout out to her Puerto Rican heritage. She has great range, too, with roles like Black Bear and Child's Play to Parks and Rec and any other other comedy. Her timing is wonderful, and she could easily have been a full-time stand-up comedian if she wanted. As another comment said, she could totally play a relative of Wednesday in the new series. 🙂

  • Nathan Warzecha
    Nathan Warzecha 7 months ago +19

    I have always loved Aubrey's genuine self and how she isn't afraid to be real.

  • Monika Anna Rebecca
    Monika Anna Rebecca 2 months ago +14

    Sean is amazing in this one. He just rides the wave like a pro!

  • Angelica Monk
    Angelica Monk Year ago +77

    I love Aubrey… we’re both half Puerto Rican girls from Delaware that worked at Joe’s Crab Shack as hostesses. I agree announcing the parties was the best part of the job. My favorite was, “Johnson, party of two, stop that blabbing and let’s go crabbing!”
    Also very impressed that Sean knew about Grotto’s and Capriotti’s.

    • CodeFatherX
      CodeFatherX 4 months ago

      Joe’s on the riverfront? I’ve been there a handful of times in the past. I wonder if I’ve ever seen her 😅

  • CmD Streamz
    CmD Streamz 6 months ago +18

    Please bring her back for another episode or let her host one. She's great

  • Mateo
    Mateo Year ago +13663

    Aubrey seems like she accidentally got famous and it's the best thing ever.

    • Goldmember
      Goldmember Year ago +26

      How did she “accidentally” get famous 🤔

    • Next Lvl Roy
      Next Lvl Roy Year ago +40

      idk, her attitude gets old pretty fast imo

    • Mateo
      Mateo Year ago +114

      @Goldmember You didn't get the joke ):

    • Mateo
      Mateo Year ago +288

      @Next Lvl Roy Dry humor goes over the heads of many, so I see

    • Next Lvl Roy
      Next Lvl Roy Year ago +21

      @Mateo Na, I liked watching her at first, but it just gets old. Sometimes it feels like she tries too hard.

  • SoulPsychNow
    SoulPsychNow 11 months ago +19

    Aubrey kept the dead pan through the agony of hot sauces! Absolute respect & love to her! :)

  • cody Smith
    cody Smith 10 months ago +40

    this is a really funny interview even the crew was laughing what a gem.

  • Michael Krynski
    Michael Krynski 6 months ago +4

    Thank you, First We Feast! Keep up the good work. Sean Evans is a beast.
    Hot Ones knows how to turn a celebrity into a regular joe within minutes :)

  • Lavhaze
    Lavhaze 10 months ago +53

    Sean is simply THE BEST! he matches everyones energy... HANDS DOWN the best... and im not saying this bc im on acid

  • Jeff Hatala
    Jeff Hatala 2 months ago +1

    Aubrey is hilarious and Sean, dude, you crush these interviews! Love your show!

  • Wei Liang
    Wei Liang 2 years ago +6719

    Sean is a gentleman for real:
    - He genuinely apologized when Aubrey expressed her feeling about the pass away of the Grumpy Cat;
    - He followed Aubrey pouring the milk into his nose.

    • Nathan Newell
      Nathan Newell 2 years ago +84

      hes a robot

    • Todd Weinberg
      Todd Weinberg 2 years ago +24

      I only noticed the milk nose thing tonight too! So sweet!

    • Malum
      Malum 2 years ago +106

      He’s such a good host honestly.

    • Yoshikage Speedwagon
      Yoshikage Speedwagon 2 years ago +14

      @Nathan Newell dafuq?

    • Quae
      Quae 2 years ago +7

      @Yoshikage Speedwagon i agree
      What dafuq indeed

  • Warbeast
    Warbeast 11 months ago +7

    Love Aubrey! Can’t get enough of this show!

  • TheVivaLaViolet
    TheVivaLaViolet 7 months ago +10

    I adore her humor and style so much!! Resonates with me ❤

  • Khronnus
    Khronnus 2 months ago +9

    This is such a good concept. Watching them literally melt down. They start swearing. Melting. Being honest. I love it.

