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Trump cozies up to Putin, says Russia will take over Ukraine

  • Published on Mar 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Former President Donald Trump ramped up his criticism of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and also said that Russian President Vladimir Putin will eventually control all of Ukraine. #CNN #News

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  • Bombheadgames
    Bombheadgames Month ago +305

    You can tell the true nature of a man by the friends he keeps.

    • Eddy alvarez
      Eddy alvarez Month ago +24

      He just don’t want to end the world in a nuclear war

    • Jelepettos
      Jelepettos Month ago +14

      ​@GonnaCrySnowflake?;) trump didn't need alot of guard since there was almost nobody on inauguration day😂

    • Danny B
      Danny B Month ago +10

      That's because all of you guys where busy blocking the streets when you fell to your knees and screamed at the sky!

  • Turmoil Stabilizer
    Turmoil Stabilizer Month ago +21

    United States needed to go through this phase of its existence. Trumps presidency has shaken the establishment so that they could finally realise how fragile their power really is.

  • ****
    **** Month ago +106

    *Quote Continued by U.S. a Defense Official* : ….“ And as we’ve see countries around the world don’t think that’s a good idea. That is why you’ve seen 50 countries not only come to the initial meetings of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, but they continue to come back, and they continue to work hard to ensure that Ukraine gets everything they need to be successful - and that will remain our focus going forward.”

    • A Fridge Too Far
      A Fridge Too Far Month ago +6

      Nice fake quote from an anonymous official 😂

    • ****
      **** Month ago +1

      @A Fridge Too Far And who are the US Defense Officials that gave a news conference on the matter recently. It's all over the place. Sorry dear technology don't lie, most people believe their eyes and ears.

    • Иван Мартыненко
      Иван Мартыненко Month ago +2

      The US military-industrial complex earns a lot of money from this war

    • John Galt
      John Galt Month ago

      @Иван Мартыненко Maybe. So what?

  • Andrew Freeman
    Andrew Freeman Month ago +16

    Flabbergasted! He pronounced "nuclear" correctly

  • Munchkin Pizza
    Munchkin Pizza Month ago +1

    Imagine your dad saying "He'd be better off If I had anything to do with it because he wouldn't have joined that competition. And now he's gonna win the competition".

  • Rafael Fitzmaurice
    Rafael Fitzmaurice Month ago +10

    Look who’s talking! The cinism of this guy beats it all!

  • steve shark
    steve shark Month ago +290

    I remember about 5 years ago in an interview Trump saying "if Russia starts a war, it will be in Europe, won't affect us' .

    • Buisness email
      Buisness email Month ago +19

      You need to learn how to read into things

    • toonhai
      toonhai Month ago +9

      yep and nothing changed since then? you have good memory on Trump btw

  • ****
    **** Month ago +38

    *Quote Continued* : "And I know that there are some Republicans who want to stop the (Ukraine) funding and a few Democrats as well. The public says absolutely not. Why is it that the American people have learned more from history than these extremist members on both sides of the aisle who say, we're only focused on the money we give to our country, just for us?

    • Paddington
      Paddington Month ago

      Was that not on the teleprompter he was reading from so obviously?

  • nrdy2theXtreme
    nrdy2theXtreme Month ago +95

    "North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen." -Donald Trump, statesmen and peacemaker.

    • Oliver Kirkland
      Oliver Kirkland Month ago +13

      They only thing Trump had for N Korea was kiss"s and love! And the occasional nice letter of course.

    • nrdy2theXtreme
      nrdy2theXtreme Month ago +10

      @Oliver Kirkland Or mean tweet. He threatened to nuke the guy and called him "little Rocket Man" days after praising him. My point was that is not the behavior of a peacemaker, as he framed himself in this interview.

