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Alpha And Sigma Males Are At War And They're Both Losing

  • Published on Sep 29, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on Clip-Share, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.
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  • Mary Mikadze
    Mary Mikadze Year ago +33549

    Deltas are actually even cooler than alphas and sigmas. You become a delta by being so masculine that you literally transform into a plane. Super rare, very hard to achieve. Typical alpha sigmas wouldn't understand :/

    • Reed 👍
      Reed 👍 Year ago +953

      Sounds like a beta male mindset

    • Iiro Valtonen
      Iiro Valtonen Year ago +1361

      Wait until you hear about the epsilon males and the rhoo males

    • methmi !!
      methmi !! Year ago +893

      @Iiro Valtonen the theta males tho 😍😍

    • Fio Fio
      Fio Fio Year ago +675

      pi males 🤤😍🥺

    • Ant
      Ant Year ago +280

      What delta would use :/ fake beta you will never be a true delta

  • Mall Beats
    Mall Beats 5 months ago +5674

    I'm an omega male, we're above all this labeling. Not getting into labeling is a real omega male move, which is why I am an omega male

  • Nippa
    Nippa 5 months ago +2261

    Sometimes my brain does these weird connections. Whenever folks talk about alpha-beta-sigma males and such, I immediately want to know how these self-proclaimed alphas and sigmas feel about the omegaverse. Do they feel represented? Finally, a media piece involving them?

  • UlvenAspiration
    UlvenAspiration 4 months ago +571

    I consider myself a "Ta-male." That means i'm a delicious meat and bean corn wrap snack. Alternatively it means I'm aspected to fire and revere the great spirit Mata Nui.

  • Vikram XI:D
    Vikram XI:D 5 months ago +2276

    Im a "Rho Male", which roughly means that people are aware of my existence but don't factor me in their options.

    • Dylan White
      Dylan White 5 months ago +16


    • yeah
      yeah 5 months ago +62

      Ampersand male

    • Ninjin 17
      Ninjin 17 5 months ago +46

      Im personally a Tau male

    • AnPrim Pending
      AnPrim Pending 5 months ago +12

      I’m a Dagaz male. Typically an early riser.

    • Zoe Cui
      Zoe Cui 5 months ago +2


  • Xanthopan morganii praedicta
    Xanthopan morganii praedicta 4 months ago +324

    I identify as a Kappa male personally, which means that I'm a Japanese water demon that inhabits aquatic environments.

  • Dasha P
    Dasha P Year ago +27660

    TBH being a beta male is the coolest. You have all these cool colorful fins and breathe underwater.

    • six
      six Year ago +1529

      glob glob

    • Dynamo
      Dynamo Year ago +861

      Haha! Good one!
      (If you don't get it, go look up the Betta fish!)

    • Pumpkin
      Pumpkin Year ago +46

      Time stamp?

    • Pimp Pastry
      Pimp Pastry Year ago +892

      Being a beta is also cool because you get to eat your own kind for no reason, and not get reprimanded for it.

    • Fay Fairytales
      Fay Fairytales Year ago +39

      Is this satire? Humans can't be categorized like this

  • Reid LeBlanc
    Reid LeBlanc 9 months ago +1293

    "they don't need other people's approval"
    "sigma males are REAL and they are the HOTTEST people ever"

    • OriginalNightSlayer
      OriginalNightSlayer 3 months ago +2

      We don't navigate our lives by other's opinions or acceptance, but we can recognize the truth which is that our intellect and mannerisms make us very appealing to those who are wanting to find an ideal partner. The ideal blend of brains, beauty, and brawn, if you will... Many of us are in STEMM fields, and also, we know how to read a room and work with a situation to get our way, not wavering to somebody just because they are trying to win over or persuade us. Our rejection of their expectations turns on a primal switch, and gets women chasing. Thus, We do not need other's approval, but know our own value, and are willing to challenge other's with the truth we are capable of knowing and exercising choices out of wisely, such as our decisions to bid in the sexual marketplace.

    • fashiha rz
      fashiha rz 3 months ago +54

      @OriginalNightSlayer I really want to see your exam papers dude. 😂 Night slayer 420. So precious.


      @OriginalNightSlayer 👏🏿

  • bonk
    bonk 5 months ago +2232

    the whole sigma/alpha/beta thing gives me too many dark memories of ABO fics

    • Nezoon
      Nezoon 5 months ago +337

      I wonder how these self proclaimed “alpha males” and “sigma males” feel about omegaverse.

