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  • Published on Sep 21, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Tune in on September 29th to catch Cash Nasty, Kris London, and ZackTTG in this season's first Creator League game! 🍿
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  • Sakodian Wright
    Sakodian Wright 2 months ago +1


    JBROS Month ago +3

    Cash had HOF Bully on in that one clip😂

  • RemyCherryBomb
    RemyCherryBomb 2 months ago +15

    So, Slim, White Iverson, and DC Heat?

    CHILLWILL 14 Month ago

    Cash did Cam hella dirty in that tournament 😅

  • Abdullah Cisse
    Abdullah Cisse 2 months ago

    If a team of sniper jones duke and Davis’s were In this that would be good

  • lbo_isaiah₉⁹₉
    lbo_isaiah₉⁹₉ 2 months ago

    2hype gon take it fsho 😤🔥

    • Idk Idk
      Idk Idk Month ago

      Take the L u mean

  • Wallace Campbell
    Wallace Campbell 2 months ago +16

    Cash too busy playin 2k

  • Duke Dennis
    Duke Dennis 2 months ago +1

    Friga team winning this

  • Wpdmir215
    Wpdmir215 2 months ago

    Finally I been saying it for the longest stop ducking the smoke lsk and zack rs cash been showing y’all up that’s y he’s the best player in 2hype yall more skilled but been scared to play in these type of events even jesser played in 1

    FATBOIGAMING 2 months ago +1

    Hope they make it fat but they probably wont u never know tho

  • Michael Console
    Michael Console 2 months ago

    Hopefully savage squad is the next team

  • hockey_lover
    hockey_lover 2 months ago

    I watch Jesse all the time

  • Comikaze シ
    Comikaze シ 2 months ago

    Kris will prob get injured off the bat.

  • SteadyCapalot
    SteadyCapalot 2 months ago

    Don’t care we want mk

  • ahmed issmart
    ahmed issmart 2 months ago

    They losing for sure. I got friga, Chris white, and whoever else. Oh ypk, that boy mad athletic. Second is zone 6.
    1.friga squad
    2.drifty squad

    • Young Produce
      Young Produce Month ago

      @subtex 🐟 oh yeah were you at now ? Zone 6 IS ASS

    • Young Produce
      Young Produce 2 months ago

      @Eldrige exactly amen

    • Eldrige
      Eldrige 2 months ago +1

      Zone 6 ass

    • Young Produce
      Young Produce 2 months ago

      @subtex 🐟 can’t even win a game together

    • subtex 🐟
      subtex 🐟 2 months ago

      @Young Produce you trippin

  • liam
    liam 2 months ago +7

    not far at all😂

    • Veeo
      Veeo 2 months ago +1

      @FATBOIGAMING yep and LSK. Im guessing top 3 scorers will go something like Zack, LSK, Cash or Jesser

      FATBOIGAMING 2 months ago +1

      @liam you never know not much people know how good zack is

  • hockey_lover
    hockey_lover 2 months ago

    And all of them are in his videos

  • Tracy Mcswain
    Tracy Mcswain 2 months ago +1

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  • Nik Nguyen
    Nik Nguyen 2 months ago

    Love Jesus

  • Atlast
    Atlast 2 months ago

    Can I have money

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  • subtex 🐟
    subtex 🐟 2 months ago

    Team won finna win it 2hype has no shot

    • subtex 🐟
      subtex 🐟 2 months ago

      Yeah im talking abt friga team

    • Duke Dennis
      Duke Dennis 2 months ago

      Nah friga team winning for sure