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Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Official Video)

  • Published on Nov 18, 2010 veröffentlicht
  • The short film for Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" was the centerpiece of the feature film Moonwalker, and featured the debut of Michael's iconic "anti-gravity lean." Inspired in part by Fred Astaire's "Girl Hunt Ballet" dance number in the film The Band Wagon, "Smooth Criminal" was named Best Video at the BRIT Awards, Broadcast Film Critics Association and the People's Choice Awards.
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    Written and Composed by Michael Jackson
    Produced by Quincy Jones for Quincy Jones Productions
    Co-Produced by Michael Jackson for MJJ Productions, Inc.
    From the album Bad, released August 31, 1987
    Released as a single October 21, 1988
    Director: Colin Chilvers
    Primary Production Location: Los Angeles, California
    Michael Jackson's short film for "Smooth Criminal" was the sixth of nine short films produced for recordings from Bad, one of the best selling albums of all time. The "Smooth Criminal" single hit No. 1 in Spain and The Netherlands and reached the Top 10 in the UnitedStates, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland and Switzerland. In the United States, "Smooth Criminal" reached the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100-the sixth single from Bad to do so-as well as Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles charts.
    In addition to being a standalone short film, "Smooth Criminal" became the centerpiece of Michael's most ambitious film project at the time, Moonwalker, a feature-length film that was released theatrically in various countries outside of the United States. In the "Smooth Criminal" portion of the film, Michael and his friends face off against the notorious drug lord Mr. Big (Joe Pesci) and attempt to foil his plot to get the children of the world hooked on drugs-but of course, in the end, Michael defeats the villain.
    The musical portion of "Smooth Criminal" takes place in the magical "Club '30s," where Michael instructed his friends to meet him. While Katie (Kellie Parker), Zeke (Brandon Adams) and Sean (Sean Lennon) find the club to belong abandoned, Club '30s springs to life when Michael shows up, wearing a blue and white pinstripe suit and fedora.
    As the kids watch through the window, Michael flips a coin into the jukebox and leads the club patrons through a dazzling performance to "Smooth Criminal." Here, Michael shows off updated versions of his signature dance moves. He also debuts one of his most iconic dance moves: the "anti-gravity lean," a seemingly impossible move.
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  • :c
    :c Year ago +182

    Minuto 7:04 esa escena siempre se recordará como una de las más difíciles poses. Viva Michael Jackson Que viva el rey del POP

  • Redbit Redbit
    Redbit Redbit 11 days ago +2718

    🔝 Absolutely Don't wuorry......you 'are not the only one who is listening this timeless masterpiece in 2023🌏

  • AzoX
    AzoX  10 days ago +487

    It's 2023 and it's still a masterpiece! It never goes out of style

    • Teo Teo
      Teo Teo 19 hours ago


    • Ashley Fisher
      Ashley Fisher Day ago

      For real this is a very good masterpiece

    • Ko Ye
      Ko Ye Day ago


    • Ko Ye
      Ko Ye Day ago

      @Mystery's world.😶😍😍

    • Ko Ye
      Ko Ye Day ago

      @#JohnnyDeppIsRacist zzz3

  • quarol pérez
    quarol pérez 7 days ago +202

    *No importa cuando leas esto, MJ es el rey de la música y del pop* 👑❤

  • RI4G
    RI4G 13 hours ago +8

    Michael sua falta será eterna❤

  • How Bout Them Cowboys
    How Bout Them Cowboys 2 years ago +587

    Michael Was Famous All Over The World Back When There Was No Clip-Share Or Social Media

    • Mihailo Aleksic
      Mihailo Aleksic 19 hours ago

      ​@D. Roberts It would be funny and legendary at the same time

    • Janice Fraser
      Janice Fraser Day ago

      I know eh. Those were the days ❤❤

    • Nazia Asad
      Nazia Asad 2 years ago +1

      @koolkat1204 He will be always..cuz what he created is irreplaceable..He started a new era in music. Offcourse he is that big to be remembered till the end of world.