    • The Rogue Empire
      The Rogue Empire Month ago


  • Lana Kaniuka
    Lana Kaniuka Month ago

    Isn’t that the time when those politicians start to act as an gentleman or simply those morons should be held for all that crapshoot

  • Sunder Venkataraman
    Sunder Venkataraman Month ago +5

    The mans having trouble even reading ....

  • Byron Wins
    Byron Wins Month ago +61

    He would know, he helped set it all up.

    • werestillslavesonthisplanet
      werestillslavesonthisplanet Month ago +1

      If Biden needed over 25,000 troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day,than it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people😂😂😂💀

  • ****
    **** Month ago +10

    *Quote by a U.S. Defense Official* : “In terms of the importance of Ukraine - first of all - we’ve seen bi-partisan support for providing security assistance to Ukraine up to this point. We’ve heard from Senior Leaders on both sides of the fence say that, and I expect it will continue and will enjoy that support….”

    • Michael Petrovich
      Michael Petrovich Month ago +1

      Ukraine is not important to the US but it is important to Russia and that is why Russia is going to win.

  • MACHOO179
    MACHOO179 Month ago +1

    He can't help but stir the pot.

  • T. R.
    T. R. Month ago +17

    If you’re used to taking potshots at people wearing masks or school libraries, stop and think before you challenge Mickey’s battalion of attorneys.

  • Christian Jeri
    Christian Jeri Month ago +2

    If you met Ukranian people you'd know that they will fight until the last man. Just like we would do it here.

  • Ian McGarrett
    Ian McGarrett Month ago +92

    Given Donald's track record for prognostication, that has got to scare Putin. Then again, Donald called Putin a genius so maybe Putin's too much of a dunce to be scared.

    • Chris Perry
      Chris Perry Month ago +2

      Propaganda pays huh.

    • Alhambra Biker
      Alhambra Biker Month ago +2

      @Chris Perry Clip-Share account made one year ago for Kremlin’s propaganda huh

  • 2NDARYB18C1
    2NDARYB18C1 Month ago

    How do you counted a lie. You hold him to it and the damge"s un-avoidable that comes with it. High Profile criminal cases should never be acquitted and forgotten,we wouldn't be who we are today.

  • Antonio Bonomo
    Antonio Bonomo Month ago +46

    It is amazing how nobody wants to interview the guy, but every news network keeps posting his videos, feeding into it ... Imagine what might happen if all of the news networks stopped replaying his videos... Yea, I know, it gives you something to talk about, but if everyone had stopped playing his social media and video posts a year ago, imagine how different everything would be if everyone just ignored him... Instead, you'll all just keep playing his idiotic posts, feeding the machine.

    • Mark Ludington
      Mark Ludington Month ago +7

      Not to worry; the more he spouts his insane views the harder to take him seriously he becomes. Keep peeing straight up Donny and telling us about the rain.

    • CIA Operative
      CIA Operative Month ago

      ​@GonnaCrySnowflakelol everyone forgot about that and the barricades surrounding the Whitehouse

    • Madeline Heeley
      Madeline Heeley Month ago +3

      omg I've been saying this exact thing forever. Even celebrities that hate him keep tweeting and sharing stuff about him, which is only getting his word out there. C'mon, get a clue, people! The more sharing we do, the more we give him credit. If everyone just stopped, he would virtually disappear. People have no understanding of the power they have.

  • kate Lopez
    kate Lopez Month ago

    They shared the same governing ideas. Forced their system into the people, just like Nick Cruz said

  • ****
    **** Month ago +57

    *Quote regarding the war against Ukraine and those that support Ukraine, and those who don't* “Its about evil vs. good, and it’s about democracy vs. authoritarian.”

    • chinapig71
      chinapig71 Month ago +2


    • Niraj neupane
      Niraj neupane Month ago +10

      How about American gift of Iraqi, Afghani, Syrian, Libyan version of democracy ??

    • sad romantic
      sad romantic Month ago +2

      They know that but the part about
      "Authoritarian" attracts magats.

