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Galaxy S23 Series: Unveiling | Samsung

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Share the epic, with the all-new Galaxy S23 Series. State-of-the-art design, inspired by nature. Learn more: smsng.co/S23Ultra_Unveiling_yt
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  • Samsung
    Samsung  Month ago +300

    Behold the #GalaxyS23, S23+ and Ultra. 🤩 Which will you pick?
    Learn more: smsng.co/S23Ultra_Unveiling_ytp

  • Enoch
    Enoch Month ago +401

    That Iconic Sound at the end was the cherry on top for this teaser.

    • TSF
      TSF Month ago +1

      Yeah ' Over The Horizon '

    • 🅱️ox
      🅱️ox Month ago +1


    • orl3on
      orl3on Month ago

      yes right?! love it

    • Carlos Cabrera
      Carlos Cabrera Month ago

      notification sound

    • Pxn 205
      Pxn 205 Month ago

      Yeah it reminded me of samsungs from a decade ago

  • Missaka Sithara
    Missaka Sithara Month ago +115

    They still use that Samsung iconic theme sound in the end of the video. Love it..❤

  • Pxn 205
    Pxn 205 Month ago +34

    Just tried the normal s23 at bestbuy and loved it, and plus some of the sounds in the commercial brings back memories from the galaxy s2-s4 years

  • Fernandes
    Fernandes Month ago +141

    Perfeito! Vou vender minha casa pra poder comprá-lo 😍

  • Kássio Silva
    Kássio Silva Month ago +27

    Muito lindos! ❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Burak Şahiner
    Burak Şahiner Month ago +124

    Beautiful case , colours 💚

  • Ben Jensen
    Ben Jensen Month ago +15

    Best part about this phone is that snapdragon will be coming to Europe aswell!!! So excited

  • Hsiao Qian
    Hsiao Qian Month ago +139

    I am so excited for this S23 series performance 🥰🤩

    • Mac Man
      Mac Man Month ago

      iPhone is still faster

    • Dhrikaly xoxo
      Dhrikaly xoxo Month ago

      @Mathew Van Ostin dude please don't type miss information or stupid things here.... If you want to charge and listen to song simultaneously, then go buy usb c to 3.5mm and charge splitter... And usb C is way better than the old usb-B.

    • Area Productions
      Area Productions Month ago

      @ski e clealy didn't watched the unpacked event 😐

    • Pulkit Anand
      Pulkit Anand Month ago

      @Mathew Van Ostin You're repeating same things again and again. Not everyone would be charging while listening to audio, and not everyone is playing games on their phone to notice the audio lag. I've had zero issues with audio on bluetooth while watching videos on my laptop/phone. Contrary to what you say a "lot" of people have already moved on from wired stuff and would never go back to it. While wired audio is superior, wireless isn't too far behind in most cases. Unless you're using a super cheap phone with super cheap wireless buds, your claims apply to your own nerdself.

  • Super Conder TV
    Super Conder TV Month ago +105

    The design hasn't changed much since the outgoing S22 Ultra
    Only with the S22 Plus

    • Joshue Pico
      Joshue Pico Month ago

      @HarryPotter🪄 Ngl I preferred past years design of the s22+/s22 and the s21U better, it doesn't mean this one is ugly

    • W.E
      W.E Month ago

      @PrimePixel Not my favorite, some like it but not for me :D

    • PrimePixel
      PrimePixel Month ago

      @W.E Samsung looks good too

    • Insan Siregar
      Insan Siregar Month ago

      Is S23 bezel thicker?

    • Fahmi Zul
      Fahmi Zul Month ago

      samsung and iphone have same thing🤣 but samsung already made flip for real

  • Jayden🫡
    Jayden🫡 Month ago +29

    Love the Samsung S23 series ❤❤❤

  • Freedom Fry
    Freedom Fry Month ago +10

    Loving it 😍 ❤️

  • It's Angela
    It's Angela Month ago +3

    Never been disappointed with Samsung's phones I've been a customer since day one.!

  • Jin
    Jin Month ago +6

    Perfect! I love it!

