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Link VS Cloud (Legend of Zelda VS Final Fantasy VII) | DEATH BATTLE!

  • Published on Jun 13, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Zelda meets Final Fantasy in a duel of iconic swordsmen!
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Comments • 27 987

  • Goatres X
    Goatres X Year ago +2596

    Link: breaks Aerith’s pots
    Cloud: *peace was never an option*

    • Lord Savior
      Lord Savior Month ago

      Damn 🤣

    • Ike Illue
      Ike Illue 2 months ago

      @Alex Millar I honestly doubt that. Being more powerful than, does not mean existing beyond, even if they are exponentially more powerful. Regardless, all of those example are out of universe.

    • Alex Millar
      Alex Millar 2 months ago

      @Ike Illue that's fair about Genesis. ...but Belldandy absolutely exists several levels beyond Keiichi. The Lunar deities Althena and Lucia exist way beyond mortals as well. Sailor Moon is admittedly more questionable but still warps reality for giggles with the crystal.

    • Ike Illue
      Ike Illue 2 months ago

      @Alex Millar Sure, but those entities you mentioned (including the one that isn't actually a deity of any sort), aren't existing on a level of reality beyond the mortals in question. On the other hand, Aerith is basically the HM slave (if you are familiar with Pokemon game lingo) for the FFVII expanded universe, where she just gets what ever super powers are necessary to drive what ever nonsense Square decided to shoe horn into the story. This is up to and including the fact that she can see/experience everything that has, is, and will happen, upwards of 7 years beyond her "current" time.
      As far as Genesis wanting Minerva, I don't recall Minerva (the god in the pair) being at all interesting in reciprocating the feelings.

    • Alex Millar
      Alex Millar 2 months ago

      @Ike Illue not at all. Divine dates make perfect sense in the Lunar series, and then there's Ah my goddess over there in anime. Considering how badly Sailor Moon outclassed Tuxedo, you could even throw that in. In universe, you must not forget how bad Genesis wants Minerva.

  • GamergaidenX
    GamergaidenX 7 months ago +642

    This really hit on the fact that Link is a mischievous fairy child who just shows up, starts a fight, breaks pots, can just somehow duplicate himself. He's embodying Fae energy through this whole fight and I love it. even the transformation into Fierce Deity was like him taking the mask off and revealing his "true form" as some terrifying Fairy warrior. (despite that he puts a mask on to do this)

    • Miles The Dirty Minded Goblin
      Miles The Dirty Minded Goblin 29 days ago

      @Sean Pazderaw comment

    • justgoingincognito
      justgoingincognito Month ago

      Peter pan on crack be like

    • Zach Gross
      Zach Gross 2 months ago

      Well link is supposed to be the embodiment of a hero so that’s not good that he was portrayed like that

    • Stephen Autopsy
      Stephen Autopsy 4 months ago +1

      Fae means goblin like creature not fairy the fairy you are thinking of is just a kind of fae

  • Drowsy Kyle
    Drowsy Kyle 5 months ago +224

    Can we admit that Fierce Deity Link stomping towards Cloud was terrifying.

    • Matheus Diefenthaeler
      Matheus Diefenthaeler 2 months ago +7

      Not so much when Cloud look at him with a "I don't care" face and dodge a giant bounder casually... But the Fierce Deity form is very cool

  • Sean Pazdera
    Sean Pazdera 6 months ago +481

    I would like to point out that in the lore, BotW Link didn't just get timed abilities from the Champions' spirits, he got their abilities themselves transferred to him. For example he should be able to heal whoever he wants, create air as he pleases, and spam Daruk's Protection like the people who were born with those powers.

    • Jose Manuel Felix Guerrero
      Jose Manuel Felix Guerrero 29 days ago

      @Sbeve Loaf yup, i forgot how that happened but yeah, it happened

    • Sbeve Loaf
      Sbeve Loaf 29 days ago

      @Jose Manuel Felix Guerrero But hylia has managed to shatter the tri-force of courage in order to keep it out of the hands of Ganon In Zelda(NES) correct?

    • Dillon Evans
      Dillon Evans Month ago +1

      @Ivkir I mean, I was rooting for Link too. I totally agree that Cloud stomps him, but do understand that if Link had the complete Triforce, I don’t see what stops him from quite literally just wishing Cloud out of existence with a mere thought.
      That’s kinda the Triforce’s whole thing, granting wishes.

    • Ivkir
      Ivkir 3 months ago +3

      @Randy Flake I don't count Ominslash as "full list" - He does not use much of his attacking materia, buff materia, he does not used any of his summons, or items. He did not bring his full list. But even if Link and Cloud goes full on with ALL of their stuff... sorry, Cloud a lot more tankier and has more option to recover from fatal blows.

    • Randy Flake
      Randy Flake 3 months ago +2

      So Cloud is allowed his full list but Link can’t use the full power available to him, a complete triforce, to once again wreck Cloud. Gotcha.

  • John S
    John S 9 months ago +449

    Instead of the beamos rolling thing, a better feat for link's speed and reaction time would have been reflecting a guardians bean or the perfect counter thing from BotW.

    • Mike Tannhauser
      Mike Tannhauser Day ago

      ​@ZER009 if the latest trailers for TOTK say anything, I think it's safe to say that Ganondorf is done with trying to conquer Hyrule and is now going for total apocalyptic annihilation.

    • Kael Li
      Kael Li 16 days ago

      @Ultra3Wind Tanjiro Kamado vs Jin Sakai | Demon Slayer vs Ghost of Tsushima | DEATH BATTLE

    • Ultra3Wind
      Ultra3Wind 17 days ago +1

      For me it’s thunderblight, the fact that he is able to react, perfect dodge, then outpace him is insane beyond comprehension. You could argue the flurry rush isn’t cannon to Link’s speed but the champions have voice lines reacting to Link’s perfect dodge so I’d argue that it’s real

    • Kael Li
      Kael Li 23 days ago

      Ninja Shantae vs Sun Wukong | DEATH BATTLE

    • Joeda 900
      Joeda 900 5 months ago

      ​@Seninshi Dude the point isn't that Link wins
      just that this feat for Link going ftl is dogshit when they could have used him making Ligthning look slow in comparison to him or him deflecting multiple lasers

  • Christopher Robles
    Christopher Robles 8 months ago +208

    Cloud has matured a lot in 10 years . Link still holds the title in my heart. 😂

    • Bigboss
      Bigboss 22 days ago +1

      He hasn’t change at all lol. They just didn’t nerf cloud this time.

    • Poyo :3
      Poyo :3 25 days ago +1

      @Zachary Fields bruh you do know logically speaking power always catches up with speed. Example world war 2. Japanese and USA. Same logic applies here eventually link would get the upper hand cloud stamina would drain because link is defense player with link with his light shield from ocarina time which also indestructible. So if cloud attack all of his attack will Either be blocked or directed back at cloud killing him. The only reason cloud won this is because Zelda game are more popular and have bigger fan base right now plus tears of kingdom is coming out in a couple months. Death battle always makes the popular person loose to make fans mad to get views for there channel. They even admitted that on Twitter lol. To be honest who would win if they weren’t fiction characters. Neither they would work together.