    • Elena
      Elena Month ago +3

      @Niraj neupane make an effort to read about the crimes of the dictators , in those countries , against their own people. In Afghanistan , US went for the terrorists and left. Afghans failed to defend their country against Talibans..so they have the occupation and went decades back in time.

  • James Tirado
    James Tirado Month ago

    That's the plan he's telling you what's gonna take place

  • RacerX
    RacerX Month ago +322

    Remember when Trump said he is a "Stable Genius "

    • taylor kl
      taylor kl Month ago +59

      The irony is… he’s neither stable nor a genius

    • Brat Tesh • 57 seconds ago (edited)
    • Harry Farber
      Harry Farber Month ago +3

      @Ted Porciuncula, Do you remember in 2019 when Joe Biden said that he was going to change the rules about indicting a sitting president? Why did he change his mind instead?

  • Robert Mortensen
    Robert Mortensen Month ago +127

    “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullsh*t” seems to be Trump's motto.

    • Perry Luvr
      Perry Luvr Month ago +4

      First I heard he was the richest person in America. Then he had 10 billion bucks. But with his love for the enemy, all of the truth about his finances and tax issues, I am disgusted with this great con guy. He's ruining America and the world and doesn't even understand why. What an embarrassing traitor he is!

    • AT
      AT Month ago +2

      *Little Trump* wishes he becomes Putin when he grows up 😂

  • Trev S
    Trev S Month ago +24

    The man who wants you to ingest bleach treats us to more of his logic

  • robert oriato
    robert oriato Month ago

    He's bitter man.😂😂😂he knows they can't 😅😅😅

  • Rob LoveStar
    Rob LoveStar Month ago +12

    "...Not someone who recites mindless and recycled talking points...". Ah, the unfathomable irony of Trump.

    BiLAL NEKERE Month ago

    Ma sha Allah sister may Allah bless u Ramadan Mubarak

  • fred rit
    fred rit Month ago +10

    " we need a stateman in the white house" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ****
    **** Month ago +14

    *Quote Continued by U.S. a Defense Official* : ….“Ukraine matters, it matters not to just Ukraine or the United States, it matters the world. This is about the rules-based international order. It’s about one country’s ability to wake up one day and change the borders of its neighbor, and annex its neighbor’s sovereign territory."

    • NR 2
      NR 2 Month ago

      right on...

  • angela1984a
    angela1984a Month ago +7

    *Donald is the kind of person who would sell Alaska to North Korea if Kim threatened to nuke it.*

  • Zanza
    Zanza Month ago

    We are heading down a dark path a path we once's fought as a collective, Something we understood to be evil.
    All to eager to have a war, A war wich will cost many life's you and me included.
    Many of us are against a race of people, We even give them names out of disgust.
    many of those people did not choose this, They are like you and me going along our days dealing with the difficulties of life.
    I suppose old habits never die...

  • Lorne Stein
    Lorne Stein Month ago +7

    That golden shower video tape is a powerful motivator.. isn't it?

  • Jeff Lines
    Jeff Lines Month ago +7

    I like how Russia threatening other European countries to not join NATO can be responded with "What are you gonna do? Invade me?"

  • Isaac Smith
    Isaac Smith Month ago +15

    "Sniff sniff 😥, don't mock Russias nukes. That makes my putin feel self-conscious."

  • ****
    **** Month ago +3

    *Another article Quote - Breaking News* : "Trump acts like a mob boss. Now he’s being indicted like one - The mobster comparisons are befitting not just in Trump’s life and business modus operandi, but also now in the way Trump is finally being held accountable."

  • Mike Rüschoff
    Mike Rüschoff Month ago +27

    I still find it difficult to believe people voluntarily voted him into office. That many of them still want to vote him again speaks volume about how clusterfucked humankind is.