    • lego gamer 14
      lego gamer 14 2 years ago +1

      Yeah he died and still went platinum

    • koolkat1204
      koolkat1204 2 years ago +1

      He is still famous all over the world

  • Slavicpurpose77
    Slavicpurpose77 6 days ago +109

    I’m proud to say I’m one of the lucky few that saw him perform live at Wembley’97. Although I was still only young at that point I remember it like it was yesterday. such an unbelievable generational talent that will never be forgotten. thank you Michael for all the amazing memories you provided me throughout my childhood. I’m sorry the world didn’t understand nor love you enough like us fans did. RIP KING OF POP and god bless ❤

    • rIVerseLive _K,D,M,Z_
      rIVerseLive _K,D,M,Z_ 14 hours ago

      @EpmzMusifiwaR66 🔥

    • EpmzMusifiwaR66
      EpmzMusifiwaR66 14 hours ago +1

      Wer are together ❤️❤️❤️🤴My King😭😭😭😭😭

    • rIVerseLive _K,D,M,Z_
      rIVerseLive _K,D,M,Z_ 5 days ago

      Damn your actually lucky.
      Because that must be really amazing looking and watching it live!
      Best memories for u I can tell.

  • Nathalia Cunha
    Nathalia Cunha 16 days ago +162

    As vezes eu queria ter vivido a época dele, pra ver e sentir tudo que ele fazia sem ninguém fazer. Devia ser realmente uma emoção ardente ouvir e ver ele! Hoje ver esse tipo de clipe é comum e por muitas vezes produção de milhões e sem reconhecimento ❤ RIP 🖤 03/2023

    • Afton Billy Thompson
      Afton Billy Thompson 6 days ago

      Hello 👋

    • Camon Tecno
      Camon Tecno 14 days ago +1

      Восхвалять вообще то нужно Бога , а не человека.
      Сделали из Майкла идола, а он просто человек, но талантливый
      Всем , кто хочет его снова увидеть живым, нужно изучать Слово Бога , Библию и приближаться к живому единственному Богу Иегове.
      В будущем Бог будет воскрешать миллиарды людей, которые находятся в совершенной памяти Бога.
      ,, Будет воскресение мёртвых "
      ( Библия, Деяния 24:15).

    • Linda jackson
      Linda jackson 15 days ago +10

      Yes it was GREAT living back then and hearing and seeing this for the first time! ALL Michael's videos were MAJOR EVENTS, even some premiering on prime time television!

  • Alaina Rose Mckenzie
    Alaina Rose Mckenzie 3 days ago +88

    I'm disabled and bedbound but when I listen to Michael's songs and this song in particular, I can't help but move my hips, tap my feet the lot. These dances are simply phenomenal and you can't help but smile and dance. Michael had a pure, pure heart who simply adored animals, nature and children. Yes a few things he probably shouldn't have done in hindsight, but i do not believe for 1 SECOND that this man ever abused any child. They all were found to have lied UNDER OATH in court. If you're prepared to do that, you'll think nothing of making up lies to try and get money. Michael was never the same after those accusations, and I don't think anyone would or could be. He's in a better place now 😔

    • Christine Otieno
      Christine Otieno Day ago +1

      I don't believe it too

    • gnome_detector
      gnome_detector Day ago +3

      the families pushed the kids to tell lies

    • Janice Fraser
      Janice Fraser Day ago +3

      Awww I agree with u 100% I don’t think he harmed any kids u get some despicable people in this world who’d do anything for money rip michael

  • Scott
    Scott 14 days ago +168

    No one will ever make great videos like MJ did 🥺
    Still hits hard

    • Furkan Bozdag
      Furkan Bozdag 19 minutes ago

      ​@APOXAND & ALEXAND are you trolling right now or are you actually .......