    • Blitz
      Blitz Month ago

      @Aeroblast49 actually letting cloud use his arsenal and better research makes alot of difference

    • Alex Millar
      Alex Millar Month ago

      @Aeroblast49 Cloud got to use his stuff instead of using level 1 stuff. Also he isn't weak to Holy

    • Aeroblast49
      Aeroblast49 Month ago +1

      I don't trust this since these two already did a death battle 11 years ago and link won 🙃 I don't get how that changes

  • Perry Hahn
    Perry Hahn Year ago +1254

    Either way, the moment Link took off the cape and raised his sword for lightning was DOPE

    • Kael Li
      Kael Li 23 days ago +2

      Cloud VS Raiden | Final Fantasy vs Metal Gear Rising | DEATH BATTLE

    • Mario & Friends
      Mario & Friends 7 months ago +9

      The fact that he set it up with the song of storms makes it a great detail too

    • Scott Woffinden
      Scott Woffinden 7 months ago +6

      That was a badass moment

    • Fenny
      Fenny 8 months ago +13


  • History of Video Games
    History of Video Games 8 months ago +99

    Final Breath is one of the best DB themes that's been produced by Brandon. So glad he's been able to provide bangers for DB for years now.

  • Sean Pazdera
    Sean Pazdera 8 months ago +101

    If this was truly a Composite Link, he would get all the Heart Containers any Link has ever obtained.

    • Skrilix
      Skrilix 23 days ago +3

      @Sean Pazdera He’d also have Triforce from Skyward Sword.

    • Sean Healy
      Sean Healy Month ago +2

      @Sean Pazdera hadnt considered that one! i think this was a slightly slanted decision lol

    • Sean Pazdera
      Sean Pazdera Month ago +4

      @Sean Healy Oh, not just that. He'd also have the Triforce in the Hyrule Warriors timeline.

    • Sean Healy
      Sean Healy Month ago +4

      Also. if its TRULY a composite link, then he has the ability of the triforce as a whole per ALTTP, not just the courage section. "Wish cloud dead" game over. LOL

    • Bleeperblopper497
      Bleeperblopper497 5 months ago +3

      Sean, just search up & read the full Q&A Blog by this episodes researcher, Ultraguy, to see why Cloud still wins regardless of all Links stuff, "Link vs Cloud Q&A Ultraguy"

    SARTHAK KUMAR 9 months ago +369

    They didnt show any sephiroth scaling while discussing cloud , that made it obvious that cloud will win so they will discuss the sephiroth scaling after the fight .

    • IlikeBeanzzz
      IlikeBeanzzz Month ago

      @alex lapping link might not be strong physically, but he has the skills and abilities necessary to win

    • IlikeBeanzzz
      IlikeBeanzzz Month ago

      @josh portie I was saying this out loud, like how did he cut through the triforce, and why did link use it as a shield

    • JojoGacha
      JojoGacha 2 months ago

      Did it even matter? Cloud still won

    • alex lapping
      alex lapping 3 months ago +1

      @josh portie They have made it clear the fight is just for show. They determine the battle by character strength and feats. While I agree the speed feats are overrated for both. Assuming we ignore outliers, advent children shows Cloud jumping up a building slicing chunks of building in his way. More incredibly this is all supposedly a jump (with his arms) not actual flight so an insane amount of force would be needed, and cloud is not even winded or strained by this. Link is just not that strong. Its the trouble with death battles goal in general what constituents outliers? how do you determine whats ok and whats not. They have taken the approach that its all fair game.

    • Pro wrestling is real      .
      Pro wrestling is real . 5 months ago

      Link won the other video on death battle

  • Gustave Oon
    Gustave Oon 9 months ago +289

    The speed scaling just doesn't feel right. It's just so wildly inconsistent due to dramatic cutscenes. Also, Link does not roll faster than a laser. The laser fires at where he was, not where he is.
    Overall, amazing battle. Superbly animated, good analysis of how powers cancels each other out, and crazy entertaining.

    • Xios Angelis
      Xios Angelis Day ago

      ​@Unoriginal255to be fair, the Guardian lasers have wind up and basically tell you they're going to fire. Yes, he needs to time it perfectly, but he has a moment to prepare and as long as hes seen a few before, he knows the timing window. Id hardly call it a reaction feat

    • Kael Li
      Kael Li 23 days ago

      Ninja Shantae VS Samurai Jack | DEATH BATTLE

    • BmxGu23
      BmxGu23 28 days ago

      He can deflect guardian beams though and go into bulled time

    • Mobile person
      Mobile person Month ago

      If he doge clouds attack link would have gone into flurry mode and cut cloud up

    • Tristan Hendon
      Tristan Hendon Month ago +1

      @Hello there For real man, I hate how they tend to just reach for raw extremes on numbers as well, like calculating the entire force contained at the center of an explosion for characters usually on the outskirts, or showing speeds that characters have traveled and automatically assuming they would be capable of fighting at that speed, 90% of the time in these episodes it is clips of a character sprinting at unimaginable speeds, but their bodies are moving at very realistic speeds to fight.

  • Sam
    Sam 28 days ago +6

    That was ... EPIC! Thank you so much for producing this!

  • Ahmed Ahmed
    Ahmed Ahmed Year ago +5700

    If you don’t like the outcome,
    Settle it in Smash!!

    • Purpose_Bilt
      Purpose_Bilt Month ago

      I'm better with young link than I am with cloud.

    • Joe Saia
      Joe Saia 6 months ago

      or watch the episode from 10 years ago where Link won! lol

    • christopher frick
      christopher frick 8 months ago

      the math does not lie ok

    • Mr Man
      Mr Man 8 months ago

      @Squall Leonhart You must be happy now that Sora is in 😂

    • The real Speedwagon
      The real Speedwagon 11 months ago

      And then after the fight they both make out!

  • Zai Drizzle Drop
    Zai Drizzle Drop 7 months ago +33

    Man this was one of the cooler 3d animations, so fun to watch!!

  • gren8te
    gren8te 5 months ago +16

    14:29 makes link genuinely intimidating and i love it!

  • Enrique Velez
    Enrique Velez 9 months ago +39

    One-on-one the entire battle depends on whether Link has fairies in bottles, and if Cloud has auto-phoenix materia.

    • Ike Illue
      Ike Illue 3 months ago

      @Ivkir As I said above, it really doesn't matter in this context. Cloud actually scales beyond all the summons, so the best they would do is give Cloud numbers. And again, Cloud is so much more powerful than Link is, baseline, the worst case scenario, it would be a mild annoyance, as he has to repeatedly kill Link.

    • Ivkir
      Ivkir 3 months ago

      @Ike Illue Don't forget the summons. Why bother if he can just Bahamut them all?

    • Ike Illue
      Ike Illue 9 months ago +8

      If we are being honest, that actually holds no baring at all on the fight. The odds of Cloud actually being forced to use Final Attack Phoenix are incredibly low, well within fluke territory. As for Link, whether Cloud kills all the fairies with some all target spell, or just kills Link enough times to use them all up, it kind of makes them irrelevant in the end.

  • TheVortex808
    TheVortex808 27 days ago +2

    Link is a total badass for sure. But cloud…dudes on a different level. He survived, and even outright killed bahamut, the literal god of all dragons without any help. A dude who can survive being hit by a attack going 1200x light speed is one you do not want to mess with.

