Binging with Babish: Chicago-Style Pizza from The Daily Show

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019 veröffentlicht
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    This week we're heralding the arrival of National Pizza Month (aka every month ever?) with a true Binging with Babish conceptual reach - using Jon Stewart's famous rant against Chi-Town's deep-dish speciality as an excuse to make some ourselves. With cups of sauce and pounds of cheese held at bay by a towering levee of buttery, flaky crust, how could you not like Chicago-style deep-dish pizza? Assuming you've never tried New York-style pizza, of course.
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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish  5 days ago +11471

    Someone get Trevor Noah to go on a rant about low-carb protein bowls, I'm trying to lose some weight over here.

    • Dogcraftyt Dogcraft
      Dogcraftyt Dogcraft Day ago

      Babish can you do the Minecraft cake

    • DaPeAceMaKerX
      DaPeAceMaKerX Day ago

      Hey Babish! Can you make a Good Burger with Ed's Sauce from the 1997 movie "Good Burger?"

    • Robert Gray
      Robert Gray 2 days ago

      Do you ever go shopping on Arthur Avenue?

    • Britbutt mcbooty
      Britbutt mcbooty 3 days ago

      that would require him being nearly as talented as jon was, or at least enough to make something like that funny

  • Dr. Fun
    Dr. Fun 23 hours ago

    Being that I'm not from Chicago, New York or (god forbid) California, I am free to enjoy all Pizzas as I see fit, and since I can be an impartial judge, I hereby declare both pizzas to be good.

    (But deep dish is better because each pizza contains approximately 500 tons of cheese. Hold that shit NY)

  • Manny L
    Manny L Day ago

    NY Pizza is for the rats.

  • NikNok Gamer
    NikNok Gamer Day ago

    I’ve been to to Chicago and I’ve witnessed deep-dish and this man is right, THE MARINARA IS

  • Hormigas y más
    Hormigas y más Day ago

    Make shrimp & ribs from teen titans go

  • Aaron Robin
    Aaron Robin Day ago

    Broodwhich in aqua teen hunger force

  • Anthony Rayman
    Anthony Rayman Day ago

    You cook for your friends? Hi, name is tony, we are friends now. 😂

  • wozzlepop
    wozzlepop Day ago

    Algorythm : You like pizza. Let's do Chicago style..
    Neo: "No."

  • Michael Molnar
    Michael Molnar Day ago

    Finally a good Chicago pizza recipe! I made it tonight and it was perfect!
    PLEASE on a episode of Basics make a Detroit deep dish style pizza! Dude, it has crusty crispy cheese on the crust, right up your alley.

  • nycbklynrmp
    nycbklynrmp Day ago

    you are right about part of sea, I cook my sauce for 1hr

  • Brianna Valencia
    Brianna Valencia Day ago +1

    California pizza is the best pizza idc idc periodttt😭😭

  • nycbklynrmp
    nycbklynrmp Day ago

    save time go to NYC : krispy for vodka , spumoni gardens for square/Sicilian, la bella express for margarita, and lees tavern for clam/calamari slice

  • bringoutthelegos

    Dear Babish,
    It's been a whole month since you've made a burger style video, and as such, I would like to make a request. Whilst you've made some pretty HUGE burgers (bubble bass, the ultimeatum, the meatsiah, etc.) I know of a burger might swamp those in terms of size, and I haven't seen anyone else attempt to make it.
    The burger I'm speaking of is the cosmic tower burger in persona 5. A burger that is the ultimate embodiment of the limitless nature of time and space, the volume, the flavor, and the calories are on an astronomical scale. It would be the biggest burger you'd make on the channel, as the buns appear to be bigger than the character's head. As such, I believe you would be the only one worthy enough of creating it, as no one else has tried to make that burger in real life.
    With best wishes and regards to your diet,

  • Noob-like Gaming

    Do the spaghetti from elf

  • angerissues_YT
    angerissues_YT Day ago

    im from Chicago so fuck you

  • Kyle Larson
    Kyle Larson Day ago

    Bad call on the raw sausage, mine came back out that way

  • Endless Roadie
    Endless Roadie Day ago

    God comedy central "comedians" suckkkkk so badddd.

  • Isaac Moran
    Isaac Moran Day ago


  • Blake Bradley
    Blake Bradley Day ago

    "30-35 people"

  • legoman7041
    legoman7041 Day ago

    Jon's rant is about Chicago style pizza but that's the wrong enemy. The true villain of the pizza saga is Italian Pizza from Italy. Legit what the fuck is that shit???

  • kcchutes
    kcchutes Day ago

    Make Mirage's porkchops from Apex Legends

  • LeGreenTea
    LeGreenTea Day ago

    brownie husband from SNL???

  • ZygyKoz
    ZygyKoz Day ago

    Except Jon Stewart retracted his statement and agreed to what is well known now: Chicago Pizza is the best pizza!

