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💪 BEST EXP FARMING Guide for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Learn the 3 easiest ways to level up your Pokemon to Level 100 FAST in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet! In this tips and tricks tutorial experience guide, viewers learn early game and post game level-up methods, with Abdallah's Family-Friendly Commentary!
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    01:38 Easy Exp Method 1: Experience Candies
    02:47 Easy Exp Method 2: North Provence Battling
    09:00 Easy Exp Method 3: Post-Game Battling
    12:32 Thanks for Watching! 👍 If This Helped!
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Comments • 235

  • AbdallahSmash
    AbdallahSmash  5 months ago +43

    Thanks for watching! Let me know what methods YOU use to raise your Pokemon to Level 100!
    Special thanks to our sponsor: Fixture Gaming! Get the S2 for your OLED today: 🎮 fixturegaming.com/ 🎮

    • Bobby P
      Bobby P 5 months ago +1

      Hey, I believe that chansey is the best encounter lvl up method at the moment, one thing that I want to spot here that may improve the lvling is, for instance, if you do not evolve charmander to charmilion, would it get more EXP base? when was charmander it got 20k exp but as charmellion it got around 10k, so in this case, if you dont evolve it till lets say lvl 98, will it continue to get good EXP as charmander?

    • Schwaka
      Schwaka 5 months ago

      @Bobby P The xp is based around what lvl it is compared to the pokemon it got xp from, so every time it levels, it gets less xp. Even without evolving, it gets to the point where you're only getting 2k and some change per chansey.

  • 1nfius?
    1nfius? 5 months ago +307

    Extra tip if your in the zero gate and don't want to go back in forth Pokémon centers for PP running out, press x, check the summary of the Pokemon you're using to kill the Chansey, forget the move (go to moves then press A) that run out of PP, then relearn the move (Again summery, moves, A) and boom the PP is back. Also, hopefully they don't patch this.

    • jacob jolley
      jacob jolley 5 months ago +10

      They patched it in Arceus so idk how long it will be around for but it was definitely awesome for grinding out all the research for the pokedex

    • tuxxyy1
      tuxxyy1 5 months ago +3

      THANK you - that's the only reason this method held me up at all! Now it's gonna be sooo quick lol

    • Berlin Glasgow
      Berlin Glasgow 5 months ago +7

      or you can just use ether like a normal person

    • 1nfius?
      1nfius? 5 months ago +5

      @Berlin Glasgow but what if you don't have any(also forgot they existed)

    • ArtisChronicles
      ArtisChronicles 5 months ago +6

      Also picnics will restore pp. Once they eat a sandwich they'll be all healed and moves restored. So if needed one could also do that.

  • Johnathan Moses
    Johnathan Moses 4 months ago +39

    9:25 if you just go into the zero gate, there's a teleporter just inside. No need to glide to the first research base.

  • Marion Teague
    Marion Teague 5 months ago +32

    If you're a new player the best Pokemon for knocking out the Chansey is Annihilape it's the new evolved form of Mankey - Primape it's got ghost / fighting for it's type you can't get hit and any of your fighting type moves will do extra damage because of the ham sandwich

  • SaltAdmin
    SaltAdmin Month ago +1

    I tried this out and its absolutely amazing. I used a gold pick and if you get the sandwich perfect with the gold pick then Chansey spawns literally everywhere as far as the eye can see! If you run out of money for sandwich supplies, travel to asado desert, and farm star pieces by picnicking next to star piece drops (turn off autosave, save before picking it up, and if you pick it up and its a star piece, reload your save and have a picnic on top of it- they will start spawning in your basket.)

  • BWA Switch
    BWA Switch 5 months ago +20

    I will probably focus my raiding in the north area where Chansey appears and put a ham sandwich on now. Choosing 4* raids that my first level 100 EV trained Pokemon is super effective against means I can one shot them and hopefully get about 3 large candies plus a bunch of other stuff, but finding a few Chansey along the way will speed things up even more!

