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Minecraft Players Simulate The End Of The World

  • Published on Nov 28, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Oreo_Gamez
    Oreo_Gamez Month ago +706

    Him at the start of the video: this is definitely not staged
    The whole video: Extremely Staged

    • PsyKat777
      PsyKat777 12 hours ago

      Well, maybe. Some parts are obviously fake, like mcyum's death, but that doesn't mean that the whole video was faked.

    • BlueLavaMonster
      BlueLavaMonster 7 days ago +1

      In another Clip-Sharer vid he said it was staged because halve of the people diead on day 1

    • Barrel
      Barrel 14 days ago

      So true

    • Commander cody
      Commander cody 14 days ago +1

      Most of it was staged yes, but some i think werent planned like some others people and how they built their base

    • Ultimate  Stuff
      Ultimate Stuff 15 days ago +1

      It’s supposed to be ebtertainng which imo it does pretty good at

  • HyperHrishi HD
    HyperHrishi HD Month ago +323

    This editing is so amazing. 😂 I’m literally hooked into this story. I can’t wait of part 2 and 3!

    • Tic Tac Studios
      Tic Tac Studios 3 days ago

      @TRex_OfTheAges Me/ Wow Yeh Civeodeo Vrry Colq God Wow!!!!! 😂😂🎉🎉😢😮😊😊😅😢🎉😂😂🎉😮

    • TRex_OfTheAges
      TRex_OfTheAges Month ago

      Npc comment

    • PixelPlus
      PixelPlus Month ago +2

      @weevee yes part 3

    • weevee
      weevee Month ago +4

      No part 3

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom Month ago +446

    imagine if the guy with beds actually saved them all

    • Gamerguy3090
      Gamerguy3090 Month ago +2

      @PixelPlus the way how it was destroyed💀

    • sohry
      sohry Month ago +2

      @PixelPlushad me in tears 😢😢😢

    • PixelPlus
      PixelPlus Month ago +5

      @TheRaftIsNext smh bro why does gus statue have to be destroyed

    • TheRaftIsNext
      TheRaftIsNext Month ago +24

      During the final battle, we finally killed the bad guys and destroyed the Statue of Gus; then, the collision happened. I thought the world was going to end. But, the beds some random guy placed down made it bounce back into space!

  • Evan Fuller
    Evan Fuller Month ago +72

    Sipover: How do people keep finding us? Sipover and his entire crew: literally making world eaters and tnt dupers.

  • Nelson
    Nelson Month ago +98

    The guy that put hundreds of beds to deflect the meteor had something in mind

  • FIFA Mobile YT
    FIFA Mobile YT Month ago +72

    Editors: how fake do you want this to be
    Him: YES

    • piroulli
      piroulli 4 days ago

      Yeah that the thing his video was accually good last year

    • Leonardo Coz
      Leonardo Coz 15 days ago +1

      This makes no sense it’s Minecraft who cares

  • Osadniczek 140
    Osadniczek 140 Month ago +26

    this may be so freaking staged and fake but is still a fun story

  • Jetster26
    Jetster26 Month ago +40

    his team built an entire bunker within 15 days? broo this is true grind

  • Konapépé
    Konapépé 2 months ago +2165

    I love how this one is more like a story rather than “I threw 100 players in a world at let them battle it out”

    • void shift
      void shift 3 days ago

      It was like it until he scripted it

    • Imagine Dragons fan
      Imagine Dragons fan Month ago

      so true its like a move

    • Flow
      Flow Month ago

      @Kingbob jr only 92?

    • Trition
      Trition Month ago +1

      unrelated but hello fellow gd player

    • Hericide
      Hericide Month ago +2

      @iamfork yeah i knew for sure when drunk dude died in one shot and dropped a bunch of random brown shit then the mc proceeded to take like 7 hits without losing a heart

  • VHS
    VHS Month ago +26

    Coming back to this, it's insane to think that a random chance encounter with two dudes who called Sipover a bozo would become some of the most important characters later in the story.

    • VHS
      VHS 15 days ago

      @Storm Thank you my friending

    • Storm
      Storm 15 days ago +1

      @VHS ok i’ll let you inhale the copium, sorry

    • VHS
      VHS 15 days ago

      @Storm I know, just let me extend my disbelief in piece.

