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How Asian Parents Flex

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • #shorts #skit #asian #parody #comedy #sketch #emotionaldamage
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  • YT Commenter
    YT Commenter Month ago +219897

    they go from flexing their sons to flexing themselves.....

    • MBAPPE
      MBAPPE 2 days ago

      Answer this question who do you want to flex?

    • The Potato Bear
      The Potato Bear 2 days ago

      @5H4K lol trueee

    • Shayer S. Utsho
      Shayer S. Utsho 6 days ago

      @blindguyreacts yeah you changed it though

    • blindguyreacts
      blindguyreacts 6 days ago

      The comments are square 12

    • Glytz_
      Glytz_ 8 days ago

      no no no it went from flexing their sons to flexing about themselves to talking shit about their sons

  • Kyo
    Kyo 26 days ago +6634

    Flexing sons ➡️ flexing themselves ➡️ insulting sons ➡️ therapy

  • Roshan Samuel
    Roshan Samuel 14 days ago +1710

    divided from sons achievements but united by sons dissappointments

    • meanwhile
      meanwhile 3 days ago

      I have the power to make the likes go from 999 to 1k

    • ALakes
      ALakes 6 days ago +4

      profound, true. needs to be a bumper sticker

      AMANOKA 8 days ago +4


    • Ayesha Moritano
      Ayesha Moritano 11 days ago +11

      Why this one has only 60 likes!?

  • Bigdwippa
    Bigdwippa Month ago +17750

    The nine yr old neurosurgeon who couldn't even cook rice

    • Luigi
      Luigi Day ago

      Are you ok?

    • Bigdwippa
      Bigdwippa Day ago

      ​@Karmic Crotal I could 100% see it

    • Karmic Crotal
      Karmic Crotal Day ago +1

      That's an anime title right there

    • Sophia Abela
      Sophia Abela 3 days ago

      I’m nine and I know how to cook rice and I’m Asian😂

  • Eric Carson
    Eric Carson 24 days ago +730

    "My son can't even cook rice" "... Are you okay?"
    Dead. Officially dead.

  • Cherry-Axolotl-Twins
    Cherry-Axolotl-Twins 4 days ago +19

    “Are you ok? “ got me dying 😂

  • Penny W
    Penny W Month ago +5550

    The genuine concern when asking "Are you okay?" is painfully accurate

    • kimeru31 k
      kimeru31 k 2 days ago

      Rice is life!

    • AUMO 🅞
      AUMO 🅞 21 day ago

      Is the rice ok then

    • Hiya aa
      Hiya aa Month ago +2

      ​@Tafari kxng My brother 🤦

    • Ridita
      Ridita Month ago

      It's easy, you just follow the instructions on the 📦.

    • Tafari kxng
      Tafari kxng Month ago +2

      @suumcuique tbh honest with you I gave up on washing rice, I'd let it boil, once it soft, strain it under running water and then let the water dry out

  • FunFacts
    FunFacts 24 days ago +109

    "What da hail is a dishwasher" had me rolling on the floor 😂

    • Annalisa Ching
      Annalisa Ching 2 days ago

      @immortalfrieza LOL your comment needs more likes…nothing like a good, old-fashioned wife to wash your dishes! 😳😅😂

    • immortalfrieza
      immortalfrieza 7 days ago +2

      "Your wife!"
      "Oh ya."

  • Element Bey
    Element Bey 15 days ago +81

    I love how he just carries a can of Beijing corn with him lmaoo 😂😂😂

  • Sudhanshu
    Sudhanshu Month ago +13808

    Went from flexing their sons to flexing themselves to roasting their sons to being sympathetic.

  • Ian Roma
    Ian Roma 24 days ago +45

    "bought a tablet, returned it, came back 2 weeks later for an open-box discount"

  • Rebecca Miller
    Rebecca Miller 14 days ago +6

    I am in tears laughing. Not Chinese descent but related. I have seen similar "Flexing" happen in cousins home. First time seeing the older immigrant ones go at it was WTF? They were so serious in how good/how bad they had it. Next time just brought popcorn and watched the show. Got fun when my cousins grandfather dragged in the fact his son married a white girl and now he had me in the house summer vacations. He had great hopes I would learn to wash dishes with hot water. But he was proud I could cook rice and was learning to his cook restaurants menu.