  • Superior Saiyan
    Superior Saiyan Year ago +20

    Couldn’t help but to let out a laugh when link passed by at 12:56 😂😂

  • City Boy Seb
    City Boy Seb Year ago +2448

    Cloud: *survives a Supernova to the face*
    Zack: *dies from bullets*

    • justgoingincognito
      justgoingincognito Month ago

      Ahahhahaha poor zack bro just wanted to escape

    • Tamuren
      Tamuren 2 months ago

      Sorry Cloud you're not Zack enough for SOLDIER

    • Twenty-Fifth
      Twenty-Fifth 2 months ago

      @Cory Myers Also if Darkness replies to me and wants to continue. If I had to pick, with a gun to my head, the most consistent JRPG in the Final Fantasy Series of the Single Digits, It would be 8. 8 minimizes some of the problems by building a world where summons are like unlockable myths and you fight magicians who can control space and time. So yeah, that tracks. Ironically, compared to 9 which is my favorite, I would even go as far and say is that 8 is the most consistent game in the entire numbered franchise period bar 15, which I would give similar arguments but too bad I hate that game oof.

    • Twenty-Fifth
      Twenty-Fifth 2 months ago +1

      @Jay Bomb Since I am going to be replying to him, Powerscaling is not a happy, sunshine and rainbows excercise.
      Sometimes, using logic, math and narrative produces holes in the entire argument that can either be taken at face value or ignored. And most of the time, that leads to powerscaling being very, very harsh to some narrative and world beats that just plainly don’t line up.

    • Matiascs
      Matiascs 2 months ago +1

      FF7stans: "hurr durr supernovaissolarsystembuster."

  • seekay
    seekay Month ago +6

    you missed the part where link's sword breaks after 2 hits

  • Ashurean
    Ashurean 9 months ago +196

    One thing that always irks me is that they base reaction speed off travel speed. All because Bahamut could move that fast doesn't mean he could react that fast.

    • Mada Notap
      Mada Notap 2 months ago

      @The Foolish Oh? How so?

    • The Foolish
      The Foolish 2 months ago

      @Mada Notap I’m from the future. You’re wrong.

    • Mada Notap
      Mada Notap 5 months ago +1

      @random dude357 Unfortunately, that's not the case. Because even if you're of the belief that the authors have the final say on everything that goes on in their work (which is tenuous at best but you didn't come here for an essay), we have two pieces of work, that exist in the same universe and are apparently just as canon as each other, but nevertheless actively contradict each other.
      In one storyline, Cloud cares about Aerith and the world he lives in but was unable to save the latter and needed help to do the former.
      And in another: Cloud can move multiple times faster than light and therefore could have just pulled Aerith out of the way and destroyed meteor himself by running at it, as well as have around infinite turns against every single non-boss enemy in the game.
      By the rule of absolute authorial intent, these two canons are equally valid, but they cannot both exist in a consistent timeline, as they actively contradict each other.

    • random dude357
      random dude357 5 months ago

      @Mada Notap don't be a smart a*s you know what I meant. But just in case you really didn't understand it: the reality is, whether you want to admit it or not, those events happened in the game because the creators wanted it to happen that way. Reality is reality ie square Enix already made the game and wrote the story that way and you trying to argue it is meaningless because those events already happened. You can accept it and move on or keep arguing, doesn't change the fact that it already happened

    • Mada Notap
      Mada Notap 5 months ago

      @random dude357 I mean... No? It isn't reality. It's a video game. A fictional video game.

  • Kawatee Shoshoni
    Kawatee Shoshoni 9 months ago +104

    Even with the outcome being in Clouds favor which I agree with, I dont think its accurate to include all the variations of Link in the showdown. Each game was its own setting and only the reoccurring weapons or abilities would be cannon for a fight like this. Not that any of Links arsenal wouldve competed anyway since his Triforce piece offers the least outta the three.

    • Gamer's Theater
      Gamer's Theater 5 months ago

      @Kawatee Shoshoni my life is a goddamn lie

    • Picklejho 69
      Picklejho 69 6 months ago

      @Ivrydice that doesn't discount my point then, as the Dissidia version is based on the same AC outfit as the Smash version (I don't play smash so I don't know if he has any abilities in there that are not shown elsewhere, like Dissidia's EX Bursts having modified versions of his OG moves). His design is still being pulled from multiple sources.

    • Kawatee Shoshoni
      Kawatee Shoshoni 6 months ago +1

      @Gamer's Theater the Triforce of courage offers nothing but slight damage mitigation according to Nintendo

    • Gamer's Theater
      Gamer's Theater 6 months ago +1

      also he never uses the Triforce since it's only used for special occasions and it could kill him

    • Ivrydice
      Ivrydice 7 months ago +2

      @Picklejho 69 The Cloud model is from Smash.
      It's based on his OG outfit from FFVII.
      It has much less detail and extras compared to his Advent Children alt which also has a model from Smash.
      I assume it was used because it's the first blender animation and it's much easier to animate.

  • Sombra
    Sombra Day ago

    That's the single most brutal Omnislash I've ever seen. Even Sephiroth wasn't cut in half

  • David Milton
    David Milton 5 months ago +7

    I like how when it starts to rain you can hear link playing the ocarina. That was a nice detail that i noticed

    • Ike Illue
      Ike Illue 5 months ago +2

      I mean, considering that it was Link playing the ocarina that caused it to rain, it makes sense.

  • Joe
    Joe Year ago +2768

    I feel like speed scaling in death battle often doesn't reflect how fast the characters really are, like in that world are the laser beams and lightning attacks really as fast as ours? or with Cloud if he can scale to a creature who can move across the solar system in like 10 seconds then couldn't he have instantly travelled across the continent in his search of sephiroth if he is anyway scalable to that. I don't really have a solution, but I just feel these kind of speed scaling often gives a result which makes a character seem way faster than what they are otherwise represented as being in the game.

    • SpikeTheWolf
      SpikeTheWolf 6 months ago

      Why are these two always against each other? Is it cuz they blonde? Or pretty faces?

    • X Again
      X Again 6 months ago

      @Bladezeromus Yes, you can. You plan ahead of time by scouting ahead of time. Same way our space exploration goes. It's why every detail is checked too many times. It's what AI does too. If something suddenly changes, it will not react in time. Reaction Speed to Change is not the same as Top Speed. Sorry that you fail this much at life and physics.

    • Cloud GAMING
      Cloud GAMING 6 months ago

      @CJ Trent or you know...
      Something like Link rolling and avoiding lasers doesn't mean anything in terms of feats.. Like.. if you compare his roll speed with the speed a chicken moves at.. or a horse moves at.. He is obviously not even moving 50km/h let alone something that scales relative to the speed of light. If he scales to the speed of light then so does everything in the game, random people, slow moving slimes, horses, faeries, etc which is obviously not the case. There is nothing in gameplay or cinematics to say he can move millions of times faster than those things. I would even be willing to discount characters one off feats where they are suddenly near infinitely stronger or faster than their normal presented levels.. but at least those are actual hard feats and not "well lasers couldn't possible move a different speed in a different world therefore the character is clearly this strong and this fast despite evidence showing they are literally slower than a horse in all circumstances."
      It makes no sense at all. This is not like a feat of Cloud's where he can obviously cut through a train like butter and tank incredibly strong attacks. Link literally scales to regular humans.. Maybe he is like Captain America or Spiderman level if you want to highball him.

    • Hello there
      Hello there 6 months ago +1

      so how does jupiter explode more than once then

  • DuckyD00mNo1
    DuckyD00mNo1 5 months ago +3

    Love Both Characters with all of the love in my heart, nice to see them meet

  • Mister Rhodes
    Mister Rhodes 10 months ago +8

    I don’t care who wins each time they fight. Love it

  • Duce.
    Duce. 10 months ago +5

    Well done! I was kinda disappointed that link lost I was definitely rooting for him,but it was epic overall. It always feels like the characters I root for always lose,I guess I'm just an underdog lover XD.