  • WildTurkeyBox
    WildTurkeyBox Month ago +30

    Ready to get mine day one. Curious to see how it holds up.

    • WildTurkeyBox
      WildTurkeyBox Month ago

      @Marc Cheung Ouch! lol

    • Bateman Patrick
      Bateman Patrick Month ago

      @Marc Cheung ibot

    • Chimichanga
      Chimichanga Month ago +1

      @OzzyAkiro47 That's why he said "in the future"

    • OzzyAkiro47
      OzzyAkiro47 Month ago +11

      @Marc Cheung But, they're not? I talk to a local shop and they're already geared with Samsung s23/Plus/Ultra screens for any repairs people may want. It's not cool to lie on the internet.

  • Timebro123
    Timebro123 Month ago +6

    Holy shi- this is awesome I can't wait to get one of these awesome phones!

  • Jean Fagundes
    Jean Fagundes Month ago +2

    Ótimo Design

  • diana dawn
    diana dawn Month ago +2

    Now THIS is an ULTRA phone! ✨

  • Mason Wheatley
    Mason Wheatley Month ago +8

    Love my s22 ultra crazy to think it can get better

  • M Sadah
    M Sadah Month ago +24

    Just pre-ordered the 1TB Ultra before it's sold out 😅. Can't wait to try the camera!

    • Yuyo'sWorld
      Yuyo'sWorld Month ago

      @M Sadah whould you share your experience after getting the phone pls? :D

    • M Sadah
      M Sadah Month ago +3

      @Ryan Fitzsimmons $1300 plus the gifts. With tax it came to $1500.

    • Ryan Fitzsimmons
      Ryan Fitzsimmons Month ago

      How much? Have S10

  • Luis Fernando
    Luis Fernando Month ago +9

    Ese sonido del final le dio un toque hermoso 💚

  • Jose Serrano
    Jose Serrano Month ago +4


  • Ricky Aus
    Ricky Aus Month ago +1

    Galaxy s22 plus was my favourite phone and loved using it all year long now s23 plus going to be my favourite. 😍

  • BB Steal
    BB Steal Month ago +1

    I had the iPhone until the 9th one. Started my galaxy ride with the S10+, then the S21 Ultra, I didn't get the S22 it just didn't do it for me, but baby today I bought the S23 Ultra and can't wait till the 17th! I'm praying we get them earlier!!

  • miiku
    miiku Month ago +3

    WOW! these are really epic🔥

  • Max
    Max Month ago +3

    Hopefully Samsung galaxy S22 and S23 cameras will get better over time with software updates 🙏👍🔥

    • ushka
      ushka Month ago +4

      The S23 Ultra has an 200MP camera!

  • Luca Pascarella
    Luca Pascarella Month ago +1

    Futuristic and powerful, but pity about the lack of satellite connection

  • Agash Rudra
    Agash Rudra Month ago

    You nailed it guys 👏 👏 👏 👏

    TIZZY Month ago +1

    That is amazing .. much love samsung 🖤

  • CoolBoss999
    CoolBoss999 Month ago +53

    These videos always amaze me with the animations. Like omg 😍

  • И  F  L ™
    И F L ™ Month ago +3


  • Benedict Vorwerg
    Benedict Vorwerg Month ago +22

    The trailer is good.
    Since I have an S22 ultra, I'm used to good pictures and videos and working with the S-pen is also fun I think that the S22 ultra is very close to the S23 ultra in terms of performance, it might be difficult to tell the difference between the two
    Anyway good job again Samsung

    • SilentKnight43
      SilentKnight43 Month ago

      I have the S21 ultra and swore I would keep it instead of upgrading to the S23. But I'm likely changing my mind after seeing the improvements.

    • One Random Guy Who Hates Unfairness
      One Random Guy Who Hates Unfairness Month ago

      Do not upgrade it
      Just keep it for another 2 more years
      S25 or 26 series, we would like to see under display camera and better battery technology

    • Thiago
      Thiago Month ago

      2X better than galaxy s22 ultra

    • Traveler Lean Of the World
      Traveler Lean Of the World Month ago +1

      Do not change it

  • Κωνσταντίνος Λίλος

    Finally Snapdragon... This is just... gorgeous 😍

  • Aldo Widjanarko
    Aldo Widjanarko Month ago +1

    just preordered today, can't wait!

