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Pat Glory vs. Matt Ramos - 2023 NCAA Wrestling Championship - (125 lbs)

  • Published on Mar 17, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Princeton's Pat Glory beat Purdue's Matt Ramos 4-1 in the 2023 NCAA Wrestling Championships. It was Glory's first championship.
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  • Michael Holland
    Michael Holland 2 months ago +238

    I was gutted when Lee lost, but after seeing Glory win I couldn’t help but be happy for him. Seems like a genuinely good dude.

    • ImAndrew
      ImAndrew 2 months ago +9

      Same I couldn’t believe it when he lost but pat glory really wanted it so I’m glad he won

    • Andrew Clifford
      Andrew Clifford 2 months ago

      Spencer uhhhhh…what happened uhhhhh

  • Johnny Charly
    Johnny Charly 2 months ago +302

    This is why I love wrestling. Pat Glory meeting Matt Ramos in the finals who had just defeated a potential 4x NCAA champion … only to then defeat Matt Ramos as well. Perfection.
    Kudos to Pat Glory!

    • Roberto Santos
      Roberto Santos 2 months ago +4

      Bro can you not spoil it. Like...

    • Johnny Charly
      Johnny Charly 2 months ago +36

      @Roberto Santos dawg don’t read comments before watching the video

    • 777Skeptic
      777Skeptic 2 months ago +9

      @Roberto Santos Rookie mistake. I made sure not to scroll down when I clicked the video.

    • GrindingAt16
      GrindingAt16 2 months ago +5

      @Roberto Santos you spoiled it for yourself bro, that’s on you not him.

    • Ago
      Ago 2 months ago +3

      Who reads comments if he doesn't want spoilers?? Gtfooh

  • Lord Hegamonster
    Lord Hegamonster 2 months ago +168

    Ramos forgot to speak this win into existence 😢

  • Daniel Vargas
    Daniel Vargas 2 months ago +162

    Ramos didn't do too much in this match like he did Spencer Lee, Pat kept going for the double take down and finally got the win.

    • Tristan LaBarge
      Tristan LaBarge 2 months ago +11

      I think he studied Spencer style and just didn’t know how to beat him

    • FranticSloth
      FranticSloth 2 months ago +4

      He seemed to want to take time to feel out how Glory would wrestle. But right off the rip Glory was aggressive and went for attacks. Finals matches are usually slower paced at the first whistle so probably caught Ramos

    • Teresa Catherine
      Teresa Catherine 2 months ago +1

      Ramos needed to be more aggressive.

    • corey franco
      corey franco 2 months ago +1

      Ramos win vs Lee was a fluke

    • corey franco
      corey franco 2 months ago

      ​@Teresa Catherine how was glory when he say that lee was out lol

  • jordan Zipkin
    jordan Zipkin 2 months ago +17

    Pretty peculiar how Ramos decided to take absolutely no shots here and just stand there, while his entire match with Lee, he was an offensive machine.

  • SnipOdysseyChess
    SnipOdysseyChess 2 months ago +123

    This is like the real March madness. 😂 or should I say Mat Madness

    • Triviumfan1288
      Triviumfan1288 2 months ago +7

      Yep we call it “March Matness”

    • Michael North
      Michael North 2 months ago +1

      REAL 💀😆

    • RPP III
      RPP III 2 months ago

      @Triviumfan1288oh it’s not “Mat Madness”

    • Agoo Soriano
      Agoo Soriano 2 months ago

      @RPP III it’s March Patness

  • Logan Ames
    Logan Ames 2 months ago +17

    This was the best match of the year. Power scramble, between the top two in the country, in the fibals!? And for the entire match, pretty freakin sweet.

  • Danger Powers
    Danger Powers 2 months ago +169

    [Spoiler Alert]
    I wanted Ramos to win, but seeing Pat so emotional made me happy for him. He worked so hard, and everyone told him he wasn't going to be a champion, and now he will hold this title forever.
    Side note: I hate spoiling the outcome for people - inadvertently or not - but at this point, you should really expect the comment section to have spoilers.