  • lolrus555
    lolrus555 17 days ago

    Cloud fearlessly facing down and defeating Fierce Deity Link makes me all the more pumped to see Stoic Seraphim/Miiverse draw the former's Fierce Deity form after he started drawing the entire Smash Roster in Fierce Deity forms. Honestly hope he's saving Cloud for last TBH.

  • Trifle memes
    Trifle memes 7 months ago +3

    Amazing how the different kits of link flow into eachother

  • Daitomodachi
    Daitomodachi Year ago +16523

    Yo Dai here, one of the animators for this Deathbattle. Wanna thank the Deathbattle team for allowing us to animate this rematch using Blender. It was one of the hardest projects I've ever worked on, but it was worth it. Hope you guys like more what the Blender team has in store.

    • Brandon Brown
      Brandon Brown 28 days ago

      You did a great job

    • Soul03
      Soul03 Month ago

      you guys are awesome at animating these battles keep up the good work 💯

    • DarkenedDreemurr
      DarkenedDreemurr 6 months ago

      Please tell me you’re animating it when Saber gets a deathbattle

    • Mobius
      Mobius 11 months ago

      You guys got Link’a dominate hand wrong.

    • High_Fly_Alex79
      High_Fly_Alex79 Year ago

      Great work and very appreciated!

  • Babyninja
    Babyninja 2 months ago +2

    Coming back to this after a while makes me enjoy this I remember I first saw that link lost and was pissed but now I like the fight it was cool and enjoyable

  • Jed Cauffield
    Jed Cauffield 10 months ago +3

    @Daitomodachi The funniest part besides purple Navi was the Pot breaking by Link! Although I hope in future they make Two results with each winning & the fans voting allowing a large portion of official results. Great job everyone!! Apparently anyone from FF7 could survive (or DIE) from Supernova Sephiroth so that wasn’t a fair comparison nor was Dark Link being just a power up which could be dispelled vs killed.

  • tiktokworld
    tiktokworld 5 months ago +13

    Lets all put aside our differences and enjoy the carnage and the absolutely beautiful animation and graphics of this fight

    • Poyo :3
      Poyo :3 25 days ago +1

      @Blitz don’t listen these they said link would win in this one they don’t know what they are talking about. Death battle makes animated videos opinions not facts just saying.

    • Ivkir
      Ivkir 3 months ago +1

      It's one of the best and very thought out animation on this channel, thats for sure.

    • Blitz
      Blitz 3 months ago

      @Ronan Dread nah. If it was just base characters, cloud one shots. Link owes alot to his arsenal

    • Ronan Dread
      Ronan Dread 3 months ago +1

      Link would still win

  • Pete The Walrus
    Pete The Walrus 4 months ago +2

    Link would need to do a bunch of stuff for 3 or 4 different groups of creatures to gain power and probably summon the full TRI force as well as have Zelda backing him up.

  • Brenty
    Brenty 11 months ago +2

    The fact cloud can dodge an entity coming at him at warp 5.5 on the TNG scale should have solidified something.

  • Phan Boy
    Phan Boy Year ago +741

    Is it wierd that the part where Link cannot stop himself from smashing the pots even though he is in the middle of a fight and Cloud going out of his way to save one of them is among my favorite parts of this episode?

    • Jacob Kern
      Jacob Kern 9 months ago

      @Astaku Mipha's Grace procced.

    • DaRkLoRd1061
      DaRkLoRd1061 10 months ago

      I mean that's where the hearts and fairies are so sometimes you need it mid fight.

    • Phan Boy
      Phan Boy Year ago

      @Russ Burias And after that, while he was lying on his back sweating and panting, all he could think about was "Worth it!".

    • Russ Burias
      Russ Burias Year ago

      maybe he was finding a fairy or something like that

    • TheBreeze
      TheBreeze Year ago

      This is gonna become a meme

  • VenomousTeam173
    VenomousTeam173 29 days ago

    I never thought they would make another Link vs Cloud death battle and it turns out Cloud won this time

  • Sean Pazdera
    Sean Pazdera 9 months ago +86

    Not gonna lie, becoming a Fierce Deity is probably the worst thing possible that Link could have done. He gets a little stronger, but loses nearly all of his abilities in the process.

    • KingZak643
      KingZak643 13 days ago

      @Jack lol true tho fierce deity link super OP like he literally becomes a dark god which in Majora’s mask it said that it could even be worse than Majora himself/itself

    • Jack
      Jack 29 days ago +2

      @Jeff Case link becomes a god, im not sure if you brain functions but a god is powerful enough to survive anything he doesn’t need that anyway link can time travel and if he hasn’t fulfilled his role in the curse, is invincible

    • Duke Nukem
      Duke Nukem 2 months ago

      @Ziz Also just because he kills bosses super easy doesn't mean Cloud can't do the same. Do you really think the buster sword wouldn't cut through Odalwa like a hot knife through butter when it has done the same to much stronger foes?

    • Duke Nukem
      Duke Nukem 2 months ago

      @Ziz The moon he cut in half was not even close to the size of an actual moon, it wasn't even the size of the moon in Majora's Mask, not to mention that feat isn't even canon because it only happened in Hyrule Warriors lol. And even if it WAS canon, slicing the "Moon" took a couple seconds of chargup time that would make it extremely easy to dodge or counter for someone like Cloud. Fierce Dietey is very strong but not anything insanely op. I agree that DB is not good at coming to conclusion for characters powers, but there is no way Fierce Diety is stronger or faster than Cloud.

    • Ziz
      Ziz 3 months ago +1

      @Crystal Queen my fault not one-shot every boss I meant 3 shot every boss. Come on now lol. It's the best option for every fight bar Goht in the n64 version lmao

  • Nicholas Straehl
    Nicholas Straehl 8 months ago +1

    It's kind of weird to go back to some of these death battles from the first season and seeing some have changed in result while others haven't either way it's still cool

    • Ike Illue
      Ike Illue 8 months ago

      With all of them that have the result changed, there is an explicite reason for why it changed. Like, Samus vs Bobafet, there was no new material added, and their research worked well enough to get the general rundown of their stats, so it makes sense that they didn't change the result. Then you have Sonic vs Mario, where they used Archie Sonic in the first one, which obviously ended in a stomp, but then specifically went with video game Sonic for the second, which drastically reduced Sonic's power, resulting in the winner changing. For this particular fight, they just didn't know how to handle RPG characters, and as such ended up massively nerfing Cloud in the first fight, causing the very clear winner to lose.

  • The 300+ Club
    The 300+ Club 9 months ago +1

    @Daitomodachi PLEASE continue doing videos for Rooster Teeth! This production quality is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!

  • Nathaniel Grindstaff
    Nathaniel Grindstaff Year ago +809

    I don't know about anyone else, but I am totally convinced that Link started this fight just because Cloud was going five miles over the speed limit.

    • Gamer's Theater
      Gamer's Theater 6 months ago

      Hippity Hoppity you're life is my property!

    • air tiger 4
      air tiger 4 6 months ago

      @Can't think of a username ok lol

    • Can't think of a username
      Can't think of a username 6 months ago

      @air tiger 4 Well you're the one who started to talk about it

    • air tiger 4
      air tiger 4 6 months ago

      @Can't think of a username I missed the part where that's my problem.

    • Can't think of a username
      Can't think of a username 6 months ago

      @air tiger 4 And they never said he was giant, they simply said he was tall.

