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The Search For Grog | Critical Role One-Shot

  • Published on Feb 22, 2019 veröffentlicht

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  • Flando Maltrizian
    Flando Maltrizian 3 years ago +6

    HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing

  • David Curry

    Love how Travis clapped for all of his crew members as they came out on stage. He has such good enthusiasm

  • Levant Diggerus

    Grog: Wakes up

  • DStars92
    DStars92 2 years ago +1

    It's so funny to me that Sam is that dude who will bawl his eyes out because the final fight against Vecna forced his hand to use a spell slot he was saving to wish for Vax's life, and he's also the same dude to make sure a skeleton in Vax-like robes is brought up on stage and pupeteered for a couple secs so everyone can have a laugh.

  • Rosiepedia
    Rosiepedia Year ago +2

    Hands up all those recapping their knowledge of Sir Bertrand Bell

  • Anduril74871
    Anduril74871 Year ago +832

    I love how, as Bertrand, Travis was rolling fair-to-middling the entire time, then as soon as he's Grog again, two nat 20's in a row.

  • DurandalsFate
    DurandalsFate 2 years ago +1

    "Rumors speak that atop this very crag, there's a space where words that are shouted against the wind can be heard by whoever the intended recipient is, no matter where they are on the planes." (

  • Humble TreeStump
    Humble TreeStump 3 years ago +2

    Every time Liam loses it I just think how happy he must be that his random birthday wish became all this. Fate touched indeed

  • this one it is tamar also

    The Spirit of Vax, whispering in Lieve'tel's ear: You gotta go pet that bear.

  • Dani
    Dani 2 years ago +1

    Percy: "That is the most pompous, egotistical asshole I've ever met in my entire life!"

  • Blindluck92

    Taliesin: "I've not been doing the DEX modifier for Bad News."

  • simsamsammie
    simsamsammie Year ago +371

    Trying to play a level 20 caster after not playing a caster for a year is brutal. Mad props to marisha

  • Veronica B
    Veronica B Year ago +344

    Unappreciated moment: Laura going "no I like this idea" when they're talking about making another Percy, I love it

  • TheAlienGinger
    TheAlienGinger 3 years ago +3

    Sam in 2017: On the verge of tears over not being able to save Vax.

  • A Little Antidote

    Marisha's anger breaking through with Keyleth regenerating Percy's arm will never not be funny

  • TheKazragore
    TheKazragore 2 years ago +810

    Travis Willingham channelling the energy of Taryon Darington with all his might is a sight to behold.

  • Mars Illustrations
    Mars Illustrations 2 years ago +615

    I love how everyone else was so disappointed in Sam and Liam was just laughing his ass off when he brought out the skeleton

  • bradley brown

    I love this group. I'm not a huge critical role fan, I don't know all the lore and story bits but this group is lovely!

  • Doug Moore

    Taliesin’s memory and intelligence is impressive. 4,000 years and at least 3-5 different calendar systems later, but he still knows when his birthday is!

  • Patrick Boyda
    Patrick Boyda 3 years ago +3

    First 97% of the episode: Everyone ripping on Grog and making Travis turn red