      APOXAND & ALEXAND Day ago

      @Weevil Underwood there are youtubers that make better " videos" like markiplier

    • Avant
      Avant Day ago

      @APOXAND & ALEXAND You're high

    • Weevil Underwood
      Weevil Underwood 5 days ago

      ​@APOXAND & ALEXAND he has legendary videos too. Tf are you on about

  • Semi Deus 🔱
    Semi Deus 🔱 5 days ago +91

    Ele ficaria feliz em saber que em quase 15 anos, ninguém consegue superar ele😢❤

    • Melahat Özcan
      Melahat Özcan Day ago

      Hatta ölümünden önce de uzun yıllar dikkatini müziğine verememişti.
      Bu süreyi de eklemek gerekirse daha faxla zaman oldu.

    • Martín Martínez
      Martín Martínez 4 days ago +2


      DELAINE TOMAZ 5 days ago +5



    El mejor artista de toda la historia.

    • Diego Morales
      Diego Morales Month ago +1

      @CARLITOS AXIE ni idea

    • Can Sadece can
      Can Sadece can Month ago

      After The Beatles but very very close. Individually as good as john and paul. Peace

      CARLITOS AXIE  2 months ago +11

      @Soir quien chucha será ese

    • Martin ス
      Martin ス 2 months ago +3

      Que descanse en paz.
      Te extrañaremos, Mr. Jackson.

      PAOLA GUERRERO 2 months ago +4

      Es verdad 👍

  • Vitor Araújo
    Vitor Araújo 18 days ago +89

    Minha mãe cresceu ouvindo o Michael Jackson,as músicas deles são perfeitas,a letra,os sons, enfim,não vamos esquecer dele.

  • Yudelka Díaz
    Yudelka Díaz 5 days ago +46

    El mejor por siempre y para siempre ❤

    • cai fa
      cai fa 5 days ago +2

      Hello, what song do you like to sing? I also like to listen to it.

  • Quinn Rockatansky
    Quinn Rockatansky 3 days ago +1

    Genuinely legendary. A timeless classic.

  • Yencis Martín
    Yencis Martín 16 days ago +51

    2023 y está canción se oye con una fuerza increíble,el mejor de todos los tiempos 👑🔥💪❤️

    • Arturo Garcete
      Arturo Garcete 15 days ago

      @Michi Grande (LEÉ BIEN) 👇🏻
      Existe una simple razón por la que Bad Bunny jamás será un artista de alcance global 🌎 y es que él es un artista latino puertorriqueño 🇵🇷 y por lo tanto sus canciones son en español sin embargo los artistas estadounidenses tienen más facilidad de llegar a todas partes del mundo como por ejemplo Japón 🇯🇵 por un motivo, despues del idioma japonés el más estudiado por ellos es el ingles ya que lo utilizan para poder comunicarse en el extranjero pues como sabemos el inglés y el chino mandarín son los idiomas más conocidos en casi todas partes del mundo como en Asia, África o Europa por eso los hits en inglés tienen tanto éxito y eso se debe principalmente a la hegemonía yanki, y ser el artista más escuchado en Spotyfi o el más reproducido en cualquier otra plataforma no significa que Bad Bunny haya conquistado el mundo, hay una gran diferencia entre lo uno y lo otro porque aquellos que lo escuchan al fin de cuentas serán siempre los mismos y los que entiendan español (Latinoamérica, Epaña, y algunas zonas de EE.UU) y de ahí en más no, nunca podrá ir más allá pues no podrá traspasar la barrera del idioma porque para empezar los japoneses son muy conservadores y rechazan todo aquello que sea ajeno a su cultura pero Michael Jackson era tan genial pero tan genial que acabó por conquistar el mercado nipón y actualmente el grupo musical que está conquistando Asia a pasos agigantados tiene nombre y se llama BTS "los reyes del K-Pop" porque son coreanos y muy proximos a los japoneses y chinos, simple y concreto.

    • Level MAX Zaouch
      Level MAX Zaouch 15 days ago

      ​@Michi Grande nouvelle et je te remercie de m'avoir donné ton is

    • Michi Grande
      Michi Grande 15 days ago +1

      @Arturo Garcete seee indifinitvamente noc como los pueden comparar

    • Arturo Garcete
      Arturo Garcete 15 days ago +3

      La juventud de hoy dice que Bad Bunny ya superó a Michael Jackson ¿Que opinas?
      Yo creo que ni con 10 vidas le bastaría a Bad Bunny para llegar a donde Michael Jackson llegó, MJ 👑 es otro nivel.