    • Storm
      Storm 16 days ago +3

      Because its staged pal

  • Mastergamer 24
    Mastergamer 24 Month ago +16

    The person who placed 100s of beds to deflect the meteor has a 2000 iq play

  • Mordan Blitz
    Mordan Blitz Month ago +7

    Imagine the world was actually ending and still made this video.

  • Norris Sembrano
    Norris Sembrano 2 months ago

    I love how this one is more like a story rather than “I threw 100 players in a world at let them battle it out”

  • Vivaan Mali
    Vivaan Mali Month ago +18

    I love your vids. Keep up the work!
    I’m also excited for part 2

  • MochiCat
    MochiCat Month ago +21

    This is EPIC
    I love how youtubers can simulate real life in minecraft… IT IS EPIC.

  • The Cheese Man
    The Cheese Man Month ago +5

    i didnt watch the entire video yet but i really hope you guys just united to pinpoint the meteor's impact location and build a giant obsidian shield over it.

  • Sahil T
    Sahil T Month ago +8

    11:40 the mysteriousness and the surprise literally made me fall off my seat.

  • Connor Pugs
    Connor Pugs 2 months ago +79

    This was super impressive, super clear how many hundreds of hours you put into this

    • Cool Pool
      Cool Pool 2 months ago +2

      Make real content

    • PixelPlus
      PixelPlus 2 months ago +1

      gus carried hours lowkey (not a cult)

    • Nada
      Nada 2 months ago +2

      Hi mr pug

    • yom0msfat
      yom0msfat 2 months ago +3

      What happened to your videos. A bot probably commented this anyways so people can look at your ✔️ channel.

    • Hi
      Hi 2 months ago


  • V01D
    V01D Month ago +1

    I love this kind of videos, keep up the good work.

  • Tyler Vecher
    Tyler Vecher Month ago +13

    8:10 bro... this animation is so clean.

  • Skyeszu
    Skyeszu Month ago +10

    The dude trying to deflect the meteor had me crying😂

  • Eduard Peeter Lemming
    Eduard Peeter Lemming Month ago +3

    Such a talented group you had

  • EPay
    EPay 2 months ago +1969

    The dinosaurs shouldve been taking notes..

  • El Babaganush
    El Babaganush Month ago +1

    this is gonna be an awesome series

  • commandervulkan
    commandervulkan 2 months ago +2

    Most of the anarchy was happening in the places that you honestly expected it to.

  • Mosblu
    Mosblu Month ago +3

    Alternate title: How we think the world is gonna end

  • Super Cool
    Super Cool Month ago +2

    These guys are casually doing things I can't do.

  • bill cipher
    bill cipher Month ago

    This is one of the best minecraft vids I've ever seen I'm exited for part 2/3

  • Just A dev.
    Just A dev. Month ago +9

    Guy’s the episode is delayed because he is experiencing difficulties, be patient…

    • legen_D
      legen_D Month ago

      @Just A dev. when will it be out

    • Just A dev.
      Just A dev. Month ago +2

      @Sym this was before

    • Sym
      Sym Month ago +1

      Is it out today tho?

  • MinerMaster
    MinerMaster Month ago +3

    8:10 can we just appreciate this animation?

  • Icon of THICC
    Icon of THICC Month ago +2

    Sorry about hitting you guys with that rock. Hope you can forgive me 🥺

  • NVS0K
    NVS0K Month ago

    bro, the way you played here is literally how i play on my class smps:
    early game - quiet progress, mid-game: preperation, late game: attack

  • WojakGuy🇫🇷
    WojakGuy🇫🇷 Month ago

    I would totally start a Asteriod Redirection Program (ARP).

  • RIKUstickmations
    RIKUstickmations Month ago +1

    "in 30 days, an asteroid is predicted to collide with earth and wiping out all of humanity"
    *not gonna lie that intro scared the crap out of me making me think it was actual news irl.*

  • DC_62
    DC_62 Month ago +4

    Sipover I love ur videos
    PLEASEEE post pt2 bro

  • Myself is yourself
    Myself is yourself Month ago +3

    This was so good. You just gained a subscriber !!

  • K&G Gaming
    K&G Gaming Month ago

    Cant wait for the next one!