  • César Hernández
    César Hernández 10 months ago +2

    I would love to see link smash a giant rock being thrown to cloud as in ocarina of time

  • KY SA
    KY SA 8 months ago +25

    If you do the materia correctly, cloud counterattacks like 8 times and more

  • Eric N
    Eric N 8 months ago +5

    I prefer Link, but we all know who was gonna win this one in terms of sheer power.

  • Crystal Queen
    Crystal Queen 5 months ago +1

    Gotta say, I really like the cinematography for the kill here

  • Nathan Meredith
    Nathan Meredith 15 days ago +1

    What about the fairies that bring Link back to life when he dies? What about the fact that Sepiroth's supernova was actually an illusion? Despite those gripes, this was an excellent episode!

    • ICTON animations I guess
      ICTON animations I guess 15 days ago +2

      Cloud is just so strong and fast that this didn’t matter, Cloud would just kill him multiple times. Even then, Cloud has his own recovery items to pop on, and can probably either steal or kill the fairies with an AOE(morbid, but still pretty viable overall).
      Supernova being an illusion was always just a *fan theory* to explain why it doesn’t destroy anything, no media in FinalFantasy ever actually regarded it as anything like an illusion, it holds no real physical evidence to support it. In contrast, multiple medias(such as databooks) do consider Supernova as *literal* and not an illusion, and this is supported by many of the feats of many summons in FF7 as well.

  • pkillerx
    pkillerx Year ago +838

    Link stopping to break pots/vases mid-fight is such a hilarious break in his character. The look in his eyes as he dashes towards the first pot makes me lose it every time.

    • Scott Woffinden
      Scott Woffinden 7 months ago +1

      A great attention to detail honestly

    • Zacharie
      Zacharie 9 months ago +12

      @nathaniel bass And we hear a sound when he breaks them (probably the sound of gaining an item)

    • nathaniel bass
      nathaniel bass 9 months ago +42

      it's actually not a break in his character. Just about every boss fight he encounters has them and even if not, his most useful items come from them

  • Spooky
    Spooky 6 months ago +2

    Although one of my favorite characters of all time lost this fight, the whole battle was still really cool.

  • Exterminator
    Exterminator 8 months ago +13

    I love how in the first death battle link won because of his analytical style of fighting beat cloud's brute force attacks. Whereas in this rematch could won because of his brute strength, speed and durability overwhelmed link. Both videos are still fun to watch, I guess they wanted to update the data and results. I wonder if they are going to make rematches for several other death battles?

    • Ronan Dread
      Ronan Dread 3 months ago

      @tolu619 i still think link is given faster reaction time due to the tri force of courage. No other Zelda character (unless you're a Sheikah) could react that fast

    • Ronan Dread
      Ronan Dread 3 months ago

      I'm voting for a Zelda vs peach remake who's with me ?

    • tolu619
      tolu619 8 months ago +1

      @koragola Lol, true. I'm a Zelda fan but I never agreed with Link winning that first death battle. PS: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time invited the lock-on mechanic. "Every action game ever made" took it from there. There's an interview explaining how they came up with it when trying to figure out swordplay in 3D (remember games were just going 3D for the first time).

    • koragola
      koragola 8 months ago +1

      The first DB was kinda bad tbh. The logic that his Z-Targeting is a special ability and not just the mechanic of every action game ever made. Is a really dumb decision.

    • ICTON animations I guess
      ICTON animations I guess 8 months ago

      Rematches were always only made for special occasions, such as Boba Fett vs Samus (in memory of Monty Oum), Sonic vs Mario (100th Death Battle), and this one (10 Years of Death Battle finale, and this was their first ever 3D animated Death Battle, making it special)

  • Chris Paicely Jr
    Chris Paicely Jr 11 months ago +1

    Bro this was genuinely outstanding

  • Detrelle Trapp
    Detrelle Trapp 8 months ago +4

    Damn can't believe even the four swords couldn't beat cloud..

  • Jerviss K
    Jerviss K 11 months ago +3

    Awesome animation, but couldn't Link have (12:40) Paraglided a bit and shot Cloud's leg with the Ancient Arrow (so it couldn't be deflected by Cloud's sword) or (14:36) stab him in the back while invisible?

    • Ike Illue
      Ike Illue 11 months ago +1

      A few things. First of all, remember this is just a for fun animation. Its not supposed to indicate how the battle would actually go. Otherwise the appropriate question would be, why didn't Cloud instantly kill Link before Link had any chance to retaliate?
      Second, it really doesn't matter what Link did at that point, there is no way in hell that Cloud, who is capable of reacting to bullets, lightning, light, and things even faster than light, would ever get hit by an arrow, falling or not. Smaller point, have you seen the size of Cloud's sword? Do you honestly think there is anywhere on Cloud's body that he couldn't cover with that thing? He could literally stand sideways behind it, and be completely blocked from one direction.
      Third, in theory yes, Link could do that. However, ignoring the obvious durability issue with Link actually being capable of dealing any real damage to Cloud, Link's sword still has to leave the cloak in order to swing, and due to Cloud's massively faster reaction time, he would have no issue locating and blocking said swing before it made contact.

  • thunderboyAAC
    thunderboyAAC Year ago +408

    I love how all the different Link's seemed to have unique personalities

    • M. Bison, the Psychokinetic Leader of Shadaloo
    • OGJusta
      OGJusta 5 months ago

      @M. Bison, the Psychokinetic Leader of Shadaloo I get it. Let’s stop, yeah? This is old, and Link lost. I can deal with that, even if I don’t necessarily agree with the result.

    • M. Bison, the Psychokinetic Leader of Shadaloo
      M. Bison, the Psychokinetic Leader of Shadaloo 5 months ago

      @OGJusta "removed key abilities"
      -Used Sheikah slate multiple times
      -Used bow + ancient arrow once (probably lost it while falling)
      -Used Fierce Deity Mask
      -Used Mipha's Grace
      -Used the Four Sword
      -Used the Ocarina
      -Used invisibility cloak
      -Used electrokinesis

    • Gadget-Walkmen
      Gadget-Walkmen Year ago

      @Rod JJT You can TAKE the research in which they do seriously as you MOST certainly can AND SHOULD do so, it's just that not everyone has to agree or you can do your own but in most cases people fail badly on. Death battle is overall accurate it's just that fanboys are just bias towards their favorite character they like the most like goku vs superman.

  • Odin Games
    Odin Games 9 months ago +1

    i love the fact he used the counter party spin attack

  • Ryan Dunham
    Ryan Dunham 10 months ago +3

    I personally prefer Link, hell I was rooting for him, but even I have to admit that this fight was BADASS! And the music certainly fit this high octane fight. ;)

  • PhoenixFTW
    PhoenixFTW 9 months ago

    We need more long fights like these. That's what makes this channel so fun for me

  • Kane
    Kane 3 months ago +11

    Link still holds it from 10 years ago, but this rematch looks fantastic

    • Mason Martinez
      Mason Martinez 4 days ago

      Didn't the old death battle give cloud the basic materia..and then link had like 5 different boots 😅

    • Kane
      Kane 3 months ago

      @PLASBEZ ah. Sorry, so used to comments being mean spirited nowadays. Botw link kinda lacks in gadget department, the old death battle was a Mashup of OoT Link and LTTP

      PLASBEZ 3 months ago

      @Kane It means that I didn't know BOTW link could use a hookshot

    • Kane
      Kane 3 months ago

      @PLASBEZ What's that even suppose to mean. What do you want me to say? I didn't know cloud could attack without filling his ATB bar. See? Logical video game wise, yet adds nothing to this

      PLASBEZ 3 months ago

      Didn't know BOTW link could use a hookshot

  • Andrew Frye
    Andrew Frye Year ago +3

    My favorite part of this fight is even though he lost the loser of this battle never once seems weak in the slightest.