  • Diana Diaz
    Diana Diaz 7 days ago +52

    Te extrañamos Michael hoy el mundo está peor pero con tu música se olvidan las penas ❤❤❤ gracias donde quiera que estés !!! 🙏

  • MJ Songs
    MJ Songs 5 years ago +599

    KING OF POP forever

    • Janice Fraser
      Janice Fraser Day ago

      Yeah the King of Pop , Elvis was the king of Rock and John Travolta was the King of Cool just thot I’d mention that 😊😊❤️❤️❤️

    • Janice Fraser
      Janice Fraser Day ago

      Here here ❤

    • 😺 Enzobot 😺
      😺 Enzobot 😺 5 months ago

      Yes we know

    • Macarena Carrillo
      Macarena Carrillo 2 years ago +1


    • l .l
      l .l 5 years ago +1

      gracie smith some

  • goshtfortnite67
    goshtfortnite67 14 days ago +37

    Michael es eterno ♾ siempre en nuestros corazones y con su música en nuestra mente recordándote como el mejor , QEPD

  • Renato Pereira
    Renato Pereira 14 days ago +64

    Minha infância foi ainda mais foda por causa desse cara.. R.I.P MJ

    • Guilherme
      Guilherme 12 days ago

      @imad boud já o outro significado ele te fala

    • Guilherme
      Guilherme 12 days ago +2

      @imad boud existe dois significados, mais no contexto dele ele quis dizer que a infância dele foi incrível espetacular algo nesse contexto entende?

    • imad boud
      imad boud 12 days ago +1

      ما هو البدس

  • YaSSinE
    YaSSinE 5 days ago +37

    Everytime you listen to MJ, you think this is his best one, and then you hear another song from him, and then you think, no this is his best one. They are all master pieces.

  • Nelson Almeida
    Nelson Almeida 11 days ago +19

    Coreografia perfeita! O vídeo te prende a cada único segundo dele! Michael Jackson é um gênio! Nunca morreu de fato pois gente como ele é eterno nos corações de qualquer um que goste de música!!! Forever MJ!!!

    • maja
      maja 10 days ago +1


  • Kalpana Naicker
    Kalpana Naicker 7 days ago +2

    This still hits hard on 2023 the best artist that ever lived rip mj

  • mwansir
    mwansir 2 years ago +248

    He’s talent n creativity is still eye catching n interesting to watch even after 3 decades

  • Tallison Santos
    Tallison Santos 5 days ago +1


  • مرتضى عبد الرزاق

    I can't get bored of this part 6:25
    ❤️✨ I incredibly adore this song

  • 주환
    주환 7 days ago +2

    I'll remember you forever. Michael Jackson.

  • Noah Kilborn
    Noah Kilborn 8 days ago +8

    Michael Jackson was a true legend and a musical genius. His talent, passion, and creativity not only revolutionized the music industry but also inspired generations of fans around the world. He left an unforgettable mark on pop culture, and his iconic music and dance moves will continue to be celebrated for years to come. Rest in peace, MJ. Your legacy lives on."

  • KIKE G
    KIKE G 8 days ago +34

    Michael Jackson es único, sin duda el rey del pop Forever, me encanta Smooth Criminal!!❤😍

    • cristian anderzón
      cristian anderzón Day ago

      Rey es Jesucristo después no hay ningún rey como Jesucristo el Dios todopoderoso

    • Jose Campos
      Jose Campos 8 days ago +2

      Exactly an hour ago, youtube is crazy on March 18th

  • Sarah Martinez
    Sarah Martinez Year ago +372

    I love how so many people come back to this...it's just so amazing to me

  • Pedro Rubens
    Pedro Rubens 17 days ago +37

    Oque esse cara fez com a minha infância não tá escrito… o melhor sem dúvidas

  • richerach dibua
    richerach dibua 11 days ago +5

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Remain the Best dancer and singer. RIP Maestro

