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How to Use MODERN POKER THEORY - $25,000 Buy-in Super High Roller!

  • Published on Sep 12, 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • Miodrag Mijic
    Miodrag Mijic Month ago +3

    Thank you for amazing explanation of complex concepts i was having trouble understanding, i am improving every day because of you daniel-san, thank you 🙏

  • Jules Winnfield
    Jules Winnfield  Month ago

    “A little morning coffee getting ready for the day.”
    As he’s getting ready to join a pro-level poker tournament from home.
    Mr. Daniel Negreanu, I know you’re well aware, but you sir are truly living the dream.

  • George Awad
    George Awad Year ago +1083

    This has to be the most valuable poker content at the moment. Watching a legend in action and explaining his thought process, it just doesn’t get any better. Please continue to share more of this. Can’t wait till 2nd round

    • Deep G
      Deep G 20 days ago +2

      Some real neckbeard energy in this thread hating on negs.

    • David Stojanac
      David Stojanac 20 days ago +1

      Imagine kid poker's teacher 😁

    • Power Press Clips
      Power Press Clips 27 days ago +1

      👍 Dads need to be dad's &Moms need to be mom's.
      Attention: The following is for well you know..if you don't keep reading...
      Stop. 🛑...
      Were made in HIS image. HE made us with the power of free choice
      A good prayer:
      I'm a sinner JESUS please forgive me for all my sins I know you shed your Blood for me on the cross at Calvary. Thank you JESUS for my salvation and for shedding they Blood for me. I love you JESUS.
      Romans 10:5/10 ct...❤️k
      If you'd like to call someone who cares
      bc you don't know when you'll die?
      .y r u hesitant.
      Right ▶️
      Happy New Years 🎊🎊🎊❣️

    • Jeik Stanley
      Jeik Stanley Month ago

      Да пёс он

    • Ryan Baines
      Ryan Baines 2 months ago +1

      @Bobby D whose the top player that we should be watching instead. I find it funny that one commentator above said he isn't even in the top 10,000 players today. what a 🤡

  • MrCommenter2000 Johnston

    as a full blown novice who just wants to learn fundamental ways of thinking about hands i appreciate the wisdom you're sharing, please keep it up my man.

    • Andrew
      Andrew 11 months ago +1

      @N8 Dahman Books were good about 10 years ago... They dont come close to competing with the online content these days

    • Zach Zinck
      Zach Zinck Year ago

      @Wasabi Gamer investing ;)

    • Matthew Villalobos
      Matthew Villalobos Year ago

      @Johnny Bananas uhhh, ya, its nearly all luck bro. the trick is to play against people who arent as good as you. do that, and in the long run youll win!

    • Matthew Villalobos
      Matthew Villalobos Year ago

      @Wasabi Gamer all skill all the time. duh.

    • Johnny Bananas
      Johnny Bananas Year ago +21

      @Wasabi Gamer if you consider what they do as 'gambling' per se. its certainly a gamble in that you can make all the right moves and still lose your buy in, however imagine a game where we roll 2 dice and i pay you $10 if its 2-8 but you pay me $10 if its 9-12.. this game is technically 'gambling' but you are certain that given enough runs you will come out ahead since you win 7 of the outcomes compared to my 4 for the same exact price. a poker pro playing against a novice is a similar proposition. sure they will lose their fair share of individual outcomes but over time they will end up with more chips than you.

  • Jack Staten
    Jack Staten Year ago +134

    I watched hours of it live. It was a blast. I hope you'll do something similar next season or next week. Great content Daniel... 👍💯

    • Fall Line Japan
      Fall Line Japan Year ago +5

      @heart. Was wondering the same thing. I'm guessing he would just have the stream delayed by a few minutes to avoid showing hands in progress. Still leaking alot of information about his thinking and the cards he didn't show, though. I guess the point of optimal play is that this doesn't matter.

    • heart.
      heart. Year ago +3

      Also wondering how live streaming an online tournament can even work

    • Alex Avram
      Alex Avram Year ago +1

      Where can you watch the live stream?

