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EASY Ways To Defend A 1.14 Minecraft Village

  • Published on May 26, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • EASY Ways To Defend A 1.14 Minecraft Village... Easy.. but take a long time. Simply because of the size of most 1.14 villages any defence will be a huge time investment, so I have shown multiple ways of handling this depending on how much effort you want to put in. They have varying degrees of success but are all good fun to see!
    None of this works if you don't light up your villages! They will be zombified in 1 minecraft day if you don't!
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  • Svencicle
    Svencicle 3 years ago +1880

    Grian: “building a trench will take a long time!”
    Also Grian: Builds exquisite wall around village

    • GhaniG
      GhaniG Year ago

      @Oreo17 on the (what i would assume to be) copy of a survival

    • Oreo17
      Oreo17 Year ago

      Probably world edit

    • Ichiru Credo
      Ichiru Credo 2 years ago +1

      Does he know what works edit is

    • Faulty
      Faulty 3 years ago +2

      world edit

    • Hong Truong
      Hong Truong 3 years ago +2

      @Tong Nguyen ravagers are a too biggie (it do triggers me too bad)

  • Callum Lyons
    Callum Lyons Year ago +425


  • Henarthur I
    Henarthur I Year ago +61

    This is actually negated, because in an actual raid, the villagers would be hunkered down in their houses, where pillagers can’t shoot at them. So a trench is a perfect defense, except for the few straggling villagers.

  • Mimic
    Mimic Year ago +117

    This is one of the few Grian vids I had forgotten to watch and I’m surprised I’ve only seen this now. I was so caught off guard when he called bamboo and sweet berries “new.” Gosh, they feel so old at this point

    • Kat Charcos-Puyo
      Kat Charcos-Puyo 6 months ago

      Hello im here and this is even older

    • Ryder Breckenridge
      Ryder Breckenridge 7 months ago +3

      I thought that bamboo and sweet berry bushes were were added in 1.16 honestly not 1.14 and I'm a Minecraft veteran :/

    • TheJanitor
      TheJanitor 9 months ago +1

      Still feels weirdly new to me

    • Goner Topetinho20
      Goner Topetinho20 Year ago +1

      yeah same thing here, and well this grian vid helped me a lot cuz I used the pillager vs plants idea but I used copper rods instead of bamboo cuz it's cheaper to me, now I have a nice 100% danger free village

  • Wisvai
    Wisvai Year ago +44

    *You gotta love how Grian talks like we’re not just gonna steal everything the village has to offer before running away cause Minecraft players hate responsibility*

    • Egon 370
      Egon 370 11 months ago +7

      at least get a mending librarian

  • donutz
    donutz 2 years ago +3240

    Alternate Title: how to play plants vs zombies in Minecraft

  • Thatsquidking
    Thatsquidking Year ago +1063

    Me: tries making one of grians designs
    Pillagers: spawns inside the village
    Me: 👁👄👁

    • Ke D
      Ke D 4 months ago

      @Blackout they didn’t say creative?

    • Nyoom Monster
      Nyoom Monster Year ago

      Guess you need a golem army
      I mean it should protect them from future raids still

    • SoupMago08
      SoupMago08 Year ago

      Me: *put peaceful mode*

    • OliveJuice
      OliveJuice Year ago


    • Blackout
      Blackout Year ago +3

      @call me day If it's just one that's an easy task but at the time of my first comment on this thread I encountered a whole bunch all occupying roughly the same area.

  • Luiz Arthur 82
    Luiz Arthur 82 Year ago +581

    Grian: Easy ways to protect a 1.14 village
    Me: Ring the bell and block the doors

    • Pokamen
      Pokamen 11 months ago


    • Gijoe Jorginho
      Gijoe Jorginho 11 months ago

      Hey he didn’t say easiest

    • Rishabh Gupta
      Rishabh Gupta Year ago +1

      I am living in a village with my friend and i wanna get the area secured

    • Jasdan VM
      Jasdan VM Year ago

      Yeah, the Villagers never were in real danger, they ring the Bell themselves.

    • Cookie
      Cookie Year ago +1

      Let’s goooo bedrock

  • Vintage tears
    Vintage tears Year ago +293

    8:30 “They walk straight down”
    Me: _more like graciously twirls straight down_

  • Marlene Hackmann
    Marlene Hackmann Year ago +79

    How to defend a Village: Lock the Villagers in their houses, build a tower and shoot them with your bow.

