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  • Published on May 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Thank you guys for being a part of such a special day for us ! Thank you for all your sweet words, blessings & love🤍 we appreciate it so much!!!
    Part 1 will have the getting ready , ceromony & some party bus fun🫶🏼🤍 stay tuned for part 2 when the real party begins!!!
    Wedding planner : ELEGANCIA EVENTS
    Videographer : LUISMILANP
    Laura@revel-mgmt.com ❤️
    instagram : LauraMellado
    SNAPCHAT : lauramellado
    instagram : victootall
    Snapchat : victootall
    #lvefamily #wedding
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    LVE FAMILY  4 months ago +1490

    I love you guys omg 🤍😭💍🤍

  • Daisy Marquez
    Daisy Marquez 4 months ago +891

    Imm crying all over again 😭😭😭😭 Such a beautiful, special day. Que viva el amor!!!!🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

      LVE FAMILY  4 months ago +23


    • Starry Night
      Starry Night 4 months ago

      ​@LVE FAMILY 💚🤍💚

    • Philosophy_Bot
      Philosophy_Bot 4 months ago

      Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:
      "I know of only one duty, and that is to love"
      ~ Albert Camus

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 4 months ago +874

    This video shows just how real and genuine your love is

  • Nicole Garcia
    Nicole Garcia 4 months ago +296

    I’ve never seen a man so in love and so sure he loves his wife 😭

  • ilianaa15
    ilianaa15 4 months ago +306

    Every girl deserves a Victor in their life 😭🤞🏻❤️

  • D. Marti
    D. Marti 4 months ago +31

    i loveeeeee seeing people’s kids in their weddings 💕🥹😭 them being there makes it so much more special !

  • Kayla Rico
    Kayla Rico 4 months ago +247

    ELLIOT CARRIED THE SHOW!! His walk with the guys was everything!!!

    • Clarissa R
      Clarissa R 4 months ago +2

      his little message to his parents hahaha

    • Elsa Rivera
      Elsa Rivera 4 months ago

      Excuse me Did you get scam with their giveaway ?

    • Clarissa R
      Clarissa R 4 months ago +1

      @Elsa Rivera no

    • Elsa Rivera
      Elsa Rivera 4 months ago

      @Clarissa R what about the telegram give away seems like a scam is it them commenting

    • Clarissa R
      Clarissa R 4 months ago +1

      @Elsa Rivera it’s fake. That’s not Laura

  • cassieeMUA
    cassieeMUA 4 months ago +936

    the most incredible day ever😭 WE LOVE YOU😭🤍🤍🤍

    • Justine Moore
      Justine Moore 4 months ago +2

      Girl we are super close in our pregnancies, I was an emotional hota$$ mess just watching I can’t imagine how you felt physically being there witnessing their beautiful love and day ❤️

    • Rachel Elena
      Rachel Elena 4 months ago +16

      Your like the best friend a person could ever ask for!! You have the biggest heart ever and are always so grateful and happy for everyone and SO SO SO supportive!! You deserve so so much love and happiness and I mean that from the bottom of my heart anyone and everyone who have you in their lives are the luckiest people ever!!!

    • Vickie with an IE
      Vickie with an IE 4 months ago +6

      You’re such an amazing friend Cassie.. your friendship melts my heart 🫶🏼

    • Alida Poole
      Alida Poole 4 months ago +5

      You are the most special person that anyone can call a friend ❤ur amazing @cassiemua

    • eddie chavez
      eddie chavez 4 months ago

      Just wanted to applaud you Cassie. You did a phenomenal job. 👏🏼

  • Lorena Mora
    Lorena Mora 4 months ago +19

    Oh my heart ❤ Elliot’s reaction when he saw you in your dress and that sweet kiss he planted on your hand. Stop it! Such a gentleman. The love you and Victor have for each other is amazing. Everything was perfect! May the years ahead be filled with “L.O.V.E.,” Joy, and happiness!

