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Breakfast 🥓🍳🧀🍞 from Howl's Moving Castle


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  • なな
    なな 4 months ago +12639


    • Foodkagechris
      Foodkagechris  4 months ago +822


    • プリスケ
      プリスケ 4 months ago +46

      ​@LambsXVI 🐑?

    • カリカリのベーコン
      カリカリのベーコン 4 months ago +33

      @LambsXVI 🐑 ⁇

    • Xjoni289X
      Xjoni289X 4 months ago +51

      ​@LambsXVI 🐑 lo dice el niño de 7 años con foto de roblox

    • moon
      moon 3 months ago +12

      @LambsXVI 🐑???

  • youre_all_morons
    youre_all_morons 3 months ago +27369

    I can't decide if it's kinda sad he's eating what was meant to be a family meal by himself, or if I'm jealous he's got all that delicious food just for him

    • Foodkagechris
      Foodkagechris  3 months ago +3397

      Yeah I eat mostly alone haha but it's okay 🙏

    • tedd ferradas dueñas
      tedd ferradas dueñas 3 months ago +335

      No estás solos nos tienes a Nosotros compás de las redes saludos

    • Parrie Jenkins
      Parrie Jenkins 3 months ago +179

      Maybe it's a little bit of both? LMAO

    • Lalrinfela
      Lalrinfela 3 months ago +382

      this a family meal? Wait... am I a family?

    • Yoru
      Yoru 3 months ago +206

      ​@Lalrinfela We are family 🍷🗿

  • Land of the Long White Cloud

    This movie is such a masterpiece for the ages ❤ Howls Moving Castle

  • Speedrunner
    Speedrunner 26 days ago +73

    I said it once and I'll say it again, studio Ghibli food is the most appetizing food to ever exist

  • Temo Amar
    Temo Amar 2 months ago +2420

    Bro was just finding an excuse to eat 4 eggs 💀

  • ApocalypseGT
    ApocalypseGT Month ago +82

    That grandma needs to be protected at all costs

    • miguel261998
      miguel261998 Month ago +6

      Yes, the grandma 😂😂

    • Tristyn Mann
      Tristyn Mann 22 days ago +1

      That's no gramma 🥴

    • ApocalypseGT
      ApocalypseGT 22 days ago

      ​@Tristyn Mann"old lady"

    • Tristyn Mann
      Tristyn Mann 22 days ago +1

      @ApocalypseGT that's no Old Lady 🥴 just looks like one

    • ApocalypseGT
      ApocalypseGT 22 days ago

      @Tristyn Mann "old lady that looks like an old lady"

  • 侍
     Month ago +23


  • Link In
    Link In 3 months ago +1591

    Calcifer is cute.
    He’s just casually chomping on those egg shells. :p

    • Fábio Karan
      Fábio Karan 3 months ago +11

      That's exactly what I was comment about 😊. Really cute 🥰

    • black
      black 3 months ago

      What was he saying tho

    • Skool Shoez
      Skool Shoez 2 months ago +21

      He is saying うまい (umai) which means ‘yummy’ and みんなでおいらをいじめるんだ(minna de oirawo ijimerunda) ‘everyone is bullying me’.

    • BelovedofKingJesus
      BelovedofKingJesus 2 months ago +1

      @Skool Shoezwow so random

    • Annika
      Annika 2 months ago +1

      Got him as a tattoo in 2021 and I’m still in love with it ❤

  • OMIMox
    OMIMox Month ago +6

    Calcifer is literally the best part of that entire movie. Every single frame of his animation and every line of dialogue is just masterful ❤

  • Jera Mumba
    Jera Mumba Month ago +10

    I was like I’m enjoying this. *Has Howls coat on. I can’t help but Start laughing uncontrollably. It’s perfect ✌️❤️

  • A
    A 3 months ago +5042

    FINALLY, someone who actually used thick cut bacon 😭

    • PizzaGuyElmo
      PizzaGuyElmo 3 months ago +50

      Yeah 😭

    • Arron Somerville
      Arron Somerville 3 months ago +172

      That's not bacon it's streaky pork

    • Lidia Rodriguez
      Lidia Rodriguez 3 months ago +13

      ​@Arron Somerville😋😋

    • Raphael Sainte-Claire
      Raphael Sainte-Claire 2 months ago +131

      It's called pork belly.

