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Shaq Talks Kobe Regrets, Why LeBron Isn’t GOAT, Says Logan Is Next Jeffrey Dahmer - IMPAULSIVE

  • Published on Mar 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • 4x NBA champion turned business mogul, Shaquille O'Neal, joins the boys to discuss Kobe Bryant regrets, why MJ is the GOAT (over LeBron), becoming a s*x symbol, why George should be fired, Logan giving Jeffrey Dahmer vibes, favorite team he played for, the deep relationship with his father, DJ Diesel takeover & more…
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    0:00 Intro
    1:08 Welcome Shaq!
    2:31 Logan Gets Roasted!
    5:40 Shaq’s Idols
    8:45 “We’re Not Rich, I’m Rich”
    11:16 Shaq Fires George From Impaulsive!
    12:57 Becoming The GOAT Big Man
    15:40 Pressure & Gaining Father’s Respect
    21:14 Shattering Rims
    23:02 Kobe Bryant Regret
    26:39 GOAT Debate: MJ Or LeBron?
    29:44 Becoming A S*x Symbol
    32:38 Fan Photo From 23 Years Ago!
    34:56 Fan Questions!
    38:22 DJ Diesel
    42:42 Beef With Kobe
    45:51 Favorite NBA Team
    47:20 Logan & George Didn’t Show Up
    53:56 Logan Confronts Boxing Coach
    1:03:28 Snapchat Comeback!
    1:07:13 99 Originals & Clip-Sharers
    1:10:40 Tua Injury
    1:18:32 Logan Goes OFF On Cheaters
    Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.
    #Shaq #KobeBryant #Lebron
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Comments • 3 948

  • Colin and Samir
    Colin and Samir 5 months ago +2622

    Damn guys this is great. Impaulsive has come a long way 🙌🏼🙌🏾

    • Georgethe1
      Georgethe1 5 months ago

      Impulsive still sucks

    • Kurtasee
      Kurtasee 5 months ago

      This episode was so trash

    • Maryam V
      Maryam V 5 months ago


    • Monkey
      Monkey 5 months ago

      @Meme Magic is Real 🤡

  • RIP Mamba
    RIP Mamba 5 months ago +1212

    Shaq: I wanna be remembered as a nice guy!
    Also Shaq: bullies tf outta George

    • ted lilley
      ted lilley 27 days ago

      Shaqs Sgt M Dad definitely gave him military traits that civilians really dont like. Still a legend tho

    • samuel rappaport
      samuel rappaport 29 days ago

      That David and Goliath joke was painful he deserves to have Shaq roast him

    • S B
      S B Month ago

      @Colby Say that to the kids he bullied when he was younger.

    • iKillZombiez YT
      iKillZombiez YT 2 months ago

      999th like aye

    • Garrett Spivey
      Garrett Spivey 2 months ago

      @Marc M" you are** a goof"

  • NLV Films
    NLV Films 3 months ago +222

    Listening to someone is one of the biggest signs of respect. Respect George.

    • Brian Navarro
      Brian Navarro 2 months ago +2

      @Thomas yeah it’s not his fault but he’s also just hella awkward. Mood tho.

    • Thomas
      Thomas 2 months ago +4

      @Brian Navarro that's because the conversation is constantly happening away from him.

    • Brian Navarro
      Brian Navarro 2 months ago +3

      @NLV Films no lol he’s just awkward and doesn’t know what to ask. See it how you want tho haha.

    • NLV Films
      NLV Films 2 months ago

      @Brian Navarro ah man you don’t get it, ah well ! Each to their own

    • Brian Navarro
      Brian Navarro 2 months ago +3

      lol its a podcast you're supposed to interact and ask questions to your guest.

  • HBIC
    HBIC 4 months ago +198

    Poor George. Anyone who has social anxiety can relate to the way he was being treated by Shaq. It’s all in good fun, but still it is an introvert’s worst nightmare 😂😂😂

    • A M
      A M 3 months ago +13

      @Rayvin Edayan heavy agree. I cringed when I heard he doesn't do research prior. That's just being lazy and bad at your job.

    • Rayvin Edayan
      Rayvin Edayan 4 months ago +17

      He’s on a podcast where he’s part interviewer. He’s said it before, he doesnt think of any questions to ask prior. He likes to go in with a blank slate so he can learn. Which is horrible because this is the outcome. You need to be knowledgeable on who you’re interviewing so you can ask questions. Practice asking questions and think of back up questions to successfully steer an interview no matter what the responses are. He does this to himself, but then again view are views no matter how good, bad or awkward.

