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  • Caterina Cierras
    Caterina Cierras Month ago +875

    These emotions are completely normal baby. My mom always told me “the ones who cry being scared they won’t be a good enough mother are typically the most amazing ones”. You got this girly! Congratulations on this very exciting/emotional new chapter of yours.

    • Jocelyne good
      Jocelyne good Month ago +1

      My mom told me something 😢. It was god timing . Congratulations beautiful ❤invite to baby shower ☺️

    • Mommy of two🖤
      Mommy of two🖤 Month ago +2

      Congratulations I don’t think that true though for some one that being scared or cry dosnt mean they won’t be a good mother it just apart of pregnancy especially the homos all that complement normal I know from experience I have 3 kids so I know what it like I think you meant if you cry or stress a lot then that not good the baby can feel it

    • conchita
      conchita Month ago


    • Aubree Pacheco
      Aubree Pacheco Month ago

      Congratulations Lexi❤

  • Chena Boyle
    Chena Boyle Month ago +211

    Just the fact that you're worried about being a bad mom only tells you that you're going to be the BEST mom!! ❤️ You're amazing and strong. Don't be afraid to reach out hun! You aren't the only one who's be scared being pregnant

    • Chena Boyle
      Chena Boyle Month ago

      @Lee Boriack people can still act immature and still be good parents. I've known people who didn't act like children and weren't good parents. I've known people who acted immature but were the best. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Lee Boriack
      Lee Boriack Month ago

      That is not TRUE!!! reading books on parenting is crucial. She behaves like a child, a child can not parent a child.

  • Taneasha Chavez
    Taneasha Chavez Month ago +67

    “I need help” baby, you’re going to the best mom. Knowing you’re not alone and acknowledging that you’re going to need help already makes you the best mom. Emotions are normal. Being scared is normal. You got this mama 💗

  • Kirra Marie
    Kirra Marie Month ago +230

    Girl I was in the same position when I first got pregnant I’m 19 and I didn’t tell most my family until 6 months but I always had my boyfriend by my side and that helped so much and I also didn’t have a doctors or anything but I got on Medicaid and pushed through you got this now my baby boy is here and I couldn’t be happier! ❤ you got this Lexi

  • Illianna Greiss
    Illianna Greiss Month ago +187

    It’s ok to be scared but in the end, hopefully we get through it. But you got this! You’re going to be an amazing mom! We’re all here for you Lexi! We love you! ❤😊

  • donna
    donna Month ago +150

    i’m so extremely proud of you lexi, I know you’re gonna be an amazing mother and just know that no matter what happens we all love you so much ❤️

  • Luis
    Luis Month ago +125

    I’m so proud of you Lexi you’re gonna be a amazing mom you got this ❤ we are all here for you Lexi❤

  • Maddi morrison
    Maddi morrison Month ago +165

    Omg girl congrats! Honestly no one’s ever ready for a baby don’t matter the age but everything does happen for a reason and your going to be an amazing mom❤️

  • Laura Canedo
    Laura Canedo Month ago +12

    Beautiful girl I’ve been in your situation. I was SO scared when I found out I was pregnant over two years ago. I was wondering what my family was going to think too. I was so scared to tell my husband. It was a huge change for me. Please allow yourself to feel in the way you do. It’s all normal. You have so many people that love and care about you on your channel. Please take it one day at a time and find yourself a great doctor. They will walk you through this. We support you!

  • luvinqmai - break
    luvinqmai - break Month ago +71

    Oh my god! I’m so happy for you, I know it’s terrifying for you but you got this! We are all here to support you. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you ❤

  • Aiyana Sanchez
    Aiyana Sanchez Month ago +116

    We are all here for you!🥺❤️

  • Carie J. Pippins
    Carie J. Pippins Month ago +70

    Congratulations we are all here for you I know it’s scary to tell you’re parents but it’s going to be ok and you’re going to be a amazing mom 👩🏼

  • g
    g Month ago +18

    you got this lexi ❤❤. it’s okay to be scared or nervous, we’re all gonna be here for u🫶

  • ꒰ঌ tatiana ໒꒱
    ꒰ঌ tatiana ໒꒱ Month ago +74

    girl I'm so proud of you you're the sweetest girl ever and I'm sure you're gonna be a great mom! love you, you got this ! 💗💗