    • Z.O.A.R.
      Z.O.A.R. 5 months ago +10

      ​@NezoonI hope they stop

    • notta serial killer
      notta serial killer  4 months ago +19

      @Nezoon what's the omega verse?

    • TheJaiganticBridge
      TheJaiganticBridge 4 months ago +90

      You don't want to know

    • Morgan B
      Morgan B 4 months ago +88

      They're both based on the same debunked wolf study so that checks out

  • Ouch
    Ouch 2 months ago +259

    I wouldn't mind this non-existent hierarchy nearly as much if it wasn't used to literally categorize other men and women as "low value."

  • The Shadow King
    The Shadow King 7 months ago +927

    "Sigma males get their power from loneliness" cracked me up bro

  • Samuel Blackmon
    Samuel Blackmon 19 days ago +59

    Me personally. I'm a ξ male. I represent how many times a chemical reaction has taken place

  • lace
    lace Year ago +35282

    So sigma males are just the boy version of “I’m not like other girls”?

  • Mirsunova
    Mirsunova 5 months ago +1469

    "Babies are so beta" best one yet

    • gator
      gator 3 months ago +10

      they gotta realize they WERE betas

    • Egg lad
      Egg lad Month ago

      When you make a portal out of meat and your level increases by 66

    • Shoto Todoroki
      Shoto Todoroki Month ago +1

      @gator they were born as an adult, it would’ve been very painful for their mothers /j

    • Humdinger Games
      Humdinger Games 17 days ago +6

      ABAB - Assigned Beta At Birth

  • ABeeArt
    ABeeArt 9 months ago +675

    It's super ironic that the sigma male dude said he didn't need approval from anyone, but then continuously asks throughout the video for you to like the video, subscribe and donate money lmao.

    MARINA DELGADO 3 months ago +87

    It's been a year and the "Google is the smartest person in the world" still cracks me up every time

  • F0RL0RN
    F0RL0RN 5 months ago +565

    "Google is the smartest person in the world."
    So I guess he's also a Sigma male.

    • Kiwi Gamer
      Kiwi Gamer 3 months ago +29

      nah he’s a google male

    • Garrett Ratliff
      Garrett Ratliff 3 months ago +27

      Google is a pretty cool dude. Had beers with him last week. He even paid my tab! But watch out for Bing. He's a beta

    • Ebuslamente e
      Ebuslamente e 2 months ago +1

      Not how that works

    • Gavynne Helms
      Gavynne Helms Month ago +1

      @Garrett Ratliff best comment

    • WarTheClown
      WarTheClown Month ago

      @Garrett Ratliff best joke I seen

  • LEBubbleDragon
    LEBubbleDragon 4 months ago +65

    as a female i think i can say that im not attracted to "sigma males". or the guy telling me that im 100% attracted to sigma males.
    im attracted to fictional men from video games :)

  • Bun_C
    Bun_C Year ago +9651

    If all they're thinking about is getting women... Aren't they technically being dominated with women's attention?

    • Ellie
      Ellie Year ago +378


    • Ileana Renoir
      Ileana Renoir Year ago +284


    • Marinara Sauce
      Marinara Sauce Year ago +1126

      yes, they're being dominated by their own insecurities

    • Dani T
      Dani T Year ago +609

      Shhhh! You'll break their tiny sense of self worth /lh /j

    • Yvory
      Yvory Year ago +75

      Omg best burn

  • direcircumstances
    direcircumstances 7 months ago +286

    The "low value women" thing is so funny because you just know that guy gets flustered every time a cute girl talks to him. His idea of female value is meaningless because irl he's just grateful when any woman talks to him at all.

  • Gomba13
    Gomba13 7 months ago +264

    I’m a woman and I assure you I am absolutely not attracted to this guy. Quite the contrary. I am also dating what Alphas might call a Beta and I’m hooked. For one thing, he doesn’t spend his days perfecting his game. He’s just nice and fun and cray and doesn’t GAF. 🤷‍♀️

  • Melissa Holm
    Melissa Holm 28 days ago +5

    It’s refreshing to have a balanced dude, say balanced things about the ridiculous antics of male culture.