  • Dirt neck
    Dirt neck Month ago

    I wanna say thank you I’m about to fight the elite 4 and my Pokémon were on 62 ish and I wanted that extra little power boost this helping so much !!

  • Thorinox
    Thorinox 5 months ago +97

    When you go to the Zero Gate, go inside and warp instead, it is a much faster way. :)

    • AbdallahSmash
      AbdallahSmash  5 months ago +10

      Oh yeah! That’s a great idea!

    • Shaun Valladares
      Shaun Valladares 5 months ago +1

      Legit was thinking that myself too 😆

    • Jason R
      Jason R 5 months ago

      Yeah, that little cave is great to find Chancey to farm. Can you find Blissy in abundance anywhere?

    • MedicCrawler
      MedicCrawler 5 months ago +3

      I thought the same thing, but you know what, he likes to party, I like to party; cliff jumps all around baby

  • Bowcaster
    Bowcaster 5 months ago +10

    Well this came in very handy trying to breed my postgame/battle team. Great video!

    • Nastybeast710
      Nastybeast710 5 months ago +1

      Does this method still work in 1.1.0

  • t f
    t f 5 months ago +7

    Before the Charizard Raid weekend, I used the School Tournament for XP... It also gives you extra money for other items. However, since I got many candies during the Events, I now only use the Experience Candys to get Pokemon to level 85 - 90 and then Rare Candys until level 100.

  • Clara Blue
    Clara Blue 5 months ago +6

    I remember watching your playthrough of ultra sun, so glad to see you still making pokemon vids! also will def get that mount :O thanks abdallah! keep up the awesome work!

  • Drunken Astarte
    Drunken Astarte 5 months ago +26

    Thank-you again for the guide - it's definitely going to come in super handy when I start my own play though!
    Congrats on hatching that adorable little shiny Charmander! Fingers crossed you can get that purrfect shiny Sprigatito without too much trouble - sounds like Charmander was a real eggercise in patience?! (...I'll just see myself out now!)
    Any thoughts to a guide on some super competitive pokemon builds? And/or a guide on how to build certain OP pokemon like Ironhands & Gholdengo for solo'ing 6*/7* raids with CPU partners?

  • GigaHellblaze
    GigaHellblaze 5 months ago +15

    I've been doing raids to level up my Pokemon they give you alot and you can fill up your Pokedex faster too. Been using candies since Pokemon Red.

  • EJisNotHere
    EJisNotHere 5 months ago +2

    Thanks for the tutorial, I went to the cave in area 0 and immediately found a shiny gible

  • Lexa
    Lexa 2 months ago

    Yes! Thank you! I am at the stage of going through the gyms for the second time, and I know that gets a lot of experience, but I need to level new pokemon I got and being stuck in the 65-70 range is a bit hard to get through, and I'm not quite 5 star raid battle ready

  • Crossover Dreamer
    Crossover Dreamer 5 months ago +3

    So far my Pokémon are up to Lv 20. Actually, my male Combee is at Lv 22 because I had him in my party to collect Honey to sell. On Poco Path I train up to Lv 9. In the South Province Area One I train them up to Lv 15. In the South Province Areas Two and Three I train them up to Lv 18. I'm not sure how high I can get them in the West Province Area One. Maybe Lv 25?

  • Jozai 610
    Jozai 610 5 months ago +14

    For the post game one when you fly to zero gate, go inside the building and warp to research center 3 lol much faster

  • HenslizabethAnimates
    HenslizabethAnimates 5 months ago +6

    I just got my first shiny while using the Area Zero chansey method! It was Lycanroc (midnight)!
    Edit: I got a shiny girafarig lol

  • Lady spina bifida
    Lady spina bifida 5 months ago +1

    awesome video abdallah keep up the great work!!!

  • SW15H
    SW15H 5 months ago +1

    Awesome guide🔥👏🏾 as always. Definitely sharing this and gotta get you 1MIL subs before the year ends.💯🤞🏾

  • EeveeSoulSilver
    EeveeSoulSilver 5 months ago +2

    Thanks Abdallah! I didn’t know where to find some high level Chansey. This video helped.

