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Hermitcraft 9 Episode 7: 20,000 GLASS BLOCK STORM!

  • Published on Dec 1, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • GoodTimesWithScar
    GoodTimesWithScar  7 months ago +1445

    Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy the video!
    My Links and stuff:
    * Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=21298347
    * Twitter: twitter.com/#!/GTWScar
    * Twitch: www.twitch.tv/goodtimeswithscar
    * Instagram: instagram.com/goodtimeswithscar
    *TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@goodtokswithscar

      PST YEMI OYENIYI 3 months ago

      Scar cub is stealing your stuff

    • Silvestro Lamb
      Silvestro Lamb 7 months ago

      @shadow ostrich no prob. anything to welp a guy out

    • shadow ostrich
      shadow ostrich 7 months ago

      @Silvestro Lamb thanks bro

    • hunter master
      hunter master 7 months ago

      you shoiuld add like an iceburg at the front and have the boat like it crashed into it and it has been there for a really long time

    • Leslie RODRIGUEZ
      Leslie RODRIGUEZ 7 months ago


  • PixelPalettes
    PixelPalettes 7 months ago +5199

    Scar caring more about his friends finding his eggs and laughing rather than winning is really wholesome

    • Lexist Cipher
      Lexist Cipher Month ago

      Scar is really wholesome

    • WanderingWolfe
      WanderingWolfe 7 months ago +1

      "You're a good man, Scarlie Brown."

    • Ludociel
      Ludociel 7 months ago +1

      that's why he's called, "good times with scar" =]

    • Faical Lehanine
      Faical Lehanine 7 months ago

      That's hermitcraft baby

    • Daniel Andree
      Daniel Andree 7 months ago

      @Megan if it’s in the base and accessible it’s fair game. If it’s somewhere that’s not checked often is a good hiding spot, as long as it’s in their actual base and an accessible spot (not just a hole dug in their base then the blocks being replaced) it’s A okay.

  • Matt Dusz
    Matt Dusz 7 months ago +237

    This was honestly one of the coolest "super fast build modes" you've done - it legit looked like you were painting with the different shades of glass.

  • MaddyGeezKneez
    MaddyGeezKneez 7 months ago +301

    8:17 I love Jellie so much, that cute little interaction made my day 🥰

    • Jenna isela
      Jenna isela 7 months ago +8

      Same i thought it was my cat when i first heard it and then i found out it was jellie and it was soooo cute😭

  • Aaron Conway-Smyth
    Aaron Conway-Smyth 7 months ago +108

    I love how everyone just thinks the eggs look adorable when being worn.

  • Phil Spaghet
    Phil Spaghet 7 months ago +51

    I love the rust! As for the scaling issue that you pointed out, why not try using steps or slabs and less standard blocks to make the rust details more detailed for a smaller space? That might help keep the rust SMALL. Plus also when rust is corrosive enough, the rust warps the surface around it and cracks and breaks apart the metal. stairs would be perfect for that!

  • Bekuti
    Bekuti 7 months ago +1790

    I love how literally everybody’s first instinct is to put the eggs on their head.

  • Jack B 🇺🇦
    Jack B 🇺🇦 7 months ago +28

    The rust is a great addition, on top of looking great, it also makes the detail of seaweed on the anchor fit in better!

  • Joseph Rosnik
    Joseph Rosnik 7 months ago +13

    I know I'm late, but Scar, I am amazed how you can keep a positive spirit through all the difficulty life has thrown at you! Keep it up man and you will always have our support! 🙂💪

  • Claire Southernbelle
    Claire Southernbelle 7 months ago +4

    I love seeing Cub and Scar together. Reminds me of the ConCorp days. ❤️

  • azurian.defiant
    azurian.defiant 6 months ago +3

    I am absolutely loving this storm cloud, it's gorgeous and enormous. however I was super surprised that the white perimeter around the lake wasn't made into a rollercoaster because it's almost the perfect shape for it. however that cloud is phenomenal.

