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How Power Supplies Work - Turbo Nerd Edition

  • Published on Apr 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    0:00 - Don't do this
    0:44 - Why we need DC
    1:30 - Transformers
    2:30 - Single Diode Rectifier
    3:35 - Why you shouldn't use a Linear PSU
    4:09 - Computer PSU Tour
    8:29 - lttstore.com but Linus gets a bit too into it
    8:37 - Are Japanese caps good?
    9:43 - PSU Capacitance vs. Efficiency
    10:40 - Modular cables and why you can't mix them
    11:09 - ATX 12VO
    12:00 - Mother Earth is cool
    12:30 - TY
    12:39 - Tongue twister
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Comments • 4 094

  • ElectroBOOM
    ElectroBOOM Year ago +3282

    FOOOOOLLL BRIGE RECTIFIAAA!! Is the right way to say it!! Thanks for sharing!

    • High Voltage Computers
      High Voltage Computers 4 days ago +1

      What about ac rms? What about voltage regulation after converting? What about ferrite core transformer comparison to iron core? What about the power of resonance frequency?

    • Svenne
      Svenne 23 days ago

      I was just about to leave a message like "Linus! Please do a collaboration with ElektroBoom".
      Thanks for destroying my dreams, Mehdi :-*

    • Choco GR
      Choco GR 3 months ago

      I knew you would show up.

    • Михаил Агарков
      Михаил Агарков 5 months ago


  • DigiNeko
    DigiNeko Year ago +626

    as an EE student i can relate to this

    • FeverGames!
      FeverGames! 22 days ago

      @Slumberland.mp4 same man 12th grade physics, sometimes im even confused am I still in high school or a engineer's class xD...

    • Rob
      Rob 25 days ago

      ​@Ara CoinThank you for agreeing with my subconscious! I don't know much but I was starting to think I knew even less than I think I do. . . Fuck Descartes!

    • Irrationally Mad Physicist
      Irrationally Mad Physicist Year ago +2

      @Ara Coin linear power supply just means there is no switching involved, linus' part is still correct and imo the most understandable, all it is missing in practice is a simple voltage regulator like a 7812 but the more important part for the big picture is the bridge and transformer.
      an important characteristic for the efficiency of SMPS is that they can change the period for which the input to the flyback is on, connecting it to mains for longer for a heavier load and relaxing the mains when the load decreases, with the decision being made using feedback from the output, kinda irked me that they found the time to mention varistors but not the defining characteristic of a switched mode power supply. if you gonna be a know it all smartass, do it to a college professor or something, not in a general audience basics video.

    • N L
      N L Year ago

      If you can RELATE to this, then you need to brush up your fundamentals and retake your coursework.

    • Slumberland.mp4
      Slumberland.mp4 Year ago

      @Br1 Kenya

  • Alexander Lee
    Alexander Lee Year ago +465

    That "60 plus turd" power efficiency rating actually made me laugh 😂

    • The Gambler
      The Gambler 12 days ago

      @Paul Frederick At high-loads, the rectifier caps suddenly need to charge quickly which induces charging losses on the caps - the caps have internal resistance and thus high charge/discharge currents waste power. Hence the need for PFC correction - it's easier to frequently top off a cap slowly than to charge it quickly occasionally.

    • Paul Frederick
      Paul Frederick Year ago

      An unregulated supply should be much more efficient than 60. Where precisely are the losses? When you use a linear regulator those are inefficient. But that's not the circuit he was showing.

    • Squish Mastah
      Squish Mastah Year ago

      @Y agreed.

    • CallMeBungie
      CallMeBungie Year ago

      Sounds like a GPM

  • Logan Fong
    Logan Fong Year ago +730

    7:35 "In layman's terms, this 3,300 microfarad capacitor...."
    Thanks. I just realised I'm not even qualified as a layman.

    • Pedro Boh
      Pedro Boh 10 days ago

      @Inservio They are cool, they kinda literally store electrons for use at will.

    • TheseKillsOnly
      TheseKillsOnly 15 days ago

      lmao that's actually funny.