    • Imia
      Imia Month ago +1

      @Liliana Ledezma same but they will be the best parents ever

    • Liliana Ledezma
      Liliana Ledezma Month ago +2

      I thought it was a prank 🥺

  • Dulce Lizmaryd Gonzalez

    I’m really proud of you Lexi you are and amazing person and you got this mama you are strong and don’t let anyone make you feel less because you deserve the world stay strong and I’m honestly so happy for you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Leslie Garcia
    Leslie Garcia Month ago +10

    Hi mama 🫶🏽 I’m 18 and I’m 20 weeks pregnant. The emotions that came with finding out was the same as yours. I cried and cries for days but it’s not because i wasn’t excited but more so because i was scared.. I don’t have my shit together and trust me this has been a good push. First I told my family and second I found myself a doctor. I hope everything works out for you babes if you ever have questions we’re here for you

  • Lina Dicktator
    Lina Dicktator Month ago +83

    Oh BABY LEXII ❤❤ , the way you feel every soon-to-be mama has felt. You're not alone & once you have your baby in your arms, you'll know how to be the best mother YOU can be 💕 congratulations on this beautiful blessing! 💛

  • denisse teo fernandez
    denisse teo fernandez Month ago +6

    congrats lexi i’m so happy and proud of you your going to be an amazing mom i hope your pregnancy goes well and the baby comes healthy and just know that everything happens for a reason and keep strong lexi we love youuu❤️

  • Kinyaanii Maloney
    Kinyaanii Maloney Month ago +10

    Listen I didn't think I was gonna be a fit mother but once my son was in my arms my mother instinct kicked in and he is now 5 months. You can do this mama! Look obgyn near you and click whatever one suits best for you! You got this!♥️

  • Samantha Azusa
    Samantha Azusa Month ago +2

    Don’t cry I know your going to an amazing mother❤

  • zoey G
    zoey G Month ago +2

    Congratulations! I just found out 2 weeks ago I am pregnant. I wish you a healthy pregnancy.

  • tiffany mesa
    tiffany mesa Month ago +3

    It’s okay you will be a good mom don’t ever doubt yourself , I was a mom at 17 and I’ll be 20 in April pregnant , at first we think our life is done but it starts better

  • Kiana Williams
    Kiana Williams Month ago +4

    Oh my God I am so excited for you. It’s normal for people to be scared. It’s normal for people to feel emotional. It’s normal to feel the way you want to feel. We are all here for you. Lexi❤

  • 𝙹𝚊𝚜𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚊

    Bbg everything is gonna be okay ❤️ we are here since day one supporting you 🫶🏻 no matter what we will be here always. I’m so happy for you and this new journey can’t wait for the baby ! 🥹 . You’ll be such a great Mom !!

  • Maria Lauber
    Maria Lauber 6 days ago

    I had my first at 19 and I was terrified, it's normal to feel alone and not know what to do. You got this. You need anything I'm sure any of us would be glad to help you, I'm how 22 and I have my second on the way

  • Briana S
    Briana S Month ago +24

    Congrats Lexi and don't worry you got this and ppl around you who loves you, being scared is totally natural but ur strong and brave! You got this hun!!💖💖💖

  • Unsolved Crimes: Uncovered

    Thank you for keeping the baby, I know it’s hard 😢 I’m so proud of you, Honey! All things happen for a reason. One day, it’ll be water under the bridge. One step at a time 🥰

  • Kitzia Naranjo
    Kitzia Naranjo 22 days ago

    Hey girl, don’t be scared because we’re gonna be here for you and just know that your family is probably gonna be with you through everything

  • glenda gomez
    glenda gomez Month ago +36

    Congratulations lexi, we are here for you. 💕

  • ᴮᵃᵇʸᵇᵒᵒ ᵇᵃⁿᵍᵗᵃⁿ  シ

    Lexi we love and support you with any decision you make I love youuuu 💜

  • Jasmine Jimenez
    Jasmine Jimenez Month ago +3

    Congratulations Lexi , it’s okay to be scared. I was 23 when I got pregnant and I was still scared to tell my family, but you got this girly you will be a great mom

  • Unstoppablesnkrs🔝
    Unstoppablesnkrs🔝 Month ago +17

    Congratulations pretty girl you got this Yk we’re going to support you no matter what ❤️❤️❤️

