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NVIDIA’s Lost It: RTX 4080 16GB GPU Review & Benchmarks

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  2 months ago +1162

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    • the 3 gaming Nerds
      the 3 gaming Nerds 17 days ago

      Hey do you guys think the zotac 4080 is trash? I just bought one and I think it's really cool and the software is cool. But my buddy was like zotac is trash.

    • SeaJay Oceans
      SeaJay Oceans 25 days ago

      Ahh... You realize Nvidia is a corporation that exists to generate Profit$, right ? They will raise prices as high as they can, and expect GPU coin miners to buy pallet loads of cards, and they are correct ( :-) ), because for most average gamers, iGPUs from intel and AMD are the future.

    • Ultra
      Ultra 2 months ago

      At these prices, it seems like its better to invest $ into a gsync monitor instead if you don’t already have one, instead of upgrading gpu yet.

    • Sleepage Dog
      Sleepage Dog 2 months ago

      Steve looks like randy savage 😂

    • George Collins Jr
      George Collins Jr 2 months ago

      Thanks Steve.

  • Temp Acc
    Temp Acc 2 months ago +1234

    I'm no longer hoping AMD is going to bring Nvidia's pricing down. I'm soon buying an AMD card for cheaper

    • Highborn
      Highborn Month ago

      @Tadej Lončar sorry bro

    • Tadej Lončar
      Tadej Lončar Month ago

      @Highborn U didnt have to do me like that😭

    • Smolex
      Smolex 2 months ago

      Nvidia says falling GPU prices are ‘a story of the past’ greedy bastards

    • Lloyd Aran
      Lloyd Aran 2 months ago

      @hotdog I don't get your point. I said, people want AMD to offer better value (price/performance), so that Nvidia will be forced to lower prices, so that they can go and still buy Nvidia, at a better than before price/performance ratio.

    • hotdog
      hotdog 2 months ago

      @Lloyd Aran value means performance per whatever-currency though. not just the lower priced product

  • Rafael
    Rafael Month ago +1

    This is a nice review! Thanks for sharing these details with us. Does anyone know anything about the releasing date of the AIB partners?

  • Reasonably Argued
    Reasonably Argued Month ago +17

    I bought my first gaming pc in 2021. My only frame of reference for pricing is post-mining. Everyone says the 4080 is a bad deal and I understand the argument when you compare MSRPs. But Ive never seen a gpu sold at MSRP before. I havent seen a 4090 for under $2k since launch. Some retailers are still selling the 3090 for $1600. The 3080ti is $900-1600 depending on variant and retailer.
    I waited when I saw the 3090ti on sale for $900 because it was before the 40series launch and I thought they might drop further. Now Im worried if I dont grab a $1300 4080 at microcenter today, prices may worsen again.
    Am I just an idiot? Gaming/digital art are hobbies and AMD doesnt do well with the latter, so I havent considered their new lineup.

    • Nivea87
      Nivea87 11 days ago

      i grapped an 4080 gamerock oc for 1398 franks comming from a 3070 lol. its a lot of money, but i love once

    • Myles Mcmanus
      Myles Mcmanus 13 days ago +1

      @Ox either way, I get more than enough fps at 1440p ultra settings than I can deal with with this 4080. We won’t have to upgrade for YEARS

    • Konsolidated
      Konsolidated 19 days ago +2

      @Ox I also have a 4080 and it's great. Is it expensive? Yes, but they ALL are...

    • Ox
      Ox 25 days ago +3

      @Myles Mcmanus i bought the 4080 yesterday. The arguments against it don’t make sense for me. I been waiting since 2016 to upgrade. Still using a 1080. The op is right, 3080’s are selling for the same price if not more than a 4080 which is the only gpu at MSRP that is possible AT ALL to buy. So idc what anyone says. Ill sell this bad deal 4080 card in 3 years and buy a 5080 or whatever card in the future if i want.

    • Konsolidated
      Konsolidated 25 days ago +3

      @Laurence Whitney anyone even considering a 4xxx card doesn't want a playstation

  • D S
    D S Month ago +48

    So much truth, thanks GN!
    When the majority (90+%) of gamers play on 1080 with most who have 75hz monitors, not many need anything more than a 1660 right now. I just managed a 6800xt for $400 brand new, but I was still on a 970 myself.
    Love the videos, thanks!

    • ネオ凪
      ネオ凪 20 days ago

      I prefer 1440p 144hz, the improvement is very large over 1080p and 60hz but I'm more than happy to stay at around this level now. This means I still need a decently powerful card but not too crazy. A 6800XT is all I really need until games start becoming even greater resource hogs.

    • Tulto i
      Tulto i 29 days ago +1

      @Christopher Nixon If you’re so rich, why not buy a 4090? :)

    • Christopher Nixon
      Christopher Nixon Month ago

      Sounds like a brokie to me while i go with my 4080

    • isaacespapa1
      isaacespapa1 Month ago

      You shoulda upgraded to an xbox 360 lol

    • CircleOfSorrow
      CircleOfSorrow Month ago

      @D S I'm still running a 1080ti and just upgraded my devils canyon to a 5600x with 3600 ddr4. I bought a 2tb WD SSD NVMe on black Friday and now my system runs super fast. A 500 euro upgrade turned into a 680 euro upgrade. The most expensive component is the old 1080ti for 600 euros new, and the monitor for 400 euros. I have always built my PCs with a budget of 2000 dollars. Each PC has been more capable over the years. Asian customers should be considered a different Market segment and bottom feed for all time.

  • 00Beowulf00
    00Beowulf00 Month ago +9

    I would have built a new system with a 3080 2 years ago if they were available and or affordable but they weren't. As I was hoping it would normalize now with the introduction of the 40XX I am coming to the conclusion I won't buying any 40 series GPU because of the MSRP of the 4080 and the fact they acknowledged they under supplied to keep the 30 series prices high. I will pass totally on the 40 series for that move and I am looking at AMD and Intel GPU or when the 30 series at least drops 20-40% in price from their original MSRP. Will see next year after the holiday season.....

    • plonk420
      plonk420 Month ago

      @로빈 uh, yes the XTX has RT. just around 3080 series perf, at least in CP2077, which is what i'm looking for, and which i'm fine with (at least for now until full RT is doable midrange or upper midrange in like 5-8 years hopefully)

    • 로빈
      로빈 Month ago

      The amd xtx still performs 30% worse than the 4090 and also has no RT. Thats kinda sad

  • Christian
    Christian 2 months ago +903

    My favourite thing about GN is that they are all for value proposition, they don't fall into the hype train with new products. If the value isn't there, it doesn't matter how good it performs they will say you better buy the old product instead even if the "cool" thing to do would be buying the new shiny thing. Thanks Steve and the entire team for the focus and reason you bring into PC consumers.

    • Asteria
      Asteria 2 months ago +5

      @Steven Ross-watt i'm still gaming in 1080p. these 40-series cards are literally worthless to me. and i am far from the only one.

    • SudoYETI
      SudoYETI 2 months ago +6

      @Chicken Pasta I bought my 1080 (like 1 1/2 months before the 1080 TI launch RIP my timing) and it was an ASUS Strix card so the more expensive option and it was like just over 600 dollars. The same class of card today (1080 vs 4080 MSRP) is twice the price? GTFO lol. There is no way. If I have to spend 1000 dollars on a GPU then I'm going AMD.

    • Mr Genesis
      Mr Genesis 2 months ago +1

      @You 2be about $350-400. IF**** you buy AMD

    • corniel
      corniel 2 months ago +2

      ​@You 2be 144hz maybe?