  • Bi Curious Dirt Bike Boi
    Bi Curious Dirt Bike Boi 9 months ago +592

    "The alpha conquers the beta male, and uses him."
    Sounds kinda hot, actually 😆

  • Brooke Coen
    Brooke Coen Month ago +29

    “That sounds exhausting” Danny single-handedly demolishing the patriarchy

  • Jozefien Voets
    Jozefien Voets 5 months ago +7313

    this is literally just the “not like other girls” mindset but for men

  • Chaeyoungs Strawberry Farm
    Chaeyoungs Strawberry Farm 10 months ago +361

    It’s funny how alphas don’t actually exist in a wolf pack. The so called “alphas” are just the parents, and this was discovered by the same guy who first made the wolf pack alpha theory💀🤚🏻

  • Nana
    Nana 5 months ago +299

    Let me just break this down for you who may not understand
    Alpha: aggressive insecure incel
    Sigma: awkward incecure incel
    All remaining wolf men labels: (?) flavor of insecure I n c e l

  • V i d e o s #2
    V i d e o s #2 5 months ago +43

    These kids watched Alpha and Omega once and took it too literally 💀

  • leisha wyman
    leisha wyman 8 months ago +158

    aw danny. so innocent. yes, people do go around just trying to be better than everyone and “dominate” them. it’s sad.

  • Raggedy Sweet Doll
    Raggedy Sweet Doll 5 months ago +21

    I love Danny asking if toxic masculinity and misogyny are real
    (When he asks if people actually obsess over dominating people)
    It's very innocent /gen

  • Sarah Duval
    Sarah Duval Year ago +43626

    these guy will absolutely lose their minds when they learn there’s a whole greek alphabet

    • I'm Here
      I'm Here Year ago +997

      best comment yet

    • queencleopatra007
      queencleopatra007 Year ago +5273

      Can't wait for the war between epsilon and gamma males 🤩

    • I'm Here
      I'm Here Year ago +221

      @queencleopatra007 lol

    • Lee Mullen
      Lee Mullen Year ago +1680

      I feel I am more of a mu-male, especially after I hit the buffet! (Crowd boos)

    • MangoPopASMR
      MangoPopASMR Year ago +141

      @Lee Mullen lmao xD

  • Dallas the Dirtbag
    Dallas the Dirtbag 10 months ago +125

    I actually got accepted into a Sigma Male cult this evening by a gent of the name Joe Mama. I can't wait to see how this works out.
    Edit: Yeah it worked out fine nothing was real but the guy was really funny

    • LORD J. OfDaAlphaKingz
      LORD J. OfDaAlphaKingz 10 months ago


    • Wolfbarr
      Wolfbarr 10 months ago +9

      @LORD J. OfDaAlphaKingz 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😃

    • LORD J. OfDaAlphaKingz
      LORD J. OfDaAlphaKingz 10 months ago +1

      @Wolfbarr 🥴🤬

    • fashiha rz
      fashiha rz 10 months ago +9

      @LORD J. OfDaAlphaKingz what is it jerome?

    • Mike Oxmall
      Mike Oxmall 3 months ago +3

      I met Yuri Tarded, another recruiter

  • Cameron Rich
    Cameron Rich 8 months ago +169

    The part when he nonchalantly points to the PayPal symbol
    And you hold your card up had me dying!!

  • Deluxray
    Deluxray 2 months ago +29

    Bro thinks he’s a hardcore lone wolf when in reality he’s a stray dog that’s about to get put down bc it has brain worms

  • killlala
    killlala 6 months ago +65

    The definition for sigma males “men who are riding off into the sunset on their horses without much more to their name than the pack on their back” sounds like the title screen to Ocarina of Time
    I guess that makes Link a sigma

  • Dreigonix
    Dreigonix 2 months ago +11

    Habits of the Sigma Male:
    1. Trying to take over the world with a virus that turns Reploids into Mavericks
    2. Getting repeatedly pwned by X and Zero

  • greyson car
    greyson car Year ago +2511

    I love how people who give advice about “masculinity and dating” are the same people who are clearly the most insecure about these things.

    • Lost Liberty 99
      Lost Liberty 99 Year ago +8


    • David Beltran Barajas
      David Beltran Barajas Year ago +39

      Haven’t watched the full video yet, but I do want to bat for the guy on the left, from the AlphaM channel ( I think that’s what his channel is called) he actually has a lot of good videos the high light positive masculinity and has directly bashed traits most would consider as toxic masculinity traits. His language I believe is meant to capture the attention of young men who believe “alphas” are a thing, but I’ve always appreciated that a majority of his videos seek to grow confidence and teach young men positive traits. I don’t watch him any more, but he’s videos never struck me as overtly unhealthy or toxic.