    • -W.R"
      -W.R" 2 months ago +14

      @Arron Somerville oh, thanks! I was disgusted thinking that it were bacon(I like bacon, just not this much😅)

  • ItsLeo!! 🐸
    ItsLeo!! 🐸 15 days ago +1

    He doesn't need an oscar he needs a plate

  • Derren the Pianist
    Derren the Pianist Month ago +6

    Thank you for this! I always got hungry watching this scene so it was satisfying watching it actually be made.

  • Blue smurf mushroom cat
    Blue smurf mushroom cat 3 months ago +3173

    Ahh, it's just like a slice of life. The breakfast feels nostalgic, and the noises are satisfying 🤤

    • Foodkagechris
      Foodkagechris  3 months ago +81

      It's relaxing right 🙏

    • Blue smurf mushroom cat
      Blue smurf mushroom cat 3 months ago +22

      @Foodkagechris indeed 🙏

    • Liz C.
      Liz C. 3 months ago +4

      Breakfast is my and my family's favorite meal, we can have it at any time of day🤤🤤

    • Black League
      Black League 3 months ago +3

      Nothing like the sound of fresh frying bacon and cracking eggs in the morning. Reminds me of summer sleepovers at my own grandma's house

    • Saben Avey
      Saben Avey 3 months ago +1

      And he used thick sclices of bacon from the show OMG YES

  • Darth Raiden
    Darth Raiden 7 days ago

    Damn I miss this movie, I used to watch this as a kid. Howl's Moving Castle is a delight.

  • 一ノ又イニ
    一ノ又イニ Month ago +18


  • Kitsune_Jones
    Kitsune_Jones 3 months ago +1153

    To this day, my favorite food scene in any anime. So simplistic yet so comforting.

    • Mayo Sama
      Mayo Sama 3 months ago +12

      I like the cheesy bread from Heidie

    • Apples
      Apples 3 months ago +22

      Mine is the opening scene in Spirited Away when Chihiro’s parents are eating from the spirit buffet counter, those glazed meats and the big marinated onion things. I can practically smell it when I watch that scene, even if all the food is entirely fictional.

    • Jo Mansson
      Jo Mansson 3 months ago +4

      Also the ham and egg noodles in Ponyo

    • Observer
      Observer 3 months ago

      @Mayo Sama did u make it before

    • Mayo Sama
      Mayo Sama 2 months ago

      @Observer yes i do make it before

  • Riggyraise
    Riggyraise 19 days ago

    Dude is an absolute giga chad for picking up the bacon with his hands🗿

  • Bob
    Bob 17 days ago


  • GladeSucks
    GladeSucks 2 months ago +819

    Studio Ghibli makes some of the most incredible art in the world

    • Pandaman
      Pandaman Month ago +22

      Hayao Miyazaki to be exact. Which is baffling since he doesn't even like Anime.

    • Michael Rogers
      Michael Rogers Month ago +3

      Why is the fire talking then. Highly unrealistic

    • -Dont touch my oxygen-
      -Dont touch my oxygen- Month ago +19

      @Michael Rogers this is like asking why anime is 2d

    • Michael Rogers
      Michael Rogers Month ago +3

      @-Dont touch my oxygen- yeah I was wondering how that worked.

    • Hippin Hoppin
      Hippin Hoppin Month ago +8

      ​@Michael Rogers then, why won't you ask disney about their very unrealistic animation?