  • Derek Bost
    Derek Bost 4 months ago

    I bought the S2 fixture right when it came out and I love it !! And the screen and controller both fits in the case by the way!

  • Alexander Hatchwell
    Alexander Hatchwell 5 months ago

    What I do for my raid pokemon is grind chansey to max hp ev then finish the rest of the evs in south province then use that pokemon in low tier raids and gradually raise it up. Yes, it can be slow but that's just my personal way to train.

  • tuxxyy1
    tuxxyy1 5 months ago +2

    I wanted to come back and thank you again! Not only am I sporting a team of 80s that were level 1 last night, but, using the third method became an unintentional Isolated Encounter shiny hunt; I caught my first shiny in the game, and it was a friggin CHANSEY!

  • jekkuthebold
    jekkuthebold 5 months ago +4

    "Just throw a quick ball at it."
    I throw them at everything, almost caught Koraidon with it. 😂

  • Hansi
    Hansi 4 months ago +1

    Also another tip, you can press the right arrow on your Switch controller to see the sandwich stats (remaining time).

  • Mae
    Mae 5 months ago +3

    I got lucky with the lucky egg lol, I bought one in my game but then got a garchomp in a random wonder trade that was holding one , so i have two now :) very helpful lol

  • DE123456123456
    DE123456123456 2 months ago

    Thank you for the video, does the Efforts value increase when we beat chansey? Or should i just use raid to avoid the issue where i feed berries to reduce the Effort values

  • PokeFanSia
    PokeFanSia 5 months ago +11

    Farm raids and Chansies, really needs 13 min for this amazing revelation.

  • ktwanders
    ktwanders 5 months ago +1

    Bro this is so useful thank you!

  • tuxxyy1
    tuxxyy1 5 months ago +1

    This. Worked. So. Fast.
    I accidentally got my Revavroom super leveled just keeping it in the party while I was boosting other mons 😂

  • ShadowGokuZ
    ShadowGokuZ 5 months ago

    I had chansey mass outbreak and the normal encounter increase and I found my first shiny in scarlet

  • MepZeroK
    MepZeroK 5 months ago +4

    Sandwich 34 can give you encounter power: normal level 2. Not too many ingredients too.

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 5 months ago +4

    This person is so cool! I've only seen his videos on pokken Tournament DX. Man we learn a lot from this guy. He taught me how to use Garchomp Complex combos. Ty a lot. Also you helping us with Scarlet and Violet. Nice Work!!!

  • Moin Nasim
    Moin Nasim 5 months ago +3

    Does the amount of exp increase when the pokemon is weaker? Bc I tried with level 45 heracross with lucky egg and got 5k exp

  • Tyler Eilmas
    Tyler Eilmas 5 months ago

    Excellent video Abdullah. Thank you so much.

  • ACMenace
    ACMenace 4 months ago

    Is there a limit for how many times you can attract the chanseys? Mine disappeared after doing it for a while :(

  • Jamie Noonie
    Jamie Noonie Day ago +1

    I’m doing everything exactly how you did it on the second method catching the CHANSCEYS and I’m only getting 3.9k

  • DRJ Engineering
    DRJ Engineering 5 months ago

    You can pretty much grind any Pokémon with the lucky egg, cause hunting just chansey is a hard task

  • Logan Larabee
    Logan Larabee 4 months ago

    Fun fact, you can also find Blisseys and those give out even more XP!

  • Noot
    Noot 5 months ago +3

    The high level chansey spot is WAY less laggy than the first one. I was getting so annoyed by the performance at the grassy/watery first area.

    • Leszczuk23
      Leszczuk23 5 months ago

      Got a charmander for trade by chance? Can trade something or help with something in return.

    • FL
      FL 5 months ago +2

      how the heck yall b laggin?? my game runnin fine

    • Paul Rance
      Paul Rance 3 months ago

      ed sheeran credit song

  • Nym
    Nym 5 months ago

    Using this in conjunction with the Anihilape video. Super helpful, thanks man!!!