  • MV
    MV 7 months ago +1968

    take breaks whenever u need, Scar! health and family is most important! we’ll always be here waiting for u😌

  • P Ch
    P Ch 7 months ago +3

    Honestly, I love how you build in minecraft and the way that the cloud actually looks good!
    BTW I think that maby if you made the emeralds almost spill out of the containers then that could look pretty cool

  • Tara Zamba
    Tara Zamba 3 months ago +1

    The amount of panic in Scar’s voice when he couldn’t find the box that contained his eggs 😂 bless his heart

  • Scott Shaffer
    Scott Shaffer 7 months ago +1

    I'm blown away, again. Your builds are amazing. I'd love to see a variety in color for the cargo containers though

  • Taracinablue
    Taracinablue 7 months ago +1

    The hurricane looks amazing! Love that it's puffy & serene on top, while dark and ominous below.

  • HiddeW
    HiddeW 7 months ago +981

    whatever you do with the diamond tower, make sure the diamonds dont despawn when you mine the tower down

    • Daniel Mandy
      Daniel Mandy 7 months ago

      @Ven yeah a bunch of hoppers and hes good

    • Djohns821
      Djohns821 7 months ago

      @Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa ??? i mean i agree, but theres a chance they could still fly off the side imo

    • Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa
      Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa 7 months ago

      I think if you stand in between the 4 blocks and just dig down it should go straight to your inventory

    • Djohns821
      Djohns821 7 months ago +3

      @Sabryna Ahmed dude Scar literally asked "what should i do, put in the comments down below, tear it down or build it up" XD dont be hatin

    • BobTheBox
      BobTheBox 7 months ago

      *If you mine the tower down

  • Olov Stener
    Olov Stener 2 months ago

    Catching up some Hermitcraft and this episode made me feel so good. Thank you Scar for always bringing joy and smiles into our lifes when we need it the most! Now, of to the next episode :)

  • Sho Cast
    Sho Cast 7 months ago

    The eye of the storm looks awesome! I do hope you go back and add lightning because that would be awesome! A tornado would be a cool addition, as well. I think the weathering on the boat looks awesome and adds more depth to the boat. Great job, Scar! So genuine of a person! You’d rather see your friends get a laugh than win the egg hunt. 💕

  • cXtotheXj
    cXtotheXj 7 months ago +1

    OMG that's amazing! Glad to hear you got to spend time with family and your brother!

  • Alex Chase
    Alex Chase 7 months ago +1

    Hope you had a good time with you family and glad to hear you got to see your brother, recently got to see my siblings again for the first time in a while and it was really nice. Love the vid ❤️

  • Aiden Rivera
    Aiden Rivera 7 months ago +871

    For the Diamond Pillar, break one layer every time you make a silly mistake (and/or die) while playing but try to get it to build height by the end of the season. 😂

  • ImagineThis!
    ImagineThis! 3 months ago

    The cloud looks awesome!!!! I dunno how feasible it’d be for the layers, and it’d probably be too dark a shade for the storm, but what if you added tinted glass at parts of the storm so that it adds a darker, more overcast feel to it all-? Overall it looks awesome and I love seeing it in other hermits views too!!!!!

  • Samuel Nesmejanow
    Samuel Nesmejanow 7 months ago +1

    Rusting looks great! The containers feel a bit too big but 🤔 honestly, the whole build is awesome anyway

  • Steven Cordes
    Steven Cordes 7 months ago

    That's storm cloud looks amazing and could also work as a portal that opened in the sky

  • Underplayer
    Underplayer 7 months ago

    Love all of your content and I am so happy that your finally spending time with your family

  • Toastedbread
    Toastedbread 7 months ago +913

    I absolutely love how every single hermit arrived at the same interaction with the eggs : puting it on their head.

  • Clockwork Kirlia
    Clockwork Kirlia 7 months ago

    What a lovely episode! I absolutely love the Easter shenanigans going around, and that build is brilliant!

  • Brenda Nevaneeth
    Brenda Nevaneeth 7 months ago

    Hey scar, we love and appreciate what you do, that's all :)

  • Ezra Cansler
    Ezra Cansler 7 months ago

    Love it scar. Your always hard on yourself about your builds but, their just great! Even with the render distance problems it looks great. 👍

  • Lainie
    Lainie 7 months ago

    Wow! That hurricane must’ve taken you forever! I applaud you for all the time you invested into this! I’m also glad that you put your family and friends before hermitcraft.

  • Not Quite Human
    Not Quite Human 7 months ago +847

    Someone should do a compilation of all the hermits reactions to wearing their eggs, to show Jevin. He should see how much they love his work

    • Not Quite Human
      Not Quite Human 7 months ago +17

      @Uniwolf gamer fair enough. Still, it was his idea to do the event and think it might bring him a smile to see how much everyone's enjoyed them! Everyone seems to love them.