  • Angelica Guerrero
    Angelica Guerrero 3 months ago +6

    Laura's parents and her brothers are just so genuine! So beautiful and loving family Laura has! Made me tear up 🥺

  • Jessica Flores
    Jessica Flores 4 months ago +198

    The fact that they included the moms In the ceremony was amazing! Had me crying my eyes out! Everyones reactions too. It was so beautiful! Congrats to both! 💕

  • Nyha Harrison
    Nyha Harrison Month ago

    I literally love the whole friend group / family you can truly feel everything is so genuine

  • Jessica Cibrian
    Jessica Cibrian 4 months ago +84

    This wedding wasn’t giving whatt!?! This wedding was giving EVERYTHING, especially LOVE. The amount of genuine love and happiness that radiates through the screen is so beautiful. I Can just imagine how it felt being there. Que Diosito bendiga su matrimonio🤍 Cheers to the LOVE Family🥂 ♾️

  • Perla Oceguera
    Perla Oceguera 4 months ago +703

    No words can describe Cassie and eldons love for you guys. 🥺😭🖤

    • Philosophy_Bot
      Philosophy_Bot 4 months ago +1

      Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:
      "Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal"
      ~ Albert Camus

    • Y.Y
      Y.Y 3 months ago +1

      They truly have love for Laura and victor . You can tell they are true friends. 🥰❤️

    • Cyn thia
      Cyn thia 3 months ago +1

      Bet Laura and Vic will be that babies godparents 💕

  • Leslie Sandoval
    Leslie Sandoval 4 months ago +18

    man.. even if I don’t ever get to be a bribe, I would LOVE to be a brides maid. everyone looked AMAZING 😭🩷🩷

  • Samantha Cervantes
    Samantha Cervantes 4 months ago +34

    People’s expectations for this wedding were too high! Those who know Laura, know she’s just a simple girl who wants to party and celebrate her love for Victor! Some brides prefer to go extra glamorous for their wedding and she chose to stay true to herself and sense of style; she looked stunning! The decor was beautiful and again true to who they are. Their love for each other is truly like no other and that’s all that matters🤍

  • Arieola C
    Arieola C 4 months ago +97

    Not me over here crying like it was my wedding. Lol. What a wholesome video all around. You have the best family and friends anyone would dream of having. Congratulations Laura and and Victor. May God bless your marriage always. ❤️

  • Catherine M. Lanuez shakeitupartisans

    Your wedding was beautiful and had me bawling. Congratulations

  • Perla Garcia
    Perla Garcia 4 months ago +77

    Your videographer/editor did an amazing job. 🙌🏻 This had me crying from beginning to end. You have the best village around you both. ✨️

  • Brook
    Brook 4 months ago +556

    Girl you could’ve got married in jeans in a Walmart parking lot and I’d still be sobbing the same way because the pure and genuine LOVE and HAPPINESS felt in this video, from everyone involved, is just absolutely amazing

    • Margarita Garcia
      Margarita Garcia 4 months ago +3

      This comment ✨🤍🤌🏽

    • K
      K 4 months ago +2

      Damn what’s up with Walmart, why not in a target parking lot lol

    • Erika Davila
      Erika Davila 4 months ago

      Yes she is so sweet and has a big heart.

    • laura mellado
      laura mellado 4 months ago

      @LVEFAMILY_OFFICIAL............this is not true

    • hieu hoang thanh
      hieu hoang thanh 4 months ago


  • Cassandra
    Cassandra Month ago

    They’re all such a genuine family, Victor and Laura are so blessed to have the family and friends they have especially Cassie! I wish y’all nothing but love and happiness in this new chapter of life! Also congratulations Cassie on your baby.

  • Nicole Marshall
    Nicole Marshall 4 months ago +48


  • Tanya M
    Tanya M 4 months ago +32

    Damn, got us all emotional🥲 It was such a beautiful wedding and you can tell you were surrounded by people who truly love you guys. Congratulations!🤍

  • Valerie Renteria
    Valerie Renteria 4 months ago +406

    People really said this wedding wasn’t giving it’s not for y’all it’s a special moment for them this wedding was absolutely beautiful it was everything literally had me in tears the whole video congratulations guys💕💞💐

  • Jennifer Bolanos
    Jennifer Bolanos 4 months ago +11

    The way victor looks at Laura, he says so much with just looking at her 🥺 wishing you guys so much love, happiness and that the love you guys have for one another never ends! 🤍

  • N.D El De La Baja
    N.D El De La Baja 4 months ago +11

    My girlfriend introduced me to this video and all i have to say is THANK YOU FOR SHOWING US THIS PART OF YOUR LIFE ITS AMAZING TO SEE HAPPINESS!!!!?!?!!🙏 now you have me wanting to plan something like this for her and me❤️THANK YOU!