    • Miller Theory
      Miller Theory 2 months ago +4

      Why is this the first comment? You just ruined it for me

    • aFlashyguy
      aFlashyguy 2 months ago +8

      @Miller Theory for future always watch the video first before going to comments

    • Johnny Charly
      Johnny Charly 2 months ago +4

      @Miller Theory 😂😂😂😂

    • layden yump
      layden yump 2 months ago +5

      @Miller Theory should’ve been in the live feed when it happened smh

    • Pops Cola
      Pops Cola 2 months ago +1

      ​@Miller Theory cry some more buddy

  • Last Try
    Last Try 2 months ago +1

    Man I still respect the guy who was on his way for his 4x with no acls, that takes way more dedication, it sucks he didn’t ge this 4 titles he deserves it.

  • SnipOdysseyChess
    SnipOdysseyChess 2 months ago +42

    Pat glory finally proved that he deserves the title

  • Jacob Braden
    Jacob Braden 2 months ago +2

    I hated seeing Spencer Lee lose but after seeing Pat Glory’s reaction to finally accomplishing his goal made me so happy.. He wanted that so bad I think he might have even upset Spencer.

  • Josh Lawless
    Josh Lawless 2 months ago +9

    I’m sure Glory was telling himself thank goodness Lee isn’t in the finals. I was telling my dad before the semifinals that Lee just seemed sluggish. I’m not sure if his knees are shot, will all of the surgeries he had.

    • Kaleb McDaniel
      Kaleb McDaniel 2 months ago +3

      He was injured this whole ncaa tournament in his knee but wrestled through it because of the pressure everyone put on him

  • Rip Dipple
    Rip Dipple 2 months ago

    PA wrestling family here, we love Pat Glory. What a tournament from this young man. Bravo Pat, bravo Princeton!

  • c Augusto f florian
    c Augusto f florian 2 months ago +1

    Me encanta este deporte, muy buena lucha .

  • Prometheus The Demi God
    Prometheus The Demi God 2 months ago +21

    Burroughs is actually a great commentator

  • nick p
    nick p 2 months ago +2

    Incredible tournament! This is only the start of Matt Ramos!

  • A.P.W. 1aski
    A.P.W. 1aski 2 months ago +13

    Nice to see that Pat Glory's Mom's glasses were safe and sound and all in one piece during the celebration of her sons glorious victory ✌️🎉🎉🎉🎉 Go Tiger's baby!🐯

  • Anopo Abednego
    Anopo Abednego 2 months ago +4

    It socks that we didn't see the two best wrestlers here at 125lbs this season. Really sucks. But still, happy for Pat.

  • David Bordner
    David Bordner 2 months ago +28

    After sticking Lee in the semis and the rush of winning the biggest upset in NCAA tournament history, Ramos told reporters “He had been thinking of Lee all year.” He then goes on to say, “I’ve been speaking it into existence that I will beat Lee.” And after he did it, he immediately went viral and deserved every bit of it. Just an absolute legendary performance by both Ramos and the Purdue coaches. And I’m not gonna sit here and speculate that Ramos might’ve overlooked Glory bc I don’t believe that happened. However, we must remember that some of these athletes are still teenagers. And to come back down from the earth after the glasses breaking semifinals win, is extremely difficult.
    A quick lil story here… When I was junior in HS and made it to the semis at state, I shocked the entire coliseum by beating the undefeated #12 guy in the country, returning 2x State Champ, and the guy everyone was talking about. It was incredible and a complete surprise to everyone except me and my practice drilling partner who I made wear a red shirt all year in practice bc this guy that was dominating everyone wore a red singlet. I’ll never forget that red singlet bc a year earlier he made me eat that singlet when he threw me to my back and stuck me in an exhibition match. Unfortunately I tasted and smelt his sweat while only seeing red as he cranked the half till I was flat. But after shaking his hand and leaving the mat, it took me about 10 seconds to realize that I could beat him even though there was nothing I did in that match to make anyone else share this belief with me.
    But after gaining the confidence that he’s beatable and human just like everyone else, this changed everything for me. Especially my mindset. So I set my goal to dethrone him and honestly believed I would beat him and never have that red singlet suffocating me again. So I wanted to see that red color everyday so it reminded me of him. I made it my mission to beat this “unbeatable” opponent, that everyone was running from. I visualized my dreams coming true in the finals at State. However, some shady seeding happened and when I got the 4th seed, I just figured I’d beat him in the semis and ball up whoever makes it to the finals with me.
    But I had been so damned determined to beat this one guy all year long, that I wasn’t taking everyone else seriously. And I just assumed that beating him would equal my first state title. However, after I pulled off the big upset, I wasn’t mentally strong enough to continue that momentum into the finals. And I sadly lost against a guy I had beaten 2x earlier in the season. And the worst part of it was when we’re on the podium, he whispered in my ear that “he was thinking about beating me all year long.” It was soul crushing to achieve my goal of upsetting the P4P best guy but lose right afterwards. I feel ya Ramos and it’s tough but this L will fuel him into his own Natty Title. Book it. And to wrap up my boring story, that is nowhere near as cool as Ramos, I came back and won it all the next year. Not because I was a better wrestler, but bc I was mentally stronger and prepared for everything possible. Matt Ramos will do this too next year.
    What a beautiful sport we have here. Love & peace to you all and I’m already pumped for next year. 🙏🏼