  • The Beast
    The Beast 2 months ago +12

    Daniel is a true legend, and taking part in his thought process is insanely valueable.

  • Valerie Marie
    Valerie Marie 57 minutes ago

    Thank you so much for this. To hear your thought process on this is extremely valuable to me. As someone only playing a few years, this is beyond helpful. Please make more of these if you can. Thanks again!

  • Jesse Johnson
    Jesse Johnson 7 months ago +9

    Daniel, I grew up watching you slay the cards. You were there for me during super dark times years ago. Things are much better now and you’re still the king. You haven’t changed a bit. Smiling and sharing your poker wisdom. Thank you. Stay well out there!

  • Lou Forcier
    Lou Forcier Year ago +9

    This is so awesome listening to you Daniel ! I learn so much and you are so entertaining, probably the most interesting video on Clip-Share about poker !

  • Patrick Brownrigg
    Patrick Brownrigg Year ago +13

    Good job Daniel. Your rationale in familiar situations I’ve been in is very informative. I too always derive actionable strategies. Keep it up.

  • Lee Massey
    Lee Massey Year ago +10

    Good stuff, Daniel. Thank you for these teaching videos.

  • RKBB
    RKBB Year ago +6

    I've not enjoyed watching Poker for a long time now, but used to watch a lot about 10 years ago, but really enjoyed this stream and hope to catch up on more. Many thanks.

  • Dave Fetch
    Dave Fetch 19 days ago +6

    As an introvert, it blows me away how much energy Daniel has to talk...and say meaningful, insightful things. That's a rare talent.

  • Adam Koyn
    Adam Koyn Year ago +2

    Rookie here. Daniel, you're my favorite to watch and your guidance as you play is really useful. You're a master. Cheers!

  • The Fourth Quarter
    The Fourth Quarter Year ago +1

    Amazing poker content. Liked your GTO strat and literally rolling to determine some actions to make you less predictable. You seemed to play near perfect.and got very unlucky on the K10 hand.
    Here is what I am curious about. That lineup you were against (Justin Bonomo coming in later, Fedor Holz starting on your table etc.) was really formidable. So is there enough dead money in a tournament like this to provide positive EV?

  • Michael Raymond
    Michael Raymond Year ago +38

    Love the videos even as a player of other games
    Hearing your advice on things like only value betting when you can actually get value is really useful to take outside of poker, too! Great play

  • ThisIsIt1
    ThisIsIt1 Year ago +4

    I watched that entire stream replay spread out over a week, some amazing moves but the end was tragic even though it was unavoidable. It's just poker for ya! But I did learn a lot just from watching the video and hearing your process about when to bluff because of the blockers you are holding, when to simply give up the hand, the cards to open depending on the situation, especially with short stacks. Good lessons

  • teun Stout
    teun Stout Year ago +85

    I do not know a lot of things about poker, since I don't play myself. Just like to hear the logic and how you interpret things. Keep up the work

    • RayRay
      RayRay Year ago +2

      @Revi M Fadli "You've got to know when to hold 'em
      Know when to fold 'em
      Know when to walk away
      And know when to run"

    • Revi M Fadli
      Revi M Fadli Year ago

      @Dave how?

    • Guillaume
      Guillaume Year ago +1

      @Jonathan Legg Do not all in every hand, because after your second all in you loose credit i tell you that, maybe you can have 2 times some good cards but the chance of it hapening decrease quiet immensly after you are delt 4 5 set of cards then they will call you and bust you out 100%

    • Dave
      Dave Year ago +1

      Poker logic can help you understand life actually

    • Jonathan Legg
      Jonathan Legg Year ago

      @Glen Quagmire You've got me thinking..but a little confused. Can you explain what point you're making in simpler terms for a thicko like me.😄

  • joshykel
    joshykel Year ago +11

    Honestly Daniel Negreanu is my favorite poker player to watch. These kind of videos watching how he outweighs the numbers is great to hear his internal thought process, that being said my favorite experience is when he plays live against other players.