  • Chris Waters
    Chris Waters 16 days ago

    I would make a breakfast like that and get 1 egg, half a slice of bacon, and one toast. The joys of parenting

  • Godzilla 4407
    Godzilla 4407 16 days ago

    The part where granda puts the bacon inside the pan is so cute

    • Venti Twenty
      Venti Twenty Day ago

      Please do watch it it's an actual DOPE romantical movie

  • Chris Barnett
    Chris Barnett Month ago +409

    Don't let that fire talk back. Sprinkle a little water on him to show him whose boss.

  • I spilled my coffee on the floor

    Y'know, if Howl was American the movie would be called "Kyle's Camper Van". 💀

  • Leostar
    Leostar 3 months ago +851

    ghibli can make any food look good, it's insane

    • BOSH
      BOSH 3 months ago +9

      I mean all they really show is bacon eggs and other normal shit it ain't hard
      I get Ur point tho

    • Rusty Shackleford
      Rusty Shackleford 3 months ago

      What’s the name of this show?

    • Sato
      Sato 3 months ago +9

      @Rusty Shackleford the name of the movie is Howl's moving castle, really good movie, totally recommend

    • Shreyas
      Shreyas 3 months ago +8

      ​@BOSHbruh you haven't seen spirited away ig

    • Monty TheBrody
      Monty TheBrody 3 months ago +1

      They be makin some powerful films I can’t lie, great story telling

  • Wassim
    Wassim Month ago +1


  • Deans Scenes
    Deans Scenes 23 days ago

    I remember watching this with my Grandparents about 15 years ago, and I asked, "Papa, what's she putting in the pan?", and he said "Thicc sliced horse pecker and sunny side up eggs"

  • Buldge Lee🗣🗣
    Buldge Lee🗣🗣 2 months ago +252


  • PC
    PC 2 days ago

    most satisfying scene. I can watch it 1000 times

  • Yara Yanca pensadora

    Eu assisti tantas vezes esse filme na minha infância que perdi as contas, e até hoje gosto dele!!

  • Данил Ткачёв
    Данил Ткачёв 4 months ago +2200

    You do it so cool, especially the musical accompaniment relaxes you, and it seems that we are there with you and now we will sit down at the table and start eating.

    • Foodkagechris
      Foodkagechris  3 months ago +59

      Thank you 😊❤

    • S Y C 7 H
      S Y C 7 H  3 months ago +4

      whats the music called?

    • Normalhumanbein
      Normalhumanbein 3 months ago +2

      ​@S Y C 7 H I want to know also

    • canned tuna
      canned tuna 3 months ago +17

      ​@S Y C 7 H Merry Go Round of Life - Howl's Moving Castle Soundtrack

    • canned tuna
      canned tuna 3 months ago +4

      ​@Normalhumanbein Read my comment, hope I helped

  • Federico
    Federico 4 days ago

    I miss old studio ghibli😢
    A piece of my childood❤

  • Alex P.
    Alex P. Month ago

    Studio ghibli really knows how to make fantastic movies. Its a shame they've decided to stop after they're new upcoming movie but they've left behind absolutely gorgeous films. I was really hoping that if there's a day Legend of Zelda were to have a movie, they'd be the one to take over the animated production.

  • Maria Villa
    Maria Villa 4 months ago +590

    Bro added more eggs than he added to the castella cake 💀

    • Foodkagechris
      Foodkagechris  4 months ago +40


    • Thyago Arthur
      Thyago Arthur 3 months ago +31

      No, it's the same quantity, but he put one more egg before Howl

    • Hangout with JOVAN
      Hangout with JOVAN 3 months ago +3


    • Maya ♡
      Maya ♡ 3 months ago +2

      No it was actually 4 eggs if you paid attention

    • B Jaay
      B Jaay 3 months ago +1

      How do you know how to use a keyboard but can’t add basic numbers?

  • Otaku387
    Otaku387 Month ago

    Can we please take the time to absolutely appreciate the animation of this sequence, can you imagine the amount of time it took do draw it frame by frame, nailing even the simple-est movement of the eyes, the perspective motions, the attention of detail to even animate a true egg cracking motion to even the subtlety of the smoke coming off the pan and even the frame by frame of the billowing flame itself. To draw and animate such a thing must've been pain-staking for the studio crew, but damn is it good.

