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Elemental | Official Trailer

  • Published on Mar 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • This Summer, meet the residents of Element City
    Watch the new trailer for Disney and Pixar’s #Elemental and see the movie in 3D, only in theaters June 16!
    Check out a brand-new trailer for Disney and Pixar’s “Elemental,” an all-new original feature film that transports moviegoers to an extraordinary place called Element City, where a host of elements live and work. The trailer showcases each element-air, earth, water and fire-and what sets them apart according to Ember, a quick-witted and fiery woman who’s always stayed close to home in Firetown. In “Elemental,” which opens in theaters on June 16, she finally ventures out of her comfort zone to explore this spectacular world born from the imaginations of Pixar’s filmmakers and specifically crafted for the big-screen experience. Element City is inspired by big cities around the globe and embraces theorized contributions from each elemental community-from giant pine-tree-like buildings and waterfall skyscrapers to a tornado-shaped arena called Cyclone Stadium.
    Joining the previously announced voice cast including Leah Lewis and Mamoudou Athie as Ember and Wade, respectively, are Ronnie del Carmen as Ember’s soon-to-be retired dad, Bernie; Shila Ommi as Ember’s love-seeking mom, Cinder; Wendi McLendon-Covey as Wade’s stormy and Air-Ball-loving boss, Gale; Catherine O’Hara as Wade’s welcoming mom, Brook; Mason Wertheimer as Ember’s admiring earth neighbor, Clod; and Joe Pera as an overgrown city bureaucrat, Fern.
    Directed by Peter Sohn, produced by Denise Ream, p.g.a., and executive produced by Pete Docter, “Elemental” features a screenplay by John Hoberg & Kat Likkel and Brenda Hsueh with story by Sohn, Hoberg & Likkel and Hsueh. The film’s original score was composed and conducted by Thomas Newman.
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    Copyright: (C) Disney•Pixar
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  • Vailskibum
    Vailskibum 6 months ago +32791

    It feels like an explosion of color in every shot

  • Hannah Montana
    Hannah Montana 28 days ago +179

    It is beautiful. Best Pixar movie in recent years.
    More than just a cliche love story it’s actually really deep. Tackling the struggles of an immigrant family. its no wonder its performing well overseas.

    • XMXFabian
      XMXFabian 8 days ago +7

      You're so right. Ember is confronted with her heritage and family, job Obligations and a love not acceptable. Thats so deep

    • Peanut Butters
      Peanut Butters 8 days ago +1

      Reminds me of my armenian family 👏

  • Reaperz Eats
    Reaperz Eats 10 days ago +45

    This is probably the best Pixar movie I've ever seen. At 35 years of age I don't think a Disney/Pixar movie has ever managed to make me laugh and cry every single watch through like this has.

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza Month ago +127

    I have watched this movie and believe me it's a master piece I literally teared up by the ending 🥺 the pain of going away from parents 😢

    • Hotep Hustlers Hoaxers Hunter Inc.
      Hotep Hustlers Hoaxers Hunter Inc. 28 days ago +4

      I nearly teared up when the father bowed back 😅

    • syawkcab
      syawkcab 24 days ago +1

      Way to spoil it guys

    • solar
      solar 22 hours ago

      the hell you giving out spoilers for? there are some people that haven't watch the thing

  • Monica Kang
    Monica Kang 2 months ago +195

    Absolutely LOVED this movie that is full of layers of storytelling, creativity, relationship lessons, and a reminder that we are all humans learning one step at a time. Plus the humor and amazingly beautiful world. Thank you, Pixar!

  • Vanessa Tai
    Vanessa Tai 3 months ago +505

    I love this movie so much everything they did with the characters, playing with the capabilities and the physics of the different elements and how this affects how elements interact with one another its all so creatively executed. Wade and ember’s relationship development is also so sweet to follow along and the “i love you despite all” type of love will always be a soft spot for me. Ill fight anyone who says its “mid” or its a flop

    • ANoodles
      ANoodles 2 months ago +15

      Same I just went to go watch the movie and it soo good! ❤I literally cried after the movie 😅

    • Foolinzy
      Foolinzy 2 months ago +3

      brug pull up lets fight

    • Larona Moreeng
      Larona Moreeng 2 months ago +1

      Omg. huh

    • Rare
      Rare 2 months ago +1

      it's a flop, they lost money on it

    • GRFreeman1
      GRFreeman1 Month ago +7

      @Rare no they didn’t

  • Cookie the Reeject
    Cookie the Reeject 6 months ago +2276

    Please dont let this be bad. All I want is a good movie from Pixar. The visuals look so amazing.

    • P
      P 6 months ago +96

      My farts are better than Pixar’s farts

    • wardain
      wardain 6 months ago +44

      Pixar never fails.

    • moonie
      moonie 6 months ago +21

      ​@P real

    • MawileMage
      MawileMage 6 months ago +98

      Pixar usually delivers these days. The worst they've made in the last few years was still a decent watch just not memorable, like Onward and Lightyear.

    • moonie
      moonie 6 months ago +1

      @MawileMage yeah

  • cenaj
    cenaj 3 months ago +418

    The movie surpasses the expectations set by its trailer, defying premature judgments. I'm genuinely delighted that I gave it a chance, as it has become my favorite movie of the year

    • Roxanna Ponce
      Roxanna Ponce 3 months ago +26

      Right?! I wanna go see it again because I loved it. I’m so surprised about the negative reviews.
      I’m disappointed with the trailers, but with today’s political climate, I think a lot of it was not explained in the trailer to give more close minded people a chance to watch it instead of writing it off because it didn’t match their views like The Little Mermaid.
      It was an excellent movie that touched on a lot of different topics without trying to hard to dumb it down. Loved it.