  • ASMR Simple
    ASMR Simple 4 months ago +1

    I’m grateful that Aubrey doesn’t avoid media activities. She has extremely cool personality. Thank you Aubrey and Sean. It was fun to watch🙂♥️

  • Brady Kingsbury
    Brady Kingsbury 7 months ago +5

    Aubrey plaza is a genuine pleasure, literally just amazing and the greatest poker face I've ever seen. Amazing posture, amazing cadence. actual real amazing person.

  • DasAlbatross
    DasAlbatross 4 years ago +1930

    Hands down the most normal and natural I've ever seen Aubrey. The format triumphs again.

    • Micah Fischer
      Micah Fischer 4 years ago +31

      Honestly never seen her look more beautiful either.

    • Alex F
      Alex F 4 years ago +1

      She snorted milk wym 😂

    • Pencil Poet
      Pencil Poet 4 years ago +1

      I'm pretty sure she got into character for a while after Evans mentioned Parks & Rec

    • DasAlbatross
      DasAlbatross 4 years ago

      @Alex F lol. Fair, but it's a desperate situation that calls for desperate measures.

  • Everth Palomeque Jr
    Everth Palomeque Jr 9 months ago +10

    She’s a future Oscar winner . Such a unique and talented woman.

  • Rory Simpson
    Rory Simpson 12 days ago

    I think the thing I find more noteworthy to me about Aubrey is the aloofness, the dry wit, or the eccentricity is the sharpness. She is always watching closely and reading the situation intently. There's a palpable sense of a deep intelligence, one that gets bored with the ordinary, and can be flip to make their own fun, or just weird to see what kind of reaction she can get. A lot more is going on in her head than what is being said. My favorite kind of people are puzzles.

  • Odin Pettersson
    Odin Pettersson 2 months ago +1

    I really love Aubreys personality !! She is so cool, chill, nice and beautiful ! She is the best guest ever on Hot Ones !

  • Yesenia Cruz
    Yesenia Cruz 25 days ago +2

    Aubrey: “You know I’m Puerto Rican”
    Also Aubrey : snorts milk 😂
    Girl we don’t mess with spicy like that 😂🇵🇷

  • Norbert Nagy
    Norbert Nagy 10 months ago +5

    Here's why people love Aubrey: It's because she throws you hints of the devil that lurks in all of us, the thing most people try to hide, constantly subverting the facade of it all, yet simultaneously exhibits more empathy and humanity than most of us -- an irresistible feature.

  • Kevin Lodge
    Kevin Lodge 7 months ago +9

    This is my third time watching this episode. Aubrey is so captivating and she wears a smile pretty well, as opposed to her usual dead pan stare. It's her eyes and bravada that's so endearing. Can't get enough of her.

  • RM
    RM 4 years ago +3885

    Aubrey: wasn’t really into horror movies
    Also Aubrey: explains the plot of Pet Sematary as if it were her actual life lol

    • Demonfeathers
      Demonfeathers 4 years ago +48

      RM holy shit

    • Hey There
      Hey There 4 years ago +94

      That movie was loosely based off her life.

    • Kristen Waterton
      Kristen Waterton 4 years ago +5

      Used to like her. Before she did evil gross horror movies. Seriously. Sorry she sold out bad .....

    • Hey There
      Hey There 4 years ago +86

      @Kristen Waterton How is doing a horror movie selling out? You rather have her have no life goals and do indie crap, not growing at all, hipster comment.

  • Beastmode s
    Beastmode s 11 months ago +4

    Shes so funny! I love watching all her interviews

  • Angellea Burgos
    Angellea Burgos 5 months ago +11

    I don’t get how he stayed so calm and collected, she is sooo funny… I would have been dying the whole time 😭

  • Aaron Gramza
    Aaron Gramza 3 months ago +2

    She is just the best. I could watch her all day long 😂

  • Will B
    Will B 9 months ago +6

    Aubrey has no filter, and I love it! She's hilarious.