    DIMITRIS V. Day ago +26

    I listen it every day !!!
    And it's my son's favorite song who is only 2,5 years old !!!
    MJ is a living legend !!!❤️

    • Taiko no Gaming
      Taiko no Gaming 18 hours ago

      @Curtley Meyer yeah your right he’s dead but he stays in our heart

    • Curtley Meyer
      Curtley Meyer Day ago +1

      Well not a living legend persay,but definitely a legend😅

  • Wellynton Silva
    Wellynton Silva 17 days ago +49

    Rei do pop , ninguém supera nunca

  • Donald Arthur
    Donald Arthur 9 days ago +57

    Almost 40 years ago looks like it was currently made. Timeless classic. Its hard to improve on perfection.

  • Bidhya Chhetri
    Bidhya Chhetri 3 years ago +472

    Never seen another graceful dancer like Michael Jackson.

    • Anita Jordan
      Anita Jordan 3 years ago

      Chris brown

    • Joseph Jurgella
      Joseph Jurgella 3 years ago +2

      I'm pretty good tho.... just sayin

    • souad Ali
      souad Ali 3 years ago

      Chirs Brown can dance whout replies stateps

    • Lindsay L
      Lindsay L 3 years ago +1

      @TriggerTroy ok, and. A real nan doesn't hit a women unless she's trying to kill him.

    • TheAmazing World of me
      TheAmazing World of me 3 years ago +2

      @Grandma Shelton Chris who? No sweetie crack is wack

  • Dora Santtos
    Dora Santtos 17 hours ago +1

    O Maior 🛐❤️✨

  • Gloria maria Soares
    Gloria maria Soares 8 days ago +28

    Adoro meu ídolo é máximo e insubstituível! Ninguém sabe imitar ❤❤❤❤

  • Mr GamePlaySkit
    Mr GamePlaySkit Day ago +2

    It’s 2023 and this is still a banger never gonna stop loving this song

  • Alexander Encarnación
    Alexander Encarnación 14 days ago +38

    Esas coreografía de sus bailé no la superará nadie, sin duda es el mejor y lo seguirá siendo

  • Jessy Fabulous
    Jessy Fabulous 10 days ago +2

    So many years later and I still can't get enough😭😭😭😭😭

  • Дарья Глухова

    легендарный человек. Человек-легенда.

  • keesha
    keesha 15 days ago +72

    Like si en esta año 2023 escucha al Rey del pop Michael Jackson te vamos a extrañar descansa en paz ♥️

    • cai fa
      cai fa 5 days ago

      Hello, what song do you like to sing? I also like to listen to it.

    FAHIM 6 days ago +3


  • sylwia pamula
    sylwia pamula 9 days ago +2

    Wow what a genius he was and is still .shame that people focus on his look rather than on his master miusic.❤rip King

  • Ismael Rosa
    Ismael Rosa 11 hours ago +2

    Amo anos 80

  • LoLo 89
    LoLo 89 6 days ago +21

    No artist can do what this legend did . The dance , the music, everything .. he’s timeless ♥️

  • michael wong
    michael wong Year ago +398

    Michael is like an artist living ahead of his time, the MV put it to these days is still dope as hell.

  • Bernadete maria da Conceição silva

    Esse garoto tem muito talento.

  • Lee Jared M Martin
    Lee Jared M Martin 10 days ago +21

    still hits so hard and its 2023... RIP MJ :(

  • mikey
    mikey 7 days ago +43

    que obra de arte mano, como esse homem é tão perfeito😿

  • Salomon Valverde
    Salomon Valverde 16 days ago +36

    El mejor artista musical de la historia de la música Michael Jackson. 👑❤

    • Arturo Garcete
      Arturo Garcete 15 days ago +1

      Los jovenes de esta generación dicen que Bad Bunny ya lo superó ¿Que opinas?
      Mi opinión es que Michael Jackson está a años luz de Bad Bunny, existe una galaxia 🌌🪐 de diferencia entre ellos y es un insulto para la historia de la música tan solo compararlos

  • Emel41
    Emel41 4 days ago +1

    Einfach nur sensationell 👍M.J. ist und bleibt eine Legende. Nach 40 jahren hören sich seine Songs immer noch klasse an

  • ethe real
    ethe real 3 years ago +186

    Loved you since I was 1, Mike! One of the biggest fans out there! R.i.P Michael Jackson!