  • Smipy
    Smipy Month ago +29015

    They go from flexing to roasting their sons under 30 seconds.
    Real Asians

  • {Røse}
    {Røse} 9 days ago +6

    “What da hail is a dishwasher”
    “Expensive drying rack” 💀✋

  • BlushedElf
    BlushedElf 5 days ago +7

    They go from flexing to saying that they don’t have a dishwasher 😂

  • Djninjitsu Channel
    Djninjitsu Channel Month ago +9994

    I'm glad they can put aside their differences to complain about their childern, so wholesome

    • AUMO 🅞
      AUMO 🅞 21 day ago

      Seems like some Can't complain bout complainin compainments

    • mdnazir san
      mdnazir san Month ago

      It's wholesome to see bt really painful when they do it only if yk

    • Shae C
      Shae C Month ago +5

      That's how my parents keep in touch...

    • Macarena
      Macarena Month ago +2

      nah they flexing how bad their kids are

    • DonT-ToucH-Me PG13
      DonT-ToucH-Me PG13 Month ago +9

      My son work in sweat shop and uncle in concentration camp. But my social credit score the highest best!

  • Marios Luigi
    Marios Luigi 4 days ago +6

    "I invented parallel parking" 💀

  • Amal Albatini
    Amal Albatini 20 days ago +11

    “I don’t even have a dishwasher “
    “What da hail is a dishwasher”
    Got me rolling on the floor😂

  • Titus Chon
    Titus Chon Month ago +24095

    He may be a neurosurgeon, but he can’t cook rice!? That’s ultimate failure right there 😂

    • AUMO 🅞
      AUMO 🅞 21 day ago

      W/ washin mashin

    • yyy
      yyy Month ago


    • Lacivert Umut Kazankaya
      Lacivert Umut Kazankaya Month ago

      @RichyFlinty I guess you are right

    • Tiana Jensen
      Tiana Jensen Month ago

      To be fair his son is 9…..although I wouldn’t trust a neurosurgeon that never learned to cook rice

    • Joseph Wallace
      Joseph Wallace Month ago +2

      My brother was a army ranger. Jumping out of planes into a war, swimming for miles, can disassemble and reassemble a gun blindfolded. But ask him to boil water. Myself I'm a chef so it cracks me up how some simple cooking is to much for him.

  • Marcus Baker
    Marcus Baker 4 days ago

    4 stages of entitled parents: flexing their royal bratty sons ➡️they flex themselves at each other➡️insult their spoiled sons➡️psychiatrist therapy

  • ꧁♥︎Yuri Rukato♥︎꧂

    They go from flexing their sons to flexing themselves to straight up roasting their sons.

  • Bro Annoying
    Bro Annoying Month ago +8212

    Start off enemies by flexing accomplishments, end up friends by agreeing on each other's failures. Truly a moment of all time.

    • AUMO 🅞
      AUMO 🅞 21 day ago


    • Mary Shaffer
      Mary Shaffer 29 days ago +1

      We need more neurosurgeons. Probably a billion.

    • Dave Osborne
      Dave Osborne Month ago +2

      I liked the moment when the character proclaimed “It’s parenting time!” and then proceeded to parent all over the place

    • marco!
      marco! Month ago +1

      @Mdbgamer its definitely a moment

    • StonedSceneKid
      StonedSceneKid Month ago +2

      @Lucis Leesionthat’s racist

  • ThatOneGaySimmer
    ThatOneGaySimmer 3 days ago +1

    "he cant even cook rice"
    *you win, your son needs a miracle*

  • CreativeBarbieIdeas
    CreativeBarbieIdeas 6 days ago +2

    “may sons a failyah”
    “may son’s a failyah, he caaant eveen coak rice”
    “aRe YoU oKaY?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    HPSCAR Month ago +15879

    "Are you okay?" Fucking got me

    • npc rizz
      npc rizz Month ago


    • Draaxis
      Draaxis Month ago +1

      That shit caught me off guard. Was almost dying the grease from the yellow rice.