  • Galaxy Fan
    Galaxy Fan Month ago +2

    Im really excited. 🤩

  • Садулло Муҳаммадқулов

    It's so amazing and fantastic i really excited about tham😍

  • Christian Winkler
    Christian Winkler Month ago +3

    Just ordered my ultra in red ❤️

  • Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang

    Wow I Love that S23 Ultra Version!!! I'll Pre Order it!! Thank You Samsung 👍🏻😍👍🏻

  • sʜᴏᴜɢ ᴊ
    sʜᴏᴜɢ ᴊ Month ago

    I'm literally watching this on z flip and it's amazing 😭

  • Finn Niggemann
    Finn Niggemann Month ago +1

    Hey Samsug! Is it possible to downliad the soundtrack somewhere?
    I love it so much how much effort you put into your showoff videos! Just fantastic those sountracks in combination with the design ^^

  • Ramesh Pal
    Ramesh Pal Month ago +4

    The legendary samsung is back ⚡❤️

  • hob Hobbleson
    hob Hobbleson Month ago +6

    it might look almost identical to the 22, but the changes are very exciting from what i've seen!! The change in video and selfie quality is a huge plus, and i'm super excited to look at the new android software, can't wait to see how much differently the phone process storage and space!!

  • Hibiki
    Hibiki Month ago +33

    Oh wow! I'm a huge fan of the green Ultra

  • SomeoneIsLive
    SomeoneIsLive Month ago +3

    S23+ design looks more premium compared to s23ultra. But all these phones are premium 👍👍

  • Dante
    Dante Month ago +78

    Can't wait to get one

    • Blaze
      Blaze Month ago +1

      @Kris average apple hater and Samsung s5 user

    • Furore
      Furore Month ago

      @Adil Nizam No base model

    • Kris
      Kris Month ago +1

      @Blaze average apple user

      SUPREETH Month ago

      But me one😅

    • Adil Nizam
      Adil Nizam Month ago

      @Furore ultra?

  • 에프민
    에프민 Month ago

    예쁘다... 영상미도 미쳤고👍

  • R2F vlogs
    R2F vlogs Month ago +1

    Awesome ultra 🔥

  • Reth Sovannkolboth
    Reth Sovannkolboth Month ago

    wow so beautiful S23 ❤

  • Tata Play Zeetos Toys
    Tata Play Zeetos Toys Month ago +3

    I like it 😍❤️

    LET'S ON - SCREEN Month ago +4

    Epic 🔥🔥

  • ShreddedCheese007
    ShreddedCheese007 Month ago +1

    Love the s23s clean asthenic hopefully next year the Camara are in line

  • Farah Abdul
    Farah Abdul Month ago

    i love the transition made for this video, kudos to the video and production team :)

    • Mayonnaise YT
      Mayonnaise YT Month ago

      @Study's a Gift Ofc yes

    • Farah Abdul
      Farah Abdul Month ago

      @Mayonnaise YT do you realized the concept used for iphone 14 teaser video is almost the same as S22 Ultra?

    • Study's a Gift
      Study's a Gift  Month ago

      @Mayonnaise YT no

    • Mayonnaise YT
      Mayonnaise YT Month ago

      Yeah and the most of it was inspired by Applr

  • BlackHydraAG
    BlackHydraAG Month ago +2

    I love it

  • Cristopher Cruz
    Cristopher Cruz Month ago +2

    Amazing! 🎉

  • Teimo
    Teimo Month ago +3

    Watching this on the S22. very good job samsung!