    • Anivia
      Anivia 22 days ago

      @papercut except this specific capacitor doesn't save energy in an electric field. It's an electrolytic capacitor so it's more similar to a battery in that it stores its energy chemically. It just has a way smaller internal resistance than a regular battery, making it behave similar to a capacitor. That's why electrolytic capacitors have polarity and regular capacitors don't

    • TAP7a
      TAP7a Year ago

      It’s alright. That part was a bad thing to include for a layman’s explanation - that one’s on them.

    • sundhaug92
      sundhaug92 Year ago +3

      Think of it like a water-tower - when there's enough power it charges up and then it discharges when there's too little power

  • Brandon F
    Brandon F Year ago +106

    As an Electrical Engineer I have to say, Well done Linus, this is your most technically informative video yet. Would love more of these.

    • Cpt America
      Cpt America 7 months ago

      I am interested in majoring in that. Is it good? Does it pay well?

  • RolandsSh
    RolandsSh Year ago +56

    More turbo nerd - this series is awesome! Also, large props to Seasonic, this is an excellent piece of sponsored content, and it does actually make me even more likely to choose their products in the future once the GPU prices return to normal.

  • Ankit Sharma
    Ankit Sharma Year ago +2051

    As an electronics engineer I totally approve of this and want more of such turbo nerd edition! Great job LMG

    • junior2050
      junior2050 Year ago

      Only thing I noticed was that he Called us Electrical Engineers... Totally different Class of Engineering, but it's Okaaay.....

    • Ara Coin
      Ara Coin Year ago

      As an EE you should know how many mistakes are in this video :/

    • papercut
      papercut Year ago +1

      it coulve been more detailed but that would cause people to die of nerdiness

    • Gnossienne Gymnopedie
      Gnossienne Gymnopedie Year ago

      Bro I took a baby electrical class and this stuff is *not* "such turbo nerd" it's pretty average

    • Andrew MacAulay
      Andrew MacAulay Year ago

      I was going to post a simular message "As a Electrical Engineer...". I love the segment.

  • Markus Hoffmann
    Markus Hoffmann Year ago +202

    Great execution!
    When I read the title and started the video I was preparing myself to close it after a minute because such a topic can be incredibly boring if not well presented.
    Switching the host throughout the video, with clear topic separation, and without hectic cuts, gave the video a pleasant flow.
    Probably takes a bit of courage to post "such" an educational video in the current YT environment so thanks for the well-executed, effort
    and for fulfilling your guy's influencers' task to also educate.

    • Ara Coin
      Ara Coin Year ago

      Yes, switching hosts helps... Linus's part had horrible mistakes, Alex's was almost perfect, and last part was bullshit.

    • Walid Fakhfakh
      Walid Fakhfakh Year ago

      Felix retention Pond video Julio

  • Pranjal Gupta
    Pranjal Gupta Year ago +7

    Petition for Turbo Nerd Editions to be made as a weekly or bi-weekly series, this is simply too good...

  • Linac Klystron
    Linac Klystron Year ago +2

    As a sophomore in EE, and a frequent viewer of the channel, I very much enjoyed this content. I think you made the topic very interesting and appealing. Please do more!

  • Biska
    Biska Year ago +2

    I don't really stop to comment on youtube videos that often, but I really want to sat that I love this "Turbo Nerd" series. That's kind of the perfect balance of entertainment and information to me. Good work LMG, and greetings from Italy!

  • Red5
    Red5 Year ago

    It's awesome to see that amid the necessary sponsored videos and digital eye-candy we still see you guys turning out educational videos. Seriously, stuff like this is awesome.

  • Andy Tan
    Andy Tan Year ago +5621

    Oh my God... I can hear Mehdi from Electroboom saying "FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIER!!" in my head...

    • ReLo
      ReLo 11 months ago

      Ideeed , everyone expected linus yell FULL BRIDGE RECTIFYAAAAA ! ! !