    • Duncan Morin
      Duncan Morin 2 months ago +10

      Nice try bots

    • Roxanna Ponce
      Roxanna Ponce 2 months ago +12

      @Duncan Morin lol why do you wanna hate this so bad

    • Duncan Morin
      Duncan Morin 2 months ago +10

      @Roxanna Ponce it was so bad the kids wanted to leave

    • Roxanna Ponce
      Roxanna Ponce 2 months ago +10

      @Duncan Morin damn that sucks.

  • Roxanna Ponce
    Roxanna Ponce 3 months ago +802

    I went to see this with my daughter, parents and grandma and knew nothing about the movie and I was floored with how good it was. We were all laughing and crying. I am going again because I loved it that much 😂

    • Lxvly.CrxzyAvery__
      Lxvly.CrxzyAvery__ 3 months ago +15

      I watched it for my birthday and girl it was better than Toy Story 4 the drive-in movie I went to see for my 8th birthday me and my brother got these matching Toy Story shirts from the Disney store. And wow it was so funny to and also actually confusing to like I don't get are they allowed to go to water elements I like didn't really get why they got mad I'm like it's just water. Don't you need water to live? But I like it a lot it also made my mom cry like it made me cry I also thought Wade did die but turns out he didn't then I had happy tears after.

    • Ash CH
      Ash CH 3 months ago +16

      I felt the same way. i cried and laugher and hope to see it again

    • soulassassin0g
      soulassassin0g 3 months ago +24

      Bro took every generation of her family to watch this movie 💀

    • Roxanna Ponce
      Roxanna Ponce 3 months ago +18

      @soulassassin0g lmao hell yeah and we all loved it. This movie is for everyone 🥹♥️

    • soulassassin0g
      soulassassin0g 3 months ago +7

      @Roxanna Ponce you know this is just a rip-off of an old indie game from the late 2000's right?

  • XMXFabian
    XMXFabian 3 months ago +238

    i just left the cinema, this is such a stunning love story of 2 characters that could not be any more different but they still find each other. we need a successor film

    • Jusk A Husk
      Jusk A Husk 3 months ago +6

      Was it steamy?

    • Jason Phillips
      Jason Phillips 3 months ago +2


    • Food Lover Entertainment
      Food Lover Entertainment Month ago +1

      True 👍. I guess Pixer might make a sequel of it in 2027

    • Marijan Karaula
      Marijan Karaula Month ago


    • Jusk A Husk
      Jusk A Husk Month ago +2

      @Marijan Karaula
      So all the people who like movies you dislike are robots and the only real humans are people who like exactly what you like? I'm no psychoanalyst-psychotherapist but that sounds like a paranoid delusion to me.

  • Everyday Apple Living
    Everyday Apple Living 2 months ago +35

    Watched the movie recently, it was a very warm hearted movie. It hit home and made me very emotional, especially because my family and I are immigrants to America and there were strong themes of immigration, belonging, and family business.

    • Tamara Djurin
      Tamara Djurin 15 days ago +2

      As an immigrant daughter. Parents opened a bodega like this movie. I never felt so heard about the guilt and burden I feel every day I’m so proud of my parents for the sacrifice they made I feel like I will never be able to repay them. I decided not to take over the family business and become a doctor instead and I feel like I let them down everyday.

  • Katherine Benjamin Acosta
    Katherine Benjamin Acosta 2 months ago +32

    Loved the movie, I went to an inclusive room with kids and teenagers with autism and the way everyone in the room could experiencie every moment of the movie was amazing. Im going to watch it again in the cinema. Disney and Pixar do it again, continue amazing me for life please.

  • Thumper
    Thumper 6 months ago +16483

    Now imagine if Pixar keep doing more originals than sequels. This looks great

    • googamp32
      googamp32 6 months ago +620

      If it does well in theaters, THEN we can assure that Pixar will keep doing originals. If not... Well...

    • Gacha _Nazrinfamily
      Gacha _Nazrinfamily 6 months ago +462

      Yeah. Pixar needs to be more themselves than just living in Disney's shadow. Disney always bought studios that beat them. I think its about Time Pixar has good movies

    • Jon
      Jon 6 months ago +185

      @Gacha _Nazrinfamily yk, I think Pixar should just consider to stop working for Disney and focus on their own work.

    • Gacha _Nazrinfamily
      Gacha _Nazrinfamily 6 months ago +61

      @Jon Yes, that's what I meant. I'm sorry if my english was bad

  • R Leanne
    R Leanne Month ago +10

    Love the movie! The city looks beautiful. It represents the US which has diversity and immigrants from all over the world. Also , the hot-tempered fire suits very well with the emotional, sensitive, soft-hearted water in terms of personality. And again, the same message as all the other movie, life is too short, you should explore the world while you can and enjoy life, well executed and delivered through this story. Surely can feel how they are truly living a life in this movie!

  • Fellow72
    Fellow72 Month ago +9

    I went into this movie with the lowest of expectations since a loud minority were saying this was a terrible movie. Gosh were they wrong. This movie was very charming, and a very relatable film for many people from different walks of life. It was clever and a bit funny as well. I hope they make a sequel!

  • nefer gomez
    nefer gomez 11 days ago +4

    I love this movie, I already included it in my list of favorite movies, each character is so unique and teaches you something, it is an incredible movie and the soundtrack makes you vibrate.
    Keep making these kinds of films Pixar, we love it.