  • Mari
    Mari 4 months ago +42

    I lost it when your brother said “I have to get out of here” 😭 you can tell everyone has been waiting for this day and is genuinely happy for you . Congratulations to y’all both ! You were such a beautiful bride .

  • Gabriela
    Gabriela 4 months ago +750

    Cassie is so fucking special, Laura is soo blessed to have her by her side. She’s always so happy for her and cheering her on and I’m pretty sure she’s there through the ups and the downs .. she makes me cry so much, you can feel how happy and excited she was for her bestfriend 👰🏻‍♀️✨🤍

    • Jazmin Moreno
      Jazmin Moreno 4 months ago +4

      I agreee I love thier friendship

    • Cristina Silva
      Cristina Silva 4 months ago +6

      That’s an Aquarius friend. we will always be there for you through thick and thin.

    • Destiny Soto
      Destiny Soto 4 months ago +2


    • GV
      GV 4 months ago +2

      Agreed! The way she was crying was just so special. Laura has the most genuine relationships with her family and friends. Speaks to her character. Hers and Victors. They maintain such a loving aura. They were meant for each other. 🥹

  • Luisa Berrones
    Luisa Berrones 4 months ago +3

    Thank you thank you for filming the whole wedding. You definitely made us feel apart of your special day. Love you guys

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 4 months ago +1

    I already knew I was going to ball my eyes out and I did. The love you guys have for each other is so genuine. I generally hope I find this type of love in the future. I hope nothing but the best for you two! I feel so honored to have even felt like I was at the wedding, thank you guys for sharing this moment with everyone. Love you guys and congrats! 🫶🏼🤍

  • Jackie Oliva
    Jackie Oliva 4 months ago +30

    I love that you are sharing your special day with all of us. This video shows just how real and genuine your love is.

    • mikedenison
      mikedenison 4 months ago +1

      Hello, how’re you doing.?

  • Ruby Mendoza
    Ruby Mendoza 4 months ago +2

    Laura, I just want to say thank you for sharing the most intimate part of your lives with us. Most influencers talk about keeping this part special for themselves. So for you to allow us to be this intimate with you is incredible and special. I was sobbing the entire time. Much love and blessings from Texas! ❤

  • Kenya Orantes
    Kenya Orantes 4 months ago +14

    I’m crying watching her dad hug her, Laura does so much for her family and I know they are so proud of her!!!❤❤❤

  • Celia Cambray
    Celia Cambray 4 months ago +609

    Cassie is honestly a real one and the best friend to Laura!! ❤

    • Nancy Corrales
      Nancy Corrales 4 months ago +14

      Cassy seemed genuinely so emotional and happy for laura 🤍

    • _Loopsz For Fun_
      _Loopsz For Fun_ 4 months ago +5

      As Laura is to Cassie ❤

  • Lg
    Lg 4 months ago +13

    Omg I loved how her natural beauty was showing on the most important day of their life. Her makeup and hair were perfect. They look so beautiful together. I hope that you guys remember you are in this care ride together now as a married couple and that you continue to receive many more blessings. 💗

  • Our way foodie fam
    Our way foodie fam 4 months ago

    I’m sobbing 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love this family so much and all the love and support they have for each other!

  • Vanessa Hurtado
    Vanessa Hurtado 4 months ago +36

    Watching this again today because they make me believe in love. And deeper than that. Listening to your vows, makes me realize I deserve more in my relationship. You both are so inspiring. You both positively affect so many. I am so lucky.

  • GV
    GV 4 months ago +187

    Ugh the way Victor looks at you with the kindest eyes and how nervous you still get. True love! 😭

  • Alejandra Chavez
    Alejandra Chavez 4 months ago

    I just cried for 50 minutes 😢 this was beautiful ❤ Congratulations to the most genuine and gorgeous couple 🎉

  • Stephanie Sifuentes
    Stephanie Sifuentes 4 months ago +2

    I didn’t think I’d cry but the second your dad saw you, I lost it! Such a beautiful wedding, you can truly see the love between you both and the love that surrounds you❤❤❤

  • Vinnie Rivera
    Vinnie Rivera 4 months ago +50

    Gemmily walking in and out is me at my wedding 😂😂😂

  • Joshua Torres-Ruiz
    Joshua Torres-Ruiz 3 months ago

    such a beautiful video ❤️🥺 congratulations to you guys, ugh this made me so happy & emotional!!