    • donnadizucchero
      donnadizucchero Month ago

      ​@biawakstruusseriously underrated comment!!! Frfrffrffpphhh yep he definitely is!)))

    • Angel Wonderland
      Angel Wonderland Month ago

      same 🤣

  • Der Zieher
    Der Zieher 2 days ago

    The compassion in "Are you OK?" It shows that all "battles" always have a human end.

  • abandon channel
    abandon channel Day ago +1

    "He can't even cook rice"
    Uncle Roger be like: start roasting him and say "Haiya"

  • Flat as a cueball
    Flat as a cueball Month ago +4563

    "...and I helped NASA land a paperclip on da sunnn" 🤣🤣🤣

    • Andys Making
      Andys Making Month ago

      "I invented parallel parking"

    • axolotl ඩ
      axolotl ඩ Month ago +8

      Why you failyuh when i was your age i rode a cat to school and it had no legs 💀

    • Unknown_User
      Unknown_User Month ago +1

      ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ᴄʟɪᴄᴋ ᴘʀᴏꜰɪʟᴇ

    • AZ08_37
      AZ08_37 Month ago +10

      What da hell does dat do?

    • Vince
      Vince Month ago +45

      I have to show my son this.
      He's 9, not a neurosurgeon, loves Stephen He.

  • phobicc_mads
    phobicc_mads 14 days ago +5

    i imagine my mom flexing like this because my dream job is neurosurgeon

  • Jibreel Amin
    Jibreel Amin 21 day ago +2

    Damn, I almost got impressed at the 9 year old neurosurgeon till I found out the absolute ungrateful failure couldn’t make rice😡

  • Killswitch [the Deactivator]

    When your son puts all his skill points in brain surgery but 0 points in rice management.

    • Devy Rahmawati
      Devy Rahmawati Month ago

      But he's nine yo...seems fair to me

    • Tia Johnson
      Tia Johnson Month ago +1

      this one sent me 💀🤣🤣🤣

    • Jack L
      Jack L Month ago +2

      Fk rice management😂😂😂😂😂😂 is it like a two year diploma thing?

    • MarieElena Cambria
      MarieElena Cambria Month ago +3

      This made my day. Thanks for making me laugh at the end of a "bleh" day. BTW I have been a pretty serious online gamer for years & play alongside several Asian team-mates - so this was perfect. Enjoy!

    • Paula
      Paula Month ago +1

      Such failure ☠️

  • Elestro Music Games Fun

    I just love how asian kids now start sharing their parental trauma like this with us all :)

  • Akiria
    Akiria 14 days ago +2

    Steven's dad:are you ok? Do you need therapy?

  • Đing Đang
    Đing Đang Month ago +5757

    How to make an Asian feel sorry for you: “my son cant even cook rice”

    • Sanuvi Sudamya
      Sanuvi Sudamya Month ago

      @Dang Hung True dat

    • Spookypotato
      Spookypotato Month ago

      @AmyLK eh, my parents are wayyy too strict, so I have to sneak use my electronics, im not very ok, but im coping

    • Daisy Nalica's Channel
      Daisy Nalica's Channel Month ago +1

      10 and ik how to cook rice

    • Final Advance
      Final Advance Month ago

      are you okay?

    • joe claridy
      joe claridy Month ago

      Is it bad that I did learn how to properly cook rice until I was 34?

  • The gamer
    The gamer Day ago +1

    In eighth grade, I wore tons of make-up to Catholic school. I was a rebel. Trying to hide my outbreaks, I covered them with a layer of Clearasil beneath my beige foundation and powder. But it wasn’t just about my bad complexion. Oh no. I wanted to look like a movie star, like Elizabeth Taylor or Sophia Loren. I penciled in my eyebrows with black eyebrow pencil, jet-black eyeliner thickly lining my eyes, and I topped it all off with jade green eye-shadow that came in a long tube something like a lipstick. My mouth I left blank. This made my eyes stand out more.
    The fact that we weren’t allowed to wear make-up to school created all this excitement in me, and one day when Sister Theonilla was walking down the aisle in her long black robe, her wire-rim glasses perched on her nose and her skin the color of oatmeal, she stopped at my desk, moved in closer and slowly ran her index finger across my eyelid. The tip of her finger came back green.
    “I’m not wearing make-up,” I said defiantly. Oh, the thrill of it. This was the beginning of my long career as a liar.