    • You 2be
      You 2be 2 months ago +2

      On the subject of 'value proposition', what's the value of buying a graphics card for gaming on a 27-32inch monitor that is capable of way more than 1440p-60fps on most current games?...

  • JernauGurgeh
    JernauGurgeh 2 months ago +15

    I just picked up an RX 6400 for 1/10th the price of this monster, and am looking forward to playing most of the games I like at 1080p 60fps, whilst drawing 1/7th the power in a tiny and almost-silent PC, and spending the money I'm saving (in initial outlay and on power bills) on booze and hookers... or something.

    • asdasdfert
      asdasdfert Month ago

      isnt that terrible value, rx 6500 xt is the exact same price and is like x2 times faster than 6400

    • JernauGurgeh
      JernauGurgeh Month ago +3

      @E.L.C - Because I have a large library of PC games and because I also want a PC for tasks other than games.

    • JernauGurgeh
      JernauGurgeh Month ago +1

      @Const3llations _ - If you lived in the UK you would understand - we have the highest energy charges in the entire world. Mine has more than doubled in 3 years, and it's likely to go up another 40% next year.

    • Const3llations _
      Const3llations _ Month ago +1

      nobody cares about power consumption

    • E.L.C
      E.L.C Month ago +3

      Why not just buy a old xbox if you just want 1080 60fps then ?.

  • Thomas
    Thomas Month ago +6

    Every day I count my lucky stars that I got a 3080 for MSRP at launch.

  • Kobe Wild
    Kobe Wild Month ago

    I went to tech store and it had like 20 pny4080's they had a promotion where you could buy the card with an intel processer as part of the deal.

  • Blender Rookie Tidbits

    I"m skipping this gen. The prices are too high. I was hoping for a generational break from the insane prices.

  • Twigg Sherman
    Twigg Sherman 2 months ago +5332

    Hopefully this is the generation where Jensen gets humbled just a little and comes back to reality with the pricing. AMD better not mess this up. Give us outstanding value, claim your market share like you did against Intel with Ryzen, and lets see if Jensen can bake up some humble pie in his kitchen.

    • Ryan Despain
      Ryan Despain 4 days ago

      This aged like a cow pie is such a short amount of time lol

    • Jared Weiman
      Jared Weiman 10 days ago

      Spoke too soon.

    • VJR
      VJR 21 day ago

      Snap back to reality

    • SeaJay Oceans
      SeaJay Oceans 25 days ago

      If you are poor, stop playing games, go get a job, earn the cash needed, then buy the products you can afford. Nvidia isn't here to give welfare to lazy gamers refusing to work.

    • Twigg Sherman
      Twigg Sherman Month ago

      @dcard228 not really. The 7900 has been a huge overpriced disappointment, and now with their MBA models having defective vapor chambers, it's only getting worse. I've seen a half dozen of them in stock and I've passed. Going to wait to see if prices are slashed, otherwise I'll just keep rocking my 1070 Ti and buy an Xbox Series X for FPS games.

  • LforLight
    LforLight 2 months ago +20

    Just bought a 3080Ti. It's so insane, I should be set for years to come.

    • EERU
      EERU Month ago

      @Eassst Not nonsense. By the time that ancient card came out, games were becoming more and more demanding. Nowadays it's been peaking for a while. Development is exponential.

    • Eassst
      Eassst Month ago

      @EERU Nonsense. What are you talking about, just try playing any recent game with GTX 580 (that one is an actual decade old GPU).

    • Eric Schin
      Eric Schin Month ago +1

      I to will keep my one for as many years as possable, as I payed covid prices and will never financially recover from this!

    • darkbendover
      darkbendover Month ago

      do you know how to set it run better on the callisto protocol? sometimes it dips to 20 fps. i got 16 fps once.

    • EERU
      EERU Month ago

      @LforLight As long as they maintained their quality. I remember when I was much younger and I somehow managed with a gt 220 for like 6 to 7 years lol

  • Uraz Oktay
    Uraz Oktay Month ago +4

    Amazing video, thank you Mr. Steve. I was planning to buy a RTX 4080, and i started saving money but now i'm considering buying a RTX 3080 instead.

    • 1701odin
      1701odin 15 days ago

      They are basically the same price. And for the better performance, thermals, and power consumption....might as well get a 4080. Even if it's like $100 more.

    • S N
      S N 16 days ago

      @plsgivemcereal Yeah no doubt there, hopefully the fix it in a few months but we shall see

    • plsgivemcereal
      plsgivemcereal 17 days ago

      @S N Most reviews I've seen was poor optimization on Fatsharks end though. The game struggle to run period lol

    • S N
      S N 22 days ago

      Depends on what you're playing, I am playing Warhammer Darktide at 1440p and honestly the frames aren't impressive on my 3080. I had to drop a lot of settings to medium to get it to run at a steady 70-80 FPS (80 FPS is the minimum playable FPS for me for competitive games). I would also say, Darktide looks AMAZING with raytracing on, it's the best looking game I've ever played with raytracing on... but my 3080 can barely handle it, it runs at like 40-60 FPS. A 4080 on the other hand might run it a bit higher

  • Blazing Hero
    Blazing Hero Month ago +3

    I might not have a chance of owning a gaming PC, but this channel seems interesting enough to have me invest in one in the future.

  • Mariajuana
    Mariajuana Month ago +4

    My RX 6600 draws like 120w and runs games released today on high while streaming. These new gpu prices for value are a joke. Get it together Nvidia!!!!

  • afelias
    afelias 2 months ago +766

    I know it's been said a thousand thousand times now, but damn,
    I'm starting to really feel why EVGA left NVIDIA

    • God
      God 2 months ago

      @cmdrfunk you're absolutely correct about the mainstream use case. 1080 Ti is fine for those who already have it or don't mind to look for it secondhand.

    • cmdrfunk
      cmdrfunk 2 months ago +1

      @Eric Woodley The 1080ti is quite fine. Most games you don't really need all that much GPU power. And the types that need it still run for the most part over 100 FPS in 3840x1440. I'd like to upgrade, but I don't feel any pressing need to so I won't at these prices. Nvidia is charging what they can get away with. If everyone is just going to pay the premiums then these prices will stay this way, and they'll have no one to blame but themselves.

    • guerrierim15
      guerrierim15 2 months ago +1


    • Via_Negativa
      Via_Negativa 2 months ago +1

      Welcome to the part I've been hating them.ever since the 2080 ti launched.

    • Siscon
      Siscon 2 months ago +1

      @Budget King Completely agree, it's getting old

  • RoguePhotonic
    RoguePhotonic Month ago +3

    Considering im running a 1080 I feel like at least id be getting good value to go to a 4080

    • RoguePhotonic
      RoguePhotonic Month ago

      @로빈 yeah I wont get 100% out of it. Im running a 6 core I7. I have an 850W power supply so I should be okay and I have the 3 connectors needed. I also watched videos on PCI express 3.0 vs 4.0 and the difference in speed was only a couple fps so I think ill be pretty good.

    • 로빈
      로빈 Month ago

      Yes of course. But if u buy a 4080 you also have to upgrade the rest... or ur cpu will be the bottleneck. And also u need a new mainboard and probably a new power adapter

  • Eric Norgren
    Eric Norgren Month ago +1

    If AMD hits better performance at a lower price then I wouldn't need the 4090 as a paper weight to keep my file folders from falling over. Uh yea, NVIDEA, mobo-makers changed the spacing of the mobo's slots for a reason.