    • Dylan B
      Dylan B 2 months ago +1

      Well done on getting the state title the next year. What a wild story how the guy who beat you viewed you as the guy to go for. Wild how that works

    • Thomas Macdonough
      Thomas Macdonough 2 months ago +1

      Awesome story. Psychology is such a big part of the sport. I was never as successful and never expected to become a champion of anything (I only wrestled for 3 years) but my senior year I found myself in regional finals against 4th in the state. But I had believed for so long that I couldn't beat him that I was basically in shock when I dragged him to the 3rd before he finally caught me. Looking back, I know I could've won. It still haunts me. Ramos though has another chance and I hope he pulls it off so he doesn't live with the same regret. And congrats to Glory for tasting gold.

    • David Bordner
      David Bordner 2 months ago

      @Thomas Macdonough You couldn’t have said it better. In HS, most kids lose before they get on the mat bc the mental part isn’t there. I know as a freshman and Sophomore, I just figured I’d lose to those that looked bigger, meaner, or ranked higher. And as a 40 yr old man, I still have dreams of having one more year of eligibility. And in the dream I have this confidence and swagger that I was mentally tougher than everyone else, so it was a forgone conclusion that I was going to win it all. Having that mindset is crucial. We didn’t learn in the late 98-01. Now there are so many tools and YT channels to help with this and you can see these kids are so good these days it’s just crazy. But man oh man how I wish I could do it all over again. 🙏🏼

    • Giovani Sosa
      Giovani Sosa Month ago

      I ain’t reading allat☠️☠️☠️☠️

    • David Bordner
      David Bordner Month ago

      @Giovani Sosa You know what’s so beautiful about this, YOU DONT HAVE TO READ IT. You don’t have to comment on this. Hell you don’t even have to watch this video. And you sure as shit don’t have to reply about how you “aint reading allat”. Whatever that means 🤣.
      But really though, I wish you the best next year as you enter 2nd grade and really start digging into spelling and grammar. You can do it. 🙏🏼

  • Last Try
    Last Try 2 months ago

    Pat glory spoke it into existence 😂😂😂

  • Andrew Buck
    Andrew Buck Month ago

    I will be a 100% honest. I have no idea how this sport works on scoring. Regardless of the fact. Pat seems like a wonderful kid, who has worked hard and has been rewarded. Congratulations man.

  • Ben Lenti
    Ben Lenti 2 months ago +20

    When spencers the only thing on your mind you forget about the glory 🙌

  • SnipOdysseyChess
    SnipOdysseyChess 2 months ago +7

    Kudos to both!