  • Don Chocolatey
    Don Chocolatey 4 days ago

    Returning something just to come back for the open box discount is top-tier. 😂😂😂😂

  • Xena Jackson
    Xena Jackson Month ago +1712

    "He can't even cook rice!"
    *Silent judgement*
    "Are you ok?"

    • AUMO 🅞
      AUMO 🅞 21 day ago +1

      2 ways of the rice w theoias qs

    • EMH
      EMH Month ago +5

      I died right there😂😂😂😂

    • Big H
      Big H Month ago +4

      That part right there killed me.

    • Jennifer Richards
      Jennifer Richards Month ago +5

      Until that line, only smiled at the back and forth. After that line, cracked up!

  • Evandro Evandrissimo
    Evandro Evandrissimo 12 days ago

    No matter how they flex their kids they always come to the conclusion that no matter what the kid would do he would be a failure

  • it’sonlyus
    it’sonlyus 19 days ago +3

    They be flexing on their sons and then end up calling both of their sons failures.

  • DreamTheory
    DreamTheory Month ago +6162

    He genuinely needed to know if the father with a no rice cooking son was okay. He was worried for that man's mental health.

    • AUMO 🅞
      AUMO 🅞 21 day ago

      Very rice

    • Warren Peace
      Warren Peace Month ago

      Cooking rice is literally the first thing you need to learn....

    • 2late4date
      2late4date Month ago

      That man's starving 😫

      ASDAN-VME TMJ-CC Month ago

      Finally it's here the clip you all wanted.

    • Diogenese
      Diogenese Month ago

      Beyond Emotional Damage

  • Mike LaBelle
    Mike LaBelle 21 day ago +5

    Gold. Internet Gold 😂

  • Adrian Ocasio
    Adrian Ocasio 8 days ago +1

    It ahould of been
    “I don’t even have a dishwasher!”
    “Why you leave your wife?”

  • Mad Demon
    Mad Demon Month ago +4783

    They went from flexing their sons to roasting them🤣

    • AUMO 🅞
      AUMO 🅞 21 day ago


    • Ian
      Ian Month ago

      Being Chinese, I'm in this meme and I don't like it lol

    • ON2
      ON2 Month ago

      Also you wont feel how it changea 😳

    • binh n
      binh n Month ago +1

      lol. so true and so funny

    • •Lola• 🇺🇦
      •Lola• 🇺🇦 Month ago +4

      copied comment

  • Samantha Friginal
    Samantha Friginal 8 days ago

    He went from bragging about his 9 year old neurosurgeon son to roasting him about not being able to cook rice

  • Dawn Eclipse
    Dawn Eclipse 18 days ago +1

    This is somehow actually how Asian people flex, Good job👏🤣

  • Eriaf ;_;
    Eriaf ;_; Month ago +3470

    He really did Die inside after hearing that " my son cant even cook rice"
    All the flexing was put aside by him and he started worrying about his opponent. Respect

  • Organized Chaos Podcast

    As a dishwasher owner, I can say that the dishwasher part is true.

  • WookieNinja87
    WookieNinja87 12 days ago

    Love how they go from flexing on each other to both of their sons being failures and concerned for each other lol.

  • Trịnh Huy Vĩnh Bảo
    Trịnh Huy Vĩnh Bảo Month ago +3463

    "What the hail is the dishwasher?"
    -true asian

    • SheilaEvergarden13
      SheilaEvergarden13 Month ago

      I never knew what a dishwasher was until one of my classmates mentioned it and I asked her what it was.
      She was like "Do ya'll not have dishwashers in your house or something?" And I was like "First, tell me what it is and I'll answer that question. "
      She explained to me, and I said "So no, We don't have a dishwasher at home, we wash the dishes with our dish soap, the item that cleans it and our hands. "

    • FloofTea
      FloofTea Month ago +1

      I only ever used a dishwasher 6 days ago (in my entire life) and struggled with the functions, never using a dishwasher ever again, manually cleaning is better

    • HarleyAMV
      HarleyAMV Month ago

      "Expensive Drying Rack" is 100% right!