  • Last Word
    Last Word 2 months ago +11

    It would restore some badly needed faith in humanity if consumers continue to say no to this shit.

  • Primary
    Primary Month ago +1

    Looks like my nitro+pure 6950xt is gonna get another couple years of heavy usage, unless maybe the 7990xtx rumor is true 😉 F nvidia never getting anything from them again unless there is actually no competition. I’d rather buy an arc card from intel 😂😂😂

  • Ari KM
    Ari KM 2 months ago +203

    Thanks for including benchmarks of the 1070 and other older GPUs! It really helped me make a decision on what GPU upgrade is best for me. I decided to go with a 6700XT since the price/performance ratio fits my budget best. I paid $350 for my 1070 back in the day and I paid $350 for the 6700XT! I consider that a good upgrade.

    • Eric Schin
      Eric Schin Month ago

      well played

    • Ondřej Matějka
      Ondřej Matějka 2 months ago +1

      @Tiz Kbir "3060ti is a terrible card for the price" I think that 3060Ti has the best performance/watt ratio from all today cards (except new 4000 serie) which is also something you should think about in these days when we have energy crisis and electricity cost like 10 times more than 2 years ago

    • Ondřej Matějka
      Ondřej Matějka 2 months ago +2

      If you play in 1080p or max 1440p than it's good upgrade for you. I bought RTX 2070 super for 650 eur in 2019 and if I buy a new GPU which gives me some real upgrade, I will pay 1200+ eur now, that's ridiculous.

    • Pade パデ
      Pade パデ 2 months ago

      @le porc yeah, if i’m not mistaken Finland is 7th most expensive country in Europe. I sometimes forget how fucked we are.

    • le porc
      le porc 2 months ago

      @Pade パデ Holy shiiiiiiiiiiit that's rough, then you really had a good deal on those things.

  • Millicent Durand
    Millicent Durand Month ago +1

    Honestly like.... does anyone need anything above a 20 series card at the most these days? And in that case, mostly for ray tracing? The 30 series and 40 series so far seem really pointless for anyone who isn't trying to set records, except maybe the 3060 I guess.

  • supergrendel
    supergrendel 2 months ago +485

    That 4080 should have launched at $799. Now THAT would have been something.

    • john rus
      john rus 24 days ago

      @SeaJay Oceans Depends on the game, 60 is minimum. 30 is not good except for things like flight sim only if you are not doing fast action then you want minimum 60fps. Competitive FPS games want LOTS of frames and high refresh rates.

    • SeaJay Oceans
      SeaJay Oceans 25 days ago

      From his own charts, you can see the RTX 2070 is more than enough to play any games at 60 fps or better. Keep in mind most video is 60 fps and movies 24 fps. All games are playable at 30 fps or better. If you are spending more than $599 for just playing games, you are wasting your money. If you are a video producer or crypto miner, go ahead and buy as many $ 1600 GPUs that you can turn a profit from...

    • John Pilgrim
      John Pilgrim Month ago +2

      @Paul Cox this isn’t years ago this is one generation to the next. There is no excuse for their predatory pricing. There is no way you can tell me with a straight face that the 4080 releasing at $1200 when the same card last gen (3080) was $699 is anything but predatory and ridiculous. You don’t price GPUs based off of last generations performance. The whole point of a new generation is more performance at a certain tier for your money. The only reason they have the nerve to price their cards where they do is lack of competition and fanboys who will pay whatever price they put on it while making excuses for it.

    • Paul Cox
      Paul Cox Month ago

      @John Pilgrim nothing just stays the same price. Things don't cost what they did 20 years Ago. In any market. It's not as easy for graphics card makers to improve the cards as easily either..
      Not even close. The whole "Moore's law is dead" is finally coming true. This is when it was expected to get hard anyway and it has.
      It costs more money to keep going smaller and smaller and smaller.

    • john rus
      john rus 2 months ago

      @John Pilgrim You clearly didn't read what I said at all. Look at what a 3090 Ti costs, and look at what a 4080 costs. And the 4080 walks all over a 3090 Ti for less money. If we look back a few weeks ago right before the price reset you were paying two grand for a 3090 Ti!!!!! That is a HUGE differnce in value for the moeny. And this is not even counting the inflated prices of GPU's over the past two years where paying 3k ot 4K for a FE 3090 was normal and we only wished we could buy it at $1500.
      Yeah, the 4080 is priced exactly where it needs to be. It is competitive and is a powerhouse.

  • That Guy Questionable
    That Guy Questionable 2 months ago +2

    So i have a question... since getting a 4090 at MSRP is basically impossible, would you recommend a 4080 at 1,200 or a 3090 ti at 1,100? Just want someones opinion I trust

    • Josh Fair
      Josh Fair Month ago +1

      Depends on if you want to take advantage of ray tracing or not. If that doesn't matter to you go with the AMD cards. If on the other hand you're like me and love graphical fidelity that they just aren't capable of then go with the 4080.

    • ShadowyZephyr
      ShadowyZephyr Month ago +1

      if you're buying new, 3090ti costs 1,300... the 4080 is better but they're both bad value when you can get a rx 6900 xt new for 650.

    • Ravi Chandra
      Ravi Chandra 2 months ago +2

      get 7900 xtx

    • Armia Khairy 0293
      Armia Khairy 0293 2 months ago

      It's better to wait for an offer or a used 3090 than buying a 4080 at msrp, I remember seeing them as low as 799$ not long ago.

    • SpaceHyphenSpace
      SpaceHyphenSpace 2 months ago +3

      DIfference at $100 with the performance boost seen in this video and less than 10% of overall cost just get the 4080. Or wait and hopefully see prices fall with the new AMD cards coming.

  • Stefan de Jong
    Stefan de Jong 2 months ago +1091

    $699 MSRP of the 3080 vs $1200 4080 is pretty savage, lol.

    • Burningfrost
      Burningfrost Month ago

      @Cioby The 3090 and 3090ti are like £1000+ here. With the 3090ti going for more. Kinda mad since the 4080 is more powerful, whilst being less of a power hog, but the 4080 is getting review bombed whereas the 3090 and 3090ti are at a good star rating. Kinda confused tbh

    • Slime Gante
      Slime Gante Month ago

      @Aerlon as if that wasn't even a fraction of what an average us resident pays for healthcare

    • Philslaya
      Philslaya Month ago

      And the 3070 selling for 600 lol

    • Aerlon
      Aerlon Month ago

      @Slime Gante Oh no you do, you just pay it in taxes.

    • Aerlon
      Aerlon Month ago

      They see scalpers doing it and think, why don't we do this?

  • isaacespapa1
    isaacespapa1 Month ago +1

    Just did an AMD build for my daughter and AMD just feels cheaper too...Not a fan. Nvidia is still superior in every way.

  • ands1983
    ands1983 2 months ago +2

    Missing the 3080 Ti in this lineup comparison.

    • Ethereal Metal Records
      Ethereal Metal Records 2 months ago

      True, I got one for $800 a few days ago. I believe that was a good grab. Upgrading from a 1080 and only game at 1440p.

  • UltraInstinct
    UltraInstinct Month ago +1

    I can't justify paying these ridiculous prices when I can just get a PS5 or Xbox for $500 and they already look great and can do 120fps on some games like MW2. Whats the point in getting those extra frames and some little extra detail?

  • Jeff W
    Jeff W Month ago +1

    Shouldn't it be calculated as $ per FPS increase instead of $ per % increase? IT's like saying "50% increased colling capacity."