  • Not-user
    Not-user 5 months ago +306

    “Close your legs when you’re talking to me” I am glad he said it. Not even joking. I would vote for this man as president in a damn second 😂 he can’t be any worse than what we’ve had
    “Gated community gangsters” this dude never runs out of jokes w

    • John Millay
      John Millay 5 months ago

      Yea the clip of that brought me here. Shaqs hilarious

  • Everything Irie.
    Everything Irie. 5 months ago +106

    I loved this episode, just natural flow- didn't feel scripted and just flowed, loved how the boys really balance each other out. props to George especially being next to shaq must of been a lot! My favourite so far!!!!

    • ryan cooper
      ryan cooper 5 months ago +4

      you can script a live show too mate

    • BasicallyBlaster
      BasicallyBlaster 5 months ago +1

      Cause it was a live show that’s why it was not scripted or anythin

  • far2kthoughts
    far2kthoughts 5 months ago +10360

    Poor George got caught off guard outta nowhere. Dude was just chilling and Shaq suddenly directed all the attention towards him. 😂

    • FBI
      FBI 7 days ago

      George is deadweight

    • Edgar
      Edgar 3 months ago

      Bro was just sitting there like a duck not listening to the convo lol

    • Armando Munoz
      Armando Munoz 3 months ago

      George says he’s a comedian

    • Ramadan Steve
      Ramadan Steve 3 months ago

      @Chris The Fiend so fucking soft lmao

  • Rylea Jiles
    Rylea Jiles 5 months ago +118

    I’ve always had a special place in my heart for George. He’s so precious and pure. I feel like he needs to be protected, and this episode has further shown that. 😂❤ George, hang in there. 💀😙

    • Rylea Jiles
      Rylea Jiles 3 months ago

      @DeadShot I agree with you, I just feel bad for him at times

    • Joseph Stalin
      Joseph Stalin 4 months ago +4

      Here after he walked out of a podcast for being bullied by Bobby Lee 😂😂

    • GhostNinja0007
      GhostNinja0007 5 months ago +1

      @Rylea Jiles right! Everyone thinks it's fine he got made fun of, but switch the roles to where you're the one getting basically bullied on camera I bet a lot of people don't like it. He's getting away with being a jerk for no reason and personally thinks it's not ok, and a lot of other people would agree. It's not being soft either, it's just common sense to not belittle someone for no reason

  • Lola Kemmy
    Lola Kemmy 5 months ago +32

    I loved this episode and totally felt for George! I would have been the same ❤️

  • Hunt CF
    Hunt CF 5 months ago +38

    Super proud of Logan and everyone for having someone like shaq on the show. Just shows u can do anything

  • Proxy
    Proxy 3 months ago +35

    Yo these live episodes interacting with the audience are amazing you should do this more often

  • Tim Hope
    Tim Hope 5 months ago +2715

    Funniest thing to me was George kept getting heat for not asking questions and when he finally started asking a question he got two words into it and Shaq was like "Man, shut up and call your daddy". 😂

    • Grugham Munice
      Grugham Munice 3 months ago +1

      He was like call your dad so he can teach you how to be a man

    • Vika Latu
      Vika Latu 4 months ago


    • R R
      R R 4 months ago +1

      I am george

    • Noah French
      Noah French 4 months ago +9

      This is the first episode I've ever cried to. I've watched 80% of the other episodes but Shaq telling George to call his dad because life is short hit me so hard.

    • Aige
      Aige 5 months ago


  • Insert Name Name
    Insert Name Name 5 months ago +22

    Growing up Shaq was my favorite ball player. Since them Magic days hahaa, his humbleness is as big and beautiful as himself. We need more people like this speaking greatness into these young people minds and hearts. May god continue to bless and guide you Dr. O'NEAL. #DieselPowered #Texas 🤘

  • Vi Gr
    Vi Gr 5 months ago +12

    Amazing podcast! Shaq had some great insights. Mad respect for Logan for his take on cheaters.

  • Rowell C
    Rowell C 5 months ago +23

    I've seen Shaq a handful at times from going to raves/festivals but to see this side of him is truly inspiring. I wish more people in life had this outlook and mentality of being grateful to have what you have. Thank you for this interview as I strive to continue to be a better person every day that I'm alive. We all have our good days and bad days, but don't let one day ruin it as long as you try your best on the next.

  • Joshinofree
    Joshinofree 5 months ago +47

    I respect Shaq so much!! Just everything he does. There’s some people you just have so much respect for and just enjoy their presence

    • Sambucks
      Sambucks 4 months ago

      Shaq has ego issues think He thinks he’s above everyone
      Watch when the video of his one on one interview with Kobe he was vulnerable and you can tell he knew he wasn’t on Kobe level at all

    • Shaurya Garg
      Shaurya Garg 5 months ago +3

      I think we all need to calm down a notch and stop hyping these celebs we have never met. Shaq’s conduct in this podcast was not really ideal. He was acting like a bully and quite mean for no reason.