  • TheLastTurtle
    TheLastTurtle Month ago

    You should make a series like this without the asteroid

  • Illusionz
    Illusionz Month ago +1

    Thanks for letting me in, event was really fun

  • AdyCapt Gaming
    AdyCapt Gaming Month ago

    Amazing Video! Also question what server did u use for this video? for the earth map?

  • YHWG10 Gaming
    YHWG10 Gaming Month ago

    The second I saw McYum I knew this was about to get good

  • ELI 2!
    ELI 2! Month ago

    This video is so well made

  • Maxwellquipey
    Maxwellquipey Month ago +57

    Sipover: *"Eastern Russia"*
    Also Sipover: *Shows him around north korea and china*

    • sum else
      sum else Month ago

      American moment

    • syncradar
      syncradar Month ago

      Thats the russian border.

    • Blue Da King
      Blue Da King Month ago

      @LandoProMapper good point lmao

    • JustAverage
      JustAverage Month ago +3

      mans got his education from a parking lot

    • Rhyan Smith
      Rhyan Smith Month ago +1


  • your mother
    your mother Month ago

    This video seemed scripted as hell but it’s still good

  • hampter
    hampter Month ago

    "We need to STAY HARD and we need to START GRINDING"

  • Sky 🫂🕊️
    Sky 🫂🕊️ Month ago

    THIS is the MOST ridiculous thing I have ever fkn heard in My entire life! I have definitely woken up in The Twilight Zone and moved straight into the land of Stranger Things featuring ignorance and lack of unconditional love and compassion for others. If Yellowstone volcano didn't erupt in my lifetime than what the heck is all the games about?

  • Heisei G.
    Heisei G. Month ago

    cant wait for episode 2 and 3

  • Sulaiman Khuhro
    Sulaiman Khuhro Month ago +80

    Your editing is genuinely leagues above anything else I've seen. Keep doing what you're doing man.

  • Nico Di Angelato
    Nico Di Angelato Month ago

    "If there was any time for the grinders to stay hard, it was now" XD

  • James Jam
    James Jam Month ago

    while everyone is saying “your editing is good!” i’m wondering how is china “eastern russia”

  • Dead by Duolingo
    Dead by Duolingo Month ago

    I love how scripted this is

  • Jasgamer
    Jasgamer Month ago

    Basically Aot but instead of titans its a freaking meteor with no weaknesses. Lol Cool vid bro!

  • Misherop Tur
    Misherop Tur Month ago +2

    Edditing at 8:10 was finominal. How ? This deserves a sub

  • The One Who Knocks
    The One Who Knocks Month ago

    Imagine someone just saved and quit and went back💀

  • Splodeblox
    Splodeblox Month ago

    Absolute masterpiece

  • LolCharapter
    LolCharapter Month ago +1

    Would be fun to see if you would throw 100 players on the world map, and instead of them making an anarchy, try to make them create empires, nations... well political shit. Because why not.

  • LucasLasko
    LucasLasko Month ago +1

    4:57 "We need to stay hard and start grinding" MAJOR PAUSE BRUH

  • Kristi rhodes
    Kristi rhodes Month ago

    Sipover hope you win this revenge for Mcyum and the rest of the grinders

  • Eric Chan
    Eric Chan Month ago

    Its insane... good to watch XD

  • Wettuce
    Wettuce Month ago

    For some reason. The entire time, I was like: "NETHERRRRR" But that probably wasn't allowed. Another pro vid, as always lmao.

    • Zloozah
      Zloozah 3 days ago

      yeah i was in the vid we werent allowed to go in nether

  • Kolonel Kat
    Kolonel Kat Month ago

    On Day 17 a raid will happen
    On Day 20 the 2nd Event will happen
    On Day 30 the 3rd Event will happen, Gus Area survives till now.

  • Jesper bouman
    Jesper bouman Month ago +1

    did no one notice that the diamonds he mined were placed? 0:30
    the diamonds were stone and the other blockssurrounding it were deepslate
    cool vid tho

  • IbharXS
    IbharXS Month ago

    That one guy normally farming in the doomsday event while watching poeple suffer and anarchy

  • Kucing Sedih {Jojo Fan}

    12:05 How did my dude survive? Merfin give him a chance?

