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What do you eat for breakfast?

  • Published on Sep 20, 2022 veröffentlicht

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    HÜBBEL  +15

    I never can decide what i choose for breakfast between Deutsches Weißbrot/Kastenweißbrot, deutsches Ciabatta oder des provencalischen Fougasse, deutsches Fladenbroten, Rosinenbrot (Stuten, Klöben, Klaben), Stangenweißbrot, Französisches Landbrot, Halb und Halb, Hamburger Feinbrot (mit Buttermilch), Kasseler Brot, Krustenbrot

  • Ashey
    Ashey 21 day ago +2

    The classic european breakfast is a coffee and a cig. Never fails.

  • Pedro D. Lima
    Pedro D. Lima Day ago +103

    As a non-german I actually sympathized with their breakfast... actually, my whole country does lol cheers from Brazil

  • Red Pill Robertson

    When my wife came to Germany for the first time her face at breakfast was a classic,no fry up here babes

  • SmugSmugglingSmugger
    SmugSmugglingSmugger 16 hours ago +68

    When I visited Germany with my mom near the end of 2012, she made me wake up earlier than before so I could try the “authentic German breakfast” with everyone else. I was confused as to what it was but it was basically this 😊

  • Agtronic
    Agtronic 21 hour ago +37

    Hahaha so true. As a Canadian visiting Germany, breakfast at the Franziskaner in Würzburg was exactly this, down to the egg in the little cup. The egg had a knit hat on top and we didn’t even know there was an egg under there until we finished breakfast. Very nice change from North American breakfast.

  • Citinited

    UK: Cereal

  • Anakin
    Anakin 2 hours ago +2

    Mexican breakfast: “a worthy opponent, our battle shall be legendary. Now, prepare to lose”

  • Frank Ruiz
    Frank Ruiz 4 hours ago +6

    I’m not even German but it’s the smirk that always gets me lmfao

  • That Czech Bastard

    I'm not German, I'm Czech, but that type of Breakfast is my childhood and I still love it to this day.

  • Nikolas Schumacher
    Nikolas Schumacher Day ago +3

    Boiled eggs, bread and coffee. Never disappoint

  • Romy🇺🇦
    Romy🇺🇦 9 hours ago +2

    But thats the best Frühstück ever just think about waking up eating warm eggs, warm breads with Wurst!!! I love Frühstück

  • LoopieHD

    Wir müssen den Bruder ganz groß machen ich liebe diese Videos. Der smile am Ende killt alles 🙂

  • wizzzer1337
    wizzzer1337 19 hours ago +4

    Breakfest by now is a long gone childhood memory

  • Stars are pretty
    Stars are pretty 20 hours ago

    As a person who has been to Germany to visit family multiple times, I can absolutely confirm this is accurate!

  • Jaikee
    Jaikee  +768

    Being German, having visited friends in Penzance, Cornwall this summer, I actually came to fall in love with that fat, protein rich English breakfast.

  • charlotte cooper
    charlotte cooper 4 hours ago

    when I lived in Germany with my host family my favorite meal of the day was breakfast, I loved having butterkäse on pretzel rolls with a glass of fresh orange juice! such a lovely way to start the morning

  • Livi’s Tanks
    Livi’s Tanks 4 hours ago

    Eh my mums German so this just made me hungry 😂 the egg in the lil cups 🥰

  • Böhm
    Böhm  +303

    I have to say, we in Czechia eat breakfasts like our German neighbors :) Viele Grüße aus Böhmen und Mähren!

  • MayYT
    MayYT 21 hour ago +1

    Yes our breakfast is REALLY fast done and to eat