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Between the Sheets: Matthew Mercer

  • Published on Oct 30, 2018 veröffentlicht

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  • jpdarrington
    jpdarrington 4 years ago +6

    Seeing two adult male friends talk and cry and show their emotions to one another is a beautiful thing.

  • Max Fitz
    Max Fitz  +57

    Oh wow. Wow. I resonated with so much of this. Teared up like three times. The imposter syndrome, the body dysmorphia, growing up poorer than peers, the insecurities, turning to nerd shit as borderline escapism. Even drawing kids pictures in elementary/middle school for some quick bucks was so real. I hesitate to call myself a creative, but I do love to draw, and hearing this from the perspective ot a creative is so empowering? Speaking of representation, hearing all of this from someone I admire so much, I feel like I can actually be someone in my life. Thank you Matt Mercer, you wonderful human being.

  • Matthew Morgan

    Matts genuine feeling and emotion in everything he says as well as thoughtfulness makes this person is such a great person in the world.

  • Lucas Vidal
    Lucas Vidal 2 years ago +4

    Has greasy hair and scalp infections > goes on to have flawless hair.

  • JayJonesR Gaming

    Rewatching this after C3 E33 and imagining Matt turning to Marisha on the car ride home going “did you have fun?” is lowkey hilarious

  • Dan West
    Dan West  +10

    Dude this one really hit home for me especially the body dismorphia.

  • Zomburai45
    Zomburai45 3 years ago +2

    Watched the interview. Matt cried. Brian cried. I cried. The bar cried. Matt killed the mimic. Good times.

  • nrg clix
    nrg clix Year ago +626

    The way he speaks about his wife, the emotion that washes over him. What a man, seriously. He is just an amazing person.

  • neruneri
    neruneri Year ago +654

    I really struggle to imagine a world where Sam didn't have D&D as a creative outlet for all the chaos inside his brain. I'm pretty sure that's the timeline in which he becomes a supervillain.

  • Ultimomos
    Ultimomos 3 years ago +4

    This, friends, is what masculinity should be represented as. An openness, a strength to share, the resolve in vulnerability and the nobility and honor in compassion. As a blade to a forge we are tempered in adversity, stronger from the process, able to protect the ideals we hold and those we love. Matt and Brian, thank you for sharing and being such positive male role models for a world that so greatly needs men like you.

  • Jacob Motts
    Jacob Motts Year ago +634

    As someone who is just now getting into Critical Role in Season 3, this interview was fantastic. I always had a great impression about Matt, and this interview shows how amazing that man really is. I am so happy to support such an amazing group.

  • tobias fosgrau
    tobias fosgrau 3 years ago +1

    Shout-out to Ian Cho for being a real bro.

  • Skippy The Wonder Chicken

    I love how great Brian is as an interviewer. There isn't one ounce of "I'm waiting for you to stop talking so I can talk." He gives his entire attention over and does such a great job as a listener.

  • Amer
    Amer  +215

    Holy crap is Matt intelligent. He knows his limits, he knows how to appreciate what he's been given, he knows how to know the limits of other people and himself. Such a wholesome and amazing person.

  • Thomas
    Thomas 2 years ago +231

    Y’know those feelings that Matt used to describe the Wild Mother? This is that. Warm and comforting and feeling not alone. An extraordinary feeling of “it’s going to be okay.”

  • Korizain
    Korizain 3 years ago +427

    Brian telling Matt he saw him as a lighthouse is incredible, and so true, I feel like it made Matt feel something and maybe understand a bit more how great what he's doing is, he doesn't owe us anything but by just being here he's giving us a a safe place, and lighting the way.

  • M
    M Year ago +145

    I know I'm commenting on a 2 year old video and this will likely never be seen but it's such a huge deal to see a man talking openly about body dysmorphic disorder, makes me feel like less of a weirdo.

  • Tobias Qvistgaard

    A boy that stutters becoming best friends with a deaf kid who couldnt hear the stuttering is insanely wholesome

  • Noobcita
    Noobcita 4 years ago +2

    Brian W. Foster you have a gentle soul and you are a fantastic interviewer.

  • Andi wrath
    Andi wrath 2 years ago +477

    After I got out of the military, things were hard. I was in a very, very dark head space, my savings were running dry, and I was jumping at every noise outside. Honestly, if it wouldn't have killed my mother, I'd have made permanent escape plans. I'd lost my identity, my support network, and felt so alone and worthless.