  • Hingle McCringleberry
    Hingle McCringleberry 2 months ago

    There was a pretty big size difference here, great win by glory

  • Benjamin Minton
    Benjamin Minton 2 months ago +7

    That decision killed Matt Ramos, should’ve went down for an easy escape, Ramos did escape easier then he anticipated, choosing neutral didn’t work out very well in his favor, really kinda went the opposite direction in terms of how things actually played out, tables could’ve been turned if Ramos went down by choice, forcing himself to get the 1 point, then forcing himself to shoot his shot, this is where he’s extremely level headed & can chain wrestle well.

    • Nick Foster
      Nick Foster 2 months ago +1

      Pat Glory is really good on top tho

    • Benjamin Minton
      Benjamin Minton 2 months ago

      @Nick Foster yes, but Ramos showed otherwise when he escaped in the 3rd with ease

    • Nick Foster
      Nick Foster 2 months ago

      @Benjamin Minton technically he didn’t escape but I get what you mean that’s a good point I think he didn’t want to worry about getting in a situation where he gives up riding time and loses off that

    • Josh Franklin
      Josh Franklin 2 months ago

      Neither man is close to Spencer's level. I bet he is gutted watching this. But I was rooted in Ramos after the semis. Kinda sad for him and Spencer both. Lee would have pinned or tech glory no doubt. Something was off with Spencer in the quarter. Then again same with Ramos in the finals. Too satisfied to beat Spencer will haunt you

    • Benjamin Minton
      Benjamin Minton 2 months ago +1

      @Josh Franklin Ramos handled Lee there was nothing wrong with Lee during that match

  • DanG
    DanG 2 months ago +13

    He was much more unscripted against Lee. I feel he just went out to wrestle instead of to win and it paid off. Tonight he was too reserved.

    • Nathan
      Nathan 2 months ago +3

      I love when people who have never wrestled at this level talk about why they lost, like you have no idea whats actually happening here, lol.

    • DanG
      DanG 2 months ago

      @Nathan fantastic

    • Armyjayden
      Armyjayden 2 months ago +4

      ​@Nathan you don't have to wrestle at this level to realize that Ramos was much more passive than usual and was on the defensive the whole match

    • Corn Prices
      Corn Prices 2 months ago

      @Armyjayden I wonder if Ramos just hadn't gameplanned for Glory

    • Samuel Loizeaux
      Samuel Loizeaux 2 months ago +1

      @Nathan Yeah but it doesn’t mean you can’t give an obvious observation like that. That’s what sports are for, to make fans feel like they’re part of something

  • Joe Buck
    Joe Buck 3 days ago

    These guys are monsters for 125 pounds

  • SnipOdysseyChess
    SnipOdysseyChess 2 months ago +19

    I can’t imagine how nick suriano feels 😂

  • SnipOdysseyChess
    SnipOdysseyChess 2 months ago +7

    Good job to both!

  • DJAngel_120
    DJAngel_120 3 days ago

    Ngl when I saw this live I was so emotional like pat cause I wanted him to win a national title for a long time and now I got to see it I was so emotional like him

    USMCSDI 2 months ago +1

    I played HS Football with his father Pat Glory Sr. His pop was a tough SOB too!

  • Purp
    Purp 2 months ago +6

    Used to have to wrestle pat in middle school and now I don’t feel so bad about getting teched by him all the time

  • Hxpnotic Bynx
    Hxpnotic Bynx 2 months ago +10

    You could tell Ramos only prepared for spencer. Cudos to pat

  • Adam Fowler
    Adam Fowler 2 months ago +1

    1:03 Lucky there wasn't a broken leg from that kind of fall.

  • SnipOdysseyChess
    SnipOdysseyChess 2 months ago +10

    Many thought Matt would lose anyways. Both wrestlers fought hard

    • 33moneyball
      33moneyball 2 months ago +2

      Of course…Glory is favored. Ramos has the best individual win in a decade but that doesn’t magically make him the best wrestler in the country

    • Corn Prices
      Corn Prices 2 months ago

      @33moneyball True but you have to think ramos is gonna be one of the favored guys next year. Glory's gone and Lee's gone

  • Gordon Gekko
    Gordon Gekko 2 months ago +10

    Is it just me or are wrestlers becoming the fastest I’ve ever seen? I mean when you look at the lower weights and their unbelievable quickness and speed it is unreal.