    • deannausernametaken
      deannausernametaken Month ago +1

      @Joe O that’s what my parents thought when we’d beg them to get a dishwasher like normal American parents. “Why? We already have three!” *insert dad laugh*

    • Manuel II
      Manuel II Month ago +1

      European:a device to wash your plates automatically
      Asian:the one who wash dish

  • Etieno James
    Etieno James 23 days ago

    The way he slapped his 25 pound rice makes me know that he is Asian

  • Nepal Special Service

    As an Asian I confirm it

  • SOTL 77
    SOTL 77 Month ago +26750

    Honestly, this is pretty accurate. They really do flex their children's failure out of nowhere xD

    • AUMO 🅞
      AUMO 🅞 21 day ago

      Finally so pointing that out 1st

      TTLFMAG Month ago


    • CREATiON
      CREATiON Month ago


    • thaz fff
      thaz fff Month ago +1

      the problem with this way of education. is that they make their sons very smart academia machines, thats a good thing BUT at the end of the day many of them can't handle real life things. like cook rice for example. social skills are very important, and many lack of them.
      you can be the most smart dude in the room, but if you cant communicate. its useless

      BOKU WA TOBI Month ago

      ​@Based.morrocan.21 i do

  • THN Games
    THN Games 5 days ago

    “My son’s such a failure can’t even cook rice”
    When Stevens dad realized he wasn’t the only one that had such a failure until he heard that.

  • Honey Nut Queerios
    Honey Nut Queerios 12 days ago +1

    Neighbor: "I'm here for my sons new job as a Neurosurgeon"
    Also neighbour: "My son so dumb he can't even cook rice"

  • Once a bust Always a bust
    Once a bust Always a bust Month ago +2267

    You can feel how the son’s inability to cook left a permanent scar in his dad’s soul

    • Channel Name
      Channel Name Month ago

      He may be a 9 year old neurosurgeon but he can’t cook rice so it doesn’t matter

    • Song Huy
      Song Huy Month ago +1

      @boblipsmacker I learn how to cook rice when I was 5

    • D_ CYRUS
      D_ CYRUS Month ago +1

      that "Are you OK "saide it all..

    • doge
      doge Month ago +2

      @G Channel use his brain and create a pulley system

    • G Channel
      G Channel Month ago

      @doge but hes only 9 how is he supossed to lift the pot

  • PlowinTrou
    PlowinTrou 9 days ago

    Every time I watch his videos, I laugh. Not at Asians, but because he understands comedy. We all need to learn to laugh at ourselves. Humanity needs this. Be kind to others, learn from them, contribute, lift each other up.

  • Sammie
    Sammie 6 days ago +2

    The "are you ok?" Was a whole different story 💀✨

  • broke
    broke Month ago +2010

    Real men bond over their sons failures

    • Lewis Joe
      Lewis Joe Month ago

      If this is the case my father must have like 10,000 friends.

    • Ulgroth nazulgan
      Ulgroth nazulgan Month ago

      @Dog yeah. I have been wooshed. Thankyouforinformingme.....

    • xXOphidianXx
      xXOphidianXx Month ago

      I felt that way to hard.

    • Dog
      Dog Month ago +3

      @Ulgroth nazulgan LMAO the woosher becomes the wooshed

    • The Vibe
      The Vibe Month ago +9

      They can't improve themselves but they can still hope for the next generation. Aaaand it's gone!

  • jumbach78
    jumbach78 4 days ago

    “ are you ok “ IM DYING 💀💀

  • Hayya Hasnain
    Hayya Hasnain 13 days ago +3

    They went from flexing their sons to talking shit about them

  • Hmni Kadoza
    Hmni Kadoza Month ago +7025

    Man literally carried a can of Beijing Corn only to meet his greatest hero.