    • CelTiar
      CelTiar 11 months ago

      I hear it in my mind as soon as I saw the single diode rectifier and knew where it was going.

    • RazorFPV
      RazorFPV 11 months ago


    • Callum Haynes
      Callum Haynes 11 months ago

      It's not a dumb single diode rectifier, it's a FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIER

    • The Laptop Lagger
      The Laptop Lagger Year ago

      @Mateus Maciel 0️⃣0️⃣ I mean they're merely similar

  • Andriy Predmyrskyy
    Andriy Predmyrskyy Year ago +6

    Awesome vid! Do more educational stuff like this! Go into depth on more stuff like this. You could have a whole video on how that switching resonance thing works. I had to use that the other day and it's so weird. I need to know how it works.

    • Karan Hasija
      Karan Hasija Year ago +1

      @Linus Tech Tips hello AC, you are 1 zoom class away from educating millions. It's free real estate.

    • Linus Tech Tips
      Linus Tech Tips  Year ago +1

      Lol a video about circuit resonance would require me to understand it which I don't think is happening anytime soon -AC

  • arnab das
    arnab das Year ago +5

    Hearing power factor correction took me back to my EE clg days. Used to have a tough time understanding why the hell they are not in sync. Understanding the full operation of power supply might need one to have master degree. Great job in explaining the basic concepts so easily.

  • David Gunther
    David Gunther Year ago

    I'm impressed you guys mentioned the secondary components like filters and PFC circuit. Good starts for anyone wanting to learn more. Also, that soft(or resonant) switching is incredibly important part of it all to let us have compact and efficient PSUs.

  • Espresso Monster
    Espresso Monster Year ago +3

    Wish I had lecturers this cool in college! Thanks mate! 👍It's nicer understanding how things work when they make it relative to interests and uses

  • Friday Californiaa
    Friday Californiaa Year ago +1

    These Turbo Nerd things are my new favorite videos on this channel =)

  • sadus
    sadus Year ago +1248

    You could add “full bridge rectifier” voice by ElectroBoom. That would make it more epic and +3 to coolness

    • Zmite
      Zmite Year ago

      I knew that the full bridge rectifier was coming I was expecting electroboom though sad 😢

    • Ryan Tablada
      Ryan Tablada Year ago

      Yeah especially since they’ve worked together in the past.

    • Андрей Тушов
      Андрей Тушов Year ago


    • Batthew627
      Batthew627 Year ago

      Ngl when he said it, in my head it was the only thing I heard

    • Buzzkiller
      Buzzkiller Year ago


  • Ethan Patton
    Ethan Patton Year ago +1

    I want more informative videos like this. Do motherboards and ram next. Love it

  • A P
    A P Year ago

    This is a great kind of video to add to the stuff you post! This level of educational content is really awesome to have.

  • Shane Reagan
    Shane Reagan Year ago

    Absolutely love the Turbo Nerd videos. Keep em coming!

  • SomeIndianGuy
    SomeIndianGuy Year ago

    You guys do a wonderful job. Thanks a lot 😀

  • TheCollector316
    TheCollector316 Year ago +2

    This was a well-made and very informative video. Thank you for this. I also appreciate the shout-out to ElectroBoom as he teaches electricity.

  • Jim McBubbles
    Jim McBubbles Year ago +111

    love the turbo nerd idea. would love to see more in depth content like this.

  • over
    over Year ago +2

    This is the height of tech youtubing. I'm proud of the ltt team. Awesome video!!!

  • Agent Snowpuff
    Agent Snowpuff Year ago

    You guys should more episodes like this for stuff like microphones and speakers.

  • David Fuller
    David Fuller Year ago +1

    Between Steve starting to do power supply testing and this, I feel like we're hitting a new age of power supply reviews.

  • Kipper Klank
    Kipper Klank Year ago

    I really love this new educational content ltt is pushing. Its such a nice refresher

  • Jesse Farnham
    Jesse Farnham Year ago

    Great video. I enjoyed the multi presenter format. More please!