    • Afton Billy Thompson
      Afton Billy Thompson 6 days ago

      Hello 👋

    • Andrxaiii •
      Andrxaiii • 3 years ago

      @ethe real i was 3 since i liked him and now am 12

    • samwell
      samwell 3 years ago

      panic at the disco lover and mcr lol

    • Haleynd04
      Haleynd04 3 years ago +2

      My mom played his music when i was in the womb and i would move when i heard the music

    • chart crown
      chart crown 3 years ago

      RIP mj love you

  • Nuzhat Singhaal
    Nuzhat Singhaal 13 days ago +3

    The best video of MJ RIP Legend

  • Mathew Spiering
    Mathew Spiering 10 days ago +2

    Still a good song even in 2023 rip mj 😔

  • USA
    USA 9 days ago +14

    This still hits hard in 2023.. RIP, MJ..

  • Domonic_playz_best_friend

    Rip MJ your were my favorite 😢 💕
    What a great singer and dancer 😭

  • King Michael Jackson
    King Michael Jackson 7 days ago +24

    Rei do pop eterno

    • cai fa
      cai fa 5 days ago

      Hello, what song do you like to sing? I also like to listen to it.

    THE NOBLE ONE-33 2 years ago +175

    Michael Jackson had a short life but his music lives on. He recorded so much.

    • Bernardo Saldaña
      Bernardo Saldaña 2 years ago

      @ZM Inc. like I explained your actually considered old around those ages
      But it's mainly around your 50s - 60s were your on your early old age
      Again sorry if I made sound like I was calling him old as hell ( Should've been specific)

    • ZM Inc.
      ZM Inc. 2 years ago

      @Bernardo Saldaña thats not old old is around 70 80

    • Annie Ray
      Annie Ray 2 years ago

      @Bernardo Saldaña Hi Grandpa

    • AmzWL
      AmzWL 2 years ago +1

      Bernardo Saldaña Ah yea I misread the comment. As in he would have completely retired not too long after anyway

    • Bernardo Saldaña
      Bernardo Saldaña 2 years ago +2

      @AmzWL Not saying he was old as hell but rather more like in he's early old age(sorry if I made it sound like the other way) but like he still had plenty of time to impress everyone again

  • T1 Marketing Digital
    T1 Marketing Digital 13 days ago +2


  • angel
    angel 3 days ago +2

    I dont listen to this typically, but I woke up with it stuck in my head on repeat. I love it, 2023.

  • Natalie Reid
    Natalie Reid 6 days ago +3

    😊first time listening to this song 🎵 and it is absolutely amazing and fantastic ❤

  • gabriel jose
    gabriel jose 14 days ago +1

    Always on the meta of songs
    80000 grammys

  • Constantino Dos Anjos
    Constantino Dos Anjos 7 days ago +8

    The legend never dies 2023 we still hear and love your songs you were way ahead of your time eternal king of pop Michael Jackson.

    GET DUNKED 4 years ago +490

    the legend of music!!

  • legend cr7
    legend cr7 15 days ago +72

    There are many singers in the world but MJ is always the G.O.A.T

  • Caldaque
    Caldaque 15 days ago +19

    Michael Jackson is one of the greatest influences of music and choreography of all time. Almost everything we have now is based on what he did. The man was genius.

  • Jay Dick
    Jay Dick 6 days ago +2

    MJ is the best dancer and singer and he died like 13years ago and he still is the best singer and dancer like WHAT.R.I.P mj❤

  • Dylll
    Dylll 12 days ago +6

    Still fire in 2023 🙏 MJ

  • Augusto Henao
    Augusto Henao 5 days ago +1

    Realmente IMPRESIONANTE!!!!. 😃🙌👌👌👏👏👏👏

  • Lerato Shadare
    Lerato Shadare Year ago +295

    The video, choreography, everything is spot on. This guy here is a Legendary.....wow, Michael !!!!!