  • Possum Entwisle
    Possum Entwisle Month ago

    That anime took “feeding the fire” literally.

  • Scott Peltier
    Scott Peltier 3 months ago +530

    Them bacon slices are thick enough to stop bullets! I need them in my life

    • Foodkagechris
      Foodkagechris  3 months ago +41


    • Skyler Yarroll
      Skyler Yarroll 3 months ago +51

      There's a butcher by my place that sells whole sides of bacon. You can cut it to any thickness you want. It is a godlike amount of power.

    • stop replying to me
      stop replying to me 3 months ago +13

      That's British bacon, American is thin, or just go to a butcher

    • jrs
      jrs 3 months ago


    • DaEpicTable
      DaEpicTable  3 months ago +3

      That aint bacon that's basically pork

  • Rentasunder0
    Rentasunder0 Month ago

    when old ladies look like that you know castles are about to start floating

  • Quinn Leahy
    Quinn Leahy 3 days ago

    Bro really flipped the bacon with his hands.

  • Lucky
    Lucky 2 months ago +786

    The flame eating those eggshells is too wholesome

  • Krystal Gomez
    Krystal Gomez 26 days ago

    It feels illegal to not have watched this movie yet💀

  • Mana!
    Mana! 8 days ago

    12 year old me reading the howls moving castle book was wondering how it really looked when sophie helped howl cook and this reminds me of it everytime

  • 🌊BRUVS_3🌊
    🌊BRUVS_3🌊 4 months ago +840

    I feel like the howls moving castle music could be village music in Zelda

  • floraa
    floraa 10 days ago

    The ending of the film was so good I cried

  • Jacknnder Stoowhart Pernia Martínez

    Tremenda película una carta de amor a la humanidad y al cine

  • Enaz
    Enaz 3 months ago +128

    Calcifer is too precious for this world

  • candy
    candy 26 days ago

    I’ve watched this movie more times than I can count I love it so much

  • Soulie
    Soulie Month ago +126

    Ghibli always just hits different.

    • forget_it32
      forget_it32 15 days ago +1

      Love the "hits different" gen z lingo

  • Dracule Mihawk
    Dracule Mihawk Day ago

    Bro flipped the beef with his bare hands.

  • Arlo johnson
    Arlo johnson Month ago

    That one cooking scene had more animation budget than boruto.

  • Mr. Foxy
    Mr. Foxy 3 months ago +189

    Howl's moving castle truly one of the best movies i watched, love it

    • Michael
      Michael 2 months ago +2

      Besides the animation, what is good about the movie?

    • Listin081
      Listin081 2 months ago +7

      @Michaelthe story

    • 「HET」 ツ
      「HET」 ツ 2 months ago +7

      @Michael story, soundtrack, symbolism?

    • ☹DEADBRO☹
      ☹DEADBRO☹ Month ago +1

      ​@MichaelVery likable Characters

  • EndRevenge
    EndRevenge 18 days ago

    "flipping bacon with his hand??? This guy machiiiine"
    -uncle roger

  • JDR
    JDR 5 days ago

    I love the history,i love the art style, i love the characters,i love the smooth animation,i love the music,i love the movie,I LOVE Howl's Moving Castle

  • CptPentacost
    CptPentacost 2 months ago +166

    Ghibli studio is the master piece of anime ✨

  • TurtZWithOne
    TurtZWithOne Month ago

    😭😭my orchestra is learning this song it’s so hard😭😭💀

  • katty🐈
    katty🐈 2 days ago

    The old grandma is so beautiful ❤

  • Sleepy Bread
    Sleepy Bread 3 months ago +311

    I can't even focus on the irl cooking cause I'm just absolutely enchanted by Howl and his hands 😭

    • ZaidoDayz
      ZaidoDayz 3 months ago

      @exon_0992 NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • v3ry cherrybomb
      v3ry cherrybomb 3 months ago +2

      idk bout you but I was just starring at him only 🤡 idk bout is hands though that sounds like yoshikage kira

    • Sleepy Bread
      Sleepy Bread 3 months ago

      @v3ry cherrybomb who?