  • DubNDodge
    DubNDodge Year ago +80

    As an EE designer, I appreciate the time you guys spent to get this accurate as possible while keeping the attention of those watching. Very well executed LTT team.

    • Tran Thien
      Tran Thien Year ago

      And they somehow get us engaged in checking out other Ytuber also, just massive appreciation

  • mushieslushie
    mushieslushie Year ago +1

    It's like high school all over again... Fun fact: In my high school electronics class I built a strobe light kit that included building a power supply with a transformer and fairly large capacitors. I succeeded in shocking the shit out of myself.

  • Tom Pike
    Tom Pike Year ago +1

    More tubo nerd content please! This is a great series.

  • Soren Kazaren
    Soren Kazaren Year ago

    Please more turbo nerd videos. I would love to learn all the nitty gritty details of how these things work and what they really do.

  • John Gangemi
    John Gangemi Year ago

    More of this content please. Well done LMG.

  • PhysicsGamer
    PhysicsGamer Year ago

    This is an awesome video! I look forward to more content with this format.

  • Legendary Silver
    Legendary Silver Year ago +1495

    Linus: *mentions a full bridge rectifier*
    Me: *deep breath* "FFFFUUUUUUU-"

    • Cbaha
      Cbaha Year ago


    • Rian
      Rian Year ago


    • Ben C
      Ben C Year ago


    • ax2bxc
      ax2bxc Year ago +3


    • EthanGreen
      EthanGreen Year ago +2


  • Jonathan Grove
    Jonathan Grove Year ago

    I liked this multi-host format video. Maybe for another collaboration with ElectroBoom you guys can attempt to make your own power supply :)

  • Prashant Modia
    Prashant Modia Year ago

    Make more of turbo nerd edition videos please ... Loving these !

  • Archon
    Archon Year ago +1

    This is a phenomenal video! I work in power generation, and it was really nice to see how well you explained a lot of this. I completely understood everything up until Alex talked about the MOSFETs and such lol.
    I can't believe you went into power factor and VARs, that's awesome.

  • Ramoloi Mofokeng
    Ramoloi Mofokeng Year ago

    If these Turbo Nerd Editions are gonna be a thing, I'm all for it

  • Tr1gger
    Tr1gger Year ago

    I really like these turbo nerd videos
    keep 'em coming and don't stop

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    Ray Bae Year ago +82

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    Matt Robinson Year ago

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    CircularTonic Year ago

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  • Marcus M
    Marcus M Year ago

    Video, audio and power are the things to go big on. Everything else ages like crazy.

  • Nigel Thornberry
    Nigel Thornberry Year ago +1

    Doing a university degree in engineering and I had to do many modules in electrical engineering. When he said "I won't even pretend to understand how the maths works"... I felt that.

  • Lykos
    Lykos Year ago

    As a computer hardware engineer this turbo nerd series is literally my life

  • Prottoy Roy
    Prottoy Roy Year ago +32

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  • Kasimir den Hertog

    Very informative! Can you also explain what difference there is between regular and 'digital' PSU's?

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    Akhilesh Sonawane Year ago +67

    I am watching this video while my physics teacher is teaching about conversion of ac to dc current... Linus did it better.. but I was like "universe want me learn this😂"

    • Squish Mastah
      Squish Mastah Year ago +1

      The universe has big plans for you young man.

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      Steve's video: 25 minutes.
      Depends on how much free time you have I guess.

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    Did you guys coordinate this effort or was it coincidence?

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    Bullet Kin Year ago

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    Man this video really need Arabic captions to show my fellow students how this sh*t works
    Well done guys❤❤ so much love

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  • LinkinPhoenix1
    LinkinPhoenix1 Year ago

    Thank you LTT, I was planning to replace my power supply soon from whatever Asus stuck in my pre-built, to something decent. I did wonder whether I could re-use the cables. So now I know and I won’t be making that mistake.

  • JustOneOfTheSheep

    You Should do more of this type of stuff.

  • CookieCamo
    CookieCamo Year ago

    I love Turbo Nerd Edition Videos! :D