  • Bruce Smith
    Bruce Smith 9 months ago +4

    I always enjoyed watching Danny play (I say that like he's an old friend of mine). Always smiling, friendly, and respectful. Good qualities for one of the best poker players in the world.

  • Henry Dilley
    Henry Dilley Year ago

    great video, topics discussed on a really good level. thank you and keep it up

  • James Henderson
    James Henderson 5 months ago

    This is amazing content. Unique content. I love it and have implemented down of Dan's approach. I do wish he wouldn't call himself Dnegs though🤣😂 it's a tad ridiculous.

  • Nameless
    Nameless Year ago +3

    Great content Daniel , always been interested in poker but can truly say at age 26 I’ve never properly played and definitely don’t know the ins and outs yet.. but one thing for sure is I enjoy this. Thanks

  • Jon Habash
    Jon Habash 6 months ago +1

    Thank you fore the insight Daniel, really great play. I'm truly learning a lot from you, hoping to change my life one day with poker, or at least having fun trying along the way. Thanks again.

  • iamamish
    iamamish Year ago +11

    I love this analysis. Too many hand reviews are of exceptional hands - they're obviously the ones that generate interest. But it seems to me poker is won and lost in the trenches with hands that aren't as exciting.

    • Whoimia?
      Whoimia? 7 months ago

      @GreatBritishBeast I cannot agree with you more. I have placed high in several tournaments where I was not playing well after the flop but won a few preflop all-in hands for big pots.

    • GreatBritishBeast
      GreatBritishBeast 9 months ago

      For me, though a poor player, massively lacking in knowledge as well as composure to settle and think properly through situations at the table midhand, I have an opinion on your point.
      Poker is absolutely lost from the outset if you can't navigate the trenches as you say, but it is most definitely won with the strategy applied going over the top! The big hands, the big moments. Having the fortitude to make decisions for either straight up or essentially your tournament life. That includes letting go of very good hands, but also committing to a few well timed bluffs.
      So much easier said than done.
      I say this because often I will make 200 correct(ish) decisions over hours that leave me up... but then 1 in hindsight obvious mess up that takes 1 minute can eradicate all the good work.
      And so working on those big moments then really is the difference.
      I say this as someone who out of my last 10 live tournaments has 4 cashes including a 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place. Only £1700 winnings, but I feel I've a valid point.
      I am bad though compared to others and I damn well know it 😅
      Those books and poker magazines of 10 to 15 years ago really are mostly outdated now!!

    • SandSeven7
      SandSeven7 Year ago +2

      Yes, yes and yes. So many difficult decisions are made that don't have any real value if you only look at the +/- BBs/chips earned. I'm still trying to master that concept, but like mastering poker itself, it'll never happen, but I'll never stop trying :)

    ZN PRODUCTIONS Year ago +29

    Great video as always Daniel, I'm a big fan 😊

  • Living the Fantasy

    Thank you Daniel, great video man! I appreciate the really good content

  • Micah Lawrence
    Micah Lawrence 6 months ago

    Thank you for letting us watch this for free, Dan.

  • aintgonnahappen
    aintgonnahappen 2 months ago

    This is fascinating. Thank you so much for this, Mr. Negreanu!

  • Jeffery Miller
    Jeffery Miller Year ago

    When you’re in tournaments like this and everyone at the table seems to have a “medium” stack when you look at overall rankings, does it ever concern you enough to think about the other tables? Meaning, I’d be in big trouble if I got moved to another table? Maybe there’s half a table just mowing people down with giant stacks? I had that situation when I made final in a live tournament recently, what we brought into the final table was like peanuts compared to what was sitting. I had my back to them so I didn’t see until the “uh-oh” moment. Still finished top-3 but really had to play at my best.

  • J
    J Year ago +1

    Thank you for sharing from your wealth of poker knowledge!! I'm trying my best to learn how to play poker well. Love watching you play!!!👍💪

  • Atlanta Guns
    Atlanta Guns Year ago

    Learned so much watching one video. Thanks! Keep it coming

    ROYAL MATT 2 months ago

    I learned so much from ur streams / videos.... Thank You Daniel

  • Steven Fortey
    Steven Fortey Year ago

    This is great....how a great player considers the the options.....this is tools, not rules - great content !!!!