  • bluephreakr
    bluephreakr 2 months ago +261

    I do love how as GamersNexus has become more influential, Steve hasn't lost his integrity - in fact, while his staff may be incorporating more clickbait and Steve is raising his voice more often, it is usually just, fair and resolved within the first fifteen minutes. GamersNexus is the _premier_ example of consumer-advocating reviewer conduct which clowns on bad PR when there are attempts to manipulate the message. Stay strong Steve #NoFilter

    • Limitless Sky
      Limitless Sky 2 months ago

      @Sean Taft which I think is pretty accurate. Linus is very cringey but has the best showmanship, Steve is boring but informative and most technical, hardware canuck is also cringe but has the best editing skills etc.

    • bluephreakr
      bluephreakr 2 months ago

      @Sam Miller Just two - current graph and _all_ graphs for a given section. But I suppose if the total graphs bar were added, people would tune out so just current graph is a solid play.

    • Sam Miller
      Sam Miller 2 months ago

      @bluephreakr How many timer bars do you want to put inside other timer bars?

    • X-BASS
      X-BASS 2 months ago

      @Sean Taft sorry, who's Dennis? Thanks.

    • Sean Taft
      Sean Taft 2 months ago

      @Rooster Booster he did, but everyone had a running joke played at their expense. Steve was boring, Jay was old, Dennis wasn't understandable.
      It's the nature of a roast.

  • PewPew
    PewPew Month ago

    AMD needs to go for the throat & provide some great value.

    • ChazzyBoi_777
      ChazzyBoi_777 Month ago

      Well they haven't, so we're fucked. Hope you had fun.

  • Saffire
    Saffire Month ago +3

    I have an EVGA 1070 ti, and I am looking for an upgrade on my graphics card as games I have been playing are starting to not run as well. I was thinking about the RTX 4080, and is it a good upgrade?

    • Eric Schin
      Eric Schin Month ago +1

      @holy moly that's understandable
      AMD might have better value for performance with its next gen not to sure really good luck mate

    • holy moly
      holy moly Month ago +1

      @Eric Schin yeah looks like i'm skipping this gen in the end 😅

    • Eric Schin
      Eric Schin Month ago +1

      @holy moly has a good point will be much cheaper to but up to you I have a 3080ti and it goes well but I will never financially recover from the covid price I payed for it

    • holy moly
      holy moly Month ago +1

      It's good but 16gb vram kinda sucks should be more, il waut to see what the 7900xtx has to offer

  • Pro Vax
    Pro Vax Month ago

    Hi Gamers Nexus, quick question, does 3rd party GPU have better cooling and throttling performance than FE? thanks

    • Flash Hobbies
      Flash Hobbies Month ago

      @Eassst lmao ok bro

    • Eassst
      Eassst Month ago

      @Flash Hobbies Stop lying

    • Flash Hobbies
      Flash Hobbies Month ago +1

      Usually yes. They usually have more fans and fan curve adjustability

  • Lobos222
    Lobos222 2 months ago +7

    GTX780 Sli (aka two cards) cost 1000$ back in the day. Inflation has not done THAT far. This is lala land level of cost for a card.

    • Lobos222
      Lobos222 Month ago +1

      @minepose98 Nobody claimed Sli was cheap, but RTX4080 is like 1200. 1660 dived on 2 is not "1200"... (in context of you using inflation adjusted prices)

    • minepose98
      minepose98 Month ago +5

      2x 780 SLI MSRP adjusted for inflation would be $1660.

  • Eduardo
    Eduardo 2 months ago +258

    Thank you for focusing on the pricing so much, unlike many other reviews I watched. Doesn't matter how much performance we get, this much of a price increase is nuts.

    • defi
      defi 2 months ago +5

      ​@W F not just that, but that was back then "80" meant you were getting the full uncut biggest die NVIDIA made with no cores disabled...

    • W F
      W F 2 months ago +9

      In 2012 a GTX 580 was 499.99. Let that sing loudly in your head.

    • n
      n 2 months ago

      I have been waiting so long for this :
      clip-share.net/video/4XrW6GKaocY/video.html .

  • M S
    M S 2 months ago +3

    This is the result of lack of competition, it's really hard for AMD to take 2 giants alone at the same time.

  • Laxman.M Shettigar
    Laxman.M Shettigar Month ago

    I had my hands on 4080 since Jan 2022. (1030+3050)

  • 4cett5
    4cett5 Month ago +1

    funny how eth went to proof of stake after mining. Then nvidea release 100% better card from 3080ti

  • DNH 426
    DNH 426 2 months ago +14

    Fighting the good fight. Nexus can always be trusted for solid reviews looking out for the consumer. Well done, team!

  • Nipa
    Nipa 2 months ago +77

    50% more performance for a 70% higher price.
    More than double the price in Europe actually.

    • Menti Capti
      Menti Capti 2 months ago +3

      @RamsesTheFourth Sad but true.

    • RamsesTheFourth
      RamsesTheFourth 2 months ago +4

      @Menti Capti Dont worry, these kinda features will come soon.

    • Menti Capti
      Menti Capti 2 months ago +8

      I think they should make DLSS a monthly subscription, or maybe make you buy it as a DLC add-on for each game. Of course, I am joking, but I bet you Nvidia has considered it.

    • Hit me up on Telegram👉Official_GamersNexus
      Hit me up on Telegram👉Official_GamersNexus 2 months ago

      Got, something for you…

  • djr11472
    djr11472 2 months ago +28

    Comparing FE launch prices (and rounding) the 3080 was $700 and the 4080 is $1200. That's 71.4% price increase which is a decent bit more than the 53% performance increase Steve mentioned at 8:14. So, it's actually going backwards generationally in performance per $.

    • AudioPhile
      AudioPhile Month ago

      @WellWellWell yeah my comment came off way more sanctimonious than I intended, enthusiasts are always going to buy top end in whatever hobby it is, man I'm guilty of spending 10x a 4090 on a single piece of audio equipment lol, don't even get me started on cars.
      Just being bitter how much the PC techscape has changed.

    • WellWellWell
      WellWellWell Month ago

      @AudioPhile at 4K with RT on playing next gen AAA games you definitely need 4090.

    • MasterChief0522
      MasterChief0522 2 months ago

      @Rooster Booster
      Sounds like cope.

    • Alex Unltd.
      Alex Unltd. 2 months ago

      it was anytime smart to buy midclass max XX70 cards, half the heat powerful like flagship old gen what you want more

    • DarkHaven
      DarkHaven 2 months ago +1

      The 4080 should be 850 MAX. 80 series cards used to be only 500-600. Every year they get more greedy. 1300 for a regular 3080?? That’s absurd! I’m sick of this shit smh.

  • Lycosa
    Lycosa 2 months ago +26

    Yep... Positive feelings towards both the GTX 1080 and 1080 ti. Such great cards. Still kicking ass.

  • Neuro
    Neuro Month ago +13

    I second what you said about CPUs. A mid range CPU is significantly more powerful than a top end CPU 2 years ago. Progress.

  • Lucid Dreaming
    Lucid Dreaming 2 months ago +9

    Thanks for being truthful and giving us all the real and raw information about this card, where other channels don’t seem to care that it’s insanely overpriced. Definitely taking your reviews and information to heart. Keep up the good work!