  • Yinnyz
    Yinnyz Year ago +29

    I remember when I used to build massive glasses as walls and spawn twenty iron golems to protect my peaceful villagers lol
    Thanxx for the tutorial! Gonna use this one 8:46

  • Swoo
    Swoo Year ago +506

    *When u realise that u cant get back in the village without dying after making the walls in survival..*

  • K_ Ralph
    K_ Ralph Year ago +15

    So in the end we found out, its the most fun to fight yourself! Protip to safe your villagers with the effort of one second time and a single stoneblock... just put a stoneblock infront of the doors at night

  • Travanator
    Travanator Year ago +136

    10:29 Grian: *Holds out a sword*
    Wandering Trader: *GAS GAS GAS IM GONNA STEP UP THE GAS*

    • Ke D
      Ke D 4 months ago

      I was in a deep dark and a wandering trader appeared and force me into lava

  • caloriefreewater
    caloriefreewater 3 years ago +6549

    2016: burning down villages for fun
    2019: saving villages any way you can

    • KwZ
      KwZ 10 months ago

      @Kit Makin you were a saint at that time

    • JKT
      JKT 11 months ago

      ikr my fav method for 2016 was tnt 😊block em in their houses and light it up

    • NoobDoobzey
      NoobDoobzey Year ago

      @Kit Makin me and my freinds found a village and we just lived with them and upgraded their houses

    • Sacha Baro
      Sacha Baro Year ago

      So true

    • Andrea Perocillo
      Andrea Perocillo Year ago

      Hmmmmm I thinking what kind of block I could use of to use barrier block of my village

  • N2 Data Solutions
    N2 Data Solutions Year ago +7

    The best way I defend my village is a 3 block tall cobblestone wall with magma blocks on the outside. Works well tbh mobs like pillagers take a hit and drop loot (unlike lava or netherack on fire which i had before) and as for the ravages once all the other pillagers are dead I just equip my sword and mash dem up, (or you can use a trident with loyalty or a bow or something).

  • Emily Stringer
    Emily Stringer Year ago +15

    You know ‘the trench’? Add some water and they wont be able to get out and will possibly drown. (It holds them down - when you combine magma blocks and water.)

  • Bobedi Boo
    Bobedi Boo Year ago +3

    For the trench, add trap doors on the outers where the pillagers will come, they will think a trap door is a block

  • Water Boi
    Water Boi Year ago +35

    Me: *Does all of these*
    Also me: Finally. My work is finally do-
    Evoker: *Spawns in vex’s*
    Me: 👁👄👁

  • lux 03
    lux 03 2 years ago +1302

    My tactic:
    -hide two villagers
    -let the others die
    -the pillagers die because of me
    -I breed them back, it's technically the same village

  • 𐐪 tu amor 𐑂
    𐐪 tu amor 𐑂 Year ago +18

    ¬ if anybody wants to skip to certain points ¬
    0:01 talking abt defense
    0:42 first mini example
    3:45 Village example
    4:34 second mini example
    6:53 third mini example
    9:35 village example
    10:25 fourth example
    11:35 sandstone example
    13:05 fifth example
    14:05 Village example
    15:33 review
    16:41 outro

  • SuperLiteYT
    SuperLiteYT Year ago +2

    Tip for the last one: make an iron farm on top of the pillagers and remove the kill chamber so you don’t use iron

  • A Wolters
    A Wolters Year ago +2

    The wall of dirt would prob be best for a first thing to do so that you have enough time to do further and way better defenses that atcually kill enemies.

  • Hank Turtlebut
    Hank Turtlebut Year ago +2

    For the iron golem way you could make an iron farm accept instead of the iron golems dying you transport them into the village

  • Momo
    Momo 3 years ago +1840

    Wall: *exists*
    Grian: *_"it needs to be fabulous"_*

    • j7
      j7 2 years ago +1

      Donald trump wants to know your location

    • anbell
      anbell 2 years ago

      @Day Bot
      It is

    • 04JN
      04JN 3 years ago +4

      I only liked your comment because it’s close to 1K likes.

    • Day Bot
      Day Bot 3 years ago +9

      Like trump

    • Xistl
      Xistl 3 years ago +11

      Benjamin 1block for 10000 emeralds “perfectly balanced as all things should be”

  • Jess Fair
    Jess Fair 11 months ago +1

    I think a wall will always be my go to. It's effective on keeping them out, you get the satisfaction of killing them from above, and looks great too!