    • Rosanne Hernandez
      Rosanne Hernandez Month ago +6

      Who will be a face of Shanghai corn? The rival of Beijing corn.

    • king
      king Month ago +4

      ​@Duyen Nguyen weird

    • Duyen Nguyen
      Duyen Nguyen Month ago +4

      2.3k likes but only 2 comments??!

    • LiveHabesha
      LiveHabesha Month ago +46

      You gotta be ready 😂

  • Raiden
    Raiden 4 days ago

    i like how the plot went from flex of "best" stuff to flex of "worst" stuff in their life😂

  • Falling without my gravity

    “Exspensive drying rack” and “are you ok?” Made me wheeze like a teapot

  • Jake Wolfe
    Jake Wolfe Month ago +15964

    “He can’t even cook rice”
    Now that, was a deep cut

    • FarmgirlFriday
      FarmgirlFriday Month ago

      @Dammt2980 yeah, 9…. And a neurosurgeon! If he can operate on brains he can operate a rice cooker 😂

    • Kittyxoxo
      Kittyxoxo Month ago

      i can't either :( uuhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Whatspoppin
      Whatspoppin Month ago

      "Are you okay

    • Honest John
      Honest John Month ago

      Enter uncle rodger

    • Rush mEme
      Rush mEme Month ago

      @Casual Robin gamer wait, actually? Congrats on living that long, most people only dream of living thst long, I hope you live even longer.

  • Isabella Lou
    Isabella Lou 5 hours ago

    And they became the bestest of friends

  • Da Silva Ferreira Nuno 飛浩龍 F1A11

    They went from flexing their sons to flexing themselves to complaining on such failures their child is

  • Seth en Lasse Schoovaerts
    Seth en Lasse Schoovaerts Month ago +8563

    "What da hail is a dishwasher?"
    "Expensive drying rack"🤣

    • jennifer ge
      jennifer ge 4 days ago


    • Maija Poppanen
      Maija Poppanen 5 days ago

      @SumireSakura That's totally fine and you should do it exactly the way you feel is the best for you 👍🏻

    • SumireSakura
      SumireSakura 5 days ago +1

      @Maija Poppanen still washing by hand is best. My conscience wont let me eat from a dishwasher washed utensil. I will have to wash them thoroughly by hand anyways after using it. I just cant. It's beyond my comprehension that it actually helps clean the dishes.

    • Maija Poppanen
      Maija Poppanen 5 days ago

      @SumireSakura I don't know how a dishwasher can be a waste of time since loading it takes so much less time than washing all the dishes by hand. Obvs if you only have very few dishes you use then it is probably a better choice to wash by hand and it also saves money because you don't have to buy a dishwasher. But if there's let's say two people or more and/or they like to cook and bake a lot, then I would definitely recommend a dishwasher if you have the money for it. It's so easy, saves time and is more sanitary. I personally find washing dishes by hand extremely tedious so I'm glad that dishwashers are a thing.

    • GhostWorks
      GhostWorks 7 days ago

      I'm an Appliance repair technician. This us uh... annoyingly accurate. So many people get upset about their dishwasher of all things, age it's the most entitled shit I've ever seen

  • Clyde Marshall
    Clyde Marshall 26 days ago

    I don’t even have the context of growing up in an Asian household but these are some of the funniest skits I’ve seen

  • Shabana Halim
    Shabana Halim 5 days ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if he said, "I invented air"

  • Diesel Ramcharger
    Diesel Ramcharger Month ago +10637

    the only thing stronger than a mans love for his child, is a mans resentment of his child.

    • Luna sea
      Luna sea Month ago

      A 200 percent truth!

    • Glass Dragon Dynamics
      Glass Dragon Dynamics Month ago +1

      @Unpopular OpinionFuck yeah buddy!! My dad’s like that, it makes me sad (naturally as a young adolescent) to think about the fact that he won’t be here forever and will return to the soil eventually. So I cherish our moments.