  • Nallely Lopez
    Nallely Lopez 4 months ago +34

    Victor made me lose it!!!! Omgggg 😭😭😭😭😭😭 spoke from the heart like always. What he said about his mother and the love he feels for Laura….lord!!!! 😭😭😭 absolutely beautiful! Congratulations LVE fam. ❤❤

    • Lisa Livas
      Lisa Livas 4 months ago +1

      Honestly! This is the part that got me too. What a beautiful speech. You can tell it came straight from his heart ❤️

  • Evesss
    Evesss 4 months ago +419

    & people had the audacity to say the wedding wasn’t “giving” 🙄 your wedding was so beautiful Laura!!! ❤

    • Valerie Danette
      Valerie Danette 4 months ago +48

      that’s why they’re all broke, single , & miserable lmao

    • G
      G 4 months ago +12

      Miserable people are those who hate..just shows they aren’t living happily.

    • YD
      YD 4 months ago +10

      I love them but I think what people were saying is that the hype didn’t match the actual wedding. I honestly think the standards were set high after other influencers weddings. LVE got so much hate because they were expecting more but what people don’t realize is that it’s not a competition.

    • Erica
      Erica 4 months ago +2

      @YD and another big difference is the marriage is probably the strongest. No competition but the love is most important

    • Evesss
      Evesss 4 months ago +2

      @YD it’s just weird tho like why do people care!? Obviously she’s going to hype HER OWN WEDDING UP! Lol also the comparing weddings is weird to me.

  • Rosemary Chavez
    Rosemary Chavez 4 months ago

    I cried so much! I loved this, it was beautiful! ❤

  • LinaMT30
    LinaMT30 4 months ago +8

    Not me crying this whole video lol Speaking from a dreamer, some can only hope for a wedding like this in their lifetime & I am talking about the support & love that radiates from this video. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, wishing you guys many more blessed & happy years! Congratulations! 🍾🥂

  • Steph Vasquez
    Steph Vasquez 4 months ago

    Crying the whole time 😭 Wishing you guys endless years of happiness!

  • Nicole Marshall
    Nicole Marshall 4 months ago +7


  • Michelle Perez
    Michelle Perez 4 months ago +592

    Victors words to his mom had me BALLING 😭😭😭

  • Vanessa Ramirez
    Vanessa Ramirez 4 months ago

    Love seeing y’all’s love always ❤ congratulations on becoming husband and wife wishing you all eternal happiness 💓

  • Spookycora
    Spookycora 4 months ago

    Literally cried through the whole video! 😭 so beautiful! Best wishes to you and your family!

  • S M
    S M 4 months ago +3

    Honestly this was perfect! People don’t have to drive around, everything is right at one spot and it looked AMAZING! the dress was perfect and Vic looked so handsome! ❤

  • Selena Baybe
    Selena Baybe 4 months ago +16

    Leslie looks so freaking amazing 🥺😭

  • Pamela Cardona
    Pamela Cardona 4 months ago +1

    Congratulations to you both! Im so happy y’all finally tied the knot!

  • Melissa Lopez
    Melissa Lopez 4 months ago +264

    Your dads reaction was EVERYTHING! We all know how serious he is and to see him get teary eyed ugh my heart 😭❤️

    • Laura
      Laura 4 months ago

      I’m crying watching it rn

    • laura mellado
      laura mellado 4 months ago

      @LVEFAMILY_OFFICIAL............this not true

  • Idalis A.Ramirez
    Idalis A.Ramirez 4 months ago

    I literally cried the whole video 🥹🥹🥹 this was so beautiful 🤍 so happy for you guys !

  • Maria Elisa
    Maria Elisa 4 months ago +9

    You guys had everyone in tears not one dry eye in the building the vows were so beautiful

  • Anahi GC
    Anahi GC 4 months ago +25

    Cassies pregnancy waddle when shes walking down the isle is the cutest🥺😂

  • Analydia Barraza
    Analydia Barraza 3 months ago

    im already crying in the first impressions. this i've moving heartfelt/loving wedding ive seen. congrats you two!!!