  • General.Whiskey.
    General.Whiskey. Year ago +1

    7:54 you can place trapdoors on the sides of the dirt (make sure its open) and the pillagers ai pathing will think it is a full block and walk on the trapdoors and fall

  • GarEpic
    GarEpic Year ago

    7:35 you can add trapdoors on the sides as pillagers will see them as full blocks so they will walk right in, it could work with buttons but overall, it may not work but i think its worth a try

  • thecloudkingdom
    thecloudkingdom Year ago

    if anyone in a season of xlife manages to get their hands on bamboo, the bamboo and berry wall might be a good combination for slowing down people walking in, alerting someone to people trying to cut it down to get in, or slowing down arrows from the outside

  • CEngi
    CEngi 3 years ago +2381

    Me: *builds wall*
    Pillagers: *spawns inside the village*
    Walls: are we a joke to you?

    • Okta Yendi
      Okta Yendi 2 years ago

      No it's supposed to be
      "Me: builds wall
      Pillagers: spawns inside the village
      Wall: am I a joke to you?!"

    • Bhawana lama
      Bhawana lama 2 years ago


    • RevolutionaryFlame
      RevolutionaryFlame 3 years ago

      Me: *mixes all of the defensive items grian said*

    • Efe 99
      Efe 99 3 years ago

      what?? I give my hours to build a wall. are they really spawning inside??!!

    • Alec Espindola
      Alec Espindola 3 years ago

      For real

  • Priyanka a
    Priyanka a Year ago

    8: 15 You can use trap door instead of digging out.

  • kagdra omen
    kagdra omen Year ago +1

    Another really good one is using cacti 3deep and a zigzag pattern all the way around your base and then put torches in between all of the cacti and when mobs see you they'll run into the cacti and get hurt you can also harvest cacti and put the blocks on top of existing ones to make them really tall and even if mobs spawn on the top if they're super high they'll fall and receive a lot of fall damage and die that way cacti is really good

  • Ghost_TripleA
    Ghost_TripleA Year ago

    11:00 me and my friends made this huge coblestone wall but there were places to stand and attack back. very useful

  • StarBeam
    StarBeam 8 months ago +1

    I think its more impressive that you came up with different names for each villager than coming up with all these defences

  • Rik
    Rik 2 years ago +804

    The secret method: Ring the bell, wait the villagers enter in their houses, break doors put blocks instead.

    • Sushi Dushi
      Sushi Dushi 2 years ago

      @Frettchen what?

    • the cool congle
      the cool congle 2 years ago

      security 100

    • YolkZ
      YolkZ 2 years ago +1

      Hunter Moores yOu dARe cOPy tHe mASTeR?

    • Rik
      Rik 2 years ago

      @TrunksYou can wait until it's night

    • Trunks
      Trunks 2 years ago

      Whenever I ring the bell it doesn't work ;-; they just stand around

  • Yojit Sharma
    Yojit Sharma Year ago +2

    Grian- Flyes and reaches quick
    Wandering trader- You wanna get fast? Then let's get fast.
    Grian- The hard way, it is.

  • ZeroPing Len
    ZeroPing Len Year ago +118

    Me: just building a fence around the village

  • Bean Face
    Bean Face Year ago

    Best combination: Walls and iron golems inside the walls (the golems are for zombie raids)

  • Jade Harder
    Jade Harder Year ago

    I built a really nice wall in between the village and outpost except for the parts where water was and a pillager spawned within the wall who I think was a spy or scout. So does that mean my wall was useless if a raid spawned as the scout spawned within the wall.

  • aila
    aila 3 years ago +9377

    When i first walked into the berry bush i had no idea what was hurting me

  • cnasr 999
    cnasr 999 Year ago

    The magma pit one, we can place railways with hoppers that lead to a chest and collect their loot

  • iCxbe
    iCxbe Year ago +1

    With the trench idea, you could use open trapdoors because the pillagers think they can walk across it because they think it's closed, but it can just drop them into magma.

  • I WaNnA bOrN iN kOReA MIstAkenLy I BoRninSaturN

    You can also protect the village by spawning a snow golem and then make a tower leave a one block iron and spawn it then in night they will throw snow at pillagers

  • MyarmsRgone
    MyarmsRgone Year ago +5

    2 block high dirt wall: exists
    Pillagers: understandable, have a great day

  • Maximus Lee
    Maximus Lee 3 years ago +1955

    Using bamboo as a wall defence system? VIETNAM FLASHBACKS INTENSIFIES

    • BenL4D2
      BenL4D2 5 months ago

      Pillagers vs iron golems

    • Nghĩa Đặng
      Nghĩa Đặng 2 years ago

      Here the vietnamese
      Xin chào

    • Liam Addison
      Liam Addison 2 years ago

      Chad Walters hi sissy is she a
      Hi sissy is your birthday and a birthday present yet to meet her