    • Gedo J Sam
      Gedo J Sam Month ago

      replace child with son cause the video would go differently with daughters

    • KaNG
      KaNG Month ago +2

      Or mother's for her daughter's.. 😂 😢

    • Unpopular Opinion
      Unpopular Opinion Month ago +23

      I had the best dad anyone could've hoped for. As I get older I realize the things that I love the most are how he must've felt about me and it just makes me so damn happy that I made cards for father's Day instead of buying them and called him for no reason on occasion. The last father's day card I gave him I told him "Your best has always been good enough in my eyes" and I'm so glad I did. He would brag about my accomplishments like he was trying to sell me :')

  • Shilo Tibi
    Shilo Tibi 22 days ago +1

    “ What da hail is a dishwasher?”

  • Salma Ayman
    Salma Ayman 3 days ago

    His son is nine and is a neurosurgeon, I'm 13 and can barely wash my hair correctly :')

  • AlexW
    AlexW Month ago +6190

    His genuine concern for the son not able to cook rice is touching🥺

    • Bryan
      Bryan Month ago

      ​@Dana N that's why it's the parents fault not the kids

    • karl karlsson
      karl karlsson Month ago +1

      Pro tip, take the double amount of water then rice, then cook it on low heat under a lid.

    • fahrul Baidavi
      fahrul Baidavi Month ago

      Yeap definitely Asian if i cant do it my parents Will probably disown me

    • おしっこ
      おしっこ Month ago +2

      Bro is 9😭

    • Dana N
      Dana N Month ago +41

      ​@parimal korada nine year old neurosugeon was too busy studying to learn how to cook

  • Rilee Day
    Rilee Day Day ago +1

    “And I helped nasa land a paper clip.. ON THE… SUN!”

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 3 days ago

    His son is a 9 year old neurosurgeon but can’t cook rice… 😅😅

  • FoxOfTheFlames
    FoxOfTheFlames Month ago +6725

    When two Asian parents flex, that's the only free time an Asian kid has to themself.

    • FoxOfTheFlames
      FoxOfTheFlames Month ago

      @that guy I tell you this, born from an Asian household, if you ever visit an Asian household (Which considering your family name is Singh, I'm guessing you're just one of the lucky ones) make sure they don't have kids unless you want horror stories to tell.

    • thundabearz
      thundabearz Month ago

      Solid, solid fuckin line.

    • Jamie Schreiber
      Jamie Schreiber Month ago


    • Peter Quill
      Peter Quill Month ago


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      Samruddhi Aware Month ago


  • Debanga
    Debanga 22 days ago

    He did so much but at the end he was so poor he had to become Steven's neighbour.

  • Sabiha Samad
    Sabiha Samad 7 days ago

    They go from flexing their son to insult their son and flex themselves...

  • BG
    BG Month ago +1222

    "My 9 year old son is a neurosurgeon."
    --"Can he cook rice?"

  • Tayler Marley
    Tayler Marley 24 days ago

    Even the bird was surprised when he said neurosurgeon

  • Jasmin AbdulAmin
    Jasmin AbdulAmin 8 days ago

    “Are you okay?” Get me soo badly 😂😂😂

  • JulliaStark
    JulliaStark Month ago +4953

    "Are you ok?" is something his son never heard.

  • Dustin Lampston
    Dustin Lampston 4 days ago

    The funniest part is the thought of AN ASIAN INVENTING PARALLEL PARKING

  • Critica constructiva para mejorar personalmente!

    The glasses guy won both competittions
    Competition 1: “Talent”
    Competition 2: “Absurdity”

  • Anthony Stark
    Anthony Stark Month ago +2947

    "Are you okay?" He asks with such concern on his face. 😂

    • Donovan Ulrich
      Donovan Ulrich Month ago +4

      That's how you win a pissing match 😂
      "Are you okey?" 🤣

  • Kai M
    Kai M 4 days ago

    "My sons such a failure he can't even cook rice"
    "....Are you okay?"