    • Emma Parkin
      Emma Parkin 7 months ago +17

      I will suggest it to Hermitcraft snippets!

    • Uniwolf gamer
      Uniwolf gamer 7 months ago +35

      He commissioned for it actually, bet the artist wouldn't mind that complication tho.

  • etrun 3
    etrun 3 7 months ago

    Build it up! Great episode as always! Glad you're doing at least somewhat better, here's hoping things only improve!

  • MythicalCow
    MythicalCow 7 months ago +1

    This build it absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • Jurrrr
    Jurrrr 7 months ago +3

    I'm not even abble to speak, I have no words for how incredibaly cool the cloud looks♥️ thanks for al the great work you always put in your vid's your the best hermit!!!

  • Brynn Alten
    Brynn Alten 7 months ago

    The storm is amazing! I love the whole build, from the ship to the storm it looks so life like.

  • BulbaChomp Trainer
    BulbaChomp Trainer 7 months ago +891

    I’m really proud of all the Hermits this season. They’re having fun and they’re taking breaks. It’s the season of Hermits taking care of themselves and making a point of not overworking themselves.

    • Kalimier
      Kalimier 7 months ago

      I also feel like it makes for way more genuine episodes where they are clearly not as worn out.

    • Elotron
      Elotron 7 months ago +7

      we don’t want them to get burned out

    • Stephen Viele
      Stephen Viele 7 months ago +15

      Another aspect I really enjoy this season is that the whole market system has kind of fallen off a bit and in its place, the hermits have decided to just help each other out instead. Gives a very friendly and healthy community vibe. I wish the real world would take some notes lol.

    • Guerilla Grue Plays
      Guerilla Grue Plays 7 months ago +18

      Agreed. It seems like season 8 was a nightmare for all of them due to the different things they were attempting and the timetable they gave themselves for it.
      Seeing them just have fun with things and, more to the point, focus on having fun *together* without worrying about rushing into building this or completing that is wonderful.

    • LostColtmusic
      LostColtmusic 7 months ago +25

      I’m hopeful that they are all taking care of themselves. Have seen many content producers (hermitcrafters, but also wadzee and a few others) describe being burned our after producing so much content the past 2 years and being under extra scrutiny with more eyeballs on their feeds during the pandemic. As one of those many newer viewers who discovered hermitcraft during the lockdown, sending all my appreciation to Scar and to everyone who has given us so much fun and joy 👍👍

  • Josie Young
    Josie Young 7 months ago

    That hurricane looks wicked cool! Great job on the builds!

  • Joe The Juggalo
    Joe The Juggalo 7 months ago

    The hurricane build looks awesome Scar and I'm laughing hard looking at your egg hiding spots.

  • João Pedro Serra
    João Pedro Serra 7 months ago

    Would be really cool to see some of the containers as other drops from the farm, like glowstone or redstone. I think it'd make the build pop so much more

  • kalina morales
    kalina morales 5 months ago +1

    I thinks it's great that the hermits who saw the cloud didn't just lie and were being honest and saying how it didn't look great due to the rendering. Shows that they truly care about each other's builds !!!

  • Brain Power
    Brain Power 7 months ago +1866

    Scar’s mini figure looks like a garden gnome I think it would be cool to decorate surroundings of his tree with little creatures like elves, gnomes etc

    • Rogue Wolf
      Rogue Wolf 7 months ago +1

      YES!! And Doc showed the command to turn carved pumpkins into the little egg figures in his video so after the egg hunt Scar could make more of them to decorate with!! I think it would be so fun if he included them all in and around his tree base but didn’t show himself placing them. So that way we just randomly spot them in future videos peeking out from various funny spots.😂 I hope he either sees Doc’s video or asks him the command to make them bc I *REALLY* want to see these adorable little egg shaped hermit figures around for the rest of the season!!

    • Da Shadow Girl
      Da Shadow Girl 7 months ago

      @Shelbon - Shrimp I like both Equally tbh
      But I’ll prefer different things on different days

    • Shelbon - Shrimp
      Shelbon - Shrimp 7 months ago

      @Da Shadow Girl Yeah but WAFFLES are better

    • Da Shadow Girl
      Da Shadow Girl 7 months ago

      @Shelbon - Shrimp crumpets are sooo *NICE*
      Haven’t had them for ages though it’s really sad :,(

    • blackswan4ever
      blackswan4ever 7 months ago +1

      @Brain Power im a native speaker and I don't even know why (American here)

  • AstroJade
    AstroJade 7 months ago

    That storm build looks jaw dropping and spectacular man.
    Spectular build as always Scar.