  • Leamsiii🫀⚡️
    Leamsiii🫀⚡️ Month ago +10

    we’re here for u lexi, WE LOVE U GIRL❤️❤️

  • Missy Herron
    Missy Herron Month ago +1

    I'm sorry you are going through this. I was 21 when I got pregnant with my daughter and I felt alone. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! These next few months will be very confusing, scary and overwhelming but know that you got this. When you get pregnant you put your life in order for that little baby. Be strong

  • j
    j Month ago +2

    you got this lexi, your supporters will be here for you. we will send you positive messages through your whole journey. and ik your family got you. you’re not alone on this. ❤︎︎

  • Mona V
    Mona V Month ago +3

    I got pregnant at 21 but the FOB left me because I wouldn't terminate our baby. I got married later and had 5 more children. I am 54 now and my oldest is expecting her second child. I thought I would never get through it at the time, but I look at ALL my children and feel so blessed and have absolutely no regrets.
    You can do this!! I will pray for you!!!

  • Mariah
    Mariah Month ago +10

    it’s normal to be scared it’s okay❤ you’re gonna get thru this not only for yourself but for your child. You got this Girl💕 and congratulations btw .

  • Lucy Olguin
    Lucy Olguin Month ago +3

    this is so crazy. you got this! I’m ready to see pregnant lexi 🥹 nothing matters other than you being healthy and the baby being healthy. everything else can wait 10 months✋🏼😂 congrats✨💕

  • stacia garcia
    stacia garcia Month ago +22

    Girl I wish you the best I hope everything goes well for you , I know it’s scary but you do do this I believe in you ❤

  • Elizabeth Machado
    Elizabeth Machado Month ago +15

    Congratulations! ❤ you guys will be the best parents (,: don’t over stress yourself I’ve been in your position 🥲😭

  • Gia Alize Ramirez
    Gia Alize Ramirez Month ago +2

    Just know that with time everything will fall into place even if it gets ugly at a point …I had my son at 17 and it was hard cause its just us now but nothing is impossible my son is my world and it just takes time love ..truly ,but just know everything will be fine no matter what happens down the road💗✨

  • Analiz francisco
    Analiz francisco Month ago +13

    I know you're going to an amazing mom I'm so proud of you you got this!

  • kenna schofield
    kenna schofield Month ago +1

    congratulations!! 🍼💗 you are amazing remember that, you’ll be an awesome mama.

  • Annette Gomez
    Annette Gomez Month ago +1

    Congrats gorgeous queen!!! Your going to be the most amazing mom ever!!! I LOVE U LEXI!!!! ❤️❤️

  • Abby
    Abby Month ago +3

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you and we’re always gonna support whatever you decide to do, I know it’s hard but you’re gonna be a great mom! 💕

  • Evelynn Murillo
    Evelynn Murillo Month ago +5

    Stay strong girl, I may not understand what it feels like to be in the situation you are in but please do stay strong for yourself and your baby ❤️, God bless you!

  • Brenda Pauley
    Brenda Pauley Month ago +4

    Oh BABY LEXII ❤️❤️ , the way you feel every soon-to-be mama has felt. You're not alone & once you have your baby in your arms, you'll know how to be the best mother YOU can be 💕 congratulations on this beautiful blessing! 💛

  • Ryann 😻😻
    Ryann 😻😻 Month ago +1

    Awee ❤️ ml its okay. Everything happens for a reason. You’re gonna be a good mama and we are all here for you. ❤

    • Ryann 😻😻
      Ryann 😻😻 Month ago

      Omfg … you LIKED my comment 😭 ilysfm Lexi your such a good influence on us.

  • Angelica Martinez
    Angelica Martinez Month ago +26

    you got this my love! it’s scary at first but you got this! congratulations ❤️

  • It’s Sprinkles_world

    Congratulations Lexi! We are all here for you girly it’s okay to be scared most people usually feel like this when they find out but ur gonna be amazing mom:)🙏🏾🤎 I just know it we love you

  • Yanique Miller
    Yanique Miller Month ago +4

    We’re here for you and I know I will follow you on this new journey. This is the first time I’m seeing your video but you’ve earned a new supporter ❤

  • marisela martinez
    marisela martinez Month ago +1

    I cannot tell you how happy I'am for you! You are going to be the best mother ever and I'm so excited for you and don't worry, your going to be a great mom!!!❤❤❤❤❤

  • LifeWithTaraji
    LifeWithTaraji Month ago +4

    I’m so happy for you Lexi, your gonna be a great parent no matter what you can do this❤