  • Hypershell
    Hypershell 2 months ago +914

    They did this completely on purpose. They overproduced the 30 series, and you would THINK excess supply would mean lower prices, but it turns out that "lower" is a relative term, so they just jacked up 40 series pricing as an extension of the 30 series rather than a replacement (and you could tell this by the fact that 30 series was still listed in their product stack for the 40 series reveal images; you didn't see the 20 series stack in the 30 series reveal).
    AMD could really slam Nvidia if they want to. So we'll see just how much they want to.

    • JohnS
      JohnS 2 months ago

      @Kastigador19 That's what I was saying. It'll take some time. More developers started to pay attention to AMD over the past 2-3 years. Started "feeling" that after Zen 2 and RDNA came around. The thought that the Intel iGPU might count in the Steam survey even when not actively used didn't cross my mind. Thanks for pointing it out.

    • Kastigador19
      Kastigador19 2 months ago

      ​@JohnS Also... having an iGPU in device manager doesn't mean that's what you're using. It's a dumb comparison. AMD's GPU market share is still way low compared to Nvidia, it's not an argument. Doesn't mean it will never change, just won't happen overnight which means developers will continue to mostly test and optimize for Nvidia GPU's.

    • Kastigador19
      Kastigador19 2 months ago

      @Ice Cold Oh that's easy. Lots of people have Intel iGPU's AND a dedicated gfx card. Steam's hardware inventory is just that. If it shows up in device manager it counts.

    • Kastigador19
      Kastigador19 2 months ago

      @ibrohiem Greedy or simply couldn't meet demand until it fell of a cliff at which point they had already committed to producing a ton of chips. I don't blame anyone but supply/demand and COVID for the debacle this past three years.

    • Caleb Smith
      Caleb Smith 2 months ago +1

      @Larion233 Yep, AMD has shown they can stay competitive with traditional rasterization, but that won't be enough if they want to make Nvidia sweat. We can only hope RDNA 4 will focus more on RT and productivity.

  • Joe
    Joe 2 months ago +6

    Would love to see a 1080ti added to these charts, been holding onto mine for years and never quite sure where it stacks up. Thanks for all your hard work on these videos! :)

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy 2 months ago +2

      It's between a 3060 and 3060 Ti

    • Ehson A
      Ehson A 2 months ago

      rtx 3060 ti, somewhere there.

  • Jose Dorsaith
    Jose Dorsaith Month ago

    They just keep making everything so expensive

  • Snarky. Live
    Snarky. Live 2 months ago +4

    I went from 4790k to 7950x and 980TI to 6900XT and I'm waiting for 7950XTX to make more use of my 7950x and match the numbers, I'm hoping AMD keeps bringing cheaper power.

  • Neopheus93
    Neopheus93 2 months ago +1

    What is sad is that I'm more interested in the features that the 40-series has and the 30-series doesn't (AV1 encoding). I really hope AMD does a good job with their upcoming cards ; it is a sad landscape in the GPU space at the moment...

  • Callum
    Callum 2 months ago +216

    Time and time again EVGA showing us they got out at the right time. GN also, yet again, delivering the info and details for gamers and consumers and not being scared to speak out against companies.

    • Rivendare
      Rivendare 2 months ago +1

      EVGA got out because NVIDIA would release and sell at MSRP and then announce a price cut shortly after screwing their own partners.

    • Иван Грозный
      Иван Грозный 2 months ago

      thanks for watching. for watching.

  • Matt
    Matt 2 months ago +2

    It's mind-boggling to me that they don't just change the 4080's price to $800 and ending up selling absolutely every unit they can possibly make, receiving rave reviews across the board and most importantly making their products obtainable for people like me who haven't been able to justify a GPU upgrade for 8 years. This is beyond frustrating now

  • Tmbr Wlf
    Tmbr Wlf 2 months ago +3

    Saw same stagnation when I bought RTX 2060 Super when 3k-series was launching. I could've gone with a 3k-series card instead for the extra 25% performance for 25% more cash. I chose the sub 400$ option and not the 3060/3060Ti. Considering to sell it now tbh and go with AMD.

  • Vice Kwad
    Vice Kwad 2 months ago +7

    Gee, your graphs are just beautiful. Dense with data but uncluttered. Graph animation is so simple but so helpful for data interpretation. I love the slide progress bars too. Much appreciated GN

  • Grasz
    Grasz 2 months ago +7

    The 6950 looks real nice south of $800 and 7800/7900 looks even more appealing.

  • Gogargoat
    Gogargoat 2 months ago

    I guess with that bus width they didn't have the option to severely limit the VRAM amount, so they went with plan B: raise the price a lot. It seems like Nvidia's prices increase exponentially with how useful a card is for machine learning.

  • Zenn
    Zenn 2 months ago +9

    Insane how GPU boost is measured in ghz now. I'm only 25 but I feel like a boomer saying it used to be mhz back in my day.

    • I couldnt come up with a name so i used this
      I couldnt come up with a name so i used this 2 months ago

      Think its been measured in ghz since...2015? Pascal was probably the first NVIDIA architecture but i cant remember if AMD made anything that could be measured that way until the RX series (older ones)

  • Restless
    Restless 23 days ago

    I recently installed a 4080FE in my H1V2 case! I'm happy with it as it's the most performance per Sq Inch I can stuff into that case! Price was not my deciding factor. I was able to get it at Best Buy with the coupon code so that helped some..

  • College Student
    College Student 2 months ago +3

    Yet they were sold out immediately. I switched to team red last week from a GTX 1080 to a 6950XT. The 1080 was a very good card at a great price that lasted me over 5 years, and could still put out a great performance in modern AAA's. They just don't make them like that anymore. The MSRP's are just unacceptable.

  • NG04
    NG04 2 months ago +283

    The 80-series of cards STARTING at £1.2K is brutal in itself, enough said

    • Skutor
      Skutor 2 months ago +1

      In Norway the Strix 4080 is almost £1.7k.
      So bad!

    • Joey Keilholz
      Joey Keilholz 2 months ago

      even if it was a true 80-tier card

    • zXe
      zXe 2 months ago

      @Tinminator 970 was legendary

    • Tinminator
      Tinminator 2 months ago +2

      @Bourinos02 I paid 329 for my 970 and it only got better performance after 6 years of very active use. Of course it was horribly outdated by then, but damn was I impressed at how sturdy it was. It survived 2 motherboards, a case and a cpu.

    • Bourinos02
      Bourinos02 2 months ago +2

      Word. I paid something like 500 euros for my 980Ti... A card I used for 5 years without any issues!

  • rbondy008
    rbondy008 2 months ago +3

    As a new viewer I really liked the decreasing stamina bar to let me know when to pause the screen if I hadn't finished comparing the results. I also appreciated the highlighting of the gpu you were talking about so we could all keep up with what card you were comparing. Nice review and nice editing.

  • Meppho
    Meppho Month ago +4

    1080ti user here, can confirm I've got 2 fullhd monitors and still no reason to upgrade.
    Well, technically RTX I suppose, but I can't say I'm missing it.

    • rokpepeshogun
      rokpepeshogun Month ago +1

      You don't buy a new Porsche if you still have a Porsche which is the 911. RTX is also still not worth it.. maybe if real games worth playing pop up, otherwise you'd only need a new gpu to work with it, not play with it.

  • Daniel Abbott
    Daniel Abbott 2 months ago +1

    I feel like they were trying to leave a gap for the 4080 ti because with the 3080 ti, it ended up shutting out the 3090 because it was only like 3% below it, and made the 3090ti the only real upgrade, so this time they left a giant gap so the can plop a 4080ti right in the middle of it, but they made it too big of a gap...