    • Zelensky likes to Slobba Zucchini!
      Zelensky likes to Slobba Zucchini! Month ago +1

      I know, right? A true leader is Zelensky - a guy who played the piano with his goober and dances around in high heels and a patent leather gimp suit.

    • Erik Rogers
      Erik Rogers Month ago

      Again why include everyone? They are on their own with this

  • ****
    **** Month ago +2

    *quote continued re Trump NY Indictment* : “So I am not that big a fan of this (NY) case, but by golly, if all those distinguished republican politicians would have said the same things when the same case was brought against Michea Cohen, by the Trump Administration, they would have a little credibility.”

  • Oz n' Stuff
    Oz n' Stuff Month ago +66

    After all the suffering Russia has inflicted, I find it abhorrent that Trump could be in a position to withdraw support to Ukraine.

    • Oz n' Stuff
      Oz n' Stuff Month ago +23

      @Kgndndus hshs I live in the UK, so am probably affected same as you. Prices have gone up all over the world and Africa and some Asian countries have it even worse than us. Most of the unflatipn has been due to a supply shock from Russia's invasion. The rest is our governments printing too much money while keeping interest rates too low for decades making us used to easy money. However bad you think things are now, they will be much worse for future generations if Russia is allowed to get away with Ukrajne because they won't stop there. Life isn't easy, but can become a whole lot worse if we don't stand up now...

    • Tommy igunma
      Tommy igunma Month ago +5

      @Oz n' Stuff nicely written bro

    • Anna Katariina
      Anna Katariina Month ago +9

      @Oz n' Stuffwell said! In Finland life is also hard now but we know better than almost any other country in Europe that we can’t let Russia win

  • Sue Strong
    Sue Strong Month ago +4

    🗣️ He's a cake of nuts!! Unreal 🤯

  • ****
    **** Month ago +9

    *Quote Continued* : "The fact is this is for us. This is for them. This is for the entire global community. You stop aggression or it will continue and it will overwhelm us all .

  • D. Eath
    D. Eath Month ago +3

    TFG : " I've just been impaled ! Save me Vlad ! "

  • ****
    **** Month ago +12

    *Quote* : "We know the consequences of November 9th the day that the Berlin Wall fell. We know the consequences of September 11th....and then January 6th. Also February 24th because on this day, we are put to the test, what will we do now? You saw what happened in the buildup to World War II. The world just allowed the German effort to move forward further and further and further and did nothing. *We see what happened when we let terrorism go unchallenged, unchecked* ."

    • R Mac
      R Mac Month ago

      Jan 6 ahaha. I do agree, national socialist must be stopped. Nationalism is normal, most have pride in and claim their country, it’s the socialism that is the menace.

  • William Jacque
    William Jacque Month ago +3

    Trump can do his Cheerleading for Putin in a Federal Prison

  • Hopeton Scott
    Hopeton Scott Month ago +6

    In a world where peace is damgerous.

  • Gaige Johnson
    Gaige Johnson Month ago +2

    His skin is such an unnatural shade of orange that it makes him that much more difficult to take even remotely seriously.

  • kennyn19
    kennyn19 Month ago

    If it's the poll I saw then 15 names were read out. So of course Trump will do well against such a big line up. In reality there may be far far fewer running so the margins would probably close.

  • LazyDigitalProductions

    Is by any chance the peace maker the same man who inspired the assault on the capitol? 😂😂😂

  • J S
    J S Month ago +233

    The ICC does not have the death penalty. Saying that ultimately Putin will take over all Ukraine was an open invitation to Russia to interfere in 2024.

    • Mark Poidvin
      Mark Poidvin Month ago +31

      It was not an invitation. It was his plea for help from Russia. The man is so self centered I did not think this level was possible. He has not even learned to conceal it. He should remember though that some GOP supporters oppose spending too much, but over 75% of Americans support Ukraine.

