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Doc Rivers Postgame Interview - 76ers vs Nuggets | 2022-23 NBA Season

  • Published on Jan 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Philadelphia 76ers Postgame Interview with Doc Rivers. Doc Rivers speaks with the media following their win over the Denver Nuggets 126-119 (2022-23 NBA Season).
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  • Mobi D.
    Mobi D. Month ago +23

    The Sixers have won 20 of their last 24 games. Everyone seemed to conveniently gloss right over that point! The best record in the last 25 games. Everyone else has at least nearly double the losses.

    • F uck the Vaccine
      F uck the Vaccine Month ago

      @ewepop okay beta

    • breezy
      breezy Month ago

      @Jorge Paz who tf wanted to trade joel even with that shitty starting nobody wanted to trade joel

    • Jorge Paz
      Jorge Paz Month ago

      And is crazy that people wanted doc gone and get a new coach at the beginning of the season because of that 😂ugly start we had, because they sayed that doc is not using our player right. Also people wanted to see if we could trade JOJO to get a bunch of drafts picks And a player in return 🤦🏼‍♂️ there is no player that we could get that is like JOJO because he is so unique!! But look how we been playing lately and also how JOJO has been on fire lately leading the league in a points and a lot more stuff, we just needed gel together. This is the way how the team supposed to play when we made all the Trades in the offseason, I feel that at the end we will win the East!! LETS GO 76ERS

  • KING
    KING Month ago +8

    Keep up the great work Doc‼️ 20 of 24 is by far the best record for the last 25 games let give em credit when earn.

    HTSGOSU Month ago +10

    Imagine how much easier it would be if Trez didn't get minutes.

    • SunRae* **
      SunRae* ** Month ago +1

      Last time we played the Nets, Paul Reed did so good. I was screaming at my tv. I thought Doc was gonna do better by him.

    • paulyramone1
      paulyramone1 Month ago +3

      Ten minutes 2 points. 2 fouls zero rebounds. It is SO FKN FRUSTRATING that Doc won't give Paul Reed the backup minutes over Harrell. Trez is an absolute liability on defense and occasionally has a decent offensive game when he can bully weak opposition bench lineups with a 3rd-string centre. Reed can protect the rim, fights like a madman for every rebound and is just as capable of scoring as Trez. I find myself screaming at the TV and pulling my hair out during Trez minutes. Even Ben fkn Simmons torched Trez for like ten points in the game against the Nets! SMH

  • The Christian Wellness Corner

    Good job Doc! Great job!

  • Lee Bell
    Lee Bell Month ago +1

    Great to hear praise for P.J. Tucker. He is definitely an asset for the 76ers.

  • Julian C
    Julian C Month ago +4

    Maxey to bench made them serious title contenders

  • JonahG Music
    JonahG Music Month ago +6

    Guys, I'm not about to go on a Doc Rivers victory tour... but that was a nice W

  • Alex White
    Alex White Month ago

    Dude I can’t believe they didn’t ask about that play with Harden running off of the bench

  • Dim Dotty
    Dim Dotty Month ago +3

    Yessir doc!!!! Well said.

  • Raffy Topping
    Raffy Topping Month ago

    Good job .. we winning this year. Who vex lost ..👌✊️

  • fourthquartermotivation

    I Asked months ago when everyone wanted to fire Doc , who do you replace him with ...This is his 3rd year and last year with the Simmons situation was a fiasco..Seems he now has the pieces he needs and wants to get these guys playing . He is one of the best current coaches in the league..Period.

    • Dave Dee
      Dave Dee Month ago

      Haha. Yeah, let’s all not all-star vote for Jo Jo so he has that chip on his shoulder.

    • tomala118
      tomala118 Month ago

      I think people take doc for granted. Yes, he has blown more playoff series leads and he might be stubborn but people dont see that he is more often get put into different tough situation or handle hard personalities. He didnt win all these games just because he has the talents, and plus, when he doesnt have the talents, he coach even better. and there is a reason why so many players or coaches in the leagues wants to play for him, enjoy playing for him or being his assistant coach. Will there be players that doesnt like him, sure why not. When you have coach hundreds of players, there will be players that dont like him because of different reasons but again,
      there are many reasons why hes one of the best coaches out there.

  • Chris Ballard
    Chris Ballard Month ago +2

    I'll have to eat crow. I was ready to fire the guy based on how they started the season. But the coaching job he's done in the last couple of months has been nothing short of remarkable. I still don't understand the man crush he has with Tucker, but oh well...

  • Real Truth Now
    Real Truth Now Month ago +4

    Joel Embiid is a 7 foot 2 Michael Jordan in the making. Keep in mind Jordan didn't start winning championships until age 28. Embiid is the next Michael Jordan. He has all the skills and soon the mentality to be like jordan. 7 foot 2 Joel Jordan. Michael Jordan was hated

  • F uck the Vaccine
    F uck the Vaccine Month ago +1

    Docs smiling is creepy af. Only a face a mother could love

  • Mobi D.
    Mobi D. Month ago +4

    So many people shit on Doc and have been for a while. Especially since he’s been in Philly. He a great coach who gets results. Any team should be lucky to have him.

    • KillaRock404
      KillaRock404 Month ago

      Tbh unless they get into the ECF, we need to be on egg shells

  • Lord Rassoull
    Lord Rassoull Month ago +7

    Coach of the year!

  • Gene
    Gene Month ago

    Where's the sound???

  • Master Of The Craft Ministry

    Yeah keep offending my boy