    • u regular guy
      u regular guy Year ago +2

      It's Michael Jackson of course he is a legend

    • Rick
      Rick Year ago +5

      @Street__Tmz nobody but the girl at 7:24

    • Street__Tmz
      Street__Tmz Year ago +5

      No one choreograph this but mike, don’t nobody teaches him how to dance

    • malak  H.U.S
      malak H.U.S Year ago +8

      yeas this vedio is realy WOOOOOOOW !!!!! micheal jackson is a LEGENDRY💖

  • Jay deee
    Jay deee 17 days ago +5

    Love you Michael. You were the king of the world at one point. Greatest of the great. Miss you much ❤️

  • LightBlueEyedGirl
    LightBlueEyedGirl 6 days ago +8

    I remember when this one came on MTV for the first time. To this day, it's still one of the best ever produced. There are a few that come close, but no one else will ever bring the same amazement of watching Michael Jackson dance.

    VIPULTRA 6 days ago +18

    This Video & Beat & Preformance is still unmachted to this day! MJ is the Greatest Artist Ever 🔥👏🏽🎶

  • ghost.08
    ghost.08 18 days ago +11

    Michael Jackson will always remain a legend even after years that he left us he will always reign over music and dance 08/03/2023.

  • Kimberly May
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  • Koko Chydaios
    Koko Chydaios 3 years ago +262

    Just watching this, and really seeing how legendary is michael jackson.

    • Scary Moose
      Scary Moose 3 years ago

      @Q are we not going talk about how Michael a 44 year old man was sharing a room with a child that was not apart of his family?

    • leafy isn'therr
      leafy isn'therr 3 years ago

      @Q learn and research bro and u would understand

    • hulkbot 776
      hulkbot 776 3 years ago

      Better than chuck Norris...

    • Q
      Q 3 years ago +2

      Luke Skuljax and your proof is?

  • jair18
    jair18 16 days ago +13

    Michael Jackson is a Legend in music ❤️

  • Wilke
    Wilke 13 days ago +12

    Que música contagiante dá poxa, a pessoa se balança do nada kkkk🤣🤣😍😍😍

  • Tessie Dalahay
    Tessie Dalahay 5 days ago +9

    When the legend makes music it lives forever...MJ the KING OF POP!!!!❤

  • eskimutt fromwayupyonder

    Rest in peace king you shall be the king of pop forever

  • Larissa Xavier
    Larissa Xavier 5 days ago

    Amei to viciada

    • cai fa
      cai fa 5 days ago

      Hello, what song do you like to sing? I also like to listen to it.

  • Emmanuel Alake
    Emmanuel Alake Year ago +292

    Making a music video like this right now is almost impossible.. All the dancers connect so well to the rhythm.
    Like having people playing those instruments, those sitting while moving to the rhythm, those acting even while dancing, those fighting, those gambling, the ones playing snookers too, let's not forget the ballet dance part. Everybody in the club is just participating or involved in one thing. Also having a stage to perform where there is a microphone for you to sing, there is a spot light too. Having a place like brothel where MJ's money was stolen by one of the girls. So many
    Black or White,Scream, Beat It, Billie Jean are all good but this Smooth Criminal music video is the next MJ greatest video after Thriller. IMO

    • CoconutSloshed
      CoconutSloshed Year ago

      @ForgottenCrusader bruh

    • Mobina Tatality
      Mobina Tatality Year ago

      *🔘 King Amir Tataloo holds the record for the most diss (48 people🦾) in one track (Barzakh) for **10:20** minutes!*

    • Reign
      Reign Year ago +1

      @koolaid wtf is wrong with you I love MJ ❤ Lord Jesus Christ this man is wired

    • koolaid
      koolaid Year ago +1

      @Reign I know exactly what im saying. I pray that i never develop an obsession for another human being like you.

  • Zelda's Art Channel
    Zelda's Art Channel 13 days ago +3

    I'm speechless, his music is amazing! Too good to be true. Rest in peace.