  • Zoé B
    Zoé B 23 days ago

    They went from flexing on each other to genuine bonding

  • Profession Instigator
    Profession Instigator Month ago +2304

    "Expensive drying rack"
    I'm not even Asian but that hit hard 💀

    • SithLordRJ
      SithLordRJ Month ago

      @Amin Ashraf The dekchis we cook in are too big..and as we also use pressure cookers alot, handwashing is still a thing in my household, despite bloody having Miele appliances. Don't you make ur lamb etc curries in pressure cookers?

    • Amin Ashraf
      Amin Ashraf Month ago

      @SithLordRJ the one that can fit a medium size wok.

    • SithLordRJ
      SithLordRJ Month ago

      @Amin Ashraf They need to create a dishwasher for Asian households. Big dekchis, pressure cookers..sorry none of them fit. lol

    • BollywoodBonanzaB
      BollywoodBonanzaB Month ago

      I am Asian and the only thing that could hit harder is,
      "What the hail is oven?"
      "Expensive storage cupboard."

      ASDAN-VME TMJ-CC Month ago +1

      Finally it's here the clip you all wanted.

  • gold nicholas
    gold nicholas 26 days ago

    Asian parents and African parents are just a whole different flex haha 😄 😂 🤣

  • Kado
    Kado 21 day ago

    Imagine completing a successful brain operation and then asking your mom for help cooking rice. 😂

  • Nick F
    Nick F Month ago +9643

    I love how he just stopped and went "are you okay?" Like he's so genuinely concerned he's ready to have an intervention.

    • ItzAdi7228 second account
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    • Chase Hall
      Chase Hall Month ago

      ​@ItzAdi7228 second account I need to know what you rated it

    • S Pv
      S Pv Month ago

      I mean rice is a big cultural food

    • The AmericanFook
      The AmericanFook Month ago

      That "are you okay?" Was the least Asian parent ever. He broke his Chinese instinct and became empathic

    • Cheers 🥂 to all
      Cheers 🥂 to all Month ago +1

      @jackson they probably regret prioritising the neurosurgery now.

    LOVEDEAD 8 days ago

    Buying the iPad, returning it and getting a week later for the open box price is genius

  • steph lon
    steph lon 24 days ago

    The 9 yr old surgeon is too busy doing surgeries on people who have time to cook rice 😂

  • don’t care for me.
    don’t care for me. Month ago +3208

    “What the hail is a dishwasher?”
    I’m dead

    • Sasu Blvck
      Sasu Blvck Month ago

      you mean woman?

    • Tommy
      Tommy Month ago

      I don’t have one, I’m in Asian household

    • Sandy
      Sandy Month ago

      It's an expensive drying rack 🤣🤣

    • ryan black
      ryan black Month ago

      as an asian, i had to look it up to know what it is
      My family doesnt use that

    • Cynthia Valdez
      Cynthia Valdez Month ago +1

      They already have two dishwashers. Their children. Think about it.

  • Nic Premoe
    Nic Premoe 19 days ago

    As a straight white male.... I'm laughing so hard that I shot coffee outta my nose. The Japanese gf is not laughing as hard.

  • Sapphire crystal
    Sapphire crystal  8 days ago

    'he can't even cook rice'
    *is in full shock*
    'are you ok'

  • Hecate II
    Hecate II Month ago +1923

    Man flexing their son -> flexing themselves -> talk about their son's failure💀🗿

  • Travis Atchison
    Travis Atchison 3 days ago

    I love how the end uncle rodger stops the bragging contest to ask if his opponent is ok

  • Diana Csizmarova
    Diana Csizmarova 5 hours ago

    " My son such a failure he can't even Cook rice "
    " Are you okay ? "

  • Cxmo
    Cxmo Month ago +3810

    You know something is seriously wrong when an asian parent says that their child can't cook rice

    • Cxmo
      Cxmo Month ago

      @NTZClaw call some help for him💀

    • NTZClaw
      NTZClaw Month ago

      @Cxmo 😂😂🤣😂🤣

    • Cxmo
      Cxmo Month ago

      @NTZClaw bruh💀

    • NTZClaw
      NTZClaw Month ago

      @Cxmo you are right my friend he's deep South American 🇺🇸👍🏾

    • Cxmo
      Cxmo Month ago

      @Toishishuma Abrahams ye💀👍