  • Boosted_E46_330
    Boosted_E46_330 2 months ago +2

    I'm hoping AMD wipes the floor with Nvidia. Very unlikely, but it'd be awesome to see. Especially after Nvidia said prices going down on gpus is a thing of the past. It's funny though, the gap between the 4080 and 3080 is about the same as the gap between the 4090 and 4080. May as well pay the extra few hundred bucks for another generation jump.

  • MinscS2
    MinscS2 2 months ago +444

    The main point of the RTX 4080 is to make the RTX 4090 look better by comparison.

    • Fall
      Fall 2 months ago

      ​@Христо Попов You can do a lot more with a 3090 than with a 4080. the 3090 is a lot better for rendering than the 4080, doesn't matter if the 4080 is more powerful. When it comes to gaming it doesn't matter, 3090 is already overkill for anything that will come out this year or the next year. Whats the point of more overkill.

    • dkis
      dkis 2 months ago

      @IchDieMichDie unfortunately, the 7900xtx will have to be much better. Even at $200 cheaper, you have to deal with lackluster ray tracing, way less features, and constant driver issues

    • Yellowblanka
      Yellowblanka 2 months ago +1

      @Onur I'm pretty sure having a clear mind disqualifies you from the target market for cards like this.

    • Lol Zd
      Lol Zd 2 months ago +1

      500 euros is my limit for a gpu

    • Иван Грозный
      Иван Грозный 2 months ago

      @Gamers Nexus thanks for watching. for watching.

  • Acco
    Acco 2 months ago +2

    NVIDIA pulled the same tactic when they monopolized on physics and now it; s done with RTX. If AMD isn't inventing new methods, they will always lag behind NVidia on the GPU market. Lucky then did well on the CPU market and put intel under pressure which has been a good thing for all pc desktop consumers and gamers alike,

  • Prodromos Regalides

    We can bitch as much as we want and be right about it. But we forget one basic thing.
    RTX 4080 is a premium gpu but not the highest end. Still it has 45+ billion transistors. Paired with a 12900k or 13900k , the bill reaches something in excess of 55 probably 60 billion transistors..
    Please take into account that even this is not a fair comparison for PCs as Intel processors are still stuck at a node process inferior to that of nvidia gpus. But let's stick to this example for the sake of clarity.
    If a 13900k costs 500 dollars and rtx 4080 say, 600 to 800 dollars , then you can effectively assemble a pc with 1700ish to 2000 ish dollars that outperforms M1 max by a considerable margin.
    So, performance conscious consumers would not even look at the "premium" products Apple and Microsoft had to offer . It would be nonsensical and a disruption to their business paradigm.
    Because who would buy a surface or a mac book pro , when you could have multiple times the performance with same money or less? No-one.
    That was the situation circa 2000-2010, that is why these "premium" products were a curiosity back then. I bet Satya Nadella and Tim Cook are raging behind closed doors feeling threatened once again. Even at these prices pc components are starting to smoke the until recently "lifestyle" "premium" products.
    Also , pc component makers feel like idiots for themselves under this situation. Why offer a much superior product and sell it at a much inferior price.? "Since sheep will buy premium apple and microsoft solutions let them buy ours as well, at a much higher cost."

  • Jaroslav Rak
    Jaroslav Rak 2 months ago +1

    Amazing review .... I just bought rtx 3070 for 350$ and It's an incredible machine for the money

  • Clopezl01
    Clopezl01 2 months ago

    Men, I loved the video, your honesty and passion you put into it, great insights. PLEASE KEEP DOING THESE VIDEOS!

  • Bimmerboy1989
    Bimmerboy1989 2 months ago +1

    When the GPU costs 63% of my previous build it confirms to me that this is indeed not the time to be building computers. I’ll stick with my 5600XT and 2070 Super.

  • Shendue
    Shendue 2 months ago +3

    Nice card. I'll gladly buy one when they cut the price by 50%.

  • Jeremy G
    Jeremy G 2 months ago

    I was excited for the 4000 series but also didn't have too high of hopes and new prices would be insane, glad I got a 3080 instead!

  • Dave Finfrock
    Dave Finfrock 2 months ago +1

    There's so much you can say for this as a consumer. However, for the sake of brevity all I can say is it's another six month delay in a new box to see what AMD does that might force nVidia to reel its neck in when it comes to pricing. This card could have been legendary--on par with the 1080ti--if it were $900-$1000.

  • Drip Mario
    Drip Mario 2 months ago +463

    I’m never surprised at Steve and the GN team’s honesty and integrity. People don’t realise that Clip-Sharers aren’t “just” Clip-Sharers. They’re helping to keep these corporations honest. They’re advocates for us as consumers. I really appreciate the GN team.

    • Vasa Piano Covers
      Vasa Piano Covers 2 months ago

      Donate to them ! Even one dollar does the job, you can do it on their site directly without paying patreon tax !

    • InvincibleSol
      InvincibleSol 2 months ago

      @Federico Veronesi Corporations are just lots of people grouped up. Just because people categorically hate them doesn't make them less deserving of honesty and fairness. If corporations are being mistreated, that's wrong too.

    • Rami Namas
      Rami Namas 2 months ago


    • Deliveredmean42
      Deliveredmean42 2 months ago

      @Joseph Carter doesn't seem like it.

    • Henrik Oldcorn
      Henrik Oldcorn 2 months ago +4

      Clip-Sharers like GN are journalists; those sometimes get a bad rap but they are important.

  • Todd Harris
    Todd Harris 2 months ago

    I'd love for AMD to really give them some good competition but they need to improve their ray tracing performance

  • Pizza molecule enjoyer
    Pizza molecule enjoyer 2 months ago

    I'm curious how the price / performance would translate to cards from 10-15 years ago (adjusted for inflation). Back then most top of the line cards still ran below $1000,-. Now we've had the xx90 series as a new top platform, but who's to say they aren't actually comparable to the xx80 series of a few generations back but just slapped on a new higher model number and increased the price?

  • Slane583
    Slane583 2 months ago +6

    It looks like the RX 6900XT & 6950XT still have some very impressive performance to them. I think I'm still going to stick to my main goal of getting one of those over the RX 7900XTX. I'll wait on that and see how well it's doing once it's been out for a few months. I've even looked at the RX 6800XT as an alternative but there's still versions of that going for the same price as some 6900XT's. Getting a 6900/6950XT will finally give me a reason to invest in a 4K monitor.
    As far as cpu's go I was originally going for a 5800X3D but they kept selling out before I could buy one. So I just said F'it and bought a 5900X for the same price. It's not as fast in games but now I have more compute and processing ability for future tasks I might want to give a try. I wouldn't mind giving some 3D printing a try in the future. :)

    • Slane583
      Slane583 2 months ago

      @Norinia Seeing as all of the better priced 6950XT's are all sold out currently it's looking like I'm going to have to wait anyway. All that is left are the units being sold by price gouging third markets and I'm not giving them anything. I still need to put in a better power supply before I can even run any big cards. As much as I want a new graphics card a psu and Xmas are more important right now. :)

    • Norinia
      Norinia 2 months ago

      No stick it out for the RX 7000 series! They announced recently (I think especially at time of your post) that they were going to release the best of their new cards for the same damn price as previous 6900 XT tier
      Don’t cheat yourself out of performance by moving too quick! If it’s the same or a hundred extra (doubt they’ll do any sales for the old cards that will be a decent saving) wait, save, and go for the bigger one!