    JIHWAN 2 months ago +72

    I love this movie so much!! This is probably the best animation that disney has created in my opinion!! This movie is so touching and adorable!! Not to mention it is so beautiful

    • Food Lover Entertainment
      Food Lover Entertainment Month ago +1

      100% 👍 agreed

    • Kumadori
      Kumadori Month ago +3

      Best animation? Idk about that one

    • Weliveyou
      Weliveyou 18 days ago +1

      how about Soul ??

    • Food Lover Entertainment
      Food Lover Entertainment 18 days ago

      Soul, onward, wall e , Luca, Lightyear , boss baby, Arthur Christmas, lorex and Frozen are equally brilliant and beautiful. Elemental was equally 🔥 👌 💯 ❤️ 😍

    • J.H. Sjöberg
      J.H. Sjöberg 12 days ago

      Agree with you.

  • Kayle Mathew Comendador
    Kayle Mathew Comendador 6 months ago +8341

    Loving the animation so far. The only downside I can see in this is that it looks a “forbidden relationship” & “opposites attract” type of story. And from what I’ve heard a decent amount of people online are kinda tired of those type of stories. Fortunately for me I don’t care about story tropes being overdone. What matters for me is if it’s executed well or not. Hope the movie executes it well.

    • Aim
      Aim 6 months ago +344

      Forbidden relationship is what came to mind for me as well, and I'm all for it. Can't wait to see it on the big screen!

    • Mark P.
      Mark P. 6 months ago +507

      Tropes are fine, in fact they're pretty much impossible to avoid. It's _how_ they're done that's important.

    • Mono
      Mono 6 months ago +141

      @Mark P. There's so many tropes in the world that it hard NOT to follow them in creative works

    • adobo archives
      adobo archives 6 months ago +83

      It's Pixar, you can't tell the plot without watching it. That's the quality of Pixar movies

  • //
    // 2 months ago +88

    I watched with low expectations and I loved it. Pixar with the imagery world building is always my favourite. The story was nice too, it would be even better if they make the movie longer and allow it to be more abundant

    • bigzachful
      bigzachful 2 months ago +2

      I wish the would do that with more movies. I'd like to see many movies be more around 3 hours. Fill in the details. And then that gives us something to do more entertaient

    • tate harris nerdboi
      tate harris nerdboi 29 days ago

      The movie is 109 minutes long thats long enough

  • Felicity C
    Felicity C Month ago +59

    This movie was so beautiful in many ways and it really touched my heart. I’m sad people underestimated it and didn’t give it a chance. It’s more than just a cliché love story.

    • 【 Nightbringer 】
      【 Nightbringer 】 Month ago +1

      True.. baby girl, can i have ur instagram?

    • Bud
      Bud Month ago +5

      ​@【 Nightbringer 】bro is the rizzly bear, bro has a degree in quantum rizzics, bro is the rizzard of oz.

    • WallEchess
      WallEchess Month ago

      ​@【 Nightbringer 】calm down partner

    • taha Bachiri
      taha Bachiri Month ago

      Either me! I really loved this movie

  • Torris Ali
    Torris Ali 15 days ago +1

    I really like this movie. I wish this was a theme park, I'd visit it all the time. I would buy art created by Ember in a heartbeat.

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan Month ago +21

    I really enjoyed this film. Funny, colorful and heartwarming. I love the concept of different elements ❤

  • Niojoki
    Niojoki 6 months ago +3548

    Don't get me wrong here: I love the artstyle and the choice of colour in every shot so far.
    But the story man... we've seen the typical "I have to step into the footsteps of my parents but I never wanted to or didn't realize I didn't" for like... the 50th time now. I wish big companies would not only create unqiue worlds and artstyles, but also spice up the story game a little more

    • Azor Ahai
      Azor Ahai 6 months ago +97

      ​daiyoukai01 yeah the message is very on the nose, like c'mon couldn't they had made It a bit more subtle or something

    • Chiara Parisi
      Chiara Parisi 6 months ago +9

      This is what i meannn 👏

    • astro bear
      astro bear 6 months ago +23

      hey, at least the art book is gonna absolutely rule

    • Marckus Duverger
      Marckus Duverger 6 months ago +52

      I get it but the reason we see many plotlines along the lines of these is because they reach a lot of people & can be engaging, also there are some kids that will probably be watching this movie who the concept is somewhat new to.

    • Denis
      Denis 6 months ago +50

      You have to remember that families who this targets, wants those stories. They want their children to be inspired, to do what they want. It is classic storytelling but Pixar does it well!

  • Pollo
    Pollo Month ago +14

    The trailer doesn’t do the movie justice. It’s so adorable and sweet, sad. It’s a beautiful movie.

    • Lorne Balfe
      Lorne Balfe Month ago

      Absolutely 💯 It’s a great Pixar adventure 🎉 (and a steamy love story😅)

  • entirepizza
    entirepizza Month ago +5

    loved this movie way more than I expected. I wasn't expecting anything really! my sister just dragged me along with her kids and wow I ended up really really loving this story❤

  • VRCatLady
    VRCatLady 6 days ago +3

    I didn’t expect to cry watching this movie. This animation made me emotional, amazing how a great story and believable facial expressions can bring so much life to water and fire. 😰

  • Rocco
    Rocco 3 months ago +78

    This trailer came out over two months ago and I am still in love with how Ember’s head sort of flickers out so her father can put her apron on her (0:39). It looks exactly like when you’re trying to blow out a candle.