  • Rakib 444
    Rakib 444 Month ago +6

    just amazing

    THË SËLËMÄNÏ 44 Month ago +1

    J’adore j’aimerais trop savoir quand sera la date de sortie 💀🍿🥵

  • The Epic Crafter Aliya

    Thats so pretty !!! Amazing 👏

  • Ceyda Dimash • 40 yıl önce

    Harika telefon. Allah almayı nasip etsin

  • James
    James Month ago

    Let’s goooooo🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I can’t wait to get one eventually I’m broke right now lol

  • Matheus Elias
    Matheus Elias Month ago +4

    Porque uma apresentação bem trabalhada dessa não esta em 4K ? inclusive os próprios aparelhos filmam em 4K.

    • 45 images par seconde
      45 images par seconde Month ago

      A transmissão de TV é em 1080i e, portanto, entrelaçada. 1080p difere, exceto que:
      -Ele - o 1080i - tem contagens de quadros de 540 linhas cada, portanto, em 50 ou 59.94 (60) alterações de linha de 1440 ou 1920 colunas (a 25 e 29.97 (30) fps)
      -É semelhante a 720p
      -Estes dois últimos - 720p/1080p - são progressivos, entre 23.976 (24) e 59.94 (60) fotogramas por segundo.
      É com um formato 16/9.

  • James M
    James M Month ago +2

    Wow! Couldn't tell it wasn't A S22 Ultra.

  • Gavin Hung
    Gavin Hung Month ago

    why does the S23 & S23+ still dont have the 10x optical zoom?
    we were asking for that since S20 basically?
    we should decide which one we want to get base on the form factor that we like not the missing function from one to another.
    Like previous model series distinction for Note and S series, if i want a pen, i clearly go for Note series, if i want a rounded corner, S series is for me

  • ItsRickSung
    ItsRickSung Month ago

    Just pre ordered 🙌🙌🙌

  • Jalyn Hosea
    Jalyn Hosea Month ago

    I know this is off topic but I love the song your washing and drying machines make, it’s soothing.

  • Fiori meow
    Fiori meow Month ago

    It looks great, I'm sure it's a great device, but the upgrades over my note10+ aren't significant, sadly enough so I guess I'm gonna wait another year, wish the note line was never cancelled I still think it's a bad decision

  • Cosmic Puma
    Cosmic Puma Month ago +74

    I went to apple 2 generations ago...s20 was my last Samsung...looks like I am coming back!! S23 looks AMAZE-inggggg!

    • Robert Kelly
      Robert Kelly Month ago

      Wow you went from smartphone had USB C to crappy lighting cable that was stupid less people buy Apple products the more likely they will innovate .

    • Mayonnaise YT
      Mayonnaise YT Month ago +1

      Dude they just copied iPhone for real. That middle pink Samsung has this same look as the iPhone 11s, they even made the green commercial like iPhone 13 and as well they copied the idea with iPhone SE 2020 (commercial)

    • negoim80
      negoim80 Month ago

      They are happy to have your money

  • 🤧😌Yes
    🤧😌Yes Month ago

    Those colors are so hot. I think that’s one of the only good things about it this year if I’m being honest!
    Edit so this doesn’t become controversial: Nothing else matters besides the colors. They are so hot and basically distract from everything else design wise

  • Isaque Santos Aviation

    Perfect! 😍😍😍

  • Jada E
    Jada E Month ago

    How did i not know this would be revealed today? I don't recall any advertising for the reveal🤔

  • MURO
    MURO Month ago +5

    Wonderful ❤️

  • 45 images par seconde

    His DA2x display goes to 48/60/96/120 for S23/S23+, for the S23U with 10/24/30/48/60/96/120 Hz. But why 96? It's weird for some users. 90 was used but 96 Hz was useless... :(

  • SHAFIN50
    SHAFIN50 Month ago +14

    This is beast🔥

  • What the dog doin !!

    Beautiful designs

  • Brad Petersen
    Brad Petersen Month ago

    As a diehard iPhone user starting out with an iPhone 4, through a 5, then a 6, then a 6S, to an 8, and the last three years using my iPhone 11, which I can’t find a single fault with, and not so much as a scratch on it, I’m seriously considering switching sides since the release of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. I wish the planets would somehow align and Samsung dropped one in my lap.