  • Mikl Pis
    Mikl Pis 7 months ago

    You are just mind-blowingly amazing, Scar! That sky and ship is just so freaking awesome! 😍🤘

  • Majokari
    Majokari 7 months ago

    Keep building the tower! Also you’ve now conditioned me to yawn when I see that bed. Thanks Scar. 🤣

  • nfrontier78
    nfrontier78 7 months ago

    Scarrrr, that is one epic thundercloud! I love how you use the layering of the glass, this is art, not play!

  • Boaz Burger
    Boaz Burger 7 months ago +230

    scar built an amazing, giant storm made of thousands blocks of glass, makes an already amazing ship look even better, saw his brother for the first time in years, and he still says sorry for not building even more. You are so amazing, and i know everyone reading this will agree with me

    • ARgamer
      ARgamer 7 months ago +3

      @Roasted Yam Yea :D

    • Roasted Yam
      Roasted Yam 7 months ago +4

      @ARgamer Trolls troll just for it, and it's awful. But there are genuine people who are epic and DO care and that kinda makes up for it

    • ARgamer
      ARgamer 7 months ago +4

      You don't know for sure, some people watch purely for reasons to troll :(

  • Kaydubs20
    Kaydubs20 7 months ago

    Absolutely love the storm! Even if you leave it as is it is still cool.
    And I think I prefer it without the "rust" effect.

  • TTVChrisP_Bacon646
    TTVChrisP_Bacon646 7 months ago

    Personally, the rust ages the ship and makes it seem more used and old, gives the ship much more character

  • Elizabeth Edeus
    Elizabeth Edeus 7 months ago

    omg that is literally aMAZin. scar is so talented and the fact he was saying sorry for not doing more??? so wholesome :)

  • Chase3260
    Chase3260 7 months ago

    I love Love LOVE your hurricane 🌀💕 As a storm lover, I can say this is my favorite episode of this season!!

  • Timothy Bradfute
    Timothy Bradfute 7 months ago +808

    I swear, Scar is a complete madman. He built a whole hurricane to hide a raid farm. It looks amazing, hope they fix the bug. Love your work.

  • Rand Willis
    Rand Willis 7 months ago

    I'm so happy we got to be blessed with Jelly's meow this episode!

  • Tania Phillips
    Tania Phillips 7 months ago

    Oh my goodness the glass storm is amazing, so stormy!

  • MeBeQuack
    MeBeQuack 7 months ago

    NOTE: in the left side of the storm you have left one block of dirt, that might potentially cause havoc in future episodes, because it might grant spawns on the dirt block.

  • Super z 129 Duck face
    Super z 129 Duck face 7 months ago

    Hey scar, maybe on the ship you could add even more of an age effect. You could add glow berry vines for an Algie affect with some moss, it would make it look reallllyyy cool

  • Bekahoot
    Bekahoot 7 months ago +805

    "A laugh is worth far more than a diamond!"
    Words to live by.

    • Ligmaㅤ ㅤ
      Ligmaㅤ ㅤ 7 months ago

      @Ithilrae its called a quote for a reason

    • Ithilrae
      Ithilrae 7 months ago

      Iskall said the same thing

    • Hexnetic
      Hexnetic 7 months ago +1

      There’s about one person I’d rather make laugh than get a diamond💀

    • FangtheFox Animator
      FangtheFox Animator 7 months ago +4

      cheers to that

  • Garfildiana
    Garfildiana 7 months ago +1

    Love your vids and the build looks really beautiful ❤️❤️😊


    Wow every scar video is such an inspiration , a joy and really just great enterteriment

  • Blue Moon
    Blue Moon 7 months ago

    Scar, you're Amazing!! Absolutely Amazing!!!🥰

  • Yong Lin
    Yong Lin 7 months ago

    I feel like adding end rods (in the lightning) to light it up at night would look cool :)

  • Chappieindahaus
    Chappieindahaus 7 months ago +620

    Maybe when you're done building the lightning, attach lightning rods to the cloud to attract in game lightning during thunder storms!