    • RoccoDZN
      RoccoDZN 3 months ago

      we have the same name-

    • अपरिचित
      अपरिचित 3 months ago +1

      Nice observation😃

    • Rocco
      Rocco 3 months ago

      @अपरिचितThanks! It really is a particularly nice bit of animation.

    • Rocco
      Rocco 3 months ago +1

      @RoccoDZNIf they make a sequel to this film... there should be an earth character called Rocco... for the puns and for us. 🤪

    • RoccoDZN
      RoccoDZN 3 months ago +1

      @Rocco YESS

  • Little Heck
    Little Heck 6 months ago +1675

    I don’t know if this is going to be good or not, but I just love how each of the element people move. -The vibrations, jiggles, and bubbles in the water people -The cloud streaks left behind by the air people -The shifting of the leaves and grass on the earth people -The way the flames wave with the motion of the fire people I think this movie has some good potential. I just hope that its as good as it looks.

    • cartoonchick 675
      cartoonchick 675 6 months ago +16

      elemental looks gorgeous and the story sound interesting. I also find ember's voice pretty.

    • Queen Arialya 春姬 后
      Queen Arialya 春姬 后 6 months ago +2

      opinions are opinions/. opinions are based on what do we think of and not facts

    • Silly Vania
      Silly Vania 6 months ago +5


  • BookTube Kids
    BookTube Kids 4 months ago +147

    The different elements looks so amazingly beautiful that even though the story is predictable 😍

    • big b0ss
      big b0ss 3 months ago

      NPC 😴😴✋🏻✋🏻

    • DGames
      DGames 2 months ago

      ​@big b0sswhy?

    • Rare
      Rare 2 months ago +1

      every kids movie is insanely predictable

  • Inga Kit
    Inga Kit 2 months ago +5

    The movie was sososo good! I am glad I gave it a chance. One of the best movies I've seen in a while. After the trailers, I had high expectations for Barbie and pretty low for Elemental, and surprisingly this one turned out way better than I ever expected. Barbie was good; this one was amazing.

  • mainnusubs
    mainnusubs Month ago

    i watched it and ended up liking both Ember and Wade, not so much the plot because of how predictable it was but afterall enjoyed it. it was stunning to see how the animation worked in the fire and water people, really vibrant and expressive imo.

  • Karan P
    Karan P 5 days ago +1

    This movie gives so many life lessons and it's full of everything. And this movie made me cry. What a happy ending.

  • Soloxios
    Soloxios Month ago

    I hope they make a sequel sometime soon, its so good!

  • MajorEngineStudios
    MajorEngineStudios 6 months ago +1936

    This legitimately looks really cool! Pixar has not lost its touch when it comes to the visuals and animation, and they’re showing no signs of losing it anytime soon.

    • Is Swampus
      Is Swampus 6 months ago +52

      Too bad they can’t make a decent story anymore

      CS ANIMATIONS 6 months ago +39

      @Is Swampus don't assume that they cannot make a decent story anymore

    • Is Swampus
      Is Swampus 6 months ago +42

      @CS ANIMATIONS you really think a generic love story but with cartoon elements is a good story? This is like something they would spoof on South Park to make fun of how desperate and out of ideas Pixar has become

    • FoxO nerd
      FoxO nerd 6 months ago +5


    • MajorEngineStudios
      MajorEngineStudios 6 months ago +5

      @Is Swampus The way I see it, a lot of animation studios such as Pixar have a variety of strengths and weaknesses. As for Pixar, yes.. there are most definitely a few areas where a story can be worked on, but I personally think they easily make up for it with their consistently sharp visuals.

  • Sadie3095
    Sadie3095 3 months ago +8

    Me and my nephew(10) just finished watching this and we both loved it!! Story line and animation were top notch, with some lovable characters!

    • Ricky Tavilla
      Ricky Tavilla 3 months ago

      It bombed

    • Sadie3095
      Sadie3095 3 months ago

      Agreed! Embers temper makes that even more true!!

  • Nora Tokunaga
    Nora Tokunaga 3 months ago +109

    I love the movie so much! I just love the way wade just ‘melts’ for her ❤️

    • Ms.judy8
      Ms.judy8 3 months ago +1

      where did you watch it

  • Miluska Abanto
    Miluska Abanto 2 months ago +15

    I saw this movie yesterday and it was absolutely beautiful!! Totally recommend ❤

  • LumenPsycho
    LumenPsycho Month ago +9

    Officially, Pixar is owned by Disney, but their work speaks otherwise imo. Pixar stuff is always heartfelt & wonderful.

    • Teh Douglas
      Teh Douglas Month ago

      Little Dinosaur and Turning red were lame as well as Lightyear otherwise i agree

    • Андрей Никольский
      Андрей Никольский Month ago +1

      @Teh Douglas The worst Pixar movie can be called Lightyear!
      The good dinosaur came out not bad, but average.
      Turning Red it turned out to be a masterpiece! He is capable of bringing to tears.😭

  • Praise Nakang
    Praise Nakang 3 months ago +12

    Thank you so so so so so much Pixar for giving us this beautiful animation

    WHY WONT YOU SING 6 months ago +2701

    I'm honestly surprised that the message seems to be more like "Do what you want to do, get out of your elements/comfort zone." Water seems to be the troublesome one while other elements stays in their lanes. Having Wade give Ember the chance to explore her own surrounding and feelings sounds pretty cool. I also like how experimental and bouncy the animation is. High hopes for this movie

    • P
      P 6 months ago +47

      My farts are better than Pixar’s farts

    • the lumberjack King
      the lumberjack King 6 months ago +20


    • Rivin
      Rivin 6 months ago +49

      @P the Moistcritickal bots are evolving 😱

    • RosesArePink210
      RosesArePink210 6 months ago +25

      This right here! People were expecting a cliche love story but it's also doing something else while coming off like that

    • Bob
      Bob 6 months ago +7

      And it’s also very creative and is heading in a totally new direction

  • Geekly
    Geekly 3 months ago +9

    Honestly, if Pixar did more work on their own, they could be way way way more popular than Disney. Their animations, their storylines (although not this one) are just so much more unique and if they got the chance to do more of their own work it really would be revolutionary.