    • Liam Addison
      Liam Addison 2 years ago +1

      Lego Imperial Guard is a real estate agent and the owner of the property and the customer is a

    • Stormytrooper52
      Stormytrooper52 2 years ago +1


  • ༒🍓ડ𝗍𝑟xᥕᑲȥᥱrꪗ🍓༒

    1st one: “okay so the problem is that the ravenger doesn’t care at all”

  • Mat Laurensou
    Mat Laurensou 11 months ago

    For the trench : place open trapdoors inside so the mobs detect them as blocks and walk on them and fall in

  • road to 1 sub lol

    to stop villagers from getting on the trench you are just doing this list of things
    spider-proof entrance
    a fence
    a wall
    a two block high wall made of glass (i think they can still see the villager)
    a bunch of slabs with fence gates (you problably want to activate them otherwise the villager will still pass)

  • Brawler24
    Brawler24 Year ago

    For the trench you can put trapdoors on the edge and the mobs will think it is a full block and will walk in over time

  • Skylorious
    Skylorious 3 years ago +1643

    You should do a video on how to fix broken villages (like where they’re smashed against a mountain, inside a ravine, or with a river going through it)

    • Skylorious
      Skylorious 3 years ago

      Pig Y Bakon I like rivers in a village, but not when the village removes part of the river, because then it doesn’t make sense or look right

    • Skylorious
      Skylorious 3 years ago

      Bhim Sen Hansda yea, that counts

    • Skylorious
      Skylorious 3 years ago

      Kermit Ain’t a frog thats what I do

    • Skylorious
      Skylorious 3 years ago

      FyreBlast I hate that so much

    • Skylorious
      Skylorious 3 years ago

      Duwang Chew Anims I like to find large villages and improve them a lot

  • Spencer Reisner
    Spencer Reisner 5 months ago

    With the defenses that leave lots of pillagers alive at the edge of the wall, that can act as delay until you go and kill them.

  • thomasfplm
    thomasfplm 4 months ago

    Instead of magma blocks, could you use campfires in some of the defences?
    (In the case the person doesn't want to go to the nether)

  • Kreker ITA
    Kreker ITA Year ago +1

    Having a small iron farm that doesn't kill the golems is very good if combo'd with a wall

  • Mark Morgan
    Mark Morgan Year ago +4

    And I wish there was a iron golem spawn egg that would be so easy to spawn theme in creative

  • Professor Cheese
    Professor Cheese 3 years ago +821

    “So make sure you torch up your village first so monsters don’t spawn”
    Me: *Grabs flint and steel*

    • Hong Truong
      Hong Truong 3 years ago

      @Slifer Streaming I'm not trusting your reply but no I'm not doing the same like you're doing

    • Hong Truong
      Hong Truong 3 years ago

      @Tong Nguyen me either otherwise people will go ? - ... ! noob you don't know what defense is

    • Slifer Streaming
      Slifer Streaming 3 years ago

      @Tong Nguyen destroy the village to save it. We'll rebuild it better than before.

    • Slifer Streaming
      Slifer Streaming 3 years ago +1

      @Jacob P. Call thanos.

    • Papa Oreo
      Papa Oreo 3 years ago +9

      We've a *village* to burn

  • Aubrey
    Aubrey Year ago

    I tested something a few days ago. Arrows can't be fired through a fence. Those abandoned mines have tons of wood and fencing, too

  • Alex Stramel
    Alex Stramel Year ago

    for the trench you can also place trapdoors, they will think its a block and walk right down, i just a made a 2 by 2 space around my village and whenever a raid starts i lock my villagers in their homes, they die to fall damage and i sit on my tower and snipe the ravagers, also the evokers don't spawn vexes because i am to far always (in a tower sniping ravagers) and they dont have a sight line to the villagers, therefore i trun raids into free item drops xd

  • yeet
    yeet Year ago

    Cool tip if you have a lot of saplings just plant then around the village pretty cool style and well protected

  • Aelanna64
    Aelanna64 Year ago +7

    Back in the day we would just surround our villages and bases with cactus.

  • dusitn_
    dusitn_ 3 years ago +618

    Engage all defences. _And Get This Man a Shield._

    • Pile O' Rocks.
      Pile O' Rocks. 3 years ago

      wait how do you do the italic font

    • DZ 1987
      DZ 1987 3 years ago

      Sir Tom Houston, a Buckler? Or a Targe? Technically, both are mean't for parrying and not for full on blocking.