    • johnb4467
      johnb4467 2 months ago

      I'm sure there's examples from all generations who can stand toe-to-toe with each other. Gerry and Stephen Abas during their college careers moved like guys out of the matrix and, in the case of Gerry, really kind of pioneered the whole scrambling / funk movement that is still very much present today.
      John Smith during his career was obviously lightning fast too.
      I'm by no means a wrestling historian, but that's a few generations of talent right there leading up to modern-era. ;)

  • Johnny Drama
    Johnny Drama 2 months ago

    Tuff battle. Good match. Way to go Pat u deserve it.

  • Aaron Alldredge
    Aaron Alldredge 2 months ago +5

    Good job, Pat Glory deserved it!

  • moe elabed
    moe elabed 2 months ago +6

    Plain n simple. Better team and man wins. I remember when these coaches just started Built this program from the dirt. God bless and congratulations

  • SnipOdysseyChess
    SnipOdysseyChess 2 months ago +2

    Matt fought hard. Underrated.

  • Josh Franklin
    Josh Franklin 2 months ago +1

    Both of these boys are great but they should be thanking a higher power for Lee's injuries. Ramos already won the title in the semis. Or so he thought. Congratulations to Princeton and glory

  • Glasgow Wrestling Archives

    Amazing match 🙌

  • Last Try
    Last Try 2 months ago +1

    Kudos to Pat glory, was super gutted seeing lee lose but, Pat glory a beast!

  • Dylan W. Barnes
    Dylan W. Barnes Month ago

    Curious as to why Glory wrestled so few matches that season compared to Ramos? 24 to 39.

  • troy sines
    troy sines 2 months ago +18

    The moment Spencer Lee lost knew glory would get his championship win!!

  • jack armstrong
    jack armstrong 2 months ago +1

    Matt Ramos shot ONCE in three periods against Glory. Amazed he didnt get multiple stalling calls. This match shoudnt have been close, if the refs did their jobs.

  • 33moneyball
    33moneyball 2 months ago +3

    Confirms that Spencer Lee is still best in class if anyone was wondering. Glory can thank Ramos for his title.

    • Ziggy Berman
      Ziggy Berman 2 months ago +1

      The coaches had been preparing for the match against lee. Glory was ready and would beat Lee. They had to act fast and start preparing for Ramos because of the unexpected win. If anything, Glory wrestling Ramos would be more difficult because of the quick change

    • Corn Prices
      Corn Prices 2 months ago

      @Ziggy Berman Maybe but Glory is a really bad stylistic matchup for Ramos. Glory stays very tight, very short, quick attacks. Doesn't extend much. It's hard for Ramos's high-flying style to find openings there.

    • PJP
      PJP Month ago

      Only thing confirmed is Spencer Lee got pinned by Ramos.

  • Michael Bradford
    Michael Bradford Month ago

    Tears are one thing but sobbing, c'mon!

  • Brandon M
    Brandon M 2 months ago

    Great match ❤

  • Tom Balthis
    Tom Balthis 2 months ago +6

    Pat did what Spencer should have been coached to do.Just wrestle and don’t put yourself in a position where you can be thrown to your back.Spencer is the better wrestler and should have won if he would have and should have expected Ramos ability to throw.Glory showed why he goes to Princeton!He was smart and didn’t give Ramos a chance to pitch him to his back!

    • Corn Prices
      Corn Prices 2 months ago

      "Don't be in a position where you can be thrown to your back" is far, far easier said than done

    • Josh Franklin
      Josh Franklin 2 months ago

      @Corn Prices that was a beautiful throw. That freestyle background shows. But lee just did not seem himself. No excuses. Perfect timing and execution by Ramos.

