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Reacting to JxmyHighroller's The Harsh Truth About Victor Wembanyama

  • Published on May 22, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • SlimJimzMan
    SlimJimzMan 4 months ago

    Markelle is finally healthy, confident, and is the best PG the Magic have. Plus, hes showing promise as a two way player, im ready for next season 🔥

  • GrapeCheckerBoard
    GrapeCheckerBoard 3 months ago

    “Stop the disrespect.”

  • Kuakilyis Sombroguwi
    Kuakilyis Sombroguwi 4 months ago

    Bigs like Wemby always end up having career ending injuries. No cap. He'd need to at the very least put on a shit ton of muscle to reduce his chances of that happening. Otherwise, I give him 6/7 years max before that injury kick in. Watch.

    • pattDOR
      pattDOR  4 months ago

      i think a GOOD 15 pounds of muscle will be good. and when i say “good,” i mean well paced when he puts it on, not like a bodybuilder bulk. it’ll take more time but if he wants to maintain skill and perform well, he needs to and some slowly through time

    • Kuakilyis Sombroguwi
      Kuakilyis Sombroguwi 4 months ago +1

      @pattDOR Slow would be better frfr, but I'd say closer to 30lbs.

    • Kaizel
      Kaizel 3 months ago

      ​@Kuakilyis Sombroguwi 30 pounds would be good but ideally he should weigh 50 lbs more aka 280 pounds

  • Alexis Riglet
    Alexis Riglet 4 months ago

    😂😂😂 you are disrespecting Wemby too much. he has enormous potential as rarely seen in this sport. There is no chance of him being a bust. And his physical work routine has been excellent and thoughtful for years. He feeds on his haters. Just wait and see 😏

    • pattDOR
      pattDOR  4 months ago

      i hope he does well, i’m not saying he’s gonna be a bust. the odds do, but i don’t side with the odds