  • Soma Vallien
    Soma Vallien Year ago +517

    Link: *slowly rolls about 5 feet in 1 second*
    Cloud: *swings a sword at a dragon*
    Death Battle: HE'S MOVING AT 1200X THE SPEED OF LIGHT!!!
    I wonder how fast these guys think Epona and the Hardy-Daytona are...

    • Knight of Arkronia
      Knight of Arkronia 2 months ago

      Actually, Lock on/Z-Targeting is a legitimate technique of Link’s and not just a gameplay mechanic. He frequently gets taught about it in universe, and in both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, said technique involves him sending his fairy companion to hone in on an enemy to both focus his attacks, and to give him information on his enemy.

    • KC
      KC Year ago

      NILAY SHARMA it's not an actual ability link has, its a game mechanic built in to help the player in combat. So it shouldn't be used as an advantage, if that was the case they would have had to give cloud W summon which would be broken. Being able to summon multiple times in a row.

    • Hollow_Indigo
      Hollow_Indigo Year ago

      @Jason Darmasaputra yeah I didn't notice that my bad but I still think link should've won in a fight to the death even with that but yeah lol

    • Jason Darmasaputra
      Jason Darmasaputra Year ago +1

      @Yaya to be fair, it all depends. In the game, the laser has a charge up sound, which can help you to predict when it's going to fire, and dodge before it started firing, but the dev didn't tell us if it's to help us dodge better to simulate the feeling of dodging laser without us having the ability to react to the speed of light, or if the laser actually does have a charge up sound before it shoots. It's better to leave it out if it's not a fixed information

    • Jason Darmasaputra
      Jason Darmasaputra Year ago

      @Hollow_Indigo they both stopped time if you didn't notice, link stopped cloud and cloud stopped link at the same time

  • Dying2LiveX
    Dying2LiveX Month ago +5

    Reality: Navi's constant *hey listen* causes cloud to unalive himself
    Link overcome with guilt does the same...
    The winner? Navi by annoyance

    • Ike Illue
      Ike Illue Month ago +3

      Wrong. Cloud casts silence on Navi, and becomes Link's hero.

  • Sebastian Kroneder
    Sebastian Kroneder 27 days ago +1

    The first one goes to Link. The second one to Cloud. Perfectly balanced. As all things should be.

  • Joxer The Mighty
    Joxer The Mighty 10 months ago +1

    i think it's funny when they say he dodged the laser when he dodged before the laser was fired and then just avoided standing still. the laser was relying on a targeting system or creature and just avoided that. he obviously wasn't moving faster than a laser.... >.

  • 4DoorsevenMoreScores
    4DoorsevenMoreScores 8 months ago +80

    Me a huge Zelda fan:
    "You got this Link!"
    *Sees Cloud Strife*
    "Run Link!"

  • Bobby Amos
    Bobby Amos 8 months ago +1

    This one is hard, it's my two favorite games of all time against each other(ps1/N64). Final Fantasy 7 is my #1 so I am happy with the outcome. The animation was so good though I feel Everyone watching won!
    Technically this is a part 2, you guys gave the 1st DB to Link and I was a little upset about it lol.
    Link is also my favorite character in Smash so there's that...this one is just tough.

  • Well that happened
    Well that happened  Year ago +545

    I can’t get over the fact that Link stopped fighting just to smash some pots, my man

    • SuperStar64
      SuperStar64 Year ago

      He gotta do what he gotta do.

    • RedJLetsPlay
      RedJLetsPlay Year ago

      @Cody Hines If the swirl at the top was any indication, Cloud saw it as just a random encounter

    • Cody Hines
      Cody Hines Year ago +1

      Especially because that's what he does during boss fights too (to look for hearts) and, as evidenced by The Fierce Diety's Mask, this WAS a boss fight.

    • Neosonic97
      Neosonic97 Year ago +5

      @JuJuDaBoboZX Also stopping Link from vandalizing the late Aerith's favourite place.

  • César Pedraza Martinez García

    Adore the idea of bringing a Link that just has everything every Link has ever had, would love to see him in more matches but using more he's abilities rather than skipping to Fierce diety mask which i also think it's too big here, it's just adult Link with a blade that shoots beams

    • Ronan Dread
      Ronan Dread 3 months ago

      He also has the powers of the other masks including the bomb mask which would allow him to create explosions

    • Ike Illue
      Ike Illue 5 months ago +1

      Its not actually. In majora's mask, you can glitch fierce Deity out of boss rooms, and compare it directly to other Hylians, and it is in fact a giant

  • ArcticWolf
    ArcticWolf 8 months ago

    @Deathbattle Also worth mentioning link cannot have all those stacked Items as in his story arcs as my previous statement he doesn't experience all of them..you would have to follow a win / loss or whatnot condition through each game but having masks from majora or using its statistics of what it is capable of would mean he is already dead?!... so not able to fight.. or would be ghost Link and that would be different. Not sure if you could run theories of battles where a combatant starts dead

  • Lens Hunter
    Lens Hunter 6 months ago

    FF7 and Ocarina are in my top 5 games ever, so this video is probably my favorite video on the internet.

  • Alex Deluna
    Alex Deluna 6 months ago +2

    I love both characters so much as they're both tied to my childhood but it's only right cloud comes out on top

  • realwilltalk
    realwilltalk 11 months ago

    One of the best animated fights on the death battle show yet

  • Haha made you read
    Haha made you read Year ago +889

    Imagine both of them eating a meal prepared by Link
    Cloud: What is this delicacy ?
    link: EH, HIYEW, DAAAH
    Cloud: sounds exotic

    • Sàfér-£spīritūs-Sånçtüs
      Sàfér-£spīritūs-Sånçtüs 7 months ago

      @Haha made you read oh right.... I think dorkly has a animation skit on them.

    • Haha made you read
      Haha made you read 7 months ago

      @Sàfér-£spīritūs-Sånçtüs nope, there is gordon freeman, claude in gta, player in souls like games (aside from sekiro, others who do I not know)

    • Sàfér-£spīritūs-Sånçtüs
      Sàfér-£spīritūs-Sånçtüs 7 months ago

      Wait is link is one of the mute protagonist in every rpg games?

    • WeatherMan
      WeatherMan 9 months ago

      @lenlimbo Yep, Cloud might have won the Death Battle, but Link has definitely won the Food Battle by a mile.

    • Cloud Strife
      Cloud Strife Year ago +2

      I wanna see Cloud and Link vibing and being homies.

  • Sean Pazdera
    Sean Pazdera 8 months ago

    I could really see these guys sparring but not fighting to the death.

  • Ashton Clint Ginter
    Ashton Clint Ginter 5 months ago +8

    This is literally the best theoretical fight scene I have ever seen. Link is comparable to the avatar *last air bender* having the skill and experience to contest cloud, but cloud is just too damn strong after FF7. I wish link would have won, but I can’t argue about him losing against the spikey haired boy. This was f****** amazing 🤩

    • that_guy
      that_guy 29 days ago

      bro you tripping never compare again Aang from the last air bender will destroy Link like he is nothing

  • ThyChrysanthemum
    ThyChrysanthemum 9 months ago +5

    Thank god the outcome was the way it was this time. Back then I always got the feeling Screwattack always had an inherent bias towards Nintendo properties and Rare properties (like anyone from Killer Instinct, for example, was going to win). These days it's pretty unpredictable. Which I prefer.