  • Javi Gomez
    Javi Gomez 5 months ago +1

    I think it's better that making the Charmander not evolve to get more XP and then when is a high level evolve him

  • veronica croskey
    veronica croskey 5 months ago +1

    Hey Abdallah
    i've doing Raids & stocking up on the Candies
    bumped into a few 4 Star dens for a bit.
    updated pokedex
    Caught 298 & Battled 355
    as well down to the ghost gym
    Current time -4;22am
    Goodnight 😴

  • RulitoCR
    RulitoCR 5 months ago +6

    Just to let you now, I came for the Exp guide, but the moment I saw the Oled and Pro hold that way, I hit pause, checked some reviews and now I'm back to watch the guide but with an order placed for my Fixture S2! 😅

    • AbdallahSmash
      AbdallahSmash  5 months ago +1

      Awesome! I take it on plane rides all the time!

  • Zachary Green
    Zachary Green 5 months ago

    My goodness, I didn't even know about the Area Zero Chansey spawns

  • Spex
    Spex 4 months ago

    I used to play Pokemon back when I was a kid, and basically stopped after Gen 1, but began again a few years back with Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (bought the NEW 3DS XL specifically to play). Then I've been playing the main games (and Arceus) ever since. I haven't gotten too many Pokemon to lvl 100 though. I end up transferring what I got into Pokemon Home (as a sort of storage) then move onto tge new game. In fact... I'm asshamed to say that I really haven't even completed any of these Pokemon games... only Pokemon Yellow and Blue way back in the day.
    Anyways... have they raised the lvl cap at all? Can you go beyond lvl 100? After playing Sword/Shield and Violet/Scarlet, I feel like it's getting too easy (relatively speaking) to level up your Pokemon. I would kind of like a lvl 150 cap or something.

  • Darth jar jar binks
    Darth jar jar binks 4 months ago

    Thx dude i really needed this

  • Stefan Robben
    Stefan Robben Month ago

    Hi i Just watched this clip and i have a question: why did you advise us to use a ghost type pokemon and not a fighting type, because normal types are weak to fighting and ghost type moves have no effect.

  • Xavier Martinez
    Xavier Martinez 2 months ago

    Good job!

  • Majestic Espeon
    Majestic Espeon 5 months ago +1

    Two things one you could use your ride Pokémon to catch up to Chancey when they’re running away on the northern area and two why didn’t you use the warp inside the zero gate to get down there it would’ve been faster than just traveling

    • Julia Taunton-Clark
      Julia Taunton-Clark 5 months ago +1


    • Christopher Holfeld
      Christopher Holfeld 5 months ago

      Another if it’s based on what form your in should cancel your evolutions until level 98 then 99

    • Majestic Espeon
      Majestic Espeon 5 months ago

      @Christopher Holfeld Good plan

    • Majestic Espeon
      Majestic Espeon 5 months ago

      @Julia Taunton-Clark I know how to spell it I had voice text do all the writing for me

  • Matthew Ortiz
    Matthew Ortiz 5 months ago

    Another thing to use Is Iron Hands force slam, they are common in the area

  • Vixinty
    Vixinty 5 months ago

    BROOO,TY Abdallah I was on my way to grind chanseys when I got my first shiny and it was a cetoddle.

  • Paul Rance
    Paul Rance 3 months ago

    Remember to give the pokemon you want to level up a Lucky Egg, which you get for free from Jacq at your 6th Gym
    If you don’t have one and you beat the game i can’t help you there

  • Truman Phan
    Truman Phan 5 months ago

    Is there a way to what level a raid is from your map?

  • IntiArt Designs
    IntiArt Designs 2 months ago

    I don't understand why this doesn't work for me. I'm only getting about 300-400 exp per auto battle, or 3,800 per normal KO. How are you getting 20k exp? I'm using the ham sandwhich and lucky egg too.