  • lioness
    lioness 19 days ago +1

    I liked it. It's always people overthinking everything and people just always have to ruin everything. It was a good and touching movie, good jokes, awesome animation and lovely love story.

  • Carla Carrera
    Carla Carrera 3 months ago +6

    The romance was top notch. And may be cliché but has a heart. I saw a little of myself and my dad in Amber's and his father' relationship. Beautiful movie ❤

  • Sez Den
    Sez Den 16 days ago +1

    Amazing animation in all aspects, Disney never fails 10 + !

  • Dominik
    Dominik 3 months ago +19

    I watched Elemental with my daughter and wife this weekend with high expectations because of this trailer 3 months ago.
    This was such an intense emotional journey with so much meaning.
    I am just grateful, thank you so much for this masterpiece!

  • 𝕸𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖆
    𝕸𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖆 3 months ago +46

    I watched it and absolutely loved it .its such a sweet story and definitely a must watch in theatres

  • Xenoraniumwolf
    Xenoraniumwolf 6 months ago +2400

    This is the kind of quality I expect from Disney and Pixar to make. I'm glad to finally get a movie that goes back to being imaginative with its characters and its world building. I definitely look forward to seeing Ember and Wade in the big screen come release day.

    • Mr Fish
      Mr Fish 6 months ago +51

      Honestly a breath of fresh air after the plague of remakes and sequels they’ve been pumping out. I hope this is the start to another renaissance!!! 🤞🏾

    • Xenoraniumwolf
      Xenoraniumwolf 6 months ago +25

      @Mr Fish I don't think it's the start of a new Disney Renaissance, but it's certainly a step in the right direction. I just hate that we had to sit through so much garbage just to get it.

    • Animated Chris
      Animated Chris 6 months ago +49

      I also agree this looks cool, but did you forget about Soul and Luca? Those were original films, and both were great, with Soul being one of Pixar's best films. I honestly think Lightyear and the announcement of some future films make some people forget that Pixar still has made more original films in the last few years.

    • Lindsay H
      Lindsay H 6 months ago +27

      @Mr Fish I mean they also made Soul, Luca and Turning Red in the last few years all of which were great.

    • Callnight
      Callnight 6 months ago +21

      @Mr Fish what breath of fresh air? there was soul and luca, encanto and turning red. if anything, disney and pixar have been producing absolute bangers with their animation departements

  • Becky Fountain
    Becky Fountain 2 months ago +3

    I love the creativity. The lighter fuel feeding the baby fire. The water getting sucked into the sponge. Such clever ideas. I want to see this movie, I love animation!

  • mcrain
    mcrain 3 months ago +10

    I'll be honest I had insanely low expectations especially because of all the comments but the movie surprised me and it's definitely worth a watch!

  • Happyme
    Happyme 17 days ago +1

    You gottta love all the different and unique scenes in this movie 😄❤️

  • Squishy
    Squishy 5 days ago +1

    LOVED this movie. Made me tear up several times the story was beautiful and the animation was amazing Pixar never disappoints. My only gripe is I feel like this movie definitely ruins the Pixar theory, I just cat imagine how this would fit into the timeline if anybody else does please lmk. Either way I will definitely be watching this many more times

  • Gorg
    Gorg 2 months ago +3

    I felt hesistant to go to the theatres fot it, because i thought i could also just wait for it on Disney Plus. I was really supprised when it ended up being a stunning movie both visually and plot wise. I really like the different touch the took this time.

  • David Rule
    David Rule 6 months ago +1416

    Pixar never fails to impress me with their originality. And as part of Disney's 100th anniversary celebrations, I still cannot wait to see the film.

    • 👌данЫч реакции 👌
      👌данЫч реакции 👌 6 months ago +7

      Disney Pixar is the best as always, the best

    • Greatest Grookey
      Greatest Grookey 6 months ago +25

      *cough cough* strange world *cough cough*

    • Angela
      Angela 6 months ago +66

      originality ? hmm idk it seems kinda ...generic ?
      Water boy and Fire girl
      don't let others decide who you are
      all seems very baisic to me
      at least from the trailer but I hope it will somehow suprisee me 😊

    • Cdau
      Cdau 6 months ago +14

      @Angela I agree, not really all that original tho the trailer looks good

    • Gorg
      Gorg 6 months ago +12

      ​@Angelabad guys was basic and had generic story but the twist and character made it fun

  • Chyra Zumen
    Chyra Zumen 3 months ago +34

    I watched the trailer multiple times now- and it blows me away every single time- I love it, cant wait to see the movie

    • Hot takes with pancakes
      Hot takes with pancakes 3 months ago +3

      My dude, we have seen this movie atleast 10 times already. It’s the same movie just a different skin.