  • Sal
    Sal 5 months ago +13

    Funny guy. There’s something about the three of you that gets people to really open up on this podcast. It always leaves me contemplating the world and life in general.
    On another note, I actually had a couch in that same check fabric in the 90s.

    • Sugoii
      Sugoii 5 months ago

      It’s thanks to George I’d say..

  • Riley Dallaire
    Riley Dallaire 5 months ago +1761

    Props to mike for being a good friend and boosting up george, I can’t imagine how nervous I’d be around someone of shaqs stature, that was some real friendship outta mike

    • HMackAlien
      HMackAlien 5 months ago +1

      @ExtraDryCrouton 100% agreed

    • Tommie Brownlee
      Tommie Brownlee 5 months ago +5

      @ExtraDryCrouton George did better than Logan and mike🤣🤣 Shaq made them change the subject cause they were asking terrible questions they fumbled this episode not George who can’t hear anything 😭

    • ExtraDryCrouton
      ExtraDryCrouton 5 months ago +13

      They really need to get him off the damn show.. this should have been a better interview but they just got the same broken record info out of Shaq that we've heard on dozens of other interviews

    • Riley Dallaire
      Riley Dallaire 5 months ago +20

      Also 12:22 when he says let’s give George a round of applause, he can tell he’s nervous and is tryna help him feel comfortable again

    • Ryan Taylor
      Ryan Taylor 5 months ago +4

      @Hannah Wiggins 50:03

  • Justin Lawlor
    Justin Lawlor 5 months ago +28

    Shaq is an amazing person, it blows my mind, i cried watching this, talking about his dad

  • Flydamage
    Flydamage 5 months ago +11

    Man I Love Shaq his such a genuine guy and overall super nice ,cool ,smart and inspiring 🙌🏼 ❤ also they way he left George speechless was hilarious 😂 great job guys keep crushing it 👏🏼

  • Radamez Prince
    Radamez Prince 5 months ago +6

    The podcast still carried well despite Shaq's time ending prematurely. Concussion protocol in the NFL is a very heavy topic & I loved everyone's honest perspective, also I always enjoy the fun loving environment & energy Shaq always garners & the nature of this show compliments that source very well. I'm also a huge fan of the jewels being dropped by Shaq & the hosts included.
    Great episode alround 👍🏾✅

  • MyDixiEnormous 5
    MyDixiEnormous 5 5 months ago +27

    Shaq has such a great sense of humor and is always being funny, but when he says “I’m serious” he really means that. The man will forever be a legend to us and to his family. Mission accomplished

  • Nath Jones
    Nath Jones 20 days ago

    Shaq is a genuine legend, I was fortunate enough to meet him on his last trip to Australia and he’s just another bloke! I really hope he moves downunder one day he’d fit right in! 😊

  • Julianna Williams
    Julianna Williams 5 months ago +9

    Shaq's attitude, determination, and hard work are so refreshing and inspiring!

  • David De La Rosa
    David De La Rosa 5 months ago +1765

    This is the first episode I truly appreciated Mike, a really nice friend, backing up George multiple times, and respecting everybody.

    • awesome1ru
      awesome1ru 4 months ago

      he always does

    • Jord Hof
      Jord Hof 4 months ago

      @JO Fiction

    • R R
      R R 4 months ago

      Okurt he learned well. Wise gas hopper

    • Aige
      Aige 5 months ago


    • iRL
      iRL 5 months ago


  • Sam A
    Sam A 5 months ago +8

    I don't think I've seen a podcast start this smoothly before. It's like they all warmed up behind stage and we started in the middle of the podcast.

  • Aladdin
    Aladdin 5 months ago +13

    honestly the rawness of this podcast, mistakes and all, was such a great learning moment. I'm gonna be playing a live gig tomorrow night, and will carry this through with me and seize the moment

  • Jon Quindiagan
    Jon Quindiagan 2 months ago

    Beautiful podcast! it was absolutely marvelous hearing the GOAT talking about his past experiences.

  • Ali Reza
    Ali Reza 5 months ago +88

    Bravo getting Shaq. He is truly a role model. I never had any as a children... only person I sincerely looked up to was my dad. Shaq is a goddamn hero. Such an inspiration because of how he carries himself and the messages he spreads.

    • Ali Reza
      Ali Reza 3 months ago

      @incredible If you think that's long I guess... nvm. You are right. And you win. :) Much love bro.