  • Shred Head
    Shred Head Year ago

    Daniel is a bad ass. These hands are well explained. He's given me some tips to improve my online play.

  • Leo Levels
    Leo Levels Year ago

    I really like how you talk through your actions. More of this please =)

  • Tim Elkin
    Tim Elkin Year ago

    This is the best I've ever seen you play. I just learned a lot. I wouldn't have played as well. Thanks for the content

  • marius coleman
    marius coleman Year ago

    Thank you for this video bro.. you're really good a teaching the game. I understand everything your teaching.

  • ChicagoTRS
    ChicagoTRS Year ago +1

    This was an enjoyable stream to watch live...too bad at the end but thanks for the great content.

  • First Last
    First Last 4 months ago

    Wow the video is so interesting that even a 28 minute long video seems just like a 3 minute one!
    Honour to see the playing of a legend ❤️

  • blackjackfan58
    blackjackfan58 Year ago +1

    This dude is so much fun to watch. When he beats and tilts Hellmuth I die everytime

  • Darren Hadden
    Darren Hadden 3 months ago

    Congrats Daniel! That makes a winning year amazing! Limp strategy works! Awesome!!!!! Small ball

  • Kevin Quinn
    Kevin Quinn Year ago

    I've been watching you alot in my book you are such a brilliant person and the best poker player I've ever seen

  • REMiiX
    REMiiX 6 months ago

    watching you think as well as how you approach this game is insane to me i love how at live events you call people's whole cards im like theres no way but you sir are a god

  • Vexxd
    Vexxd Year ago +2

    Great video thanks for the info! Also congrats on the masters win yesterday!

  • StockBoy
    StockBoy Year ago +4

    8:20 The point of an unexploitable player is on point, because if a player is unexploitable it raises the point to say that they know all the cards being played. Everyone is exploitable when playing poker, and it dwells into the truth of how real the game is.

  • Michael Molnar
    Michael Molnar Year ago +12

    Thank-you Daniel much appreciated you sharing your thoughts, can’t thank you enough. By far my favorite poker player in the world. Cheers from Australia (free accommodation, food and transport for any tournaments you want to play in Melbourne any time)

    • ThisIsChris
      ThisIsChris Year ago +4

      Yeah cause a celebrity is gonna trust a random Clip-Share comment and is really strapped for cash obviously. I think if he can afford a $25k buy in, he can afford a hotel room for a few nights …

  • avarmauk
    avarmauk Year ago +1

    This is the most interesting poker content. To be able to peer into what he’s thinking as he plays. I soon began to realise he sees things I just don’t see. It’s usually about what the other guy is thinking.

  • Pat Leaf
    Pat Leaf Year ago

    awesome video. Super cool to see GTO explained play by play.

  • John Borys
    John Borys Year ago

    Great stuff!! Daniel thank you for letting us into your head and thinking.... !!!!

  • Brandon West
    Brandon West Year ago

    New to poker. Learned more listening to this than any time I've ever played. 😂

  • Peter Adnell
    Peter Adnell Year ago

    Very good content. Looking forward for more.

  • Justin John
    Justin John 2 months ago

    You're my only idol when it comes to poker. Really happy you shared this. Sending blessings and good vibes from India.

  • Robert J. duPreez
    Robert J. duPreez 3 months ago

    This was a lot of fun to watch. Thanks for doing Joe Rogan.

  • Bearded Gilad - גלעד המזוקן

    precious value content daniel, thank you!

  • Julius
    Julius Year ago

    Great Learning Session, thank you for sharing.

  • Goldie
    Goldie Year ago

    Could you imagine how scary it would be to end up heads up against this Legend. I would have my mom on speed dial to talk me through the fear.

  • Storm
    Storm Year ago

    There is nothing better than a true professional walking you through their thought process as they display their craft.

  • WTFisJu1c3
    WTFisJu1c3 Year ago

    This was awesome content! Very insightful, where is part two!?