    • Danaki danfo!
      Danaki danfo! Year ago +2

      I would say most of them, not all of them. It really depends on the type of character they have though 🤔

    • Lost Liberty 99
      Lost Liberty 99 Year ago +23

      @David Beltran Barajas Ye the Sigma guy was definitely the worse of the 2.

    • David Beltran Barajas
      David Beltran Barajas Year ago +32

      @Danaki danfo! yea I think for the most part men who legitimately believe in these labels and terms are sad, isolated people. This type of thinking is largely toxic, and teaches men to continue cycles of harm on themselves and both men and women in their life’s. I just personally wanted to speak on that one guy in the thumbnail from my personal experience and perception of his message.

  • blåhaj is the best thing to ever exist

    "kids these days label themselves as things they shouldn't label themselves as anyways i'm a sigma male"

  • BlueBelugaWhale
    BlueBelugaWhale 9 months ago +70

    once i was playing a game and there was someone who said he was a sigma male. he said that i had to go first and help him win the game because i was a woman and it went women -> beta -> alpha -> sigma. he refused to actually do the work. not very loner to me lmao

  • voidnoid
    voidnoid 4 months ago +25

    I thought the whole sigma male thing was a funny and positive internet joke to criticise the alpha male mindset but the fact that people are seriously comparing alpha and sigma males is ridiculous lol



    • Aarav Chhapgar
      Aarav Chhapgar 2 days ago

      @MISTER BREEZE OFTHAREDPILLMAFIA bro i saw your comments theresa no way you’ve been commenting on this video for one year straight

    • Aarav Chhapgar
      Aarav Chhapgar 2 days ago




    • Aarav Chhapgar
      Aarav Chhapgar Day ago


  • sans
    sans 8 months ago +61

    Need some representation for the omicron males now 🙏

  • Kat Joseph Pérez
    Kat Joseph Pérez 4 months ago +12

    Jarvis’ friend Addie once said that she has to know her Zodiac sign, her “Rising,” and the third one as a requirement for dating women. As a struggling-to-talk-to-women bisexual young lady, I wonder if it’s regional or a big characteristic of gay gals. 2:30 Now I’m wondering if identifying as Sigma, Smegma, Omega, or Alpha is important to gay dudes in the same vein

  • Human_JellyBean
    Human_JellyBean Year ago +4425

    “Lions conquer everything”
    Except hunting, you know, ‘cause lionesses do that.

    • Lou Schwick
      Lou Schwick Year ago +46

      Not really. Boy lions are actually more muscle-y then girls. They just send the girls out to do the work. Tigers are the opposite, the girls have more muscle, which makes sense: they're solitary animals, so mommy tigers can't rely on anyone else to protect their kids. Daddy tigers don't need the extra muscle, they only need to care for themselves

    • Dasha
      Dasha Year ago +708

      @Lou Schwick what

    • EddieIsVeryGay
      EddieIsVeryGay Year ago +942

      @Lou Schwick you using these human terms on animals is so funny for no reason

    • IgobyRoss
      IgobyRoss Year ago +759

      @Lou Schwick so… you’re still saying the girl lions do the hunting. It’s not a “not really thing” since you still proved their point dude lol

    • Miru Luvs
      Miru Luvs Year ago +269

      @EddieIsVeryGay exactly what i thought while reading that lmao

  • Stonefist Hermitaur
    Stonefist Hermitaur 9 months ago +77

    Brian looking less like a beta and more submissive and breedable than anything.

  • 🤑paraknas🤑
    🤑paraknas🤑 9 months ago +85

    “Speak for urself dude.. I’m tryna get dominated” I never thought I’d relate to something so hard

  • Lauren Cole
    Lauren Cole 2 months ago +30

    So....sigma males are...cowboys. and alpha males are loud. That is what I'm getting from this.

  • Creecher
    Creecher 6 months ago +31

    I love how by both standards, the LEAST alpha/sigma this is listening to everything someone online tells you and doing that

  • Jas Martin
    Jas Martin 14 days ago +3

    key to being an alpha: scream into your camera instead of talking at a reasonable volume

  • Kaveen
    Kaveen Year ago +4384

    Danny has gone from looking like a 13-year-old to look like a 16-year-old. Good on you for completing puberty dude

    • Park Jimin - stan DKB-
      Park Jimin - stan DKB- Year ago +25

      Pretty old looking 16 year old

    • BackScrasher
      BackScrasher Year ago +70

      @Park Jimin - stan DKB- so a 17 year old?