    • Corn Prices
      Corn Prices 2 months ago

      @Josh Franklin i really do feel like if lee and ramos were to meet down the line at OTT or WTT, it would be a really tough match for Lee. Ramos really seems to have his number on the feet

    • PJP
      PJP Month ago

      The Iowa coaches did not prepare Spencer Lee in the slightest. They road his coatails for years. They completely mismanaged his career. Spencer Lee is a 3x National champ inspite of Tom Brands and company, not because.

  • Indy Choate
    Indy Choate 2 months ago +2

    Just as we knew…Ramos was desperate in the match with Spencer. Spencer was ahead,
    he was in control of the match, had riding time advantage with just seconds left. They will
    meet again, if Spencer’s knees recover. But even if they don’t Spencer has nothing to prove!

    • Tristan
      Tristan 2 months ago

      Spencer graduates this semester he has no more eligibility to wrestle in college. They’ll meet if Ramos decides to wrestle freestyle

    • Indy Choate
      Indy Choate 2 months ago

      Please Tristan, I’m very aware of that fact. I am very consciously aware!

    • Corn Prices
      Corn Prices 2 months ago

      Tbh if they meet again, that just favors Ramos more I think. Ramos is a *very* dangeous and talented freestyle wrestler. I think he has a brighter outlook for his freestyle career than his folkstyle career

  • M C
    M C 25 days ago

    Most people say it doesnt always set in right away lol. Sure set in immediately for pat. Princeton so im sure his brain calculates this shit really fast

  • danTron truthteller
    danTron truthteller 2 months ago +2

    Ramos, only a sophomore, future champ, future MMA guy

  • YoungCorndog
    YoungCorndog 2 months ago

    I can say glory was game planing for Lee in the finals pat turned him when they wrestled his freshman year and the score was 12-6 Lee when pat was a freshman! and it would have been a great match I would have loved to see it but Ramos had a game plan for Spencer too and got it done before pat

    • YoungCorndog
      YoungCorndog 2 months ago

      The second time they wrestled in midlands. In pats first college match ever Spencer kicked his a$$

  • Gear Barrel
    Gear Barrel 2 months ago

    Glory to Glory🎉!!

  • Kyle Sanders
    Kyle Sanders Month ago

    Just amazing.

  • Last Try
    Last Try 2 months ago

    Damn Pat glory has to thank Ramos for the easy dub 😂 cus if it was Spencer he would have been techd

  • Jennie Ramm
    Jennie Ramm 2 months ago

    This win has to have an asterisk next to it.

  • cody eastwood
    cody eastwood 2 months ago +1

    Ramos was untouchable during the first 2 periods

    • Jake Windham
      Jake Windham 2 months ago +2

      Bro Ramos hit the same roll off glory’s singles and dives for ankles for a stalemate. Not entertaining and a terrible wrestling style.

    • Brockm
      Brockm 2 months ago

      @Jake Windham his "terrible wrestling style" got him to the finals

    • Ziggy Berman
      Ziggy Berman 2 months ago

      He only wrestled defensively, which didn’t work out lol.

    GC BANTAMS 2 months ago

    Congratulations champ!!

  • Jorge R
    Jorge R Month ago

    Ramos looked as if he already won it all by pinning lee. He was a totally different wrestler in the final.and lee mentally was not there he wasn’t the same wrestler he was moving like if he had eaten a big steak and baked potato a salad and was ready for a nap

  • Str8 Truth
    Str8 Truth 2 months ago

    Ramos expended too much energy being high off of the Spence win. For this match he just wasn't "in the moment "

  • Chase
    Chase 2 months ago +3

    Would love to know what Nick Suriano is thinking right now

  • WiscoWrassler
    WiscoWrassler 2 months ago +1

    Just here for the sacks and cracks!!

  • Americana American
    Americana American 2 months ago

    I said all along glory will win it. Good job to you buddy

  • Joe Cole
    Joe Cole 2 months ago

    Does Glory have another year of eligibility that he’ll have to go somewhere else to wrestle?

  • Shaun Diltz
    Shaun Diltz 2 months ago +4

    Congrats Glory.