    • Belly Dancer Em
      Belly Dancer Em Month ago +20

      I wonder what dirt Putin has on trump

  • MalenkyGoblin
    MalenkyGoblin Month ago +9

    Well now Trump and Putin have something in common with being wanted by law enforcement authorities.

  • Sherman Tincher
    Sherman Tincher Month ago +54

    He is looking for somewhere to run to that will not extradite him.

    • Josh
      Josh Month ago +3

      Why he kept claiming the classified docs were his and he wanted them back...lol

    • Shoyib F2017
      Shoyib F2017 Month ago

      Thank you for your assistance.

    • Shawn Murray
      Shawn Murray Month ago

      The Saudis

  • Thomas Munich
    Thomas Munich Month ago +7

    Wouldn't there be a chance Trump becomes Putin's roommate in The Hague?

  • Pax
    Pax Month ago +5

    Beavis has an ICC warrant out for his arrest and Butthead was just indicted.

  • mr.nobody
    mr.nobody Month ago

    Here we go😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • R Keller
    R Keller Month ago +21

    X45 should just announce his Russian citizenship, and declare his loyalty to Putin which has always been evident.

    • Kyle Kyle
      Kyle Kyle Month ago

      Wahhhh Ukraine is losing waaaah

  • John Densmore
    John Densmore Month ago +2

    🇺🇸✌🏻🇺🇦 Freedom for Ukraine!!

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +8

    I'm thinking he wanted the wall so he could jump over and not get caught.

    • C.M.S
      C.M.S Month ago

      Made it easy for himself by not completing it, he csn just walk round.

    • Ver Coda
      Ver Coda Month ago +1

      Trump? Jump? Waddle up to it, maybe, lardarse that he is, but Jump Over It?!

  • TheAmbientUniverse
    TheAmbientUniverse Month ago +8

    Lol he called Putin short and a good guy

  • John Lachucik
    John Lachucik Month ago +4

    We need a statesman...so freaking funny

  • Ms Bonanza
    Ms Bonanza Month ago +1

    Absolutely. Appreciate your sincere remarks.

  • Walter P Chrysler
    Walter P Chrysler Month ago +80

    Trump said that in the hopes that Russia can help him get elected again and make all of his legal problems go away.

    • Pab Lo
      Pab Lo Month ago +7

      yes, and then he woke up...in jail.

    • Walter P Chrysler
      Walter P Chrysler Month ago +8

      @Pab Lo With a cell mate that keeps telling him that he has a pretty mouth.

  • One Question
    One Question Month ago

    Imagine if any other person to a position against the interest of his own government. That person would be unelectable as dog catcher.

  • Carol Peterson
    Carol Peterson Month ago +16

    Aiding and abetting the enemy once again....

  • John LeBlanc
    John LeBlanc Month ago +6

    "Mindless and recycled talking points" Trump describes Trump -
    "The Very Stable Genius" said that he was to be arrested 10 days ago, yet we are still waiting . . . to celebrate.

  • ointment9
    ointment9 Month ago

    Wow. A anti Trump story. i have been waiting for years and years for this channel to do one of these. Keep up the good work and maybe you will do another one next year. Best original news channel ever.

  • Marco Marin
    Marco Marin Month ago

    How exactly was he going to stop him going into Ukraine?

  • vladimir_hacks on Instagram

    👆Doing a good job is not always about impressive innovation. Sometimes it is only about doing something with plain dedication, Well done. This message is to recognize your contribution concern the account. Your commitment has been exemplary and your hard work is an inspiration to everyone around you.

  • TheOffkilter
    TheOffkilter Month ago +17

    shows how much Trump knows about geopolitics(which even people in his Cabinet were shocked at how little he knew or even cared to know as he was proudly ignorant of such matters) that he fails to read the room and not know that Russia has already lost the war strategically and will certainly NEVER be able to take Ukraine wholemeal.