  • Jason Tam
    Jason Tam 5 months ago +2

    My go to spot to level. I had a blissey outbreak yesterday too. Of coure I'm sure lots of people go here too.

  • gamermasterL
    gamermasterL 5 months ago

    Do raids and use the candies you get.

  • stigirish
    stigirish 4 months ago +1

    Don't forget about the Lucky Egg for more XPs!

  • Leandro Martinez
    Leandro Martinez 5 months ago

    Is it possible to make a second sandwich that gives an EXP boost? If so, which one do you recommend?

  • facheesegobgoblin
    facheesegobgoblin 2 months ago

    Anybody know why my Charizard the Unrivaled has higher Sp Atk and Def stats than my shiny Charizard? Both have perfect IV’s (the shiny was hyper trained) and the same nature. They’ve also both been EV trained the same. For some reason, Charizard the Unrivaled has a Sp Atk stat of 348 and a def stat of 192, compared to my other ones 325 Sp Atk and 180 Def. I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere.

  • Itz_French Ram
    Itz_French Ram 2 months ago

    How did you get 20k exp on the first chansey? I only find myself getting around 4k exp.

  • WarMastaP
    WarMastaP 5 months ago

    The only thing I never cared for is exp grinding in Pokemon, I like to see a natural progression. It makes the game more enjoyable and not too repetitive.

  • Lemon
    Lemon 2 months ago

    I just got the game this morning haven’t even gone to the school yet. Only opened that first pokestop and the one by the front of the school. I just went catching pokemon and teleported too of a mountain it was fun. I even opened all the pokestops for fast travel. My level 12 Pokémon got lucky to beat 2 level 55 pokemon and i got so much xp. I have fun doing it that way.

  • Stephen Castro
    Stephen Castro 5 months ago

    How many eggs did it take for you to get a shiny?

  • iToad U
    iToad U 5 months ago

    but do exp candys make the pokemon stats weaker? like for example giving you a +1 on Attack Defense or etc by the candies? and if you fight it it will give you +2 or more?

    • Qwikscopez
      Qwikscopez 4 months ago

      exp candies dont increase your evs, evs are another type of experience you get from killing pokemon, for example killing luxray gets u 3 Attack evs, 4 evs increases a stat by 1, thats the difference

  • Rafael L
    Rafael L 14 days ago

    Hey, would this work if I do auto battle and have the lucky egg on my Pokemon?

  • Char
    Char 4 months ago +1

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  • ArtisChronicles
    ArtisChronicles 5 months ago

    Yeah that was sad about lucky egg. I'm determined to try theifing happiny to see if if I really can't get more though... A lot harder to find of course

  • Juan Pablo Rojas
    Juan Pablo Rojas Month ago

    Very nice!!

  • Forty Seven
    Forty Seven 4 months ago

    I got stuck in Cortondo the first 20hrs. I kept playing a bit before work and every time I came back to the game, I would run around again trying to get out of cortondo. I’m an idiot trainer though, I level up my Pokémon and don’t normally pay attention to types and stuff. Lol

  • KyonBrace
    KyonBrace 3 months ago

    Its easy
    Be mindful and keep plenty of trained mons for Tera Raids to get enough exp candies
    I got that far without the meta by the by, play to a mon's strengths

  • Pikaahhh
    Pikaahhh 5 months ago +3

    Literally grind the charizard event from next week. Got 800 EXP Candy L from ~20 of them

    • Jay R
      Jay R 5 months ago

      That's 40 candy per fight. I fought him countless times. Enough to get 14 ability capsules. You don't get 40 per run, literally. But he IS a good way to farm candy and he's coming back

    • Pikaahhh
      Pikaahhh 5 months ago

      @Jay R I put the ~ there to say it’s around that number, give or take 5

    • Jay R
      Jay R 5 months ago

      @Pikaahhh ok, a GOOD run gets you around 10....so even your approximate estimate is very much off reality.