  • Jenner Pablo
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  • شاهين العبقري

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    أتكلم القطبية والعربية ولا أفهم إلا القليل والقليل جداً من اللغة الأنجليزية
    ولكن أداء هذا الأسطوري مايكل جاكسون مع تلك الموسيقي الجميلة التي تحرك الصخر من مكانه جعلني أندهش جدا واستمتع بهذا الفن الأسطوري

  • Unbreakable MJ
    Unbreakable MJ Year ago +166

    Very soon, this song will hit a billion views, and when it does, we will celebrate it!

    • Sarah Ali
      Sarah Ali Year ago +1

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    • Somxr_7
      Somxr_7 Year ago

      I wouldn’t say very soon

    • Comic
      Comic Year ago

      i dont wanna be a party pooper but 600 million is barely halfway

    • Mizzle
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      It will take some more years but it will hit it

    • SonicStrider77
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  • Gabriel Gomez
    Gabriel Gomez 11 days ago +3

    I love this music ever since I was 5

      ROY E BLACK 10 days ago

      Yeah too have always love this music too and I pray to God to give you a lot of beautiful days, and I hope God bless you to have a great day today, I'm Roy from Happy camp California. Where are you from ?

  • Nadia Shaquira Galvez
    Nadia Shaquira Galvez 6 days ago +4

    As he came into the window
    It was the sound of a crescendo
    He came into her apartment
    He left the bloodstains on the carpet
    She ran underneath the table
    He could see she was unable
    So she ran into the bedroom
    She was struck down
    It was her doom
    Annie, are you okay?
    So, Annie, are you okay?
    Are you okay, Annie?
    Annie, are you okay?
    So, Annie, are you okay?
    Are you okay, Annie?
    Annie, are you okay?
    So, Annie, are you okay?
    Are you okay, Annie?
    Annie, are you okay?
    So, Annie, are you okay?
    Are you okay, Annie?
    Annie, are you okay?
    Will you tell us that you're okay?
    There's a sign in the window
    That he struck you - a crescendo, Annie
    He came into your apartment
    He left the bloodstains on the carpet
    Then you ran into the bedroom
    You were struck down
    It was your doom
    Annie, are you okay?
    So, Annie, are you okay?
    Are you okay, Annie?
    You've been hit by
    You've been hit by a smooth criminal
    Annie, are you okay? (I don't know)
    Will you tell us that you're okay? (I don't know)
    There's a sound at the window (I don't know)
    Then he struck you, a crescendo Annie? (I don't know)
    He came into your apartment (I don't know)
    Left bloodstains on the carpet (I don't know why, baby)
    And then you ran into the bedroom (help me)
    You were struck down
    It was your doom Annie (dag gone it)
    Annie, are you okay?
    So, Annie, are you okay?
    Are you okay, Annie?
    You've been hit by
    You've been hit by a smooth criminal

    • C 1872
      C 1872 3 hours ago

      ​​@Bounty Hunter Fox Yeah he definitely says "Struck by" in the 2nd chorus of the actual song recording but it seems to be missing completely in the music video (dw you're not going mad 😂)

    • Bounty Hunter Fox
      Bounty Hunter Fox Day ago +1

      Does anyone else remember it going "you've been hit by, you've been STRUCK by..."

    • Nadia Shaquira Galvez
      Nadia Shaquira Galvez 5 days ago

      @Mo Mo yeah, idk why

    • Mo Mo
      Mo Mo 5 days ago

      Lyrics after 3:17 missing on all online lyrics. Weird. 2nd verse.

    • Afton Billy Thompson
      Afton Billy Thompson 6 days ago


  • Ylenia De Francisci

    Immortale, unico, inimitabile!! ❤

  • NRG
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    Every move, calculated...
    Every note, purposely chosen...
    Every word, from the soul...

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  • Rhianna Goddess
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    This man's music will forever be #1.
    And you will always be in our hearts Michael.

  • Camilo Ordóñez
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    Era único en su género, con su música sus canciones contagiaba de alegria a jóvenes y adultos de cualquier parte del planeta

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    Legends never die and he a legend