    • A A
      A A Month ago +1

      Never say never history can prove you wrong real easy
      You can argue a
      Victory for Russia i don’t wsnt it but is possible

    • TheOffkilter
      TheOffkilter Month ago

      @A A it would take a series of absolutely seismic shifts in geopolitics and capability both for the Ukrainians and especially the Russians for that to happen, none of which seem remotely likely at this point so Im fairly confident in my claim even though yes I suppose I am tempting fate there.

    • Numinous20111
      Numinous20111 Month ago

      ​@A A Even if Russia were to win the direct military conflict, the realities of occupying Ukraine are beyond them. Take a look at the level of manpower and equipment needed.

  • xllincon
    xllincon Month ago


  • One Heart Worldwide
    One Heart Worldwide Month ago +6

    I read that plan.
    Who wants to be big, will be very small.

  • henry lee
    henry lee Month ago

    Love Trump. When I can't sleep, his awkward, monotonic way to readings a speech puts me right to sleep

  • Johann Johann
    Johann Johann Month ago

    And that's one thing about Biden, his personality lends him to be a good war time President I have to say.

  • skate and create
    skate and create Month ago +1


  • Todd Garver
    Todd Garver Month ago +72

    Putin: Trump came to me, tears in his eyes. He said "Please Mr. Vlad dont let the justice department get me." 😢

    • P. Scott
      P. Scott Month ago +1


    • djkiIIag
      djkiIIag Month ago +4

      Under the last administration what county did Russia invade?

    • Insert Name
      Insert Name Month ago +5

      And yet he hasn’t been charged. Let’s go Brandon

  • tjb tamil
    tjb tamil Month ago


  • Ulises Freytes
    Ulises Freytes Month ago +55

    And we still believe he is not in cahoots with Russia!

    • John C. Smith
      John C. Smith Month ago +5

      He just shows Common sense . you should try its not hard

  • exa
    exa Month ago

    TRUMP: A card used in card game, able to beat all others. TRUMP: Often a loud noise accompanying wind expelled from the bowels, sometimes complete with a foul smell. PUTIN: The Russian President who outsmarted a TRUMP. TRUMP: The man who is not going to sell out Ukraine. End of.

  • B V
    B V Month ago +1

    Trump’s really hoping Vlad sends a Russian Sub to Mar-a-largo to rescue him from all the Indictments coming down.
    (Better to eat Borscht every day than swill at ADX Florence.) Poor Donald.

  • EliteCoder
    EliteCoder Month ago

    He is being real

  • Mimi
    Mimi Month ago

    When it comes this far I’d seriously want to hear his angle in detail. The process/steps and the big picture. #Geopolitic #Diplomacy His aim (where he’s trying to take America to), why, how and something that could backup his argument. #Future #LeadershipStyle #Partnership🤔🤔🤔

    • T A
      T A Month ago

      He has no angle or details, pure demagoguery

  • iva taiwan
    iva taiwan Month ago +1

    😭😭😭😭 OMG America is in danger..Sadly people don't see how bad it is..

    MASTER Month ago +1


  • Tony Sam
    Tony Sam Month ago +3

    It's to hard to find a double as tall as James Comey. Tribunals in full swing

  • John Pattillo
    John Pattillo Month ago +8

    He’s like if Neville Chamberlain ran casinos.

    • kalman sovari
      kalman sovari Month ago

      Much worse. NC was worried about the Soviets occupying Europe, and that was a valid point.

  • Victor
    Victor Month ago +3

    Trump seems to be looking for a escape route, hoping that Putin takes him under his wing. And yet, if he gets the nomination, he may win. Never underestimate the stupidity of the average citizen.

  • Carpenter
    Carpenter Month ago +1

    Thank you Neville Chamberlain.

  • dennis winters
    dennis winters Month ago +66

    Trump looks sadder and sadder as his last few remaining brain cells give up the ghost. And then there's his face, which is beginning to resemble a badly built brick wall urgently in need of repointing.