    • Lancenuts
      Lancenuts Year ago +50

      Lol idk about "completing puberty" but he's getting there!

    • India T.
      India T. Year ago +42

      Growing up right before our eyes🥲

    • Tyger Royal
      Tyger Royal Year ago +6

      Opposite to CodyKo

  • Krissy Burke
    Krissy Burke 7 months ago +19

    This video made me take an online quiz to see which male I am. I (wrongly) feel more validated in identifying outside the gender binary for getting “sigma male” 😂😅

  • 3Li
    3Li 9 months ago +80

    I looked up this stuff because these people (Alpha, Beta, Omega, Sigma Males) are referring themselves to the typical wolf hierarchy. So "Betas" are actually a highly-respected people who discipline the rest of us. This is all just so funny.

  • JasonDoesStuff
    JasonDoesStuff 5 months ago +12

    I’m not personally a fan of Alpha M, but he’s surprisingly good natured. One time a commentary Clip-Sharer (who will go unnamed) made a video on him, and all his fans rushed to the comments to harass them and “defend” the alpha males. Alpha M than made a video talking about how it’s just comedy and there is no reason to get angry about it. So while I may not agree with everything he says, he still seems like an alright dude.

  • Mija Jajaja
    Mija Jajaja 10 months ago +46

    "Goo goo is the smartest person in the world" I'm pretty sure that's what he said

  • Beastaslayer
    Beastaslayer 2 months ago +6

    “Googoo has recognise, sigma mel is a ril mel” 3:32

  • Mario Angel Medina
    Mario Angel Medina Year ago +2595

    "I'm gonna teach you how to act like an Alpha Male to repel women" LOL, that has to be the only true-to-life thing I have ever heard to come out of a masculinity life-coach's mouth

  • manualidadesconchris
    manualidadesconchris 7 months ago +18

    I do have to say that Alpha (at least a few years ago) had some good videos on fashion advice for men, which at the time were very useful for me when I needed to get a present for my brother.

  • thepeff
    thepeff 5 months ago +89

    In all fairness learning to change a tire is a good idea. My interpretation of "alpha" is more of a "build cohesion through a nurturing attitude" and simple auto maintenance tricks are a great way to keep loved ones safe and serves as a masculine way to dote on someone.



    • RinAkurei
      RinAkurei 5 months ago +11

      The woman of Clip-Share CRINGED so hard when he was talking about getting a date that way. He was being disrespectful about how he referred to us - not as humans needing help, but as a human to be used for HIS own ego. Super CREEPY. Only people expecting life to be like that -- and then getting mad when a woman says "no" -- are rapists. This guy has MAJOR RED FLAGS and us women want nothing to do with him!!


      @RinAkurei 😴

    • thepeff
      thepeff 3 months ago

      @RinAkurei speaks for all women lol. Pretty cringe

  • Deluxray
    Deluxray 2 months ago +18

    Everyone knows that the real distinction is that alphas have a kn-

  • Soledad Alfaro-Allah
    Soledad Alfaro-Allah Year ago +13800

    I feel like they’re just gonna keep adding male traits to the Greek alphabet. I’m actually a pi male, I’m round and gooey and infinite stuck on .14

    • Tori
      Tori Year ago +1081

      the male no women can resist

    • Antoni Zajkowski
      Antoni Zajkowski Year ago +30


    • kassie 21
      kassie 21 Year ago +576

      im actually attracted to phi-males and sometimes psi-males, it depends on my mood

    • Dewi L
      Dewi L Year ago +450

      @kassie 21 come on, u know theta-males are way better

    • kassie 21
      kassie 21 Year ago +273

      @Dewi L nah those theta males aint my type

  • Daniel Rothstein
    Daniel Rothstein 5 months ago +7

    Idk if someone else pointed this out but my mind got really hung up on that alpha guy outing himself as 43 and still caring about being an alpha

  • Marlin
    Marlin 5 months ago +65

    Oh, I so want to drop cursed fanfiction tropes on those sigma male videos. How glorious would it be?