    • incredible
      incredible 3 months ago

      @Ali Reza LMFSO to long to read

    • Ali Reza
      Ali Reza 3 months ago

      @incredible Look - the only people you truly know are the people closest to you. Everyone is different in different social contexts. Even kids behave differently in school, compared to at home, compared to at their grand parents place, etc. Shaq seems like a good person, and is sending positive messages. How he acts at home, I don't know. But the people around him seem to enjoy his presence. Stop feeling offended on behalf of others. He is not bullying anyone, he is acting with grace, humility and being playful and it's evident for anyone watching that nobody wants to leave the interview.
      And no, I don't ever want my kids to grow up to be anyone except themselves. However that doesn't mean I cannot respect and appreciate Shaq for being a great role model.

    • incredible
      incredible 3 months ago

      @ccar you apparently only saw what you wanted to see. did you watch how he bullies people around, they payed him to come on and talk but he only wants to talk about what he wants to talk about.

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie 5 months ago +5

    Shaq is such an inspiration. I imagine having him as a mentor would be incredible.

  • 21sled
    21sled 5 months ago +1982

    Shaq is one of those people who definitely got more rich after he retired from Basketball which is awesome, shows how smart he is

    • Liam Garry
      Liam Garry 4 months ago

      @Stefan Kalin he probably did shut on his SAT dude is not intelligent

    • Jesus Rodriguez
      Jesus Rodriguez 4 months ago

      @Kink Panther he has a few papa johns too

    • Cel Tic
      Cel Tic 5 months ago +1

      @Kink Panther well almost all those stores will be going bankrupt within the next decade, just you wait. everytime I pass a 5 Guys (I live in Cali), there's almost nobody there. and don't even get me started with Forever 21

    • Noah Silvers
      Noah Silvers 5 months ago

      Him by himself is super marketable, look at him

    • IdcWatYouThink
      IdcWatYouThink 5 months ago

      He also has a doctorate in business! He's very smart

  • sheed
    sheed 5 months ago +1

    so proud that you expanded your podcast 💜 i remember when all you did was talk about random things with mike

  • Dooma Photos
    Dooma Photos 5 months ago +68

    Shaq is a great human being ! His parents did a great job raising him and Shaq has become a great dad himself

    • Game Drop
      Game Drop 3 months ago

      You have no idea. . .

    • Sambucks
      Sambucks 4 months ago +1

      @Graham McIntosh Shaq has ego issues he makes fun of people but he can’t take a joke himself he expects everyone to adjust to him he’s always want to be right he was rude here and he smiled once in this interview

    • Graham McIntosh
      Graham McIntosh 5 months ago

      @Money Chump you're messed up. George embarrassed himself. Shaq said it was the worst interview he's ever done. He's done about 10 000

    • Money Chump
      Money Chump 5 months ago +1

      @Graham McIntosh okay well you and him aren’t the same? you think the world is diluted?

    • Graham McIntosh
      Graham McIntosh 5 months ago

      @Money Chump He was very unprepared. No I wouldnt be nervous. Embarrassing.

  • Stanislav Spon
    Stanislav Spon 5 months ago +3

    Wow didn't realize Shaq was such a respectful, well put together person. Good father figure, loyal to his family and much more. You simply won't find such quality individuals these days. I am blown away ....

  • Honk goes the Dynamite
    Honk goes the Dynamite 5 months ago

    I have so much respect for Shaq. So intelligent and such a BIG heart. Amazing person

  • simran momi
    simran momi 5 months ago +1098

    I love how authentic the podcast is. The awkwardness, the mistakes- Logan was talking about him no longer being relatable in the last podcast but this perfectly captures how we really all are the same people just trying to figure out life. One of my favourite podcasts not for the content but for what I learnt.

    • idkman09
      idkman09 5 months ago

      Comments like these make you realize Logan’s fan base is still 16

    • dono
      dono 5 months ago

      @Zack Moneta fake laugh? I dont think a fake laugh can make logan red and with veins popping out.

    • George
      George 5 months ago +1

      Authentic, these people have no truth other than george

  • Frederick Salerno
    Frederick Salerno 5 months ago +7

    Shaq knew the target audience, and he spat so much knowledge. Very wise guy, someone to look up to. Also someone to have a laugh with too 😂

  • KaiGuy
    KaiGuy 5 months ago +118

    Shaq screamed at George to ask him a question and right after he started talking Shaq just interrupted him before he could say like 5 words

    • D money
      D money 2 months ago

      miou joer he spreads love how is that a negative

    • KaiGuy
      KaiGuy 5 months ago

      miou joer 🤓

  • Pool Guy
    Pool Guy 5 months ago +7

    I love the podcast and having Shaq on is a huge milestone. I have to say that Logan has mentioned things on more than several occasions that are a little concerning that he may have an underlying condition or something that he has going on internally. I hope that he sees an internal medicine doctor and gets checked out.

    • Pool Guy
      Pool Guy 3 months ago

      @Grugham Munice i am not diagnosing him with anything, i said that he should see an internal medicine doctor. Got any other dumb questions for me?