  • Pski
    Pski Month ago


  • Nafis Yusuf
    Nafis Yusuf Month ago

    and S22 series is still perfect

    SUMON GAZI BD Month ago +8

    অসম্ভব সুন্দর 🔥

  • Blue Flash
    Blue Flash Month ago +5

    I really like the s23 design.. soooo pretty 🥺

    • Anthony MC
      Anthony MC Month ago +1

      To me the s23 non ultra looks cheap.. like the A series phones. I don't get it

    • Benkei
      Benkei Month ago +3

      @jam ham iPhones: Hold my beer..

    • jam ham
      jam ham Month ago +2

      yea.. but the s23 ultra looks the same as the s22 ultra

  • Mr. Hi
    Mr. Hi Month ago


  • MyFavMitsubishi 1917
    MyFavMitsubishi 1917 Month ago +1

    They're perfectly splendid💚💚

  • Israel Williams
    Israel Williams Month ago +1

    Finally out!!

  • c0l0jar0
    c0l0jar0 Month ago +1

    I want a thinner phone that I can grip without a case. I want a durable camera bump so I don't have to worry about it getting dinged and scratched. I want a fingerprint reader on the back. I like aluminum better than glass, maybe a circle in the center could be plastic for wireless charging. I wouldn't mind, might add grip.
    My current S22+ is thick, heavy, breakable and ungrippable.

  • Usama Khan
    Usama Khan Month ago +3

    Another beast has arrived on this galaxy..... welcome to you

  • Muriuki Peter Mwai
    Muriuki Peter Mwai Month ago +6

    Indeed they are amazing 🤩🤩🤩

  • felcas
    felcas Month ago +1

    When are we going to see a breakthrough? Something that will put us in real awe?
    I came from Palm 3, Philips's Velo1, Vaio type U, then first smartphone the O² XDA II, to HTC HD2, then Galaxy S2 to finaly Note9.
    In every single one of them, it was a total new discovery. Total awe as I explored lots of new technologies from one to another.
    But now? What we get really new mindbending revolutionary technology with S23 Ultra? Nothing it just evolved some old technology and wrapped it in a new modem, but nothing really new.
    Please make S24U come with a new revolutionary technology. Give us blood pressure test, or Infrared camera, or night camera. Or internal projector, a revolutionary battery that keep up for at least a full week. Perhaps associate with Canon or Nikon, to use they top notch sensors and make them compatible with their lenses. Just some ideas

  • Sumedha Kodikara
    Sumedha Kodikara Month ago +7

    The best ever ❤️

    • Daniel Obrien
      Daniel Obrien Month ago

      it's the exact same as the s22 line minus the camera hump on the plus and standard

  • TheEldin
    TheEldin Month ago +1

    The new legend❤

  • Adnan
    Adnan Month ago

    Finally, upgrade to my Note 9 😁

  • Thorin Le Roux
    Thorin Le Roux Month ago +3

    So Excited 👍

  • Dlêrvan
    Dlêrvan Month ago +17

    the trailer is so catchy and the s23 phones are stunning 🤩

  • Cuenta Eliminada
    Cuenta Eliminada Month ago

    I can finally say they've beaten Apple ads in some areas!

  • Koushik Bag
    Koushik Bag Month ago

    My dream phone Samsung s23 ultra 🤩🤩

  • Moshood Afeez
    Moshood Afeez Month ago +8

    Great combo 🔥 🔥

  • Jamar D
    Jamar D Month ago

    When the word "Samsung" appeared at the end, I thought my phone just died haha. Jokes aside, I almost feel like trading in for the S23 Ultra. So cool looking. Maybe in 6 months I'll look again.

    BLACK BIRD Month ago

    phantom black of that year is exceptional

  • Salis Hafkhas
    Salis Hafkhas Month ago +1

    Wow so beautiful ❤️😍

  • Mac Man
    Mac Man 27 days ago

    great reveal!

  • Gerald Bon Arcega
    Gerald Bon Arcega Month ago

    Good thing there's no massive changes in this release, considering I just bought an S22 plus..

  • Muhammad Nizam
    Muhammad Nizam Month ago

    I have on Samsung Galaxy 22 plus and it was amazing already