  • aurbenia Atm
    aurbenia Atm Month ago +1

    Omg I’m am so happy for u, you’ll get thru this girly ily can’t wait tell u tell Anthony and Bella be strong I’ll support u thru ur journey❤️✨🙏

  • Leslie Valle
    Leslie Valle Month ago +2

    These moments can be tough sometimes but we have to get through them love you and I know that you will be a great mother’s ❤

  • jaleesaaa t
    jaleesaaa t Month ago +3

    congratulations bby. all the feelings you're feeling are completely valid. i just know deep down you'll be an AMAZING mother. Congrats on this new journey of yours, wishing you nothing but the best 💕💕.

  • Clara Tucker
    Clara Tucker Month ago +2

    Congratulations Lexi!! you are going to be the best mom ever! It's going to be okay. We are always here for you 😊

  • Patty.
    Patty. 4 days ago

    Lexi you've got this! So much love. It's gonna be hard but you're gonna do just great❤️!

  • RedboneK
    RedboneK Month ago +2

    Congratulations ❤️i feel you girl im pregnant rn at 18 going on 19 im scared of so many things but you’ll be an amazing mom im still in shock but I’ll be praying for you 💕

  • Ari’s Life 🫶🏽
    Ari’s Life 🫶🏽 Month ago +2

    Congratulations Lexi, you’re gonna be such a great momma. YOU GOT THISSSS, WE ARE HERE FOR YOUUUUU❤❤❤

  • Estelladora 18
    Estelladora 18 Month ago +5

    congrats girl its okay we love you and we are here for you and its going to be okay 🥰 your going to be a good mom fr 😇

  • OfficiallyTate
    OfficiallyTate Month ago +1

    I got pregnant at 15, kept the baby and was the best choice I’ve ever made. Now she’s 16 months old and my best friend she saved me ❤ I’m almost 18 now

  • Holley Desalvo
    Holley Desalvo Month ago

    I’m crying with you because I found out I was pregnant and January. I’m right here with your girl. ❤ you have so much love and support and you are going to be an amazing mother.

  • Leslie
    Leslie Month ago

    It’s okay to be scared! I was also 20 when I got pregnant with my son. You’ll be a great mommy! 🫶🏼

  • demon_slayerclub:
    demon_slayerclub: Month ago +1

    Don’t worry you’re gonna be the best mom in the world ❤ don’t let anybody stop people that you’re gonna do great❤

  • April Rodriguez
    April Rodriguez Month ago +17

    It’s ok girly your family will support you through everything

  • ChicasBeautee
    ChicasBeautee Month ago +1

    Please just get rest and don’t stress take it easy go thru the motions stay hydrated and fed first trimester is so critical. Congratulations you got a new subscriber 🎉🎉🫶🏽

  • Ashlynn Garza
    Ashlynn Garza Month ago +1

    girl, trust me i was the same way when i found out. i’m 5 weeks and 4 days now. haven’t told my whole family just told my mom and my boyfriend. you’ve got this!

  • Amie Carbajal
    Amie Carbajal Month ago +3

    Congrats girly!!!🎉 ur going to be a amazing mother🤰👣

  • Victoria Boodoosingh
    Victoria Boodoosingh Month ago +1

    Awww congratulations you’re gonna be such a great mum❤️

  • yamilette contreras
    yamilette contreras Month ago +1

    Lexi , we love you and we are here to support you through everything . You got this you are going to be the best mommy you can ❤️❤️

  • kens
    kens Month ago

    so proud of you lex. congratulations love

  • Vasquez Family
    Vasquez Family Month ago +6

    Awwe congratulations!! You’re gonna be the best parent ever . It’s hard but it’s the best thing ever . ❤️❤️ You got this .