    • Grugham Munice
      Grugham Munice 3 months ago

      @Pool Guy so what's the underlying condition that you're diagnosising him with Dr.PoolMan?

    • Pool Guy
      Pool Guy 4 months ago

      @Zach you are literally responding to a statement… a statement which answers your question. SMH

    • Zach
      Zach  4 months ago +1

      What are you going on about?

    MOLTENMETAL 4 months ago +1

    He is one of the greatest NBA players and human beings of all time. So many people look up to him as a person and as a giant.

  • Isaiah Barnes
    Isaiah Barnes 5 months ago +1265

    As someone with social anxiety I felt pressured by Shaq even through the screen Jesus Christ.. poor George

    • xcaluhbration
      xcaluhbration 2 months ago

      @Nibba X it's just my interpretation, I shouldn't try to act like it's gospel, my bad. You could absolutely be right.
      My old man, his friends and uncles I grew up with were like this and when they're older than you they jostle with you in that way. Shaq seemed definitely annoyed but in my experience of being in George's position I think he was trying to mess around with George a bit to get him to loosen up. I know I mess with people when I first meet them to let them know I don't take myself too seriously and to get them to ease up if they're a little tense but that approach sometimes backfires and at times in the past I've gotten mad at the person for thinking I was trying to be a dick to them and then it just turns into a problem 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣

    • Nibba X
      Nibba X 2 months ago +1

      @xcaluhbration really? Shaq just looked annoyed with him in general idk man I think this was different

    • Nate Bauer
      Nate Bauer 5 months ago

      I feel this 1000%

    • Siddig
      Siddig 5 months ago +1

      @Water hazard Because social anxiety is generic basic crap. If you really process what I'm saying you'll get over it.

    • Water hazard
      Water hazard 5 months ago

      @Siddig generic basic crap ,sounds like an answer u would get from a Google search 😂

  • Goat_
    Goat_ 5 months ago +2

    Wow such a great and inspirational episode Shaq is one of my favorite center of all time 🐐

  • Jordan
    Jordan 5 months ago +51

    This Pod was so hard to watch, don't know if it was because it was live so the vibe was off or cause the questions were so boring but I'm looking forward to the next one.
    Few Tips:
    - George come more prepared
    - Don't do it live
    - Make it more like a conversation & less like an interview
    - Avoid asking things that have been asked a million times before, this could've been a great opportunity to ask about Shaq's other endevours not just his NBA career from decades ago

    • Fish Facts
      Fish Facts 5 months ago

      Couldn’t agree more, I’m not a regular impaulsive watcher. But Shaq carried the podcast.
      Im a big Shaq admirer, but he learned nothing new, these questions were already asked many times before.
      And George could be more prepared, but those damn boyshorts disturbed me a lot more.

  • Prithvi Kewalramani
    Prithvi Kewalramani 4 months ago +4

    I love shaq so much man he just wanted George to be more proactive during the podcast😂😂😂 no other guest does that

  • LUCIFER666
    LUCIFER666 5 months ago +3

    Logan and
    Crew amazing job keep this going I’m a new subscriber love every moment of the interview god bless you all and blessings from TEXAS!!!

    • Nick Hagspiel
      Nick Hagspiel 3 months ago

      You know Logan's a big scammer, right?

  • Frankie Palermo
    Frankie Palermo 4 months ago

    Shaqs stories never get old no matter how many times I hear them on different podcasts lol

  • Amanda Myers
    Amanda Myers 5 months ago +719

    Shaq calling out George and the aftermath of that is exactly why we love George. He’s a goof and this show would NOT be the same without him

    • Nibba X
      Nibba X 2 months ago

      George is just the butt of the joke he should not be in this show

    • Andrew Jimenez
      Andrew Jimenez 4 months ago

      You’re right, it would be better. George is a weirdo and is off putting with his energy/vibe.

    • -
      - 5 months ago +3

      Shaq has no filter and he's pretty straight up with the things.
      So, when he realised that it's been literally 12 minutes and George had said absolutely nothing, Shaq just had to say something.
      Also, Shaq said himself - he was there to have a good time, for himself and for the audience. And since George is supposed to be funny one out of the three, if George doesn't say anything then Shaq isn't going to get the comedic podcast he wanted.
      FTR, We also see this when they start asking Shaq about his stocks and Shaq says "Next question".
      Also, I'm fully aware my comment has no relation to the comment I'm commenting on.

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose 5 months ago +2

    Shaq one of the realest people he’s ever had compete honest no bull shit and perfect advice what a guy

  • Bassam Abdullah
    Bassam Abdullah 5 months ago +73

    I felt so bad for Geroge, poor guy. Everyone seriously needs to lighten up on him and quit the losing his job jokes.