  • I'm a motherfreaking avocado

    I can't take the term alpha male seriously, I've spent way too much time on Ao3 💀

  • Kat Callisto
    Kat Callisto 3 months ago +7

    when danny said he wants to be dominated I couldn't help but think of shitty fanfics. cleach my brain

  • Alastair Collins
    Alastair Collins 5 days ago +1

    I think the funniest part of the Alpha Male behaviours in wolves being debunked is that it was debunked *by the guy who proposed it*
    They studied wolves in captivity and were like "turns out wolves are assholes", then they studied wolves in the wild and were like "wait, no, what humans *do* to wolves turns them into assholes"

  • RaDenCo
    RaDenCo Year ago +3370

    There are two types of men:
    A: Men who call themselves Alphas or Sigmas
    B: Men who are not insecure about their own masculinity

  • Jake
    Jake 5 months ago +10

    I'm a Epsilon male, meaning i love to put smiles on peoples faces

  • Violin Flowerbot
    Violin Flowerbot 2 months ago +13

    They're literally so close to ABO -
    Istg I'm never getting over that 😭💀funniest shit ever

  • ApathyReview
    ApathyReview 4 months ago +4

    This dude has the power of loneliness.

  • CUAC
    CUAC 6 months ago +4

    Lambdas need more recognition, they can function without declarations, clearly ineffable. And don’t get me started about phi, so helpful when using spheres.

  • Pooja Mahtolia
    Pooja Mahtolia 5 months ago +3

    To become a Sigma you only need one thing and that is the head on overlapping of atomic orbitals

  • KCat
    KCat Year ago +2199

    "Speak for yourself dude... I'm tryna get DOMINATED" most relatable thing danny's said yet

    • Anakin Low Ground
      Anakin Low Ground Year ago +25

      That's what she said

    • Daniel Gallardo
      Daniel Gallardo Year ago +20

      The way he said it was perfect. 👌

    • Aaron York
      Aaron York Year ago +58

      I request 1 domination this evening. Certified lover boy STAYS ON during domination

    • lamibon xD
      lamibon xD Year ago +13

      @Aaron York if you listen to clb you’re not having sex /lh

    • Schmeedor Cocloa
      Schmeedor Cocloa Year ago +2

      Same 😔🤚

  • Star
    Star 9 months ago +7

    It is genuinely wild to hear someone else use the your age/2 +7 equation. That was my mom's line about how I shouldn't date until I was fourteen XD

  • StickPFP
    StickPFP 9 months ago +6

    I’m a Tau male and the only trait I have is that I’m twice as better than Pi males

  • Oliver
    Oliver 4 months ago +4

    3:01 this part makes me laugh so much everytime 💀

  • Niena Core
    Niena Core 5 months ago +6

    I love that Danny always comes up with Star Wars references, like every single video. Cheffs kiss

  • SadSlavGirl
    SadSlavGirl 4 months ago +5

    If that alpham dude came out as "yo it was a social experiment to show you how dumb toxic masculinity is lmfao" id regain some respect for the society ngl

  • Terrence Mojikon
    Terrence Mojikon Year ago +9760

    "Astrology for men", never have I heard such a strong and enlightening statement perfectly describing this weird culture. Thank you.

  • Insincerity
    Insincerity 4 months ago +10

    So happy to be part of the gregma nation ❤️😊

  • BlueBelugaWhale
    BlueBelugaWhale 10 months ago +7

    the sigma guys motto: believe everything you see on the internet.

  • Cole Kingsley
    Cole Kingsley 3 months ago +4

    Tbh being a delta-wolf-sigma-ultra-master-legend-ninja-dragon-beast is the best

  • LostArtofWhining
    LostArtofWhining 7 months ago +9

    The zoo tycoon tiger and wolf models are even more impressively intimidating

  • bye_bYe
    bye_bYe 5 months ago +11

    “Because Sigmas are the hottest thing-“
    *laughs in lesbian*

  • Nick Huppers
    Nick Huppers Year ago +3644

    Once a man asked me what kind of male I was and I’m like “oh I’m a gay male” and walked away and now I think that he was asking about this

    • Lea
      Lea Year ago +464

      You owned that conversation xD

    • hima rose
      hima rose Year ago +450

      You dodged a bullet bro, good job

    • Solar
      Solar Year ago +137

      just wanted to say that your comment made me laugh, this was amazing xD

    • Noah Mcdowell
      Noah Mcdowell Year ago +81

      It's better to just tell him that than to keep talking to him

    • aeoli garlic
      aeoli garlic Year ago +233

      We now know the winner isn't alpha or sigma male, it's gay male 👏

  • markotnanatkapietruszki
    markotnanatkapietruszki 9 months ago +6

    I love Alpha M so much, he's so damn funny 🤣

  • Heather Curry
    Heather Curry 19 days ago

    I guess Geralt of Rivea from the Witcher could be Sigma. He is not an alpha king, he is a lone wolf and likes it that way. But no one dares try to boss him too hard when he is around, lol.