  • Eman
    Eman 5 months ago +2

    This is the best! I've never seen Aubry react to anything in life. She's been a robotic board (who I adore mind you) and to see her react ro anything is just amazing.

  • Miss Chievous
    Miss Chievous 3 years ago +38192

    I swear everyone has a crush on Aubrey but they don’t understand why.

    • Sean
      Sean 3 years ago +648

      Pretty much

    • A Sapoluu
      A Sapoluu 3 years ago +1218

      I know why

    • Michael Schmidt
      Michael Schmidt 3 years ago +178

      That's fkn true

    • Kaddywompous
      Kaddywompous 3 years ago +774

      It’s the eyes..................

    • Connor
      Connor 3 years ago +147

      Kaddywompous eyes and hair for me

  • Daniel Bocchino
    Daniel Bocchino 7 months ago +4

    Aubrey is an extremely talented actor and super brave for doing this show.

  • Stephen Samuel
    Stephen Samuel 9 months ago +22

    I've always loved Aubrey ♥️
    She is a breath of fresh air 💙🌬

  • CoolCat
    CoolCat 7 months ago +2

    Aubrey is so awesome and kudos to Sean as well; he's a great host.

  • Protopaq
    Protopaq 7 months ago +4

    Aubrey is amazingly unique, love her!

  • carter
    carter 2 months ago +5

    I love her so much. Normally the at the end when he asks "What's going on with your life?" the celebrities mention the current project they're working on/promotions but Aubrey is all "Yeah I'm working on my mental health and just chillin".

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis 4 years ago +2710

    She's probably one of the most passively intimidating people I've ever seen. And it's amazing how she just doesn't give a damn about what she does on here, she's just getting it done. great guest.

    • cgh RN
      cgh RN 4 years ago +6

      Agreed. I'm fascinated by her now.

    • Xavier Brenneman
      Xavier Brenneman 4 years ago +6

      You said she's intimidating? I don't get it

    • unlucky lizard
      unlucky lizard 4 years ago +5

      @Michael Lewis Have you seen her on Colbert recently? Because she practically became a cat lol

  • Ashley Meins
    Ashley Meins 3 months ago +3

    This may be one of my favorite episodes. I knew Aubrey Plaza was funny, but she slayed me in this. And Sean just f*ing KEPT.UP. I love this show!

  • DrDevbone
    DrDevbone 4 months ago +1

    She’s awesome, and this was a great episode.

  • Mr. King Kitty
    Mr. King Kitty 9 months ago +7

    Its really cool to hear about high performance people's lives. She gave it her all while working at a restaurant.

  • Trapper BV
    Trapper BV 6 months ago +8

    Aubrey’s persona says a lot about us.

  • superdawge
    superdawge 3 years ago +31723

    Why Aubrey so weirdly seductive and yet also inhumanely bizarre at the same time

    • esteban collazo
      esteban collazo 2 years ago +1966

      Her name sounds like a hotel I can't afford to stay at.

    • Smyla Beast
      Smyla Beast 2 years ago +182

      anything she can get up her nose... she just told you why

    • JoRasEyez
      JoRasEyez 2 years ago +94

      that weirdly thing you say its just a character... she does it on all interviews....

    • redfish bluefish
      redfish bluefish 2 years ago +37

      I think you answered your own question with your own question. That is impressive; I’m calling the Guinness book of world records

  • Pan Halt
    Pan Halt 9 months ago +115

    I've never fallen in love with someone while they snorted milk before.

  • Tia Conyer
    Tia Conyer 9 months ago +1

    Aubrey is everything I aspire to be 😂 she’s one of the only people that makes me laugh every other word and I don’t even think she’s trying to be funny, she just is.

  • T A Z
    T A Z Month ago +4

    she is a very intimidating & dark soul, even when she smile. She is calm, collected, polite even yet scary AF!