  • ASwagPecan
    ASwagPecan 2 months ago

    Shaq’s respect for his father is so admirable

  • Nick
    Nick 5 months ago

    Great show guys! Shaq is amazing! George killed it without even trying……

  • K E
    K E 5 months ago +4

    I cried man tears like 5 times. This was a beautiful podcast. I learned a lot.

    • Liam Garry
      Liam Garry 4 months ago

      Those aren’t man tears

    • K E
      K E 5 months ago +2

      Ight maybe more than 5.

  • David R Blessed
    David R Blessed 5 months ago +774

    The respect and love Shaq has for his parents is admirable 💯

    • Alex VC
      Alex VC 5 months ago +1

      @Bill Craig didn't know this. That says a lot about him!!!

      BEN DOVER 5 months ago +1

      Bro made the 14 max look like a mini

    • Bill Craig
      Bill Craig 5 months ago +4

      It's great that he speaks of his father that way even though he's not his biological father.

  • Cheyenne Logue
    Cheyenne Logue 5 months ago +3

    Man I love this podcast.. I've never laughed so hard in my life at the end with the promotion

  • Guy Allen
    Guy Allen 5 months ago +3

    Shaq is such a role model. Love that guy. Thanks for the interview.

  • Justin B
    Justin B 5 months ago +3

    So much love for you Shaq, I can remember being like 4 with one of the huge cardboard cut of you on my wall and posted of MJ back then, and the two of you was my world back then got me though so much, one of which was the child abuse I went through almost daily along with my mom getting abused, I was smart enough at that age to know better and seeked help from our neighbors to contact child services but sadly back then it took tons of calls to get any actual help. As far as my world as well you and MJ was all I ever talked about also keep in mind I'm 35 now so was in your and MJ prime at the time so it has been a while, and even after all them yrs I still look up to you highly with all your work you do and don't publicize Because it's not what you say you do but what you actually do that really matters specifically you as your so big hearted and are doing the world so good with the time you have on this planet, thanks Shaq for everything you do love you so much. Fyi I'm in tears writing this you made a 35 yr old that feels no emotion cry.

  • Chris
    Chris 5 months ago +3

    Shaq is always a great podcast guest

  • M Zeek
    M Zeek 5 months ago +1

    Great episode. It would be super dope if you guys got Charles Barkley that would be funny af. Adam Sandler would be cool too. Had some solid guests recently

  • Inspector Butters
    Inspector Butters 5 months ago +529

    Shaq is legitimately one of my favorites humans that has ever lived!!! He's an incredible athlete, father, businessman, and so much more!! Shaqs a winner at life

    • dedhed
      dedhed 5 months ago

      @Fine Art Sure. Maybe you feel that way about the way they choose to articulate themselves publicly. Maybe, their public persona is an act that they’re aware of. Maybe they’re young and want to carefully articulate themselves in the public eye. Shaq is older and has deservedly chosen his own path and garnered enough respect to speak his point of view on opinions and life and people love him for that.

    • Akikia Ovie
      Akikia Ovie 5 months ago +1

      @Fine Art Are they in retirement? do they have similar upbringing as shaq? you cant differentiate between confidence and Ego how do you want to achieve anything

    • Inspector Butters
      Inspector Butters 5 months ago

      @Lucas Freitas I'm sure Shaq has made plenty of mistakes just like everybody else, he is human after all. But Shaq has also done 1,000x more good deeds for people than everyone in this comment section combined, so I can forgive whatever he did in the past..... Shaqs a good dude with a giant heart

    • Fine Art
      Fine Art 5 months ago +1

      @dedhed still good guys like giannis, Lebron and magic always stay humble.

    • dedhed
      dedhed 5 months ago +2

      @Brad B the difference is he earned his ego

  • Samantha Dominguez
    Samantha Dominguez 4 months ago +1

    So much love and respect for Shaq!

  • Brandon Singh
    Brandon Singh 4 months ago

    Shaq is genuinely such an amazingly soul .. my favorite person on this planet by far 👏🏾

  • coyster530
    coyster530 5 months ago +6

    What Shaq said about his father and just making sure you tell him you love him every time whether you're fighting friends doesn't matter you never know when something can get taken from you I know personally from experience my father was taken for me way too quick and honestly I'd never got to say goodbye and I never got to get my final piece with him and let him know how much he really meant to me I truly hope he realizes that now and I feel like everybody that can definitely should make sure their parents know how much you care because you never know on that phone could ring the last thing I got from my dad was a voicemail because I missed his call and thought I could call him back I was never able to call him back

  • Joe Lows
    Joe Lows 5 months ago +2

    I love Shaq sooo much Mann , one of the rare 1 percent celebs who is always themselves and you still cant help but laugh and smile with them, his energy is contagious and i cnt stop smiling whenever I watch him say or do anything thank you so much @33shaq love you bro

    • Sambucks
      Sambucks 4 months ago

      He smiled once
      Was rude as hell to George
      Do that to him and let’s see how he would react

  • Ty DuPont
    Ty DuPont 5 months ago +15

    Damn I felt bad for George. I’m sure he is a big Shaq fan, probably didn’t expect to get slightly bullied lol

    • DamianTheBeholder
      DamianTheBeholder 5 months ago +3

      That’s shaq, he’s a great guy but there’s a side of him that can’t resist bullying the weak.