    • Adam King
      Adam King 2 months ago

      So you prefer the outcome to be inaccurate? Because real talk link would demolish cloud in both fights if we compare both of their abilities and tools.

  • Sean Pazdera
    Sean Pazdera 2 months ago

    Would Linkle be a better connections-wise matchup for Tifa or for Lightning?

  • blastvortex
    blastvortex 3 months ago +85

    Ftr, remember that masks like Fierce Diety and The Giant can only be used under very specific conditions. Highly unlikely they would occur during this fight.
    Also remember, Majora referred to Fierce Deity as a supposed villain. He only gave Link that mask because he was lonely and wanted to play "Good Guy, Bad Guy."

    • Zach Gross
      Zach Gross 2 months ago

      This is not a limitation stated in lore and only exists as a gameplay mechanic. And given Cloud isn’t bestowed the same powers as the bosses in MM then Link would actually be invisible to Cloud while in Fierce Deity form.

    • blastvortex
      blastvortex 2 months ago

      @rusher444 Having been frustrated by my initial inability to save the Fierce Deity mask on my plays of old original versions, regardless of platform of emulation--original N64, GC, etc (not PC, but whatever)--I did check and yeah, you are, that is, and I did that right on the N64 version and must have forgotten, likely due to my frustration with my 1st experience with and being the GameCube copy and not getting that to work *due to the specific chain of events needed to actually save the mask* despite trying various things desperate to do so (I do remember this exp quite well, and how sadly lacking the emulation handled speed control, making the game that much more bittersweet).
      As for going back and actually using the FD mask just on bosses, why would I? It's not like the mask worked elsewhere in the game (discounting cheating), so I wouldn't bother unless I could find a way to carry it over New Game + or something, of which there's none. So even though I'm actually glad to admit I'm wrong, we're only done arguing over a red herring already debunked anyway: FD mask doesn't necessarily apply, DB cast making unassumable but still presumed and circularly logical leaps of faith. No surprise there.
      I will never understand why they didn't make saving the FD mask simpler, unless it actually was an error, whichever condition--I might wonder if not for the fact that either bosses or boss arenas uniquely activate--but Nintendo never seems that forthcoming when it comes to these kinds of specific details. (Nuts to Death Battle then.)

    • blastvortex
      blastvortex 2 months ago

      @lolrus555 Already covered that in the other topic.

    • lolrus555
      lolrus555 2 months ago

      @blastvortex also, you _can_ totally use the Fierce Deity Mask on the other bosses in the N64 version of Majora's Mask. Look it up and you'll see you're wrong.

    • rusher444
      rusher444 2 months ago +4

      ​@blastvortex Beating the game on N64, then loading the save will spawn you at day 1 with all your masks back + the fierce deity mask. You can then proceed to fight every boss with the mask if you so choose. And no, i never played MM3d, and I never claimed I know much about Zelda games. I just literally fought all the bosses in Majoras Mask N64 with the mask myself after beating the game, which you claim is not possible.

  • SkippyGh0st24
    SkippyGh0st24 Year ago +930

    Seeing Link die in this isn't as bad or impactful to me considering all the torture and deaths I've put him throughout the 4 years of Breath of the Wild.

    • Twilight17 Petkoton
      Twilight17 Petkoton 5 months ago

      @M. Bison, the Psychokinetic Leader of Shadaloo Nope your on your own bye.

    • M. Bison, the Psychokinetic Leader of Shadaloo
      M. Bison, the Psychokinetic Leader of Shadaloo 5 months ago

      @Twilight17 Petkoton tf does that even mean?

    • Twilight17 Petkoton
      Twilight17 Petkoton 5 months ago

      @M. Bison, the Psychokinetic Leader of Shadaloo Nice try but you have learned it along with the DLC too The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. So you can't spoil it so keep your texting quietly or a warning is coming so pick your poison. Tick Tock.

    • M. Bison, the Psychokinetic Leader of Shadaloo
      M. Bison, the Psychokinetic Leader of Shadaloo 5 months ago

      @Twilight17 Petkoton my man, he didn't spoil anything about BoTW. He only said 100 years. 100 years of what? 100 years into the future? 100 years into the past?

    • RPG Fanatic
      RPG Fanatic Year ago

      Seeing Link die in this isn't as bad or impactful to me considering that mainly he's a video game character, essentially a robot, but also more so that the game never has for once in his 13 iterations has even given me an acceptable illusion that he wasn't. By comparison, 1 playable character out of 36 other characters in Mortal kombat 11 of which all have far more realistic personalities is able to get graphically disassembled in 252 creative ways.

  • Sean Pazdera
    Sean Pazdera 5 months ago

    The fact that we can actually have party vs party fights in Legend of Zelda vs Final Fantasy now makes me happy.

    • Sean Pazdera
      Sean Pazdera 3 months ago

      @Ronan Dread What are you talking about? I meant the Hyrule Warriors game squads and Cadence of Hyrule.

    • Ronan Dread
      Ronan Dread 3 months ago

      There was no outside help still, link used the four swords ability which allows him to extend different clones of himself .

  • Walker Dillard
    Walker Dillard 7 months ago +2

    If I had a nickel for every time a Triforce wielder was killed as their hand mark was powering up I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot but it’s weird it happened twice.

  • Strawberry Molk
    Strawberry Molk Year ago

    Its amazing how they were able to get Link’s original VA for this!

  • TOSS367
    TOSS367 6 months ago +2

    The gag with the cliff and the pots were comedy gold

    • Melon Panda
      Melon Panda 6 months ago

      The pots were funny. But Cloud wouldnt stumble like that. Weve seen him fall from the sky and land on his feet tanking all that velocity.
      Dude wouldnt homer simpson down a hill like that.

  • Fog
    Fog 3 months ago

    Majoras mask link would be super cool in a death battle I think

  • Alex Cage
    Alex Cage Year ago +2227

    I knew link was losing once he grew. Usually whoever uses the big move first loses in death battle

    • Gabriel Salas
      Gabriel Salas Year ago

      @Speed Boy on the rematch yeah, for example, I really wanted archie sonic beat DC Flash but it was acceptable for me, but in mario vs soni, as a video game sonic, I think they didn't gave him the power ups he deserved to at least counter mario's in the end the original was interesting because they at least gave them their corresponding known power ups leaving them ultimately on their own skills, even if in this fight mario and sonic were to fight powerlessly and mario had won , I would have accepted it

    • Speed Boy
      Speed Boy Year ago

      @Gabriel Salas Wdym, I mean I understand where you're coming from, I do wish Link could've won thanks to his arsenal of weapons.

    • Gabriel Salas
      Gabriel Salas Year ago

      @Theinen84 considering this link is a mashup version of all his incarnations, I think you're giving him too little credit, after all in a " canon hard battle" botw has it in hard mode that every single enemy can regenerate almost half or more of their life if link lieaves them alone so under your statement of cloud mastering every materia, the same would be for Link to have the most op weapons and defenses as strategies to deal auto healing enemies

    • Speed Boy
      Speed Boy Year ago

      @Gabriel Salas So you saying that Sonic got the short end of the stick by Death Battle?