  • lairlair2
    lairlair2 2 months ago

    30s series are still massively in stock so pricing new stuff competitively with their older stuff would mean losing a lot of money. From their point of view, it is more clever to overprice new products in order to make the previous ones more appealing and empty these stocks first. The two previous launches feel like extending the lineup of the 30s series with a 3095 and a 3095 Ti...

  • TZLVredmist
    TZLVredmist Month ago +1

    Honestly looking at replacing a 2080ti, the 4080 to me looks decent to me. I might be dumb though.

  • Jordan Rubinelli
    Jordan Rubinelli 2 months ago

    I remember building a PC with an AMD K6-2 500 and two 3dfx Voodoo 2 cards in SLI for around $1,200 in 1999. That was almost as good as you could get for gaming at the time. Aren't electronics supposed to be getting less expensive?

  • Bethany Black
    Bethany Black 2 months ago +3

    Loving the new camera and lighting set up. This video looks so good

  • Jason Thomas
    Jason Thomas 2 months ago

    in terms of evaluating the price/performance ratio, i wonder if it's worth taking inflation into consideration given that we've seen more than usual over this last year?

  • Rick D
    Rick D 2 months ago +637

    Nvidia's performance increase is like your boss giving you a pay raise of 30%, but you have to work 30% more.

    • _Shut_ _Up_
      _Shut_ _Up_ 2 months ago

      @riley900 That’s how the real world works for the weak people who will let it work like that for them.

    • Doni Music
      Doni Music 2 months ago

      you mean every raise ever…

    • Dustin Crews
      Dustin Crews 2 months ago

      @Dennis Jungbauer thanks for "defending" me lol. My monitor is the Alienware aw3423dw QD-OLED (Samsung panel) that will do 144hz in HDR and 175hz non-HDR if you don't want chroma subsampling. It takes a lot of horsepower to keep that many pixels (somewhere in between 1440p and 2160p) and a 144hz framerate with graphics settings cranked. I'm just speaking from experience and what MSI Afterburner shows me for GPU usage and power draw. I was able to keep my 850w PSU and literally just pulled out my 3080 and put in the 4090 alongside the adapter and no issues since. People like to slam others foe their decisions and tell others what they need and don't need. I "needed" the 4090 for the resolution, framerate, high 1%/0.1% lows, and max quality raster and RT settings. Cyberpunk still kicks the 4090's ass, but is still playable even without DLSS. DLSS makes it even smoother with some quality loss.

    • Dennis Jungbauer
      Dennis Jungbauer 2 months ago

      @Dustin Crews I kinda feel like defending you, you seem fairly reasonable and not just the classic brainless consumer with more money than sense, even though I wouldn't agree with all your actions. I see your point that having the option is nice, but it's risky as well, as this could theoretically lead to the stagnation in price-performance, just continuing to offer higher "tiers" and needing to spend more to get higher performance.* "TheGamefaq" already mentioned that.
      Would I buy an RTX 4090 over a 4080 with plenty of money at hand and a use-case for the performance? Yes. Would I buy it over a 3090? Ofc. Would I buy a 3090 over a 3080, at least the 12 GiB variant (for gaming)? No. Would I buy a ~$4k GPU with twice the performance of a 4090 over it? No.
      Why? Linear increases are okay if you have the money to spend**, but I would not spend a huge premium over small increments (3090/3080 = 10% for +100%) and I would also not want to support prices getting out of hand for the given product category ($4K for just a GPU [for gaming]??), even if performance increases reasonably as well.
      The market prices out the typical mid-range gamer, the $200-250 GPU market is almost dead and it seemed to be the primary market about 10 years ago (don't know the statistics though). Normal inflation (2% target) would have shifted this range to $250-300, not to probably $500 with the coming gen or already close to $400. And I don't think salary/buying power has increased proportionally, although again I didn't check statistics (probably should soon).
      Our spending habits have an effect on the market, so perhaps one should think twice about not so reasonable purchases
      Also, I don't really get why you'd need a 4090 for UWQHD. Although I'm not informed about 21:9 resolutions, I'd think a 3080 does plenty fine there, reaching about 100fps in SP AAA titles and an excess of frames in MP titles where it matters more. Is that not the case?
      * This might not be viable in practice, if the market is not going with it and there is almost no demand. Also, if the common GPU power stops increasing, software developers need to adapt. Actually this might have upsides, but let's not go into that.. :D
      ** Not meaning that you can barely afford it and probably shouldn't spend the money for that. I have the feeling there are quite some people buying top-end hardware for the ego and not really being good with money.

    • Dustin Crews
      Dustin Crews 2 months ago

      @SB 2 3090s would be 4 grand and is not equivalent in performance to a single 4090. The performance improvement isn't 2x with 2 cards - it isn't the old days. 4090 is king with a king price. Don't like it? Don't buy it lol

  • Lochlen Liddle
    Lochlen Liddle 2 months ago

    With R6S having such ridiculous frame rates, do you plan on replacing that test?
    I guess, in general, what is your strategy for updating a test suite in the future? Retesting so many GPUs seems like a butt ton of work, so I'm curious. Sorry if you've already talked about this and I've missed it

  • Bello Triggerfish
    Bello Triggerfish 2 months ago

    Question: has the Ray Tracing quality improved over the 3090? I'm seeing some weird RT artefacting when I open up the hood in that opening scene in Cyberpunk 2077 on the engine block, and it's terrible compared to non-RT.

  • Someone's Youtube Username

    Me watching this on my ages old GTX 1060: 😶

  • N9
    N9 2 months ago

    People just need to stop buying overpriced GPU's. No game actually needs a 4080 at this point ,maybe in 2 years this card will be worth buying.

  • THE_W
    THE_W 2 months ago +272

    You should add a $/frame graph for each card, compared to last generation too (for launch prices)

    • Scott Bonner
      Scott Bonner 2 months ago

      @InSomnia DrEvil Then you talk about how appaling the price hike was, and why it happened. Still better than comparison data that is invalid by the next week, or that reflects things like price fluxuations as they jostle for positioning for the next generation.

    • Xeridea
      Xeridea 2 months ago

      @Charles Brunelle $500 card would be more than enough for most people for several years. That is faster than a PS5, so I wouldn't call it antiquated in a year. You can't place any particular price bracket or performance level as a minimum standard. People play a variety of games, at various settings and resolutions, and gameplay styles. What would be completely unacceptable for some might be extreme overkill for many others. With the quality of graphics from modern games, even medium settings are fine for many. New games may have the same graphical quality at what is considered lower settings, so just because a card from today doing high in many games can do only medium 3 years later, doesn't mean the card produces low quality graphics all of a sudden, but games crank up polygons and effects for those who have high end cards.
      Not everyone demands to play every game at 4K ultra 200 FPS, and is willing and able to spend $1000 every year to do so. Technology has evolved to where "midrange" cards produce very good visuals. Similar to cell phones, they are fast enough now that 99% of people would realistically be fine with most $3-500 phones, and $1000 plus phones are a complete waste. So having a chart showing average FPS/$ would be ideal, doing otherwise skews the data and introduces bias.

    • Charles Brunelle
      Charles Brunelle 2 months ago

      @Xeridea Thanks for replying.
      Well then it is not the worst deal possible, no? You find your minimum standard then look at which card will last the longest before forcing you to go below that resolution and fps.
      You shouldn't buy a card that will be under your minimum standard after 1 year. The 500$ card would be a pretty bad deal.

    • Charles Brunelle
      Charles Brunelle 2 months ago

      @rawdez \\ BASS BXXSTED I know, it was just an example of a minimum standard.