    • Pikaahhh
      Pikaahhh 5 months ago

      @Jay R You get 5 guarenteed and from my raids specifically 5-15 bonus ones

  • linda fennerkin45
    linda fennerkin45 5 months ago

    thanks abdulla this is great

  • Nastybeast710
    Nastybeast710 5 months ago +1

    Can you still farm XP like this and 1.1.0

  • TSReaper786
    TSReaper786 3 months ago

    wait how did you get that much exp, i only got 2k on my gengar with lucky egg

  • the batman
    the batman 5 months ago +1

    I just have several hundred XP candies ready so when I hatch my shiny Zard I can level it to 100 right away and EV train it.

  • pokemon battleing
    pokemon battleing 4 months ago

    thank you you helped me with a goodbye thing and im giving my frinds tyranaters thanks

  • Vyse Solo
    Vyse Solo 5 months ago +1

    Good details...last spot area zero is a bad xp farm imo. No picnic allowed. Too much running to be worth it. Already waste 30 mins afk for eggs so my xp farm needs constant kills and refill of moves ...1st chancy area is best for time management.

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres 2 months ago

    How did you get the Charmander?

  • Justin Leger
    Justin Leger Month ago

    How do you get charmander? I been playing violet for about a month.I also haven’t hatched an egg or even got an xxl candy. I get larg but never xl

  • Sokka
    Sokka 5 months ago

    Got 500 L, 200 XL and 50 rare candies from charizard raids, probably double that next time it comes back around unless they adage to make it hard to solo.

  • Michalispan
    Michalispan 5 months ago +1

    real question is how u got that charmandeer awsomee video BTW thanks a lot new sub here

  • 你的噩梦阎罗
    你的噩梦阎罗 5 months ago

    Just wondering, why did you run towards that research lab to teleport to station 3 when you could just enter the gate and do the exact same thing xD?

  • Cody Gilchrist
    Cody Gilchrist 2 months ago +1

    Am I doing something wrong lol, im doing the chansey farm and I’m only getting 5k experience

  • ChristianExd
    ChristianExd 5 months ago

    I used to get 3k-4k exp but now I'm getting roughly 1k per pokemon. Did something change?

    • AbdallahSmash
      AbdallahSmash  5 months ago +2

      It scales down the higher level they get.

  • Jaimee1204
    Jaimee1204 28 days ago +1

    I wanna hatch a shiny but don't really have the patience

  • eshef
    eshef 5 months ago

    Me casually with 7 lucky eggs 😂

  • Ramstab
    Ramstab Day ago

    you never early evolve for xp farm, evolved pokemons require more xp, you evolve them at level 90

  • Mordecai
    Mordecai 3 months ago

    Literally Video is like being in class in the game

  • ManicallyMetal
    ManicallyMetal 5 months ago

    I have 999 exp candies L from all the raids, that’s some easy exp for me

  • SilentGaming
    SilentGaming 3 months ago

    im sorry but how exactly did you get 20 flipping K exp out of the northern province chanseys, most i get is like 3k

  • Ginny Isley
    Ginny Isley 5 months ago

    I love watching your videos 😍🤩😻💗💕😘☺️😊🙂🤠

  • Marcus Womack
    Marcus Womack 5 months ago

    When I killed chanseys in the zero gate it gave me the same amount as outside of the zero gate

  • Hapa Boy
    Hapa Boy 3 months ago

    I beat Pokemon violet and after watching video I realize I know very little about the game.

  • Glitchym101
    Glitchym101 5 months ago

    Why does chansey give so much xp anyways? I know it’s always been like this but I just don’t understand since it’s not a tough Pokémon to defeat.

  • Niels Broekhuizen
    Niels Broekhuizen 5 months ago

    How did you get the sword ghost pokemon, you could only get that on pokemon violet right?

  • LongGameplaySessions
    LongGameplaySessions 5 months ago

    Hey Abdallah, could you make a video showing how you setup nightbot for your steams. I want to use it for my streams as well.

  • Crazy Newt
    Crazy Newt 5 months ago


  • Frisky Llama
    Frisky Llama 5 months ago

    I use a lazy neck holder for my switch when its not docked 🙂