    • v3ry cherrybomb
      v3ry cherrybomb 3 months ago

      @Sleepy Bread yoshikage kira is a character from JoJo that was a criminal that would cut the hand off females because of his hand fetish
      (Also i was looking at howls hand and noticed he had a ring and I couldn't stop looking at it now 😭😭
      Idk just something for me about dudes with rings 💳💥💳💥💳)

    • Sleepy Bread
      Sleepy Bread 3 months ago

      @v3ry cherrybomb oh, ew wtf- no, I just like the animation. It's well animated.

  • BlackStick
    BlackStick 8 days ago

    "No way this guy is machine! "
    - Uncle roger

  • Variant108
    Variant108 Month ago

    Bro flips the bacons with his bare fingers 💀

  • Chocken
    Chocken  3 months ago +101

    The fire eating the egg shells is the cutest thing 🥰❤️❤️

  • Su-Jin
    Su-Jin  10 days ago

    The best movie I saw in my life and it will stay forever ❤

  • ejbunyan
    ejbunyan Month ago

    Bro took bacon and eggs to a whole new level

  • タラ、
    タラ、 4 months ago +338


    • Foodkagechris
      Foodkagechris  4 months ago +37


    • Neverbalik
      Neverbalik 3 months ago +2

      Я ощущаю как автор видео долго тренировался😁

    • Abbey the Cat
      Abbey the Cat 3 months ago +3

      Nobody is talking about the fire

  • Daniel Hernández
    Daniel Hernández Month ago

    Ese desayuno se me antoja cada que veo la película y tú lo haces posible y delicioso, eres el mejor.

  • Oráclé Xoúlé
    Oráclé Xoúlé Month ago

    Love to watch this movie especially on a rainy day ❤❤❤

  • Sandra Sano
    Sandra Sano 19 days ago

    😊 adoro o Castelo encantado, lindo filme e já assisti varias cezes, hoje vou assistir novamente!👏👏👏👏👏

  • ChizBurgerPlayzzz
    ChizBurgerPlayzzz 3 months ago +106

    Howl’s moving castle rlly is one of a kind.

    • IamBoring Videos
      IamBoring Videos 3 months ago

      besides the books (which are a bit different, cant remember what )

  • Parthernnixx 🐀ART🐀

    I watched this on my 17th birthday for the first time and I’m disappointed I didn’t watch it sooner. It’s such a good movie.

  • Alphazone
    Alphazone 3 months ago +127

    Man, this art style is timeless

  • Byron Medrano
    Byron Medrano 25 days ago

    I actually learned how to cook breakfast watching this scene as a kid 👨🏽‍🍳 they made it look so easy …. And it was

  • Lance Hobbs
    Lance Hobbs 29 days ago

    My wife showed me this movie about 17 years ago , great memories

  • シュン
    シュン Month ago +1


  • Kagome Fox
    Kagome Fox Month ago

    I'm so hungry now oml 😭💔 it's 2am I cannot be making a whole ass meal rn

  • 暇人
    暇人 4 months ago +260


    • Foodkagechris
      Foodkagechris  4 months ago +17


    • God is My life
      God is My life 3 months ago +2

      Jesus nos ama muitooooo ❤❤❤

    • 暇人
      暇人 3 months ago +2

      @God is My life ありがとう

  • FOX Гро
    FOX Гро 27 days ago

    Текут с лунки, когда смотрю этот эпизод

  • Pin Tak
    Pin Tak Month ago

    man literally grab the bacon with his bare hands while I was cooking

  • Giggly💯
    Giggly💯 2 months ago +121

    Ong howl’s moving castle gotta be top 5 films I’ve ever watched, studio ghibli makes some of the best movies I’ve ever watched, their all beautiful and I just gotta watch em all again😭