  • Isabelle Lizarraga
    Isabelle Lizarraga 4 months ago +1

    Omg everything about this wedding was so beautiful! 🥹🥹 I literally felt like you included us in EVERYTHING ❤ From the announcements, to picking up the rings, and just everything else in between. I just had my wedding on 5/26 and I felt like we were both planning and celebrating around the same time LOL 😂 You guys are so special! I’m so incredibly happy for both of you and your little family ❤❤ I was crying, laughing and dancing the whole vid! Que viva el amor!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sheila
    Sheila 4 months ago

    Couldn't stop tearing up the whole video lol such a beautiful wedding! Wish you guys the best! ❤

  • Jess Baby
    Jess Baby 4 months ago +142

    This was literally like seeing a family member get married 😭
    The way Laura can’t contain her nerves, is ME. So beautiful!!

  • Edith Borboa
    Edith Borboa 4 months ago +1

    Laura wasn't lying when she said to have tissues close by, I couldn't help it and cried the whole time 😍 such a beautiful day for you guys surrounded with all the love from your family and friends😍😍😍

  • Brenda Bonilla
    Brenda Bonilla 4 months ago

    SOB emotional much! I got so emotional watching this. You can feel the love between you guys, so beautiful. Thank you for taking us all along for the ride. Que vivan los novios!!!

  • Melissa Sanchez
    Melissa Sanchez 4 months ago +8

    I knew I was gonna cry 😭 but not this much 😭❤️ and I watched this during my lunch break. I love you guys so much# LVE FOREVER

  • 𝐋𝐚𝐮𝐫𝐚 𝐕𝐢𝐝𝐚𝐥

    Omg congratulations 🎉 I cry with y’all too y’all look amazing together 🌹🙏

  • The Munoz Family
    The Munoz Family 4 months ago +3

    I’m not even halfway through and I’m crying, so unbelievably happy for you and victor. I wish you two many years of happiness, love and joy. 💚💚💚

  • Stephanie Romero
    Stephanie Romero 4 months ago +134

    I would like to say, thank you for sharing this video with us as it is such a special and intimate moment. I loved the entire video; however, there were two special moments that I resonated with and those special moments really made me tear - I will say, I pressed play not knowing I would cry the way I did. The moment your dad turned to see you in your wedding dress made me bawl because I was not lucky enough to have that special moment with my father as he passed away in 2015 and I married in 2022. As I was watching that clip, I pictured my dad and I hugging and crying as well. I also resonated and cried when the white, forever roses were given to your mom and mother-in-law. My mother is extremely special to me! Like Victor's mother, my mother also struggled and NEVER showed us she did. I cried. I laughed. My heart is warm. Thank you for sharing.❤ BLESSINGS!

  • VeronicaCano1
    VeronicaCano1 3 months ago +8

    After watching this. All I have to say is…. I PRAY I GET BLESSED WITH A FRIEND LIKE CASSIE ❤❤❤

  • dominique morales
    dominique morales 4 months ago

    Ahhhhh this made me tear up so much ❤❤❤❤ congratulations and wish y’all the best ❤❤❤❤

  • Abagail
    Abagail 4 months ago

    I have been waiting for this & im crying!! Congrats!!!❤ y’all literally are the cutest

  • Ashley Morales
    Ashley Morales 4 months ago +7

    Okay I seriously didn’t think I was going to cry this much, i Balling my eyes out 😭😭😭. Every moment was so beautiful, you can feel the love in the room. I love you guys and wish anything but happiness on this new journey ❤

  • Letha Galindo
    Letha Galindo 4 months ago +167

    I literally cried a waterfall. This entire family is so pure in the way they love each other. I dream of this type of support and love. I'm so happy for them. Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉

  • Jackie Hernandez
    Jackie Hernandez 3 months ago

    This was so so beautiful!!! I don’t usually cry but I shed tears!!! I can see how much you guys love each other 🤍🤍

  • April lynn
    April lynn 4 months ago +3

    Your wedding was so intimate & oh so beautiful! i cried a lot mostly because i’m an OG follower and it’s so nice to see you finally get married you guys have such a beautiful family and are such real genuine people it makes my heart full 🩷 i wish you and victor nothing but peace love and pure happiness on your new journey as husband and wife! you guys deserve the world and may god continue to bless you i love you guys 🥹😘