  • Astrid Vlogs
    Astrid Vlogs Month ago

    We are all here for you Lexi you got this we are here for you no matter what you have so much support we love you ❤

  • Audrey
    Audrey Month ago +3


  • Casandra Layla
    Casandra Layla Month ago

    Wow I pray that god leads you through this Lexi I know it’ll be different, crazy and over all a new journey but I know you have it in you! You’ll persevere through this. This is such a huge blessing in my eyes don’t worry about that’s friends and family think all you need to worry about is you and yours that’s all ❤

  • My tt is yourmom_is_sexyy

    I am so proud of you and if something happens you’re wrong. Everything’s gonna be fine you’re strong and we believe in you.😘❤️

  • 💙Ashley💙
    💙Ashley💙 Month ago +6

    I can't wait for this journey that is about to be on your way. You will be amazing mother. If bella and Anthony can do girl you can do it.💞💞💞

  • Alondra
    Alondra Month ago +3

    Congratulations ❤ you will be an amazing mom can’t wait to see your journey

  • Rebeca 🤍
    Rebeca 🤍 Month ago +7

    Awww congratulations girly! 💞 we are here with you love 🤍

  • Marilyn Cifuentes
    Marilyn Cifuentes Month ago +19

    Congrats you're going to be a great mother I can't wait for this new journey!💗💗

  • Tai Maisonet
    Tai Maisonet Month ago +1

    God felt it was meant to be because babygirl you literally were being responsible and got on birth control So you are definitely blessed you will be ok And a great mother..Praying for your Journey...🥰😍😥🙌🙏

  • Ruby Castaneda
    Ruby Castaneda Month ago +1

    Congrats, you got this girl we are here to support you. 🎉

  • Mariah Ave
    Mariah Ave Month ago +2

    It’s going to be ok because at the end your going to be happy and we love you wish we could be their to actually support you and it’s crazy after the video you posted but we love you and everything is going to be okay

  • Noemi Gamez
    Noemi Gamez Month ago +5

    Omg congratulations!!!💕💕💕 I can’t imagine how you feel but I wish nothing but the best for you. ❤️Don’t let nobody take you down. Plz record everyone reactions

  • giselleee
    giselleee Month ago +3

    i love her honest reaction🙏🏽, she was so truthful , but you got this lexi , you’re the best aunt to noah ! and we all know you’re going to be the best mom to your own child 💝, I’m sure you will have so much support , you’re so strong you forsure got this !!💝💝💝

  • zaira renteria
    zaira renteria Month ago

    Omgg 🫶🏼😢 i hope this goes welll, and we are all here supporting!! Take time for yourself ❤️ it’s ok to feel what your feeling

  • Ariel Coronado
    Ariel Coronado Month ago

    I honestly hope your brothers can support u on this! 😫 Wishing the best! Shit happens but this one is a blessibg to your life! Congratulations!!❤️❤️

  • Rosella Padilla
    Rosella Padilla Month ago

    congrats we are all here for you!! your gonna be a great mom ❤

  • Abigail Rocha
    Abigail Rocha Month ago +6

    It’s ok pretty girl we are here for you know matter what ❤❤

  • Nessa 🤍
    Nessa 🤍 Month ago +3

    We are all here for you it’s okay Lexie and your family will understand I love you so much ❤🥹your gonna be amazing momma, you got this and who cares what people think I hope your bf is happy ❤🥹

  • Mia Mendoza
    Mia Mendoza Month ago

    its ok girl, you will be an AMAZING MOTHER dont have any doubts. your family & bf may be speechless at first but they will support you all the way!! dont worry you will be ok & we are here with you ♥️🤞🏽

  • Marjorie Angelys
    Marjorie Angelys Month ago +1

    These emotions are completely valid mamas🫶🏽🥺! You will be an amazing mommy❤️❤️Im excited for you on this new journey love🥰.

  • Adama Garba
    Adama Garba Month ago +2

    Congratulations. What’s meant to be will be, it will all work out in your favor even though it may be scary now. Just accept it and find out the best way to move forward, i hope all works out in your favour sweetheart ❤

  • Belle Sutherland
    Belle Sutherland Month ago

    we’re all here for you baby, we love you so much & will always be here for you and to support you xoxo

  • Cesi Reyes
    Cesi Reyes Month ago

    Awww congrats girly have a good and safe journey you got this 💗

  • Ruby Baiza
    Ruby Baiza Month ago +4

    You got this Lexi I support you and I was in disbelief and so scared when I found out I was pregnant at 19 but here I am today with a beautiful baby boy he’s 5 months old and I know if I can do it so can you and I’m gonna watch you take on this journey so excited to see what gender your having I know your nervous but it gets better❤

  • Its.olivia
    Its.olivia Month ago +3


  • Faith Borchardt
    Faith Borchardt Month ago +1

    Sending lots of love ❤️ congratulations!!

  • Crystal capron gang!💯🧡

    It’s ok baby girl we are all here for you!!!!