  • Unknown Talent
    Unknown Talent Month ago

    Why couldn’t there be a sequel the music was so good

  • Object 120 Pe-8
    Object 120 Pe-8 29 days ago

    that ain’t bacon strips that’s porkchop😭

  • Foodkagechris
    Foodkagechris  4 months ago +507


  • 지원
    지원 2 days ago

    You even dressed up as Howl ❤😭

  • Cute doge
    Cute doge 29 days ago

    Is no one really gonna talk about how Thicc that bacon is

  • Ellie Miller ..
    Ellie Miller .. 4 months ago +50

    With this man is the real kitchen 👌🏻 BIG BRO ❤️👏🏻

  • yep
    yep 22 days ago

    a karate kid making breakfast in Ghiburi style

  • Awesome Face
    Awesome Face 16 days ago

    "This guy is machine"
    -Uncle Roger

  • Goomba
    Goomba 3 months ago +42

    Instructions unclear,fed egg shells to fire and it proceeded to eat my whole house

  • ᗰᑌᒪTI-ᖴᗩᑎᗪOᗰ_ᗰᗩYᕼEᗰ

    Is anyone else who grew up hearing the english voice for Calcipher laughing at the noises he's making here?! 😂 It's ridiculous 😂😂😂

  • Amy UwU
    Amy UwU 20 days ago

    If I could, I'd give this video a standing ovation! 👏👏

  • Sir.Raphim Revelator
    Sir.Raphim Revelator 3 months ago +20

    This scene is funny, everyone pretends that its natural for Sophie to be there. But in hindsight Howl had been waiting for her ever since the day he met Calcifer. ❤❤❤

  • NBF
    NBF Month ago

    Probably my favorite work of
    Studio Ghibli

  • Gibran Arafat
    Gibran Arafat 19 days ago

    I even cried seeing the grandmother

  • 色んなコメにいるコビー大佐


    • Foodkagechris
      Foodkagechris  4 months ago +8


  • Meh-nem-Jeff
    Meh-nem-Jeff 3 days ago

    man's ten steps ahead of them

  • bepis
    bepis 24 days ago

    The dollar store Halloween outfit is really selling it man.

  • Giraffenmeister
    Giraffenmeister 24 days ago

    In Austria we say you're an EHRENMANN.

  • A N I M E × V I B E S
    A N I M E × V I B E S 3 months ago +26

    How can Howl look so cool breaking the eggs 😩

    • Foodkagechris
      Foodkagechris  3 months ago +1

      Yeah I can't to it cool like him 😂🙏

    • A N I M E × V I B E S
      A N I M E × V I B E S 3 months ago +2

      @Foodkagechris nah bro Anime and Us are on different levels 😌
      Btw. loved your shorts , Anime Themed , the ASMR the matching with beats
      Keep it up👏

    • Den Of Wolves
      Den Of Wolves 3 months ago +1

      Use a flat surface not like a bowl/pan edge, this keeps the shell attached to the membrane skin so no lil pieces

    FINISH 17 days ago

    Это уже не просто мультфильм , это японский шедевр , на котором выросла моя младшая сестра и будут рости мои дети

  • ShadoxyGuy
    ShadoxyGuy 3 months ago +30

    no one gonna talk about how he literally grabbed the bacon from the burning stove?

    • Brayden Young
      Brayden Young 3 months ago +1

      it wasn't even hot anymore?

    • ShadoxyGuy
      ShadoxyGuy 3 months ago +1

      @Brayden Young it was literally sizzling..

    • Brayden Young
      Brayden Young 3 months ago

      @ShadoxyGuy oh when he flipped it. i thought you meant after it was taken off the heat. still tho it’s not super hot when it’s thick cut bacon like that.

  • notixd
    notixd 9 days ago +1

    I love Moving Castle but I love FoodKageChris so much more❤️

  • Soy Andy Roz
    Soy Andy Roz 21 day ago +2

    Me inspira mucha ternura la abuelita 🥺😍