  • Kenneth Sleigh
    Kenneth Sleigh Month ago

    Aubrey Plaza is totally awesome so glad you got her on your show what an amazing lady

  • Harlem Knight
    Harlem Knight 6 months ago

    I love me some Aubrey Plaza! Thanks for getting her on your podcast!

  • Louis-Philippe Chiasson
    Louis-Philippe Chiasson 4 years ago +2548

    This show is one of the greatest things on the internet. Each progressive hot wing is like peeling layers off a personality shell.

    • Mattæus Andreasen
      Mattæus Andreasen 4 years ago +4

      Louis-Philippe Chiasson exactly

    • L V
      L V 4 years ago

      Really good Catch Louis

    • smrttgrl
      smrttgrl 4 years ago +24

      And that's why I like it. The facade starts slip and they become more themselves.

    • Grim The Reaper
      Grim The Reaper 4 years ago +10

      The more your mind focuses on the torture, the less you care about what’s happening around you lol

    • HotStrange
      HotStrange 4 years ago +4

      Being exposed to that heat from the wings also has effects similar to being high which could be part of it. Good catch though. This show is definitely special.

  • UppinAtom
    UppinAtom 3 months ago +1

    Aubrey Plaza is low-key hilarious. One of those rare special ones who may be hard to comprehend. But once you do, you're glad you did. And what a champ pushing through the wing gauntlet.

  • Carrie M
    Carrie M 9 months ago +60

    There is no way he eats this stuff like it’s nothing! Aubrey is a boss!

    • alpsalish
      alpsalish 8 months ago +1

      Just gotta like spicy stuff.

  • Doug Miller
    Doug Miller 5 months ago +7

    Aubrey is so real and authentic she’s weirdly unique and beautiful

  • Walter Ritchey
    Walter Ritchey 3 months ago +3

    The fact she kept a straight face all the way through eating those wings. What a goddess.

  • Shavyea Byrd
    Shavyea Byrd 2 years ago +957

    It never gets old seeing guests light up at the one question that no one has EVER asked them. So wholesome.

    • I’m a Llama
      I’m a Llama 2 years ago +5

      I really enjoy it when the guests realise how good the questions are. When they realise that it’s a great interview and not the same old same old

  • Aaron Hull
    Aaron Hull Year ago +4

    I thought she was amazing before but then you realize she’s an absolute masterpiece.

  • Chantelya Bubbles
    Chantelya Bubbles 2 months ago

    I don't know why I'm obsessed. Other then we share the same last name, which is rare... She is hilarious and I really get so much joy from her persona

  • Sound Adventure
    Sound Adventure 5 months ago +2

    Aubrey has been the most fun I've see on your show😂

  • Antidoxy
    Antidoxy 7 months ago +1

    Aubrey is the best / most interesting person to do this "game" with. She's always showing her weird self-confidence, but this game broke her. 👌 Like I mean in a positive way.

  • OGmudbone
    OGmudbone 3 years ago +4058

    Am I the only one that noticed that Aubrey made eye contact the WHOLE interview, and even made the host awkward. Amazing. Her awkwardness is contagious.

    • ShimmiPenguin
      ShimmiPenguin 3 years ago +19

      No she didnt 7:04

    • charles friend
      charles friend 3 years ago +5

      i think she was staring down (or sizing up ) her opponent! @ James Cuevas.

    • miou-miou
      miou-miou 3 years ago +14

      @Axel Stone well, she did ask if she could put milk in every whole in her body.. so..

  • v4va
    v4va 3 months ago +3

    Binge watching these shows and man the interviews are really interesting and refreshing

  • 25Patman
    25Patman 11 months ago

    Fantastic show!!! Man, Dude, I can see why you keep getting fantastic guests.

  • SadlyBest
    SadlyBest 7 months ago +1

    Aubrey is endlessly amazing! Kudos!!!

  • cbmtrx
    cbmtrx 8 months ago +5

    I did not expect that Aubrey Plaza would be the funniest guest on this show. Hands down winner.