    • Avyn
      Avyn 7 months ago +7


    • Andy White
      Andy White 7 months ago +18

      This! Such a great idea, use the new game mechanics to your advantage Scar!!

  • Nekofuzz
    Nekofuzz 7 months ago +1

    I love that glass block storm you made :D

  • RainedRoses
    RainedRoses 7 months ago

    I can never get over Scar’s creativity and building skills

  • Ren Ethos
    Ren Ethos 7 months ago +1

    Great video! Keep up the great work and please don't burn yourself out!!! Now per your request to comment, I say keep adding to the diamonds and to add the rust on the ship on both sides!

  • Luova Lola
    Luova Lola 7 months ago

    i love the rust but i really feel like having it be a bit more orange/yellow would sell the look of rust better. OR even some more oxidized copper if you want to go the blue rout of general ship wear

  • Populon993
    Populon993 7 months ago +285

    For the diamond tower:
    Keep it. Only shave layers off, when you need the diamonds. While we're at it, maybe build something around it like a small shrine for the "holy 'self-growing' tower of wealth". With a message for other hermits along the lines of "whoever touches the tower, will be cursed with eternal misery".
    Would be kinda funny to have this giant open-air purse right beside the vault of mumbo, which supposedly noone will ever know, what riches it contains.

  • Tania Phillips
    Tania Phillips 7 months ago

    BUILD IT UP! It'll make a great finale seeing how many you get at the end :D

  • Evan PB
    Evan PB 7 months ago

    Hey Scar, sorry to hear about the tough family stuff, hope whatever it is that you're ok!

  • sam letcher
    sam letcher 5 months ago

    its clear how much effect you put into these videos nice job!

  • Space Kid
    Space Kid 7 months ago

    The cloud looks AWESOME

  • Striped Socks
    Striped Socks 7 months ago

    I think having a huge tower of diamonds would be super cool! Sometime you could make a mini game where they can win that maybe

  • Phlucious
    Phlucious 7 months ago

    Idea for the boat… maybe instead of adding rust you could do barnacle textures above the waterline like with diorite, a little amethyst, etc.

  • Stalli Anna
    Stalli Anna 7 months ago

    I live on the East coast so I've seen my fair share of hurricanes and this was absolutely amazing. The whole build is stunning. I hope the bug is fixed seen as well. Keep the rust. You inspire my builds. And finally, I had a lot of fun with you when you hid the eggs. Can't wait for the next episode ❤

  • Luis Felipe Abad Guzmán

    Just the title of the episode is insane. Then I remember It's a Scar video and I become blank for a moment trying to process: did Scar do all that by hand? Yes, yes he did.

  • TheFansOfFiction
    TheFansOfFiction 7 months ago +418

    Scar: *starts, plans, outlines, and builds the foundation of a massive, amazing, beautiful project all in one episode*
    Also Scar: "I'm sorry I didn't finish the details this episode."
    That was more than impressive, you don't have to complete every project in one sitting

    • Games with Hyak
      Games with Hyak 7 months ago +9

      Legit this was my Exact reaction! The creativity on Hermitcraft is just so inspiring

  • lola james
    lola james 7 months ago

    The hurricane cloud looks absolutely stunning.

  • Ginnie Gill
    Ginnie Gill 7 months ago +1

    I prefer the rust on the ship :)
    It adds ✨character✨

  • Gaming & Stuff do be Gaming & Stuff

    I love the rust there as is makes sense with it being damaged by the storm

  • Jordz xD
    Jordz xD 7 months ago

    Scar your builds are actually insane! So much creativity and skill

  • Atlas
    Atlas 7 months ago +155

    I love how every hermits' reaction to iJevin's custom models eggs are in order :
    1) "Omg this is so cute !"
    2) *puts it on their head*
    3) "That's adorable, can I keep one ?"
    ...Every. Single. Time.
    Love when hermits share a single (wholesome) braincell xD !

  • Hootlyy
    Hootlyy 7 months ago +1

    I love how every build scar does has a storyline to it, it makes the builds so much better and so magical

  • Jonothan Adams
    Jonothan Adams 7 months ago

    So glad you got to see your brother Scar! Please don't stop putting you and your family first.