  • Clowd_Dee_Day
    Clowd_Dee_Day 4 months ago +2

    Seriously such a beautiful wedding not just the look but the love was felt through the screen. Been watching you and your family grow and it’s so amazing to see you get married. You two are the most amazing couple full of love and respect

  • Alizè Reyes
    Alizè Reyes 4 months ago

    This wedding was so beautiful 😍 I was crying the entire time 🥺❤️

  • Ana Azucena
    Ana Azucena 4 months ago

    Beautiful wedding! ❤ the love between you guys shows and it’s a beautiful thing! 🤍

  • vanessa Rocha
    vanessa Rocha 4 months ago +107


  • Stephanie Hong
    Stephanie Hong 4 months ago

    Thank you for sharing y’all’s special day with us 💕 I may, or may not have, teared up watching this (and I rarely do with videos 😂) so happy for you guys!!! 💕🫶🏼

  • Ruby Del Campo
    Ruby Del Campo 4 months ago

    This is WEDDING GOALS!! ❤🎉

  • Adolfito Cortez
    Adolfito Cortez 4 months ago

    Watched this video 3 times n each time i cried. So happy for u guys ❤ u guys were truly ment for each other

  • Isabella Nieves
    Isabella Nieves 4 months ago

    Congratulations wish y’all all the best Laura looked beautiful and Elliot is so sweet when he gave your dress a 10 💚 wish y’all life time of happiness!

  • Jessica Espinoza
    Jessica Espinoza 4 months ago

    I’ve been crying from beginning to end. Your guys love is so pure and genuine and beautiful beyond words so inspiring ❤

  • Laura v
    Laura v 4 months ago +125

    Cassie is such a real one. She’s kind, genuine, and I can tell she loves hard. She has a beautiful aura ✨ Laura, hold onto her

    • CLano
      CLano 4 months ago +4

      Cassie is a TRUE friend!!!

  • Emily Zamorano
    Emily Zamorano 4 months ago

    Cried the entire time 🥹🥹 love y’all congrats!!! ❤

  • Daisy Garcia
    Daisy Garcia 4 months ago

    The wedding I inspire to have one day ! I loved this! Congratulations 💗💗 Genuine love in the air between the marriage and family!

  • Brittany Crawford
    Brittany Crawford 4 months ago +2

    Yalls ceremony was so beautiful!! I started crying listing to yalls vows😭 can definitely feel the love from you guys!🫶🏼 congratulations guys y’all deserve all the happiness in the world!!

  • Adriana Rios
    Adriana Rios 3 months ago +1

    Simple but classy!!! Love it!!! Her makeup was so natural looking that made her look STUNNING 😍
    MAN, i couldn't stop crying!!! Everything was BEAUTIFUL from the ceremony to the dress to the photos!!! You both are goals!!!❤

  • Vanessa Trevino
    Vanessa Trevino 4 months ago +118

    The parents part always has me bawling!😭 everything was so beautiful

  • wendy Trujillo
    wendy Trujillo 4 months ago

    This is how true love feels! 🎉🎉🎉 congrats Laura and Victor ❤❤

  • lauraaa_01
    lauraaa_01 4 months ago +2

    Ever since my dad passed I stopped dreaming of wanting a wedding😢 seeing your wedding and how beautiful it was made that spark of wanting one again, God bless you and your family 🩷 Your guys love is so true and pure🥹

  • Diana!!
    Diana!! 4 months ago +1

    Wish you guys nothing but the BEST 💐💐💕

  • yanay chicas
    yanay chicas 4 months ago +1

    Such a beautiful wedding ceremony! Congratulations ♥️

  • monserrat flores
    monserrat flores 4 months ago +134

    Elliot got me dead I love how he describe them como si fueran sus amigos no sus padres that's an amazing bond and amazing job you and victor are doing & wish you the best of the best ❤️

      LVE FAMILY  4 months ago +15


    • monserrat flores
      monserrat flores 4 months ago

      @LVE FAMILY you look enserio como una princesa salida de un cuento de Adas🧚‍♂️

  • American Doll
    American Doll 4 months ago

    Beautiful, I was literally crying. Congratulations to you guys!!🫶🏽✨🩷🩵🎊

  • Zulema Trejo
    Zulema Trejo 3 months ago

    This is so cute! Definitely got emotional, your love just shines through the screen 🤍