  • Reece Hughes
    Reece Hughes Year ago +1

    not scared of folding good cards, something i needed to learn, so many times i’d get bored and jump all in pre-flop because i thought AQ or big slick was a good hand, ultimately any starting hand can be beat

    • Soy Sauce
      Soy Sauce 11 months ago

      Yeah. New players need to see this. Good cards preflop are only really good depending on your position/amount of leverage. Being too confident in good cards will lose you lots of money.

  • D. B.
    D. B. Year ago

    Your just wettin the appetite. Thanks Daniel. Been long time since I've played online, joy to watch and learn.

  • SiimplyJessica
    SiimplyJessica 3 months ago

    This is great and all, but I would love for you to do a small series on beginning poker players. Everything a beginner needs to do or look out for. How a beginner can get into poker, vital things a beginner should know. Because I really want to get into poker but I don't know every single word and every single thing I need to know. I can read all the books I want, it's really hard to find anybody who gives good beginner tips and information because nobody ever wants to give their 'secrets' away. And how easy is it to find a mentor? It's so hard.

  • Andrew Devine
    Andrew Devine Year ago

    That 6/8 off blocker defend against 10/2 was. Magical

  • Organic No Till
    Organic No Till Year ago

    Thank you D Negs. Great stuff here. This is paid content that you were nice enough to give out for free to help others. 👏🤩🤩

  • Jonathan Keating
    Jonathan Keating Year ago

    Daniel makes complicated strategy easy to understand.

  • Adrien FABIE
    Adrien FABIE 7 months ago

    Love it!!!! More please like your poker style!!!

  • Anthony Young
    Anthony Young Year ago

    Interesting. Before watching this I thought I played tight. Now it seems like I play incredibly similarly albeit for different reason. Fascinating. 2 different theories producing the same exact game play.

  • Mi G
    Mi G Year ago

    I'm so happy this came in my suggestions. Always was a fan of DN and now I'm playing again. Subbed.

  • Charz Kelso
    Charz Kelso Year ago

    The best poker player to ever do it. Thanks Daniel for all the advice and entertainment over the years, keep it going!

  • Palaven
    Palaven 9 months ago

    This is amazing content thank you so much Daniel.

  • Joe Centrone
    Joe Centrone Year ago

    Totally learning so much from the Master !

  • Martin Rodriguez
    Martin Rodriguez Year ago

    So much good info, thanks Daniel 👍

  • Dana Bizzle
    Dana Bizzle Year ago

    This is frickin amazing. So great to hear you think through your lines

  • Ghost
    Ghost 3 months ago

    I’m really impress how far he has gone with high cash game

  • John WL Berry
    John WL Berry Year ago

    Thanks Daniel. Great instruction.

  • From The Basement
    From The Basement Year ago +3

    The biggest take away besides D explaining the frequencies of calling/folding/raising with hands, is when D talks about a play that what would’ve made his decision harder if the opponent had done that. @15:54

  • Rexford Hazelton
    Rexford Hazelton 6 months ago

    I played a lot of pocker like 2000 to 2007. I liked Daniel as a player and fun personality, and he is still playing! Nice

  • LowRider, The Fun-loving, Happy Corgi!

    Thanks Daniel! I have a picture with you at the 2009 WSOP and you even chatted with me a bit. Hope to get you to autograph it at the WSOP this year...... Kevin!

  • Jjsmpsn
    Jjsmpsn Year ago

    Hey Daniel, what does one have to do to get into some online tournaments? Where to go? Any specifics?

  • Patrick Brownrigg
    Patrick Brownrigg 6 months ago

    Going back again to takes pro-tips from Daniel. Love this stuff

    • Charles D
      Charles D 5 months ago +1

      Instead of showing how many chips they have, Daniel has changed the settings to show how many Big Blinds everyone has.

  • GTA Cinematic
    GTA Cinematic 17 days ago

    Hello, guys. Two questions:
    1) 14:55 - Isn't beter to bet 50-60% in this situation?
    2) 26:23 - Opponent unlikely hit this flop after big action on preflop. Is the probability of opponents big overpair is the factor what makes Daniels check?