    • Iker Sarabia
      Iker Sarabia 3 months ago

      Bro its the same plot just animated differently

    • Chyra Zumen
      Chyra Zumen 3 months ago +1

      @Iker Sarabia ofc the idea isnt original- but it doesnt mean it cant be good :]

    • Iker Sarabia
      Iker Sarabia 3 months ago

      @Chyra Zumen yeah it does because now everyone knows the plot and what to expect making it boring

    • Chyra Zumen
      Chyra Zumen 3 months ago +2

      @Iker Sarabia amognus

  • Mathew Vo
    Mathew Vo 3 months ago +83

    Just watched this and it was absolutely stunning visually and also story wise

  • Olivera M.
    Olivera M. 3 months ago +3

    It's awesome! We watched it today in the cinema and after a looong time a cartoon managed to blow me away! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Siegreich
    Siegreich 3 months ago +14

    I had the chance to see the Avant Premiere today and the movie was amazing! Thanks Pixar for such amazing movie ♥

  • Cassidy
    Cassidy 10 days ago

    Best movie I’ve ever watched! Desperately needs a sequel!

  • HollowDrgn
    HollowDrgn 6 months ago +885

    I might not care much for the story, but this is probably one of *if* not, the most visually pleasing and beautiful movies that Pixar has made which makes it all the more worth to watch it.

    • XSmamb0
      XSmamb0 6 months ago +52

      The story seems somewhat basic but i think thats cuz unlike most trailers it doesnt just give away the entire plot of the film. The footage weve seens prob only from the first half of the film

    • •MikA•
      •MikA• 6 months ago +8

      Yes, but I prefer Toy Story👍🏽

    • Trailerparkbubbles
      Trailerparkbubbles 6 months ago +13

      It's so dense; every single frame has so many things going on.

    • Kelly
      Kelly 6 months ago +11

      Coco would like to have a word with you! But yes, this looks beautiful.

    • Jr.
      Jr. 6 months ago +11

      @XSmamb0 oooh i really hope so! cuz right now the story just looks so bland imo

  • KMS
    KMS 3 months ago +35

    I really like Pixar's unique painting style and color. Also, I like the concept of this movie because it is very unique. I'm looking forward to Pixar's own storytelling method. And I wonder what lessons are there and what contents are there. So I'm looking forward to this summer thanks to this movie.

    • sjow
      sjow 3 months ago +3


    • N G
      N G 3 months ago +1


  • Steele Family
    Steele Family 16 days ago

    Way better than I was expecting. We loved it

  • Alina Wing
    Alina Wing 2 months ago +2

    I laughed and cried so much during this movie, I took it to my heart , it makes me believe in love again 😭😭😭😭

  • ツZEFIX
    ツZEFIX Month ago +4

    thought this movie was gonna be “okay” but after watching the movie I love this movie🫡

  • Fero
    Fero Month ago +1

    I just saw this movie. Honestly I’ve seen this plot plenty of times, but Jesus Christ it’s so visually stunning I’m fascinated with it

  • Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau

    This isn't on the same level of quality as Pixar on their peak days but it is still charming and lovely.
    And I couldn't be more happy that it recovered at the box office after that weak opening weekend and amid Pixar's box office woes.

  • The Night Ranger
    The Night Ranger 5 months ago +5937

    I don’t think I’m 100% sold on the story, but the animation and the creative ways these characters interact with the world will still be worth it for sure

    • CleverGirlAAH
      CleverGirlAAH 5 months ago +260

      It's a Disney Short premise stretched to feature length. That's what you're sensing. Yeah it'll be a fine movie. But will quickly fall into obscurity.

    • Fr1bble
      Fr1bble 5 months ago +42

      i think its similar to Romeo and Juliet

    • The Girl Who Explored
      The Girl Who Explored 5 months ago +44

      @Fr1bble - I thought the same; very Romeo & Juliet vibes with the star-crossed lovers story.

    • Carson Lujan
      Carson Lujan 5 months ago +78

      I’ll just watch it for the visual. Don’t see the plot being its strongest front since how simple it is imo. Basically an elemental Romeo and Juliet.

    • The Return of the Why boner
      The Return of the Why boner 5 months ago +33

      Its the same story told through a different lense. Its the lover from different social circles, sides of the track, race, political ideologies, religions, regions, esc its all the same its literally never changed in hundreds of years except how its portrayed in the cultural importance of the time it was made think dirty dancing versus Romeo and juliet two stories both the same one took alot from the other but the cultural stigmas were way different for the times.

  • Doodle_PoodleYT
    Doodle_PoodleYT 4 months ago +3

    The Characters are so cleany created and animated! I haven't watched this yet but I can already tell its going too be a blockbuster!

  • mugiwaranoluffy0
    mugiwaranoluffy0 3 months ago +44

    I don't get why this got so much hate. Is it the best they've ever done? No, but it was sweet and funny and gave a good message in an enjoyable way for both kids and adults.

    • Bro I am literally a frog
      Bro I am literally a frog 3 months ago +3

      ​@Ricky TavillaDid you see the movie, or are you just vomiting whatever words you saw from a critic online?
      There wasn't any sort of minority representation in this at all, barring an immigrant subplot. There wasn't an agenda being pushed. If you didn't go on social media, you wouldn't even realize there was supposed to be a genderfluid character in the film at all.

    • Bro I am literally a frog
      Bro I am literally a frog 3 months ago

      ​@NoxYou're under the age of 18 and played the ussr anthem at full volume in the back of the schoolbus at least once.