  • need4speed5353
    need4speed5353 3 months ago +6

    I just saw alphamofficial in a hair loss treatment ad on TV💀. I don't know why I wasn't expecting that

  • Alex
    Alex 4 months ago +3

    Ah, yes. Learning something which could actually be really useful if you're in a sticky situation to get girls. This really be sigma mindset tho-

  • clumsyjam
    clumsyjam 5 months ago +4

    that moment when you go insane from being near an artificial black hole but now you get cool gravity powers.

  • e
    e Year ago +2317

    as a girl...im more attracted to "beta" males simply cause anyone who unironically calls themselves an "alpha male" is a yikes for me 😭

    • NormalGamerGal
      NormalGamerGal Year ago +233

      Plus, I mean, aren't "betas" supposed to actually be nice?

    • Trash Bandit
      Trash Bandit Year ago +344

      Be careful of men who call themselves betas as well 😬😬 incels everywhere

    • Jacobsauce
      Jacobsauce Year ago +413

      I would just say whoever calls them self any of these is a no go

    • NormalGamerGal
      NormalGamerGal Year ago +173

      To be clear, I was joking. Anyone who calls themselves any of these deserve, at best, an eye roll. At worst: run away fast.

    • 40 Watt
      40 Watt Year ago +13

      Yeah beta male just means good person.

  • Elder Lich
    Elder Lich 3 months ago +3

    I feel like if an alpha is dominating another man, they're not going after a girl XD

  • Kenny Laysh
    Kenny Laysh 4 months ago +11

    I've never met a person offline that talks about alpha, beta, etc unless they are making fun of it. When anyone online talks up alpha, sigma, whatever, my first thought was always 'scammer' and I block them. I'm male, and I just act like myself. That's it. Life is great.

  • bby squilf
    bby squilf 9 days ago +2

    personally i am an omega male, i love being dominated by other men

  • Rachel
    Rachel 3 months ago +3

    Danny's response to 14:30 I'm crying 🤣🤣🤣

  • & so
    & so 4 months ago +3

    do they really not realize everyone laughs at this

  • xy
    xy Year ago +11785

    As a female, I can tell you that we're not attracted to alpha makes or sigma males.
    We're most attracted to ligma males.

    • Animus Bathory
      Animus Bathory Year ago +1076

      What's ligma?

    • Reindrew
      Reindrew Year ago +1611

      @Animus Bathory a disorder similiar to hava

    • Animus Bathory
      Animus Bathory Year ago +1155

      @Reindrew what's hava?

    • Reindrew
      Reindrew Year ago +2736

      @Animus Bathory hava nice day

    • Animus Bathory
      Animus Bathory Year ago +1765

      @Reindrew dawww, it's actually wholesome, thank you

  • JoeTheBeau
    JoeTheBeau 4 months ago +2

    are you kidding?? timid, submissive, and over-caring guys are the bestt 🥺

  • Tume
    Tume 7 months ago +17

    when I see males speak about alpha-beta males it gives me the same energy as girls speaking about their zodiac signs.

  • RatBathtub
    RatBathtub 10 days ago +3

    Personally, I’m a 🤷‍♀️ male. I represent a yellow woman being confused.

  • Michael Suk
    Michael Suk 8 months ago +3

    When sigma males have thought something through and understand it, they become very confident of their understanding, and if a situation occurs that real experience and understanding is necessary, the sigma male takes lead with full force and push their beliefs aggressively because they know exactly what they’re doing.

  • TheHummingBrook
    TheHummingBrook 8 days ago +2

    I'm a Gamma myself. We are much, much cooler than all other males. Also much more attractive and women can't resist us. We also never meet anyone because we're just cool like that. I haven't seen anyone in the last 5 years because I'm just so cool. I also haven't met anyone in that time meaning that 100% of the men that I met I have dominated and 100% of the women I've met have come crawling to me. You can't argue with statistics. All my imaginary homies at Gammanation agree.