    • Gabriel Salas
      Gabriel Salas Year ago

      @Speed Boy independent to if mario's power ups were a dream in mario 2 as some comics says that sub con does exist, they weren't fair there because as they used mario's lesser known power ups as new ones, they let sonic stay at the same old well known barriers, not even hyper sonic I think

  • Sàfér-£spīritūs-Sånçtüs

    And a fun fact that I almost forgot.... Did you know that in ff 1 you can find link's grave stone in the elf village graveyard. In the grave stone said "here lies link".

    • leodrift7
      leodrift7 15 hours ago

      The devs watch death battle?

  • Trent Sims
    Trent Sims 8 months ago +2

    I personally felt they neglected the fact that when Link dodges attacks he slows down time, that would’ve changed it up

    • Trent Sims
      Trent Sims 8 months ago +1

      @Spencer C I entirely agree, and I will say after the first death battle between these two I was very impressed by Cloud

    • Spencer C
      Spencer C 8 months ago +2

      I mean, that requires timing, but sure, it would change things up, by a fraction of a percent given what they scaled cloud to.

  • Jody F
    Jody F 8 months ago

    they could always duke it out in smash bros

  • Kazuki Ishimura
    Kazuki Ishimura 8 months ago

    You both should've done this on SSBU

  • Ife Meedolson
    Ife Meedolson 8 months ago

    Superb. Completely agree with the outcome.

    DEATH BATTLE MUSIC Year ago +405

    Such a little but neat detail is when the song of storms was not just part of the score, but altered the weather in order for Link to draw power from lightning. Love that.

    • Death Nights-Bane
      Death Nights-Bane Year ago

      I mean yes, but better songs could have been played to change the tide of battle

    • Nicholas Lee Cooper
      Nicholas Lee Cooper Year ago +1

      I also love the slowed down, almost sort of mysterious feel the song of storms had in the score, it was so good

  • I luv anime
    I luv anime 6 months ago +2

    Link breaking the vases out of context is kinda funny

  • Sean Pazdera
    Sean Pazdera 8 months ago

    What would be a good matchup for Phantom Zelda?

  • Kaiba returns
    Kaiba returns 11 months ago

    Link wasn’t chosen to reincarnate through out time, he was cursed to continuously reincarnate.

  • The 300+ Club
    The 300+ Club 9 months ago +2

    This is the BEST animation I've ever seen on this channel!! PLEASE keep using this for EVERY VIDEO EVER FOREVER!! 👍🏾👍🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Thunderyx
    Thunderyx 11 months ago

    I feel like cloud vs zabuzo would be a lot more interesting to be honest

  • Ignore Me
    Ignore Me Year ago +2999

    Don’t worry guys, if Link dies we can always clap and bring him back to life.

    • Commander Shepard
      Commander Shepard Year ago

      Yeah, and Cloud will clap those cheek again 👌🏻

    • Brandon Hawker
      Brandon Hawker Year ago

      @Werhuo Fairies would be considered outside aid, which DB does not allow.

    • Brandon Hawker
      Brandon Hawker Year ago

      @KG Motte I mean, realistically, you can look at it like this. Using physics, every action has an opposite or equal reaction. Meaning, the amount of force you input into an object has to equal the amount of force you can take, as to not destroy your body. Using that, we can easily use the Building feat from Advent Children as a clear cut showcase of Cloud's durability. He is cleaving chunks of this building in two like it doesn't even exist. He's practically mowing through it. That means, at the very least, his durability is equal to the amount of force he would need to exert to chop a skyscraper of that size into minute chunks. Which is absurd. Missiles and bullets are one thing, but this is a bloody skyscraper falling on top of him that he's cutting through like a hot knife through butter. These aren't small chunks either. This building has violently fragmented, and he's cutting through anywhere from a quarter to an eighth of it at a time And guess what? That still exceeds practically any of Link's strength feats without outside aid, which he did not use in this fight. He used nothing to enhance his own strength. He was basically tickling Cloud this whole fight. Notice how Cloud is never seriously injured at any point during this fight. Because Link isn't physically capable of hurting him with his own physical strength. That's absurd when you think about it, and makes it pretty bloody clear that they used start of FF7 Cloud for the first fight.

    • TaDs 8723
      TaDs 8723 Year ago

      Let's all clap together now

    • Brandon Hawker
      Brandon Hawker Year ago

      @Phanta Yeah, and there wasn't even like two minutes between Link's revival and Fierce Deity getting nuked.

  • Timothy Prince
    Timothy Prince 6 months ago +2

    I love that cloud isn't impressed at all by fierce deity. Just casually sidesteps the giant rock flying at him.

    • Ike Illue
      Ike Illue 6 months ago +2

      @Sean Pazdera And as I've mentioned before, the Triforce is either not nearly as powerful as you are making it out to be (looking at actual attack potency feats), or it is that powerful, but the Final Fantasy scaling is massively increased by using the same logic (Hacks equate to attack potency, which puts even the weakest summons at least as powerful as the full Triforce).
      Yes, you have told me about his multipliers. But not only do those multipliers not legitimately stack (best example, the rings in original Zelda. One of them halves all incoming damage, the other quarters it, but you can't have both active to 1/8 all incoming damage.) Furthermore, composite doesn't mean adding everything together, it means taking the best from multiple different renditions. Like, his best strength feat that comes from one game, his best speed feat that comes from another, his best durability that comes from a third, and taking all the items that come from all the games. Its not taking his best feats from each game, adding all of them together, and using that to determine his strength, then taking all his speed feats and adding them together, ETC.
      Beyond that, even if we applied both of the above, it still doesn't put Link anywhere near Cloud's level. Putting the math out there, lets be massively generous to Link, and put him at high end continental busting power as the base line for one of his games. Lets then say that each game gives him the ability to multiply his power by 4 times, and there are 18 games in the canon timeline. So, using the initial continent busting power for 1 game, then multiplying that power by 4 17 times for each additional game, that only puts his power at barely large planet level. Lets even go way the heck out there and say each game gives him a 10x multiplier, puts his continent level power, multiplied by 10 17 times, still only leaves him at mid range star busting. I'm being MASSIVELY generous with this, and he still falls way short. To be clear, Cloud is, at minimum, solar system level, based on the supernova feat, which puts Cloud at least a thousand times as powerful as Link is, and that is taking bare minimum solar system level power.

    • Sean Pazdera
      Sean Pazdera 6 months ago

      @Ike Illue Yes there is: The Triforce. And haven't I already told you about Link's multipliers?

    • Ike Illue
      Ike Illue 6 months ago

      @Sean Pazdera Well, you either don't know how strong Cloud is, or you massively over estimate how powerful Link is, because there is not a single piece of canon legend of Zelda material that puts Link, or anything else in the series for that matter, anywhere near Cloud's level.

    • Sean Pazdera
      Sean Pazdera 6 months ago

      @Ike Illue I haven't played it, but I know how strong Cloud is at his peak. I don't think you've exactly played many Legend of Zelda games either.

    • Ike Illue
      Ike Illue 6 months ago

      @Sean Pazdera Is it really wise to make such a claim, especially when you yourself have admitted to have never actually played the original Final Fantasy 7? The fact of the matter is, yes, Cloud completely dominates Link, even if you take a composite version. This is not to say that composite Link is weak, but he just doesn't stand up to the shear power Cloud is working with.

  • Sean Pazdera
    Sean Pazdera 6 months ago

    I never thought they'd make a weaker character in Cadence of Hyrule. But no, Aria is locked at half a heart with no abilities. This means the first playable Deku Scrub is back in the meta, baby!

  • ShadowStrife
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    no way it's been a year since this masterpiece came out

  • Joe
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    Link is the definition of the chosen one