  • cryomanc3r
    cryomanc3r 3 months ago +1

    This one made me smile so much.

  • Dragoner Productions
    Dragoner Productions 2 years ago +7350

    She has mastered the art of sarcasm but it has become part of her personality that it's hard to tell if she is serious or joking.

    • Dont Trip
      Dont Trip 2 years ago +5

      Wait, you guys watch south park too!?

    • God loves us all
      God loves us all 2 years ago +10

      I resonate with that characteristic so much

    • God loves us all
      God loves us all 2 years ago +12

      One time, 2 people got mad at me because they thought I was serious and then they told my husband and he was like "dude she was joking"

    • Roxie Marquez
      Roxie Marquez 2 years ago +11

      I stan her so much...

    • Ivy B
      Ivy B 2 years ago +11

      That’s called deadpan.

  • Turtle Time
    Turtle Time Year ago +61

    The silence when she whipes BOTH her eyes with chicken wing fingers 😅😅. So much silence from the entire crew enough to hear a saxophone tells you how extremely hot these wings are 😅

  • KBjoern
    KBjoern Year ago +1

    Man, Aubrey is just so hilarious!

  • 00juls00
    00juls00 Month ago +1

    I’ve been a big fan of Sean for a while now but snorting milk up his nose just to make her comfortable was next level. Sean’s a keeper!

  • Cory S
    Cory S 8 months ago +2

    She's just cool and approachable. No ego. I would like to see her cast to play Natalie Wood in a Biopic.

  • Mark G
    Mark G 8 months ago +1

    VERY GOOD interview.
    Aubrey is a CHAMP!
    LOVE HER ❤️

  • Brandon Rice
    Brandon Rice 3 years ago +10654

    I feel like she is a fine example of someone who is unapologetically themself.

    • Little Ghost Films
      Little Ghost Films 3 years ago +84

      Agree 100%! Unique is a weak adjective to describe her personality.

    • supersevenn
      supersevenn 3 years ago +63

      that's the thing, i can't tellk if she is being herself OR if it's ALL A brilliant ACT

    • Mark Møller Hansen
      Mark Møller Hansen 3 years ago +7

      She's a more chill version of Kristen Schaal (who is 100% loveable)

    • Irene Moreno
      Irene Moreno 3 years ago +6

      By far the best guest EVER to grace Hot Ones

      TOPSPOT 2 years ago +3

      I didn't think I saw this one but quickly realized I did. She's great. Never saw anything she's done til this and watching now for a second time. Maybe it's cause I'm getting old (40) but it's very attractive how she's confident being herself.

  • musicismagic
    musicismagic 10 months ago +2

    Most crying i have seen from her in her whole career. Its good for you AP. Have a hot wing on e in a while- frees the soul. Great interview. She is a special talent.

  • MacaroniFanatic
    MacaroniFanatic 11 months ago +2

    Aubrey Plaza is one of my favorite actresses she is so different and unique. I really got to love her through Parks and Rec as April Ludgate. She is amazing I'd love to meet her.

  • Mike Fiftynine
    Mike Fiftynine 2 months ago

    Love to see more of her.

  • Rafael Candelaria
    Rafael Candelaria 4 months ago

    Man Audrey took it to the end. The hotter it got the more she cursed. She was suffering too. Hilarious. Love her!

  • Relaxis
    Relaxis 7 months ago

    one of the best red carpets - great job Sean as always

  • Michelle Chang
    Michelle Chang 4 years ago +24255

    shes so emotionless yet so emotional and is highly intimidating

    • BlazeATG
      BlazeATG 4 years ago +871

      I feel like dating her would be a maze

    • Montana G
      Montana G 4 years ago +417

      A fun maze... 😏

    • AaronS 85
      AaronS 85 4 years ago +488

      Yea shes a very nonchalant brutally honest person but i respect that she is so genuine

    • Isai Chavez
      Isai Chavez 4 years ago +7