  • Steven Fernandez
    Steven Fernandez Month ago +1

    Elemental is going to be a good movie and I can’t wait for it to be on Disney+

  • Jewel Thompson
    Jewel Thompson 2 months ago +3

    Just saw it! One of the coolest animated films ever.

  • tysoon363636
    tysoon363636 Month ago +6

    This movie is 100,000 times better than Barbie and Oppenheimer combined.

  • millions of marks
    millions of marks 6 months ago +2726

    Every time there's a new movie trailer from Pixar, my inner child will come out and be leaping for joy. Every single time! Oh, it's so good to feel like a child again.

    • Kai Kai
      Kai Kai  6 months ago +15


    • Kagome Fox
      Kagome Fox 6 months ago +12

      I agree!!

    • Diolline Branderson
      Diolline Branderson 6 months ago +12

      When wade said " you can be who you wanna be" and ember chooses to be Michael Jai White is such a powerful moment

    • Tony Mata
      Tony Mata 6 months ago +4

      Took the exact words right out of my mouth, it’s the reason why I still love animated movies especially anime.

    • Charlie Action!
      Charlie Action! 6 months ago +12


  • Love Quinn
    Love Quinn 2 days ago

    i shed a tear 😭😭😭 the love is wholesome, wade being transparent of his personality and love. ember and wade’s comparability even if they’re completely opposite 😭 i love this movie 😭😭

  • André Gamborino
    André Gamborino 3 months ago +7

    I love it! It was a very very beautiful movie

  • rJohnnyyy
    rJohnnyyy 14 days ago +1

    Just watched it from Disney+. Cant wait for Elemental 2. This is such a good movie 💕

    • Dana Richman
      Dana Richman 8 days ago

      HOPEFULLY there is a Elemental 2........

  • Ryana A.M.N.
    Ryana A.M.N. Month ago +7

    When the adults said it's a children's movie, I replied "Ain't we all kids before?" 😜It's all about the creativity that made a movie come into a sense where everything have to work together in order to build a better world and this story tells it all. Recommended movie to watch by all generations. It's not just an animation but it's about morality.

  • Jim Myl
    Jim Myl 3 months ago +12

    This movie was adorable and very well written, not sure why it didn’t do well at the box office, I guess only Marvel movies regardless of how they are written seem to do well

    • OkHi
      OkHi 3 months ago +2

      Antman 3 didn't do well. Most of the recent Disney movies haven't been doing well.

    • Wa͟l̀ho͞r
      Wa͟l̀ho͞r 3 months ago +7

      People have grown tired of Disney's antics. And they also did horrible marketing for this one

    • Noodle DaJuice
      Noodle DaJuice 3 months ago +3

      Wokeness has destroyed movies. This could be totally innocent and well written and because of the nature of society and politics nothing can be safe.

    • Frank Reynolds
      Frank Reynolds 2 months ago

      @Noodle DaJuice Good thing this movie having redemption arc.

    • Noodle DaJuice
      Noodle DaJuice 2 months ago +1

      @frankreynolds9930 who cares. There is a 20 second long cartoon kiss that was not needed at all. Like I said, the innocence is gone. Everything in the movie was guessable before it happened.

  • TheCyanPanda
    TheCyanPanda 6 months ago +2620

    The thing that I'm most excited about is the fact that all of the elements interact really well in their world, like water always wanting to be near, well, water. Fire changing color by touching the crystals is also amazing!

  • Andrea Corona
    Andrea Corona 2 months ago +9

    La acabo de ver y está hermosa! Me encantó muchísimo ❤💙

  • Rômulo Santos
    Rômulo Santos 2 months ago

    Such a great movie! My favorite Ive seen in theaters this year.

  • Ashish Karki
    Ashish Karki Month ago

    What a beautiful movie... How do they come with such beautiful ideas.... Sometimes as a human it makes me mesmerized by the human creation ❣️

  • kitpup_
    kitpup_ 3 months ago +22

    I love how instead of Ember and the other fire elements dont wear normal clothes as that would be unrealistic and instead wearing chainmail. Nice job, Pixar.

  • Emil Avetisyan
    Emil Avetisyan Month ago +8

    One of the best movies I have ever seen

  • Scorpionstrike7
    Scorpionstrike7 6 months ago +859

    I don’t know if this is going to be good or not, but I just love how each of the element people move.
    -The vibrations, jiggles, and bubbles in the water people
    -The cloud streaks left behind by the air people
    -The shifting of the leaves and grass on the earth people
    -The way the flames wave with the motion of the fire people
    I think this movie has some good potential. I just hope that its as good as it looks.

    • P
      P 6 months ago +4

      My farts are better than Pixar’s farts

    • moonie
      moonie 6 months ago

      ​@P lol

    • DarkSky Noir
      DarkSky Noir 6 months ago

      The water jiggle makes me dizzy

  • Robyn Lee
    Robyn Lee 3 months ago +4

    i loved it because of how cheesy and cliche it is! simple and sweet ❤️ great movie

  • BynJei
    BynJei 2 months ago +7

    I did not expect this movie to be the way it was. I thought it was just going to be a cheesy story with animations that carry the movie. I couldn’t have been more wrong. After watching it, I give it a 10/10 in my honest opinion. I loved the story, it wasn’t too short, nor was it too long. I never found myself yawning or bored. I was always engaged and entertained and surprisingly, emotional. I loved it🫶

    • Dana Richman
      Dana Richman 8 days ago

      So glad you loved it!! Wasn't Wade an absolute sweetheart? The picture of what every guy should be? Heck he gave his LIFE for Ember!!! I have already preordered the DVD....comes out in a couple of days......this movie is too precious not to own

  • Michael Kenechukwu
    Michael Kenechukwu Month ago +3

    Oh my goodness, Disney are soooo good in ultra extreme graphics when it comes to 3D animations
    This is a total work of art, wow they even animated the hardest elements to animate 3 dimentionaly into real beings . This should be lots of work and efforts , Disney still remains the best🎉🎉🎉

  • creamy eunny
    creamy eunny 2 months ago +4

    Crying so much 😢 such a incredible movie.