    • Mister
      Mister 3 years ago

      He broke the frickin shield now

    • Kristine Anna Panzo
      Kristine Anna Panzo 3 years ago

      Dread from it run from it destiny arrives all the same or should I am

    • Aidan B
      Aidan B 3 years ago +1


  • Knob Knuckle
    Knob Knuckle 10 months ago

    8:10 you can also put trap doors along the cliff there and they should walk off

  • Shaurya Pratap Singh

    Fun Fact: You can protect villagers also by placing door instead of this much🤔

  • chris gorman
    chris gorman Year ago +1

    Dig out a t shape trench, fill with magma and top with water, works just as well as the large trench. Water sucks the mobs into the magma

  • Joseph Duffy
    Joseph Duffy Year ago +1

    10:00 put a larger drop at end and put lava in the longer pit

  • a breloom
    a breloom 3 years ago +1959

    Grian: **makes complex defence systems**
    Me: **places fences on the villages border**

    • somehow viable
      somehow viable 3 years ago

      Me: plays 2d minecraft

    • Caffeine Required
      Caffeine Required 3 years ago +1

      Modern problems require modern solutions

    • DZ 1987
      DZ 1987 3 years ago

      If needed, there will be. On places undefended by towers or bastions, the walls will have machicolations.
      The towers and bastions will always have them.

    • Arturo Lopez
      Arturo Lopez 3 years ago

      @DZ 1987 Does it have machicolations tho?

    • ♡︎ 𝘌𝘭𝘦𝘯𝘢
      ♡︎ 𝘌𝘭𝘦𝘯𝘢 3 years ago

      Death Soul ohhh true you can do that

  • EthanTheWerewolf
    EthanTheWerewolf Year ago

    Technically if you take an iron farm but redirect the iron golems into the village you want to use as a raid village

  • cnasr 999
    cnasr 999 Year ago

    Ravagers destroy the bushes in pocket edition, so lava wall is definitely safer for the second one

    SHARINGAN AMV's 9 months ago

    7:50 you can add water in the Pitt so that the Magma Block can attract pillagers down and the pillagers will try to cross the water

  • Husky_plays12
    Husky_plays12 10 months ago

    How about with the iron golem army you don’t let them roam freely. Instead you do a little bit more work and put them on leads connected to a fence so it would work better. ( but if course have like three near one another to deal more damage and defeat them easier)

  • M.Rakka Nugra
    M.Rakka Nugra 3 years ago +2981

    10:18 that one villager dodge the arrow like a boss

    • UltraLeoGX
      UltraLeoGX 3 years ago

      the matrix reference...

    • J L
      J L 3 years ago


    • Hasson Gx
      Hasson Gx 3 years ago

      DandaLion 6809 😂😂

    • Xogb402
      Xogb402 3 years ago

      Lmao yeah, i was gonna comment this

    • Illuminati Iluminado
      Illuminati Iluminado 3 years ago

      Its king crimson

  • Tomas Plunksnis
    Tomas Plunksnis Year ago +33

    Grian: Iron golem spawning is very, very expensive.
    Iron farms: Am I a joke to you?

    • GhaniG
      GhaniG Year ago +1

      @Emilis Usas that's a glitch in youtube when a reply won't post it'll just do that to the @

    • Emilis Usas
      Emilis Usas Year ago

      @Neil who tf is UCCqCuBpMU3R6nz6c_9IPhuw?

    • Neil
      Neil Year ago +1

      @UCCqCuBpMU3R6nz6c_9IPhuw cant idiot. No spawn egg

    • Neil
      Neil Year ago


    • Abseph
      Abseph Year ago +1

      Just go to creative mode, middle click in an iron golem then spawn them

  • Magicite Bunny
    Magicite Bunny Year ago

    Grain for the lava and magma ones, how do I get out cause once you in u can’t get out
    Or do we make a tunnel underneath?

  • Ryder Plays
    Ryder Plays 11 months ago

    fun fact: using closed trapdoors on the edge of the trench can up the chances of the pillagers walking in.