  • Tap Water
    Tap Water Day ago

    Babish you should make a good burger

  • Malfunction
    Malfunction Day ago

    If you're one of those generic talk show TV funny guys, you don't have any right to complain about what people call a pizza.

  • Felipe Romo
    Felipe Romo Day ago

    Dawg thank you for the shout out to lactose intolerants.

  • Airazor
    Airazor Day ago

    You should try making that super spicy curry from the Kirby franchise

  • Unjust
    Unjust Day ago

    this video is perfect
    in every way.
    i fucking love you babish

  • cqduck667
    cqduck667 Day ago

    not enough dry ingredients, i had to add way more flour

  • Ralph
    Ralph Day ago

    I don't get why everything out of new york is the best? If you include arrogance then yes. Sorry I meant to say "Hey evera~thing from outta NUUU YOK is best Foh'get bout it" The speech butchering capital telling everyone what is best is always a laugh for me.

  • Elliott Lars Olsen
    Elliott Lars Olsen Day ago +1

    I live a couple hours away from Chicago. Going there is an easy day trip. And I'm here to tell you that deep dish pizza is the best thing in the goddamn world. Regular pizza is good, but deep dish is god. New York pizza is floppy, greasy trash.

  • obsession
    obsession Day ago

    Had a good cocktail idea rewatching Big Trouble with Little China....The power drink they all have before the fight....I think it is just green and smokey so your creativity would add a lot ...

  • Kyla Wall
    Kyla Wall Day ago

    me: W H E R E I S T H E K O S H E R S A L T ? ! ?

  • Ethan champagne
    Ethan champagne Day ago

    nice garlic press nerd

  • Alexa-Jade
    Alexa-Jade Day ago

    Wow, he really came for us in California.

  • Snakebloke
    Snakebloke Day ago

    Doesn't _pizza_ just mean 'pie' in Italian...?
    If so, Chicago-style is a pizza. :D

  • Fleur Forer
    Fleur Forer Day ago

    can you do the sushi from "the isle of dogs"

  • Aracanius Infinius

    How has Babish not made the good burger from good burger yet

  • Does'nt Matter
    Does'nt Matter Day ago

    You're killing me D: Looks way too good, and I am way too hungry xD

  • rumeysa
    rumeysa Day ago

    You're amazing and your videos have an addictive effect I have been watching them non-stop. I have one favor. Can you make the souffle from sabrina? I forst watched it when I was little and I wanted to taste that so bad..

  • Abran Mejia
    Abran Mejia Day ago

    I remember that episode. God im old

  • dave janssens
    dave janssens Day ago

    I was a manager of a pizza place and we always put dry into wet ingredients. Nice to see it here.

  • jack hickey
    jack hickey Day ago

    you should make big smokes order from gta san andreas

  • I drink steak
    I drink steak Day ago

    Do the burger stuffed burger from regular show

  • Alrighty Then!
    Alrighty Then! Day ago +1

    As a Chicagoan, I just tried real NY style pizza last week and I have come to the conclusion that Chicago has actual pizza pie and NY has flatbread pizza.

  • greekfire995
    greekfire995 Day ago

    And a little shake of bas-oooh bigshakeofbasil

  • Jenny Zhao
    Jenny Zhao Day ago

    Every time I go to Chicago (rarely even though its my favorite place) I love getting deep dish pizza at Pequod's.

  • FISHonmydish
    FISHonmydish Day ago

    3:57 I don’t mind babish ;)

  • staticmaneuver
    staticmaneuver Day ago


  • Alex K
    Alex K Day ago

    How about a video about Big Smokes order?

  • Cameron Riojas
    Cameron Riojas Day ago

    Mayor's order from Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

  • ColinM
    ColinM Day ago

    "Hope I didn't squirt you there"
    Listen, I'm not gay, but you can squirt me with your tomato sauce any day.

  • TheQuacKING
    TheQuacKING Day ago

    The southern fried pickles


    Can you try to make Ed sauce from the Good Burger?

  • Thicc Nibba
    Thicc Nibba Day ago

    Babish... tonio’s menu from jojo’s bizarre adventure... please...

  • bed
    bed Day ago

    We may fight over whether New York or Chicago pizza is better, but there is something we can agree on, California pizza is inferior

  • Xavi
    Xavi Day ago

    If youre in chicago. Go to Art of Pizza. Best in the city

  • AJ Hernandez
    AJ Hernandez Day ago

    You should do a recipe from the game apex it's mirages recipe for pork chops the recipe is: start with the glaze 80ml of dijon mustard, 100ml of honey,15g cinnamon,15g ground cloves, mix and then go to your pork chops and sat and pepper them and also add light cayenne seared them in oil next smoother them in the glaze pop them in the oven at 190 for 10 to 12 mins and boom mirages pork chops just a suggestion if you even look at this that is

  • iBacon
    iBacon Day ago

    Damn Andrew, you use a lot of plastic wrap

    • iBacon
      iBacon Day ago

      I spoke too soon. Nice use of pan lid there

  • Chloe Pag
    Chloe Pag Day ago