    • rawdez \\ BASS BXXSTED
      rawdez \\ BASS BXXSTED 2 months ago

      @mike zappulla local reviewers are usually on a manufacturer's payroll because they are small and depend on a hardware provided by manufacturers i.e. they all suck because they're afraid to lose their income and free hardware samples.

  • Ethereal Metal Records
    Ethereal Metal Records 2 months ago

    I bought a few days ago a RTX 3080 Ti Gaming X Trio for $800. Was that a decent enough deal? I do not wanna spend this much for a 40 series and I wanted to build a new pc before xmas. I only use my pc to game at 1440p.

    • IcyGuy
      IcyGuy Month ago

      Dude that's a fantastic deal that's $300 under the 3080ti msrp... I bought my 3080 while gpu inflation was at its highest and I spent $1200 on it

    • Ethereal Metal Records
      Ethereal Metal Records 2 months ago

      Good advice. I agree. 3080 Ti is a beast and pretty overkill for my needs, so 100% agree.

    • jamesdagmond
      jamesdagmond 2 months ago +3

      You're much better off staying behind the current cards. It'll still play games for years and you'll pay half the price.

    • Ethereal Metal Records
      Ethereal Metal Records 2 months ago

      Thanks for the fast response! I thought so but wondered what other people thought. I think I will always buy one generation behind the newest when it comes to gpus and cpus for that decrease in price. I did that with my last build which was in 2017 i77700K + GTX 1080. Going to pair the 3080Ti with and 12700K probably. With the 40 series cards being so much and likely not being able to find a reasonably priced one for a couple years, I think it is a safe bet to buy previous gen equipment and not look back. All this stuff is still monster tier after all and should absolutely demolish anything thrown at these setups.

    • steelGear
      steelGear 2 months ago +2

      I bought my 3080 for 900€ a couple months ago so that seems like a really good deal

  • WingedToast
    WingedToast 2 months ago

    Didn’t Nvidia have a driver update recently that gave a decent fps boost? If so wouldn’t that make some of the older benchmarks out of date? Just asking

  • A Person
    A Person 2 months ago

    Still happy with my end of the list 3050

  • criscrunk
    criscrunk 2 months ago +1

    Can we get more CPU and GPU companies out there? Shout out to AMD for keeping up with two juggernauts.

  • Paul Aiello
    Paul Aiello 2 months ago

    The more I keep seeing on the new gen of cards, the more attractive the last gen cards look with them dropping in price, even compared to AMD's new line-up of card, which yes are cheaper than Nvidia's line-up but they are not cheap, more alarming is the different in pricing on AMD's line-up of just $100, could that mean the 7800XT could be $800 and the 7700XT $700? When you start looking at it like that, these cards are not good value, they are just better value than what Nvidia is offering and like he said in the video, just look at the cpu market, that's where we are seeing real progress without having to break the bank to get it, with gpu's, yes we're getting better performance, but it feels like you have to pay extra for that performance, that isn't progress in the traditional sense.
    The real kicker in all this, even thought we're in a time of tightening our belts, Nvidia likely knows people will continue to buy it's gpu's, and if they do, they are going to keep prices high and keep pushing them up until gamers learn to say enough is enough already, basically, I don't blame the companies for doing this, the consumers buying into this are the real ones to blame and things are not going to change until people wise up, maybe this is that moment but I've been thinking that for the last few years only for nothing to change and what PC users should be alarmed by is that AMD are showing signs of screwing us over, if they go that route, expect prices to rise across the board, but like how Apple pushed smartphones prices up only for others to follow, Nvidia is following that model to get users used to those prices, there are early signs of AMD going that route, that won't change unless gamers send Nvidia a powerful message by not buying their cards.
    But seriously, my brother bought the 4090 and paid £1700 lol, about 5 years ago, you could build a solid gaming rig for that price lol, wake up Nvidia fanboys, stop being such idiots.

  • apathypeace
    apathypeace Month ago +5

    The biggest issue with Nvidia cards is the proprietary software components like DLSS, RTX, CUDA and Shadowplay to a degree. the hard truth is these things are getting evermore ubiquitous with gaming and 3D development, they caught AMD sleeping and cornered the market with amazing tech. There needs to be open standards that not only do these job just as well but put Nvidia in their place otherwise it's a perpetual game of catch up for AMD and the average consumer is just going "play it safe" and get the same ol' shit.

    • ShadowyZephyr
      ShadowyZephyr Month ago +1

      AMD has some open source alternatives though. The problem is less gaames will support AMD since they have less marketshare, which leads to an endless cycle.

  • TSIXGaming
    TSIXGaming 2 months ago +1

    Excellent review
    Great product
    Were still being fleeced for the 30 series so the 40 series is ultra fleece

  • SerCommander
    SerCommander 2 months ago +1

    Thank you for making its value clear to me. Now I'm going to buy a $1200 Chihuahua, that is valued and priced approximately the same

  • Harry
    Harry 2 months ago +1055

    Nvidia: It’s never our problem that you don’t have money to buy our overpriced products 😂

    • Rooster Booster
      Rooster Booster 2 months ago

      @rarethis years 80 series usually is last years titan 😬

    • Brando Kieft
      Brando Kieft 2 months ago

      Its not about that. Its about why would you buy a 4080 if you have that money for a gpu then you can just buy a 4090... its just doesnt make sense...

    • Ty
      Ty 2 months ago

      @rare I haven't defended anything so you can strawman away, but you losing your shit with hyperbole, acting as if Nvidia is pricing you out of your hobby is unhelpful to say the least and untrue. That attitude says that Nvidia is your only choice, not just that, only the latest ones are your choice. And now you've come out and said that you've got a decent AMD card so it looks like you're moaning for the sake of it. Enjoy what you have and don't buy things outside of your price range, it's as simple as that. Let market forces do its thing.

    • rare
      rare 2 months ago

      @Ty I’m not going to buy it because o already own a 6950XT and it performs just perfectly. Stop getting hung up on that one comment of mine. The point I was trying to demonstrate is that this level of price increases will price plenty of people out of the market. Why are you trying to defend a doubling of the RRP for the 80 series in a single generation? Do you own Nvidia shares? I assume you must do. The 3090 is a previous generation product. Of course it’s going to outperform it - that doesn’t mean it takes up its price point. That’s the whole point. Historically new cards outperform the prior generation but they either maintain their ‘class’ price point or they increase slightly. They don’t DOUBLE in a generation. If the 5080 performed the same or greater than a 4090 would you be defending it costing 1600 in 2 years time?Where does that end? You will have 2-3k RRP cards before you know it. Even a 60 series card will end up costing a grand. Nvidia isn’t my god lol.

    • Ty
      Ty 2 months ago

      @rare The 3090ti for starters. You're just moaning and talking out of your behind - Nvidia are not pricing you out of your hobby. You're the one making Nvidia your god. If your hobby is gaming, you've got a slew of options - stop crying and don't buy it because you clearly can't afford it. Learn to walk away and stop with the hyperbole.

  • Von Potatostein
    Von Potatostein 2 months ago +1

    Thanks for the video Steve!!! And not related to the 4080 review: Great work on the new way you and the team are doing illumination for this video!!! It is a huge improvement over past videos and it looks so cool!!!!

  • FID
    FID Month ago

    still cruising along with my trusty MSI GeForce GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G

  • FreightTrain54
    FreightTrain54 2 months ago

    I think 1-2Q the 3rd party 4080 at 800-900 will be a thing as the 7000 AMD value cards start to pressure them. I’ve got a 3070 currently and it’s holding up just fine at 1440p so I’m considering skipping this generation