  • Austo
    Austo 5 months ago +549

    I really love how quickly Logan went from everyone hating him and him just being a douche to being a genuine dude that I honestly think is cool as hell

    • AMFK
      AMFK 3 months ago +1

      I fucking hated Logan until this last year or so, grown so much.

    • theonlyJigzopm
      theonlyJigzopm 3 months ago +1

      @JGBR1122 most of the UK still only really know Logan now and got salty about the Japan thing years after seeing a very short clip. Not the whole vlog when It was first uploaded. Those are two different storeys. Most people in the UK can't tell the brothers apart even still now

    • theonlyJigzopm
      theonlyJigzopm 3 months ago +1

      Hes a smart dude and has a heart. His choice of guests is obviously entertainment first but can see from the array of different kinds of characters as guests. Theres alot of gulenuine "final thought type of lessons" from these podcasts.

    • birdie
      birdie 4 months ago +1

      @NoBody “you sweet summer child” 😆😆.
      bravo for that reference hahah

  • Jake
    Jake 5 months ago +1

    Shaq is an overall spectacular person. Literally on all fronts. Quite inspiring for a “regular guy” 😉

    • tie
      tie 5 months ago

      he's an overall bully

  • william alicea
    william alicea 5 months ago +9

    It has to be said
    George has always been my favorite on the podcast!

    • Jose Segura
      Jose Segura 5 months ago

      Im conviced logan amd mike write comments like this and delete all the bad comments

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov 5 months ago

    I’ve never regret in subscribing to Impaulsive Y’all doing a great job

  • Hayden Mack
    Hayden Mack 4 months ago +2

    Came here after the Bobby Lee incident. Totally feel for you George, hang in there pal. Mike is clearly with you too, I think Logan will turn around there too for you. It's hard to think straight under pressure, and a lot of people don't have a lot of grace. It wasn't cool of Shaq to call you out like that like you're some kind of asshole for being nervous. Made me sad.

  • Kaynat Qureshi
    Kaynat Qureshi 5 months ago

    Such a great interview! Shaq needs to go on a comedy tour. 😅

  • Chente
    Chente 5 months ago +471

    I love impaulsive and this statement is probably beating a dead horse but you guys all dropped the ball bad on this episode. Definitely a moment to learn from and keep it pushing. Hopefully shaq can come again in the future so we can see you all redeem yourself.
    Tbh the live audience just made it worse I think. I think this would’ve been 10x better if it was just you 4.

    • Romz TT
      Romz TT 5 months ago +2

      I thought it was pretty good. All things considered plus the pressure of doing it in front of hundreds of people. I think they did okay.

    • Alexander Nibarger
      Alexander Nibarger 5 months ago

      Agreed a bunch

    • Dino Gardner
      Dino Gardner 5 months ago +2

      It was a monumental fuckup! And as folk have said, wtf was with that audience lol

      NEBUNOX 5 months ago +2

      Yeah that shit was painful to watch lmao

    • Jeff
      Jeff 5 months ago +2


  • Motivation Station
    Motivation Station 5 months ago +3

    I really love how shaq is just a cool laid back guy
    He reminds me of my grandpa in a wise loving way

  • Sookers ADV
    Sookers ADV 5 months ago +3

    Just shows that Shaq never got changed by the money knows what life is really about, love it

  • Shawn Franklin
    Shawn Franklin 5 months ago

    I’ve never watched an entire episode, till now and I gotta admit, I enjoyed this one. Good stuff but if there’s another episode that I truly enjoy I will subscribe.

  • Anjuli Mack
    Anjuli Mack 5 months ago +1

    Also love how humble Shaq is

  • Baller Club
    Baller Club 5 months ago +2

    If you think what Shaq did was that bad you’re socially inept and will have no future in life. That was quite possibly the lightest joking banter I’ve ever seen. Shaq was endearing him.

  • Devyn Hines
    Devyn Hines 5 months ago +371

    Seeing Shaq tear up talking about his dad and kobe was indescribable. So much respect for him ❤

  • Signommi
    Signommi 5 months ago +13

    I don’t have the same religious beliefs as George, but I loved that whenever he’s feeling super nervous / awkward he immediately goes to a bible reference to calm himself down.