  • Richard Arena
    Richard Arena Year ago +1

    I embrace being a conservative player...
    I use that to my advantage...
    " Pot Control ".. Won't lose as much if I'm running bad...
    And aggressive players ALWAYS over play their hand..
    I can make a bunch of mistakes, and not have my chips seriously Compromised...
    An aggressive player can do everything Right, and make one mistake...
    And lose their entire chip stack...
    It's comical as shit....

  • Griffin Tubridy
    Griffin Tubridy Year ago

    You had great calls and raises, honestly the others at your table had some pretty terrible bluffs

  • 돈은항상옳다
    돈은항상옳다 13 days ago

    Hello Daniel,
    I am a Korean fan, and I love to watch your videos.
    When you got a 88, how would you do if opponent bet on the river? You could have had a 77, and he would have known it.
    If he had bet on river, I'd think he'd have a really high probability of having 7. I'm curious about your opinion

  • Jordan
    Jordan Year ago

    Thanks for the video really want to get my poker skills to winning rather than losing this video helped a lot. Just really hard playing on gg when a lot of guys constantly are jamming all in with garbage starting hands and smashing the flop. My worst beat to date was I had set of aces and buddy had quad deuces his whole cards were 7/2 off my whole cards I had aces he had more chips then me and was 1 player before final table I even 4 bet post flop just crazy how lucky some guys get.

  • Guillaume
    Guillaume Year ago

    Superb video, i didnt anderstand everything but it set me up nice for a better anderstanding of poker, thank you Daniel for the lesson

  • VividPsychosis
    VividPsychosis Year ago

    I just wanted to post that your hand by hand reviews are the best in poker, I feel like I learn so so much from your talk throughs. Thank you. Do you recommend any apps for ingame stats?

  • Revelatus
    Revelatus 7 months ago

    I've been watching so much poker on youtube but you're by far the most likeable and down to earth poker pros i've come across

  • Darren Doyle
    Darren Doyle Year ago

    Congrats on the poker masters win Daniel

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago

    I play heavy hitting poker so my opponent is always caught of guard, never made any money but it sure is fun

  • Jory McGowan
    Jory McGowan Year ago

    I watched this stream live and was really bummed for you, but valued your insights throughout the stream

  • Bourne Jason
    Bourne Jason Year ago

    I always have the feeling poker online is rigged haha.
    Love to see this, because you see thats not only you that has bad luck.

  • mista foot
    mista foot Year ago

    Great video as usual! thank you

  • Fragrance Empire
    Fragrance Empire Year ago

    I always feel like there is never a true shuffle in the cards in these games!

  • J Nightman
    J Nightman Year ago

    Thanks Daniel for posting these videos!

  • Louis Rifat
    Louis Rifat Year ago

    On that final hand (hole cards AQ spades), if he’s 3 betting that large and he doesn’t play loads of hands (though 3-bets 6 out of 36 hands he’s played), does that cap his range? If so why should we be thinking about 6/7combos - do you think it’s more likely you’re up against 10s Jacks or Kings or AK? Or is it because he’s not as inactive as you thought and so 67/7,8/ etc you feel could be likely too. Get the fold, just feel those higher range cards are more likely and so maybe a raise on the flop or turn?! I’m certainly an amateur lol - any feedback greatly appreciate cheers 👍🏽

  • Throttle 13
    Throttle 13 7 months ago +1

    I gasped at that suited ace fold, but understanding your reasoning and position, and watching your prediction unfold was something else. Thank you for your insight!

  • lozgod
    lozgod 5 months ago

    I love how these unaccomplished Microstakes players who are probably losing players are telling Danny what he is doing wrong. 😂

  • CloneHat
    CloneHat Year ago

    What a masterclass!

  • John W
    John W 11 months ago

    favorite poker player since 2009 when i first got into it... i ate slept and lived poker with dreams of going big, then the whole full tilt thing took all my money... but now im back in it and it seems to me you havent changed at all, still the best... is this streamed live? on youtube? or twitch?