  • Edward Davis
    Edward Davis 7 months ago

    rust is good, but I think seeing some green "moss" or barnacles would be amazing

  • Dana Cook
    Dana Cook 7 months ago

    it would be cool if there were some cargo containers flying in the air above the ship

  • Blaz Ermenc
    Blaz Ermenc 7 months ago +704

    Scar: "The rarest block in the game stone diamond ore!"
    Deepslate coal in his chest: "Am I a joke to you?"

    • bread
      bread 7 months ago

      @Ocyth yeah it's like one in every 40 something quadrillion camman_18 made a video on it

    • TechWizGames
      TechWizGames 7 months ago

      @Athora Shadow The way it is coded to spawn means it shouldn’t collide with Deepslate

    • Athora Shadow
      Athora Shadow 7 months ago +1

      @TechWizGames it spawn when a coal vein spawns at the edge of deepslate

    • TechWizGames
      TechWizGames 7 months ago +1

      @Stim Deepslate Coal is not meant to generate in Minecraft 1.18, so if somebody finds it it is obviously a glitch

    • Ocyth
      Ocyth 7 months ago +1

      @Benjamin Anderson That only works if you calculate it in a really flawed way, cause compared to the average time you'd have to spend to find for example the glitched spawner I talked about getting a dragon egg is nothing.
      But sure if you wanna measure it in chunks per block yeah I'd say the dragon egg is rarer, not sure though but probably

  • Someone
    Someone 7 months ago

    Build it up :)
    By the way, everything about that ship looks absolutely amazing

  • steve s
    steve s 7 months ago

    I say build it up, but you'll need to come down a few times when you start mining so they don't despawn.

  • Sabryna Ahmed
    Sabryna Ahmed 7 months ago +1

    Build diamond tower up to height limit and then tear it down! Sorry for the bug issue with the cloud I hope mojang fixes it soon. Also congratulations on meeting your brother best of luck mate!

  • Nyx Sage
    Nyx Sage 5 months ago

    Scar you are an absolute madman, that storm is AMAZING

  • CoralreefCalamity
    CoralreefCalamity 7 months ago +262

    Sad to see the hurricane getting hit with rendering issues when using a higher render distance, however I will say that the forced low render distance to keep it proper actually really fits the build in terms of the fog that then covers the surrounding area

    • Snow
      Snow 7 months ago +3


    • VOC
      VOC 7 months ago +6

      Yea I also wanted to say that.

  • J.C.Dreamer
    J.C.Dreamer 7 months ago

    Scar, you´re a madman! And I love it!
    This build is INCREDIBLE!! I love the story you´re making behind the ship and the cloud.. I also like the ship with the rust, it looks great with it :D

  • 良卿0707
    良卿0707 7 months ago

    I think you just made the episode more fantastic because of you truly enjoy Minecraft itself :D

  • Ari Sudikoff
    Ari Sudikoff 7 months ago +1

    Hey Scar, this is probably a pain to do but what if you used unlit blue and light blue candles scattered everywhere to look like rain

  • Number1jent
    Number1jent 7 months ago

    Your builds are always absolutely phenomenal we support you

  • Yodabbito
    Yodabbito 7 months ago +391

    I'd say "build up the diamond tower" but it's starting to look really tempting. And I guess you don't want to become the diamond ore block fairy...🧚‍♂️

    • okojus
      okojus 7 months ago


    • Wit 2200
      Wit 2200 7 months ago +8

      Impulse could take vengeance for the emerald bridge... He won't, obviously, but he could...

    • Rishabh
      Rishabh 7 months ago +2

      I mean u could js make it a 1 by 1 tower n it will probably reach the height limit

    • Abigail Seyfert
      Abigail Seyfert 7 months ago +8

      we know at least grian has taken some im sure he won’t be the last lol

  • Lamina Anarchiae
    Lamina Anarchiae 7 months ago

    Ok, I knew the storm was going to be big, BUT SCAR THAT IS MASSIVE!

  • Cinnabar
    Cinnabar 7 months ago

    Oh goodie Jellie , Scar, storms and snakes. This video as everything.
    Great video scar and I do like the rust.

  • Christmas Peeper
    Christmas Peeper 7 months ago

    I say you take 75% of the diamonds from each mining trip, take them and add them to the tower than the other 25% for your self. Also great video!

  • The13ubbles
    The13ubbles 7 months ago

    15:52 spawnable blocks in sight! Abort Raid! I repeat abort Raid!
    (tow of the slabs are place as a top part of a block)