    • Liam Garry
      Liam Garry 4 months ago

      And makes the situation worse

  • Vegaskingz
    Vegaskingz 5 months ago +1

    Every single episode is top-notch quality I love it

  • Mr Poopfrog
    Mr Poopfrog 5 months ago +2

    50:20 when they are all trying to talk over each other had me rolling 😂🤣

  • Eliyas K
    Eliyas K 5 months ago +2

    I know this is an understatment but Shaq HAS presence. You can feel his energy and it will never be easy to mess with him.

  • Glenn Aileen Yatco Padilla

    Massive Respect for Shaq👍

  • BladeRay101
    BladeRay101 5 months ago +419

    Impaulsive really doing big things! Props to the team and Logan!

  • Cinkaid
    Cinkaid 5 months ago +3

    Shaq does so great at deflecting the bullshit. Next level

  • The_Horton_Show
    The_Horton_Show 5 months ago +3

    Shaq is a wise man. Pushing George like he did I bet he did it to encourage him to speak more to better help himself.

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa 5 months ago +4

    Shaq continues to be an amazing human being after all these years!

  • Blinks Stay fresh
    Blinks Stay fresh 5 months ago

    Shaq on podcast is always a delight.

  • Tealwhale
    Tealwhale 5 months ago +1

    Shaq is a people’s person he just wanted George to talk. He’s the type of person he want everyone to talk and have fun.

  • What Do You Think?
    What Do You Think? 5 months ago +434

    I know Georges heart was racing when shaq was messing with him. Bro stumbled for the first time in impulsive history. Just gotta say we're all human and move on aye. Love you George

    • Tom Harrison
      Tom Harrison 5 months ago

      @Johnny it's just horribly cringe, not even funny anymore and if it continues will likely harm the reputation of the podcast

    • Johnny
      Johnny 5 months ago +1

      @Tom Harrison exactly, and listening to the Sebastian episode right after this one was 10x worse for him 😳

    • Tom Harrison
      Tom Harrison 5 months ago +1

      @Johnny facts
      the pressure has gotten to George and he’s getting weirder and more anxious every episode. give him a year max and he’s gone. after that they’ll just stick to Logan and Mike

    • xcaluhbration
      xcaluhbration 5 months ago +6

      @Toki Buroak George is the one who represents the every man on this podcast and helps keep it grounded in reality when Logan and Mike start talking super star talk. I'm not standing for this slander! 🤣
      He's the guy next door and is necessary to this pod.

  • Reuben _WATP_08
    Reuben _WATP_08 5 months ago +4

    Hope Shaq comes back for a full episode😂😂

  • wendzeg
    wendzeg 4 months ago +1

    The funniest thing about george is seeing how Unnatural his jokes come off , and how he just seems like he’s using every brain cell and form of energy he has to make people laugh.. its like he thinks the more energy he puts into his words the funnier it gets🤣🤣
    And that pattern is just hilarious.. i can see how it annoys people but he’s a good guy entertaining , people always trying to sh¡t on him would be so much funnier if he just lets it be , or pokes it out of them

  • Bolt Boy
    Bolt Boy 5 months ago

    Lmao George getting roasted is great 😂

  • BillSeed
    BillSeed 5 months ago

    I love watching this when I'm about to sleep thanks Logan, respect brother.

  • The smoke don
    The smoke don 5 months ago +1

    Got so much love and respect for shaq 🙏🏼

  • Sergic Alcantara
    Sergic Alcantara 5 months ago +178

    I respect Shaq so much. He understands the daily struggle of a normal human being. The fact he gave us all props is not very seen when someone who has been rich and famous for so long bc they forget. Shaq hasn’t forgotten 🙏🏼

  • Stilt Skater
    Stilt Skater 2 months ago

    Shaq is one of the best people 👏 logan you do have the best podcast

  • Damian R
    Damian R 4 months ago +3

    53:15 - this part is fu**ng hilarious. I watched it like 50 times and still laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Good-Guys-Hardcore
    Good-Guys-Hardcore 5 months ago

    That close your legs moment was what i needed i was thinking the same and he fixed it for me EPIC! Shaq is the goat!

  • SkylineDream777
    SkylineDream777 5 months ago +6

    The strangest most awkward impulsive I've ever watched. Shaquille O'Neal did great as always. But you'll drop the ball and I love you guys.

    • Ollie W
      Ollie W 5 months ago

      @Unsettled_Existenced2050 did that comment make you feel smarter

    • Unsettled_Existenced2050
      Unsettled_Existenced2050 5 months ago +1

      You all not “you’ll”. If you’re going to criticize someone atleast have a fundamental grasp of the English language. Have a nice day.

  • Low Quality Entertainment
    Low Quality Entertainment 5 months ago +2

    Thanks Shaq's Dad for creating a legend!!! R.I.P