  • 하이hb
    하이hb 2 months ago

    특정한 문화,인종,성정체성,종교등을 노골적으로 드러내고 주입시키는 것이아니라 사람 자체에 초점을 맞춰서 다같이 공존하며 사는 모습을 보여줘서 특정한 집단이나 사람들만이 공감하는것이 아니라 사람으로서 모두가 공감할 수 있는 영화라 좋은듯

  • Rare
    Rare 2 months ago

    wow what an incredible plot, such a captivating storyline! never saw that coming!!!!!!!!!!

  • QittiKat
    QittiKat 6 months ago +4470

    I don’t care what anyone says, the art style is phenomenal and the animation that goes with it is stunning. I can’t wait to see it!

    • Swahili World 🇹🇿
      Swahili World 🇹🇿 6 months ago +12

      this is copycat from atla idea tho

    • Naette Ngu
      Naette Ngu 6 months ago +93

      ​@Swahili World 🇹🇿 So because ATLA exists, no one should ever make stories with elements ever again? 🙄

    • berny
      berny 6 months ago +35

      ​@Naette Ngu fr ppls concept of what is truly copied is weird

    • The unknown tomatoe
      The unknown tomatoe 6 months ago +47

      ​@Swahili World 🇹🇿 🤦‍♂️ ATLA does not own the elements

    • Kitty Kute Buns
      Kitty Kute Buns 6 months ago +17

      ok am I the only one who thinks the animation is total trash then???

  • Jason Lavallée
    Jason Lavallée 3 months ago +3

    Pixar used to be the ones to push the boundaries of cg animation. Those days are over. Almost every studio can do what they do (sometimes better.) What would really catch peoples attention is if they decided to move to 2D animation with cg elements incorporated for the backgrounds or vehicles. If they released a movie that looked like Klaus, I would truly be on board. And, since 2D animation is so much more time consuming, expensive, and hard to change later, maybe they would add less fluff and spend more time tightening up the story, so they can get it right. Just a thought.

  • Melan P
    Melan P Month ago +4

    I'm 40 and this is one of the best movies i've watched in a while.

  • Desi
    Desi Month ago +2

    I absolutely loved this movie!!

  • Jef Pascal
    Jef Pascal 3 months ago +4

    Visual is Spectacular.❤
    Concept is great but not complex enough to make viewer more curious.
    In my opinion; the vibe of the story is so light and main character being too much happy go lucky.
    I love to watch Pixar movies where we would see the protagonist really struggles a lot and shows deep emotion.
    Those struggles makes us care about the main characters and make the movie more relatable to us to point that make us curious how they can succeed in their journey.

    • //
      // 2 months ago

      True. They could’ve worked more on the building and explanation of the feelings of character. Everything just happened too fast for me to absorb and grow an empathy for the characters. When I started caring about the characters and feeling touched, the movie ends lol.

  • Mitzy Lamb
    Mitzy Lamb 2 months ago

    La ame mucho ❤❤❤❤❤

  • HabitualJoker
    HabitualJoker 6 months ago +732

    “You can’t be together, you are different!” is obviously the message they are wishing to tear down in this movie. Looks very visually striking.

    • Nick Pancakes
      Nick Pancakes 6 months ago +137

      kinda wish they chose a message that hasn't been done thousands of times before... hopefully they're gonna do something to shake it up. If that's really the moral of the story, I watched the trailer and already saw everything I needed to see

    • HabitualJoker
      HabitualJoker 6 months ago +27

      @Nick Pancakes yep, my thoughts exactly

    • Lindsay H
      Lindsay H 6 months ago +79

      It kind of looks like it has a heavy side helping of "you don't have to be who your parents want you to be if you have other goals" to it as well.

    • L'Chaim Shekelgold
      L'Chaim Shekelgold 6 months ago +35

      Interesting how these movies have no villains besides the parents

    • LimeYell0w
      LimeYell0w 6 months ago +31

      i feel like in this story, the message doesnt really work because we're shown that these elements interacting *can* hurt them. theyre being separated *for a reason*

  • icedcoffee b
    icedcoffee b Month ago +2

    i JUST watched it, i have been waiting for SO long to! I LOVED it so much, it was so beautiful! Definitely worth the wait! Amazing movie!

  • Jah Archivido
    Jah Archivido Month ago +5

    I'm crying watching this, it's so beautiful 🥺 I'm so touched by this movie.

    • Андрей Никольский
      Андрей Никольский Month ago +1

      I had low expectations for this movie!
      After watching it, I completely changed my mind.
      This is one of the best films of 2023!❤😭

  • Jeffrey Singh
    Jeffrey Singh 7 days ago +2

    Don't let the jumpy trailer mislead you, this is actually an emotionally profound movie. Watch it with the family or just with your lover, it touches on heavy subject matter in a light Pixar way and will have you swooning over the stunning animation. I think the critics' ratings are only above average, because many people are a too conservative to really get the message. You will laugh, you will tear up, you will thank me later.