  • M A J O R
    M A J O R 2 months ago

    Ramos should've high shelfed the leg above his shoulders in the 1st period

  • Tom Bystander
    Tom Bystander 2 months ago

    Funky Flickr Boyz for life!! Congrats pat

  • Joan_00X
    Joan_00X 2 months ago +1

    next year matt head up n chin up 🤫💪🏽 only a sophomore 🐐🐐

    • Danger Powers
      Danger Powers 2 months ago

      If he is a little more offensive, I can see him winning two national titles.

  • Luis Juarez
    Luis Juarez Month ago

    As soon as Ramos gets better at the bottom position he’ll be a problem

  • Аарон Дж. Визенфельд

    New Jersey legend

  • James C
    James C 2 months ago +1

    He should be thanking Ramos… not sure how well he would do against Lee

  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez 2 months ago +14

    It doesn't matter that Ramos didn't win he was never supposed to be here. He can always say that he PINNED Spencer Lee in the College National championships

    • Elijah Lopez
      Elijah Lopez 2 months ago +5

      I was looking through the comments & I knew someone else felt the same way.. such a lame finals. Spencer Lee deserved that x4..

    • Joetoy90
      Joetoy90 2 months ago +4

      @Elijah Lopez Tom Brands said that you only deserve what you earn. 🤷‍♂️

  • SUGE WHITE Jacoby
    SUGE WHITE Jacoby 2 months ago

    Ramos didn't have that fire like he did against Lee. He seemed kinda flat!

  • The Don
    The Don Month ago

    Is it me or is the audio low on all these NCAA Championships videos?

  • ruben1968
    ruben1968 2 months ago

    Ramos forgot to do what helped him win against Spencer Lee… Wrestle. He appeared defensive only.

  • Willsmiff1985
    Willsmiff1985 2 months ago

    Pat Glory!!!!!!

  • logan sneed
    logan sneed 2 months ago

    Nick got him Ready.

  • Nick Valentinetti
    Nick Valentinetti 2 months ago

    Does wrestling allow lower body subs? Like heel hooks and leg locks?

  • Jerry G
    Jerry G 2 months ago

    Disagree with the last stall call. Can't always work for the pin. Gotta control.

  • A Messenger
    A Messenger 2 months ago

    Nice win for glory, but CORNELL RULES THE IVY LEAGUE WRESTLING!!! Go Big Red !!!!!

  • SnipOdysseyChess
    SnipOdysseyChess 2 months ago +1

    Both are champions

  • john doe
    john doe 2 months ago +2

    Disagree with JB 100%. Glory absolutely wanted spencer, he’s made that clear.

  • Quincy Spielberger
    Quincy Spielberger 6 days ago

    I will NEVER understand why someone as good as Pat Glory would go to Princeton. Unless you are not going to beat the top guy at Penn State, Oklahoma or Iowa those are the schools you need to be at IF you are serious about developing as a wrestler. Cornell had a fluke with Dake and Diakomihalis but they have had several guys win an NCAA title just to get bested the next year. Lee and Bosak for example. Prior to Lee in 2005 Cornell's last champion was Auble in 1960! If you're a WRESTLER go to a wrestling school!!!!!

  • Jay Basil
    Jay Basil 2 months ago

    As someone who missed out on wrestling in high school I have no clue what the rules are. Like why they have to reset with the guys on his hands n knees

  • Fancy Biscuit
    Fancy Biscuit Month ago

    Lee letting him win just for him to lose

  • Matt D
    Matt D 2 months ago

    at 8:58 why on earth does the clock skip 0:02 seconds ?

  • Terrie 000
    Terrie 000 2 months ago +2

    Doesn’t mean Pat can beat Lee. He lucked out that Ramo luckily took out Lee by random chance. He is the luckiest champ this year.

    • helidrill
      helidrill 2 months ago +5

      Getting pinned isn't random chance

    • Ziggy Berman
      Ziggy Berman 2 months ago +3

      @helidrill Exactly, people are saying that Glory would’ve gotten killed. Lee clearly got pinned and Glory was more prepared for Lee.