  • Bethany Lowe
    Bethany Lowe Month ago

    "We set off to Hawaii"
    *points toward Africa*

  • The one who asked
    The one who asked Month ago

    Maybe if you saved up wool and did that bed guy's strat, that meteor wouldn't hit earth 🙄. That dude was a genius in disguise

  • Ventilating_Volt
    Ventilating_Volt Month ago

    tbh at the volcano part, the lava is way too much realistically, it covers a third of the Pacific Ocean, and that volcano is way to small

  • Pearfessor Samuel Animations

    Im Hyped As F*ck! For Part Two And Three!

  • LilSac
    LilSac Month ago +3

    How is one able to post such bangers so often

  • Courtney Briscoe
    Courtney Briscoe Month ago +1

    It was so funny when McYum was always drunk lol 3:51

  • Pamcakes
    Pamcakes Month ago

    “We needed to stay hard and start grinding” 🤨

  • J. DeSoto
    J. DeSoto Month ago

    I would like to play on this map.
    Where do I get it?

  • Olivia Fitzgerald
    Olivia Fitzgerald Month ago

    thank you so much for always putting so much work into your videos! I've been subscribed for about 2 years now on my other account and never a single bad video👍

  • Nartuz
    Nartuz Month ago +2

    That's the most scripted video of this kind I've seen so far

  • FCNF_Cyber
    FCNF_Cyber Month ago

    Grox don’t upload but somehow always apart of every Minecraft event I see

  • TankU
    TankU Month ago

    Keep at it 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Carla Cueto
    Carla Cueto Month ago

    When they say it's only 14 minutes sipover:💀

  • Tobias Gabriel
    Tobias Gabriel Month ago

    He is good at geography.

  • Echannel
    Echannel Month ago

    Can’t wait for the next episode (my friend is part of the gus cult btw XD)

  • EhSeeAr
    EhSeeAr Month ago

    Me seeing the title of the video: "So does that mean there will just be nobody there?"

  • StanSearchesLife
    StanSearchesLife Month ago +4

    9:16 I love this guy
    Also it was very coincidental that the volcano blew up when you guys attacked it was amazing

  • ThatJoshWright
    ThatJoshWright Month ago +1

    Wait a minute 🤨. You made TNT bomber planes to attack Hawaii?

  • The Skeleton
    The Skeleton Month ago

    McYum lived for 4 days
    Then he got shot
    R.I.P McYum

  • Luisa Smith
    Luisa Smith Month ago +1

    He said that he’s experiencing difficulties and he will be uploading in 30 mins

  • love_life_leafeon
    love_life_leafeon Month ago

    to be honest Mcyum's death was ridiculous to a point where it seems almost scripted.

  • Chill_D0ge
    Chill_D0ge Month ago +42

    8:08 bro… that’s actually insane how he did the animation 🤩

  • Asaelfthefire
    Asaelfthefire Month ago

    Wow really great series

  • @Alphan_Tretrogezian_1121

    Sipover, that time is not 30 days, it's 30 hours! 0:01

  • Arish Baig
    Arish Baig 2 months ago +20

    McYum and Sipover have been great together ever since the love machine

  • aishah ali
    aishah ali Month ago

    Man if only the dinosour know the meteor coming they all would be mining for diamond to get armor and tool to survive the meteor

  • Charles Brady
    Charles Brady Month ago

    this video was so entertaining

  • jhnn1 jin
    jhnn1 jin Month ago

    Can you just go into the nether and just camp and hide or is it disabled

  • Connor.P
    Connor.P Month ago +1

    "this is not power of your creation"

  • GuestyBoy
    GuestyBoy Month ago +1

    Mcyum is just the funniest darn character Ever

  • fireballfury
    fireballfury Month ago

    your videos are so good bro👍👍

  • Matt Ozzie
    Matt Ozzie Month ago

    Wtf are my chances of finding and watching this video the day that the new one is about to drop only a few hours prior. Thank you Clip-Share algorithm.

  • Moumen
    Moumen 2 months ago

    insaaaaaane episode 🔥🔥

  • Gaming Forlikes
    Gaming Forlikes Month ago


  • JustAnotherAshMain
    JustAnotherAshMain 2 months ago +91

    sipover your videos are like a documentary. They are super entertaining and well edited. Thank you for making contents like this

    • PixelPlus
      PixelPlus 2 months ago +1

      gus group carried low key (not a cult)