    • Brian Case
      Brian Case Month ago +6

      I think you're right: he's showing signs of getting old mentally. Imagine the stress he feels. Even narcissists have limits.

    • Wayne Harris
      Wayne Harris Month ago

      Imagine what his 'mushroom shaped thingy' looks like now----never mind.

    • werestillslavesonthisplanet
      werestillslavesonthisplanet Month ago

      If Biden needed over 25,000 troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day,than it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people😂😂😂💀

    • Richard Lawson
      Richard Lawson Month ago

      Yuk yuk yuk😅😅

  • Sally Daniel
    Sally Daniel Month ago

    He's still hoping to escape to Russia 🇷🇺

  • FD
    FD Month ago +3

    We remember Helsinki!

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago +88

    The only thing they have in common is corruption 😂😂😂

    • Alan aka FANG
      Alan aka FANG Month ago +5

      That's what every politician has in common. Wake Up

    • Omarion Bayley
      Omarion Bayley Month ago


    • Mike
      Mike Month ago +4

      @Alan aka FANG hmm so you are a politician???

  • Mervyn Claxton
    Mervyn Claxton Month ago

    Many brave Ukrainian people have given their lives so far, showing that they don't want to be under Putin's dictatorship.
    They may not win the war but they are showing the world the need to resist an evil regime.

  • Firewind II
    Firewind II Month ago +3

    Does any of this get onto FOX? I don't watch enough of it to keep up with the inside moves. Their propaganda is just as often what they leave out. It's got to be extremely awkward, like standing on logs in the water.

  • ****
    **** Month ago +3

    *quote continued re Trump NY Indictment* : “Everyone of those Republican Politicians need to be asked this, what did you say when Michael Cohen was prosecuted for the same crime? And who prosecuted Cohen? Not a partisan DA in NY - the Trump Justice Department, the Trump Selected US Attorney for the Southern District of NY.”

  • San Diego Trains & Traffic Lights

    Trump is in no position to even be talking about peace after Jan 6.

    • werestillslavesonthisplanet
      werestillslavesonthisplanet Month ago +3

      If Biden needed over 25,000 troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day,than it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people😂😂😂💀

    • Chucks Grace
      Chucks Grace Month ago +2

      To quote the Left during the summer of love, it was "Mostly peaceful protests."

    • Pete Pierre
      Pete Pierre Month ago

      @werestillslavesonthisplanet 81 million would beg to differ.
      Where I learnt math, 81 million is higher than 74 million.

  • Paul Johnston
    Paul Johnston Month ago +5

    What ever trump said must of been code for " Vlad , get my dacha ready ... I'm going to have to run to stay out of prison"

    • Kyle Kyle
      Kyle Kyle Month ago

      Ukraine is losing 😂😂😂

  • RaneeH
    RaneeH Month ago

    We better wake up America! God can turn this around, but only if: “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles‬ ‭7‬:‭14‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • Putins Cat
    Putins Cat Month ago

    Trump - "Puti, I sell you Ukraine. But I get to build a hotel on the Black Sea."

  • 6thMessenger
    6thMessenger Month ago +71

    Disney gutted DeSantis’ plan.
    I love it when fascists get the rug pulled out from under them.

    • SM JIBON
      SM JIBON Month ago +1

      Nice to see you.

    • Shoyib F2017
      Shoyib F2017 Month ago +1

      Thank you for your assistance.

    • William Royer
      William Royer Month ago +3

      DeSantis is vindictive he'll have a hissy fit and go on another Disney attack 😡

    • Heccordero2
      Heccordero2 Month ago +5

      Disney took Desantis to school.

  • möchtegern däne
    möchtegern däne Month ago

    Well, that was to be expected. Trumps annual performance review with Putin is coming up. He just wants to rim the Russian bossman.

  • Yukon Gold
    Yukon Gold Month ago

    When did DeSantis say he was going to run ? These reporters are pitiful and very uninformed