    • Corn Prices
      Corn Prices 2 months ago

      @Ziggy Berman Glory looked phenomenal this tournament. As did Ramos. Spencer really would've had to slay some giants to win. I'm suprised that he lost, but these 25 guys are still trying to win. People forget that

    • Dong Wang
      Dong Wang 2 months ago +1

      Ramos beating Spencer Lee wasn't lucky, he outwrestled him

  • tre
    tre 2 months ago +3

    RAMOS had fluke win. Lee in the finals would be epic. I hope Lee transitions to MMA since his mom is Judo. I know they must be humbled by loss. It only gets worse or better from here. Lee's win record is unworldly. Keep your head up.

  • Ethan Rydberg
    Ethan Rydberg 2 months ago

    congradulations man

  • Rigoberto Carrion jr

    I think Pat would have gotten Spencer Lee he was Due to beat him

  • Sc33p0
    Sc33p0 2 months ago +2

    lee wouldve put glory away lol

    • Ziggy Berman
      Ziggy Berman 2 months ago

      Not true lol. Glory was prepared if he had to wrestle Lee because no one thought that Lee wouldn’t appear in the finals. It was harder having to learn and see what Ramos would do, based off of his past patches in the tournament.

    • Dong Wang
      Dong Wang 2 months ago

      He got his ass kicked by Ramos, so I'm not sure about that

  • bill monroe
    bill monroe 2 months ago +2

    Ramos thought he was so damn good because he beat an injured Spencer Lee and not far into this match he gets a stall call. He's not as good as he thinks he is. Ramos played on defense the whole match and it cost him. Love it!

    • Josh Franklin
      Josh Franklin 2 months ago +1

      Agree. 100% everyone knows who the champion is. Its still Spencer. What you said proves that

    • Steve Ensor
      Steve Ensor 2 months ago

      Gotta say, Lee 's been getting away with an illegal arm bar all his career. He would have triple his losses without it. The pressure up the scapula is real. Weak referees cowtow to Brands.

    • Josh Franklin
      Josh Franklin 2 months ago

      @Steve Ensor no its not illegal. There are so many tutorials on how to turn someone. Anyone can do it. He is just better. Period.

    • Steve Ensor
      Steve Ensor 2 months ago

      @Josh Franklin I have discussed with this with other college referees. An arm bar parallel to the long axis of the body is illegal and dangerous. Reminds me of the stuff the Dave Schultz got away with.

    • Josh Franklin
      Josh Franklin 2 months ago

      @Steve Ensor you may have discussion this with referees but not one of them have called it out during matches. To imply the young man has cheated his way through is a total discredit to the hard work and dedication that I'm sure you know the sport requires. I respect your opinion. We'll disagree

  • SnipOdysseyChess
    SnipOdysseyChess 2 months ago +2

    Can’t imagine Syria no’s view on this match

  • Selmir
    Selmir 2 months ago +6

    Spencer Lee woulda beat Pat Glory if he was in the finals. Pat glory is lucky that Ramos caught Lee lacking and caught him with that roll and hooked that arm. If that roll failed Spencer Lee would be 4 time champ and Hodge Trophy winner! That's a fact!

    • sanitary103
      sanitary103 2 months ago +23

      If my aunt had a mustache, she’d be my uncle. Too many ifs.

    • Joetoy90
      Joetoy90 2 months ago +6

      Why wasn’t he in the finals tho 💀

    • Todd Hensley
      Todd Hensley 2 months ago

      Lucky being the key word!

    • Daniel
      Daniel 2 months ago +7

      he didn’t just catch lee lacking he took it to him the whole match and outwrestled him

    • Everything Matters Theory
      Everything Matters Theory 2 months ago +5

      Muh 4x NCAA TITLES, muh Hodge Trophy!! 😭😭😭😭

  • GSP
    GSP 2 months ago

    good day for princeton

  • danTron truthteller
    danTron truthteller 2 months ago

    How about Princeton?

  • Alicia Garza
    Alicia Garza 2 months ago

    THIS NAME…… will be forgotten in history👋🏽

  • Indy Choate
    Indy Choate 2 months ago

    We’ll see!