  • Vanja Lukic
    Vanja Lukic Year ago

    When making a pit put trapdoors on the side mobs think its a full block just like with mob grinders

  • NonsensicalCaps
    NonsensicalCaps 3 years ago +945

    *two blocks of dirt*
    Grian: a simple spell but quite unbreakable

  • G G
    G G 10 months ago

    For an alternate version of the golem defense you can create an iron farm, but instead of a kill chamber you just release the iron golems into the village
    For this I'd recommend you include a way to turn off the farm so that they don't get out of control, also remember that villager spawned golems will attack you if provoked

  • #%dreaming%°¥
    #%dreaming%°¥ Year ago +1

    At 8:53 you can also add trap doors course they may take damage

  • BlueIsTaken
    BlueIsTaken Year ago

    the iron golem one is actually really suitable for people who has an iron golem farm in they're world.

  • Qeith Wreid
    Qeith Wreid Year ago

    Thanks Brian I'm going to use these ideas in a build 😊

  • Cling Clang
    Cling Clang 2 years ago +1159

    Can we just appreciate how that villager dodged all those arrows?

    • M.Rakka Nugra
      M.Rakka Nugra 2 years ago

      Great now he has more comments then me like come on guys i made the comment last year go see it alright its not that far man i made it in a year and he made this 3 months ago

    • Cole Harrop
      Cole Harrop 2 years ago


    • l
      l 2 years ago

      @EmkayM8 e

    • EmkayM8
      EmkayM8 2 years ago

      @l lol xD

    • l
      l 2 years ago

      @EmkayM8 he sells unbreaking 3 and mending

  • Rockwell
    Rockwell Year ago +30

    Raider: imma spawn in the village and not outside where u built defence

  • DiamondRaven
    DiamondRaven Year ago

    With the trench just put trap doors flipped down or buttons. This will cause the pillagers to see these as full blocks. They’ll walk right on them and fall in

  • FearRedBaron11 Yt

    With the trench you could combine the wall with the trench and it would be so much quicker

  • A&S YT
    A&S YT Year ago +8

    Grian: with this wall of hurt No raid can get thrue
    Evoker: am I a Joke to you

  • SrSeergi
    SrSeergi 3 years ago +48

    Grian: _Builds 2 high dirt wall_
    Also Grian: "I see this as an absolute win!"

  • noah swartzberg
    noah swartzberg Year ago

    10:19 and easier way is putting a wall around the berrys so they cant hit and the villagers remains safe

  • Zootoon#1Gaming
    Zootoon#1Gaming 2 months ago

    Theres a mod that lets you recruit villagers to guard your village, and this is much cheaper than iron golems and a breeder and iron farm should cover the materials.

  • Bad Animator
    Bad Animator 11 months ago

    Trench of pain idea: add trapdoors to the side facing the outer part of the village they’ll walk in the trench

  • Cartoon Peashooter

    and also if you want to be more contraption like, you can make a tower and use dispensers and fill them with arrows

  • TheOP
    TheOP 2 years ago +38

    Fun fact: When I find a village on a new survival world, I end up staying for my entire journey but I noticed that some villagers actually leave the village and go off on they’re own journey, quite literally, they randomly go into the forest and never come back (probably because they get stuck in trees and got killed by zombies, but I followed one villager and it ends up being they leave their village when no other jobs are available or when they glitch out and go straight for another village for jobs jobs

  • apex predator
    apex predator Year ago

    Ive got a fallout story type thing, so i ise villages as outposts, which means a wall of either iron bars or stone walls, with double iron golums.

  • TheCardboardBoxGamer3770

    Wow. Thanks, I never even thought of half of these!

  • Drip_sauce
    Drip_sauce Year ago

    I swear today before I watched this video I made a dirt wall around a large village ,when you mentioned this method I felt so dang proud of myself 😅😅😅😅😅

  • univxrse
    univxrse Year ago

    You can use Lava for the trench instead of Magma

  • ◇Jewel Mines◇
    ◇Jewel Mines◇ 2 years ago +3688

    Ravager: I fear no man, but that thing..
    Ravager: It scares me.

  • The Dovah's Den
    The Dovah's Den Month ago

    Imagine having a beautiful wall around a village, and a raid starts and you can just flip a lever that dispenses pumpkins onto the top fo ready built Golem frames, spawning a sudden army of Iron Golems outside the wall

  • Oscar Pelaez
    Oscar Pelaez Year ago +1

    I love how the traveling Trader was actually running so fast 💨

  • Alan Wilson
    Alan Wilson Year ago

    Could you use fences instead of bushes on the trench

  • bones22inthehouse

    For the pit, put trap doors at the end and they will think its a block and fall down

  • Spoozy 09
    Spoozy 09 3 years ago +2572

    Grian: *spawns pillagers*
    Golem: *kills pillagers*
    Grian: *spawns more*
    Golem: am i a joke to you